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Started by Le Immortelle, March 27, 2014, 01:11:09 PM

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Le Immortelle


So I love Marvel very much, especially fandom roleplays using some of my favorite canon and for the purpose of keeping things organized and cohesive decided to make this thread which I shall update periodically as plots/new character cravings etc. come to me. Most of this would be comicverse as I am not a huge fan of Marvel's movie-verse and shall forever find it extremely difficult to forgive them for what they did to some of my favorite characters.

Presently, I have only posted canons that I like to play and other details surrounding them. If you want to see examples of how I write them, feel free to PM me. In cases of some, I even have extended biographies written as well that give fair bit of idea. I don't have any concrete plots for offering at the moment but shall add some later.The face claims that I post for them are non negotiable. So without further ado, lets move on to the characters list!

Character Name: Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk
Sexuality: Pansexual
Can be paired against: Tony Stark, Wonder Man (Civil War era.), Hercules, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, The Thing, Nick Fury, Stephen Strange, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Titania, Janet van Dyne, Susan Storm plus host of others.
Face Claim: Jennifer Garner
Genderbent Version: No
Note: Perhaps my favorite Marvelverse character to play! I can play various versions ranging from Savage to Sensational to right up to recent series. However, my favorite version to play is from 2004 series, the one who works as Magistrati, facing Champion of Universe and all.

Character Name: Emma Grace Frost
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Can be paired against: Scott Summers, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Sebastian Shaw, James Howlett, Daken, Domino
Face Claim: Ali Larter
Genderbent Version: Certainly!

Character Name: Raven Darkholme aka Mystique
Sexuality: Pansexual
Can be paired against : James Howlett, Tony Stark, Kurt Wagner, Grayson Creed, Victor Creed, Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Peter Parker, Forge, Irene Adler, Anna Marie, Any of The Brotherhood, Carol Danvers and host of others.
Face Claim: Charlize Theron, Ali Larter
Genderbent Version: Does it really matter? Although Exiles does have a Rule 63 Mystique named as Mystiq that I could be convinced to play if plot is right.

Character Name: Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel
Sexuality: Heterosexual, Bisexual
Can be paired against : Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Clint Barton, Pete Wisdom.
Face Claim: Katee Sackhoff
Genderbent Version: No.

Character Name: Tessa aka Sage
Sexuality: Asexual
Can be paired against: Charles Xavier, Pete Wisdom
Face Claim: Lena Headey, Eva Greene
Genderbent Version: Ohh, yes! That would be quite something!
Note: Sage, perhaps is the most interesting character among X-Men along with Charles Xavier for me. I absolutely love her and am quite glad that so far she has not been ruined in movies. I would be picky about this as I have some fairly complex plot in mind involving characters I would like to see Sage involved with.

Character Name: Tony Stark aka Iron Man
Sexuality: Heterosexual, possibly Bisexual
Can be paired against: Emma Frost, Natasha Romanoff, Jessica Drew, Maria Hill, Pepper Potts, Carol Danvers, Reed Richards, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker
Face Claim: Robery Downey Jr.
Genderbent Version: HELL YES
Note: So this is one character I won't mind playing movie version of. But beware, I have only seen like first two Iron Man movies. Also, I ADORE Civil War era Tony Stark, he's so freaking badass and determined with what he sets out to do and pull off his vision, someone who is well and truly a believer in the cause and is willing to bite the bullet to see things through to the end.

Character Name: Pete Wisdom
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Can be paired against: Sage, Charles Xavier, Anyone else with a good story.
Face Claim: Ewan McGregor or Matthew Goode
Genderbent Version: Why the hell not?
Note: Pete Wisdom is without a shadow of doubt my favorite among male canons of Marvel. Not only is he a cynical, sarcastic one line firing asshole [That in itself puts him in a league of awesomeness.] but the fact that there's an inherent darkness lurking within him, a struggle with himself that always intrigues me to no end. He is unpredictable despite of his good disposition and belief in rendering his services to the Government of Her Majesty. I would love to write a nice, complex yarn involving this man!

This is it for now. I shall add more characters in future and even complete plots. Feel free to PM me if you would like to do any of these pairings with me and we can discuss potential plot concepts. Please do not post in this thread as I would like to keep this tidy and thank you for reading. :)

Le Immortelle


To Catch a Thief

Genre: Psychological Drama, Thriller, Action
Pairing: F/M, M/M, M/F, F/F
Forum: Bondage: Human or Extreme
Role Sought: Wolverine & Various Others
Seeking to Play: Mystique & Various Others
Themes: Espionage, Morality, Chaos, Class Divide
Inspirations: Old Mystique Solo Series, Get Mysique Story Arc

So, this is a game that I tried running couple of times in past but it didn't reach conclusion for various reasons. It features a favorite pairing of mine that I quite enjoy shipping while writing Marvel fandom, Raven Darkholme and James Howlett.

The first story arc revolves around a bunch of hackers stealing a list of every known meta human with their identities, family relations and virtually every other aspect available about them from S.H.I.E.L.D.  database during Registration Act and episodes surrounding that. Said list is made available in the black market with people willing to pay exorbitant prices for that.

Raven, knowing of it, goes on to fetch it for herself while at the same time S.H.I.E.L.D. are sending their own agents. I have elaborate details of it that I shall save for now.

Suffice to say, Charles Xavier himself has got the wind of it and sensing the danger, he sends his own man, Wolverine in on the same mission. With various parties trying to capture the data, it leads to a massive clusterfuck which leaves Raven in a rather precarious state with authorities having a rare opportunity at putting down the notorious terrorist for good. That's when Xavier steps in, offering her a bargain that in return for safe receipt of the data in his hands, he would help her in clearing her slate, removing any trace of existence of her records from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stark databanks.

With no option left and not wanting to sacrifice her freedom, Raven consents and becomes Xavier's agent, someone who he uses for missions that he can't use his regular X-Men for. The missions that require him to take a hard call, to do morally questionable things, none of which Raven has any qualms about except with sole caveat. It should be for the furtherance of good of the mutants. Her handler, is her [im]mortal enemy, Wolverine.

From here, it's an open ground. They can branch into any mission ranging from kidnapping of Irene Adler and preserving her in order to use her prophecies to preventing some new bioweapon from getting out in open or exploring a different side of mutants vs humans conflict wherein they witness mutants manipulating humans in some ways, giving Raven a different perspective. Also at the same time, there could be other parties trying to recruit Raven to be a double agent in order to get an access to some of Professor X's secrets. It can be anything really. Part of the fun here is creating our own world.

The game itself shall be Extreme due to violence and assorted chaos and shall involve all sorts of pairings due to shapeshifting element and not to mention a large NPC cast that shall populate it. If you desire, I can link you to old version of this story. Kindly keep responses [if any] that his generates to PM's. Thank you.

The State of No Return

Genre: Psychological Drama, Thriller, Action
Pairing: F/M or M/F
Forum: Light or Extreme
Role Sought: Charles Xavier or Sage
Seeking to Play: Charles Xavier or Sage
Themes: Espionage, Morality, Ethereal Plane, Ideological Conflicts

Sage is the very first mutant Charles Xavier was able to discover when she saved his life. Since then, Sage has been his right hand woman in more capacities than one. When Xavier has X-Men, the original team Cyclops, Jean and all, as more of a 'public' face so to speak, the harbingers of peace and whatnot, there are countless times when he has had to make harsh calls. Go against his own morals, bite the bullet.

Sage is his weapon when it comes to those things. She, having grown up with these things, a vast trove of knowledge, basically a walking supercomputer, has always been the one who is operating behind the scenes. Each problem that she has to fix with the guidance of her mentor who has helped her realize considerable potential residing within her, has taken little bit out of both of them.

This is a complex story involving two erudite people and evolution of the younger one i.e. Sage as she grapples with number of issues and so does her mentor, Professor Xavier with no other way to confess them of the deeds their acts have caused except each other.

Please note, there will not be any element of sex or romance between Xavier and Sage or in this whole story in general at any point, I just don't see it working and don't want to cheapen the story for no particular reason by including that facet without any reason driving it.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Genre: Thriller, Action
Pairing: M/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: GM
Seeking to Play: Pete Wisdom
Themes: Espionage, Spy Life, Bleak Humor
Ah, Pete Wisdom, who doesn't love a snarky, perpetually cranky one liner firing machine?

For this one, I don't really have anything fleshed out in particular, except really wanting to do a game with multiple arcs that would deal with his solo adventures while working as a MI-13 agent dealing with various paranormal, the unusual, macabre, weird happenings. Perhaps he's teamed up with a new agent or someone equally experienced. There's many possibilities here and of course, the workings of MI-13 as Mr. Wisdom saves the day and fires more sarcastic quips than his beloved hot knives.

However, at the same time I would love to explore more darker sides of his psyche, his moral struggle with perpetually being an assassin, the tough choices that he has to make at the critical juncture and having the balls to live with them regardless of how difficult they may be for him to make at that point. Wisdom is a complex character and though he might seem pissed off at pretty much everything that exists, there's a lot more going for him.

One crucial tangent can be, perhaps an exploration of his struggle with guilt complex over death of his mother, making peace with his father.


Genre: Thriller, Action, Psychological Drama
Pairing: F/M/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Charles Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr
Seeking to Play: Mystique
Themes: Ideological Conflicts, Intellectuals, Espionage

This is something for which I don't exactly have a concrete plot to offer like other ones, but more of a collection of concepts that I would really, really like to explore as a writing challenge with the right partner upon developing a story from them.

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, two sides of the same coin in more ways than one. Best of friends separated by their ideological rift, but at the same time two people who have an incredible amount of respect for each other. Between them is Raven Darkholme, Erik's right hand and an erudite in her own way, having walked Earth for almost two centuries now. She's Lehnsherr's ace, the wild card that's been there to change the game for him when push comes to the shove.

Together or against, the three of them have seen world change around them, morph it sometimes into something they anticipated, sometimes beyond their imaginations, but theirs are paths that are entwined together. She has remained the same for most part, outwardly that is, while the two of them have changed, but it's a psychological journey that they took together, going through some of the most turbulent periods of their kind. Their conversations, often entering in philosophical dance as each of them push each other towards their very limits, be it them clashing or be it being on the same page. This is what I find most alluring.

Raven & Erik of course have their schemes perceived as 'evil' by Charles, while from their worldview it's tit for tat, a necessary evil, a bullet that needs to be bitten.

One probable way to work about it is some threat prompting these three to team up and work together or Raven/Erik and Charles in conflict that always ends in a stalemate, or them all young, well, Raven not so young, but Charles and Erik as youths and Raven could be searching for Erik upon going into some prophecies made by Destiny/Irene Adler. As ever, countless possibilities for our universe here.

While the request asks my partner to take on both men, I can handle one of them if you prefer to write a single character as well.

The Madripoor Noir

Genre: Thriller, Action
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Destiny/Irene Adler
Seeking to Play: Mystique/Raven Darkholme
Themes: Ideological Conflicts, Intellectuals, Espionage
Inspiration: Logan Legacy

Madripoor, one of the pearls of the orient, an island with most fascinating history and strategic importance. Our story kicks off with Mystique and Destiny, on the run arriving on the island for the first time when Destiny's projections tell them that this is where they should head in order to execute their plans and for them to be success.

It's a gambling paradise, a land of debauchery, sin and of disparity where islands of wealth are dotted with swathes of extreme poverty. Their ploy is simple, to take over the land. It's a tale about how these two go about that scheme, overthrow the existing order and go to some seriously extreme means in order to make their dream come true. The two trust each other implicitly and are about the only persons to do so with each other.

Their problem is, they have far too many obstacles standing in their way. From array of metahumans who inhabit, the existing order and of course, there's Patch alias Wolverine, the de-facto law of the town. This can be given another equally fun spin, wherein a new 'Patch' has been around, or someone similar to him who rules the roost, a mysterious person who can be revealed to be Daken. Then there's Sabretooth who has landed again after decades, maybe he wants to make his mark and could be used?

The idea stems from excerpts in recent story arc Logan Legacy which showcases vignettes of Mystique/Destiny attempting to take over Madripoor and come precariously close before being foiled by Wolverine.

This story can even continue after their takeover [if they manage to take the island.] and how they maybe lose control of the island, or give it up, their purpose/scheme satisfied or even how they maintain it. These bits are just open ended and for us to figure out. One stylistic variation that can be done over it all is, it can be written in style of a pulp novel/film noir, purely as a creative writing exercise. The number of 'antagonists' that can be thrown their way is endless and would entail both of us writing number of characters along the way. Also, I would really like for this to be set in a decade between 1950's to 1980's, either of them but this is not a deal breaker in any way.

Mirrorshades - Taken

Genre: Neo Noir, Thriller
Pairing: M/F
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Emma Frost & Jean Grey + Others
Seeking to Play: Scott Summers + Others
Themes: Conspiracies, Private Eye
Inspiration: Marvel Noir, L.A. Confidential

The city's a hideous being, it's neon lights glistening as night falls, making it look a cheap hooker trying to lure in a customer for a night so she could feed her cocaine habit. Mr. Scott Summers is a private investigator for hire who is sick of snooping around to provide proof of a cheating spouse or infidelity or of incest and the sort. But there isn't much that he could do. Not after being dismissed off the force for good with corruption charges blotting his name for good.

One evening when he's returning from the bar downstairs with booze to drown himself in like countless nights before, he spots her. Coming with case of a missing roommate. Her name is Jean.

She catches his eye and upon being dismissive at the beginning, he agrees to help her. But little does he know that he gets pulled into a mysterious web revolving around flesh trade, drug cartels. The stakes continue to get higher and so do the thrills. Maybe Kingpin is in the play somewhere, or Hellfire Club? So many routes this could take.

This is a neo noir blended with Marvelverse. While the advert speaks of every textbook cliché, I would like to find ways to distort them, morph them with things relating to metahumans, maybe some sort of cartel of metahumans attempting to mobilize humanity through subtle manipulations? I am presenting here more of a mass of concepts than a thoroughly defined idea and would require an an creative partner who shall be willing to fill this world with me.

Ecstasy & Wine - Taken
Ecstasy & Wine

Genre: Action, Drama
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Victor 'Pepper' Potts
Seeking to Play: Toni Stark/Theresa Stark
Themes: Enfant Terrible
Inspiration: Rule 63!

This is something that I have been itching to do since a good while, a plot involving Rule 63 versions of Tony Stark and Virginia 'Pepper' Potts. It can be blended with movieverse or even with any existing story arcs of Marvel if my partner wants a continuation of existing universes or alternatively, we could weave a completely new tale, right from the first meeting of these two opposites who over time are unable to resist mutual attraction.

She's decadent, indulges in a lifestyle of glitz and glamor while he's the quiet, reserved guy who would much prefer to be behind the scenes, managing her affairs for her, always there, always dependable. Far less fleshed than what I like to have my games to be while advertising, would need someone who is willing to extensively brainstorm ideas with me to flesh out this particular AU.

A Hole Through Time

Genre: Superhero, Action, Alternate History
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Steve Rogers aka Captain America
Seeking to Play: Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel
Themes: Superheroes, Cold War
Inspiration: Captain Marvel Vol. VII & VIII, Civil War, Various other story arcs

Carol Danvers and Steve Rogers are battling an enemy that has attacked New York. The battle rages on as the villain, say Absorbing Man or even a Kree takes the battle to space. Captain Marvel jumps in on it, chasing the shuttle of the villain in hot pursuit before blasting them off outside the atmosphere of the Earth. However, the ship has an energy absorbing mechanism and while being subjected to Captain Marvel's energy blasts, it absorbs them and using its own inner firepower, it explodes entirely, Carol taking the impact head on.

When she wakes up, she finds herself on the shores of Pearl Harbor, right before the infamous attack is due to occur. The ominous planes in the field of sight and sensing where she is, Carol though confused like anything, jumps straight into action only to find that the Japanese seem to have some tech far ahead of its time. But jumping in the fray is a familiar figure, Captain America. The attack is thwarted successfully with Danvers even going the extra mile in chasing the enemy planes and destroying them mercilessly. There is huge media frenzy about the arrival of new 'Captain' on the scene.

The WWII never reaches the American shores with Captain Marvel & Captain America protecting the other side of the Atlantic but over half of Europe firmly remains in control of Nazis, ushering in an entirely different era of Cold War. I would love to explore interaction between Carol from the future and obviously, not really a woman of convention of the times she has been thrust in and Rogers who has always had a slightly old school outlook about him [even in future, imagine him in 'his' time!] as they first not so willingly and later on due to repetitive circumstances, forge a formidable team.

Potential story arcs include, Cold War, biological weapons of warfare, supersoldiers being developed by other war hungry nations etc. along with Carol's attempts to reach back in her own timeline. The world is a pretty open ended one and needs my partner to brainstorm with me extensively in constructing something dynamic and complex here.

I am looking for a partner who can write a complex, multi faceted Steve Rogers in a literary manner along with sharing duty of NPC's with me. Lords, ladies, lieges all are welcome as long as you get the character right and are interested in a collaborative effort.

Anyone interested, please hit me up in PM's. Thank you for reading.

Le Immortelle



Genre: Action, Thriller
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Magneto
Seeking to Play: Mystique
Themes: Moral Questions, Identity, Evolution
Inspiration: X-Men First Class

So, I have found myself revisiting some of the X-Men comics and some time ago also rewatched X-Men: First Class and I have found myself hankering to write something focusing on Mystique and Magneto. Normally I don’t like movie verse at all, but the idea has been lingering on my mind for so long that here I am, advertising it.

I keep on thinking of the two of them venturing into a post-First Class world. A world where distrust and paranoia are paramount, a world very much in the state of flux as a new world order begins to reshape and reassert itself in the wake of all that has happened.

Perhaps, even losing touch for some time before managing to touch base with each other as they begin to sow the seeds of what could potentially become the Brotherhood, while at the same time discovering the extent of their powers [I think they are still figuring out the directions in which they can put their abilities.] and also chart how their relationship evolves. I do see Raven becoming Erik’s most potent weapon along with his confidante as he also helps in coming to terms with her own being and overcoming the insecurities.

I’m willing to take up any NPC’s and share the load with prospective partner. I also think it would be intriguing to have an element of M/M at some or other point given the nature of Mystique's abilities. I want the idea to focus in equal measures on character development and equal measures in action.

Please PM me if you're interested. Thank you for reading this.