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April 12, 2021, 02:33:11 pm

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Author Topic: All things Viking  (Read 670 times)

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Offline BlondeTopic starter

All things Viking
« on: December 13, 2016, 03:19:41 pm »
t h e   r u l e s

 [1] So, let’s start with the rules. Firstly, I must say that I require an active partner both IC and OOC. I like to keep in contact with my partners and bounce ideas back and forth. I fully understand that we all have lives, and mine is hectic and chaotic, and I have two children who need my time and attention. But if you cannot guarantee at least two posts a week then maybe I am not the partner for you.

[2] Secondly, I like detailed and lengthy posts. I enjoy writing, and love reading. If I give an 8 paragraph post and am met with a two paragraph reply, it is quite disheartening. I am not saying you must do a novel a post, but something to work off of please? I fully expect interaction posts to be shorter, but I love details!

[3] Next the story, I am looking for a story not a cyber-fest. I do not mind mature stories and indeed some of the listed stories are of a more mature setting, but I don’t want just smut, it bores me and I will lose interest. I need a story to lose myself in, with a lot of build-up and development.

[4] Third person, past tense only. It is a personal preference but I am quite unyielding on this.

[5] I am looking for a male role to play against my female. That being said, I am not opposed to playing multiple characters so long as I am met with the same courtesy. I do actually prefer to double on characters in fandom stories, or even go out and have a love triangle going on.

t h e   i d e a s

 The Vikings TV show

Not much else to really add on that matter, but I would like to do a fandom based role play. Either Canon x Canon or Canon x OC, but either way a Canon will be involved, and I will be asking you to play as Rollo. If you would like to double than I can play as any other male role.

Rollo x Lagertha
Ragnar x Lagertha
Rollo x Lagertha x Ragnar
Rollo x Gisla
Rollo x OC
Ragnar x OC

 Raider x Saxon in an original story

There are numerous ideas here, but I would like to play as a Saxon female from England and go off of one of the many raids. It could be the first documented one at Lindisfarne, or one of the many other raids. It could even involve the attack of the great heathen army.

One thing I do ask for is that the Viking be a warrior and a rather ruthless one at that, feel free to go full out Berserker with your character.

Raider x Saxon Princess – Arranged marriage
Raider x claimed Princess – Kidnap, force etc.
Raider x Farm girl – Natural love story in a settlement.
Raider x Lady in waiting
Raider x Saxon warrior