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Started by Blonde, August 02, 2015, 01:08:17 PM

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Below are some rules and rough ideas that I would quite like to do. Please PM me instead of posting here.

•   I am looking for a literate male writer to take on the role of the brother.

•   Please be able to post frequently. I understand we all have lives, I myself have a son that comes before this. But I need to keep in touch with my characters and keep the feel for them alive, and anything that moves too slowly just loses my interest. Ideally, a post a day would be great. More would be better, but 3 days is a comfortable limit.

•   Third person, past tense only please.

•   My O/Os can be located in my signature.

•   I do ask for someone capable of posting multiple paragraphs though. Whilst I understand that it is not always possible to pump out a five paragraph post, please try to give me something to work with, anything less than 4 lines and I tend to lose interest.

Characters will be labelled (B) for brother and (S) for sister.

•   Idea one. (B) has just come back from another extensive tour in Afghanistan (rank can be decided by yourself) and is greeted warmly by his large family. Including his sister who he hasn’t seen since she left to go travelling two years ago. They had always been close, and always up to mischief as children. Of course they kept in contact but haven’t physically seen each other in years. Until his return, where his once young and sweet sister has bloomed into a quite the young woman. There is an instant attraction on both parts which they think is just the joy at being reunited after so many years apart.

•   Idea two. More a step sibling setting, but the age old tale of two people getting married and bringing with them their children from previous relationships. Instantly, there is an attraction between the pair, but both have other partners and commitments. But when the parents head off for a three week honeymoon and the pair are left alone, and after throwing one wild party they find themselves in bed together. We could just change this to full siblings, or even twins and their parents head off for a second honeymoon.

•   Idea three. This is a blackmail story and will need someone with the ability to write a darker character. (B) has always had an unhealthy obsession with (S), always watched her always thought about her. From setting up secret cameras in her room, spying on her when in her room to even going through her room. But when she enters into a more serious relationship, his obsession takes a more sinister twist. So when their parents are out of town, he throws a fancy dress party for Halloween. At some point through the night (B) either beats up or spikes her boyfriend, taking his costume and pretends to be him and gets (S) into bed, and secretly recorded their tryst. Just after the pair of them have finished, he removes the mask and reveals who he is and what he has done, and that this was only the start.

•   Idea four. A medieval setting, (B) was sent out on a campaign six years previous, to further spread his father’s realm and to secure alliances from neighbouring realms. In his absence, the king is slowly being poisoned with his wife intent on marrying his younger more viral brother. The king dies, but the queen is not taken as bride as she has planned but rather the usurper has his eyes set on the princess. Word gets to (B) of his father’s murder and he makes a hasty return, quick to reclaim his father’s crown and rescue his beloved (S).

•   I am also open to any other brother x sister ideas you may have.
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Idea one and two possibly taken, idea three and four still available.

Male writers, and regular posters only please.
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