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Author Topic: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Seeking One More Female Character!  (Read 23604 times)

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Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Hey guys! We are currently seeking ONE new character to fulfil the role of The Wildcards Heart! Take a gander!

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and the front line of defence against all threats to humanities safety, be it extraterrestrial or purely Earth-bound in origin, the team of Captain America, Iron Man, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange deal with it all...all villains seeking world domination, Earthly destruction or just general chaos and anarchy have to deal with them in order to succeed in their plans...and to date, nobody has been able to take them out permanently. No matter how hard they get hit, they always come back stronger. No matter how long the odds, they always pull out a Hail Mary in the end and secure victory oftentimes from the very jaws of defeat. Many people view them as indestructible, invincible, unbeatable...they see the team as a beacon of hope and a symbol that somebody out there is looking out for them, even when things look to be their darkest. Even when the villains are winning and nobody seems capable of saving humanity, The Avengers always manage to pull something out of their hats. At least, that's the perception....or rather, it was, until very recently.

Only a few months ago, Avengers began to drop like flies; it wasn't some world-destroying Superpower that eradicated them. It wasn't some climactic battle or an overwhelming foe or some reality warping magic that erased them from existence. It wasn't Galactus or Apocalypse or Thanos who managed to finally defeat The was just a string of bad luck. Everybody has bad days, everybody has moments where things don't go their way. Alas, with superheroes...days like those can easily be your last. One wrong move, one foot falling flat and suddenly everything you knew and valued and cared for is disappearing in the blink of an eye and you're falling from your place as Hero to a cold box six feet beneath the ground...if you're lucky.

It started with Wasp; during a routine patrol in her general neighbourhood, she activated her shrinking suit...and never reappeared, her belt apparently having malfunctioned to the point where either she can't grow back to normal size, or – more worryingly – she's continuing to shrink even now. Next was Doctor Strange who, when visiting The Dark Dimension in pursuit of a trans-dimensional being who had taken to stealing away mothers newborn children, was ambushed by agents of Mephisto himself, and was somehow defeated and taken prisoner in Hell. Thor followed, when – for some unexplained reason -  during a battle he suddenly lost the ability to wield Mjollnir, and lost it over the side of the ship that he was standing on, losing it to the depths of the ocean. He is still Asgardian and therefore super strong, but he is no longer Thor. Either he doesn't know why he was suddenly deemed Unworthy...or he does, and simply won't tell anybody. Hulk simply...went missing. Scarlet Witch was hit by some kind of magical attack when hunting a new supervillain that culled the majority of her Reality-Warping powers, leaving her a shadow of her former self...and, most tragically of all, when trying to track down whoever had caused Banner to go missing, Captain America himself was struck and mortally wounded, dying long before he could reach civilisation. Tony Stark, who had been accompanying Rogers on the mission, blamed himself and quickly spiralled into a drug and alcohol-fuelled haze of depression, self-loathing and Survivors Guilt.

In one fell swoop of bad luck...The Avengers were neutralised.

They weren't the only team protecting the innocent, of course, but they were among the biggest and the remaining teams quickly found themselves overwhelmed trying to deal with the overflow of villains that came out of the woodwork on The Avengers fall. More and more nefarious schemes were hatched, more innocent bystanders endangered and more crimes committed in the vacuum left behind by Earth's Mightiest Heroes, to the point where nobody was entirely certain how to handle the new spike in criminal activity. Until certain individuals had an idea. The Illuminati, the council of Earth's Great Minds who guide humanities development for the greater good, decided to encourage several of the existing hero teams to grant their support to a new team that would be created in order to protect the innocent in The Avengers absence. The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, The Defenders and many others almost unanimously voted for Kitty Pride, a proud X-Man and Professor at Xaviers School For The Gifted, to create her own team of superheroes...but not just any heroes. She was to gather together strong, righteous pillars of justice and hope, who could live up to the symbol that the Avengers became. She set about creating her team, assembling heroes that were symbols in their own right of the core principles of what heroes should be; Truth, Justice, Mercy and – where necessary – the willingness to fight to the death to protect the Earth and its innocent inhabitants.

But at the same time, Nick Fury of SHIELD had a slightly different idea; many hero teams are idealistic and often suffer because they don't make the hard decisions when they should...The Avengers were effective, but they were taken out because they had blind spots. They couldn't think like their enemies, they couldn't anticipate dirty tricks and weren't capable of making the “shady” choice, even when it would have been more sensible to do so. So, as Kitty was beginning to create her own team, Fury decided to sanction his own superhero squad. They would be indirectly funded and supported by SHIELD personnel and equipment, much like Kitty's team would be supported by the teams that voted her leadership if she needed it, but would be given autonomy and only covert assistance from SHIELD in order that SHIELD be able to maintain plausible deniability if anything should go wrong. He placed his newest agent – a veteran of war, and a man he knew he could neutralise if it came down to it – in charge, and ordered him to gather like-minded heroes who could – if necessary – kill to protect the innocent. Flash Thompson, codenamed “Agent Venom,” was given command of his own public superhero team, though with the clear understanding that if he even started to go off the reservation, SHIELD would put a bullet between his eyes without warning or hesitation.

So the stage is set; Kitty Pride has managed to assemble her “New Avengers,” and Venom his “Wildcards.” They both know of each others existence and, through a couple of incidents where they revealed themselves to the world, both are now publicly recognised in the media, and neither of them overly like the other. The New Avengers distrust the members of the Wildcards due to their chequered history and their questionable methods, and The Wildcards dislike the New Avengers self-righteous, naïve moralising and their – as they see it – unjustified distrust of The Wildcards motives. They don't like or trust each other, and both find themselves in an intense rivalry to fill the space left by The Avengers fall...but a new danger lurks in the shadows; a new team of supposed Superheroes has arisen, calling themselves “The Protectors,” but something seems off about them...wherever they go, crime seems to follow – as opposed to the reverse, which you would usually expect – and whilst they stop crimes, they seem to do so almost begrudgingly...and they seem to take orders from an as-yet unseen leader, hiding in the shadows behind the group. Who is this shadowy figure? Who are The Protectors, really? Was the fall of The Avengers and the subsequent crime wave really just a string of unconnected coincidences, or is there more to this than anybody suspects? Can The Wildcards and The New Avengers set aside their differences to figure it out before it's too late, or will their rivalry blind them until they, too, fall like their predecessors? Marvel: After The Fall.

So! Now that we have the backstory out of the way, it's time to tell you what this is all about!

Basically, it's a Marvel game. Duh. My vision is to have a semi-large group split into two teams who are playing in a semi-sandbox environment. Basically, there are a number of non-plot-essential threads that you can do what you like in with the other players, but the idea is that your characters are in the team “Full Time.” So little to no solo adventuring. You get to play around on your own, and then every so often a Plot Thing will happen and you will be required to move into the game thread to advance the overall plot. I want between 3 and 5 players per team, plus the leaders, who will interact within their team and oftentimes with people outside of their team to create friction and drama and Plot Stuff on their own; the best drama is caused when two people who want the same thing disagree or distrust each other, after all!

So here's how this works:

I want two teams of 3 – 5 people (plus the “Team Captains”). Some of the players will be under Kitty's leadership in The New Avengers, and the rest will be under the command of Agent Venom in The Wildcards. To be in The New Avengers, your character needs to be more “Straight Laced,” more “optimistic” and “idealistic” a hero. So people like Spiderman, Captain America (an example; in this universe, he dead!), Captain Britain, Miss Marvel, etc etc. To be in The Wildcards, you need to be more of a “pragmatic” hero, the kind who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty in pursuit of The Greater Good, and who tend to be viewed as less trustworthy. EG, Punisher, Moon Knight, Black Cat, Ghost Rider, etc etc. And yes, before anybody asks, you have to be part of one of the two teams when you start. The teams have already been assembled at this point. Reformed villains are an option, but unlikely to be accepted unless you can give a good reason (EG, Agent Venom IS a good guy in the comics right now).

Some restrictions:

– I want the teams balanced. This means that if I get three for TNA's and none for The Wildcards, I will temporarily close applications for TNA's.

– I want the sexes to be roughly seven females and two males. I want it roughly 50/50, if at all possible. This is more for ease of balancing and the fact that, being on E, there is going to be sexy time. This way is just less messy for everybody :P

– There are some restrictions to the characters you can pick;
- Only a maximum of one from each team (EG, Fantastic Four). I'll let two X-Men be in the game to start with (possibly increasing as the player pool gets bigger), though NOT any of the Big Four: That is, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops or Xavier. That's the Leadership of the X-Men, so no way they would abandon their team. [NOTE: This Cap Has Been Reached! ]
- No members of The Illuminati.
- Keep a restriction on “reformed villains.” If they didn't have an extended “Face-Run” in the comics, they're illegible to play as heroes in this game. The GM's have the right to say “No” to any proposed character.
- No Super-powerful characters like Xavier, Phoenix, Vision, etc etc. If a character is more powerful than every other member on their team, what exactly is the point? If your heart is set on an extremely powerful character because you like the character itself, consider finding a reason to depower them to a more “team-based” level so they don't overshadow the other members of the team. I know that a lot of characters are going to be objectively stronger than others – The Black Knight or Taskmaster are obviously stronger than Black Widow or Hawkeye in terms of strength, at least – but try and keep it relatively balanced, please. Also, I would like some fairly obscure characters, if at all possible. Make it interesting! Choose people who don't tend to get picked for this sort of thing! :D

– This is an AU, so alterations to their history are allowed and even encouraged, but try to keep them relatively close to their Canon self; that is, don't change the history so that it's basically an OC with a CC's powerset. Try...changing the timeframe, or altering certain key events so that they developed in a slightly different way. :-)

– If your character chafes at being in a team, then unless you can think of a good reason for them to be IN a team, they may not be the best fit. Try thinking of somebody else :-)

– The game takes place fairly late in the future; that is, when Peter Parker and Flash Thompson are 30, so Parker has been Spiderman for fourteen years-ish. Please age your characters appropriately.

– NONE of the major arcs have happened; House of M, Infinity War, Civil War, etc etc, none of them have happened. Minor arcs have, of course, occurred, but nothing paradigm shifting yet. So please structure your characters background appropriately. Please and thank you!

– To begin with, ONLY one character each, please.

– The game will take place in a handful of specific threads; you won't be allowed to create new ones unless I specifically give you permission...just to keep the thread count down. I will be instituting a posting order of sorts to keep everybody up to date :-)

So! This is just a general interest check! I will be your GM for this game, and I shall be controlling Agent Venom. Alixandre is my 2iC and Co-GM, and will be helping me with basic management stuff as well as controlling Kitty Pride so we can guide both teams along a general plot direction; after all, it's hard to direct two teams with only one writer! She's a GM too, so has just the same amount of clout as I do. So please be pleasant to her. And of course, be excellent to one another, too.

So, below is the code to the bio I would like you to fill out, please; Faceclaims are encouraged, but not compulsory. Include as many pictures of your character as you'd like, and please give an exhaustive account of your characters flaws, powers, limits and weaknesses, and how they came to be part of their respective team. These details can be altered later, of course, but this is just your pitch.

Below, you will notice that one of the categories is “Team Role.” This is here to split the teams into loose archetypes and character roles to better define what they do in the team and what character types we're looking for in terms of filling vacancies. Obviously roles can overlap – Bruce Banner and The Hulk could easily fit into two or three categories – so it's up to you which role you slot your character into. As long as it fits, it should be fine.


The Leader: The “Boss,” the one who directs traffic and gives the team their direction.
The Tactician: The one who is more strategically savvy. Usually comes up with the intricate plans and is usually the de-facto 2iC.
The Techie: The Tech-Savvy member, and the one who builds and maintains the teams toys.
The Brute: “The Big Guy,” the one who hits the hardest and takes the biggest blows.
The Sorcerer: “The Weird One,” the one to go to if you have questions or issues of a magical nature. Can be a practising sorcerer, or maybe just has a large working knowledge.
The Sneak: “The Spy,” the one who collects information, is specialised in stealth and infiltration and the one to go to if you need somewhere broken into, a bug planted or a fortified area slipped into without incident.
The Heart: “The Priest;” the emotional center of the group; the one who tends to be more empathetic and moralistic, and the one who also tends to patch up the other members wounds, be it physical or psychological.
The Specialist: This character relies on one specific trait or skill to get their shit done, rather than an obviously aggressive superpower; be it their extraordinary brains, their compassion and empathy, their special gadgets, their detective skills, their extreme accuracy with ranged weapons or a special affinity in spycraft and disguise, they use their skills to make up what they might lack in sheer physical power in order to be a valuable asset to the team. They might not have powerful eyebeams or super strength...but they're just as dangerous in their own way.

So! Please consider which role your character might fill best, then fill in this Skeleton:

Code: [Select]
[u][b]== Character Bio ==[/b][/u]

[floatright][img height=550 padding=5][/img]
[img height=305][/img]  [img height=305][/img]
[img height=250][/img][img height=250][/img]
[img height=360 padding=2][/img]
[img height=420 padding=2][/img]
[img height=285][/img] [img height=285][/img]
[img height=280][/img] [img height=280][/img]
[img height=315 padding=2][/img]
[img height=242 padding=2][/img]
[img height=215 padding=2][/img][/floatright]

[u]== Personal Information ==[/u]

[b]Legal Name:[/b]
[b]Team Role:[/b]

[u]== Physical Description / Clothing == [/u]

[u]== Personality ==[/u]

[u]== Key Skills ==[/u]




[u]== Character Background ==[/u]

[u]== Character Extras ==[/u]

[u]== Face Claim: ==[/u]

[u]Theme Song:[/u]

My bio for Agent Venom and Alix's bio for Kitty will be posted below...once they've been posted...go ahead and apply! I look forward to hearing from and playing with all of you! :D

Current Roster:

= The New Avengers: =

The Leader: Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat [Alixandre]
The Tactician: Scott Washington / Hybrid [Marie Reynolds]
The Techie: RESERVED
The Brute/Brawler: Molly Hayes / Power Princess [Elven Sex Goddess]
The Sorcerer: Ananym / Witchfire [Re Z L]
The Sneak: Ben Reilly / The Scarlet Spider [Deathnote]
The Heart: Sam Wilson / Captain America [Writersblockade]
The Specialist: Cessily Kincaid / Mercury [AmandaWho]

= The Wildcards: =

The Leader: Flash Thompson / Agent Venom [Vergil Tanner]
The Tactician: James Barnes / The Winter Soldier [Cuchulainn]
The Techie: RESERVED
The Brute/Brawler: Khalidah Janneck / Callisto [Kuroneko]
The Sorcerer: Illyana Nikolievna Alexandria Rasputina / Magik [persephone325]
The Sneak: Eric Brooks / Blade / Ronin [MasterOfMyFate]
The Heart: 
The Specialist: Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke [Freeko]

= Reserved Characters: =

We are currently looking for a female character to fill the role of the Wildcards Heart! Take a look, and if you like what you see, please help us out with the vacancy. Please and thank you! :D

We look forward to seeing what you have for us! Thank you for reading this far...and thank you for applying! If you decide to. If you don't, well, screw you! No, we're kidding, please come back...
And...apply! :D
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Re: Marvel: After The Fall AU RP Recruiting Now!
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2016, 05:54:46 PM »
== Character Bio ==


== Personal Information ==
Legal Name: Eugene "Flash" Thompson. Goes by Flash. Don't, for the love of Galactus, call him Eugene.
Alias: "Venom." Occasionally "Agent Venom."
Age: Flash? 29. Venom? Unknown.
Sexuality: Flash? Heterosexual. Venom? Asexual.
Part of New York Residing In: A nondescript middle-class apartment that he owns directly and is outfitted with some...special modifications.

== Physical Description ==

Civilian Wear:
"Flash" Thompson stands roughly at 6'2, with broad shoulders and an athletically muscular frame. He isn't a "brick shit house," and he isn't slender; he falls somewhere in the middle, being of a larger but still agile build, thanks to his days both as a high school sportsman and later a soldier. He has a well-squared face with a mess of often styled blonde hair atop his head, often also being seen with a light layer of similarly coloured stubble running from one ear, down to and around his mouth and on his chin, then up to the other ear. His skin is still young but relatively weathered due to his many exploits and ordeals, and sometimes looks notably older than he actually is. His solid, blue-green eyes hold a focus and a determination to them rarely seen in thirty-year-olds, though still retain a sizeable dose of snarky, dry and oftentimes dark humour; in his line of work, you either develop a sense of humour or you turn darkly serious all the time. And that latter one? Doesn't sound much fun to him. He usually wears casual attire of jeans and t-shirt, along with a leather or thin faux-leather jacket along with relatively heavy-duty trainers, though they tend to always be slightly darker in colour. Most of his external clothes - his jeans and jacket, for example - are actually his Symbiote manifesting an outer layer. Without his Symbiote, he stands roughly three feet shorter on account of having no legs; whilst his legs past the mid-thigh are indeed human legs that are structured exactly like human legs and are connected to Flash's brain so he can feel and control them exactly like ordinary legs, they are provided by the Symbiote as replacements to the ones he lost whilst serving in the military. Without the Symbiote - or if he requests that the Symbiote stop providing them for whatever reason - he has no legs from the mid-thigh down.

Since his costume is actually a physical manifestation of his Symbiote, Flash has no specifically defined "Costume," though he has his favourites. His most common one is a black combat-gear-like-suit that covers his entire body, complete with combat pouches, holsters for various weapons and an armour-like chestplate connected to an undersuit via a set of straps, clamps and shoulder plates. His understated, curved shoulder guards, gloves and boots are all adorned with black spikes of varying sizes. For the most part, this combat gear is entirely black, save for the occasional silver highlight and a large white elongated spider adorned on his chest whose legs connect to the clips on his shoulders that hold the "armour" in place, the bottom of the shoulder plate via the armpit, the top of his waist and down below his pouch-belt, and down along his legs to end just past the outer-thigh padded area of his suit. His mask is a simple form-fitting black affair with narrow, elongated eyes surrounded by a silver ring of a similar shape.

== Persona ==

Flash is, despite his serious and business-like attitude on the battlefield, in possession of a snarky and sometimes dark humour, often both attempting self-deprecating humour and, in the field, often attempts to taunt his foes in an effort to distract them or goad them into mistakes. He is intensely dedicated to protecting the innocent and used to be extremely patriotic - though that has tempered as of late after seeing where blind patriotism can land people if taken too far – and is perhaps a little distrusting after having been largely abandoned and betrayed by his countries management and government. His drive to protect bystanders often gets in the way of his actual mission, and leads to some questionable decisions. He always tries to do the right thing, but that can sometimes mean losing sight of the bigger picture. He has his moments  of cynicism and bitterness – as well as his occasional panic attacks and anxiety issues – but is otherwise friendly, warm, confident and often flirtatious if talking with an attractive female, though he can switch that off on a dime if danger rears its head....though how much of that friendly persona is real and how much is empty bravado borne of a need to disguise his inner fracturing is debatable. He's seen a lot of shit, but has managed to thus far retain his sense of duty, honour and humour and will always offer a helping hand, a sympathetic ear or a word of advice to an ally.

However, his personality has a darker side; thanks to his abusive childhood and his subconscious drive to get approval from a man “incapable of giving it,” he often takes stupid risks and allows his emotions to cloud his judgement, sometimes even endangering a mission to save an innocent or to get petty retribution for a slight or an action that he deems “going too far.” Further, thanks to the stress of both his “job,” the difficulty of his “condition” and his general lack of friends, he tends to drink rather heavily in the evenings, unable to stop himself from having more than “just one.” He knows its an issue...he just can't seem to stop. He has so much pain inside him and so much wrong with him and his life in general that sometimes, alcohol is the only thing that keeps the edge off of the pain. He also tends to have anger management issues; whilst nowhere near as bad as his father and certainly getting closer to being under control, he does have a quick temper and is often extremely fast to anger if the wrong buttons are pushed. Among these are his father, Betty, endangering his mother or threatening innocents in any way. Taunting him about these subjects also serves to enrage him to dangerous levels, since if he can't keep his temper under control, Venom starts to wake up...

== Key Skills ==


- Superhuman Strength:
The Venom Symbiote grants Flash enhanced strength; whilst this strength was only slightly greater than Spidey's upon his bonding with Brock, Symbiotes become more powerful with age and can gain the added abilities of its hosts. Therefore, Venom's strength has increased exponentially over time. As it stands at the moment, his Super Strength is roughly two or three times that of Spidey's, though in times of crisis it has been known to increase in muscle mass and be able to temporarily trade blows with the likes of The Hulk and Juggernaut.

- Superhuman Speed:
His speed, on the other hand, is nowhere near that level. Venom is only slightly faster on foot than Spidey and Captain America, though is still far faster than any “non-powered” human could hope to achieve.

- Superhuman Stamina:
Venom and Flash are able to fight longer, run further and work harder for longer periods of time than any living human and even many superhumans. As Venom ages, this stamina will continue to increase.

- Superhuman Durability:
Venom is easily able to shrug off most gunfire, and even pick himself up after most explosions and punches. As mentioned above, he has taken punches from Juggernaut-level opponents before...needless to say, it takes far more than you'd expect to get Venom to stay down.

- Superhuman Agility and Reflexes:
Venom has agility on the same level, if not higher, than the likes of Spidey and Gambit, and has the reflexes to use it to its fullest potential able to react in a fraction of the time of a normal human.

- Accelerated Healing Factor:
Venom has a powerful healing factor that serves to regenerate its hosts wounds at a far faster rate than normal, to the point where thanks to its increased durability and its healing factor, it has been able to save its hosts from otherwise fatal wounds (EG, being run through by Carnage).

- Wall Crawling:
Thanks to Venom's time with Spidey, Venom is able to duplicate his ability to stick to walls and ceilings.

- Limited ESP:
Whilst not as specialised as Spidey's, Venom possesses a rudimentary 360 degree version of Spider Sense that tells him and his host if danger is nearby and a vague sense of direction, though not the specific location. Thanks to his time bonded with Spidey, Venom and his host are also immune to Spidey's Spider Sense.

- Camouflage Capabilities:
Being able to alter the colour and shape of the Hosts clothing and coverings, Venom is able to duplicate the colour of his surroundings and provide chameleon-like camouflage.

- Constituent Matter Generation and Manipulation:
Venom is able to increase and decrease his mass at will, and - thanks to his age, experience and his previous devouring of aspects of Carnage and her offspring - manipulate them into whatever shape and form his host desires. This extends to webbing-like tendrils, prehensile tentacles and tails, extra limbs (or replacements, in the case of Flash's legs), shields and even changing parts of the Hosts body into weapons (EG, a Carnage-style arm-blade). He's also able to fire sections of his mass out of his body, though these quickly shrivel up and die if not retrieved and returned to the main mass.

- Genetic Memory and access to the previous hosts memories:
Klyntar are able to pass down the accumulated memory of their lineage via genetics, granting the Host access to all previous generations of that Klyntar's line and their hosts. Similarly Klyntar are able to relay the memories and knowledge of their previous hosts directly to their current one (How Brock knew Spidey's secret identity, for example; Venom knew, and Brock had access to that knowledge).

- Night Vision:
Venom can see in total darkness.


- Extreme fighting skills (Expert):
Flash Thompson is military trained, and when combined with Venoms genetic memory and his memory of his previous hosts - who include Spidey, Scorpion and Captain Marvel - this makes for a fearsome knowledge of hand to hand combat.

- Expert Marksman:
Again, being military trained and with access to almost 1000 generations of genetic memory, Venom and Flash are experts in most forms of firearms, both human and alien.


- Venom's healing factor DOES have a limit. Find it, and you can kill it.

- Due to Flash constantly having to fight the Symbiote's influence – which gets harder the longer he spends Bonded to it – and has to force his will on a dopey, drugged-up and sedate Venom, he isn't nearly as strong as he would be if they were truly Bonded. This means that Flash cannot use the Symbiotes full potential in some circumstances.

- Klyntar are vulnerable to intense sound and high-temperature flames, though older Klyntar - like Venom - can build up resistance to it through repeat exposure. As such, whilst still afraid of fire and sound and still vulnerable to them, Venom has grown from being frightened of a pocket lighter to being able to get up after being hit by a military-grade explosive (albeit severely weakened). Loud noises and fire will cause him great pain and often immobilise him, but likely won't cause fatal damage any more.

- If you manage to separate Venom from Flash, Flash is just a legless human veteran. Venom can move on its own and manifest into a humanoid shape, but is much weaker absent a host and will die if he spends too long unbonded.

- To prevent Venom from taking over Flash or permanently bonding to him, two measures are taken: One, sedatives are given to Venom on a regular basis to keep him docile. Though this means that he can't actively attempt to influence Flash – though the residual background malice and aggression can filter through at times, Flash being notably more aggressive and blunt after long periods wearing the suit – it does mean that if Flash ever fails to get treatment, the Symbiote will “wake up” and attempt to assert itself or even just leave. Secondly, Venom and Flash are separated for twelve hours at least once every 48 hours to prevent a permanent bonding. During these twelve hours, Flash is just a legless human, albeit one with a military background.

- If Flash loses his temper too much whilst bonded with the Suit, Venom's latent rage and aggression will assert control and force Flash into behaviour reminiscent of Gargan and Eddie. He can come back from this with some difficulty, and the Symbiote can be reasoned with...but in these situations, the chances of the Symbiote taking over Flash's body completely are highly increased. The sedatives keep Venom suppressed, but extreme emotions seem to excite the Symbiote to the point where the drugs lose much of their impact. As such...getting emotional in the field is a very bad thing.

- Kitty Pryde.

== Background ==

[For a full write up See This Page.]

Flash Thompson, after graduating High School and escaping from his abusive father, enrolled in Empire State University. There, he grew out of the high school bully he had previously been, ending up befriending several of his former victims including burying the hatchet with his old school-day victim, Peter Parker. Despite dating Betty Brant during university, the two drifted apart after university and ended up going their separate ways while he spent several years floating from job to job trying to figure out what he wanted to do. That is, until – inspired by his personal hero and then-girlfriend Kitty Pride -  Flash enrolled in the military at the age of 25. After his first tour, he was given leave to return home for a “holiday” due to valour in the field. During his six months at home, he had several run ins with various supervillains that oftentimes left him with narrow escapes and various near-miss scars to show for it. He was eventually called back to fight in Iraq, where his luck finally proved to be finite. After a year and a half on tour, a roadside IED detonated next to his squads ATV, killing most of the rest of his squad, destroying the vehicle and claiming his legs in the process from the mid-thighs down. Whilst an investigation had to be had, just to be sure, Flash was honourably discharged and sent home to reintegrate into civilian life at the young age of only 28. Though Flash attempted to settle down, he found it exceedingly difficult; not only were all of his former friends now too busy or relocated, but there were only so many employment opportunities for former soldiers with severe disabilities.

Apparently, people were quick to thank him for his service, but not so eager to offer him gainful employment. After a couple of months, he eventually managed to reconnect with Betty Brant who helped him secure a mid-paying office job in an average, not-that-exciting construction company and obtain a small-sized apartment where he lived on his own for about a year. His job didn't pay well and public transport – since he couldn't drive himself and walking was obviously out of the question, being in a wheelchair in New York being very difficult in terms of commuting – was a bitch to pay for, so without his military wellfare checks, as meagre as they were, he would easily have gone under. To make matters worse, he frequently suffered nightmares about the event that took his legs and killed many of his friends, and had to be placed on medication for anxiety and – during a particularly low point – depression. He took to drinking to drown his sorrows and, as a result of a particularly bad tailspin, ended up losing his then-girlfriend and highschool sweetheart, Betty Brant. His drinking decreased out of shock...and then returned with a vengeance. He had lost everything. Why wouldn't he drink?

However, only a year after he returned to civilian life, due to his exemplary record, his injury and his well-documented difficulty in adjusting to normal life (as well as his experience with “Extraordinary individuals”) he was eventually approached to take part in a new experiment; Nick Fury and SHIELD had managed to obtain the Venom Symbiote from the recently deceased Gargan after he had been killed in a clash with The Defenders. After having been advised of the full situation – the need for a superpowered operative willing to do the hard, distasteful things that a soldier has to do to protect his country – he agreed to the experimental procedure, eager to finally do something other than a cripplingly soul-destroying 9-5 job in a boring, dead end life. He missed doing what he was really good at, and the idea of becoming an effective SHIELD Operative and protecting people in a more direct way was more than he could say no to. He was – after being forcibly put on a therapy program, designed to help him at least control his demons more effectively – given the sedated Venom Symbiote and became the Fury operative "Agent Venom."

Of course, he wasn't put onto any teams to start with; the procedure was experimental and they had no way of knowing whether Venom could be sedated reliably or if Flash could resist his subtle, ever-present, he was sent on a number of Black-Ops Suicide Missions that Fury could deny if things went wrong in order to test him, under the direct supervision of Fury's top agents, who were under orders to subdue Venom if he became too unruly...and, if necessary, to terminate Flash in order to do it (though that was obviously not Plan A). Flash quickly mastered his new powers however, rapidly becoming one of Fury's most effective agents (though bad decisions in the field were often made as a result of his emotional investment in the civilians wellbeing, and he came close to losing control once or twice). Skilled, capable, cool under pressure (most of the time), willing to kill if he had to and able to bend the Symbiote's capabilities to his needs more effectively than his predecessor, Flash was a useful asset and his life now had meaning again; protecting people. Of course, getting his legs back was a nice bonus. Now it's been a good six months or so working under Fury's command, and Fury thinks he's ready to be given a more important objective. Who better to create a new team of heroes for a new age than the product of said age? Flash has proven reliable, demons aside, and definitely he's willing to take a risk with him. After all...Stark was an alcoholic long before Rogers death, and Fury needs a superpowered individual he can rely on to lead the new team...and Flash is his only option. Of course, Flash still suffers from a shorter than desirable temper, his old addictive urges and his emotional investment in any given situation clouding his judgement, all of which make him potentially volatile...but that's where his advisers and his therapy comes in. He's spent the last six months attempting to get a handle on his anger, but it's tough going. His best bet is to use the medication SHIELD provides him with to keep his more “iffy” urges to himself and away from the rest of the team. At least he knows that if he gets out of control, SHIELD can neutralise him...

== Character Connections ==

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Kitty Pride / Shadowcat:

Besides the obvious – she has crossed paths with Venom and some of the other Symbiotes many times over the years – Flash himself has a perhaps surprising connection to the leader of the New Avengers; whilst he was trying to work out what he wanted from life following College, the X-Men arrived in town to assist Spiderman with a particularly dangerous group of villains who had assembled in order to combat his constant meddling in their affairs. One night after they had been defeated, Flash was out at a bar-and-nightclub when he spied the young beauty “strutting her stuff” on the dance floor (she had apparently managed to charm / intimidate her way in, despite being only 18). She was attractive and she had helped his idol – Spiderman – out of a tough situation, so he thought the least he could do was offer to buy her a drink. He did so and, after a moment of surprise when Kitty realised that he recognised her and didn't care that she was a Mutant, they ended up spending a pleasant evening in each others company before parting at the door of where Kitty was staying. They saw each other again a few times over the next few weeks, and eventually settled into a pleasant relationship, where Flash, at least, was actually happy. She was bubbly and bright and cheerful and they gradually spent more and more time together as time went on...she would more and more frequently spend the night at his place, and when she wasn't out saving the world, it was an extremely good bet that she was with him. And honestly? He was serious about her. She was amazing, and she'd apparently decided that despite his baggage, he was as well. It would be no exaggeration to say that he loved her, and was honestly beginning to consider a future with her, at some point down the line.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to last; when he revealed to Kitty that she had inspired him to join the military, Kitty became upset at the notion that he was deliberately seeking out harm and “testing fate,” and the two got into a rather heated argument. She accused him of selfishly chasing glory, of seeking out adrenaline and tempting death and he accused her of wanting to coddle him and treat him like a fragile little flower that needed looking after...that she couldn't stand the thought of him having to defend himself for a change. He just couldn't understand why, when she said she loved him, she wasn't being supportive of his decision to do something that mattered, to try and make a difference when he had spent so many years totally in the dark as to what he actually wanted to do with his life. He wanted to help people, to protect the innocent in the only way he knew that somebody like him – AKA, somebody without powers and without the money to make gadgets to compensate – could, and couldn't understand why Kitty thought that he was being selfish. It wasn't like he was breaking up with her, after all; he just wanted to actually do something other than simply idolise the people who protected the innocent. He wanted to help protect people.

In the end, both parties said things that they would regret later, and the argument – and the relationship – ended when Flash stormed out, slamming the door behind him...a sound that has haunted his darkest moments ever since as one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made. He joined the military that very week, his attempt to help the innocent now transformed into him running away. Alas, that was the last time they ever saw each other. Flash tried to move on – though he never got rid of the regret he felt for leaving things like that – but with a debatable degree of success. He still has a collection of pictures from their time together that he put into storage before his first tour and forgot to throw away and he looks at them often. In fact, those pictures – and the obvious accusations – were a triggering factor in his and Betty's break up. He's gotten over her, as hard as it was, but still...he just can't seem to throw those pictures away. They remind him of a better time...a time when he was happy and whole, and the mistake he made when he let his anger get the better of him. At least, that's what he tells himself.

And now he finds himself inevitably close to Kitty...but on opposite sides of a rivalry that may well escalate to violence....

Kalidah Janneck / Callisto:

Callisto and Flash's "friendship," for lack of a better term, started off in a rather odd manner; during Flash's second full tour of duty, just before he lost his legs, the American Military found itself in a spot of bother bogged down fighting militants in Afghanistan who appeared to have "unnatural abilities." From healing quickly to having immense strength to flight and even one super speedster, the conventional American weaponry couldn't handle their enemies physical abilities. Casualties - both military and civilian - were beginning to mount, and the only solution available to them was to hire a selection of mercenaries from the more pool of more unscrupulous individuals with powers to aid them in fighting back against the insurgents. Kalidah - Callisto - was one of these mercenaries, and she ended up fighting alongside Flash's Company in several key conflicts for strategic locations in the war on the separatist group. The battles were still long and difficult, but the presence of their own Superpowered fighters made all the difference in the world, and the American military began to gain ground once more. It was after one of these battles that the two of them officially met, when Callisto made the decision to join in some of the soldiers and mercenaries celebrations; she appeared in the group and began sharing stories and drinks with the rest of them....and foolishly, Flash decided to take her up on her offer of a "drinking contest," goaded into competition by her insistence on good-naturedly mocking him and calling him "Pretty Boy."

Flash lost. Badly, in fact, since Callisto's constitution was quite literally superhuman, and Flash learnt to hate that fact when he woke up the next morning in a puddle of his own drool and still reeking like cheap alcohol. Despite this...minor setback in his health, Cal and Flash became fast friends, often sharing drinks and stories after days on duty, and even sometimes ending up fighting beside each other on the battlefield. Whilst not a "close" friendship - Cal being much too private a person for any "BFF's" - their friendship did escalate into something rather more physical as time went on. Nothing like "love" or anything so was simply two soldiers who got along, enjoying each others physical presence in some few moments of not fighting. For Cal, it was the adrenaline and the "cuteness" of her partner, a way to cap off days of doing what she loved, and for Flash, it was a way to deal with both the stress of an active warzone and a way to temporarily forget about his Single Biggest Regret. Alas, it was not to last; a few months later, Cal was rotated out and dismissed from American service after the final assault on the Militants stronghold met with resounding success. They parted ways as friends, and Flash expected to probably never see her again; she was, after all, a travelling mercenary. A short while later...he was hit with the IED that took his legs.

Imagine his surprise when, amongst the dossiers of possible recruits for The Wildcards, he saw Callisto's name! He quickly pulled the folder out...and found that not only was her location currently unknown, but that she wasn't recommended for active service due to what Fury called her "unreliable temperament," which as far as Flash was concerned, was absolute bullshit. Indeed, she hadn't been part of the original draft of folders; her name had only come up when he had requested to see the dossiers of "rejected" team prospects as well, so he could make up his own mind...he asked Fury to look into her location - if anybody could find her, it was Fury - and a week later...he received a new file of information gathered by Fury's spies. Cal had been captured by Weapon X, and was being held in their top secret laboratory in the middle of the Canadian wastes. Venom left immediately to find her and break her out. He infiltrated the base, using both his superior physical abilities and his shapeshifting capabilities to penetrate deep inside the base and disable key systems...before an alarm signifying an escape went off. He hurried to the fortified door that led to the containment facilities after downloading whatever data from WX he could find and then formatting their harddrives and servers, opened it...and came face to face with Cal. Thankfully she didn't recognise him, and they broke out of the facility and made their escape. As they were lifting off in the carrier jet that SHIELD had provided, Flash made her an offer he hoped she couldn't refuse...

Elizabeth Braddock / Psylocke

Whilst an X-Man, Flash's interactions with Elizabeth were few and far between during his time spent visiting the X-Mansion. Considering that he was actually there to see his girlfriend Kitty, he didn't spend much time meeting and greeting the other X-Men past the ones that specifically sought him out, or were close friends of Kitty. As such, when reports of a mutant with similar abilities to Psylocke manifested across the border in Mexico - something that SHIELD pays attention to, since often local gossip is the best way to tell if something is amiss in the area - Venom didn't have a direct line to the X-Men to ask them what was going on. All he knew was that somebody who looked a lot like Psylocke - Revanche - was currently in the X-Men...but the Psylocke name was out of use for some reason. This piqued his curiosity, and when reports reached him that this possible mutant was embroiled in a war against a local cartel - A war which she was somehow single-handedly winning - Flash made the call to investigate personally. After several weeks of scouting both the town and the individual, Flash opted to make his approach during an ambush of the individual by Cartel forces. Aiding in her escape from the ambush, Flash agreed to help her dismantle the Cartel. They did so, with almost embarrassing ease, and as Flash was leaving...he gave her the offer to join the Wildcards, leaving her with a small black card with nothing but a number on it. They don't know each other well...but she fought well and she fought to protect the little guy, and once you fight alongside somebody, you develop a sort of bond. He just hoped that it was the sort of bond that tempted her into making that call...

== Character Extras ==

- Flash carries around an arsenal of firearms, which are stored within the netherspace that Venom's extra mass is stored within. These guns are not extensions of Venom, but are carried within the Symbiotes form for easy access and storage.

== Face Claim: ==

David Wenham.

Theme Song:
Wrong Side of Heaven, by Five Finger Death Punch.
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== Character Bio ==

== Personal Information ==

Legal Name: Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde
Alias: "Shadowcat", "Kitty", "Kate", "Professor K", “Sprite”, “Ariel”
Age: 23
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Part of New York Residing In: New Avengers Base of Operations, Kitty also maintains the lease on a civilian apartment that is off-the-books.

== Physical Description ==

Civilian Wear:

Kitty is rumored to be 5’6”, but she generally is measured at 5’5” or 5’4” when she’s slouching – not that you’ll catch her slouching a lot, lately. It’s not good for leaders to be seen slouching. Kitty is short and small, but she is also flexible and toned – chalk it up to years in the Danger Room and the Storm-encouraged pursuit of dance. Brown-haired and brown-eyed, Kitty is more of a classic beauty and she wields it well. Her hair has seen a lot of different styles and the young woman is still playing with it, but she enjoys letting it down the most – if you see the ponytail, or the class bun, then Ms.Pryde means business. Her playful nature, however, is on display in the lines on her face that indicate the dimples on her face that appear when she smiles. Although she is quite young, when compared to others in her role, it’s hard to miss the wisdom present in her curious brown eyes. Her skin is varying hues of white and tans because her wardrobe is just as varied – it’s hard to say exactly how she’ll dress from day to day, but she still can be caught in dresses and boots with varying hats and jackets. Kitty avoids falling back on the ol’ sweatpants and t-shirt, even when she’s home in her own apartment – although that has been less and less frequent, so she’s starting to feel like she lives in her uniform.

On the worst days, Kitty has been spotted wearing a black leather jacket that she easily can hide in – and has been known to do so. Only those Kitty was closest to in training know where and from whom the jacket came. Clearly, it has personal meaning to Katherine.


Although she is the head of her own team, Katherine still wears her old uniform and operates under the “Shadowcat” moniker. Black and yellow with matching gloves cover her from the tips of her toes to the base of her neck – with room for seasonal modifications. Generally, her hair and face are exposed and one glove is thicker than the other to compensate for Lockheed’s talons.

The one noticeable difference is the missing ‘X’ belt. Now, it is simply a black and grey belt that wraps around her waist.

== Persona ==

Katherine Pryde has been accused of being a blank slate, but that simply is not the truth! She is warm and caring, and puts her team above her own interests in every way. Because of this, she is understanding, empathetic, and willing to bend over backwards for the people who mean the most – and that’s really the core of Kitty’s personality: loyalty. Before being enrolled at the Xavier Institute, she was devoted to her family and the image that the Jewish community believed in. As a teenage Mutant, she needed guidance – a cause that her teammates, Storm and Jean Grey, readily took up. Storm encouraged Kitty’s exploration of dancing and Kitty got her first codename through this study: Sprite. It was a good name for the positive, upbeat girl.

Although she is a touch older, now, Kitty has not lost touch with those optimistic roots. Through her continued tenure with the X-Men and the almost-crippling heartbreak that was her first love, Kitty’s exterior has hardened just a bit – out of necessity and less out of a personality shift. Under that exterior is a young woman who genuine cares about the success and safety of those around her, regardless of their genetic make-up.   

== Powers ==

Phasing/Intangibility: Shadowcat possesses the ability to pass through solid matter and objects by passing her atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which she is moving. In this way she and the object through which she was passing could temporarily merge without interacting, and each was unharmed when Shadowcat had finished passing through the object. This process was called "phasing." When Shadowcat was phasing, she was, for all intents and purposes, intangible. Hence, when attacked, she could shift into a "phasing" state (even if she was not at the time passing through an object) so as to allow oncoming projectiles or energy blasts to pass through her harmlessly. Shadowcat passed through objects at the same rate of speed at which she was moving before she "entered" it.

Confirmed Applications of Shadowcat's Phasing Powers
  • Selective Intangibility: Allows others to become intangible and make other objects intangible by making them pass through other massive solid objects easily such as buildings, planes, and trains.
  • Elemental Intangibility: Allow elemental attacks to pass harmlessly through her such as water, fire, earth, air, energy, electricity, and even lightning.
  • Physical Disruption: Kitty can easily damage tangible matter by passing right through it.
  • Non-Corporeal Physiology: Kitty's intangibility abilities make her practically untouchable.
  • Air & Water Walking: Using her phasing/intangibility ability, Shadowcat can freely walk on both air and water. In fact, she could use her ability to walk on water and the air from the ground to the upper stories of a building as if she were climbing a staircase.
  • Phasing/Intangibility Extension: From the first use of her phasing power, Shadowcat was able to phase her clothing along with herself. Through practice she learned to phase other objects along with herself without harm to them, and at one point phased an entire X-Men team. She could also enable someone as big as Colossus to "walk on air" along with her. However, she had to maintain physical contact with the people or objects she phased along with herself for the effect to work with this other person or object.
  • Camouflage: Kitty can easily blend into the colors of her immediate surroundings and environments, practically making her invisible to anything seen to the naked eye.
  • Shadow Camouflage: Shadowcat can also become completely invisible and unseen in shadows.
  • Electronic Disruption: She could phase through any material object, even living people. When she phased through an object with an electrical system, the process disrupted the system's workings.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Her thoughts were highly erratic when phased as if there was no mind to telepathically affect.
  • Cloaking: Kitty can hide herself and others from any type of optical eyesight.

== Skills ==
  • Expert Martial Artist: Shadowcat possessed moderate expertise of the martial arts of the Japanese ninja and samurai. Shadowcat demonstrated great knowledge of ninja methods of combat when she was mentally possessed by the Ronin Ogun. With the possession over, Shadowcat forgot the knowledge of ninja techniques he gave her, but she retained the knowledge of Japanese martial arts, as well as street-fighting methods taught to her by Wolverine. She also has some Israeli Special Forces Training.
  • Dance Training: Kitty is trained in ballet and modern dance. She continued to take dance training under the tutelage of Stevie Hunter, and was highly agile.
  • Genius-Level Computer Expert: Shadowcat is an expert in the field of computer science, demonstrating genius-level aptitude for programming, modifying, and diagnosing almost any computer system: even those of unfamiliar human and extraterrestrial origin – after all, she did get degree in Computer Sciences. She has used her skills in many high-stress combat situations to great effect, and in combination with her mutant ability to disrupt electrical systems she was a formidable foe for any enemy relying on advanced technology.
  • Multilingual: She speaks fluent Japanese, the Royal and Standard languages of the Shi'ar Empire, and Skrullos. She also has moderate expertise in Gaelic and knows some profanities in Hebrew.

== Weaknesses ==

Mystical Forces: Due to the nature of her Phasing power, Shadowcat is very much vulnerable to mysical and magical forces even while she is phase.

Limitations to Phasing: Shadowcat can move through objects so long as she can hold her breath – when she breathes, she becomes solid again and that could lead to death. Denser objects also require her to exert more of her power and this can sometimes cause pain. Also, phasing is not a passive effort, so Shadowcat cannot phase through things that she can’t see (objects, attacks, etc).

Mortality: Shadowcat is an average Mutant and susceptible to things that can kill humans. She also can catch a cold – it makes her nose stuffy and it’s adorable, but she’ll roll her eyes if you say it is.

Flash Thompson: The one that got away. Although Katherine has tried to move on, they have been halfhearted efforts and she still holds a candle for the love that walked out on her. She knows that he is alive, but that is all that she has allowed herself to know – too much knowledge and the Mutant knows she is very capable of running to him, even after all of this time. The natural distance created by his choice to join the military and her status as a member of the X-Men has, of course, kept that urge in check.

== Background ==

Kitty's introduction to the X-Men was during one of their worst times: they were fighting again the Hellfire Club and the Phoenix Force was on the verge of awakening. This moment of tension cemented her relationship with Ororo Munroe, the Mutant known as Storm, and instilled a heavy amount of respect for Jean Grey's power potential in the young girl. Kitty’s parents were initially against letting her go to Xavier’s school, but they saw the good in it and released custody of the thirteen year old. Katherine did not have to suffer the same torturous evolution of her powers because of Xavier’s early intervention and her presence was good for the Danger Room – Kitty’s phasing abilities forced Xavier to adapt the Danger Room to a new type of Mutant power that it hadn’t been exposed to. Luckily, Storm realized that Kitty was quite a talented dancer and enrolled her in dance lessons at a local studio under the tutelage of Stephanie “Stevie” Hunter.

The first highlight in Kitty’s career as an X-Man came when Rachael Grey, a future friend of Katherine, transported Kitty’s older consciousness from another timeline into the body of her younger self in order to stop an assassination attempt on a Senator. The attack was thwarted and the consciousness returned to its own timeline to find that nothing had changed, only that another timeline had been created in its place – a recurring problem for the X-Men as a whole. Katherine’s life settled down, by X-Men standards, after that - if one overlooked her altercation with a demon, being kidnapped by the future leader of the Morlocks, almost being killed by Magneto, possession, and “normal” teenage hi-jinks. The next big development in Katherine’s life would not be one related to her status as a Mutant or a member of the X-Men.

Katherine Pryde was eighteen when she met Flash Thompson.

Having come to New York to help Spiderman with a particularly difficult group of foes, Kitty felt that she deserved a night of celebration and wanted to try out moves that she had been working on under her tutor's direction. So, the girl phased herself into a popular bar and took over the jukebox, much to the chagrin of the patrons who were not fans of dance music - luckily for her, she got the attention of a man who recognized her as one of the X-Men who had helped Spiderman. Although she didn't take him up on the drink, she did order a Coke and spent the rest of her time at the bar with a Human who didn't care that she was a Mutant - and a gentleman to boot, he walked her to the door of the apartment building that the X-Men were staying in and ended the night with a kiss on her cheek, and her phone number on a bar napkin.

It was Kitty's first real date - and Flash Thompson became Katherine's first love.

The relationship was everything that the teenager had imagined that love could be like and it wasn't long until she was spending more and more nights with Flash and the joke around the X-Mansion was that Kitty was going to be trading "Shadowcat" in for "Mrs. Thompson" - Kitty had her hopes, of course. That was the thing about Flash, though, he loved that she was a hero and the girl loved that she could protect him - not that any of the X-Men's enemies had worked out that Flash was dating one of them. For the first time in her life, Kitty felt like she was exactly where she needed to be in the world and Flash was the cornerstone of that world.

That cornerstone, however, was not the rock to build a stable house on.

Shortly after their one year anniversary, Flash told Katherine that he had made the decision to join the military and it caught the young woman off-guard. She did not understand why he would want to leave New York, leave protective proximity to so many superheroes who cared about him, - leave her. Those feelings, of course, came out in accusations of motivations that fell into line with glory-chasing, adrenaline-wanting, death-tempting selfishness. The sound of that particular door slam echoed in the dormitory hall of the X-Mansion for over a year and Kitty's recovery from the heartbreak was slow and painful.

It was uncertain if the young Mutant's personality was going to ever truly return - and if hadn't been for finding the alien dragon Lockheed, Kitty may have turned into another jaded and cynical member of the X-Men.

While on a mission in space, the X-Men were captured by the dangerous alien Brood and it was Lockheed, a small purple dragon that saved Kitty and became Shadowcat's constant companion. He followed her as she travelled the world and went to college; he became her rock while Katherine Pryde put herself back together and began to realize that Flash's choice to walk out hadn't been the total end of her world. He was also instrumental in her election to the position of Leader over the New Avengers. As an alien, Lockheed was able to offer a total outside's view of each candidate.

There was concern over Kitty's age, but she was the one contender for the position that no organization could argue with. When compared with the “do or die” mentality of the SHIELD-created Wildcards, Kitty has already demonstrated why her selection as leadership for the New Avengers was the best choice. She possesses the tenacious, loyal, caring spirit that the Illuminati were seeking to guide the New Avengers – and she has taken to leadership with a natural grace that is strong and solid, even when the girl herself stumbles. 

== Character Extras ==

Lockheed – Katherine’s alien dragon companion comes with his own set of powers and his own personality, although it is rare that he works counter to Shadowcat. The two share a bond that appears to be unbreakable, but the dragon has been the only non-Mutant companion in Katherine’s life – will it survive her new position as the leader of the New Avengers? Or a romance that Lockheed does not approve of? Only time will tell. 

Lockheed’s Power Set
  • Flight: Lockheed possesses the ability to fly by means of his natural wings. Naturally adapted to flying he is quick and extremely agile in flight.
  • Fire Breathing: Lockheed can breathe fire, which he can project as either intense concentrated streams of flame or wide range blasts. Lockheed is immune to the intense heat and flames he can generate, as well as that from external sources within certain limits. Lockheed has been seen to withstand immersion in molten lava with no ill effects. He also possesses five lungs of unknown function.
  • Smoke Breathing: He has also been known to breathe smoke. He has been seen to use this ability to fill an entire room with thick smoke, which he could still navigate in well enough to find a vent to escape.
  • Enhanced Durability: Lockheed is also much more durable than most would assume, having taken direct hits from super-humanly strong beings and being relatively unfazed.
  • Telepathic Resistance/Empathy: Lockheed’s mind is capable of resisting telepathic probes from even the most powerful telepaths. Like all members of his race, Lockheed is empathic, able to sense the emotions of others.
  • Omnilingual: He can understand what one is saying regardless of language; he knows several human and alien languages and speaks English, but rarely does so.

== Face Claim ==

Natalie Portman

== Theme Song ==

"Uptown Funk" - Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

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[img height=360 padding=2]

== Personal Information ==

Legal Name: Lady Sif of Asguard
Alias: Sif
Age: Unkown but looks to be late 20s/early 30s human years.
Sexuality: Bi Sexaul (leans heavily towards men)
Team Role: Bralwer

== Physical Description / Clothing == In combat she wears her trademark red and silver armour from asguard.

== Personality == Lady Sif has A playful sense of humour, she can be flirty when she needs to be but does not oversell her sexuality. She is strong willed and determined and if pushed can have a rather nasty temper. She is extremely loyal to those she cares about and she is always determined to see things through to the bitter end. 

== Key Skills ==

Powers: Sif posses superhuman strength, speed and stamina. Sif possesses the conventional attributes of an Asgardian woman ("goddess"). Like all Asgardians, she is extremely long-lived (although not immortal like the Olympians), superhumanly strong (the average Asgardian female can lift about 25 tons; Sif can lift 30 tons) immune to all diseases, and resistant to conventional injury (Asgardian flesh and bone is about 3 times as dense as similar human tissue, contributing to all Asgardians' superhuman strength and weight). Sif's Asgardian metabolism gives her far greater than human endurance during all physical activities.

Skills: Sif has extensive training in unarmed combat as well as swordsmanship. Her natural fighting ability is only surpassed among Asgardian women by Brunnhilda the Valkyrie. Normally she carries a sword, capabale of cleaving pathways through dimensions from Asgard to Earth, however was unable to retrieve this during the initial skirmish while on Earth. She managed to acquire Hogan’s mace and Fandral’s blade, both equal in strength and might, however lacking the same magical abilities.

Weaknesses: Lady Sif is susceptible to dark magic as all Asgurdians are. One of her greatest foes Amora the Enchantress has used her spells on Sif and caused her much grief over the years. But Sif is strong willed and wont ever stop fighting. Sif is also vulnerable to telepathic assaults and energy based attacks.

== Character Background ==
Sif was born a second generation goddess of Asgard, her parentage unrevealed. As a child, she had golden hair and was an occasional playmate of Thor and his half-brother Loki. Once, while she was still an adolescent, Loki decided to play a trick on her in retaliation for her preference of Thor's company over his. As she slept, Loki cut off all of her golden hair. When she discovered the misdeed, Sif alarmed the entire capital city of Asgard with her cries of dismay.

Loki, knowing he would be blamed for the trick, hurried to the kingdom of the Trolls to bargain with them to forge some artificial hair of pure gold to give Sif as recompense. The Trolls agreed to his terms and set about making the hair, secretly preparing it in the event that Loki tried to renege on his side of the bargain. Loki indeed stole the hair without paying for it, and presented it to Sif. Placed on her head, the gold hair began to grow as if it were natural, shinier than before. However, because the Trolls did not have a chance to treat it with a special potion before Loki stole it, the hair began to darken, finally becoming ebony black.

When Sif began to cry once more, her parents began to tire of her vanity and so sent her off to learn the arts of warfare as a Shield Maiden. When she returned to Asgard years later, accomplished in the ways of the warrior, she had grown to accept her black tresses. Odin, lord of Asgard, had long deemed Sif to be a fitting mate for his son Thor, heir to the throne. Thor and Sif had seen little of one another in the millennia since their childhood when Odin deemed it time for them to renew their acquaintance. Thor had just been involved in a relatively brief relationship with a mortal Jane Foster, and Odin was anxious to make him forget it. Soon after meeting Sif again, Thor's interest in her turned to passion, and the two became lovers and companions. Eventually, they pledged to marry. However, Thor's attachment for Earth frequently came between them. Sif much preferred the world of the gods to the mundane world of mortals, and after attempting to adjust to Earth life on more than one occasion, returned to Asgard to live without Thor. Although Thor and Sif have not broken their betrothal, their marriage has been postponed until such time as they can reconcile their differences. Recently, she began to spend more time on Midgard in order to gain a better understanding of the world Thor seems to enjoy so much, as well as present someone perhaps a bit...softer to the mortals. To that end she, and sometimes accompanied by the Warriors Three, began attending Midgardian Diplomatic functions as representatives of Asgard.

Upon Thor`s recent defeat Lady Sif has taken his place as Midgards Asgurdian defender. She wishes nothing more then to see the human race thrive above all. Although her heart will always belong to Thor she is willing to embrace a new chance at life, new friends, new lovers and new foes all wait for her now.

== Character Extras ==

== Face Claim: == Jamie Alexander

Theme Song:  Ride of the Valkyries

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! Join Now! :D
« Reply #5 on: February 05, 2016, 05:05:44 PM »
Yay, Sif!

Which team are you thinking of sticking her on?


Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! Join Now! :D
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2016, 05:06:36 PM »
Nice! We have a good Brawler Thor Replacement on-side now! Good to see you, BTW Silk. :-) So I assume she's gonna be on The New Avengers, right? I can't see her being a Wildcard, after all. XD

If that's true, then you and Alix should probably chat about how Kitty convinced her to join TNA's. :-)

Of course, she could also be a Wildcard, depending on how you wanted to write her...which one were you thinking, Silk? New Avengers or Wildcard? :-)

Of course, I need your confirmation that Sif is a New Avenger before listing her in the Roster. :-)

EDIT: Alix beat me to it :P
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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! Join Now! :D
« Reply #7 on: February 05, 2016, 06:09:36 PM »
Okey dokey, Silk has let me know that Syf is on Kitty's team, so the Roster has been updated to reflect it! I suggest you two chat about how Sif joined the team. ;) :-)

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! MEN NEEDED!!!
« Reply #8 on: February 05, 2016, 07:26:23 PM »
Ok, so....counting the two I know to be in the works, we now have possibly four female characters to one. Whilst some of my Fandom fantasies have involved such numbers, they aren't so good for a balanced RP. So...besides Aysande's Rogue and Persephone's Magik, we are now temporarily only accepting male pitches until we even out the numbers again. This IS only temporary, so the sooner we get a male character or two, the sooner the female characters can apply again! :D

So.....yeah! Men! There are obviously plenty of female characters interested! So get to joining! :D

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! MEN NEEDED!!!
« Reply #9 on: February 05, 2016, 08:02:37 PM »
Gonna have Magik be the Sorceress on the Wildcard team, I believe. :-)

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! MEN NEEDED!!!
« Reply #10 on: February 05, 2016, 08:05:00 PM »
No problemo! I'll note her down under "Reserved Characters," then when you post up her bio, we'll move her to the "Current Roster." :-)

OH! Also: We have somebody POSSIBLY interested in Ant-Man, so after a chat with Alix, we're switching out Ant-Man for Wasp in the background. It still stays true to the point of the game, Wasp WAS a founding Avenger, so...yeah. We can alter things if needed and we can think of a way to keep it in keeping with the spirit of the game. :-)
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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! MEN NEEDED!!!
« Reply #11 on: February 05, 2016, 11:30:57 PM »
I'm told that you I'm supposed to be checking this out?

I may have name-dropped you (and a dozen others) to the GM as a person who like myself is a comic character enthusiast.

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! MEN NEEDED!!!
« Reply #12 on: February 06, 2016, 12:17:12 AM »
== Character Bio ==


== Personal Information ==

Legal Name: Peter Quill
Alias: Star Lord
Age: 27
Sexuality: Straight as an Arrow
Team Role: Techie.

== Physical Description / Clothing ==
"Have you looked at me? I'm jacked, my leather space jacket barely covers my arms let alone actually zip up all the way. I mean it does.... It just fits tight. Sometimes it's not comfortable. And finding a good razor in space? Forget it, so I always have some brown hair hanging on my strong square jaw. And really who could resist these sweet baby blues? Sometimes I wear this cool mask that covers my face. (But not my hair.) Maybe you've seen it. It makes me look awesome. Oh and these pants? I stole em from some chump in the Shi'ar empire."
== Personality ==
"I'm a gem! Ladies say I tend to be a little to laid back and sarcastic but I think it's part of my charm. I love the ladies and they love me! Money and treasure doesn't hurt either, I do love to take things from people and places that won't miss them. My true love is home though. And I don't mean my star ship. I mean earth. I'd do anything for it. Even if I'm not always there..."
== Key Skills ==

"I'm a human....ish guy ya know. So I don't have powers per say but... Well I'm mentally linked to my awesome ship. Called Ship. She's a total babe. When she wants to be a human. She can change into different things and has a replicator. Sometimes she makes small drones to help me out and even after being destroyed she can rebuild herself so that's a plus. But back to my so called powers. I have an element gun that lets me fire bolts of Air, water, earth and fire. Ya know like that band Earth Wind and Fire. My space gear gives me super human strength, durability and a slew of other abilities. Like my boots, they have these thrusters on em. They don't let me fly but I can jump and glide with them. My helmet, well it translates languages, enhances my vision and aim and transmits data to me during fights and the like. Sort of like Tony and his Iron Man suit. Oh and it totally regulates air so I can survive in places like space and underwater."

"I'm good with my words. When I want to be. Ya know, I solve problems and stuff. Plus I'm a pirate so I'm really good at stealing things. That might actually be a power. Since a power is the ability to do something. But that's splitting hairs right? I'm versed in space stuff ya know? Like Customs, abstract things like Oblivion and Societies. I'm also skilled in the use of various forms of space and earth fire arms and hand to hand combat. Plus I am great at sword fighting! Did I mention that I like to dance. Like a lot."

"....Seriously? Dude I'm a human. If I'm not wearing my space stuff I'm a normal guy. Broken bones, organs and all. Please don't shoot me. Or stab me. I don't react well to that stuff."
== Character Background ==
"All right, I get to talk about me! When I was eight my mom died, and that sucked. I didn't know my dad and I really didn't like the rest of my family. So I ran away. Took this tape my mom used to listen to with me. I had to survive on my own ya know? So of course I stole. But I couldn't help but go back home and when I did, I learned that my real dad left this super cool weapon behind at my house. But I'll talk about that more when it's important. So anyway I was living on my own for a few years until the police caught me and sent me to an orphanage. I stuck around there for a while but eventually ran away again and joined N.A.S.A. because I'm smart.

So while I was in space at a space station the group I was with were encountered by some crazy force called the Master of the Sun. It told me about my mother and what actually caused her to die. Some freaking aliens. What a crock. Then it told me that I was born on a day when most of the planets happened to align. As if that was supposed to give me a power or something. I don't know if it actually did or if it was just some B.S. the creature was trying to feed me. Anyway it wanted to make one of us a space police officer but that wasn't for me. Instead I hung out on the space station for a few weeks until this guy named Yondu and his Ravager pirates came aboard and tried to rob me.

Single handedly I took out the entire crazy blue space crew and forced them to work for me! That weapon I found on earth, it helped. It's an elemental gun. So I used the hell outta that. After the Ravagers joined up with me I took their ship and set out as Star Lord. The first group we robbed were a part of some international legion of Space soldiers called the Shi'ar. I killed one of em and took their uniform. The crazy leather space jacket, some super tight blue tee shirt and those awesome pants.

After that I started to gain a name for myself. Stole a sword from one group of Pirates, then a set of boots that helped me jump... Then I ran into that space police officer.... Oh we fought hard and he killed almost my entire crew. Aside from Yondu the cabin boy and myself. So in the end I killed the space officer and took his helmet and his ship. Called Ship. It turned out that the ship created a mental link with me and took a quick liking to my charming personality. After some "Bonding" Ship told me it was looking for this dude named Thanos who was trying to find these gems called the infinity stones. Apparently he had four of the five, with the last one being on earth. Now I didn't plan on going back to earth but I wasn't about to let some ugly space monster destroy my home planet. So I let Yondu go and gathered up a new crew then headed to earth. There we met up with the Avengers and I took a liking to Iron Man. Tony and I worked on a few things and he helped me with my gear to get the stuff to work better. Then I ran into the X-Men and this babe named Kitty Pryde. I think I fell for her the moment I saw her.

So together with the X-Men and Avengers we sent Thanos Packing. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" the group I brought to earth headed out again and I stuck around for a while. I put the moves on Kitty and dated her for a long time. But I'm a pirate first and a lover second. So I went off to space again for a bit, but I always kept in touch with Kitty. So when she told me about what happened with the Avengers I was the first to sign up to help Kitty out. So that's how I ended up on Earth with my girl Kitty and working with the Avengers."

== Character Extras ==
"Like I said, I have this link with one of my favorite girls. Ship. She can be like a mom sometimes but she is for sure one of my best friends.

== Face Claim: == Chris Pratt

Theme Song: Spirit in the Sky
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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! MEN NEEDED!!!
« Reply #13 on: February 06, 2016, 02:29:16 AM »
Hey there, Bats! Good to see that you decided to whip up a bio! And on a purely personal level, I can't wait to see what kind of drama this whips up >:) I'll take a closer look at the bio later - I'm out the door to work right now - but on first glance, it all looks good to me. Welcome to the game! :D

So! Peter Quill as the Techie for the New Avengers; noted! I also have somebody reserving The Winter Soldier as The Wildcard Tactician, so we'll have him soon as well.

On that note, female characters are accepted again! :D
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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #14 on: February 06, 2016, 08:12:10 AM »
So I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Due to circumstances, would Sam as Cap be accepted? Cap dies, Tony can only bring back his shield, which is on display, but Sam steps forward to take on the job to honor Steve, because for better or worse, there should always be a Captain America? I'd consider him for the New Avengers heart role.

I'll give it some more thought. I can understand if that idea isn't the best for the story, so I'll try to come up with alternates

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #15 on: February 06, 2016, 11:22:16 AM »
My personal preferences aside, I think Sam is acceptable.

And with a Bucly stepping up to be the Wildcard tactician, I think having Sam-I-Am for the New Avengers would be awesome.

He'd be a good Second for Shadowcat.

Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #16 on: February 06, 2016, 11:54:00 AM »
If Alix has no issue with it, I have no issue with it :-) Just age Sam appropriately to scale with the rest of the cast, and you should be good to go; the only important part of the whole "Cap is missing" is that Steve Rogers is dead. Somebody else stepping forwards to take up the mantle is both realistic and helps fuel some interesting drama if he has some kind of "I'll never be as good as Cap" neuroses going on. BUT that's for you to decide. :P If Alix is A-OK with Sam being the new Cap, then by all means! :D

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #17 on: February 06, 2016, 12:05:24 PM »
Alix is....

More than okay with Sam.


Offline Writersblockade

Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #18 on: February 06, 2016, 12:13:43 PM »
Trying to get a feel for his age. I was thinking for this story he'd be 32. Let me know your thoughts when you can

Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #19 on: February 06, 2016, 01:29:50 PM »
Hrm, well, it really depends; ages in comics are notoriously difficult to pin down, so the real question is, how much older than Spiderman is Falcon portrayed in the comics? I mean, Peter Parker at this point is 30-ish, which would put Jean Grey at about the same age. How old is he depicted in the present comics, do you think? Mid thirties, perhaps? I'll leave it up to your discretion, but I can't see him being younger than Parker and Thompson and whatnot.

Offline Writersblockade

Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #20 on: February 06, 2016, 03:53:44 PM »
He feels early thirties in the comic, which is why I'm wondering.

Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #21 on: February 06, 2016, 04:08:54 PM »
Hmmm....well, at the moment in the comics, Flash is Venom and is at least late twenties. So....perhaps early to mid thirties? Like, 34 or 35 is a good bet?

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #22 on: February 06, 2016, 07:00:12 PM »
Spots on the New Avengers side are hot stuff.

I'm exciiiiited.


Offline Vergil TannerTopic starter

Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #23 on: February 06, 2016, 07:27:52 PM »
Yeah, Kitty's popular. Flash, not so much. What is it? His hair? His smirk? His fashion sense? The omnicidal maniac bonded to him? I don't know what to do to please you people! :P

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Re: Fresh Marvel AU RP Interest Check! Details Within! M + F Needed! :D
« Reply #24 on: February 06, 2016, 07:45:11 PM »
Yeah, Kitty's popular. Flash, not so much. What is it? His hair? His smirk? His fashion sense? The omnicidal maniac bonded to him? I don't know what to do to please you people! :P

You need to lay some of that New York charm on them.

..... From a street corner.