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Started by Blonde, November 30, 2016, 02:39:31 PM

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I have recently had baby number two. Babies are needy and exhausting, so please be mindful of this before writing with me. My priority is my sons, not the online world. I will always keep you informed if I am going to be more delayed than usual.

I am really after some decent fandom writing, and with someone who can write out a few paragraphs.

I have listed the fandoms I am looking for below, and also the male character I would like someone to play. In return, I will play as any male character you'd like if we are to double. If single, then I will play the female of your choice. I am not opposed to creating all OC's in the set world, so long as they suit the story.

To reiterate, I would prefer to double but am happy to play as just one character also.

[1] First person, past tense only!
[2] A minimum of high casual standards please.
[3] Please play the character as they are portrayed in the show/book/movie, that is why I chose them.

❊ = Denotes how high a craving this fandom is, on a scale from 1 to 5.

❊❊❊❊❊ = Very high craving, will not say no to an offer.
❊❊❊❊ = A popular want.
❊❊❊ = Average craving, not a first choice but wouldn't say no.
❊❊ = Not really in the mood for, but can be convinced.
❊ = Not in the mood for at present.


The Vikings - Ragnar Lothbrok, Rollo Lothbrok    [❊❊❊❊❊]
The Tudors - Charles Brandon, King Henry VIII    [❊❊❊]
LOST - James 'Sawyer' Ford    [❊❊❊❊]
Sons of Anarchy - Jax Teller    [❊❊]
The Hunger Games Trilogy - Gale Hawthorn    [❊❊❊❊❊]
Spartacus (Any season) - Gannicus, Crixus    [❊❊❊❊]
The Avengers/Marvel - Thor    [❊❊❊❊❊]
Deadpool - Wade Wilson [❊❊❊❊❊]
Harry Potter - Viktor Krum, Sirius Black, Charlie Weasley, Bill Weasley (and many more)    [❊❊❊❊❊]
True Blood - Warlow, Eric Northman, Alcide Herveaux    [❊❊❊]
Twilight - Emmett Cullen, Jasper Cullen, Edward Cullen    [❊❊❊❊]
Labyrinth - Jareth    [❊]
The Lost Boys - Dwayne    [❊❊❊❊❊]
Young Guns - Chavez    [❊❊❊]
Percy Jackson -Would prefer OC's in this    [❊]
King Arthur (2004) -Dagonet, Gawain, Galahad, Arthur    [❊❊❊❊❊]

I may be open to more, just ask. However, I do not follow anything anime related.
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