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May 11, 2021, 06:49:52 pm

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Author Topic: School for the Super-Gifted NEEDS MORE LADIES!!!! LOOKING FOR FRESH RECRUITS!!!  (Read 18345 times)

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Offline Captain Whitebread

They'd likely get along.  He's got a body count made up of the people who turned his twin sister into a drug addict, prostitute and corpse.  Plus one or two more of the same kind.

Online Foxy DeVille

Iron Maiden is there because she paid for the gymnasium. the cafeteria and the science lab and she's personally invested in nurturing students.  Miss Myth is there because she doesn't want the risk of being a hero and is attracted to a significant portion of the students.  Nightingale is there because he had a choice between this or prison.

It's not that Miss Myth worries about the risk as she cares less about helping mere mortals than she used to. At least young virile superhuman can still keep her attention...  >:)

Offline Captain Whitebread

Here he is in all his glory...  Sorry Miss Myth, he's mostly human.  But he does have a nice tight ass....

Player Name: Captain Whitebread
Character Name: Charles Hayes
Character Alias: Nightingale
Student or Teacher: Teacher
Age: 35
Gender: Male

Faceclaim: Michael Praed

Super Powers / Abilities:  A body trained since his teen years in gymnastics and martial arts and the ability to manipulate sound, as a weapon, a shield and a means to propel himself vast distances.  He also teaches math, physics, economics and accounting and coaches gymnastics.

Weakness:  He has only the strength and endurance of a normal human.  Should his sonic shield not protect him, he is as vulnerable to bullets, knives and explosives as the next person.  He has no real  defense against chemical or biological weapons.

Bio / History: Charles would have led a normal life, if it hadn't been for his twin sister Catherine.  She fell in with the wrong crowd and by the time she was fifteen she was turning tricks to get money for drugs.  By seventeen, she was dead.  Dead but not forgotten, that is.  Charles and his sister had shared a special link like many twins and her loss changed him.

It took counseling to put his mind back in order after her death but nothing could undo the changes that had been triggered in his body.  The sole remaining element of the link they had share was the key that unlocked his mutant abilities.  One can only speculate what might have been, had both twins gained their powers.

As Charles, he got a teaching degree and took a place where the drop-out rate neared 70% and there was little or no funding for extracurricular activities.  He taught courses that would help the students learn to budget and how not to get caught under a mountain of debt.  He mentored students who were on the edge, doing everything he could to keep them away from a life of misery.

As Nightingale, he hunted at night, destroying those who preyed on the weak.  killing those who had brought his sister down.  He thought himself finished until somebody messed with his students and took up his mantle again after a gap of almost fifteen years.  Once again he patrolled the streets and alleys, dishing out his own form of justice.  At least he did until the police caught up with him.  Faced with a case that was shaky at best and untenable at worst, the DA chose to plea bargain.  All the men Nightingale had killed were criminals of the worst kind, so some leniency was permitted.  If Charles would lay down his mask and make use of his teaching skills to educate the next generation of superheroes, he would face no jail time and would only serve a few years of probation.  Not liking his chances in prison, Charles accepted.  He’s never looked back.

Personality:  By day, charming and quiet.  He laughs with his students and quietly encourages them.  He does what he can to warn them of the dangers of drugs.

Previously he was a savage hunter, with no mercy and that person still exists inside him.  If one of his students strays, he will give them ONE warning.  After that, he will treat them just like he treated other scum.  He never saw himself as a villain but as a crusader, fighting a battle the police are losing.  He has agreed to lay down his mask but the chance exists that something could happen to make him pick it up again.

Basic Ons: Students willing to try.  Beating pimps, drug dealers and child molesters to a bloody pulp. Gymnastics.
Basic Offs: Pimps, drug dealers and child molesters using up his oxygen.  Slackers.  Drug use.
Sexual Ons: Hot sweaty sticky exhausting sex.  Flexibility.  Pubic hair.
Sexual Offs: Children, Scat, Prostitution or Teacher/Student roleplaying, sexual violence.

Offline Angie

I have the sense that since metahumans seem to be rather prevalent, there may be a DA that specializes in metahumanity. After all, a significant difference exists between the perspectives of mortals and that of supers-a regular human sees a ten car pileup as a disaster, a super sees that as Tuesday.

It would warm my heart if the DA in question was also a super with super strength and endurance known as "Princess". If you have the M&M 3rd Edition book, you probably just laughed. ("Princess" is the Powerhouse archetype character in Mutants and Masterminds 3E)

Offline Jefepato

How many of you would be for playing 2 characters if allowed?
In theory, I would, but I'm not sure I have the time for it right now.

Offline Captain Whitebread

I've got 2nd and 3rd editions.  I'm blatantly stealing some of the students from 2nd Edition's Hero High...

Offline mia h

How many of you would be for playing 2 characters if allowed?
Maybe, depends on finding the right idea for them.

Online ChreestaferTopic starter

Just so everyone knows, I'll be away this weekend, we'll actually right now haha.  I have very little service, I'm on a boat, in the middle of a lake, fishing and relaxing :)

However when I return, either late Sunday or Monday, I'll have some good posts up.  I'll start a character acceptance thread and an OOC thread.

Co-gm, whitebread, put something in a CS of his that I really liked.  Would everyone update their sheets and add a section for weaknesses.  Everyone had a weekness, what's yours?

Online JoanieSappho

And updated with weaknesses and stuff.

Offline vatovie

Already listed my guys with his power so I'll just move them to their own spot.

Offline MaiMizzu

I updated my gal's cs a few days ago, forgot weaknesses tho. I'll do that tonight after work.

Offline Jefepato

What counts as a weakness?  Like, do we need to have something equivalent to Kryptonite, or is "not substantially tougher than a normal person" a valid weakness?

Offline Angie

Pretty sure the Maiden has her weaknesses.

EDIT: Why did I write in a heavy magic weakness? I think I was thinking of the old Arcanum and magic didn't like each other.

Offline mia h

What counts as a weakness?  Like, do we need to have something equivalent to Kryptonite, or is "not substantially tougher than a normal person" a valid weakness?
I'd have thought that the baseline for everything is what a normal human could do, with the powers\abilities being those special things that humans can't do. So not being able to run 100m in less than 5 seconds wouldn't be a weakness because not even Usain Bolt is close to that but Iron Maiden's problems with magic would be.

So do we need to list absolutely everything that's out of the ordinary? I would have thought it's safe to assume that all the full time heroes would have better than average fitness, stamina, fight training etc.

Offline Captain Whitebread

Normal human vulnerability can be considered a weakness in a superhero but other weaknesses are always welcome

Offline mia h

Weakness: Can't do the Times crossword  ::)

Offline ApesAmongUs

Player Name:ApesAmongUs
Character Name: Josephina "Joey" Grant
Character Alias: Ghost
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Inexperienced and uncertain (but OOC I can say she's bi)


Super Powers / Abilities:
Phase shifting - can make herself and objects out of phase with one another (intangible) resulting in objects and energy passing through each other.  Can only affect herself and objects/people she is touching.  Can be used to weaken parts of a structure making it vulnerable to damage or even collapsing under it's own weight.

Invisibility - really just an alternate effect of making herself out of phase with visible light.

Phase reinforce - by supporting the natural state of any material she can make it highly resistant to damage.  As a new power she is yet to master it, and holding this new state for more than an instant before losing control.


Intangibility to matter and energy are mutually exclusive.  So, she if attacked with an energy beam and physical attack at the same time she can only avoid one.  This also applies to invisibility, so if she can walk through walls, then she can be seen, and if she wants to remain invisible, she is stuck unable to move through objects.

The speed and degree she can affect objects is determined by familiarity.  For herself and the things she interacts with frequently, she can phase them instantly and instinctively.  For a new object she has never encountered, it takes extra time and is mentally draining.  For this reason, she has a limited wardrobe that she cycles through, so she knows she can take it with her without effort when she uses her powers.

She has trouble phasing living beings other than herself or even moving herself out of phase with other beings.  So, while she can touch a wall and make it intangible to everyone, she couldn't grab one person and run through a wall with them leaving everyone else behind.  Likewise, she can allows swords and fire to pass through her with no effect, there is little she can do about being punched in the face.  She is certainly capable of doing these things, but would almost certainly be knocked unconscious by the strain of doing any of them for even a second.

Applying her powers to herself are on a hair trigger.  This has saved her life in the past, but can lead to awkward situations and greatly limits her ability to have any sort of secret identity or work undercover as she might go invisible slip through the wall just because a car backfires.

Bio / History: She lived a rather unexceptional, middle-class, suburban life until everything changed the first time her powers manifested.  On vacation with her family, they were involved in a massive highway pile-up.  Dozens injured and her family killed, she drew attention, because not only was she uninjured save for some abrasions from rolling along the asphalt, she was also found naked a hundred yards away - her clothes wrapped around the seat belt when she had reacted in fear and phased herself to safety and flew out of the car when it slammed to a halt.

Confused and frightened, she was almost instantly swept away by some shadowy government types eager to "diagnose" her, but really more interested in what she was capable of.  Hoping for an early recruit as a perfect thief and spy, they became disappointed as her inability to remain stealthy while gaining entry limited her usefulness without extensive training, and her resistance to their attempts eventually led to her being sent to <insert school here> until such a time as she would be more useful to them.

Even though she misses her parents, she thinks of herself as "twice abandoned" as since they died and the government dumped her off without even a real name to track them by, she has nothing to go back to outside the school.  This makes her resistant to anyone who seems to represent "the system" or the rightful authorities, but very likely to latch onto anyone with a forceful personality who does not attempt to overtly assert control over her.

Personality: Shy to the point of skittishness.  Jumpy and easily surprised (which can result in her going invisible or falling through her seat as a defense mechanism.)  When she gets nervous, she will speak more quickly and her voice becomes more high pitched.  This can result in a barely audible "Meep" when she is caught off guard and can't think of anything to say.

Plays the rebellious outsider as a way to avoid contact. The only group activity she takes part in is the track and field team.  She was pressured by a guidance counselor to "take part" in something, and distance running seemed the best thing to fulfill that requirement, but not have to engage in teamwork.  She was surprised at how well she performed relative to the students with no speed/time related powers.  Within a month of joining, she had completed her first marathon and felt a sense of competition she did not get from schoolwork or the social games other kids played.

She sketches in class, but all of her drawings are very detailed renderings of familiar locations with all the people missing or removed.  She is hesitant to show these to people as many find it creepy.

Basic Ons: Drawing, spying on people and learning secrets, large groups of people where she can blend in and be one of the crowd
Basic Offs: Attention, multiple conversations going on at once
Sexual Ons: strangely enough bondage, which (in her fantasies) involves being held in place by someone as she could easily escape almost any restraints.  Dirty talk, which she has only experienced by eavesdropping on others.
Sexual Offs: Compliments.  They make her self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Offline Wolfy

I kind of want to join, but there are so many people...xD And it's progressed so far it seems.

Offline Angie

Join in anyway.

Offline Angie

Choko is now happy she doesn't actually have blood.

Offline Wolfy

:P She can't manipulate others blood, just her own...though any blood that's transfused into her body is mutated into her own when it mixes with hers.

Offline Malgriff

Sounds like fun, I'm up for making a female student :3

Offline Captain Whitebread

My med-lab background is twitching over the blood compatibilities.  AB+ is the universal receiver.  To be able to produce Any blood type is fine but she'd need to be able to separate the blood inside her own body to be able to have it extracted.  Perhaps a dual circulatory system that she can purge of all but one type of blood?

Interesting character.  Creepy as fuck but interesting.

Offline MaiMizzu

Co-GM's.. if ya'll need help with anything, or need something for ideas or resources or to get you coffee or something, I'll help ya out! Just lemme know if I can help with anything. I'm pretty good at finding things online and such.

Offline zenpai

Angiejuusan I had another idea as it relate to my AI character. I want to have Choko Hideyo be hated by my person. because choko research was the reason that my character creation.