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Author Topic: The rise, fall and rebirth of the Shredder: the untold story of a tragic villain  (Read 985 times)

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The rise, fall and rebirth of the Shredder: the untold story of a tragic villain

Oroku Saki had always been a gifted martial artist. A cunning and efficient warrior, he served his Master with distinction. He and his best friend Hamato Yoshi competed for the love of none other than the beautiful Tang Shen. As the two most gifted agents of the Clan grew more an more enamoured with the Grand Master's daughter... things took a turn for the worst.
The relationship between the two friends became strained and against all expectations Shen chose Yoshi.
This action planted dark seeds in the heart of the once noble Ninja. But Oroku Saki moved on. Even the proposed marriage between Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen did not make him waver. Increasing his training constantly and taking on the most daunting tasks, he hoped not only to regain the preference of Shen... but also to be appointed successor to the Grand Master.

Regretfully his actions would cause his fall. The Grand Master preferred a calmer and more cautious successor and chose Yoshi as an 'adopted son'. This was the turning point as something snapped within the heart and soul of Oroku. Nobody precizely knows what happened one faithful night and what was said between Oroku and his fatherfigure. But Oroku eventually fought his mentor on the Palace rooftop... and won. All could see that Oroku defeated a man who had loved him like a son.
The consequences were harsh, Oroku fought himself a path through the angry followers of his fallen master and found himself before Shen...

When Hamato Yoshi returned from an expedition he found his master dead, many comrades fallen and his beloved missing. Saddened to find this carnage and the news that the man that had once been a brother to him would stoop so low, Yoshi pursued the trail of Oroku Saki. But Saki proved his better and in a lengthy duel, he seemingly killed his oldest ally.
There was no trace of the woman either man had loved.

As the years passed the man known as Oroku Saki changed. Bitter, spiteful and more powerful than ever, he became someone else... a man known to the outside world only as...

The Shredder!!!!

Reforging a new Ninja Clan, the Foot was a sinister mirror image of the original which Shredder had torn apart over the years. Slowly 'Lord Shredder' used his cunning and brutal talents to conquer the underworld and spread his influence far and wide. To the surface world, Oroku Saki is a Japanese businessman of immense wealth but to the Foot Clan he is like a deity and every Foot Soldier would lay down his life for their enigmatic Grand Master.

As time passed the Shredder would find out that not only his rival had become a ratman known as Splinter... he would also face considerable setbacks when dealing with a group of highly trained and heroic mutant turtlemen...

But this story is not about these encounters... no they focus on other matters.

The rise of Karai, his adopted daughter. The dissapearance of Tang Shen. The appearance of a nemesis that would challenge the Shredder for control over not only the Foot Clan but also the fate of the city. And it will reveal the distorted memories that haunt the scarred features of the most dangerous man in the world.

This is the tale of the Shredder, his fall... and his return from what seemed death...

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sounds fun

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