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Author Topic: Æon Flux Roleplays! [M/F, M/M, F/F]  (Read 2430 times)

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Æon Flux Roleplays! [M/F, M/M, F/F]
« on: February 09, 2014, 10:58:04 am »


So I love Æon Flux very much, almost to the point of obsession and the original series from the 1990's in my opinion is one of the most brilliant pieces of animation and cyberpunk media ever to be made, dealing with multitude of concepts such as conflict between the contrasting ideologies, ramifications of technology and how it can potentially affect us, Chaos Theory and even in cases, adage's such as Murphy's Law occasionally in the way certain episodes proceeded. Not to mention the very interesting element of doomed romance which hangs like a dark shadow over the relationship between Æon Flux and Trevor Goodchild with both of them showcasing a different aspect of the character in every episode.

This thread is meant to contain plot seeds which deal with both animated series as well as the movie which was made in 2005. I also liked the film and in my opinion though not as good as its source, it does have its own redeeming qualities and is very much enjoyable in its own way. I can only hope they ever release the director's cut of it sometime!

Anyhow Mentioned below are all the characters which I can play from this wonderful universe and with whom they can be paired etc followed by certain original plots which come to me. This is like a super craving of mine, and I would love to to find someone, especially someone who might be interested in doing something which shall capture the essence of the original series.

My primary craving is to play Æon Flux, but I can be convinced and will definitely do other characters depending on the plots, really. So just hit me with anything that comes to you. If you want any explanation about a character, elaborations about them etc. feel free to ask. Also the stories may advertise for characters the way they appear in series/film but you can always feel free to genderbend them whichever way you wish to, this is fandom at the end of the day and whatever crazy AU you can come up with, I am more than happy to hear and experiment with that.

Character Name: Æon Flux
Sexuality: Pansexual
Can be paired against (Series): Trevor Goodchild, Gildermere Sybil, Onan, Scaphandra, OC Breen, OC Monican
Can be paired against (Movie): Trevor Goodchild, Oren Goodchild, Sithandra*, Una Flux, OC Breen, OC Monican
Genderbent Version: Certainly!

Character Name: Trevor Goodchild
Sexuality: Pansexual
Can be paired against (Series): Æon Flux, Scaphandra, Sybil, Chairman Clavius, OC Breen, OC Monican
Can be paired against (Movie): Oren Goodchild, Una Flux, Freya, OC Breen, OC Monican
Genderbent Version: Ohh, hell yes. I would love to unleash a Fem!Trevor.

Character Name: Oren Goodchild
Sexuality: N/A, can be Hetero, Homo, Pan
Can be paired against (Movie): Trevor Goodchild, Una Flux, Giroux, Claudius
Genderbent Version: Yes
Note: This character only exists in movieverse, but am not opposed to blending him in with animated series universe.

Character Name: Gildermere
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Can be paired against (Series): Clavius, Trevor Goodchild
Genderbent Version: Why the hell not?
Note: This character doesn't exist in movieverse but can be incorporated into movieverse.

*The character Scaphandra is called Sithandra in the movie.

Plot Seeds [Animated Series Universe]

Seeking to play: Æon Flux
Against: Trevor Goodchild

Trevor Goodchild has just come into power as he enforces the policy of revelation of everything, where nothing is hidden. Thereby constructing a constantly monitored police state. Æon Flux is sent to assassinate Trevor. But instead she opts for something else, she decides to put the entire state into the very policy which she has lived throughout her life, the Monican belief of anarchy. Æon systematically corrupts key officers in Trevor's regime, using them as per her whims and often putting Goodchild in a cuckolding position as it is seen at certain junctures in the series and turning the policy of 'Revelation of everything.' against him.

He clearly desires her but there isn't a lot he can do considering she always seems to be one step ahead of him, running amok in a version of Bregna which happens to be very much his creation. Perhaps she's toying with him, waiting for him to slip. She sleeps with his underlings, dominates them in various humiliating ways [Remember, BDSM is an integral theme of the entire series!], uses them before throwing away after a moment's amusement; every move done by Æon is towards her final goal of bringing Trevor's government down through her unpredictable mechanisms. What I see here is sheer contrast in the philosophies which both states embrace.

Maybe Æon does succeed in bringing it all down and but doesn't kill Trevor when there is chance for her to do so and vice versa. What I see here is an awful a lot of witty banter, unusual tech, very, very cool action and interaction among the two. She detests his regime and the oppression it seeks to present whilst he loathes the anarchy which is represented by Æon yet is drawn to that. An important side character for this I think would be Gildermere and Scaphandra who shall be working as double agent for Monicans as well as Bregna.

The Conspiracy
Seeking to play: Æon Flux, Various other Monican OC's
Against: Trevor Goodchild, Various other Breen OC's

The never ending war and constant games of oneupmanship between Monica and Bregna finally seem to be coming to an end as at last, truce seems like a distinct possibility. A round table conference has been called by mutual consent to take place in Bregna and with possibility of finally collaboration and cooperation between the two distinct societies. Trevor Goodchild is the mastermind behind it and though there are groups in both nations who resent the notion, people by and large are in favor of the same. As a result, a convoy of Monican diplomats arrives in the nation of Bregna after much fanfare and publicity, the incident garnering attention like anything. The diplomats emerge out of their shuttle and are converging to the conference halls only to be blown into smithereens.

Monicans are livid and take this is a complete sign of disrespect and instantly break all the talks of treaties between the two nations. In Bregna itself, Trevor Goodchild is faced with an immense wave of unpopularity as he is unable to find the captors, leading to all sorts of creative conspiracy theories by people all over the nation. Monicans are not a bunch to take something like this and almost immediately prepare for a full scale war against Bregna despite their seemingly less technological and military strength.

Æon meanwhile having witnessed the whole episode and sensing the impending all out war decides to take matters into her own hands by infiltrating Bregna for umpteenth time. She's certain that it is Trevor's doing and Æon wishes to capture Trevor and find more about the act and more importantly, use him for leverage if need be. She's successful in her venture as she manages to capture Trevor [or maybe he allows her to capture him? A recurring theme is Trevor allowing Æon to create very much the element of chaos so as to allow him opportunity to have a constant object to protect as enemy of the state in form of Monicans so that he can proceed with his other schemes and experiments.] and confronts him regarding the issue. But the truth is far more stranger than fiction. Goodchild denies any involvement.

Just at that time both of them are suddenly attacked by masked men who attempt to kill them but the attempt is thwarted by collective effort of both of them. It is obvious those men are not of Trevor's, not to mention he further states that if he did want to wage war against Monica he would have done the same ages ago. As Monicans prepare their arms, it leaves both Trevor and Æon in the spot where they wonder who is this common enemy who wants both states to go to war?

Now here are few possibilities:

A] Its some men who are loyal to Clavius and his now-defunct political party.
B] Perhaps a third nation? I don't ever remember any state apart from Monica and Bregna being mentioned in the series. But maybe this third nation which shall be our creation entirely wants to expand itself but senses that both Monica and Bregna are nations which they can't take down by brute force and instead decides to use their fierce rivalry over the years to their advantage. They could have been closely monitoring all the key personnel, a conspiracy which runs deep in both the nations as Æon  and Trevor work against the clock to dig deeper into this to expose it all.

Alternatively, it can also be a Breen convoy going to Monica and getting attacked with only Trevor being the sole survivor.

Birth of a Utopia
Seeking to Play: Trevor Goodchild
Against: Clavius, Various others from Bregna, OC, Possibly Gildermere
Note: Alternatively, I can also GM this whole game for you while you play Trevor Goodchild.

Throughout the series, Trevor Goodchild is shown as the leader of Bregna. He is shown having come into power after manipulating the people by hatching a conspiracy to make former chairman Clavius vanish as it is seen in the episode Utopia or Deuteronopia. But this poses the question, just who and what Trevor Goodchild was before that? How did he rise to the power? It is shown numerous times that he is a brilliant scientist to say the least, possibly even insane with his obsessions. But essentially, a story about what made Trevor Goodchild that he is? His obsession with absolute control in the totalitarian regime which he crafts in police state of Bregna, his political ambitions...this is a story of Trevor's rise over the years and is meant to end with Goodchild finally declaring himself as the chairman of Bregna, coinciding with the episode mentioned above.

This story provides room for us to craft not only Goodchild's past, but also Bregna's political scenario prior to Trevor-led era, which was a democracy. But of what kind? Its quite apparent that Clavius is very much corrupt man and insane in his own way. He does favors for those he cares about, allowing them to escape scot free even for the crimes they have committed as it is evident from some of his behavior. Clavius's political party, the opposition etc. Plenty of room for world building in there.

The Monican Life
Seeking to play: Monican OC's, possibly Breens
Against: Monican OC's, possibly Breens

One recurring feature of Æon Flux is that the nation of Monica as a society is never revealed. It is almost rarely ever shown and except for an occasional glimpse of its world beyond the walls erected by Trevor Goodchild, you never learn anything about it. This story shall be an attempt to in a sense, build Monica as a world. All that we know is its an anarchist society.

Do they have government? Do they have any laws or any notion of the same? Are there subdivisions among the Anarchists in Monica itself? Is there a faction wishing for a more organized form of government? What is the tech? How is life of an everyday Monican citizen?

So many questions pose themselves in front of us. One notion I had of exploring all of it is through a cinema verite style wherein a documentary maker shall make a documentary based on Monica. Its meant to trace history of Monica from past to present; through its various old buildings, museums..all this whilst interviewing several scientists, thinkers, prominent figures in social sphere of Monica today along with regular everyday citizen.

For this, I can play the documentary maker and others associated with him or I can play the entire wide spectrum of characters which he encounters/interviews. It would be even more interesting if the documentary maker is half-Monican/half-Breen, maybe having seen life on both sides and finding himself comparing them. Either ways, this is an opportunity to build a huge world, an unexplored territory in world of Æon Flux and fill the void with our imagination.

Flux Æterna
Seeking to play:
Æon Flux or Monican OC, Various others
Against: Trevor Godchild or Breen OC, Various others

This is an extremely simple premise. An AU where Monica is the totalitarian state with Æon or an OC being the ruler whilst Bregna is the anarchist society with Trevor or an OC Breen being their agent sent to infiltrate and sabotage it. What dynamics of such a world would be I have no idea and nor have figured the same out yet, making this story extremely open ended one.

Murphy's Law
Seeking to play: Æon Flux
Against: Anyone you wish.

Now this is a story that can be run unlimited number of times in a single thread really. This is meant to echo the original Æon Flux shorts. Each of which had Æon engaging in one or other kind of complex mission that eventually due to one or other reason failed and led to her death or even if she succeeded things would not end with Æon Flux dying at the conclusion of the story after landing in some trouble during the course of her mission.

The short films themselves were pretty small and in order to transpose that effect in text format I propose that no single 'short' would be larger than 50 posts at the most and a text limit of one thousand words per post.

Each of these would of course have Æon Flux dying at the end. Unusual tech, strange causality and its effects, Chaos Theory, Death of Ego among various other philosophical aspects, I want these to be explored through these and in their progression.

Plot Seeds [Æon Flux Cinematic Universe]

The biggest shift [Apart from the whole cloning thing.] which the movie makes in Æon Flux's universe is the fact that film entirely does away with Monica as a separate nation. But instead changes Monicans into a group of rebels who are wishing to take down Trevor Goodchild's regime and do the same by eliminating him. Also Bregna is not shown to be as autocratic as it is in series but instead a council of scientists heads it although Trevor is shown to have considerable power. He is also shown to have a younger brother Oren among other various changes. Since the film deviates from original Æon Flux universe in several ways, I have decided to make a separate section of movie-verse plots. Thus, movieverse Æon Flux shall differ quite a lot from what one is used to seeing in the series and so shall the ideologies, beliefs and motives of characters involved in the same as well.

Seeking to play: Æon Flux, Various others
Against: Trevor Goodchild, Various others

This is a very simple premise. It is aimed to serve as a sequel of the film. At the end of the film Æon Flux manages to destroy Relico, the airship which stores all the data necessary for cloning before it crashes on the wall which encloses Bregna from rest of the planet. It takes place ten years after the collapse of the wall.

Bregna has evolved into a larger, vast state. There are multiple cities which are growing, though on a smaller scale with Bregna being the capital. The totalitarian aspect is entirely eliminated from it. Citizens are finally given full and complete revelation about the whole cloning thing, and after initial turmoil the society by and large manages to settle into a period of relative peace. Monicans as a rebel group has disbanded. Democracy is the chosen form of government, Goodchild retiring from active politics for good, always having considered his duty as a 'caretaker' in the state of transition. He lives with Æon, having an idyllic life of their own with a child. Life is perfect for them, almost too perfect. From here, it can take following three routes:

Route #1
That is, until people start disappearing mysteriously. Nobody has any idea as to why, the government is questioned repeatedly they find themselves at a loss as law and order attempts to solve the issue at hand. Until on a day which is considered as New Bregna Day, the day on which  Æon Flux destroyed Relico and shattered the walls, a memorial constructed in remembrance of that is blown up and along with that are a large group of people who have gathered over there. A new terrorist group called as Antisthenesians [Borrowing from the Greek philosopher of the same name. The name can be changed to something else as well. I put it there as it was the best I could think of right now.] has managed rise up, those who preach Cynicism to its most logical extreme and thereby lambast utopic and often hedonistic life of citizens of Bregna who are practically living in a paradise. Their mysterious leader [Insert name] announces a complete reform of the present society, warning against perils of plenty and reliance on technology and technocrats. I like to think that they are formed by the group of citizens who found themselves betrayed, dissatisfied in the wake of revelations about cloning. As suddenly as they make this brief appearance, they vanish but continue on their operations by targeting important citizens etc. Unable to crack the issue at hand, Trevor Goodchild and Æon Flux are summoned. An attempt on Trevor's life is made as they are traveling to a council meeting, since he was one of the key people in the whole venture in past. Other potential targets can be: Æon Flux, Giroux, Claudius, essentially everyone who was/is associated with Trevor in one way or another.

This is meant to move forward like an action/adventure/drama. I see Æon being very much in the field, whilst Trevor acts as the handler, being the genius and information powerhouse that he is. Another key aspect would be of course Breenan politics and various political players in it. Maybe Antisthenesians ideology is further revealed as story proceeds, perhaps they have stumbled on to something horrible or well, they are just flat out bad dudes who deserve every single bullet which Æon is going to put in them.

Route #2
One fine day none other than Oren shows up at their doorstep and he has only one thing on his mind. Revenge. He attacks Æon and Trevor quite viciously with a small company of his. Both of them put bullets into him but nothing really seems to damage him. On the contrary he seems quite fine, prompting Æon and Trevor to go on the run.

Now here the key question which is posed is, how did Oren come back. I can think of multiple routes for that. First one could be, that Oren had another clone of his stashed away somewhere who was growing up and now it has come of age and Oren had been secretly teaching him behind the back of Trevor during the time frame of the movie. The kid grows up, knows the object of his hatred and is a clever one himself, so he decides to evolve himself some more. Fusing himself with the strange technology which makes him a post-human of some kind who is equal man and equal machine, a perfect blend of the two and since then he has been steadily building his own base up, aiming for an eventual coup.

Now he feels ready for the same and has made first move in what turns out to be a series of raids as his forces wreck Bregna's existing structure in a swift death blow. All the people on the council are killed, along with most of the political players in its present democratic structure before Oren announces himself as the leader, declaring Æon and Trevor as fugitives. What happens afterwards is for us to decide.

This can alternatively turned into an even more ruthless and action oriented revenge story of a very, very pissed off Æon Flux going to kick copious amount of ass after losing Trevor and her child.

The Loop
Seeking to play: Trevor Goodchild or Oren Goodchild
Against: Trevor Goodchild or Oren Goodchild

In the film both brothers are shown to have been cloned seven times. Each incarnation of theirs being taught about their past, the clones, the problem at hand in a bid to resolve the issue which is plaguing the humanity and the solution they have crafted for it. I want this to be a coming of age story of a young Trevor and young Oren played by me and my partner. I am happy to play either role as this is a story for which I have no preference.

However, I have an interesting twist on it, it calls for us to double up as we play adult versions of both of them as well. So if I am writing young Trevor, in that case my partner shall play adult Trevor and I shall play adult Oren for their young Oren.

The Outbreak
Seeking to play: Æon Flux, Various others
Against: Goodchild Brothers, Various others

At the beginning of the movie it is mentioned that a pathogen wipes out 99% of the human population. An antidote is discovered by Trevor Goodchild and the remaining 1% survive, Bregna is constructed as an isolated society for the same, the cure has unfortunate side effect of rendering humanity sterile. This story takes place after the film ends.

A viral outbreak has once again struck Bregna and surrounding smaller cities that have cropped in the wake of Æon destroying the wall and finally exposing the world outside to everyone from Bregna. Every other potential medication has failed. It is discovered that the virus is a strain, a mutation made so tactfully on the virus which had struck humanity all those years ago. Trevor, Giroux and rest of the council struggles to find the cure to the same but people are dying rapidly. Amid that, lays the question that who released it? For an outbreak is committed systematically, starting from one of the newer colonies before injected into society of Bregna. Suspects are numerous. Some think its the Monicans who despite of destruction of wall and 'freedom' as they initially wished for, now have become almost like a cult with their own brand of autocracy in the works, some think Oren Goodchild is still alive, some accuse Trevor of once again trying to assert his control like the one he had in past.

Æon begins to conduct an investigation of her own into the whole episode. Little does she know that Æon herself has been infected and she has precious little time left for her own self. Now as to what has caused release of the virus, there are numerous ways this could go, which I would prefer to discuss in PM. Also, what virus causes is for us to decide. Maybe it causes infections, maybe it disorients one's brains, perhaps its something which infects augmentations in humans; a hybrid of nanotech with biology, crippling both systems among humans in a single stroke. Endless possibilities. There will also be the overarching mystery of who did the same as Æon tries to solve the same with Trevor.

This is it for now. I shall definitely add some more as ideas come to me.
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Re: Æon Flux Roleplays! [M/F, M/M, F/F]
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Giving this a bump as it has been some time.