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Author Topic: Fandom Request Extravaganza!  (Read 1284 times)

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Fandom Request Extravaganza!
« on: August 16, 2015, 04:31:06 PM »
Note: Current major cravings to play are, Atomic Blonde [Lorraine Braughton], The Hunger [Miriam Blaylock], Blood Drive [Karma or Grace],  Evelyn Salt [Salt], Francesca "Franky" Cook [Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow] and Jennifer's Body [Jennifer Check].

Hello there!

Welcome to my fandoms request thread for every other fandom except standalone threads that I have posted for Marvel & Aeon Flux.

This post contains a masterlist of all the various fandoms which I have been craving to do. I am merely going to list pairings in most of the cases in here simply because I would like to put our own spin on the stories and hammer out the details with my partners. I will be playing the characters mentioned on the left. They can be paired with anyone you wish to play from the particular fandoms, OC's or even crossovers.

I have tried to add whatever plot ideas which popped up in my head for most of them in my subsequent post. As always, lords, ladies and lieges are all good to write with me as long as you get the character right. Kindly keep this thread clean and keep replies, if any to PM's or IM's, thank you. :)

Fandoms with Character Lists

Structured as: Fandom [Character(s) that I can play].

Aeon Flux [Aeon Flux]
Alias [Sydney Bristow]
American Vampire [Skinner Sweet, Pearl Jones]
Atomic Blonde/The Coldest City [Lorraine Braughton]
A Song of Ice & Fire [Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Eddard Stark]
Avalon [Ash]
Barb Wire [Barbara "Barb Wire" Kopetski]
Basic Instinct [Catherine Tremell]
Batman Beyond [Inque, Terry McGuinness, Bruce Wayne, OC]
Battlestar Galactica [Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, Number Six, D'Anna Biers aka Number 3, Saul Tigh]
Battle Royale [Mitsuko]
Blood Drive [Grace D'Argento, Karma D'Argento]
Bound [Corky]
Californication [Hank Moody, Lew Ashby]
Chaos! Comics [Purgatori]
Cowboy Bebop [Spike, Vicious, Faye Valentine]
Cracks [Miss “G” Gibben]
Danger 5 [Ilsa, Jackson, Colonel Chestbridge, McKenzie]
Doomsday [Eden Sinclair]
Don Juan (Or If Don Juan Were a Woman) [Jeanne]
Dredd [Mia-Mia]
Eastern Promises [Nikolai Luzhin]
Fight Club [Tyler Durden]
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series [Seth Gecko, Richie Gecko, Santanico Pandemonium, Earl McGraw, OC]
Hanna [Marissa Wiegler]
Haywire [Mallory Kane]
Heavy Metal [Julie]
Hellblazer [John Constantine]
Hellsing [Alucard, Sir Integra Hellsing]
Heroes [Candice Wilmer, Sylar, Nathan Pitrelli, Traci Strauss, Nikki Sanders]
Ichi the Killer [Kakihara]
Jennifer's Body [Jennifer Check]
Kill Bill [O-Ren Ishii, Bill, Elle Driver, Sofie Fatale]
Law & Order: SVU [Olivia Benson, John Munch, Elliot Stabler, OC]
Liquid Sky [Jimmy]
Machete [Machete, Luz]
Maurice LeBlanc's Arsene Lupin [Arsene Lupin]
Penny Dreadful [Dorian Gray, Vanessa Ives, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Sir Malcolm Murray]
Reservoir Dogs [Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. White]
Resident Evil [Alice Abernathy, Rain Ocampo]
Rizzoli & Isles [Jane Rizzoli, Vince Korsack]
Salt [Evelyn Salt]
Sanctuary [Dr. Helen Magnus]
Satanik [Marny Bannister aka Satanik]
Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, James Moriarty, Irene Adler]
Showtime's The Borgias [Rodrigo Borgia, Niccolo Machiavelli]
Sin City [Gail, Ava Lord, Dwight McCarthy]
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow [Francesca "Franky" Cook]
Snatch [Boris the Bullet Dodger, Turkish, Brick Top]
Snow White and the Huntman [Queen Ravenna]
Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, El Mariachi]
The Black Stiletto [Judy Cooper aka The Black Stiletto]
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [C. Auguste Dupin, Fantomas, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Captain Nemo, Arsene Lupin, Dean Moriarty, Mina Murray, Gulliver, Sal Paradyse, Allan Quatermain, Schehaezede, Nikola Tesla]
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [Blondie, Angel Eyes]
The Matrix [Trinity, Neo, Morpheus, Agent Smith, OC]
The Solitary She-Wolf [Françoise Tilmont]
Thomas Pynchon's V. [Victoria Wren]
Tomb Raider [Lara Croft]
Twin Peaks [Dale Cooper, OC]
Ultraviolet [Violet Song Jat Shariff]
Underworld [Selene, Sonja]
Whitley Strieber's The Hunger Trilogy [Miriam Blaylock]
William Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy [Molly Millions/Sally Shears, Sandii, Fox, Chrome, OC Razorgirl]
Xena: The Warrior Princess [Xena]
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Re: Fandom Request Extravaganza!
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2015, 04:31:50 PM »

Chaos in Camden

Genre: Black Comedy, Satire
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Anyone you wish
Seeking to Play: Jennifer Check
Themes: College Life

This serves as a direct sequel to Jennifer's Body, one where Jennifer doesn't die and instead kills Needy, continuing her bloodthirsty ways before moving to college from Devil's Kettle. She gets accepted in Camden, a college that is notorious for its debauchery and madness apart from being an excellent school.

We find Jennifer at the opening settling in college, already beginning to make her way into the hierarchy, accumulating worker bees under her thumb and so forth while occasionally killing to keep herself sated. Now, this is an open ground for you can choose to throw anyone at her.

An uptight teacher, football team star, an inbetweener, some nerdy girl [consider her a replacement for Needy haha]. The goal here is to explore the friendship that Jennifer originally forms with your character before sucking them in her web and in effect, making them an accomplice to her one devious scheme after another until they finally learn of her secret as succubus but by that time they are already so deep in the whole thing that they end up becoming part of the whole deal.

I do think a teacher probably works best for this, but as ever I am more than open for other options. This whole thing it intended to keep the aesthetic of the movie alive, where every cliché was ridiculed, satirized and there was plenty of bleak, cynical humor interspersed in it.

The name Camden is specifically chosen for college as in a little fit of self indulgence, I love the notion that this Camden is the same Camden College that is repeatedly referenced by Bret Easton Ellis in his works like The Rules of Attraction which is pretty much a hedonistic paradise with some really bleak, ugly things lying underneath its pleasant exterior.


Genre: Black Comedy, Satire
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Anita “Needy” Lesnicki
Seeking to Play: Jennifer Check
Themes: College Life, Revenge, Symbiotic Relationship

This puts a little AU spin on what happens in the film when Needy confronts Jennifer. Instead of killing Jennifer, Needy is unable to defeat her and Jennifer instead leaves Needy barely alive but not before infecting her. This in turn leaves Needy with the same neat little problem as Jennifer's and while she tries to resist and fight it, she learns quickly enough that it's impossible to do so without withering away.

Thus, Needy again finds herself at doorstep of the same person who is now her arch enemy. Jennifer agrees to patch things, in a sense being 'sire' of Needy so to speak and they mend their relationship.

Now here open plenty of routes. For instance, this opens amid their last days in Devil's Kettel and can have them heading to college where in effect, Jennifer uses Needy as a pawn in a similar manner as she did back at the school but now it's two of them scheming together. Alternatively, it could engage into a 'road trip' like scenario in the aftermath of all where both of them go on a rampage and meet an array of interesting characters in process.

I think it would be amazing if they together are the ones who run amok on Low Shoulder, perhaps when Low Shoulder is either playing at their college or they just reach out to the band.

Either ways, this can grow to be something long term and can trace their lives even beyond that point, perhaps there's another antagonist, an interaction with different kind of supernatural and so on.


The Tokyo Tribe

Genre: Crime Drama, Action
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Go Go Yubari
Seeking to Play: O-Ren Ishii
Themes: The Yakuza, Politics, Bloodlust, Drug use

This game opens up with first meeting between Go Go Yubari and O-Ren Ishii. I imagine hearing about the notorious antic Go Go pulled off by offing her parents without a whit of care, Bill pulls some strings, gets her off the hook and then sends Go Go as a present to O-Ren, who has only recently started an expansion of her empire in Tokyo, already having secured few important victories over some groups, taking some areas of Tokyo under her dominion. An act that has sent shockwaves through Tokyo.

Go Go is sent to O-Ren not only as a gift, but to be groomed by O-Ren. Seeing the potential, the Yakuza boss takes a shine on the young one and at the same time, the young psychopath, who in her own way harboring an intense attraction towards this woman of remarkable power and cunning finds herself drawn to her in ways she deems irresistible.

I see this as having a very long scope, wherein the story shall go beyond Kill Bill and O-Ren and Go Go don't die, but instead defeat the bride and then how they consolidate their empire in Tokyo further. Along the way they face various obstacles and attempts to thwart O-Ren's criminal empire. Perhaps from a Yakuza clan that betrays her, or even Tanahashi's sons who seek revenge for her merciless killing of the fallen crime lord, a honest, grim chief of police who wants to bring notorious O-Ren down and so forth. O-Ren's own plans for expansion in Seoul or Hong Kong at some point, bringing her in direct clash with Triads.

Along with that, there would be an exploration of the relationship between the two of them. I can see both of them growing old together, Go Go being a constant by O-Ren's side through it all. This is not just crime drama, but also an intense exploration of the two women. Power hungry O-Ren who would rule the world if she could and a near devout Go Go who worships O-Ren, believing in her completely and absolutely. I guess you can sort of call it a dark love story.

There will plenty of brutal violence in an aesthetcized manner and zany, unusual characters thrown in for good measure.

Also, please note that Go Go's age will be retconned to 16 here.

The Yakuza Wars

Genre: Crime Drama, Action
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Sofie Fatale
Seeking to Play: O-Ren Ishii
Themes: The Yakuza, Politics, Bloodlust, Drug use

Sofie Fatale, O-Ren Ishii's right hand woman and her lawyer, someone who played an important role in O-Ren's ascent. This is another prequel idea to the film which builds from the first meeting between O-Ren and Sofie and how Sofie becomes a loyal and trusted asset to O-Ren Ishii.

I imagine this about to begin when O-Ren is hatching her scheme of taking over the Tokyo underworld and Sofie is the one whom she chooses, having an excellent chemistry among those two. This is a definite slash ship and one I have always felt like writing out and seeing where it goes.

But yeah, the idea here is to explore beginnings of O-Ren's criminal empire as these two equally brilliant and devious in their own rights women construct it from scratch, using careful manipulation, deceit, threats, bloodbaths as well as any legal means at their disposal.


Angels Without Faces

Genre: Thriller, Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Dwight McCarthy
Seeking to Play: Gail

For this one, I have a plot of my own. People, are falling dead in Sin City once again. But this time around, there's a newer addition. The Girls of the Old Town.

Two of them have been found dead, murdered in the most gruesome manner possible. Bodies mutilated to the extent of being unrecognizable if it wasn't for their clothes and jewellery. Many have been speculating just who it is. Is it someone influenced by Roark's? Or some entirely new force? The violence doesn't seem to have a pattern. At least not the one which anybody could notice. The cops are as useless as they come and the girls, led by Gail are doing their own investigation but so far they haven't turned in any results. Who do they call in? Dwight McCarthy. Now it's up to Gail and Dwight to work together to find out who murdered those two girls and exact revenge upon them. Because, nobody messes with the girls and walk away. In a city which is already dead and just rotting away, another river of blood is about to flow. Revenge couldn't be more sweeter than this.

We could set this up in any timeframe we want to. I would like this to be pretty surreal and gruesome with incidents which put both of them and their sense of morality at test more than once. In a world which is as fragile as it gets, they have to wade through one nasty surprise involved in Sin City's underbelly after another to find out the answers they seek. Again, how the mystery proceeds after this, is something which me and my partner would build together whilst exploring more of the relationship between Gail and Dwight. Also every once in a while we would have to play supporting characters like Marv, Miho etc if the plot calls for it.

Lips of Venom

Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Pairing: F/M, F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Dwight McCarthy, OC, Various NPC's
Seeking to Play: Ava Lord, Various NPC's

Ava Lord is a character that fascinates me endlessly from the Sin City character roster and while we get glimpses of her past in the comics, I would love to hash out a genesis tale about Ava with someone. This could start when she was in her teens, or even have timeline move back and forth with vignettes, flashbacks among other narrative techniques being used to reveal portrait of the notorious femme fatale through fragments. To make it more stylized, we could use first person narration from some, as some of her victims could tell the tale from their perspective, maybe even break the fourth wall on a rare occasion.

All in all, the story would be about Ava, what made her who she is and how she has slowly advanced in her life, using various hapless victims as climbing ladders. There would of course be challenges for her, she would fail as much as she would succeed as she hatches one complex game after another, purely to see those around her wallow in misery upon falling under the spell of her charms as stakes only continue to rise higher and higher.


Salt II

Genre: Thriller, Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Darryl Peabody/GM
Seeking to Play: Evelyn Salt + Various NPC's

This follows right after events of the film when Evelyn Salt jumps in Potomac river by telling Peabody about her plans to assassinate the remaining KA agents operating on the US soil. The idea that I had was Peabody naturally faces some severe consequences, potentially a demotion but then Evelyn while having info on the agents, does contact him and they basically began to work together to eliminate KA agents one after another. While Evelyn may be a one woman army, she still needs intel and Peabody has significant resources at his disposal.

The idea is to have an episodic nature of the story with each one focusing on one agent of KA in initial stages. After good few kills, as it goes in deeper, I think it would be great if ties to some Neo Nazi group backed by oligarchs with their own agendas are revealed as well, perhaps unearthing an even bigger conspiracy and a race against time. We can even have the whole thing being whistleblown in later stages, paranoia on a higher side and Evelyn being brought back under employ of CIA since she's the only superspy who is capable of leading a team to take on the massive [and potentially globa] cleaning operation that these new revelations demand to be undertaken. Another potential plot strand would be exploring where a conspiracy about supersoldiers is revealed.

Emphasis here will be on style, action with a breakneck pace with plenty of element of cool and less on realism since well, the film had plotholes you could drive a truck through xD.


Return of the Uzbek

Genre: Crime Comedy
Pairing: M/Any
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Anyone you wish.
Seeking to Play: Boris the Bullet Dodger and anyone else the game might require.

After being repeatedly shot in the pub and thought to be dead, Boris the Blade lives up to his name and somehow manages to survive. Now he's back and first thing he does? Hunt for Tony. Learning that Tony is dead, he obviously knows Avi hired him and Avi is coming down to London to get the diamond on Doug's invitation. Doug appears to be out of his reach but word on the street tells who brought the diamond back to Doug and that means Turkish and Tommy are on radar for Boris.

Gorgeous George is his first target as he beats him into a pulp sending George to hospital [again!] and that sets a series of events into motion that brings all the familiar characters into play again along with some new faces...and of course, then there's that diamond. Mere carbon, but oh so very precious and so very tempting. Over the top action, zany characters with a focus on madman Boris is what this would entail.

Two is Chaos, Three is Carnage

Genre: Crime Comedy
Pairing: M/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Tommy
Seeking to Play: Turkish & Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George is back in action and he's slaying in the ring. He's the one with all the bets and now Doug and in partnership with a new OC who took over Brick Top's mantle are handling the fighting rings. With bets placed on George at an all time high, he's asked to take a fall. George gladly agrees to do so for a fat paycheck, but when the fighter he's supposed to take a fall for, says something nasty about his mother and that ticks George off, knocking him out with a knockout punch and thus, causing a severe loss to people who are obviously not happy about that. Turkish and Tommy are given seven days to recoup the losses.

Seven days to come up with four hundred thousand pounds worth of money or else Gorgeous George who is being held hostage will be murdered along with both of them. Now what will they do? Well there's the whole of London and they do have seven days in hand don't they?

This is an attempt to bring hyperlink cinema in text and both me and partner would have to handle plenty of NPC's apart from mains. Also, there won't be any sex among the characters but focus would remain on action, witty one liners and humor.


The Undertaker

Genre: Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Michael Corvin + NPC's
Seeking to Play: Selene + NPC's

This takes place after the events of the first film. However, unlike the first film where Markus Corvinus wakes up and eliminates Kraven and his henchmen, Kraven manages to subdue Markus and even kill him using UV bullets that Lucian had supplied him from Andreas Tanis. Kraven feeds on Markus' blood, gaining immense power and effectively establishes himself as leader of the coven and begins a hunt for Selene and Michael while tacitly alerting law enforcement agencies of two fugitives on the run.

Rest of the covens, learning of what Kraven has just done, essentially submit themselves to him and give him their vast resources at their disposal making things rather difficult for Selene and Michael. Meanwhile, a new leader from Lycans emerges to replaced the deceased Lucian and they are somebody who wants nothing but blood for Lucian's death and all that has transpired, leading to a rather overt conflict in Hungary that quickly spills into Austria, Slovakia and surrounding nations and they too want to eliminate the Death Dealer who they dub as the one who killed Lucian and go after Selene and Corvin.

That's where the story picks up with Selene and Michael arriving in Vienna to a safehouse that Selene knows of with plans to get back to Budapest and kill Kraven regardless of the odds.

There's room to include a lot of other canon like Andreas Tanis [I really like how sneaky he is xD], Alexander Corvinus [Who I believe would interfere at one or other point.]. One more potential route that we can employ is if Kraven again tries an alliance with Lycans to get rid of a mutual problem in his bid to exact revenge on Selene for refusing him and of course, only her being the sole one alive who knows what he has done is something that prompts him to go for the kill.

The details are to be hammered out by us together. The focus shall be on style, moody atmosphere and of course badass action. Who doesn't like badass action?!

The Apprentice

Genre: Action
Pairing: F/M or F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Any OC
Seeking to Play: Selene + NPC's

This takes place any time prior to events that take place in first Underworld film. The premise is basic one where Selene, years ago managed to save a group of children from a Lycan assault single handedly in Hungarian countryside and most of them were taken under the wings by the coven.

One of them, in particular developed an attachment to Selene, idolized her and sought to follow her footsteps as a Death Dealer, sharing a similar disdain for the Lycans as Selene had harbored over the years. Finally, having come of age, they were chosen to be trained as a Death Dealer with Selene herself deciding to mentor them.

This starts with how she trains this person, teaching them how to kill, going on the first mission, operating in the 'field' and so on, molding them into a Death Dealer as ruthless as her. Perhaps along the way they also discover some conspiracy afoot by some other coven in an attempt to manipulate their own coven into a weaker position, perhaps deal with some threat posed by humans and so forth. Plenty of scope for taking this into any territory we see fit.

The focus shall be on the mentor/student relationship with an element of near idolization that this youthful vampire feels for Selene, their excitement as opposed to Selene's jaded cynicism and near mechanical manner in which she goes about killing Lycans, in sum her life's mission and how their relationship evolves.

The Regent

Genre: Action
Pairing: Various
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Kraven
Seeking to Play: GM

One of the things that I think makes the first film work is the amount of character actors that were in there portraying various supporting characters and how they were brought to life due to the portrayal of these actors. [something that has gradually declined with every successive film which well, sucks.]. Kraven is one such character. I don't think he's as cowardly nor as weak as the film canon liked to make him out to be.

So, I think it would be a total blast to write out a tale solely focusing on Kraven wherein he's explored from his origins, to his rise among the vampires, his successes and failures, how he maneuvers the politics of the coven coupled with that of various covens in different eras. Perhaps even his first encounter with Erika and so forth.

I would like to GM this for anyone who would like to play this with me and shall happily play all the supporting cast necessary as well as throwing fair bit of challenges Kraven's way. Another crucial character whose POV can often be explored in this is of Andreas Tannis given he often did dirty work for Kraven.

This could also cover Kraven's travels to various places and his own adventures that we can come up together.


Genre: Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: David
Seeking to Play: Selene

At the end of Awakening, David shows up during the chaos at the Antigen facility having become Vampire Corvinus Strain Hybrid himself and at the end offers Selene to go to a safehouse where she could take Eve.

The story picks up at that juncture and one thought I have toyed with is potential experiments that were conducted on Michael Corvin have in essence,destroyed him psychologically to the extent that he ends up harboring this particular hatred for Selene who, despite of freeing him, is nowhere to be seen, mentally shattered already, his mind builds on to the trajectory that she abandoned him.

Meanwhile, Selene accepts David's offer and takes Eve to the safehouse where she tells him to watch over her as she's more than determined to find Michael despite of all the mess that surrounds them. Now here, I imagined Eve and David develop a friendly bond of sorts while Selene eventually does agree to train David who, since day one is eager for that.

All this, while Michael is finally found and the truth is more horrifying than one can imagine. Plus there's Lycans who want to off Selene and Eve. Maybe they capture Michael again and use him for their purposes. Not to mention the humans who are all too eager to be rid of the problem and are now intensifying their efforts in the wake of chaos at Antigen labs. There could be more secret vampire covens hiding somewhere that could eventually come into play so forth.

The goal would be to not only explore relationship between Selene and Eve but also Eve and David. There will of course be nothing sexual with Eve but how it brings the trio together, plus I do like the idea of exploring potential beyond the 'lovers forever' aesthetic that the story finds itself mired in and a different dimension could be given to the whole thing.

Memento Mori

Genre: Action
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: The OC
Seeking to Play: Selene

This takes place before the incidents of the first film and operates as a prequel story so to speak.

Revolving around Selene and someone who used to be a past lover of hers, a human who actually made her feel emotions she had forsaken long ago. She turned them in order to prevent them from dying of some fatal disease that they were suffering from. They were cured, they lived. But with the eternal life and the possibilities it presented, this also unleashed something terrible in them.

Hunger for power.

They sought to create their own hierarchy, their own coven and thus, aimed to wage war in order to craft a new structure of power that dared to not only question what had been around for thousands of years, but also attempt to destroy it. All of this, was her doing and now, she was going to rectify it.

I feel this could be an interesting story as it explores conflicts among the old vs new clans. Especially when this rebel vampire essentially takes up to converting other humans who are in similar plight that he was in and recruit them to his cause. I see the character as a clever manipulator, who knows he can well and truly unleash a revolution and understands potential of something like that.

The location too, I believe would be interesting if it were to take place in America, moving into vast urban spaces as opposed to old world charm of architecture and surroundings of first Underworld films. Plus the fact that this gives us chance to play with things in a non linear fashion is another bonus with this. There will of course be NPC's and I would share the duty with any prospective partner.
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Re: Fandom Request Extravaganza!
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2017, 01:28:04 PM »
Bump as its been couple of months. Also updated current cravings.

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Re: Fandom Request Extravaganza!
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2018, 10:39:16 PM »
Current cravings updated.