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November 17, 2017, 01:36:40 PM

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Author Topic: Truth, Justice and Brownies if you got 'em (Superheroes, MHR)  (Read 8995 times)

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Offline Miroque

Im game. Althou Im total noob to the MSH system.. so I have no idea how to start building an character..

Idea in mind: Cosmic Epsilon rays hit her while she was a child.. and after that, she has gained power to manipulate energy radiation (mostly light at start, but later on, she found she could manipulate different energies, like gravity (wingless flight))

Online Batman4560

Maybe you should add it on the first post in a spoiler?

Offline wander

Lol, I'm not the GM though! ^^

Basic thing is roll four dice (I can help you out with what ones to put in each section for your character if you'd like) and then pick two for your actual roll and a third die for your effect.

So, say if Captain America was going toe to toe with Iron Man, just the two of them... For an attack he'd likely roll his Solo die (which is a d6), his Distinction of Sentinel of Liberty as a d8... He's going to throw his shield (which counts as a second Power-Set); He has Enhanced Strength (d8) and Weapon (d8). Cap also has a special ricochet power that adds a few things, but we're ignoring that for this example. Because it's a straight attack, he uses his Combat Master skill (d10).

All together, he'd roll a d6, 3d8 and a d10.
In order, he rolls a 1, 4, 6, 1 and 2. He'd discount the d6 and the d8 that rolled 1s, leaving him with a 4 and a 6 on the d8s and a 2 on the d10. He decides to pick the 4 & 6 for a total of 10 and uses the d10 as damage against Tony. Of course Tony gets to try and roll over that 10 in defence. Also if Cap rolled highest on the d10, he can decide to either go for a higher total (meaning more accurate attack) but use a d8 for his damage effect, which is a smaller die than the d10.

Damage works kinda uniquely.
Characters don't have HP, instead their damage is measured as dice sides.
So if Cap hit, he'd inflict d10 damage on Tony. Extra damage inflicted makes that dice grow.
Say Tony already had damage on him, then his damage would increase to d12. One more hit after that and your character is removed from the scene (No d20s in MHR ^^).

Hope that helps peeps to get to grips with the system a little bit more. :)
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Offline TheFourthShade


Offline GunmetalDreamer

Managed to get my hands on a .pdf and I'm working my way through it now.  It's different from what I'm used to, but I haven't been scared off yet.

Thinking I'll do something in the Spider-Man/Beast range.  A geneticist who tried to reproduce the regenerative capabilities of frogs in humans and got a little more than she bargained for when she used herself as the first test subject.  Heightened agility, some wall-crawling, amphibious nature, super strong legs for jumping and kicking stuff ... and probably a sonic "Frog Song", loud enough to disorient but not to cause resonant vibrations and shake mechanical things apart.

Keep flip-flopping on whether or not to go with the tongue.

Offline ShadowFox89

Beastgirl superteam?

Offline LuckyLukin

Highly interested. Hopefully you're still recruiting. Also, need to look through the rules as I have never seen this system before but willing to learn it. :)

Online GuancytoTopic starter

Holy crap that is... a lot of interest. Okay! Everyone who hasn't thrown down a concept do that and we'll figure out what your superteam will be like, if you know how to make characters in the system spitball something and we'll hash it out.

As a veteran of MHR, you get to pick what makes the hero(ine) you want, just go with the concept. It's the Watcher's duty to make sure someone doesn't take the piss and make an uber character. Because MHR is a dicepool game where most people will be rolling 4-5 different sided dice, it all evens out, even if someone is rolling mainly four d10s and the other person four d8s, it's down to the highest two dice you roll that decides your action total.
As a, uh, not-veteran of MHR (I've played a one-shot with it and was really impressed with how it gelled together, but that's not what you'd call extensive experience), how do you feel about being deputized to help out?

Oh and if we're doing MHR, I vote to nix the rule on rolling a positive and negative Distinction each roll, people used to take the mick back in the day for farming Plot Points with really tenuous narratives and getting that cheeky extra die in their pools. It's far more fun limiting it to one Distinction and going with either positive for the d8 or negative for the d4 but gaining a Plot Point.
I thought that was always the way it worked! Consider that houseruled.

Offline LuckyLukin

So I've been building through the random character generator in the book, and so far I've got a Hi-Tech hero with Resistance to Radiation, Recovery, and an extra limb(s). Surprisingly enough this one managed to get excellent fighting, Typical Strength, Excellent Reasoning, Remarkable Intuition and Psyche, though feeble endurance.  So I'm stuck trying to figure out how to accommodate that in the backstory.

Also he/she is tallented in psychiatry and martial arts, so yeah, have to figure that one out.

Not sure about having a secret identity either, Just need to figure things out and would love some help with it.

Offline wander

As a, uh, not-veteran of MHR (I've played a one-shot with it and was really impressed with how it gelled together, but that's not what you'd call extensive experience), how do you feel about being deputized to help out?

Heh, again I'm not the OP or the GM for this... Though I guess I could co-GM and help people make character sheets if the OP is still making this a thing?

Offline LuckyLukin

I really hope this becomes a thing.  :D

Offline Crash

Here was my random rolls just for fun...turns out it would make for a great animal-centric hero.  I rolled really well, but focusing on animals should be a bit of a limiter. 

Maybe name the character Menagerie or something....

Mutant: Two Power Sets. After rolling them all, step up one of the traits in your primary Power Set. You automatically have the Mutant Limit on at least one Power Set.

Buddy d10, Team d8, Solo d6

Power Sets
Mutant Common power trait - Senses d10,
Mutant Common power trait Movement d10
Mutant Common power trait Strength d8
Mutant Uncommon power trait Shapeshift d8
Mutant Uncommon power trait -Reflexes d8

SFX: Multipower
Limit: Mutant

Mutant Psychic Power trait - Animal Control d10

Expert: Psych
Expert:  Menace
Expert: Medical
Master: Science

Offline ShadowFox89

What book is the random gen stuff in?

Online GuancytoTopic starter

Heh, again I'm not the OP or the GM for this... Though I guess I could co-GM and help people make character sheets if the OP is still making this a thing?
I am the OP you silly pancake.

Soooo yes, I am asking for your help in making this a thing.
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Offline LuckyLukin

FASRIP marvel maybe? Anyway, Im game... IF there is room for Super-Heroine... in way too skimpy spandex.. link for MSH Rpg.. out of product, as TSR is long gone... but its open sourse nowadays..
The first link on THAT page is the PHB (In DND terms)

Offline Premier

I have revised my concept to a more sensible and grounded Alien Catgirl Gadgeteer and will post my character sheet as soon as I'm sober. This is more of a reminder than I actually thought of it.

Offline wander

I am the OP you silly pancake.

Soooo yes, I am asking for your help in making this a thing.

Oh, sure... But only system stuff, I'm not really a GMing person, though I have ran this game a shedton in the past and can help out in systemy bits, sure. :)

What book is the random gen stuff in?

It's a seperate pdf... I'll see if I can find it as it may still be hosted online from the dev's site, like the Hulk and Thor datafiles are (these two don't appear in any of the books and got released thanks to the 1st Avengers movie out at the time). Not sure if it's kosher to link it, though.

Offline TheFourthShade

I can assist with a little expertise on the matter.  If nothing else, I bought a lot of the material back when this was a thing.


Name: Kanina Zanahoria


Solo     D10
Buddy    D8
Team      D6

Runaway Alien Queen
Rabbit Girl Bounty Hunter
Shirks Responsibility Regularly

Power Sets

Zaichik Biology
Superhuman Reflexes  D10
Superhuman Hearing   D10
Enhanced Kicking          D8
Enhanced Speed             D8
Superhuman Leaping   D10

SFX:  Feet of Fury -  Add a D6 to your dice pool for an attack action, and step back the highest die in the pool by one step.  Step up the Physical Stress inflicted by one.

SFX: Multipower: Use or more Two Zaichik Biology Powers in your dice pool, each at -1 step for each power after the first.

Limit: Exhausted  -  Shutdown any Zaichik Biology power and gain +1 PP, recover the power by activating an opportunity or during a transition scene.

Acrobatics Master D10
Combat Expert         D8
Cosmic Expert         D8
Crime Master        D10
Vehicle Expert         D8


Runaway Zaichik Queen
1 XP when you are confronted with other bounty hunters or other ne'er-do-wells who seek to return you home.
3 XP when innocents get involved in the crossfire or (inexplicably) someone gets mistaken for you due to happenstance.
10 XP when you send your current pursuer packing or otherwise manage to elude them for good.

Well...You Know...Like Rabbits!
1 XP when you flirt with another character, player or watcher.
3 XP when you use your charm to influence that character or are manipulated by them.
10 XP when you hold fast to your new flame in the face of adversity or turn away from them to protect them.

Background Notes/Prewriting
Beyond the Zaichik Sun (at least relative to Earth) rests the strange nearly artificial planet of the same name.  It is a largely overteched world ruled by a very powerful monarchy that is actually so surrounded with artificial constructions that it no longer moves except by very carefully plotted courses by thrusters that have no business working.

Zaichik technology is only rivaled in strangeness by its monarchy, which openly encourages oneupmanship and being a graceful loser about being cheated out of power.  A usurped king often serves the child that overthrows him as a trusted adviser, and generally is satisfied with that position unless and until an opportunity to retake power comes up.  The fact that they're very swift people with rabbit ears and powerful leg muscles is probably the least strange thing about this all.

Being the seventeenth child of the prolific Zanahoria dynasty, Kanina never expected to particularly have to worry about her family's chain of succession.   Really, she got drunk on the local carrot based liquor one night and slugged her sister one night at a party.  The next day, without a clue that she was a Queen, she ordered a feast...and it arrived post haste.

It took her about a week to realize that being Queen sucked.  Everyone expected her to run things, and she assumed one of her older siblings would usurp in a few days.

She stole the Royal Pleasure Yacht and headed out into the Galaxy, making her way as a mercenary for good causes and a bounty hunter.  She had many adventures on her own before crash landing on earth and hooking up with some local superheroes after some shenanigans that likely involved the breaking of several minor earth laws and the consumption of massive amounts of liquor.

Of course, Zaichik law had no provision for an abdicating monarch...and the planet fell into chaos...
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Offline wander

And it looks like the random datafile pdf was removed from Margaret Weis' website, along with the Hulk and Thor datafiles... Damn, I never saved those two on my new comp...

Either way, I can post up in le OOC thread when made what Powers and Skills are available and what each sided die actually represents. Same with default sfx descriptions. I can also list every Power and every Skill here in another post, if wanted, though descriptions will have to wait for OOC, as my posts will end up being massive and I'd probably have to spoiler tag them or something.

Offline Premier

So how do we go about rolling up a character?

Offline wander

By default, you don't. You're supposed to place dice where you feel they best fit with your character and the GM decides with you if the dice fit well and helps/decides if things would be underpowered or overpowered for the game.

There was later a random datafile pdf so you could roll randomly, though it's been taken off the dev's site since. However, to help... I'll list each Power and Skill here. Distinctions are simple and down to your concept, simply state three short double-edged sentences about your character... These three statements should be something that can both benefit or trouble your character depending on the circumstance and can include their catchphrase, a simple description of their concept, what people think of them, how they think of themselves, it's up to you really.

Okay, Powers, these are all rated d6, d8, d10 or d12 based on how powerful they are:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Attack Powers (Blasts, Weapons)
Elemental Control Powers
Mimic (as in copying powers)
Movement Powers (can be any type of movement as a description, dice represents actual speed of the movement)
Psychic Powers (Mind Control/Telepathy/Animal or Plant Control, each one is a different Power and die)
Resistance Power
Size-Changing (Growth and/or Shrinking are seperate powers)
Stamina (enhanced healing, health, resistance to fatigue, disease resistance)

Skills in a future post.

Offline LuckyLukin

What about that datafile that I linked to?  That should still be available.

Offline TheFourthShade

So how do we go about rolling up a character?

You just assign characteristics as you feel appropriate, and your GM suggests changes (or approves it on the spot, but most players usually under or overpower their character a bit).

Offline Kunoichi

And speaking of making characters for this game...

(Character Sheet moved further ahead in-thread.)

I still have to come up with a few good milestones for my character, but I think she's got enough done to be ready for approval. ^^
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Offline ShadowFox89

 I'll be honest, just ganking Gambit's profile and making some mods to it: