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Author Topic: Firestorm - [F for F]  (Read 4292 times)

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Firestorm - [F for F]
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:23:11 AM »
Greetings and welcome to my topic! I am posting this because I have several characters that I've created and either want to play again, or never really got a chance to use. Instead of waiting for theme appropriate group roleplay topics to pop up, I just thought I'd hang them all up here. If any of them catch your eye, please let me know and send me a PM. I will post the profiles and add a blurb that includes some additional information, as well as settings I think the character would be good for, and even possible pairings.

Jinny Mattix, Mercenary and Mechanic

Age: 19
Sex: Female
Build: Curvy

Brief: Jinny almost graduated from the Mars Institute of Technology (MIT), but the ceremony was interrupted by a gang of drunken raiders looking for a good time. After watching her classmates get mowed down an enraged Jinny hand crafted a cryo pulse blade out of the auditorium's air conditioning unit, some loose wire, and a fan blade. By the time the proper authorities arrived (it took 45 minutes) Jinny and a handful of survivors were the only ones left standing, all the raiders lay dead at the hands of Jinny's handmade weapon. After getting word of her skills, Reilly's Rogues sought her out for her mechanical know-how and ferocity in battle.

Jinny is the youngest member of the crew, the 'baby' of the group, which earns her a little playful ribbing from the other ladies. Jinny is earnest and always eager to go out and prove her worth, which makes her look a bit silly from time to time thanks to her hot-blooded nature and her fondness for being a large ham. Her energy and cheerful nature both allow her to make friends rather easily, even if she does come off as a bit strange from time to time. Jinny isn't the Rogues' best fighter, but the weapon she swings around is more than enough to make up for it, and her mechanical skills make her the crews choice for shutting down shield generators or doing other tech jobs.

Equipment and Skills
-Excellent Mechanic and Inventor
-Able to work under pressure
-Decent Combatant
-Decent Pilot

+Mk. IV Mattix Chainblade: Invented by Jinny, this artful weapon combines the simple beauty of a mithril blade with the pants-wetting terror that a 20th century chainsaw induces. When swung, extremely sharp teeth extend from the blade and whirl around it at speeds just under the AEGIS trigger threshold, making it an extremely capable weapon for cutting through people and ship hulls alike. The first iterations of this blade had a tendency to fall apart with extended use, causing the power core to explode and scatter mithril chainsaw teeth for yards around. So far this version seems fairly safe.

+Mk. II J-Suit (with integrated AEGIS system): The Jinny Suit is Jinny's own take on personally tailored protective equipment. Custom made to fit each person's tastes, Jinny has crafted a J-Suit for every Rogue's member that asked for one. It combines visual appeal with a fully integrated AEGIS system and nano-fabrics that can be added or removed at the push of a button located on the suit's collar. Each J-Suit enhances the user's strength through the use of micro-power cells in the joints. Every outfit also comes with micro jets in the boots and gloves for making fine travel adjustments in space, as well as extendable heel spikes strong enough to pierce ship hulls, keeping the user steady.

+The Bon Scott: Jinny's personal ship is a tiny craft capable of fitting two at most. Small and mean, the Bon Scott is armed with twin cannons that fire explosive slugs, making it perfect for terrestrial missions that require property destruction or just a random smattering of chaos. She also carries a line launcher that can allow Jinny to tether her ship to another craft and board it with relative ease. As a small and light ship, however, the Bon Scott has light armor and cannot take much fire.

Spark: Jinny Mattix is a dedicated Sci-Fi character. She's set up as a mercenary, but her background is malleable. She's wild and crazy, with a love of adventure and anything mechanical. She comes off as a bit of an airhead but is much smarter than she looks. She might play well with a fellow bounty hunter or law enforcement agent, or perhaps even a known criminal.

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2014, 07:26:11 AM »
Addt'l Images: One, Two

Subject Name Kumari Natarajan
Subject Alias Kali
From New Dehli, India
Age 23

Background Data Tells us that Kumari Natarajan grew up with a childhood fairly typical for someone in a lower social and economic standing living in India. Nothing remarkable is on record about her until sometime in her late teens. Around that time she joined the army (most likely for the food, shelter, and structure it would provide) and managed impressive scores in most fields, but proved to be an exceptional marksman and CQC combatant. Shortly after joining up with the Ghatak Commandos she simply disappeared and the Indian government has zero data on where she went or even the specific day and time she vanished.

She resurfaced several years later, the apparent result of some unknown military experiment. Her appearance was apparently not sanctioned by the Indian government, as we have picked up numerous communications and data transfers regarding her re-capture. She fled her homeland and took up the name 'Kali' while selling herself as a mercenary. The woman once known as Kumari Natarajan has long since abandoned her old name and life and seems only to live for combat.

Known Abilities Of the subject seem rather obvious from all exterior appearances. Kali has four additional limbs and seems to be able to control all six with the dexterity and speed of a highly trained military operative. She seems to be possessed of heightened strength, reflexes, speed, and advanced healing capacity. Her military training makes her an extremely deadly combatant from nearly any range. She has demonstrated exceptional CQC ability and is a champion-level marksman. Thanks to her multiple limbs she can wield many weapons at once, or use multiple limbs to support a single heavy weapon that would be unusable by a single normal soldier. Kali does not seem to need to sleep, nor does she eat in a traditional sense; she is fed a medicinal cocktail and nutrient paste through a port in her side. 

However, despite her exterior strength and ability, her insides seem to be rather weak. Kali seems to constantly wear a respirator mask and the raspy voice she speaks with indicates some kind of lung trouble. She often emits a wheezing, hacking cough. Her immune system may have been compromised by the experiments she underwent. While resilient against normal damage, illness may have a crippling effect on her.

Known Equipment Of the subject include a wide variety of firearms and knives. She seems to be armed with at least two pistols and two knives at any one time, though when Kali is in the field she carries, at minimum, four firearms and six knives. Kali is especially proficient with rifles and other semi-automatic weapons, preferring to engage from afar where possible, though it's wise to assume she is carrying some kind of automatic weapon on her. Her suit rigging holds at least four karambits (an Indonesian, curved, hand-held knife) at any one time.The battle suit she wears is high tech military-style gear and usually covered by a bullet-proof vest. Over this she wears a heavy cloak that seems to be a combination of moose leather and chainmail, rendering it impervious to blades and small caliber ammunition. The respirator mask she wears filters any air she breathes, rendering her immune to any airborne toxins or gasses. It is also extremely durable, as is her feeding system.

Psychological Profiling indicates that Kali is cold and unfeeling, treating human lives as nothing more than a means to an end. She kills without hesitation, especially if someone unfortunate gets in her way. Implacable and almost unstoppable when she has her sights set on a target, it is extremely rare for her to fail. Her cold, aloof, and utterly terrifying nature have made a name for her in the underworld. Kali seems to care little what others think of her; she only does what she needs to live. Though she seems willing to kill anyone for almost any reason, she will not harm children and does not go out of her way to cause collateral damage. Rumors indicate she may have associates in the homeless community, indicating perhaps a softness for the impoverished. A sympathy for those who shared her roots, perhaps?

Spark: Kali is a Modern or Sci-Fi character. She's a government experiment gone terribly right. She doesn't have to be, though. If played in a Sci-Fi setting she could perhaps be some kind of alien race. She will always have six arms and be sickly, however. The rest of her background is more or less changeable. She could play nicely as an anti-hero against a superhero, against a supervillain, or in another setting she could be a bounty hunter or mercenary instead.

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2014, 07:30:00 AM »
Jack The Ripper
"Monster? No, I'm no monster. I am a surgeon. You are a cancer. It is time to operate."

Name: Jacqueline Ravensdale
Age: 143 (Born, 1871)
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gold
Height: Tall
Build: Slender
Species: Dhampir

Bio: One Vlad Dracul III, Prince of Wallachia became known far and wide for his cruel and usual methods of tormenting those that dared cross him. He became known quickly as Vlad Tepes - Vlad The Impaler. His soul was perhaps the darkest in Europe. It is unknown how or when he became tainted with vampirism, or weather the transformation was voluntary or forced upon him. What is known is that his newfound power and immortality made him even more of a terror to Romania than ever before. Terrifying, but not unstoppable. Not when an entire country was ready to rally against him. Eventually the populace started fighting back and Vlad (now going simply by Dracula) decided to move to London, a city teeming with life and growing ever more prosperous. He conducted business with a solicitor by the name of Jonathan Harker and made arrangements to move his affairs overseas.

Arriving in London much later, the vampire and his brides soon took to the city. While the count spent his time planning his methodical takeover of the city, his brides sowed chaos. In the guise of harlots, the brides of Dracula turned other women into vampires and drained men of their life, leaving them as little more than emaciated corpses. In that age the death of the poor was mostly ignored, simply chalked up to over-work, starvation, or the burgeoning taste for opium that the city was developing. One of the brides, however, made the tragic mistake of falling in love with one of her 'johns' - one Regenald Rimsby. Visiting him night after night, the couple soon gave birth to a daughter, which they named Jacqueline.

It is impossible to keep secrets from one of the most powerful vampires in existence for long, however, and Dracula soon found out. He had Jacqueline's mother torn to pieces by the other brides. The sight of it left Regenald a broken man and even though he tried to continue to take care of his daughter, he soon fell into alcoholism and when she was sixteen, he died of liver failure.

With a mind set on vengeance, a young Jacqueline found herself alone on the streets as a six year old girl. Left to her own devices, the girl struggled to juggle making ends meet, discovering her supernatural ability, and developing the skill she'd need to destroy Dracula's brides. As time marched on she grew ever stronger - and crazier. At the age of seventeen she finally felt strong enough to have her revenge and took to the streets, preying on prostitutes, human and vampire alike. The papers called her 'Jack The Ripper' and 'Springheel Jack'. The public were both horrified and intrigued. Yet after a year, the murders stopped. All vampire activity in London seemed to cease.

Despite thorough investigation by both The Company and outside sources, no one can understand what happened in 1889 to bring and end to the Whitechapel murders and Jack herself refuses to comment. It is also unknown what happened to Count Dracula, or if any of his brides survived Jack's killing spree. Regardless, these days the Ripper works for The Company both as a hunter of supernatural threats and a medic, though as far as the latter goes, people are hesitant to be under her knife.

--Dhampir: Jack's heritage provides her with much of the powers of a vampire, yet only some of the weaknesses. She has superhuman reflexes, strength, stamina, and limited wound regeneration. She does not suffer burns from sunlight, but it does make her uncomfortable and staying out of the shade for too long will make her ill. A stake to the heart will kill her and silver will inflict grave wounds upon her. She also ages much slower than a normal mortal. Finally, as a rather unusual quirk, Jack has a reflection, but no shadow.

--Learned: With over a hundred and forty years of existence behind her, Jack is much smarter than her rather odd personality would let on. She is extremely knowledgeable in world history, language, the occult, medicine, biology, and mechanics. Her quarters hold a vast library of books both common and rare. Jack has almost a fanatical dedication to reading and learning.

--Surgeon: Jack is a 'talented' surgeon. She knows where all the parts go, certainly. Trusting her to put them back where they belong, however, is a gamble. She is far more skilled in taking people apart than putting them together, but in a pinch she can make for a fine doctor.

--Combatant: With training in Baritsu, Fencing, and Boxing, Jack is a fine fighter. She's spent much of her time after the Whitechapel incident reading and learning instead of fighting, so she is a bit rusty and has doubtless been surpassed by all the younger up-and-coming fighters in The Company, but she can certainly hold her own against many a supernatural entity.

Notes: Addt'l Image #1, Addt'l Image #2, Addt'l Image#3, Theme

Spark: Jack The Ripper is a half-vampire playable in modern settings. She comes off as a tiny bit insane but is much smarter than she looks (after all, she's had a few decades to learn!). She'd be fun to play in some kind of scenario where she clashes with someone who is perhaps more noble than she. Or perhaps she might end up saving some young thing who's being hunted by a supernatural creature, and your character is drawn to her.

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2014, 07:36:36 AM »
Name: Shan Shih Shen
Race: Human
Age: 20
Appearance: Addt'l Image 1, Addt'l Image 2, Addt'l Image 3, Addt'l Image 4
Personality: Aloof, Determined, Haughty, Perfectionist
Magic User: Yes
Primary Element: Air
Primary Weapon: Katana
Secondary Weapon: Martial Arts

Short Bio: Shan Shih Shen is the second scion (after her brother, Shen Shih Shen) of Shen Security Systems, a global leader in both physical and electronic security. Being a member of one of the most influential families has it's perks, and Shan received some of the best education and training that money could afford. While being spoiled may have left her a bit entitled, it hasn't made her lazy. She is obsessed with living up to her family name and the honor it holds. Shan strives for perfection in everything she does, and nothing will change now that she's on the Alexi.

Shan is an extremely skilled swordswoman and has all but perfected Santoryu (lit; Three Swords Style), a self-developed style in which she wields three swords at once - one in each hand and a third controlled by her magic. She combines this with equally astounding skill in another self-developed style she calls Resshūken (lit; Fissure Kick Fist), which relies on fast footwork in order to focus on fending off enemy attacks with the arms and using the legs to counterattack with powerful kicks. While extremely talented and having undergone formal training for much of her life, Shan lacks real combat experience and has not been exposed to much competition with others.

Spark: Shan is a schoolgirl-type character playable in modern or near future settings. She doesn't have to be played as some kind of student, but she'll always be her fairly snooty self. She is a pampered, arrogant, yet insanely talented young woman. She may come off as too full of herself, but she has the skill to (mostly) back it up and she hates to lose. Shan would be perfect to pair up with someone who might be able to knock her down a peg or have a rivalry with. Angry sex, anyone?

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2014, 07:38:44 AM »
Francoise Appledehli

Nicknames: Frankie
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Birthday: Aug. 12th
Height: 5' 1"
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Owner, Permanent Records
Residence: Upstairs, Permanent Records

Appearance Details: Small and slender figure. Real hair color is black, real eye color is green. She has a full back tattoo and pierced ears. Usually dresses in a more oddly masculine fashion; a dress shirt (untucked) and tie with shorts, boots and stockings, or a ragged t-shirt and jeans with boots. Never seen without her headphones.

Personality: Her presence itself is like shouting. She acts like she's been mainlining Red Bull and crystal meth. She is possessed of an over-abundance of energy, speaks quickly, and is always, always, always doing something. Anything. She's filled with confidence and determination, regardless of whether she's competent or not at whatever she's doing. With such a spastic and high-energy personality, people often expect her to be somewhat of a ditz and those that don't really know her have a hard time believing she can run a business. Frankie is a lot smarter than she looks, though, and from time to time can offer some rather astounding insight.

Bio: Frankie wasn't raised, per se. Her mother passed away when she was two years old and her father, both struggling with the loss and struggling to make ends meet, was hardly there for his daughter. She more or less raised herself. Most children might grow up bitter and resentful at the lack of parental oversight, but Frank seemed to take it in stride, for some reason. She learned how to survive on her own and when her odd personality precluded her from making many friends, she sought refuge in music. In music she could get lost in her own imagination, letting the beat fill the empty parts of her heart and soul.

After graduating highschool (somehow), she worked a string of jobs until deciding, mostly on a whim, to open up her own business. With the aid of a loan, Frank bought a dilapidated two-story brick building and fixed it up enough to turn it into Permanent Records, a music shop where she specializes in vinyl records and music equipment. The second floor of the building has been turned into her apartment. Her personality can drive some off, but she has enough of a steady flow of business and dedicated regulars to stay afloat.

Likes: Listening to music (except Country), singing, dancing, women with dyed hair, women that can dance
Dislikes: A lack of rythm, boredom, country music, anyone that tries to make a 'Frankie Says Relax' joke

Spark: Frankie is another crazy one! She's a modern, realistic kind of character, but I wouldn't object to taking her out of her comfort zone, so to speak. She's funny, wacky, and always on the move. She might go well with someone equally wild, or maybe even a shy girl she has to help break out of her shell.

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2014, 08:03:47 AM »
Name: Shizuru Satonaka
Age: 27
Role: Pilot

Personality: Aloof "Big Sister", Deadpan Snarker, and a Spirited Competitor. Quiet, a loner and, let's face it, kind of a bitch, Shizuru is not one that makes friends easily. She is, however, the kind of person that one can always go to for advice and support, and it will be given freely. Wiser than she looks, she makes up for her faults by having a keen mind and a broad shoulder to lean on. She might berate or belittle you one moment, but the second you need her, Shizuru will be there to pull you out of trouble.

Backstory: Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Shizuru is what most people might call a 'military brat'. Her family has a long history of serving in the military and while some might claim she joined out of pressure from her mother and father, she insists she did so by her choice alone. She's always been proud of her parents, grandparents, and other relatives in service of their country. It suited Shizuru as well, as she was always something of a tomboy. Perhaps it was her father's fervent wish that he have a son that she was grew up just a bit bigger than the other girls. A leading member of every sports club she could join, Shizuru has always been athletic and more physically adept than her friends and schoolmates. It set her up as something of an outsider, which kept her slightly isolated from her clique-centeric peers, but she never seemed to mind all that much. When she was old enough to join the military, she jumped at the chance.

Sexual ons: Women.
Sexual offs: Men. "Easy" women. 

Other: Public romance and sex in general aren't things Shizuru is comfortable with. She is terrible at showing romantic feelings and displaying her interest in other females. While longing for companionship, she is easily flustered when it comes to "mushy bullshit", as she puts it. She is an open and blunt person when it comes to everything but romance, at which point she clams shut. Don't expect to get anything out of her without serious work.

Name: 009-Vanguard
Mechanism type: Manual

Strength: 7
Armor: 7
Agility: 2
Accuracy: 4

Weapons: MkII Sieger Arms Heavy Assault Rifle, Sieger Arms M-9 Shoulder Launcher (chaff or flak), SN-40 Heavy Riot Shield

The 009-Vanguard Machina pilots like it looks; like a nearly immobile slab of metal. One of the earliest 'defense-type' Machina produced, it was scrapped due to it's sluggish manuvering ability and never made it out of the prototype phase. Shizuru fell in love the moment she saw it. She nicknamed it 'Hachiman'. While adept at piloting it and somehow able to squeeze more mobility out of it than one would expect, it's still nothing close to being considered 'agile'. It is a machine built for a purely defensive role. One which it fills wonderfully. The Vanguard sports some of the thickest armor plating available and can withstand punishment from all directions, even against newer generation Machina. It bolsters it's defensive capabilities with a massive shield which it uses to defend itself and allies alike. Vanguard can even ward off missile attacks with it's installed chaff, or fend off aerial units with flak, both fired from the small cannon on it's left shoulder. It's primary weapon is the classic, reliable, and belt-fed MkII Sieger Arms Heavy Assault Rifle which, while not the most accurate weapon, can put enough firepower down field to deter almost any enemy.

Spark: Shizuru is a mecha pilot dedicated to a sci-fi or near future setting. Another military-type, she would be good paired with either someone else in the military (or mercenary corp) or perhaps even a civilian. Don't expect any sex with her, though, as she's pretty gruff and not really created with smut in mind.

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2015, 03:08:11 PM »
Name: Wen Wei Wong
Race: Human
Age: 20
Appearance: Addt'l Image 1, Addt'l Image 2, Addt'l Image 3, Addt'l Image 4
Personality: Energetic, Determined, Wild
Magic User: Yes
Primary Element: Fire
Primary Weapon: Martial Arts
Secondary Weapon: None

Short Bio: Wen Wei Wong is almost the polar opposite of her friend Shan Shih Shen. While her companion is aloof and haughty, Wen is friendly and energetic. She grew up in poverty and her parents died early in her youth. After their passing she was raised by her uncle, a martial arts enthusiast. Without her parents to guide and raise her, Wen became something of a rebel for a time, but her uncle made the girl take up martial arts as a way of venting her frustrations. Through practicing it, Wen gained some semblance of inner peace and, while still energetic and a bit rowdy, she was a much calmer girl for it. She quickly proved to be a prodigy and excelled at the training given to her by her uncle. She lacks any real formal training, instead having learned from him and by watching old kung fu movies. As a result, her style is erratic and somewhat unpredictable.

Wen also developed the ability to generate and manipulate fire. She combines her magic with martial arts to empower every strike or lash out at opponents with scorching flames. Much like her martial arts training, she's had no formal eduaction in this. Her natural ability is astoundingly powerful, but she possesses little control over it, resulting in the need for her to decorate her clothing and hair with sacred charms, lest she scorch her own clothing to ash.

Spark: Wen is a schoolgirl-type character playable in modern or near future settings. She doesn't have to be played as some kind of student, but she'll always be her fairly fiery self. She is a rowdy, rough, yet insanely talented young woman. She may come off as too full of herself, but she has the skill to (mostly) back it up and she hates to lose. I can play her and Shan together, if need be, since they operate in the same 'universe'.

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #7 on: June 19, 2015, 12:27:33 AM »
Name: Brannagh "Raven" O’Brallaghan
Species: Dullahan
Sex and/or Gender: Female
Age: 333 (born 1682)
Student or Staff Member? Staff - Security

Addt'l Image 1, Addt'l Image 2, Addt'l Image 3, Theme: No Quarter

Appearance: A tall and imposing woman of athletic build, but with enough curve where it counts. Raven is always seen dressed in her long black coat and rarely without her unique pickelhaube helmet. Her overall outfit gives off the impression of a biker and rebel. Like any good dullahan, she is rarely seen without her steed. Instead of an equine, however,  Raven is a fan of the modern era and has opted for a mount of the iron variety. She rides through on a loud, powerful Harley Fat Boy motorcycle she calls Brom Bones, which routinely belches smoke and flame from the equine-shaped front end and seas of people part for her whenever she passes by. The most unique aspect of this woman is, however, the ability for her to completely remove her head. Dullahan are famous for riding with it in their hands or tucked under a shoulder and, should one get on Raven's bad side, she might very well decapitate herself and come after you, spitting curses and howling like a banshee before she cleaves you down with her zanbato.

Personality: She likes sports, beer, cars, swearing, fighting and sex. She is crude, rude, often hygienically challenged and cheerfully ignorant and aggressive. If you are a guy (or so endowed), she'll probably challenge you to a fight or a drinking competition, win both and then take an aggressive lead in anything sexual that happens, before kicking you out the front door the following morning or teasing you mercilessly if she lets you stay some more. In short, she is a young woman with the personality of a frat boy. It's hard to blame her, though. She grew up during the golden age of piracy and the attitude of the time rubbed off on her. The devil-may-care nature just so happens to earn her quite a few friends and allies. Yet, when it's time for 'serious business', she really puts herself into her work. Raven loves to fight and will take any opportunity to dish out punishment or pummel an intruder. If she really gets mad, she'll take off her head and go into a berserk state until her blood lust is sated.

Background: Born unwanted and unloved sometime in 1682, Raven was the progeny of a sailor and a prostitute. Not exactly the highest of upbringings. Raven's father wandered off almost as fast as he came (hah) and her mother wasn't exactly the proudest parent nor the most careful mother. Almost as soon as Raven was capable of taking care of herself, she did so. She learned fast (had to) and managed to survive, only living with her mother for a handful of years before making her own way in the world. Fascinated with the sea - perhaps thanks to her father - she disguised herself as a boy and served on a number of sailing ships as she grew up. She finally fell into piracy in her teens and was aboard The Lady Grace when she came under attack by the Flying Dutchman herself, the legendary ghost ship. The Lady Grace and her crew fell beneith the waves that day and Raven was decapitated in battle. Still alive as it tumbled through the air, her severed head watched a ghoulish pirate push her corpse off the ship and roll it into the water. A faint voice called out to her.

She awoke much later on the shore, somehow beside her crumpled body. Terrified, she went mad for a little while. Just a bit, though. A few years at best. On an unknown spit of sand her head wailed and cried and howled, the sounds becoming a legend itself, frightening any hope of rescue away. Eventually, she pulled herself back together (hah), both in body and spirit. Finding herself effectively immortal, she took to the sea and quite simply walked along the bottom of the ocean until she sighted a passing ship above and overtook it. From there she had quite a career of piracy and led her own crew until the age of pirates finally came to a close.

-Endless Road: There is no way to bar the road against a dullahan—all locks and gates open to them when they approach.
-Aged: Raven is an excellent combatant, sound tactical thinker, and sailor. She is over three hundred and carries all the experience and knowledge a life that long brings.
-Immortal: Decapitating, dismembering, or impaling her serves no purpose. A dullahan can pull itself back together. The only way to stop it is to pin it in place.
-Dimensional Rider: Raven is an exceptional rider of both horses and bikes, and can ride into any doorway and exit out another, provided that (a) she can fit through it and (b) she can visualize the exit door.

-Aurophobia: A dullahan is afraid of gold. Almost any amount, even as small as a button, can cause her hesitate or wheel away in fear.
-Berserk: When enraged, Raven becomes very single-minded and loses all sense of reason, making her very easy to trick or deceive.
-Drunken: An alcoholic, Raven spends quite a lot of time getting drunk. She's done it enough to be able to ride and fight while plastered, but she's much slower and lazier when off her rocker.

Spark: Raven is a pirate-biker-ghost-samurai-thing. She's... complicated. I haven't played her much yet, but she's already awesome and I love her.

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Re: Firestorm - [F for F]
« Reply #8 on: June 20, 2015, 12:43:48 PM »

Character Basics
Name: Sarah "Whiskey" Sauer
Gender: Female
Nationality: German
Specialty: Assault
Rank: Operative II

Character Appearance
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Athletic
Distinguishing marks: Sarah has both arms covered in tribal tattoos, which weave into a variety of other artwork tattooed across her back. She has a small scar on her stomach and another on her lower back from a bullet wound (entry and exit wounds, respectively).

Personality: "Battle doesn't need a purpose. The battle is it's own purpose," is something Sarah once said. Right before she shot a man in the face. A truer blood knight there never was, Sarah was raised around and lives for combat. She is always eager for a fight, will prod people just to get a response out of them, and in battle may take risks or deliberately handicap herself in order to make things more 'fun'. Off the field she is generally mellow, apathetic, and even kind of lazy, but once the gunfire starts she becomes a screaming banshee of destruction. Despite her abrasive attitude and reckless nature earning her the ire of her comrades, she will always be the first person to rush in and come to the aid of a teammate. It may be just for the sheer thrill of it but, regardless, she'll throw herself into the fire for her crew. While she may appear to be lazy in the office and little more than a berserker in the field, she's actually got a keen tactical mind and is apt at coming up with strategies on the fly.

History: The latest in a long line of members of the German military, Sarah followed in the footsteps in her father and his father and his father before him. She is what Americans would call an 'army brat', having been raised in and around the military and on bases for her entire life. She was practically firing a weapon before she could even walk. As soon as was possible, Sarah joined the army and began a long military career. She made a name for herself as a headstrong, tenacious soldier with a penchant for taking risks. Her attitude and rash behavior continually landed her in hot water with her commanding officers, but it was exactly what the KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte (Special Forces Command) was looking for and they invited her to take the Long Range Surveillance course. Passing this allowed her to begin the intensive KSK training and managed to pass it. Sauer did her family proud by becoming part of this elite special forces unit and she found herself in it's 1st Platoon.

Sarah is a highly trained military operative, capable in hand-to-hand combat, skilled with knives, trained in all weather survival, repelling, parachuting, and familiar with the maintenance, use, and operation of a wide variety of firearms and explosives. Her favorites are the Remington 870 shotgun, the Rheinmetall MG 3 machine gun, the H&K MP5 submachine gun, and the Panzerfaust 3 rocket propelled grenade launcher. She is a close combat specialist, preferring to kick doors down, rush in, and use the element of surprise and heavy fire to clear rooms of hostiles.

Other Info: Addt'l Image #1 Addt'l Image #2 Addtl'l Image #3 Theme

Spark: Sarah is a mercenary, a tough chick and very rough around the edges. She's a big softie on the inside, always happy to sit and listen or dish out advice (even if she's sarcastic about it) and she'll always be there to back up her friends. At least when she's sober. Modern or sci-fi, she works in both. Perhaps paired up with another mercenary or rival on some sort of mission. She can also play well in a post-apocalypse scenario, zombie, nuke, or otherwise.

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Miss Fire

Name: Shiori Izayoi
Alias/Code-Name: Origami
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian

Your Hero in detail
Power Class: Class III

Power(s): Shiori possesses multiple paper-themed abilities. First and foremost is simple Paper Generation - she can produce an infinite amount of blank white eight inch by eleven inch sheets of copy paper. She can manipulate these sheets by making them move through the air as if on their own, shaping them at will, or combining them into a single paper object. The culmination of these abilities has been dubbed Papyrokinetic Combat; the ability to create tools, objects, weapons, armor, and even appendages out of paper. With enough practice she may soon be able to actually add color to the paper, but Shiori isn't quite there yet.

Abilities:  An avid fan of martial artists Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Shiori has studied Jeet Kun Do, Hapkido, and Tae Kwon Do extensively. She is extremely fit and athletic. Shiori possesses a near genius-level intellect and has a sound tactical mind. She uses her smarts to make the most of her power and outwit opponents many times stronger than herself. In short, she is simply a smart and athletic woman possessing of no real astounding qualities outside of her power.

Weaknesses: Water, fire, anything strong enough to puncture or break paper. While Shiori can layer her creations and create surprisingly strong barriers out of mere paper, it's still paper and quite flammable and prone to getting soggy. She is also, for all intents and purposes, a normal twenty year old woman without enhanced durability or regeneration, rendering her vulnerable to physical attacks.

Look/Appearance: Normal Appearance - Shiori Izayoi is a young woman of mixed Asian/American descent with fair features, dark hair, and brown eyes. She is just over five feet tall and has a slim, athletic build. Her street attire consists mainly of simple t-shirts and jeans. Her costume resembles a schoolgirl outfit, sporting a black blazer, checkered plaid skirt, white blouse and red tie. To hide her identity she forms a complex mask shaped like a rabbit. Shiori is not known to carry any weapons or equipment on her person.

Their background
Personality: Too serious for the power set she has been given. Shiori thinks the world of herself and her ability and is seeking to prove her usefulness to everyone around her. She will not hesitate to take on any opponent, even if they outclass her (which is more or less everyone). Shiori hates having her ability or her serious attitude mocked and can be quite easily angered or annoyed into fighting. Despite how seriously she takes herself and how easy it is to push her buttons, she is unflinchingly loyal to those she trusts and has a strong sense of honor and justice. Shiori considers herself a hero, has her own ideas about what that means, and will do anything it takes to uphold that code.

History: Shiori Izayoi, daughter of Ken Izayoi and Maria Penderghast. Father, a lawyer. Mother, a nurse. Shiori had an upbringing typical of an upper middle-class family; sleepovers, birthday parties, friends, homework. Unique in it's non-uniqueness. No slain family members, no tragic accidents, no life-changing events. Shiori was a typical teenager, smart and likable, with a fondness for kung fu cinema and music. At the age of sixteen her power began to manifest, showing itself for the first time in her schools computer lab when Shiori became annoyed at a jammed printer. Angry, she swatted the machine and it began to spit out a seemingly endless amount of copy paper until the room was nearly flooded. Unnerved by the event and feeling that she had somehow caused it, she went home and started experimenting, trying to replicate the event.

She had no luck. It wasn't until a month later when her powers next manifested. After having a romance with a girl she cared about come to a bitter end (as highschool romances are wont to do) she found herself behind the school with tears rolling down her cheeks. As if sensing her emotions, the sky seemed to open up and it rained. Paper. Fluttering white sheets fell from the clouds, forming a pile around her. Shiori knew for sure this time she had caused it and re-doubled her efforts to manifest her metahuman ability at will. After practicing at home by herself she was finally able to master her generation of paper and revealed her ability to her parents. They were amazed and, surprisingly, supportive. Of the ability. Not so much her penchant for donning a paper mask and attempting to fight crime.

Against normal street thugs she found herself to be surprisingly capable, but her secret vigilante spree came to an end when, attempting to thwart a bank robbery, Shiori was shot in the chest. At the last moment she generated a paper barrier in front of herself, which took most of the impact, but still bruised her sternum and it put her in the hospital. Her parents were understandably upset, but instead of forbidding her to use her power, they simply told her to seek proper training from her peers. The best way, they figured, was to seek the help of The Meta Corps. The only way they could think of doing that was to join The Hero Project.

Physical description/Other pictures: Image #1, Image #2, Theme: The Pure and The Tainted

Connections: None
Likes: Origami, Action Movies, Music, Studying, Martial Arts, Women
Dislikes: Criminals, Bullies, Being Mocked, (Most) Men
Ons/Offs: N/A

Spark: A hero for stories featuring such! She's new. She takes herself way too seriously, has great pride in her ability and her superpower, even though everyone around her treats it as kind of a joke. A little bit of an underdog, but if given the chance she can be deadly. She needs a fellow hero or a villain to play against.

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Name: Lark Enciel
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Height: Short
Weight: Athletic

Personality: She might very well have some form of ADHD. Lark wants to do something, anything, all. The. Time. She hates being cooped up indoors and prefers to be able to roam on her own. This will certainly clash with her desire to be a Huntress and kick serious ass. Even when she's standing still she's tapping her foot. She is a huge fan of competition and always gives everything one hundred percent. She hates to lose. Lark also knows that she's pretty damn talented and has let that go to her head a bit; she is convinced of her own greatness and that she will become the best Huntress that Remnant has ever known. Knocking her down a peg every so often might be good for her. While, as stated above, she appears self-centered, it is only over minor things. When it comes to things that matter and are of utmost importance, she is one of the most selfless friends you could ever have. Loyalty to one's friends is a matter of grave importance, perhaps even pride, for Lark. Pushing around one of her friends will bring down her wrath like nothing else.

Background: Lark was born and raised in the kingdom of Atlas, where she was the daughter of a mid-level robotics engineer named Roy Enciel and a communications specialist named Beverly Enciel. Both parents, like many in Atlas, were fascinated with technology. Lark's parents, more than most, were almost obsessed with the possibility of removing humans from the battlefield and from the fight against the Grimm. They dreamed of a world where automatons could wage man's wars for him and no human ever need be harmed again. That dream, sadly, is still quite far off. As is their dream of having Lark follow in their footsteps. She was never any good at studying, much less leaning complex robotics or engineering. Lark could barely make toast without setting the entire house ablaze. "Are you sure she's your daughter?" was something strangers often said to Roy and Beverly. Lark's interests always leaned to the more physical side of things. She was always running, playing sports, or getting into fights at school and was once even suspended for hoisting a known bully up on a flagpole by his underpants. This feat made her a hero, briefly, until the boy's underpants ripped and he fell, breaking his leg. Then it was slightly less heroic. Lark's parents pressured her for years to study in their field, but would often enter their daughter's room to find her miming punches from some old kung fu movie or dancing to some new music video.

Eventually, they gave up and Lark started to realize she was going to disappoint the two most important people in her life. So, after some pleading, she convinced them to let her apply to Beacon academy. Agreeing, Lark's parents tutored her on engineering and this time she actually paid attention. When it came time to craft her own weapon at Signal Academy, Lark managed to do so - without injuring herself or others. A minor miracle. Once that rough patch was out of the way, Lark actually passed the rest of the warrior training with flying colors and was off to Beacon. Her journey has just begun.

Combat Style: Lark fights with a self-taught style of martial arts that is like Lark herself; overly flashy and showy, with the overblown exterior hiding something surprising. She fights with fists and feet, using her hands and arms to deflect attacks and her legs to administer powerful counter blows. She mixes these martial arts moves with break dancing. There is quite literally no other practitioner of this insanity in the entirety of Remnant. Lark basically develops it as she goes along and sometimes just makes things up on the spot. She has yet to come up with a name for it. For it's showy nature, though, it can often catch opponents off-guard as they try to figure out how to react to blows that arrive with little to no tell. These skills combine wonderfully with her weapon; a pair of boots enhanced with Atlas tech that allow the heels to fire powerful shotgun blasts. These 'Cloud Kickers', as she calls them, can punch holes in almost any Grimm at close range and are even powerful enough to propel Lark herself into the air.

Semblance: Lark can manipulate her own weight. While this does not affect her physically (ie; it won't make her fat or rail thin), it will affect how easy she is to move. She can make herself almost lighter than air and allow herself to achieve running speed almost unmatched, or do the opposite, making herself heavy enough to nearly sink into the ground. Using this creatively, Lark can add extra force to her blows by making herself heavier, or dodge attacks and move quickly by making herself lighter.

-Arc-en-ciel is French for 'rainbow'
-Lark's Aura is rainbow-colored
-Theme; High Speed Battle

Spark: This is a RWBY character, made especially for roleplay in that world. She's tough, she's brash, she's cocky, she should be lots of fun to play. She might pair well with someone who's the polar opposite; perhaps someone shy she can bring out of their shell? Or perhaps a friendly rival? Someone with whom she develops a love/hate relationship?

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Detective Mona Temple

Mona Temple is a 30 year old homicide detective renowned for her street smarts and the dogged nature with which she persues criminals. Mona and her sister April were orphaned at a young age when their parents died in a car accident. April, at that point still very much young and innocent, was more despondant and terrified at having to live in an orphanage. Mona, on the other hand, was angry. As far as she was concerned nothing and no one would take the place of her mother and father. She lashed out at the nuns that ran the orphanage and they, in turn, struck back. Subjected to daily punishment and the occasional beating, Mona was one of the reasons no one ever came to adopt her and April. Eventually, she realized this. Still a child, she did something impossibly rash and ran away. The nuns, sick of Mona, did not try overmuch to find her.

Eventually, April was adopted. Meanwhile, Mona lived much of her teens on the streets as a vagrant. She fell in with a gang called The Kings and they became sort of a second family to her.

The Kings, as far as gangs go, were mostly harmless. Drugs, vandalism, grand theft auto, one or two small protection rackets. Things went south when they finally grew some balls and planned their first (and last, it would turn out) bank robbery. It was not as easy as it seemed from TV and the movies. Things went south in a hurry and The Kings fled, leaving Mona behind. She was furious. Also arrested, but mostly furious. Seeing her anger, the police made a deal; wear a wire, pretend like she'd evaded capture, get the gang to talk about the crime. Mona agreed, but when shit starts to roll downhill momentum can take it pretty far. The wire was soon discovered and a shootout followed. Mona versus The Kings. Somewhere in the midst of the shootout, a fire started. Again, Mona was the only survivor. The police were happy with the results. They had scum off the streets and could easily blame it on 'gang-on-gang violence'. At sixteen Mona had lost another family and she'd pulled the trigger.

But at least she was free.

Two years later, the police contacted her again. This time, no wires.

"Gang-on-gang violence. It's all over the news. It would be a shame if.."

And so when the War on Drugs started, Mona Temple became a frontline soldier. She'd spent much of her life on the streets at that point, had connections, had the look, knew the lingo, had proven she could kill. Dirty cops paid her good money to do terrible things to criminals. "Bounty Hunter" was her prefered terminology, but there were nastier words for it. Hitwoman. Trigger woman. Assassin. Traitor. Bitch. Mona started raking in money and living a life of excess; expensive cars, alcoholism, a penthouse apartment. A paper trail left by a careless kid spending ill-gotten gains. But when you kill enough low-level drug pushers, the men higher up the chain start to notice. Three crime families took the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" to heart and banded together with one goal in mind; kill Mona Temple.


The note had been succinct. It contained an address to a dockside warehouse. There she met three men; Jack Lupino, mob enforcer. Sergei Radinov, Russian mob drug kingpin. Xiao Xiao Long, leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys triad. There were no terms to discuss. Lupino had April and he had a gun to her head. They told Mona not to do anything stupid, to put her hands up.

She did something stupid.

She won't talk about the mistake that got April killed, but Lupino put a bullet in her head and then one in Mona's eye. The trio left both for dead. April passed but Mona, driven by seething primal fury, managed to survive a gunshot to the head and crawled until she passed out. She awoke in the hospital missing an eye and, without spending much time in recovery, did another stupid thing; she ran away. Just like the orphanage all over again. She'd hurt April again and it was her fault. Again. What followed was a violent rampage that took place over the course of three days. She stalked and killed the wolf, pulled him bodily through a car window and did to the animal what he'd done to April. The bear was coked up when she caught him. He fought hard, but a long fall put him into premanent hibernation. The dragon caught wind of the hunter and tried to flee during the calamity created on Chinese New Year. Fireworks framed the sky as the dragon was consumed by fire on his own boat.

Just gang-on-gang violence. Nobody would look into it too hard.

At home, Mona picked up a pistol and put it to her head. She closed her eye. She put her finger on the trigger. Something stopped her. She couldn't. Wouldn't. What happened to April couldn't be allowed to happen again. Mona vowed to atone for the mistakes she'd made. She'd take her troubled life and turn it around. She cashed in favors with her dirty cop friends and soon became an official officer of the law. She rose through the ranks to homicide detective and these days she's got a lengthy career behind her.

Spark: Modern, crime, realistic. I cannot find a perfect image for Mona, but the one above will do as a close approximation. She's a gruff, but brilliant young detective that relies on holmesian deductive reasoning and street smarts. She's the 'loose cannon' type of officer that will do whatever it takes to see justice done. Thankfully, she's pretty far from retirement.

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Bridgette LeFeu
A young Kalosian pokemon trainer, aged eighteen. Bridgette lost her parents when she was just a baby and was raised instead by her uncle. She started out as a temperamental and reckless child and would often get herself into trouble stealing or committing acts of minor vandalism. That she and her uncle were both desperately poor did not help the situation and Bridgette was sometimes seen in the company of thugs, bullies, and gangsters. Vowing to turn the child around, her uncle, a martial arts instructor by trade, enrolled her in his classes. She took to it like a fish to water and the little Feu found a way to let out all that youthful energy and frustration. She began studying like mad, practicing not only with her uncle, but on her own time as well. She rented (or borrowed or stole) kung-fu movies so that she might watch them and mimic the moves she saw on screen.

Bridgette did not show any interest in pokemon until she turned fifteen. One day she was prowling around her usual back alley haunts when she saw a group of young hooligans berating and abusing a torchic. Imagining herself as some king of Kung Fu Jesus, she lept into the fray to stop the abuse! She found herself soundly overwhelmed and pummeled to the ground. It was not the preferred outcome. The little pokemon, however, was grateful for the noble gesture and the two were inseprable ever since. Athos, as she called him, became Bridgette's best friend. Later came the chimchar Porthos and, finally, Armais, a tepig. Where most trainers would catch a variety of pokemon or expand their team to more than three, Bridgette decided this strange mono-type team of three was good enough. Her 'Three Musketeers'. She has focused exclusively on training them and strengthening their bonds. It's come to a point where the trio of pokemon are fiercely loyal to her and even mime her movements from time-to-time.

Determined to become the best trainer around, Bridgette travels from place to place, besting the fiercest trainers she can find. Rather infamous for her consistently upbeat attitude, silly demeanor, kung-fu obsession, and off-the-wall battle strategies, she is something of a known quantity among other trainers. Some (most) consider her to be a joke - but that's just the people that haven't faced her in battle. Those that she's fought know her as a fierce and unpredictable opponent who uses atypical tactics to win, even when hopelessly outmatched. Even when facing defeat she keeps the smile on her face, considering every battle a lesson, win or lose.

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Lux Lobo -aka- La Muerte

A young latina woman in her early twenties, Lux (which might not even be her real name) has proven to be an up-and-coming heroine worth watching. This agency barely has any information on her, but what we have has been deemed reliable. She was apparently raised in Los Angeles, California. No records of her birth, her family, or her schooling have surfaced so we must assume she has connections to someone who's managed to thoroughly destroy most of her public records. The only thing that has surfaced are a few old fingerprints and a mugshot that matches a young Lux. She was apparently arrested for trespassing and assault and served some jail time. One of our contatcts in the Latin Kings confirms having seen a woman fitting her description in the gang for some time.

She first surfaced as Lux Lobo (and by extension, La Muerte) right after the death of Captain Cosmos scattered his cosmic power across the globe and imbued a number of ordinary citizens with supernatural power. Lux seems to be capable of a wide variety of abilities based around an accelerated healing factor, the control of bone marrow and the cessation of her own bodily functions. When becoming La Muerte she effectively ceases living, her vital signs dropping to an absolute minimum. In this form she can sustain massive injuries without any ill effects and, according to all of this agency's studies, we presume she cannot be killed unless decapitated or destroyed completely. The accelerated healing factor she demonstrates has proven a vital component of her power set, since the bulk of her offensive capability revolves around manipulation of her own bones. Without her numbness to pain and healing factor, this ability would cripple her. La Muerte can make her bones lighter or denser to allow her to strike harder, move faster, or leap great distances. She can also project bones from her skin, using them to craft amazingly tough 'armor' or extremely sharp 'blades'. La Muerte can manipulate the bones of others and not just herself; anything she touches can then be manipulated so long as it is within her line of sight. To this end, she can instantly cripple any normal human with simple skin-to-skin contact.

Lux Lobo is rebellious and brash, a bit of a hothead that might be easily manipulated by taunts and challenges. She is especially sensitive about her short stature. She is somewhat of a sucker for beautiful women. When her powers are active and she becomes La Muerte, she becomes much more serious and single-minded. Weather this is a conscious shift of personality or a result of her powers is unknown.

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Miss White, Reaper

"What if I told you that Gods were real? Yes, plural.
What if I told you that they were less than you expected but more than you think?
What if I told you that zombies, vampires, werewolves and more all existed?
What if I told you that those feelings of dread you felt under your covers as a child were justified?
What if I told you that Death paid taxes?

There's so much to tell you and I have so many ways I could begin.


There. That will do nicely."

In a world where Gods exist and are more human than you'd think, Death itself runs a business. Mercy Inc. is a corporation that, on the outside, assists with the peaceful transition of the willing -usually terminal patients or the elderly- to the other side. Secretly, however, it is an agency set up to hunt down those that defy Death; vampires, zombies, werewolves, skeletons. All of these things exist in defiance of the natural order. Though they hide themselves from mortals at large, their existence is an affront to Death. Miss White (not her real name) is an agent of Mercy Inc., a 'Reaper'. She is cool and aloof, an intelligent and cold-blooded agent that has so far never failed in any task. May or may not be human. Her supreme confidence in herself is not entirely unfounded but can be dangerous and cause her to take unnecessary risks. She needs a partner, someone to rein her in a little bit, but any effort to match her with another agent has led to said agents demise. Could your character be the one that survives?

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Name: Chantilly Lace
Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender/Orientation: Female/Bisexual
Class: Mage
Background: Located in a pocket dimension between the mortal and immortal planes of existence, the village of Gaspar's Grotto is home to the most renowned magic users of this corner of the universe and perhaps several other corners besides. Chantilly just happened to appear there one day as a baby and, smart enough to not turn down a Mysterious Child Destined for Greatness (tm), the village elders took the baby girl in and raised her. After all, that's how roughly sixty percent of all great prophecies start; orphaned children.

They'd had enough of her by the time she was twelve.

Far too energetic, rambunctious, and with no understanding of how to hold back, Tilly often vaporized or set fire to a great number of homes while training with magic. Tired of being burned, shocked, teased, and pranked on, the villagers threw (literally) the girl out of their dimensional home and into the mortal plane. They branded her left arm with the mage word for "troublemaker" and gave her exactly one (1) parting gift; a talking hat. It was as annoying as she was, so they killed two birds with one stone. Tarnkappe (the hat's name) is a magic amplifying piece of sentient headwear, but also rude and annoying. The garment allows Tilly to cast two spells simultaneously as opposed to the one that is the limit for normal mages.

Theorizing that one could cross dimensions by finding and utilizing quantum magic entanglement ley lines hidden across the globe, Chantilly Lace led her hat into the desert to develop a top secret project, known as QUANTUM LEAP. Pressured to prove her theories or be totally made fun of by her talking headwear, Tilly, prematurely stepped into the quantum portal and vanished. She awoke to find herself in the past, suffering from partial amnesia and facing a mirror image that was not her own. This was super weird and deemed far too silly for a continuing backstory for this character, so she opened up a new portal and hopped through. Still trapped in the mortal plane, Chantilly Lace finds herself leaping from place to place, putting things right, that once went wrong, fleeing local authorities and hoping each time, that her next leap will be the leap home.

Addt'l Images:One, Two, Three
Theme Song: Groovin' Magic

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Monthly Bump: On hiatus from group games for right now, but one on one might help inspire me if someone comes along.

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Name: Anamelech ("Anna")
Age: At least 3000 years old (Appears 17)
Race: Higher Demon
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian

Background: The sister of Adramalech ("Adam"), Anamelech is an ancient Assyrian demon. Anamelech was worshiped as a deity at Sepharvaim, an Assyrian town. The people of Sepharvaim burned their children as offerings to Anamelech and her counterpart Andramelech upon their respective alters, believing that both deities were responsible for the health and welfare of their cattle. Authorities declare that, for the Serpharvites, that Anamelech was the demon of the moon, while Andramelech was the demon of the sun.  Anna is widely regarded as the 'bringer of bad news' and responsible for Cain's descent into madness and rage. She's kind of a bitch like that sometimes, but when the big man gives you an order you gotta follow through, y'know? Besides; demons. Whadda ya gonna do? You can't teach a hammer to love nails, kids.

Anamelech was tasked by Satan to recruit Cain's soul into Hell. To accomplish this, Anamelech sent Cain a vision in which he sees his children toiling with agony, while Abel's children enjoy luxury and ease. By the end of the vision the former have become servants and slaves of the latter. Cain, having already been affected by the mark, is pushed into further rage and depravity from this vision, sets out to viciously assault and kill his brother. However, this only failed to deliver Cain's soul to Satan, which angered the King of Hell. As Cain set out into the world, alone full of grief and guilt over his actions, and not taking his own life in the process. As punishment, Satan tortured Anamelech by throwing her in a lake fire, causing her to burn for seven days straight without end. This is basically how Satan gave people an F on their homework. It was rough. The punishment seared away Anna's vision and as she screamed in torment the flames of Hell washed over her insides, scorching her lungs and causing her to lose her voice. Her brother pleaded with Satan to spare her and the King of Hell agreed on the grounds that Adramalech would take her place. Even though they were demons, siblings still look out for each other so he agreed. Adramalech was thrown into the lake of fire to burn for eternity and Anamelech was ejected both from it and hell itself. She's kind of furious about all this, understandably. Banished to the human world, she wanders it in order to aid humanity and fight off any hosts of Hell that seep through, as these are two activities that piss off Satan.

Anna's true form is that of a demon swathed entirely in shadows, with scythe-like talons and the head of a bird. She has a more humanoid form with cloven hooves for feet, ashen skin, and horns which she is much more comfortable in. Anna can disguise herself as a human and will others not to see these demonic features, allowing her to appear to mortals as a girl with dark hair. In all forms she is blind and mute and relies on her senses of hearing, touch, and smell to 'see' for her. In her true demonic form she communicates via speaking directly to a person's mind. In her more humanoid form she is content to 'speak' via texting programs. She claims to be able to taste and smell colors.

Personality: Anna can be civil, flirty (to women), manipulative (to men), and derisive in her interactions. Her drive for justice results in some callous and cruel actions to those around her. Her attitude can shift depending on who she's talking to. To those she deems intelligent she can be more civil-minded and less outright hateful. To those she feels 'innocent' she can almost be nice. To everyone else she is cynical and cold. She has a keen interest in the law and justice and takes pleasure in orchestrating the demise and punishment of the wicked, as these deeds upset the King of Hell the most.

Theme: At The Price of Oblivion