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Author Topic: School for the Super-Gifted NEEDS MORE LADIES!!!! LOOKING FOR FRESH RECRUITS!!!  (Read 18387 times)

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Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #75 on: July 07, 2015, 04:43:20 pm »
Elevated emotional state?  I hope her bf/gf has enhanced durability as well.... <wide evil grintm>

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Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #76 on: July 07, 2015, 04:53:52 pm »
Okay wow, things developed quick!

I still need to know some opinions on my own brief post on character ideas before I throw something up, but that done, I can something up tomorrow... Its also comic day for me tomorrow too, so I could be more inspired...

Anyway, still here and wanna be in this! @__@;;;

Offline Foxy DeVille

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #77 on: July 07, 2015, 06:21:58 pm »
Player Name: Foxy Oni
Character Name: Sophia Kallos
Character Alias: Miss Myth
Student or Teacher: Teacher, History
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Super Powers / Abilities: Sophia can use the powers of any god, goddess, hero, or creature in Greek mythology. While this give her quite a versatile array of abilities, she is limited to one myth at a time. She does have a few default powers... longevity (which explains why she looks not much older than the students) and resistance to the elements (which explains why she never catches cold even with so much skin showing).
Bio / History: Coming from a rather wealthy family, Sophia took time off after college to go hiking around her ancestral homeland of Greece. She climbed to the top of Mount Olympus and was sunbathing nude then a freak thunderstorm came out of nowhere. A bolt of lightning struck Sophia but instead of being killed she was granted great power. The reason for this is unknown but Zeus' fondness for mortal women might have had something to do with it.

Sophia decided to become a full-time adventurer, encouraged by the fact she had no idea what she was going to do with her arts degree anyway. Calling herself Miss Myth, she became quite popular with the public. Her deeds were quite heroic and the fact she wore nothing under her skimpy togas got her some fans as well.  Her parents supported her financially since having Miss Myth as a daughter beat anything the other parents at the country club could brag about.

After over a decade of heroics, Miss Myth became bored by it all. One reason is that over years the gods had influenced her personality. Being a lusty, vain, and petty lot, they didn't help her become more altruistic. Desiring the respect she felt she deserved, Sophia became a mentor to other super-humans. For the last couple years she has helped mold the next generation of heroes... into the shape she wants.

Basic Ons: Classical art and theater, fine wine, combat sports, outdoor activities.
Basic Offs: Any sort of disrespect, she can be quite vindictive.
Sexual Ons: Channeling the gods has made her quite the deviant. She loves exhibitionism, orgies, and younger partners of both genders. Not even incest, bestiality, or golden showers are off limits to her.
Sexual Offs: She has no interest in pregnancy, Greek mythology isn't know for parents and children getting along.
Extras: While history teacher is her primary function, Miss Myth is quite active in many school functions and is gunning for the principal position.
Additional Photos

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Online Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #78 on: July 07, 2015, 06:31:15 pm »
Okay wow, things developed quick!

I still need to know some opinions on my own brief post on character ideas before I throw something up, but that done, I can something up tomorrow... Its also comic day for me tomorrow too, so I could be more inspired...

Anyway, still here and wanna be in this! @__@;;;

All I can say is play what you want, man.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #79 on: July 07, 2015, 06:45:52 pm »

I really love the outcome so far.

I know Oni is interested as a CO Gm is there anyone else? if so please PM me soon.

I'll have my Character Sheet up soon.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #80 on: July 07, 2015, 07:32:04 pm »
Player Name: Chreestafer

Character Name: Kyler Bishop

Character Alias: Just known as Kyler Bishop, however he's subtly earned the knickname "Blackout" as a joke from bullies as when he gets into a rage he tends to blackout after his fights.

Student or Teacher: Student

Age: 17 1/2

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pan-Curious


Personality:  Kyler seem's cold and distant, often lost in his music or a book he has chosen to read.  Being rejected most of his life has brought a sence of withdrawn feelings towards the outside world.  He's a nice kid when he gets talking, but to actually see the real him, you need to coax it out with a little friendship and hard earned trust.

Super Powers / Abilities: Mind Abilities
Telekenisis - He has the ability to manipulate the world about him with just the mear thought of it.  The more powerful the objective however tends to strain his head and often he is found bleeding from the nose when he exherts to much energy.

Read Thoughts - he can tap into peoples minds, some unwillingly others its like cutting through butter.  However he hasnt done it in years.

Fist Focus - When very emotional he can focus all his mind ability into his fists causing massive damage with enhanced speed, strength, and accurace.

Blackout Rage - He doesnt know he does it, yet when he is pushed to the edge he "Blacksout" and berzerks, All of him is enhanced as he swings at everything in sight or uses his abilities to toss people away from him or in the air, or even bring roofs down ontop of people like he did at the dance a year ago.

Bio / History: Kyler doesnt really know who he is or where he came from.  When he was 6, he was fond the pourch of an orphanage, bleeding from the ears and the nose.  He couldn't remember who he was or how he had gotten there.  He was nude except for a navy digital blue jaket that held the name Bishop on it, wrapped about his shivering frame.  He went for almost a year refered to as a John Doe, and many began to call him Jonny.  However, as he grew older he began to have night terrors, which were truely flashbacks to darker times.  In the flashback he saw a folder with the name Kyler on it, and since then he was called Kyler Bishop.  He bounced around from orphanage to foster care for many years, never settling down long enough in one spot.  Throughout the years Ky began to notice his abilities, his thoughts could control things around him, and they would become stronger when he got into fights.

Kids began to notice.

Around 12 years old, durring an orphanage fight while he was losing, he let his inner rage open up and all his thoughts manifested in his fists.  Next thing he knew he was waking up from blacking out.  The other child had to be rushed to the hospital as his cheek bone and nose were broken.  His fights only got worse as the kids got older and tougher.  Some times he'd be jumped by groups of kids who would beet him into a pulp.  Calling him freak and things like wise.  His powers grew stronger though and soon enough he gained he ability to hear thoughts, but that only made things worse.  Girls and guys all around would taunt him without opening their mouths.  Words like "Freak" and "loser" became common, and soon enough he tried hard to push the ability down to ignore the thoughts.

At 16, he was approached by a girl, who proceeded to ask him to the dance.  Reluctantly he accepted, and on the night of the dance he was turned into a joke and the laughter began.  As cliche as it is, that night became a horrid event.  Kyler blacked out once more, when he woke he was being pinned down by a superhero known as "MindWave" the man spoke to Kyler in his thoughts as the young boy looked at the destruction he had caused.  Two fellow classmates lost their lives, and many were injured as Kyler had gone full Carrie (like the movie) on them.  Later that evening he attempted to take his own life by slitting his wrists.  He was found by MindWave once more who saved him.  When he recovered, the Superhero told him about a school for gifted young men like himself and soon enough Ky found himself enrolled for the next year. 

MindWave also signed Kyler up for boxing classes.  Most were confused by the actions saying he needed to stop the fighting.  Yet the Superhero knew Kyler wasnt going to stop with kind of people that were out there.  So he enlisted the young man in classs on how to fight properly and most importantly to know when to fight and how to controll the rage that builds up inside of him. So as the school bell rings for the first day of his new school, Kyler looks about at all the kids around him.  Some with visable unique traits, others not so much.  Then as always, the shuving of a bully comes and goes as the group of assholes seem to seek out all the freash meet.

Basic Ons: Reading, Boxing, listening to music, being alone

Basic Offs: Bullies, big crowds,

Sexual Ons: Personal Ons

Sexual Offs: Personal Offs

Extras: Inwardly he wants to be accepted by the people around him, but he is to afraid to comfront anyone about anything.  The true nature of his powers came from being experimented on by the US Military.

Aditional Photos:
Extra Photos


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Online JoanieSappho

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #81 on: July 07, 2015, 09:50:23 pm »
Player Name:JoanieSappho
Character Name: Tessa Gwent
Character Alias: Whisper
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Uncertainly pansexual

Super Powers / Abilities
Telekinesis: While she can't pick up a car with her mind (yet), anything from a large motorcycle down is within her grasp, as long as she can see it. Failure or extended periods of activity tire her, but have no worse effects than that.

Telepathy: Anyone within sight, or known well enough, can be communicated with straight through their minds. Although this has saved Tessa quite a bit in phone bills, it requires her to initiate the contact, and she is too shy to use this much, especially with people she doesn't know well.

Empathy: One of her earliest abilities to show, Tessa can impose her emotional state over others, although she hasn't done this since she was a little girl.

Mindsense: The presence of an active, thinking mind anywhere near Tessa is known to her, as an odd, dull little sensation in her head, indicating direction and (roughly) range. Large crowds can be deafening, however.

Mind Reading. An unaware, unremarkable mind is an open book to Tessa. Knowledge of her intrusion, and sufficient willpower can keep her out, however. On the other hand, distractions make this far easier and, although she would never admit it, she has used this ability to silently watch when the young couple next door are being ... intimate. Unlike most of her abilities, she does not need line of sight for this, although that makes it much easier.


Mind over Matter: Tessa's 'powers' are entirely mental in nature, physically she is entirely unremarkable - in fact, she's both weaker and frailer than the average human, although at least she's quick.

Lightweight: Both Tessa's small size and biology work against her, speeding the distribution of chemicals through her body, while her alien physiology hasn't had centuries of adaptations  that humans have. While diseases have a bad time, chemicals, drugs and similar substances hit her both harder and quicker than they would affect a human.

Hot-Blooded: Apparently adapted to a warmer - and narrower - range of environments, Tessa finds temperatures below 60 F to be uncomfortable, and anything below 40 to be dangerous to her health. Cold and ice-based powers are very, very dangerous for her.

Weak Eyes: Although her glasses help, Tessa is both shortsighted and somewhat colourblind, her eyes having trouble picking up shades of blue.

Bio / History: Found in the middle of a field in a small, heavily damaged pod of obviously alien design, the more cynical would have expected the infant's life to continue - for a little while -in a laboratory somewhere.
Instead, while she certainly did receive some scientific attention, the bulk of the research she was subjected to was entirely noninvasive, two of the scientists going as far as to adopt the little girl who had fallen into their life.
Although mostly human, or close enough, when it came to her body, Tessa's abilities soon began to show, starting with the way the child wouldn't scream or cry when hurt or scared, but instead flood the minds of her two fatigues with her fear and confusion. As she grew, so did her mental abilities, moving from (more controlled) bursts of emotion to words and full, entirely mental conversations. And, after watching the Star Wars films as a young girl, she realized that she could move objects with her mind, although she still jokes about using the Force at times.
As she matured, Tessa's physical differences have become more announced, her breasts and hips stubbornly refusing to develop much at all, leaving her with, at beast, a b cup and a boyish figure.
The bigger, although less obvious, difference is between her legs. Instead of the human layout of separate orifices for different purposes, it would appear that Tessa's species, whatever they are, resemble platypi and other monotremes rather than Earth's more common branches of mammalian life - down to the laying of large, unfertilized eggs instead of the human menstrual cycle, a fact that freaked her the hell out when she first discovered it.
Soft spoken - both by her personality and the limitations of her body - and shy, Tessa knew that she would be going to a school like this for a long time, but is still shy around so many unfamiliar people, and tends to keep to herself. All of the issues she has with how different her body is doesn't help her, either.

Personality: Somewhat sheltered and very shy, Tessa tends to hide off in a corner rather than being especially extroverted. Although large groups disorientate her and her issues about her body make her uncomfortable for her to be the focus of attention, she stills hovers around the edges of conversations and groups, qatching and trying to involve herself, but shrinking away when attention is directly focused on her.
However, behind all of the shyness and image problems, Tessa is something of an unrepentant pervert, with an especially dirty sense of humour and something of an overactive (and dirty) imagination.
Basic Ons: Reading, swimming, seafood, being alone
Basic Offs: Crowds, loud noises, egg-eating
Sexual Ons: Voyeurism, men, women, romantic sex
Sexual Offs: Violence, dishonesty, poop stuff, blood, pain

Extras: Perhaps because of her natural mental abilities, Tessa is physically incapable of shouting, and even speaking loudly hurts her throat. They call her Whisper for a reason, after all. Also, insecurities about her body make her exceedingly shy, especially when it comes to showing her body in any way.
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Offline apygoos

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #82 on: July 07, 2015, 09:58:48 pm »
Player Name:apygoos
Character Name:Zachary Miles
Character Alias:Tachyon
Student or Teacher: student
Age: 17
Super Powers / Abilities:Super Speed - Zach's body and mind are able to move at unbelievable speeds. He has been witnessed as able to vibrate his particles to an intangible state. It is believed that his maximum speed has yet to be seen, but the question is, do you want to see it ?

weakness: despite his healing factor his speed gives him, He is still vulnerable to things he doesnt manage to dodge. that one punch really hurt..

Personality: Zach is a nerd, talk to him about anything science related, scifi, comicbooks, anime, video games and he may likely join you. He is also meek to an end, never necessarily wanting to fight. This makes him a touch vulnerable to bullies, despite his impressive potential with his powers. He is highly smart, more so thanks to his powers and is willing to help with peoples work if they wanted.

Bio / History:Zach was a boy of science from an early age, and a quick learner. When he was six though his powers started to manifest and he would have abrupt spasms. His father though, a scientist, attempted to help his son control his powers, and with genetic tampering, ended up unchaining his powers. His father to this day is unsure of his sons limits ever since that day.

Life got harder as the nerdy boy sought acceptance from  people other than his parents, only seeming to gain the favor of his teachers with his fast mind and in class participation. This got him labeled as a teachers pet and made his situation worse. Over time he self taught himself how to control some of his powers, but never really explored the extent of them. When his parents discovered though that there was a school for people like him, they sent him with hopes he may find acceptance there and learn the most on his gifts.
Basic Ons: science, intelligence, running, anime, comic books, eating, music
Basic Offs:bullies, isolation, restrictions
Sexual Ons:see my o/os
Sexual Offs:see my o/ps
Extras:Due to his hyper metabolism, he eats a LOT, and almost always has some kind of snack on him.

His speed and ability with it is more or less restricted by himself. He will at least start out rather meek, having him not quite explore his powers. With his powers down the road though he will be a very powerful hero, with the potential to even break time [possible plot point for the future?]
Aditional Photos:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

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Offline apygoos

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #83 on: July 07, 2015, 10:12:28 pm »
also wodnering, what kind of class system will be used in the game? your classic styles[like a normal highschool]? or something a little different?

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #84 on: July 07, 2015, 10:14:34 pm »
everything is like a normal highschool except there will be a few classes that revolve around supr abilities.

yay! another one with mind powers!

Offline MaiMizzu

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #85 on: July 07, 2015, 10:22:30 pm »
Just real quick before I actually go to sleep.. So they'll all be in the same class?

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #86 on: July 07, 2015, 10:33:47 pm »
Inter mixed, some might have the same others might not, I haven't figured that out yet, what are some people's thoughts on that?

Offline Jefepato

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #87 on: July 07, 2015, 11:12:30 pm »
EDIT: I'll have to withdraw my application.  I don't think I'll have time to keep up with another game.

It might be easier for all the PCs to be in the same class (because then nobody has to stop and ask or check "wait, which classes do we have together?"), but if the group is large enough it might be implausible.

Personally I would err on the side of PCs being grouped together.

Player Name: Jefepato
Character Name: Tommy Nakamura
Character Alias: Callout
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Super Powers / Abilities:
Logogenesis: Tommy can literally speak objects into existence.  It's generally easier if the objects he wants are relatively simple, not too large, and meant to appear nearby, but speaking longer and more precise phrases helps too.  The objects are usually temporary; making them permanent takes quite a bit longer, although if he takes the time to do it (upwards of ten seconds of repeating himself and/or elaborating), his creations are truly real when he's done.

Tommy needs to basically understand (though not in perfect detail) what he wants to create, which is part of why he can't create living creatures; even if he becomes an expert in biology he will probably never understand a mammal's brain, much less life itself, well enough to try.  (He can create a steak, but not a living cow.)  Creating a sapient being is flat-out impossible.  Nothing actually stops Tommy from making valuable objects, but his parents and other authorities would probably kick his ass if he created a bunch of gold or something.

Very Slightly Divine: Tommy is physically and mentally a bit superior to a normal human -- for instance, he can bench about half again as much as one would expect from a young man of his build and exercise level -- but in most respects, one wouldn't notice that he was anything but somewhat talented.  However, the effects are far greater when it comes to resisting severe injury or other, equally drastic effects; he bruises almost as easily as anyone else and most telepaths wouldn't have trouble reading his surface thoughts, but his vital organs are incredibly tough and outright controlling his mind is just as hard.  Actually killing him, or drastically transforming his mind or body against his will, would be nearly impossible.

Luck: It would be hard to prove without extensive testing, because the effects are usually too minor to notice, but Tommy really is luckier than other people as an ironic result of his father's association with natural disasters.  Bad things that aren't aimed at him tend to happen mostly to other people, and he has an edge in games of chance.

Bio / History: Tommy's mother is Alison Nakamura, an accomplished software engineer of Irish and French descent.  His father, Hideyoshi Nakamura, is an incarnation of the god Tenjin; he is often away on "business trips" (his family knows what's up, few others do), but is a distinguished professor of history at UCLA.  Tommy was born in LA, and grew up a happy child -- his family certainly didn't lack for much, even if his father couldn't always be around.  He probably had his powers from birth, although it wasn't obvious until he could say the names of objects.  His parents raised him multilingual once he began speaking, which was quite easy for obvious reasons.

Tommy is smart -- not quite superhumanly smart, but pretty damn smart by any reasonable measure -- but more to the point he's just plain good at school.  Although he didn't hit a lot of nerd stereotypes he still occasionally got pushed around for being a "teacher's pet," but he was generally tough enough to hold his own.  Most of the time.  He still isn't fond of bullies.

It's hard to say why he decided to learn to be a superhero.  Maybe it's just that he felt like someone besides him should benefit from his powers.  His parents are supportive, if somewhat worried; his father never was much of a warrior.  He tries to be vague about the source of his powers, because it'd just sound like he's bragging if he said his father was a god (although the faculty of course knows).

Personality:  Tommy is a fairly nice young man who's a bit too used to his life being easy.  He tries not to act like that, because frankly people thinking he's being a jerk about having it easy is something he can't stand (even when they're right), and he works hard at what he does for exactly that reason.  He's loyal to his friends and generally is mostly pretty confident and acts like it, and certainly has no fear of things like public speaking.  One thing really bothers him, though: he isn't at all sure that superheroing is the best use of his powers -- and he honestly doesn't know if he's being rational or just afraid that he's going to get himself killed.

Basic Ons: Keeping in shape, cooking, tennis, literature, girls, board games
Basic Offs: Idiots, horror movies, bullies, people who can't have a bit of common decency
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Sexual Ons: Girls of roughly appropriate age (especially if they're smart), mostly vanilla.  He does have a thing for girls who are a bit modest, but really he'd never complain about short skirts and tight clothing either.
Sexual Offs: BDSM, excessive violence, stuff that normally goes on in the bathroom
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Offline Oldknight

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #88 on: July 07, 2015, 11:14:31 pm »
Player Name: Tienshinhan
Character Name: Alister Cromley
Character Alias: N/A has none at the start of the rp
Student or Teacher:Student
Age: 18
Photos: picture  (Yeah couldn't find a photo that worked right)-
Super Powers / Abilities:
Sand Manipulation: Alister has the ability to control sand and shape and change it however he wants, on a small scale he has some solid control able to use it to defend himself or capture people or to make weapons out of harden sand when he needs too. On a large scale he has no control but with practice would be able to create sandstorms and the ability to create eddies with sand and as well as other aspects. His control his is weak point regarding his power as he has not learned anything about control of his powers yet.

Hand to hand fighting: He knows how to handle himself in a normal fight as a normal person, no super powered abilities just with his fist or with various close range weapons he might have.

Survival: From being in the desert he has learned to survive in harsh areas.He knows survival technique that give him a edge in such situations.

Weaknesses: Other then his power over sand, he is a rather normal person. His power and control over the same are extremely questionable at the beginning of the rp, he can only use sand to do small things, and even then his control doesn't last that long. Plus the longer he uses his ability the more it drains him and wears down Alister to the point of passing out if over used.

Bio / History: Alister started off in life in a very nice family, his family was going to take the Alister with them on a trip to see the world, but on the way, the plane that they were in got into a crash. Leaving Alister alone in the middle of a great desert. He was lucky one that he lived, and two that a nomadic tribe happened to find him, and took him in, saving his life. He spent years traveling with the tribe as it was his way to survive learning how to defend himself, the arts of self defense were very key to his survival as well.  Alister worked helping the tribe to keep his place in they traveled across the desert. While they were stationary during seasons he was able to travel and explore the desert around where they were. This would change his life, as he went into the desert and got lost in a sand storm, during the storm, a old temple was uncovered, he came into the temple working. As he wondered the temple, he looked for water, and found some old bottles with what he thought was water, but as he drank it he found out the water was not just water, but a special magic that had been left behind by the builders of the building a very long time before. Alister made it out of the temple before he passed out, to somehow awaken later fine. He had somehow though fate or luck gained the power to control sand, he could control it and move it, but doing so was hard, and his control over it was not very good.  He rejoined the nomads as he tried to learn more traveling and finding zero information about he had found information once. In a old building in a nearly abandoned city. He slowly gained some control over his power, but he used it only ever on a small scale. He went and took supplies to a port town when he was found by another person who recognized him as missing and he ended up returning to America to live with his grandparents who gave him freedom. He entered the school as he knew that he needed to learn about the normal world around himself and to get back into the normal education system, or at least semi normal education system.

Personality: He is a rather quiet person by his nature, due to having spent so much time along. He is a bit of a longer as well due to these experiences as well. He is a very intelligent person, who is also rather humble as well. He is also respectful and humble by nature as well as being rather a good person in general.

Basic Ons: The outdoors, being alone, good food, reading
Basic Offs: airplanes, small places
Sexual Ons: He is extremely vanilla in his nature
Sexual Offs: Bathroom stuff and blood, and other guys.
S/O: Heterosexual
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Offline Foxy DeVille

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #89 on: July 07, 2015, 11:23:26 pm »
What I was thinking is that there could be some standard classes the students take "off-panel." The teacher characters would also have elective type classes more geared toward super-hero stuff that students of any grade could take. For instance, Miss Myth might teach something like History of Heroes and Heroines. Powers training could be done both during a phys ed period and after school like a sports team.

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #90 on: July 07, 2015, 11:47:48 pm »
We'll figure it out.

Online Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #91 on: July 07, 2015, 11:50:43 pm »
Choko can double as a combat instructor. "You must learn to fight a modular foe." *Deploys a FUCKTON of drones with a bunch of different attack methods*

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #92 on: July 07, 2015, 11:56:51 pm »
Protean changes into a cheetah and books it for the nearest exit.

Online Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #93 on: July 07, 2015, 11:58:38 pm »
Sadly for you, one of those drones has animal tranq darts. And they can compute a firing solution faster then you can run. "Is this the point where I mention the bots are all set to stun? They just 'look' like they're spraying fire and ice and whatnot, it's all non-lethal assaults."

Offline Foxy DeVille

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #94 on: July 08, 2015, 12:18:17 am »
Pfft... you'll never build any character with non-lethal assaults.

Online Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #95 on: July 08, 2015, 12:19:30 am »
Pfft... you'll never build any character with non-lethal assaults.

Then you don't know the first thing about me. Considering I'm fairly certain this is the first time we've interacted, I'd prefer you not to make baseless assumptions.

Offline Foxy DeVille

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #96 on: July 08, 2015, 12:37:34 am »
OK... that's an interesting over-reaction. It was a joke, indicating I would use lethal force to toughen students up. So when it comes to making baseless assumptions we seem to be in a bit of a pot-kettle situation here.

Online Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #97 on: July 08, 2015, 12:42:00 am »
OK... that's an interesting over-reaction. It was a joke, indicating I would use lethal force to toughen students up. So when it comes to making baseless assumptions we seem to be in a bit of a pot-kettle situation here.

Actually what happened was a very interesting case of me thinking something else. I'm actually building a character sheet right now and since I refer to making characters as "building characters", I thought you were referring to the characters I build...

In other words, Iron Maiden is far smarter then I am. (Also, while non-lethal, they hurt)

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #98 on: July 08, 2015, 12:44:51 am »
<slides across the floor to a sprawling stop>

Oh look, the floor is melting.

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Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
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Player Name: Sasquatch421
Character Name: Alexi Quinn
Character Alias: Kali
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 18
Gender: Variable
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Super Powers / Abilities:
   Biokinesis: Alexi can control his/her body on a genetic level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced biological healing, induce appearance alteration and manipulate pheromones.

   Shapeshifting: This is Alexi's bio-kinesis in its simplest form. Alexi can hold a form for as long as needed, but it usually has imperfections. However with a single strand of hair, Alexi can read the DNA and overwrite his/her own and create a perfect copy. The forms are put into a library of forms at which Alexi can recall at any time...

   Power Mimicry: When Alexi gets a piece of superhuman DNA another effect is gained. Alexi can overwrite his/her DNA with the superhuman’s power for a short time. This is put away so Alexi can recall a power when the need arises. Her time limit is around 15 to 30 minutes.

   Body Alteration: A more complicated form of bio-kinesis Alexi can alter his/her body. This could be anything from adding extra arms or eyes to Alexi's body growing claws, as well as growing her bones through her skin and hardening them into a type of armor. The downside of this is having to take the time to heal when she reverts back into normal form.

Bio / History: Alexi was put up for adoption early in life... Bouncing around in foster homes for many years Alexi led a boring life. Then his/her powers activated and what life Alexi had disappeared in a blink of an eye. While playing Mortal Kombat Alexi's powers adopted Sheeva's character as her new default form. Quickly running away he/she lived on the streets shifting forms as needed to make his/her way.

While on the streets, Alexi fell in with a secret group of assassins simply called: The Guild. They found her mutant powers to be perfect for killing targets. They focused on high profile targets. The Guild never ran a regular school, but trained her in different arts mainly Ninjutsu, Jeet Kune Do and Mauy Thai as well as some others. Given her form Alexi used what she learned from reading books that Bruce Lee wrote to combining them into her own unique art, which utilizes all of her arms. While on a hit Alexi found out about being able to take powers for herself. The second person gave Alexi a power to detect and track superhumans based on their DNA. This gave her group more reasons to send her out on missions.

However she wanted to collect powers and jumped a superhero with great strength and durability. While she started out on top she eventually got her ass kicked. However Alexi got even by taking the superhero’s form and running nude all around the city.

Then finally on her last hit she came up against a hero that was able to look inside her mind and discovered everything she had been through. Stopping the fight he simply talked to Alexi and convinced her to give up the things she thought only a monster was good for, and go to the school to finish her education as well as truly learn her powers. Alexi agreed and immediately took the free shot after his arms lowered. Still she came to the school…

Weakness: Despite her looks and powers Alexi is simply mortal. If taken by surprise she can be hurt or killed, due to having to make a conscious effort to activate power sets or healing abilities. Even though she can overwrite and give herself powers, she needs to learn how to use them and if she replaces any of the five sets she has, Alexi must learn them as well.

Basic Ons: Music, concerts, gaming, anime, loves '80s hair metal... well hell and all other metal, pranks, reading, martial arts, playing guitar and working on vehicles

Basic Offs: People that judge her on her appearance and past, feeling sorry for her as well as people that think that every game needs online multiplayer!

Sexual Ons: Alexi likes people that accept him/her, people that like to experiment with different forms. She also is a loving person when one breaks past the walls she has built up.

Sexual Offs: Scat and bathroom play

Personality: She views herself as a monster so she hides behind a wall though if one breaks through that wall Alexi will die for her friends, Alexi also loves playing pranks on others.

Extras: Aside for the time constraints of his/her mimicry Alexi can only hold 5 power sets before having to discard them. Alexi also can't shapeshift into a perfect form without a DNA sample.

Another effect of the mutation has caused Alexi to forget if he/she was originally a guy or a girl. Alexi can't even use his/her name to help since it is a unisex name.

Alexi also can't use powers at the same time. If she is shapeshifted she can't use her power library without reverting back to her default form. The only exception is if the form she is using and the powers are connected like shifting into Cyclops and then Alexi would be able to use his optic blasts. Her clothes change with Alexi's form so her wardrobe stays small. Her default form stands at 7’ 3” and weighs 210 pounds, but when she uses her male form of Goro as a default she er.. He is 7’ 8” and weighs in at 275 pounds.

Her religion is Hinduism and she feels a close connection to the Hindu Goddess Kali. Though she doesn't really know how close they really are...

Aditional Photos:
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