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Author Topic: Wander Worlds! (now looking for adventurers of all gender!)  (Read 989 times)

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Wander Worlds! (now looking for adventurers of all gender!)
« on: November 01, 2015, 11:40:48 AM »
Welcome to a new solar system grown old... Far from our own world, far from our own time... Where worlds of adventure orbit a star not our own... Where many living things we know today hold fantastic and legendary forms. A place where heroes bound in armour of leather clash with swords and arrows forged from advanced nanotech... Here lies a solar system we can see tonight in our night's sky, filled with legends of the weird of science fiction mixed with the strangest high fantasy... They are...

Wander Worlds

Lords, Ladies and Lieges are all welcome here ^^

Welcome to my request thread for RPs based in Wander Worlds, my very own science fantasy setting!

With this thread my aim is to show you my very own roleplay setting, a speculative fiction roleplay setting that uses science to justify certain fantasy tropes, combining a fantasy aesthetic with space-faring adventure! As stated above, everyone is welcome to come and write in this setting alongside myself. My characters are male and I like a partner's character to have a feminine appearance as personal preference (all gender-alignments and sexes are cool, long as they look feminine)... If you are okay with that then I'm happy to discuss things further with you! There are three Posts here of setting info, check out Post 4 for the actual request pitch!

Also I'd like it if you could please get in touch with myself in a PM (please don't post here!) and I will for sure discuss things with you!

For reference, please do check my Profile for my RP preference page, also the link in my sig to my O/O thread. There you can see the most info in how I like to do things usually (I'm pretty open to suggestion so don't be afraid to let me know a specific kink you like... Or on the other hand, don't like of mine). I can bend on some things if asked so we can write better together... So don't hesitate to ask.

Contents (click on the title to be taken to the post)

Intimidated? Too much to read through? Then check out at least Post 2, it has the most important info you need about the setting.

Post 1: General overview and system occupants
Post 2: Life in Tau Ceti (info on the planets and life on them)
Post 3: Taking Up Arms (gear and space travel info)
Post 4: The Pitch! (also a list of available character classes)

Post 5: optional: the secret history of Tau Ceti's origins

Freeform or System?
Wander Worlds is able to be written as either freeform tales of adventure or used in system play. Originally this setting was built for my home table Traveller games though it eventually moved and evolved past that as I developed more of the lore of the system.
If you enjoy system play or are new to that and would like to try it, I enjoy using the Dungeon World system for rp games in this setting. The public & legal free playkit can be found in the link below from the developer website, detailing all available actions and the playbooks that allow characters to be created for play. All you need to play is to choose one of the included character playbooks, let me know your choices for your character and you're ready to go... I'll take care of the rest in GMing your adventure, simple huh?

That said, I also enjoy freeform games in this setting, so if system play turns you off, don't let that you turn you off the setting as a whole!

The Legend of a Time Passed: The prehistory of the Wander Worlds
Millions of years in the future, mankind faced the end of their reign on Earth, nations came together for a last ditch plan for humanity to live on by sending their genetic seed to a new solar system. This was Tau Ceti, around 12 light years away. The robots that directed this ark gestated the genetic samples of humanity, making The First of Tau Ceti. The First used the databases left to them to become bearers of the Earth's advanced technology.

Millions of years have passed since then. To those who now live across Tau Ceti's worlds, The First are being forgotten... Though being the common ancestors of the current civilisation, the passing of aeons have made The First as part of a creation myth that few now in the common age hold any faith in.

Humanity isn't the only thing that has changed... In those millions of years passed, nature changed via the evolving nanotech of the First that has expanded through the system. Earth could never have foreseen such adaptation to the new system... Humans, plants and animals alike of Tau Ceti evolved, devolved, claded and adapted... Empires rose and fell as over generations the system became what it is today. The knowledge of using the nanotech that The First terraformed the planets with has survived, though not as it once was. Instruction manuals, now millennia in age, are treated as ancient religious and occult texts by those who hold them... Their instructions of use now used by pseudo-religions and cults as rituals and spells of the art called 'Magik' rather than seen as airborne nanomachines.

Now, most of the advanced technology recreated from Earth by The First has been lost to the ages or continues to be used by those with zero knowledge of how it works or how to maintain it... Massive events across the system have regressed technology since the days of The First... Carbon dating is something the people do not know how to do, so the few remaining artifacts of The First are rarely recognised as more than some strange enchanted item of ages past. Such relics are rarely used as originally intended, such as electric-powered healing devices being used as 'lightning enchanted weapons'...

Then there is the ark of legend (if it was a singular craft to begin with) that brought civilisation to Tau Ceti. Whilst the Ark was eventually thrown aside for the far more spacious planets, this cradle of civilisation still exists (and just has to be filled still with advanced technology) if one cared to try and find this ancient base of legend... To the ones who find it, the technology and relics would bring unimaginable power and coin... The First mastered fusion, robotics and genetic engineering, brain-computer interfaces and nuclear dampening defences.

The people of Tau Ceti today... Are somewhat less advanced...

The Age of Sail: Present Era, Current Year: 1800!

The current date as Tau Ceti stands now is the start of the 19th century in the latest calendar, 1800 AD (After Downfall). It is said that one day a legendary beast dubbed 'The Tarrasque' awoke from a long sleep of thousands of years and went on a rampage so fierce it was dubbed 'Downfall'... The devestation that the Tarrasque created in Downfall was so legendary that the system marked a new calender to begin with after it was over... Now as the solar system has rebuilt after the rampage of this foul monster, for near two thousand years things have fallen into a relatively stable status quo...
However a new era may be dawning on Tau Ceti and it's inhabitants...

Outside of nanotech that has enabled what locals refer to as 'Magik' and the space-faring treeships of the system (see more in below posts), technology has found itself roughly matching the year 1800 CE of Earth history. This tech level is also with a flair more towards to how technology was in Edo Japan, where katanas and bows are used over blackpowder weaponry (more on weapons downthread). With a variety of worlds with a variety of biospheres, fashion is completely anachronistic and many different styles are abound, including present day Earth and cyberpunk fashion. Currently, leather is most fashionable and garments made of this are worn by near all, with freedom towards wearing less clothing as the worlds get closer to the heat of Tau Ceti. Due to this and planetary cultures, it is often common to see full nudity on the two worlds closest to the star.

In regards to advances of technology unique to Tau Ceti, whilst Earth was exceptionally ahead and advancing in regards to communication, at Tau Ceti the advances ahead are instead in flight transportation. Due to most of Tau Ceti's worlds having little water and dangerous landscapes, transport to other settlements on a planet is made by dirigible airships when beast-drawn transport is unviable (See downthread for more on transport). Thus the setting as a whole is a mix of late 17th century styled high fantasy mixed with clockpunky space science fiction. To the occupants of Tau Ceti, nothing pays like the risks of becoming an adventurer, so... Whether by air, water or space itself, this current classical period at Tau Ceti is known as the Age of Sail!

The System's Inhabitants (The Four Playable Species)
Our people (The First) have been survived in this far future setting by the Homonin, a clade split between four species; Humans (Homo Ascendit), Elves (who can and do interbreed with humans successfully), Dwarfs and Halflings.
For the rare cases of Catgirls or Kitsune etc, these all fall under the 'Druid' class of adventurer. Outside of animal tells they are still classed as part of these species (except dwarves, see the Halfling entry for more info) and identify as these first. As such these notes still apply for them.

Picture Below; The Four Species of Homonin
Whilst the species are named here after their fantasy counterparts, this is more for simplicity. The Homonin actually have their own linguistic terms for these species names. As the Homonin are all claded off the genetic code of Earth humans, each species will grow and age at the same rate as Earth humans do. As such, many adventurers go seek the world in their late teens or twenties and if they survive tend to retire in their sixties. Few Homonin live past their eighties, though it can happen that a few may reach a hundred or just over in rare cases.

Also, each species has separate races, just like humanity today. For simplicity, the four species of Homonin will have the same races about today on Earth, this makes sense due to Homonin being based from the genetic seed of many humans which of course would be made up from a variety of races. Side-note; This most humble author does have a bit of a preference for dark skinned elf babes!
Finally, due to The First's mastery of genetic engineering and cyberware technology, all Homonin are naturally born with a bioware brain-computer interface that allows universal translation of language. This means that all Homonin understand each other and there are no language barriers on Tau Ceti.

Humans (Homo Ascendit)
The Homo Ascendit are the closest to real-life humanity due to evolving in circumstances close to present day Earth. However the 'humans' differ from us today in an expanded range of eye and hair coloration and other mild adaptations to their new environment (such as slightly less body hair and larger eyes with cat-like inner eyelids that offer slight low light vision and protect from solar rays). Tau Ceti Humans also differ from the other species as they have an expanded number of human-owned Guilds and so hold a more varied mastery of nanotech Magik. Homo Ascendit are also the most varied people in regards to religion, culture and physique, so no pursuit is closed off to these varied people who come in all shapes and sizes... There is an equal variety of humans that live in more rural farming settings as those who were raised in urban locales and have knowledge of those.

It is thought that the word 'Elf' comes from The First's word for 'High', which is how the elves see themselves. The 'High Folk' are more varied in their pursuits than dwarfs and halflings, perhaps from always having the indulgence of following whatever pursuits they wish. Elves are also generally more literate than the two short species, being natural and gifted historians. Unlike humans and dwarfs (who have their own gods), Elves have no real secular religions; instead they occasionally look to 'the spirits' for guidance. Now depending on if these are 'nature spirits' or nanotech 'sprites' is down to the spirituality and knowledge of the elf in question.
Being essentially low-G raised humans, Elves (like rural born humans) are able tamers of the strange wildlife of the system. Elves are also gifted hunters, with many being skilled with bows, as archery tourneys and wild hunts being their foremost favourite pasttimes. Elves that are not gifted in archery often actively specialize in magikcraft (many tomes on the working of magik are passed down through the Elf bloodlines) either split between spell study or musical application of Magik (consider the clapping lights we have today, to an elf mage this is a simple nano-powered cantrip).
Other Elves instead train in melee, to take part in melee tourneys. Training in a single skill to master it is a specific of elven culture, Elves take pride in the one skill that they have honed over their whole life and love to show off their talent as proof of their worth and level of attractiveness. Elven duels, whether by weapon, spell or bardic performance are often held as tourneys as a method of courting or entered with the motivation to impress a specific paramore.

One of the first speciations from The First's blood, Dwarfs are slowly becoming more rare in the system today or are at least harder to find. Many dwarves have maudling or dour personas and this has led to their numbers falling more through the years... Dwarves are known mainly by the other species to hold grudges all their lives. It is said that this is because in dwarf culture the young are taught very early not to trust other people but instead coin and payment, to learn a craft for this way of life. That said, many a dwarf youngster has a dream of wanderlust and many gain a taste for drink and carousing when young in their path to adulthood. Infact it's not recommended to try outdrinking a Dwarf, due to their stout compact builds and nutrient-filled diets, they find it much harder to get drunk whilst becoming more socially open. It is often thought a happy dwarf is a drunk dwarf because of this.
Often though there is a loneliness one can clearly see in a Dwarven eye as they crave social connections but struggle to make them without drinking first. Due to this and payment of debt being important to a dwarf, if they are wronged their attitude will be quick to hold a legendary grudge until things have been equalled... Plus, if the wrongdoer dies, then their family must pay the debt, as such some grudges last for generations. There are currently two types of dwarf that occupy Tau Ceti; those gifted in magik, seen as teachings from their gods (dwarf clerics) and then the more traditionally known dwarven fighter. Often the clerics will smith family heirloom weapons for the fighters which are used in 'slaying', killing those who wronged their clan. The most famous being trolls, monsters that have long attacked and fed on Dwarf settlements. There are dwarven clerics that will Slay for their god also, depending on the one they pledge to.

The youngest of all speciations from the First Men, halflings are a populace that grew from an ambivalent former elven leadership. In truth these small-folk are elf-dwarf hybrids, as any dwarf hybrid union breeds a halfling. Thus any Druids born from dwarves are Halfling Druids. Halflings raised closely with Elves will like the Highfolk look to spirits for guidance, having long been in touch with nature from their origins as hydroponic gardeners for the Elves. Through lack of education and mainly being left to their own devices, they are the only race that has no real grip on magik... However a fair number are born as Druids, who past their hybrid tells commonly have a carefree nature and a soothing singing voice. Many people have been saved in the wilderness by a beautiful and curvaceous female halfling druid.
However, these Druid Halflings have unfortunately made a stereotype for Halflings as a people who have no stress, only get involved in conflict when they feel like it, that they're soft and fat, though this is simply not true. Another aspect of halflings being looked down on stemmed from many early halfling communities never involving coin in transactions, instead the people simply borrowed items when needed in a simple form of anarchism. Some halflings take this habit from their home settlements without knowing better and so the species as a whole also has a reputation of being thieves; whilst some are, some are really not. Halflings are mainly split into two types, the agile fighters who seek to challenge their species stereotype (known as the fleet-footed 'Stronghearts') and those who turn their 'borrowing' into an art, with a side in assassination, (the dark shadow dwelling 'Lightfoots').

Monstergirl Hunter: Or a solar system of Monsters

Fauna are the descendants of plants and animals found on Earth today. They appear due to a mix of a few million years of evolution, the odd planetary extinction event and clades being knocked back and rediverged. Couple that with the air-based nanos used in terraforming causing Fauna adaptive mutations and there is now a mix of basic wildlife with what look like creatures both legendary and monstrous across the system.
True Fauna are not civilized like the Homonin, most are unable to communicate with words and live on instinct alone, being wild, base and often sexual creatures. They are not playable races.
The sexuality of some Fauna has led to the birth of Druids; the half-breeds. Despite looking like monstergirl/boy examples of the main Hominin species, they are as social, communicative and intelligent as any elf, human or halfling and so are treated and raised as such. Druids are RARE, please ask for my permission to play as this class. Power-gamers need not apply.

More malignant Fauna are named Monsters due to predatory actions. Often a Monster becomes a target of a Bounty, a paid hunt becoming a fairly common way for adventurers to gain coin. Many Inns have Bounty Boards hung on a wall where patrons offer Coin (the simple currency in the system) for a specific Monster's head.

Monsters in the System
There are Fauna linked to the Fae-like (faerie-kin), Orcs, goblins and other greenskins, Kobolds (lizard-ratfolk), Gnolls (hyenafolk) and other Beastpeople (some examples; Centaurs and Minotaurs), Undead (living dead girls!), Lizard/Snakepeople (the odd tentacled people too), Lycanthropes (there are more than just werewolves in Tau Ceti!), Medusae, Slimepeople, Treants, Yeti, even the odd (rare) sighting of Dragons! These being just some of the Fauna who are more human-like (not including those that look more like wild animals), with more besides being discovered by adventurers every day.

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Wander Worlds
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2015, 11:43:06 AM »
Life in Tau Ceti

There are five planets that orbit Tau Ceti, each with it's own flavour and stories to tell... Below are descriptions of each world, from the one closest to the star Tau Ceti (Balrog), moving outwards to the system's cold edge (the aptly named Frozen). Note that each planet has a central space port hub of variable size dependant on the planet in question, though population centres are more town sized and spread to where liquid water is easier to gather rather than bunched near their space port.

I've also included Planetary Issues in each world's profile in red that make good sample adventure and plot hooks for games set there, outside of the bunch of hooks I've seeded through the entire thread.

Tau Ceti Vehicles for Dirtside Transport:

Airships aka Dirigibles: With hydrogen as a ready supply (see Frozen below), every world uses these blimps, built with bird-like wing-fins to aid flight.

Sailboats: Nano-enforced wooden sailboats can be found on the outer three worlds to travel their waters. Of course there are many tales of pirates that sail these seas...

Cart: Commonly pulled by hooved beasts called Equus, this is a common land transport across the four outer worlds. People also ride Equus as they are and they are a common steed and pack animal for adventurers to this day.

On Decadent, some experimentation is being undertaken using steampower to create smaller scaled combustion engines. Some prototype trains exist on that particular planet, though for now people enjoy the romanticism of sail and steed still.

A Common Life
Life in Tau Ceti veers toward that of medieval fantasy, set in the later Classical 'Age of Sail' of the early 19th century. Slavery is replaced here by serfdom, a common feudal lifestyle in the system. Coin acts as currency in the system, simple flattish gems used to trade for goods.

For protection from bandits and sex traffickers via Knights/Samurai, a serf gains a single Coin a day for work (covering their food and board) by the Lord who owns said property. Many will live in their ancestor's family hovels with no chance to advance in any way. So many adventurers are disenfranchised youths in their late teens or early twenties that break away to battle Monsters and go exploring, hoping for a much more grander life!
(Note; A serf is basically a legalised slave... As such 'slave raiders/traders' focus on either capturing freefolk and selling them into serfdom or the darker sales of 'debauched luxuries', these sold by the traders get it way worse than a serf as they're usually thrown away (read: killed or left for dead) after their use is up for zero pay or upkeep once bought).

Prisons in the setting exist for each world, outside perhaps of Balrog, which has no laws to enforce. These prisons take the form most often of Prison Hulks, beached or afloat ships (on Crusade these are often Treeship wrecks in the middle of the sand dunes) and they function mostly like the gaols of the 18th century. Mainly corrupt and paid for through the prisoner's own pockets of doing hard labour each day outside their assigned Prison. Often stuck in the middle of the nastiest monster infested places of a planet, whilst being pretty low security, without ways to defend oneself, it's a tough trek back to civilisation.

Day to day, whilst work is hard, people have their luxuries... The printing press is a thing and people can read daily gazettes which are essentially the same as newspapers. People write letters using ink-pots and quills. Outside of mail courier, settlements communicate with each other using large semaphore line signal towers to spread important news quickly.

Basic mechanical alarm clocks are available that wake people for work each day (as are wrist-watches), whilst people cook their food on brickwork fire stoves with stove-top kettles for coffee/tea. Even toast can be made with special wireframe tongs heated using their stove. Continued refridgeration is still a mystery that magik has yet to practically implement, at least in mass production. As food cannot be refridgerated or frozen long-term (food can be frozen using actual ice, -ice cream is a popular desert of the rich- though ice melts unless burying food on Frozen), any kept food not immediately eaten from street vendors is mainly sold dried out or cured with salt, though sugar-coated fruits and jars of pickled foods such as onions and gherkins exist.

Indoor lighting is achieved through a coal fireplace, oil lamps or by candle, with many places such as inns having simple candle chandeliers hung from the ceilings. Bathrooms have washstands (actual sinks don't exist), pull-chain flush toilets and bathtubs with showers exist. Deoderant and shampoo do not exist, however soap bars are available and shavings of these help wash hair. Alum powder deoderises the body and is applied via toothbrush to clean teeth. Plumbing is in it's infancy, pumps move waste-water through wooden pipes that flow into nearby rivers or seas. To this end on the desert worlds where liquid water is in short supply and mainly drank, cleanliness is achieved near completely with alum powder applied to the hair and body.

Standard Tau Ceti Years
Because each planet orbits Tau Ceti at different speeds, each planet has different year lengths. As such, time is measured a little differently for what the people call Tau Ceti's System Standard Year. The year is split amongst the old Earth term known as 'fortnights' (an equivalent of 14 Earth days, each 24 hours in length). Whilst every planet has a different orbit, it has been agreed since ancient times that 26 fortnights (364 days) make up one Standard Tau Ceti Year, when it comes to a person's age and measuring historical timelines.

For those who like: Dark Sun, Bioshock Infinite crossed with Mad Max

Faction: Degenerate Anarchist Society.
Designated Trade Codes: Desert, Non-Industrial.
Planetary Issues: Hordes of Chaotic Islands, Decadent Warships are Coming, A Cult seeking a Downfall
Unique Goods: Crystals & gems, Oil, Pharmaceuticals and Drugs, Radioactives, Spices, Textiles, Rare Elements (gold, silver etc).
The closest planet to Tau Ceti. Only 0.1 AU from the star, it is a roasting world temperature-wise, whose year equals a fortnight. Liquid water is a rarity. The atmosphere is incredibly dense going down to the hellish surface, so the populace tend to live on floating settlements. These are on the whole village sized and supported by nano-enforced balloons, centred around where water can be gathered along with dredging up soil containing valuable elements and the native squat spice-cobs here. It is home to Incubi and Succubi-like folk who live without law and as such is often seen as a wondrously chaotic hive filled by what the Balrog peoples call their 'Scum culture'. Animal life tends to be small due to the size of settlements and kept for distinct purposes. The most popular being the pair of carnivora known as Felis and Canis, as both are good at killing pests and are excellent companions on the harsh world.
Population numbers are unknown; Decadent estimates them to be tens of thousands though not so numerous to be near a million. Notably none of the locals outside of militia (known mainly as warbands, raiders or reavers) wish to go to the nearby Crusade, instead doing grey market business on other planets in the system. The world seems plentiful enough for it's people despite it's flaws and a real lack of rule, though there are rumours of a Demon Royalty located in a larger town-sized floating settlement. However, the existance of such rule has so far gone unproven, despite the ongoing raiders that sail to Crusade.
Balrog is a boiling lava world with large balloon supported floating villages, known for a more lawless populace.
Balrog characters tend to be more skilled at larceny, though are fairly blunt and intimidating socially.

For those who like: Dune, the history of the Middle Age Crusades.

Faction: Austere Merchant Society.
Designated Trade Codes: Desert, Non-Industrial.
Planetary Issues: Guild Credits on The Silk Road, The Mystery Cause of the Crusades, Demons spreading in the Sands
Unique Goods: Same as Balrog, though different types of the items are available. However there are in some locations drug laws and smugglers, if found, can be punished.
A hot world, where temps are around 30+C, so cooler than Balrog, though still it's very much a desert world of rolling sand dunes, arid plains, steppes and the odd oasis filled with reeds and spice-fungi. It is 0.2 AU from the star and has a year of just over two fortnights. Here the atmosphere is too dry and short in the rocky hills that dot the landscape, so the population (which numbers just under a million) keep to the sandpits and craters of this vast desert world. Crusade has a Balkanisation of government, with a 'Silk Road' of villages and towns dotted through the planet's craters. No central authority currently exists and it has no planetary Navy, leaving Crusade to be fought over by the demons of Balrog and the Homonin forces of Decadent, in a plight known as The Crusades (aka The Crusade Wars and The Inquisition).
Some of the people of Crusade do actually venture to visit Balrog, due to that world's lax (read: non-existant) contraband laws. It's a lesser number than those who venture to Frozen for their coin and many more wish to find work on Decadent, though they do exist. This is in comparison to Balrog whose average citizen has no wish to visit Crusade. Unfortunately due to being caught as the battleground for two other worlds, only certain fearless Free Traders will venture (outside of Militia forces) to pick these locals up. It is unknown just what could be on Crusade that has the other two planets fighting over it... Crusade has a vibe of Middle Eastern culture with it's home residents and of the historical Crusaders fighting Sumerian demons in dark blood-pitched sands.
Crusade characters are charismatic and get good deals in stores, though aren't so good at melee fighting.

For those who like: Clockpunk and Magitech fantasies.

Faction: Underhanded Industrious Consortium.
Designated Trade Codes: High Population, Industrial.
Planetary Issues: Vermin & Depravity in Dark Alleys, A Secret against Chaos in the Supercities, Sunless Cabals infiltrating Kingdoms
Unique Goods: Advanced Nanotech, Technological advances, Manufactured Goods, Weapons and Vehicles, Luxury Goods, Medical Supplies, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Polymers.
Another hot world, though here is a place with a Victoriana gothic Industrial Revolution cyberpunk feel. Orbiting 0.38 AU from the star, it's year equals about six fortnights. Decadent brims with the ancient sealed cities constructed by The First as their original settlements here, whose sizes can be as large as supercities, though there aren't any skyscrapers about. The technology behind these sealed environments is unknowable today, classed by the people who have never known anything but these large domed settlements as some kind of warding magic. Because of this belief, it has become over the many thousands of years impossible to maintain them, though luckily few breakdowns have occured... yet. There are small oceans of water that dot the surface, many sealed cities are coastal or on riverway edges and so have docks for water trade. However, for those who would venture outside, a filtermask is required, the barren and tropical heated wastelands hold a tainted atmosphere that is filled with carbon dioxide.
Decadent is named as such for it's strong industry and for the sheer amount of Homonin itching to come to the planet to find their fortune; however it is also a smog-filled hive-world, overpopulated by billions of Homonin in gas-lit undercities. As it's cities are sealed, there are a number of kingdoms across it's vast surface. It's local culture differs from place to place, though it is consistently most similar to Victorian London and Paris mixed with the dark feel of the cyberpunk genre... Despite this being the home of nanoproduction and innovation, technology is still low on this planet, such as people carrying crossbow pistols as their weapons... This is very likely due to underhanded corporate sabotage that is also widespread with many adventurers taking freelance jobs from fat cat patrons...
Decadent characters are skilled with technological lore, but suffer when it comes to lore on nature.

For those who like: Edo-era Japan, yokai, samurai and ninja.

Faction: Secretive Trade Federation.
Designated Trade Codes: Agricultural, Garden, Rich.
Planetary Issues: Cults of Feudal Edo Debauchery, The Emperor is Coming, Chaos behind a Hidden Truth
Unique Goods: Gas, Live Animals, Luxury Foods, Spices, Textiles, Rare Elements (gold, silver), Wood, Poison, Debauched Luxuries.
The planet in the most habitable point in the system. Sat at just about 0.55 AU, at the lip of the hot end of the habitable zone. Excess has a year of about 11 fortnights. Whilst still as tropical as Crusade and Decadent, Excess is a world where a resident does not need a filtermask or choose a sealed place to stay, the lands are verdant with all kinds of plant ecosystems and the cavern mines on this lush world are also built to be more temperate for it's settlers. A success of terraforming in the past, Excess is a wet world and has large oceans, not as much as Earth, though easily half the world's surface holds water now. With a population measured in the tens of thousands, Excess holds small feudal villages mixed with a few larger towns, ran by the competing Daimyo Houses.
A line of oligarchal rulers known as Shogun, stemming back from a single bloodline seems to rule over each continent, though it is rumoured that Excess' central authority is actually a captive government... Hushed rumours may be heard of an Empire of Elves that originate from the deep space of the system, holding sway over how the world is run, though most fob this off as a conspiracy theory. Economy-wise, Excess now has it's trade mainly in the feudal farming of the local flora and fauna here. The mines that are still producing now look for materials that go to minting coins or jewellery. Being the most Earth-like planet in regards to it's garden world state, Excess has a mix of culture depending on where one goes on the planet, though it does have a stronger feel of the historical Edo period of Japan.
Excess characters specialise in a chosen trade, but tend to suffer in regards to leadership qualities.

For those who like: North of The Wall in Game of Thrones, At the Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft

Faction: Secretive Merchant Society.
Designated Trade Codes: Fluid Oceans, Low Population, Water World.
Planetary Issues: Ancient Ruins Promising Power, Let Sleeping Gods Lie, Sites of Incomplete Blood Rituals
Unique Goods: Gas, Luxury Foods, Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Precious Metals (gold, silver), Radioactives, Spices, Poison, Drugs, Debauched Luxuries.
The fifth and final natural planet of Tau Ceti, this is a Mini-Neptune water world, a ball of mostly iced over water. It's orbit has it flit in and out of the cold lip of the habitable zone at 1.35 AU from the star. It has a much more sweeping orbital period than the other worlds, a year takes roughly 1.75 Earth years for this icy planet. On it's cold surface it holds a small community of a few thousand, who mainly work as hydrogen skimmers, others are strange alchemists of the various fungal spores and compounds found here, so rare 'wizard towers' do appear in the tundras. Due to the small number of people here, only a few skim-villages can be found across it's landscape, leaving masses of unexplored mountains of madness and freezing cold seas and rivers bridging gaps between the skim-villages.
Frozen's skim-villages are survivalist by nature, governments are localised to them and exist as a tribal/collective sort. Locals bound for other worlds notably only wish to venture to Decadent or Excess. Some seek better work conditions, others save their coin to live pleasureably on a warmer and more habitable planet, safety being another reason to not bother with the pair of amber desert worlds after braving the colds.A secretive place where not too many eyes watch, trade does occur with anyone who would venture out this far...
Frozen's food is seen somewhat as a rare delicacy with others in the system, such as the Gigantic Cetacea and Cephalopod meat, along meats from the blind man-sized albino Aptenodytes which live in the ice-crags. However, Frozen is far more well know for various other useful things that can be found by the right buyer... Law is a bare minimum enforced here, village guards do exist, though a 'don't tell' mentality pervades, maybe down to the hushed tales of strangeness that may exist in the icey mountains... Culture varies from skim-village to skim-village, though blue collar worker culture and 1930s antarctic pioneer feel is felt fairly strongly with many expeditions taking place here.
Frozen characters are good with self-sufficiency, though really suffer in the hotter climates.

The Sunless Sea; everything past Frozen
The area of space past Frozen is known as the Sunless Sea, a vast amount of barren cold space that leads outward to a vast Debris Disk ('The Diamond Belt', 30-50 AU) filled with asteroids that marks the very edge of the system. Any ships attempting to find anything past this disk have either come back empty-handed (save for finding prior hulks of ships that tried before) or have not returned at all.
Because the inner three warring planets pay well for ore that may use it in their war economy (moreso than what would be paid for raw materials taken from Excess), there is a small trade of asteroid miners that venture into the far off Disk to earn their fortune. These ventures are more long-term affairs due to the time and distance (a journey into the disk takes years from Frozen) needed to reach these asteroids, laying out farther than any of the interplanetary distances in the system. It is also not without risk; due to gravitational forces it is known for asteroids to get pulled from the Disk and flung into the system. The risk is somewhat offset thankfully by the exceptionally good pay for those Treejammers who'd work a full term as miners.

Also past Frozen, in specially known deep places in the system there are specially crafted crystalline moons which act as pit-stops for Disk Miners. It is thought that behind closed doors that Elves lead in a feudal capacity and Halfling servants tend to the hydroponic fields, forests and gardens on these advanced nano-crafted wet worlds. Whilst this was assuredly true in Tau Ceti's past (infact the Halfling's first real homeworlds were the crystal moons), the Elves and halflings of the crystal moons seem fairly timid and reserved, if somewhat uniform...

The system of Tau Ceti has moved on a long way from their origins of a feudal based colony looking to make a new home for themselves... Whilst the various locations have all become something quite unique, rumour spreads of occasional strange sightings of overtechnology, where science and Magik seem to mingle into the truly strange, which occasionally in the form of treasures, finds it way into certain hands...

That may depend on whether the legendary High Elven Empire of old that apparently could and may actually hold vast power through the system is real or not... And if such an empire did it exist, what would happen if it were to be discovered by the bravest of Tau Ceti's adventurers if they dare to venture that far out into the Sunless Sea seeking to challenge such a well-armed and clearly shadowy Empire?
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Re: Wander Worlds
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Taking Up Arms

All adventurers have a melee weapon of some kind on their person these days, laws are actually pretty lax on carrying weapons throughout the system due to roving monster attacks. Because of defence against such everyday threats, everyone you might meet in the system has at least one type of weapon...

Magik (or sufficiently advanced science)

A few groups also have the extra talent to tap into the nanomachine clouds rife across the system to perform feats that the Homonin call Magik. There are a variety of places across the system that teach various ways of being able to perform Magik and control it's effects, though due to it's complex formulae, not everyone can master this ability. Through the system some Guilds, or in some places Cults, have formed around the years of ritualized use of an ancient and technologically advanced asset... There is little one can't do with Magik given the right formulas, though it is hard mastered and awesome ability to tap into.
Magik is considered (falsely) a seperate thing from technology, whilst Magik is nanomachine based and therefore technological, the general people don't see a person doing the specific commands to activate the microscopic nanos in the atmosphere to make combustion and create fire... Instead, they see a person do a spell to throw a fireball. If a relic is discovered that does something unexplainable in the eyes of the late 18th to early 19th century level of tech that Tau Ceti is accustomed with, that artifact is considered 'enchanted' by Magik. Whilst there may be specific clerics or mages that use tech combined with their Magik, they don't call themselves 'Tech Mages' or 'Nano Mages' (Tech and magik mixed is the art of enchantment and 'nanos' are simply unheard of in this era), they'd simply be normal Magik users that have enchanted items.

A brief note on enchanted weapons
As an aside, yes there are Laser Guns buried out there in the system and these would be considered to be enchanted ranged weapons if found. Like any relic, these are suitably rare if they still even work after the millennia of being left buried and probably are found deep inside the mountain of gold a dragon sleeps on, so do not expect to be running around in power armour and firing fusion guns after a single adventure... ^__^'

Any old weapon beats a Flintlock...
Weapons-wise, whilst there are black powder flintlock rifles (sans percussion caps) about and 'one shot and dispose' zip-guns, with rare cases of steampunk-styled adventurers gallivanting across the system (see enchanted gear above), guns are more treasured trophies than a weapon one can actually call useful most times in this era. This is mainly to do with the reload times, incredibly common jamming and misfires... Because of this, bows and crossbows (the latter for those who need to pull triggers), are the ranged weapons of choice for those who are trained in ranged combat throughout the system. Bows are tried and tested, with little found to work better so far until flintlock technology can be perfected.
As not everyone is trained in archery, near everybody carries (at least) one melee weapon, even an archer carries a side-arm with their bow... Arrows can run out on an archer and roving monster bands are a common enough threat. As an aside, few monsters tend to have ranged natural attacks and tourney-fencing is the newest pasttime, so using a sword rather than a bow has become a big trend to show off one's martial skill... This also means that few people actually bother to learn the less fashionable archery as they grow up.

Protection; Leather, Scale or Plate
Whilst nearly everyone carries a weapon at Tau Ceti to proactively defend themselves, adventurers combine this with their outfit as a more passive way to protect themselves from attack. There are three main levels of armour;

Leather is the most common protective outfit you'll find. Leather makes a very attractive material for clothing and also acts as decent armour due to the general lack of decent firearms in the system. These outfits are often tailored to be both as fashionable and sexy as much as they are functional, coming in a whole variety of styles and colours. The one flaw is items of leather that cover the top half, such as jackets or corsets are seen often as common, antagonistic or brutish so are rarely worn openly in high society. The material Leather is made from comes from the hide of the widespread cloven-hooved vegetarian Fauna known as Bos, which are often farmed through the system.
Alternatively, Homonin that are more likely to see combat in places that perhaps they shouldn't (see above, but also where obvious armour will perhaps cause suspicion behind someone's intent) tend to wear cloth shirts over a chainmail vest with their usual leather breeches or skirt, which offers around the same protection as normal leather, but is well concealed. Perfect for assassins!

Those who act as Fighters and Paladins can be found to wear to Scale armour (a Paladin always can be found in this), which often takes the appearance of a layered fishscale mesh that has a sort of 'Ninja' feel to it, though there is also a biotech styled Scale created from a symbiote lifeform doing the rounds also. When people in Tau Ceti think of and name something as Armour, they're referring to this. It is known that some female Fighters and Paladins employ scale bikinis, using their bodies to distract their opponents whilst offering some protection still. Rumour speaks of a particular gifted red headed woman that does just this...

Then the final type of armour is known to the populace as Plate... These suits of armour are rare masterwork treasures and are hard earned, many have some nano augment built into them and are worth a high price if found for sale. Plate can be easily recognized as looking either like a Knight's suit of armour or a particularly heavy looking Samurai armour, often complete with helmet and facemask. Many suits make their wearers look cybernetic or robotic in appearance, so encompassing they are, others look like a suit made completely from bone, as if carved straight from the monster these suits have been won from! Women prefer the knight's look and men prefer the samurai look, though there is some crossover as each is a unique piece of art and worth the attempt in gaining.

The Space Byways
The Homonin are able to travel through space, despite the reduced level of technology Tau Ceti has that would otherwise allow them to do so. This is thanks to the crystalline 'Tree-ships'; natural flora biomass that has been infused with the First's nanotech and cultivated to function as spacecraft. As Tau Ceti became settled, adventurers used treeships to travel through the system looking for profit and adventure. A Free Trader and Mercenary community arose from the pioneers. Adventurers in the present still take Tree-ships to venture out to each of the planets like ship crews sailed the vast seas back on Earth.
'Treejammers' are the folk who make a life out of crossing the spacelanes and see worlds beyond their own. However treeships are an advanced and expensive vehicle to own, with the creation of their inner workings being a well guarded secret of their skilled crafters, found only at the space-ports (this is why the engine is only used in these vehicles). The vast majority who wish to sail with the Treejammers and venture to the other worlds often pay a small amount to a ship owner for offworld passage. Adventurers are well known to join a Treeship for a few weeks, some even gaining a decent number of coin as Guards like with the Earth caravans of old.

Now there is a healthy space economy so passenger coin helps many a ship owner pay the mortgage taken out to pay the Tree-crafters for their ship. Whilst spacefaring has become a common way to travel, space voyages aren't casual hops to get to another planet... Space piracy does occur and so Planetary Defence Forces, Navies, exist to combat this ongoing menace. Space pirates tend to be opportunistic; many hold bases in the vast empty space between Frozen and the Debris Disc where few Treeships tend to venture... Others hide in plainer sight among the vast dead trunks and smashed branches of destroyed and long dead Tree-ships that in parts litter the system.

Specs-wise, Tree-ships are usually equipped to manage thrusts of 2G and hold reaction fuel for an hour accel, same for deccel and a bit over for mid-journey manouvres. Journeys between worlds take time, being modelled around old-time sailing trips, so distances usually take a week or more. The 2G thrust acceleration into a drift and same again to deccelerate is comfortable, thanks to Homonin adaptation to the higher G that the larger sized planets of Tau Ceti have, compared to Earth. Because journeys can take many days to complete, everyone that chooses to venture onto a Treeship tends to have some reason for doing so. Whilst it's not for all, noone sees more of the system than a Treejammer does, making for a very appealing calling to sail onboard these amazing feats of biomechanical nanoengineering...

The Journey Time Estimates!
The below times are rounded estimates of how long journeys take across the system, give or take a few hours. The actual time a journey can take in a story can be taken from these from these numbers and decided on for narrative purposes, from the shortest journey time (when both planets are in alignment on the same side of Tau Ceti's star) or longer journeys (when more of a sling shot manouvre is needed) depending on what is required from the plot. Short journeys are good for when travel is unimportant or may heed the plot, longer journeys allow character development scenes on a treeship or can act as a narrative device to increase tension or drama.

Blast off from Balrog!
Balrog/Crusade = 2.5 days (nearest) to 7.5 days (farthest)
Balrog/Decadant = 4.5 days (nearest) to 12 days (farthest)
Balrog/Excess = 11 days (nearest) to 16 days (farthest)
Balrog/Frozen = 30.5 days (nearest) to 35.5 days (farthest)

Blast off from Crusade!
Crusade/Balrog = (2.5/7.5 days)
Crusade/Decadent = 4.5 days (nearest) to 14 days (farthest)
Crusade/Excess = 8.5 days (nearest) to 18.5 days (farthest)
Crusade/Frozen = 25 days (nearest) to 38 days (farthest)

Blast off from Decadent!
Decadent/Balrog = (4.5/12 days)
Decadent/Crusade =  (4.5/14 days)
Decadent/Excess = 4.5 days (nearest) to 23 days (farthest)
Decadent/Frozen = 24 days (nearest) to 42.5 days (farthest)

Blast off from Excess!
Excess/Balrog = (11/16 days)
Excess/Crusade = (8.5/18.5 days)
Excess/Decadent = (4.5/23 days)
Excess/Frozen = 19.5 days (nearest) to 46.5 days (farthest)

Blast off from Frozen!
Frozen/Balrog = (30.5/35.5 days)
Frozen/Crusade = (25/38 days)
Frozen/Decadent = (24 days/42.5 days)
Frozen/Excess = (19.5 days/46.5 days)
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Wander Worlds
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So... What am I After?

I am looking for co-writers to explore the setting detailed above and to allow me to show off some cool things to those who are interested in seeing the sights of it's solar system. I want people to come and add some new ideas to the general feel of Tau Ceti and most of all, to have fun!

The different Guilds (read: character classes) for your character are listed below and through them and the plot hooks I've seeded above I'm hoping stories can be made... Take a look through them below and let me know which type of adventurer appeals to you most!

If you've gotten this far and you're interested in adventuring across the worlds of Tau Ceti or even just visiting the one, then please... Pass me a PM and show me your interest!

The Guilds of Tau Ceti.

Bard: (Human or Elf) charismatic holders of lore who can cast spells on others from their musical performances, including heals and buffs. They may use bows. Bards choose an area of knowledge they excel in and in speaking frankly to those they meet they can find out a person's desires and allegiances, making them excellent manipulators.

Cleric: (Dwarf or Human) worshipper of a deity, they can petition their deity through a specific action based on the precept of their religion to gain spells and lore based on their deity's domain (tapping a forgotten net-sphere of Magik). They can turn the undead. Their spells include buffs and heals. Some clerics through their power are known to be able to speak to the dead through mysterious means.

Druid: A halfbreed of Hominin and Monster, they can shift into animals and can speak with them, the Druids are akin to the 'spirits', augmented via the nanos in Monster blood to need no food or water to live. They are never dwarfs. If a dwarf lies with a monster, they birth a halfling druid.

Fighter: (all races) wielder of a weapon that has been nano-augmented, known as enchanted, they're adept with armour and can use their strength to great effect.

Paladin: Human Crusaders with auras of command, they can heal others through touch and can detect nearby 'evil' (a sort of monster radar). They gain abilities through dedicating themselves to quests of slaying, defence or discovering truth. Whilst under vows they gain mythic boons, similar in manner to clerics.

Ranger: (Human or Elf) expert hunters and trackers, they are adept with their bow and can paralyse unsuspecting enemies for a short time with a well aimed shot. A Ranger keeps with them an animal companion which is often trained to help the Ranger's actions. Many Rangers discover at a later time that they are half-elves, a gifted speciation rare in this era.

Thief: (Halfling or Human) Those who can see and disarm traps (along with other hidden things), thieves can greatly damage targets, create openings or damage enemy armour with a well-placed blade attack on a defenceless foe. Morally dubious, they can explain themselves as any alignment they wish, thus able to avoid a Paladin's wrath. They are expert poisoners. Thieves have with their melee sidearm either throwing knives or a bow.

Wizard: (Elf or Human) A collector of spells for their own book of collected Magik effects, they can cast or dispel various magiks and are one of the most powerful classes as they can perform rituals that can do whatever effect they please, though for a price... They have either a dagger or staff as their weapon, they can learn the 'Magic missile' magik to do ranged damage, although magik formulae are too complex to be repeated often.

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Wander Worlds
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Please note!
The information below is long and detailed. It is not needed to be read by those who would like to write stories in this setting as it deals with history from millennia in it's past and the origins of the terraforming of the system. If you are already writing with myself and are interested, then maybe you'd like to see just how elves, dwarves and halflings came to live among humanity in these futuristic scifi times...

The truth of how Tau Ceti came to be as it is today: WARNING: LONG, OPTIONAL READING.
The facts behind Tau Ceti's colonisation are thus; Life changes through the ages, future extinction events and mutation meant already there was some difference to the flora and fauna around today in real-life modern Earth as we know it.
At a point millions of years from real-life today, the humans of this era were facing the end of their reign on Earth and the Sol system. At this time, in secret the super-powers of Sol united for a last-ditch plan to allow some legacy of mankind to continue. Tau Ceti, near 12 light years away, was chosen as the new star to sustain mankind due to it's abundance of liveable exoplanets. Because no spaceship could go faster than light and resources were not so wide to gamble on a generation ship that could potentially fail (as the trip to Tau Ceti would have taken many decades) a plan was put into motion to get around this and to test the waters...

The aligned powers called it Project SEED.

In development over a handful of years and produced in a coordinated effort in Earth orbit, every form of life at the time of launch had it's genetic samples, mostly of sperm and eggs gathered as five large international superpowers worked towards the means to send vast STL travelling space-station sized spacecraft on it's interplanetary trip. From every known nation, five to ten couples were chosen to donate their sperm and eggs, every racial subgroup was collected. At the time of launch, a few thousand genetic samples were collected, representing Earth's peoples.

The project once launched was directed by advanced robotic crew and aided by computerised sensors that allowed optimum power distribution through the decade's long journey to reach it's destination. Once Tau Ceti was reached and prepared for colonization, the robots were to use the samples of sperm and eggs to create the first life in the system. The robots would then raise this first generation of Earth's life, including the first humans born here with the help of vast databases of Earth's collected knowledge. These would be The First, who would learn of Sol's history, people, locales and cultures and so carry on their legacy. Humanity would continue.

The Project was a success as decades after launch, Tau Ceti was reached. The samples of human's eggs were fertilized by the sperm samples, through genetic advances in biotech the robotic crew of SEED were the carriers to term of the children and programmed to act as parents and teachers. The First lived at first on Project SEED's vast city-sized craft in orbit at the outer system's Debris Disc. As the Project and wait continued, the humans born in Tau Ceti became parents themselves, the first natural births in a new home system.

The modular living pods of SEED that were available or less packed began to slowly drain as the new births and expanding families reduced available space, as such these pods began to take up extra value on SEED. An economy of landlords and bartering began to take shape... As the idea of trading goods for rent entered the minds of The First, a faction was born with plans to finally venture down to the various more spatious exoplanets of the system. The original SEED robots and nanotechnology were the main technological applications used to help initial terraforming to help colonise these untouched new worlds. As the projects were thought over and planned out, one more faction felt it was easier to create their own Haven in the system and not deal with colonising or tolerating the harsh exoplanets, so projects began to be planned towards this end too.

The faction who supported a Haven outside of the exoplanets were the Highborn. Arising from the feudalism taking form on SEED as The First learned from the SEED databases how to manage such things as governing bodies, bringing up differences in class and culture. This gave rise to the schism of those who were 'Highborn' and those who were not. Highborn were effectively those of The First that were born into families that collected enough barter from previous generations to be in a better position than others, even taking it to an artform.

Those who were not Highborn were mostly serfs, who knew only poverty and hard times to have a place to live or a level of comfortable space. Because of this very distinct class difference, eventually a faction of serfs set about a revolution. Due to the Highborn now having a monopoly on SEED's nanotechnology and paying through goods traded the more physically able serfs to act as their knights (called simply 'Fighters' by all), these serfs were defeated. As punishment for damages, they were sent via their modular shuttle living pods to an as yet unnamed tropical garden world, where they were to mine materials for the Highborn's plan of a spacious moon-like space station to live on.

This large yet sweltering world had minimal need of terraforming, so the serfs were able to live as miners there fairly easily. In their work, the miners found a growing biomass that they called Creeping Coral. It was a living moss that had the appearance of crystal and texture of rock, however it softened when heated and gave off a delicious scent. Through battling hunger, the miners discovered this plentiful rocky material was actually edible and incredibly nutritious. Because it was found in abundance throughout the vast amounts of soil on the planet and regrew as much as was mined, it was the perfect resource to send back. This world of the miners became a Land of Excess, and eventually the miners sent enough Creeping Coral to the Highborn to construct into the first Crystal Moon space station.

Due to the higher Gs of Excess as the planet itself was twice the size of Earth, the miners on this world down the years began to speciate from The First. Eventually after 100 thousand years in passing, the miners had become compacted, a short and well muscled, stout people. They were the first Dwarfs. As the Highborn began to live on their new Moon, they did not factor in to have the artificial gravity-rings of SEED... Because of this, they too speciated, in a similar amount of time as Dwarfs split, they grew to become extraordinarily tall and thin as they stayed there. They became the first Elves of the system.

At this time the nanotech terraforming and need for hydrogen (found and mined from Frozen, with Excess and Decadent also being mined for it) to fuel freighter cargo of Coral to the Elves meant that the other worlds were settled. Flora and fauna from SEED's farms were brought to the planets for more local farming and resources and over time through mutation and nanotech infusion, new forms of life emerged through the system. Thus the Fauna were created and as unforeseen predator species developed, so were Monsters.

Time passed until another Dwarf uprising emerged against the Elves. By now tree-ships were being developed from Creeping Coral and space travel was far less restricted numbers-wise than it was in times past. The Dwarfs were able to face their Elven masters in combat. There were great battles and deaths on many sides. The conflict was resolved by the following convention; that Dwarfs would be free and live where they wished, though a number were ordained to come to the Crystal Moon as crew. Some elves took advantage of this to leave their Crystal Moon and finally join back in with the rest of the Homonin.

As for the Dwarves taken in by the Elves, due to nanotech and breeding between the two species (with a bit of inbreeding due to their small numbers adding to genetic mutation) led to the speciation of the Halflings, who unlike their Dwarf forebears led at first an idyllically clueless life of gardening and self-sufficiency on the Crystal Moon. Eventually these Halflings too gained freedom to venture to the other planets to quell any potential uprising, if they so wished. Many left their Highborn masters, others happy with what they had, stayed on.

It was 50,000 years ago when Halflings gained freedom from the Crystal Moon to venture the system with the other Homonin... Across the system empires rose and fell as Tau Ceti has advanced to where it stands today, 1800 years since the huge Monster known as the Tarrasque last awoke to terrify the Hominin of the system.
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Re: Wander Worlds! (now looking for adventurers of all gender!)
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Here's the overdue bump for the Wander Worlds!

PM me as usual. :)