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May 24, 2018, 06:47:54 PM

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Author Topic: Illicit romance [M wanted]  (Read 481 times)

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Offline BlondeTopic starter

Illicit romance [M wanted]
« on: August 20, 2015, 11:54:27 AM »
I am looking for a male writer to play a male teacher in a teacher and student story.

I can be a bit of a fussy bugger, and so would be looking for an active writing partner capable of a few posts a week. I have a tendency to lose interest if I have to wait too long for a post. I do understand we all have lives, and we all get busy. I myself have a toddler, I work nights and have a partner and we’re always busy at the weekends. However, during the week I am pretty much always available.  I also like to keep in touch OOC and toss ideas back and forth, and also just keep base. If you’re gonna be away or unavailable or whatever, just let me know.

Please only write in third person, past tense! Personal preference it may be but it just reads so much better. I also prefer a few paragraphs per post, and I can guarantee the same.

I am not necessarily looking for a dominant and submissive style pairing, as I am useless at play a full sub. That being said, I am looking for a dominant male who will be quite assertive and domineering in the bedroom. I do not want for the sex to happen straight away, that kills a story. I’d like to build up to that, develop their illicit relationship and throw in a few ‘almost’ scenarios.

Now although I am English, I am all right with setting this story in America, as we (mostly) leave school at 16 over here (unless private etc.) with the option of sixth form added on to some and so on. So for comfort of my partner and what not, I am happy to play as a senior in an American high school.

How they become involved is up for discussion, but I have a few starting ideas.

1)   He is a new teacher in the school and so would never have met her before.
2)   He is a senior/year 11 teacher and would only just start teaching her.

I would be looking for this to turn eventually into a romance, but I am quite happy for this to start out on a more sinister start, so perhaps a bit of blackmail? He could catch her out doing something she shouldn’t be but instead of just detention he takes a more personal approach?  Or in the summer holiday they could have shared a drunken moment (her using a false I.D to get into a club) but they never went all the way. His first class teaching her and they could remember one another, and we could go from there. I am open to suggestions and any ideas you may have. But what I am not looking for is for her to seduce him.

PM me if interested.

Offline BlondeTopic starter

Re: Illicit romance [M wanted]
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2015, 06:53:17 AM »
Bumping this.
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