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Author Topic: The Powers of Four (Recruitment)  (Read 887 times)

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The Powers of Four (Recruitment)
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:16:18 pm »
When the last of the greatest creatures began to die, as humans expanded hunted them down and deemed them no more than fantasy, they did the only thing they could. The four of the greatest beings held a peace council to discuss what they needed to do to preserve their beings. So that they wouldn't fall off the face of the Earth. Creatures who had been at battle with one another for the better part of a millennia. Some suggested they get together with the lesser demons and arrange an all out attack on man, make man fear them again. Many of the lesser demons balked from the idea when it was presented to them. They were frightened of the idea of a war with man, when man no longer feared or believed. So, the four leaders came up with a different idea. They would continue to live on, through man. They imprinted themselves onto special humans. No one remembers exactly when it happened, the powers awoke in each person differently and at a different time. By imprinting their souls on to the humans and giving them a fraction of their powers they would never die, instead they would live on in a state of immobility. Their only communication with the world through their chosen human.

Though each person was given specific powers from the beings that imprinted on them, they were similar in ways. Each of the imprinted, after the first, were given mentors. Previous imprinted humans who would help them realize their powers and grow into them, to accumulate them and even expand them. Each of the imprinted were also given the ability to create a single weapon powered by the soul piece within them. Each one unique to the imprinted that could do no damage to themselves or those previously touched by the soul within them. Not only that but once in tune completely with the soul within them, the imprinted also have the ability to morph into the form of the creature residing within them, though only for small periods of time and only in an ethereal way. The effects of it very draining on the imprinted.

The land that the imprinted and their mentors live in is separated into Nations. The three large nations are Alderann, Pandora, and Bulcan with minor outlying nations that are smaller. Some with allegiance to the larger nations that they border. Each major nation is ruled by a King, some of them a King and Queen.

Alderann, a desert type land where their main export is glass and silk. The largest nation by far. Alderann, uses their muscle in order to bend other nations to their will. The have a single ruler, a King who has never taken a bride.

Pandora the second largest nation, is a nation covered by jungle and exotic animals. Their main export weapons from the metals that are deep within the Earth, surrounding the nation. They have a King and a Queen ruler, they are benevolent though protective of their nation.

Bulcan is a wintery Nation set deep in the snowy hills. They are a reclusive people ruled by an aging King who lost his Queen years ago. He is firm in his rule with a ‘take no prisoner’ mindset. Their main export being fur and coal.

The more the world progresses though the more that warring nations want to recapture the creatures of old and use them in order to turn the tides of the war. Many of the lesser demons have chosen to inhabit stronger men. The current King of Alderann, King Julius, one of the three major nations, is in fact a higher level creature. A fire demon by the name of Malborg one of the first demons created from Balog. They have heard the whispers of those being imprinted by the four most powerful creature. Julius wants those imprinted to be found and bound by kingdom.
Ferreth Imprinted:
Ferreth Mentor:
Amra Imprinted: CarnageIncarnate
Amra Mentor:
Balog Imprinted:
Balog Mentor:
Cithyth Imprinted:
Cithyth Mentor:

Code: [Select]
Creature: (If mentor or imprinted)
Mentor: (If imprinted)

Rules & Requirements

* 1 Most a week
* 2 paragraphs at least per character
* No GMing
* Follow all E Rules
* If you have any problems with another player take it to PM's or talk to me about it and I'll help any way I can.
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Re: The Powers of Four (Recruitment)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2016, 03:16:54 pm »
The Creatures and Powers

The first creature to give up an essence of their soul, who believed that the few in mankind would prevail and bring back the belief in creatures. To encourage others to par their souls with lesser creatures that still hid among them. The largest of the four creatures, regarded as the wisest the Elder Dragon imprinted his soul first on a wise, older, man who was beyond the age of war and fighting. The Elder Dragon, Ferreth Eternal Fire, had seen enough of the wars of man and creatures. He had suffered his share of battle wounds.

Ferreth did not choose his human because of his prowess, or abilities in battle. No, Ferreth chose Edgar for his wisdom. The man, had suffered his share of battle scars. It was the death of Edgar’s only son that made the man realize the foolishness of battle, of war. That things were better left to be talked over calmly, for rational things to take precedence. It was because of this Ferreth granted Edgar with his power to control water to an extent as well as absorb fire. While Ferreth couldn’t give Edgar his dragonhide, knowing that Balrog would give his human the gift of fire, Ferreth did what he could and gave Edgar the ability to absorb fire and turn it into energy and the ability to heal.

When Edgar neared the end of his life, he had no son to pass his gifts on to, no daughter either. Edgar did what he thought best. He went to the orphanage and studied the children. Those in the worst situations were the best choices to Edgar for to choose from. Only one child proved to be worthy of the gifts he would pass on. Edgar adopted the boy and became his mentor as the gifts and powers passed on to him. So began to line of Ferreth’s chosen souls.

The ever prideful Balog, seeing that Ferreth had chosen a pathetic, in his eyes, mortal to bestow gifts unto knew that he had to do it as well. After all, Balog would not be second to Ferreth, not even in soul form. Balog the Great, fire itself, his powers coming from the sun that gave life to all beings on Earth. Balog, a fierce warrior who conquered fleets of creatures and man though he was the only one of his kind. Other fire spirits that existed were essences of him. Lesser demons were created from his conquests.

Balog chose to imprint his soul on the Chieftess of a Clan of Warrior Women. The women were strong, scorning being tied down by men. They conquered multiple lands and people, strong willed and prideful like Balog. The women were fierce warriors had hunted and killed many Dragons in their history, something that pleased Balog. He gave the Chieftess the ability to manipulate fire, including an inner burning that would keep her from ever feeling the touch of cold. Thinking himself more clever than others he also gave them a piece of his intelligence. Taking their warrior skills and enhancing them ten fold.

Chieftess Kivara took the gifts that Balog gave her with pride, using them to expand the land that she controlled. Through the gifts she was given Kivara created an elite set of Warriors that worked and hunted with her alone. The women were hand picked and the few who she would consider passing her gifts on to and becoming a mentor to. While the world changed, and warriors were no longer what they needed to be, the women still challenged themselves to be skilled fighters. Only passing on their abilities to women within their clan.

Reluctant to part with a piece of her soul, the great Wyrm leader Cithyth the Nocturnal. Man had hunted down her and her serpent brethren for as long as she could remember. Smaller than the dragon’s she resembled, Cithyth’s impression of man was a poor one. The wars of men tired her, she tired of making her children fight others who prevailed over them. With her abilities lying with the Earth, and it’s natural electricity, she drew her powers in from the heat of the Earth.

Cithyth came to man in the form of a garden snake. Many withdrew from her, striking out in attempts to take the snake’s life. It was a young man named Felix who didn’t. Felix looked at the snake in open curiosity. He didn’t not fear her. So, Cithyth did what any snake would do, she bit him. Felix did not withdraw from the snake, even as the venom coursed through his veins. Instead he ushered the snake to safety. As the night wore on, the venom changed within Felix and gave him his powers. The ability to meld in with the shadows, the move faster, jump higher, and utilize electricity in battle.

Felix used his powers to create a small fortune for him and his family. He became a prominent spy going by the name Black Wyrm, when he became too old to go out on missions he passed his gifts on to his prodigy. A young woman who grew up on the streets pickpocketing to get by. Before she could receive his gifts though, Felix presented her with a snake that bit the young woman. While non-venomous by nature the gifts themselves were the venom. From there the mentors began to choose their successors by their abilities in stealth naturally and by how they reacted to their snake bite.

The final creature that agreed to part with their soul didn’t give a piece of it. Amra gave her entire soul to the human she chose. The Chimeran Leader, whose chosen form was that of a winged lion, had hidden away from man for a number of years. Having been away from mankind for so many years Amra decided it would be best to give her entire soul and the entirety of her powers. Made from air, itself, with the ability to adapt to any setting and form, she knew that mankind was the future and her touch would travel with her chosen.

The man that Amra chose was in his early thirties. A silent man, not a warrior by trade. He took his soul with difficulty, fighting Amra’s voice the entire time. She gifted him with new life though. With the ability to use the air to push and pull things. Because she gave her entire soul was given the ability to push and pull on a massive level. Later mentors would teach their students to push thoughts into people’s heads even. Though they were also gifted with the ability to fly, as that was a staple of Amra’s character. She’d fought many a battle from the clouds she was created from.

Jamie, the man who Amra gifted with her soul entirely didn’t like the voice of Amra pushing him to do different things. To train harder, become smarter. When Jamie reached the age of forty five though, and was not young enough to host the soul of Amra she led him to his successor and pushed him to become their mentor. So the line started or Amra leading her chosen one to the next, even if it meant sending them half across the globe. They would feel the pull to their student.

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Re: The Powers of Four (Recruitment)
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2016, 04:24:53 pm »

Carni, you know that this is total Crystal-bait?

I would love to reserve the Balog Imprint if I may? I'll see about a character sheet if I can find the time and energy tomorrow?

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Re: The Powers of Four (Recruitment)
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2016, 04:27:49 pm »

Carni, you know that this is total Crystal-bait?

I would love to reserve the Balog Imprint if I may? I'll see about a character sheet if I can find the time and energy tomorrow?

Haha sorry. That'd be great though. Honestly this was a dream that I had last night literally!