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Author Topic: MissFire's Ideas In Limbo ~ [All Welcome]  (Read 1443 times)

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MissFire's Ideas In Limbo ~ [All Welcome]
« on: May 16, 2016, 03:31:51 PM »

Greetings and welcome to my thread for story ideas. Here you'll find some of the little stories that have popped up in my head that I'm looking to play. With each story will be a tag [F/F], for example. This means I am looking for female characters. The writer can be of any gender, though if made multiple offers I will go with a female writer playing a female character. Most of my stories will involve more plot than smut as I find them more engaging and interesting to write, but I am not adverse to smut (as you'll see). If you don't see any stories you like here, please also check my character thread which is here. There you might find a character that you fancy and we can come up with something together. As usual, please do not post in this thread. If you have questions or comments, feel free to PM me.


Generic Pairings
Futanari x Female
-I enjoy playing either role with this pairing. The setting can be anything; futuristic, fantasy, modern. Most of these stories will probably be based around smut, but I think there can be some romance and adventure here, especially if the setting is something outside modern times.

Male x Female
-Obviously, I'd be playing the female role. As above, the setting can be anything, though games set in modern generic settings will likely be mostly smut unless it's something truly intriguing.

Female x Female
-As above, the setting can be anything. I prefer female/female couplings so any setting here can have plot, smut, or both!

Fandoms, FxF or FutanarixF
-Mass Effect (OC's or canon characters)
-Overwatch (OC's or canon characters)
-Dragon Age (OC's or canon characters)
-Skyrim (OC's)
-Star Wars (OC's)
-Locke and Key (OC's)

I Choose You! Starring: Bridgette LeFeu
A young Kalosian pokemon trainer, aged eighteen. Bridgette lost her parents when she was just a baby and was raised instead by her uncle. She started out as a temperamental and reckless child and would often get herself into trouble stealing or committing acts of minor vandalism. That she and her uncle were both desperately poor did not help the situation and Bridgette was sometimes seen in the company of thugs, bullies, and gangsters. Vowing to turn the child around, her uncle, a martial arts instructor by trade, enrolled her in his classes. She took to it like a fish to water and the little Feu found a way to let out all that youthful energy and frustration. She began studying like mad, practicing not only with her uncle, but on her own time as well. She rented (or borrowed or stole) kung-fu movies so that she might watch them and mimic the moves she saw on screen.

Bridgette did not show any interest in pokemon until she turned fifteen. One day she was prowling around her usual back alley haunts when she saw a group of young hooligans berating and abusing a torchic. Imagining herself as some king of Kung Fu Jesus, she lept into the fray to stop the abuse! She found herself soundly overwhelmed and pummeled to the ground. It was not the preferred outcome. The little pokemon, however, was grateful for the noble gesture and the two were inseprable ever since. Athos, as she called him, became Bridgette's best friend. Later came the chimchar Porthos and, finally, Armais, a tepig. Where most trainers would catch a variety of pokemon or expand their team to more than three, Bridgette decided this strange mono-type team of three was good enough. Her 'Three Musketeers'. She has focused exclusively on training them and strengthening their bonds. It's come to a point where the trio of pokemon are fiercely loyal to her and even mime her movements from time-to-time.

Determined to become the best trainer around, Bridgette travels from place to place, besting the fiercest trainers she can find. Rather infamous for her consistently upbeat attitude, silly demeanor, kung-fu obsession, and off-the-wall battle strategies, she is something of a known quantity among other trainers. Some (most) consider her to be a joke - but that's just the people that haven't faced her in battle. Those that she's fought know her as a fierce and unpredictable opponent who uses atypical tactics to win, even when hopelessly outmatched. Even when facing defeat she keeps the smile on her face, considering every battle a lesson, win or lose.

[F/F] Since the release of Pokken Tournament (you stole my idea, Nintendo!) I've been dying to bring out Bridgette again and so I am looking for a fellow female pokemon trainer. I don't have a solid idea right now, but was thinking of a journey kind of story. One that sets out when both characters are children leaving home at the age of twelve, getting their first pokemon. They meet for the first time and for a while have kind of a Red/Gary rivalry going on. As they grow older they keep crossing paths with each other and get mixed up in all sorts of antics, perhaps with a group like Team Rocket or some sort of analogue. Eventually they realize that they're falling in love and that all those years they've been responsible for driving one another to be the best they can be.

Mercy Inc. Starring: White
Awake now? Get up. Ah, there we go. One more soul to the call.

What if I told you that Gods were real? Yes, plural.
What if I told you that they were less than you expected but more than you think?
What if I told you that zombies, vampires, werewolves and more all existed?
What if I told you that those feelings of dread you felt under your covers as a child were justified?
What if I told you that Death paid taxes?

There's so much to tell you and I have so many ways I could begin.


There. That will do nicely.

My name is meaningless, but if you must attach a word to me, people usually just call me Miss White. Very creative, I know. I will make this brief. The Gods are fickle things full of petty jealousies, rivalries, greed, lust, and all sorts of other negative traits we used to think belonged exclusively to mortals. My particular master is Death itself. It has a problem. The world we live in is so filled with violence and careless abandonment for the rites of it's departed that is has created an abundance of the departed. That is to say that the Grim Reaper has it's hands full. What it could once handle alone now spirals out of control. Wayward souls constantly slip through it's grasp and wind up back here on the mortal plane, where they emerge as the undead and creatures of darkness, whom have endeavored to create more undead, whom have then created more undead, which then create...

...You get the picture.

Unwilling to be seen as a failure by the other immortal beings on high, Death has created Mercy Inc. which aids in hunting down these rogue abominations. I don't care who or what you were in your past life. When you died your soul was strong enough to heed The Call. Congratulations. You have just been hired.

[F/F] Congratulations, you died! Thankfully, your soul was strong enough to bring you back from the grave. This comes with a price, though. Your character is newly resurrected and finds herself in the employ of Mercy Inc. under the tutelage of Miss White. You're her new partner and together, you're going to be 'escorting' the supernatural creatures that have found a way to cheat Death back to the afterlife. Expect zombie gangsters, nightclub hopping vampires, and at least one really angry mummy.

Bad Company Starring: Sarah Sauer
2070. London, England. Nations have merged and borders have melted away. Superpowers have combined, forming super-countries. The United States of The New Continent (USN) takes up all of North and South America, for example. Much of Europe has blended together to form the European Community. East Asia is now the OCU, the Oceanic Communities Union. You live in England where tension and violence are the words of the day. The local government is running a ship so tight it's choking the life out of your home and the EU as a whole is unable or unwilling to police itself on that lonely little island. You are the leader of the local group of rebels, waging information campaigns and geurilla strikes against Big Brother with whatever you can manage.

The invention of wanzers (short for 'wanderungpanzer' or 'walking tank') by the Germans decades ago, however, has massively changed warfare. With the government and police in posession of what are literally walking tanks, your revolution cannot meet them one-to-one, for if the violence escalates enough the wanzers will appear and your friends will be cut down by these two story behemoths.

You drown your sorrows often at Bad Company, a quiet pub with damn fine food and a penchant for old-style rock 'n roll. The owner, Sarah, a German transplant, has become a confidant and fast friend. You think you even might have a little crush on her. She can be a hardass and maybe a little bit of a bitch now and again, but she's generous, easy-going, and has a dry with that you appreciate.

Things change for you one day when you're sitting at the bar and gunfire rips through the street windows, turning bar patrons into swiss cheese. Panic erupts. You have a concealed weapon on you and draw it, opening fire on incoming LHRT (the London Heightened Response Team, known as 'the hurt') and take cover. Shots from over your shoulder. You glance over and see Sarah has a weapon too. Firearms are extremely hard to come by and you had to do quite a bit of work to supply yourself and your little ragtag band, so where did a bartender get one? The Hurt comes pouring in and just as you think it's over, Sarah drags you behind the bar, through a door, and down some stairs. You protest at her trying to protect you, saying that she should run.

"They're not here for you," she says. She turns the lights on.

It reveals a military-grade wanzer sitting in the basement. It's an old model, but armed to the teeth. It's something that could give your people an edge in the war. Sarah looks at you and she concludes,

"They're here for me."

[F/F] Looking to find someone to play the rebel leader in this! Action, romance, adventure, giant robots! Sarah is a former soldier of the EU, part of an experimental corp of soldiers that tinkered with linking a pilot to his wanzer to improve reaction time. The experiment was a failure and all test pilots were destroyed. Except one, of course. Sarah. She managed to break away and escape and relocated to London. Her mech is outdated by modern standards but with it, you know you could even the odds, maybe capture more wanzers and start a real revolution. The problem is that Sarah is mostly concerned about escaping and doesn't care about politics.

You just want her for her robot.

She just wants you to help her flee the EU.

Maybe you can work something out.

Devilfish Out of Water Starring: Shizuru

Your parents leave you at home for a week and you end up summoning a demoness from hell.

This is going to take some explaining to mom and dad.

[F/F] I don't have any concrete ideas for this one yet, but the basic premise is that your character (or characters?) summons a demoness from hell. Shizuru is an ancient demon that has walked both the underworld and the mortal plane on and off for well over three thousand years. The last time she was on the surface it was in Japan, during the Warring States era. She is a serious-minded, stoic ronin who is, mentally, basically stuck in that time period. The last time she saw any technology was hundreds of years ago. No you have to deal with this demoness who is determined to repay her debt to your character for bringing her back to the mortal plane (which she enjoys quite a bit). She won't leave you alone until she feels she's made things even, but she is absolutely a fish out of water here. She's overly protective of your character and has no idea how any technology more complex than an arquebus works. Comedy, action, and maybe a little bit of romance follow suit.

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Re: MissFire's Ideas In Limbo ~ [All Welcome]
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2016, 02:25:11 PM »

It's High Noon... Starring: Ransam Pride

Ransam Pride started out life as Alice McCall, an average girl living an average life in the old west. She had all the hopes and dreams of any fine young lady. Things that came to a bitter end when her father married her off to Bill Williams in order to get a portion of the man's land. Bill was a lout. Greedy, alcoholic and sometimes violent, Bill pushed young Alice to the breaking point. When she finally snapped she put Bill in the ground. Unfortunately, Bill's ranch hands heard the commotion and came upon Alice standing over the corpse of their boss. Things got dark real fast there but, in the end, Alice was the only one left standing and the smoking holes in Bill's employees told a macabre tale. Smart gal, Alice fled. There's no justice out west for a woman. Filled with a righteous fury, Alice took up the name Ransam Pride and became one of the most feared outlaws the west had ever seen. Until she died in a cave-in. Long story.

She heard a voice calling to her, telling her that her work wasn't done. She had more to do in the mortal realm. That's when she awoke outside, somehow whole again.

These days, she hunts the things that go bump in the night..

[F/F, F/M, F/Futa] The old west with a bit of steampunk and a dash of the supernatural. YC is a supernatural creature of some variety just trying to live out life in the relative peace of the mortal realm. That is, until Ransam Pride hunts them down. Ransam finds YC and a brief scuffle ensues, but she quickly finds out that YC is not who she's looking for, her target has escaped, and something much darker is in play. Together, they go off on an adventure, enjoy a little closeness, and maybe even save the world.

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Re: MissFire's Ideas In Limbo ~ [All Welcome]
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2016, 04:58:12 PM »
Monthly Bump: On hiatus from group games, but a one on one game might re-light my fire if someone comes along.

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Re: MissFire's Ideas In Limbo ~ [All Welcome]
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2016, 11:05:29 AM »
Monthly bump.