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Author Topic: School for the Super-Gifted NEEDS MORE LADIES!!!! LOOKING FOR FRESH RECRUITS!!!  (Read 18431 times)

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Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #50 on: July 07, 2015, 12:17:22 am »
Yeah, because teen geniuses NEVER show up in the comic books....

Offline Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #51 on: July 07, 2015, 12:19:00 am »
I'm trying to NOT make a ton of Iron Man references! Even though she's currently "Iron Maiden"...

Offline vatovie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #52 on: July 07, 2015, 04:06:27 am »
I'm up to join this and have at least two ideas.  More than one character allowed? :)

Also I'd love to Co GM if you still need it.

Offline bend

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #53 on: July 07, 2015, 04:51:51 am »
I'm in! sooo in!
thinking about a Whateley Academy style character - a boy whose powers have the side effect of turning him into a girl, likely permanently.
As for the actual power set, I have an idea which I'd love to play, but it's a bit silly, so I'm not sure it's appropriate.

@Angie I love the teen genius concept, you thief! ;)
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Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #54 on: July 07, 2015, 07:08:49 am »
Honestly I love everyones ideas!

However view it this way, in the end we all have weeknesses, we Ll have faults.  So make sure you are able to find something that can bring your super hero / heroine to their knees.

As for the teachers I'm ok with those who want to be teachers, but I don't want to many teachers.  I'm looming more for the students. 

I'll have a headcount later with a character sheet and all.

Offline apygoos

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #55 on: July 07, 2015, 08:52:11 am »
the school is going to have normal students and teachers right? this isnt like a metahumans only school right?
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Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #56 on: July 07, 2015, 09:12:03 am »
the school is going to have normal students and teachers right? this isnt like a metahumans only school right?

It's a school for those with super powers, think xmen

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Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #57 on: July 07, 2015, 10:00:37 am »
Still about, I had this confused for another interest thread... ^^;

Anyway, I tend to play space manipulators, Cheshire Cat type supers. Trying to promote that with a specific highschool trope atm. There's a few, like the lonely kid who tends to be overlooked (The Monsterheart's Ghost type) or the Trickster/joker class clown (Cheshire Cat). In highschool games I also tend to play the cool skater kid, everyone's friend.


I need some consolidation on these bits to make a proper concept. Playing the geeky kid who knows about physics to 'Play with Portals', being a space manipulator I think is probably a good idea too.

Offline Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #58 on: July 07, 2015, 11:27:43 am »
Yeah, because teen geniuses NEVER show up in the comic books....

@Angie I love the teen genius concept, you thief! ;)

Okay, I feel I should clarify my position: If my character is a teacher, she will be a 'technopath'-not so much a genius as someone who instinctively gets technology and can mentally manipulate it, which is the only way she's able to fully robotize herself. If student, then teen genius.

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #59 on: July 07, 2015, 02:10:30 pm »
So kinda like Gwen Grayson of Sky High, with an innate understanding of machinery.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #60 on: July 07, 2015, 02:13:47 pm »

Code: [Select]
Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Alias:
Student or Teacher:
Age: Student should be between 16-19 Teachers can be any age
Photos: I prefer using real photos for characters, however I will accept anime if one cannot find something that'll work
Super Powers / Abilities:
Bio / History:
Basic Ons:
Basic Offs:
Sexual Ons:
Sexual Offs:
Extras: Is there anything of importance about your character that is needed to be known?
Aditional Photos: Place any other character photos or sexual photos here for reference, hide them however.

Did i miss anything?

Place all character sheets in this thread for now

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #61 on: July 07, 2015, 03:12:03 pm »
Might I suggest adding a Weakness?

Offline Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #62 on: July 07, 2015, 03:13:49 pm »
Player Name: Angiejuusan
Character Name: Choko Hideyo
Character Alias: Iron Maiden
Student or Teacher: Teacher, Chemistry
Age: 30
Gender: Female (Modular)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Super Powers / Abilities: Technopath: While not exactly a 'genius' (though certainly highly intelligent), she has an intuitive grasp of machines and the ability to psychically communicate with them. This is also the power that led to...
Robotic Form: She has rebuilt her body over the years to be entirely synthetic. Even her brain is mechanical. This allows her to customize herself to a ridiculous extent, and allowing her to have whatever powers she thinks she'll need for a given situation. One mission might have her with flamethrowers in the arms and rocket legs to allow flight, another might have her packing freeze rays and Hi-Jump legs.
Bio / History: Choko was born in Tokyo, and as she was growing up, showed a remarkable skill with machinery. Her father had an old car with an engine problem no one could figure out. Choko, at age 8, figured it out and fixed it (turned out to be a tiny little crack in just the right place to send the whole thing down the tubes). She was quickly found to be a technopath and sent off to a school for superheroes.

She was a bit of a showoff, however, acing a lot of high science classes with barely any effort. Her constant bragging, however, ended up making her friendless...and got her noticed by a magically inclined supervillain. The villain hatched a plot to drive her insane, which hinged upon the murder of her parents. He spent a long time divining her home location, and once he found out, he obliterated her home, and her parents with it. She was 17 at the time.

Stricken with grief, and without much in the way of emotional support (sure, the school helped, but only so much), she began her greatest work with one thought in mind. Revenge. She began the process of replacing her squishy, organic body with chrome, plastic, and steel. She more or less dropped out of school to do this, going into hiding while she worked this out. Eventually, she became the Iron Maiden, a fully mechanical superhero.

She sought out the villain that had caused her so much pain. She was smart. Her body was modular, and she had also created a body with enough magic absorbing material that his attacks would be less effective. They fought, long and hard at the top of his penthouse where he made his sanctum. Such a fight alerted the other heroes in the city. But before they could intervene, Choko was victorious. The villain, on his knees, staring down the barrel of Choko's 1.0 Plasma Accelerator, begged for mercy. She denied him, and pulled the trigger.

That was the one and only time she had ever killed. She was taken in by the many heroes that came to investigate, and sentenced not to prison, but to asylum. The courts believed her mentally unbalanced, and Choko even agreed. While in the asylum, however, she spent her time drawing up blueprints. Not for weapons, like one would expect. Instead, prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, all kinds of devices meant to extend and improve the lives of others. This sudden shift towards helping people did not go unnoticed, though she kept quiet about them to asylum staff. They asked her why she keep it quiet. She said she didn't want to show off, or seem like she was trying to prove herself "cured" before she actually was.

Five years after she began her time in asylum, she was released. Choko was confused why. The staff said that she was no danger to society or anyone else. She tried the hero game for a few years, with the fortune she made off licensing her patents allowing her to live comfortably. She couldn't shake, however, the fear and mistrust other heroes showed towards her. She applied for a position at the school she had not graduated from, having spent those few years of heroism also working on a teaching degree. She wanted to help the next generation avoid the mistakes she had made. She was accepted, and now, after five years of chemistry teaching, is finally in a position where she has a dedicated circle of friends (her co-workers) and is trusted enough to be given authority.

Life is good for Choko now...but is she truly free of doubt? Is she truly free of the grief that plagued her? Or does it hide just below the painted surface?...
Basic Ons: Technology! Also chocolate because chocolate is awesome.
Basic Offs: Magic (though she is civil with its users), poorly cooked vegetables, off-tempo singing, glitches
Sexual Ons: Pretty much anything, she's pansexual and genderfluid (literally, she can alter her body to be Male), except the offs:
Sexual Offs: Bathroom stuff, gore, vore, and anything involving water (she's waterproof but she doesn't like needing to depend on it)
Extras: I'm not demanding the school be in Tokyo, that's just where she's from. If you're playing a returning student, feel free to already know her. Also, anyone who googles "Iron Maiden Superheroine" will learn of her past, and she is not ashamed to discuss it.
Weakness: Magic: Without the anti-magic armor, that she tries her damnedest to avoid, magic fries her. A lot.
Heavy Impact: Lots of force can cause her body to crumble. This includes bullets.
Magnets: Seriously, this is her heaviest weakness. She is entirely metal, a strong enough magnet can hold her in place. A really strong magnet can rip her body apart wire by wire. And she'll feel every single second of it.
Electrical Surges: Like every machine, an unprotected electrical surge is murder on her systems.
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Offline mia h

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #63 on: July 07, 2015, 03:33:38 pm »
Player Name: mia h
Character Name: Katie Bassett
Character Alias: Metaform
Student or Teacher: Teacher
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Super Powers / Abilities:
Katie has the ability to copy the abilities, powers and memories of objects and people that she comes into contact with but always maintains the same form. If Katie "copied" the contents of a bottle of acid, her touch would be highly corrosive. When copying humans\mutants Katie not only copies that persons abilities she also copies their memories (strictly this true of inanimate objects, it's just that Katie can't understand those memories). However over time both the abilities and memories fade. Also when copying powers Katie also takes on their restrictions, for example if she touched Superman she could copy all of his Kryptonian abilities but because those abilities are fuel by solar energy stored in Superman's body Katie would be powerless until she'd had a good long sunbathe.

Katie has no specfic weaknesses but when she copies something she takes on the less desirable attributes as well. So if Katie "copied" a piece of paper she would easily be set alight, the same applies to people she "copies" if they are particularly vulnerable to fire then Katie gains that weakness while the copy still holds.

Bio / History:
Katie's abilities were discovered when she was 14 and turned from an ordinary student into a total academic superstar and general overachiever. She achieved perfect marks on several tests where some answers were impossible, Katie had accidentally borrowed the answers from the teacher. She became one of the best dancers in her class, but was horribly embarrassed at a recital when the real star of show was ill and Katie had no-one to copy. Eventually Katie was transferred to [Name of school] where although her grades dropped significantly she did start to learn things for herself and gradually she started to gain better control of her abilities.

After graduation, like many of her classmates, Katie threw herself into the life of being a superhero but soon found that it wasn't really the life for her. She formed a team with a few of her friends and they regularly allowed Katie to borrow their abilities when out performing their heroic duties, but this continued borrowing meant that some of her team mates memories lingered which caused a great deal of tension and eventually led to Katie leaving the team and her mask. Eventually Katie landed a job with a section of the FBI that used mutants for police work and Katie's talents proved both invaluable in solving a number of puzzling cases and the reason she left. The FBI had tracked down a particularly sadistic serial killer, who would kidnap his victims and place them in a position where they would die in 7 days. In a desperate attempt to find his latest victim Katie copied his memories, she saved the victim but developed PTSD from seeing the depraved acts of this killer first hand.

After months of therapy Katie returned to [Name of school] where she teaches a range of subjects focusing on social studies and politics. Returning to [Name of school] has also given Katie time to refocus and refine her own powers, where she makes use of them by being the most difficult sparring partner in the world.

Outside of the classroom Katie likes to think of herself as a surrogate big sister to the students and has personality to match, she's always prepared to listen and talk through issues. Katie always appears to lively outgoing and bubbly but her experiences with her powers have left her a little jaded at times, she knows there are some really evil outside the school gates that the students might run into. Working with the FBI left Katie with the belief that there are occasionally necessary small evils that need to happen to stop the bigger ones. She tries to do her best not to shelter the students from reality but not scare them with it either.

Extra Information:
Although she rarely wears her full costume, there is part of it that she always wears a variation of. The belt contains a large number of small pouches that each contain a small amount of a substance that has been useful in the past, diamond, granite, a mirror etc.

Basic Ons & Offs: Loves almost every type of music and has large and eclectic collection including lots of vinyl. Doesn't like her things being out of place. Loves spicy food and has a cupboard full of herbs and spices to prove it.

Sexual Ons & Offs: no typing required
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Offline bend

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #64 on: July 07, 2015, 03:43:59 pm »
Player Name: Bend
Character Name: Layla Hopkins
Character Alias: Nephilim
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 18
Gender: Female (originally male)
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Super Powers / Abilities:

Nephilim is part demon. Her demonic blood grants her access to magic; so far the extent of her powers are limited to summoning powerful blasts of hellish fire, but her teachers think with practice she will be able to accomplish more.
Being half demon, Layla has several demonic features. The most obvious are a pair of black, leathery wings with dark blue tips, that allow her to fly with deceptive speed and agility. She also has a pair of short dark blue horns, small enough to just poke out of her hair, and long nails resembling claws. Her demon blood gives her slightly enhanced strength, toughness and endurance, as well as a strangely magnetic, disturbing aura.

Unfortunately, being half demon comes with serious drawbacks. Since her demon side emerged, Layla has been particularly prone to dark, passionate emotions. She's particularly easy to set off, and were she seriously mad she'd go full into berserk mode, as already happened once.


- Berserk: Layla's most dangerous weakness. Her demonic blood make Layla aggressive, and under extreme stress or anger she can fall into a state of bloodless where she can't tell friends from foes and just wants to kill.

- Weak to Holy: exposure to holy or consacrated items or symbols robs Layla of all her heightened physical powers and all her magic, and also make her feel uncomfortable. It has the positive effect, however, of preventing her from going berserk and stopping her if she already is.

Bio / History: Layla was born Luke Hopkins in a small Californian town - yes, her parents have a thing for Star Wars - and grew up being a very typical guy. He'd hang around with friends, play videogames, read comics, and play basketball. He had decent grades and was good with computers and motors. He'd go to church on Sunday and hiking in the woods with his older stepbrother Gary, the son of Luke's dad first wife, during Summer Break.

Luke's world went upside down when a dark secret from his past came back with a vengeance: apparently, the weird grand-grandfather he never met, that all of his mother's family shunned as a devil worshipper, actually did something with his magic. Layla doesn't know the entire story, but her mother's family somehow got tainted with demonic blood.

One day, Gary and Luke were hiking in the woods when they wandered near a small cave, finding that someone was performing a magical ritual there. The tainted magic of the place ran through Luke's skin, awakening long-dormant powers that reshaped his body and sent him into a frenzy. Before the eyes of a shocked Gary, Luke transformed into a half-woman, half-monster thing before jumping on the sorcerer and tearing him apart.

Vowing not to talk about the thing to anyone, Gary and Luke returned home where they gave their parents a toned down report of what had happened in the woods.
They were comprehensibly shocked, but the weird creature Gary had brought back finally managed to convince them she was their son-turned-daughter.
Of course, nothing in the Hopkins home was the same again, and while her parents and brother were determined to help, they were also clearly scared, and they finally enrolled Layla in the school.

Personality: Layla is a very active person, with a passion for anything giving her a thrill. She's not sure what to think about her transformation; on one side Layla considers herself a freak, and as such expects everybody else is going to judge her as one, or at best as nothing but an exotic bimbo. On the other hand, her new body is full of energy, comes with nice superpowers, and gives her a feeling of confidence she never felt before, as well as kind of a fascination with her new body's sex appeal and enhanced physical performance, and the thing scares her to death. Show appreciation for something she does and you'll surprise her.
Layla's typical coping mechanism to her change is a gratingly sarcastic attitude, which gave her a reputation of being a bit of a bitch. She doesn't mind, as long as people don't bother her.

Basic Ons: Layla loves working on computers and motorbikes, and she likes to ride her vintage Honda. In fact, she's OK as long as she has something practical to do. She also loves everything that gives her a big thrill, such as sports - especially extreme ones, rock music, flying and, disturbingly enough to her, giving in to her eroticism.

Basic Offs: Since turning into a half-demon, Layla has much less patience for quiet and intellectual activities. It's not that she's dumber, she just itches to be active.

Sexual Ons: Passive, submissive partners. She'd never admit it, but she loves being stared at. She can be quite kinky and inventive, if she only could go past her rejection of her body.

Sexual Offs: Being dominated. Plus, see my OOC offs.

Extras: Layla prefers a dark, punk look. She's never over the top feminine but she likes to show off a bit too. Her tops are almost always skimpy as they tend to constrict her wings, which she finds very uncomfortable.

Signature Songs: Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become, Halestorm - Amen.

Additional Photos:
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Offline Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #65 on: July 07, 2015, 03:46:05 pm »
The Iron Maiden is going to love Nephilim. "Hi, fellow freak, right here!"

Offline bend

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #66 on: July 07, 2015, 03:49:24 pm »
She's almost twice her age... but I guess she can be her tutor or something. Assuming she's not scared of her fireballs.

BTW, Nephilim was the dark idea. The silly one, I'm keeping for a R rated game.

Offline Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #67 on: July 07, 2015, 03:52:25 pm »
She's almost twice her age... but I guess she can be her tutor or something. Assuming she's not scared of her fireballs.

BTW, Nephilim was the dark idea. The silly one, I'm keeping for a R rated game.

*Gets fwackoomed by a fireball* "Oh please. What kind of human-turned-robot would I be if I wasn't heat resistant?"

She also still has her old suit of magic-resistant armor, but she probably leaves it in a closet somewhere because, well...

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #68 on: July 07, 2015, 04:10:59 pm »
i love them so far :)

Bend i appologize for not getting back to you sooner, but i do approve the character

Offline bend

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #69 on: July 07, 2015, 04:12:39 pm »
Yes, but her fireballs are magical!

Offline Angie

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #70 on: July 07, 2015, 04:16:54 pm »
She can tank the first few, at least.

Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #71 on: July 07, 2015, 04:23:30 pm »
Player Name: Captain Whitebread
Character Name: Adam Caine
Character Alias: Protean
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Ben Barnes
Super Powers / Abilities: SHAPECHANGE - Adam can change shape into any mammal.  He can only stay in animal form for an hour or so and must rest a approximately five minutes before taking another shape.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION- Adam can communicate with any mammals.  He cannot command them at all but most are at least friendly towards him. 

ANIMAL SENSES- Even in human form Adam has senses that are far more sensitive than normal.  They become even more acute when he takes animal form.

Weaknesses: Can only assume the shape of mammals that actually exist.  Limited time for shapechange.  No special resistances of defenses.

Bio / History: Adam doesn't know where his ability comes from.  Neither of his parents have powers.  His only older brother claims the power of 'fabulousness' but other than a keen fashion sense, he shows no unusual abilities.  This left Adam wondering if maybe he was adopted but he's seen the documentation of his birth, so he knows he's with his biological family.  There was no eclipse during his birth, no odd gift that no one could explain and no leaking nuclear plant in the vicinity.

His power first manifested when he got a puppy when he was eight.  He just seemed to know what the puppy wanted and could get the puppy to do things no one else could.  Soon the ability spread to include other animals.  He didn't get the ability to shapechange until he hit puberty and then he used it primarily to play practical jokes which usually got blamed on the family pets.  He discovered the use for his power when he came across a car accident and took the shape of an elephant to lift the car so an injured passenger could be pulled from the wreckage.  It was hard to keep secret after that.

He's active in the animal welfare movement, supporting groups like the ASPCA and Humane Society but he despises animal rights groups like PETA.  He'll talk your ear off about the differences.  He takes his studies serious and hopes to one day become a vet.  He's also very supportive of gay students and is something of a champion for the underdog.  This of course makes him a target for some of the school jocks but with is ability to take the form of any mammal, he can usually hold his own.

Basic Ons: Intelligence.  The ability to spell and use grammar.  Responsible pet ownership

Basic Offs: Homophobes.  He has a gay older brother, so he is very pro LGBT.  Bad hygiene/too much perfume or cologne.  He has a sensitive nose.

Sexual Ons: He's a teen male.  Short shirts, tight sweaters and shapely legs make him lose IQ points.  He hasn't had a chance to try much of the freaky stuff but he's liked what he's tried.  Glasses.  For some reason he finds them enormously sexy.

Sexual Offs: Bestiality - just because he can take the shape of an animal doesn't mean he finds them sexy.   Scat and golden showers are right out, as is using food.  Whipped cream is okay though.

Extras: He's very curious as to where his powers came from so he's likely to fall for any plausible story.  Also, he's allergic to penicillin.

Aditional Photos: Waiting at the principal's office

  Just chillin'
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Offline jacobjon

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #72 on: July 07, 2015, 04:24:22 pm »
Player Name: Jacobjon
Character Name: Kyle Phillips
Character Alias: Steel
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Super Powers / Abilities:Kyle has demonstrated a strong control over metals. Not only can he move metal with his mind, but he can reshape simple metals. During combat training, Kyle has shown an ability to create a protective second skin around himself that is made of nearby metal components. He controls the second skin instinctively, allowing it to bend and flex as if it were organically part of him.

As part of his training, Kyle wears a thin metal harness under his shirt that allows him to levitate himself without having to form his 'shell.'

Weaknesses: Kyle requires a high level of concentration in order to maintain his shell, or even to continue levitating objects with his powers. Distractions can cause him to lose that concentration, as can unexpected emotions. So far, fear has proven the most damaging emotion to the stability of his power.

Even while in his shell, Kyle's eyes still remain as vulnerable as anyone else's.

Bio / History:Kyle is the son of Ryan Phillips, a famous inventor who has created weapons for countless costumed criminals. Growing up, Kyle had no idea what his father did. All he knew was that their home was a workshop full of metallic wonders. His father created rocket packs, gliders, simple robots, and all sorts of things that were absolutely delightful for a young child. Kyle would often help his father tinker, and showed a natural gift for mechanics similar to that of his father.

When Kyle was eight years old, the police arrested his father and Kyle was sent to social services. Kyle proved to be rebellious, often running away from foster homes and causing problems for the police. It wasn't until Kyle was 12 that a caring police detective decided to set Kyle right. The detective showed Kyle a case history of all the damage his father's inventions had caused. Page after page of evidence revealed that those inventions Kyle remembered so fondly had been used to steal, to injure, and to kill. Repulsed by what his father had done, Kyle set out on a path that was far removed from the one his father had followed. When his powers started to manifest, Kyle was determined to use them to help undo some of the damage his family had done.

Personality: Kyle tends to be somewhat reserved. Years of trying to stay off the radar have made him a touch shy, though that can quickly change once he gets to know someone. Kyle has occasionally demonstrated possible leadership qualities, but these qualities don't always assert themselves on their own. Dealing with people doesn't come quite as easily as figuring out his powers.

Basic Ons: Kyle is mechanically inclined, though so far he doesn't have nearly the same talent that his father did. Still, Kyle enjoys figuring out how things work. He has also developed a love of reading, though he tends to keep that secret.

Basic Offs: Ever since he was eight, people have looked at Kyle as a supervillain waiting to happen. Kyle detests it when people draw connections between himself and his family, and often tries to avoid drawing attention to himself in order to avoid such situations.

Sexual Ons: Kyle is starting to realize that he is a little bit of a dominant sexually. That being said, for the most part his tastes are fairly vanilla.
Sexual Offs:blood, bathroom stuff, and things of that nature. For the most part, he is at least willing to try something he hasn't already considered.

Extras: Since Kyle has demonstrated an ability to move metals that are not magnetic, his councilors have speculated that perhaps his powers are more telekinetic in nature. He simply leans towards metals because he understands them better. As of now, there is no evidence to support this.
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Offline Captain Whitebread

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #73 on: July 07, 2015, 04:25:57 pm »
I ALMOST  did an angelic character.  Good thing I changed my mind.  There would have been open battle in the halls..... lol

Offline MaiMizzu

Re: School for Hero's and Heroine's (open to everyone!)
« Reply #74 on: July 07, 2015, 04:33:01 pm »
Player Name: MaiMizzu
Character Name: Zoe Thewes
Character Alias: Mega Girl
Student or Teacher: Student
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 125 lbs

Super Powers / Abilities:
Enhanced Durability – Zoe’s body can withstand a large amount of physical damage before she succumbs to said damage. She was hit once by a speeding SUV without much incident, if that is any indication. As with her strength, when she is in an elevated emotional state, her durability will also increase.
Enhanced Strength – At base, she can lift (bench press) almost 15 tons. But when she’s in an elevated emotional state, that can increase to almost 40 tons.
Enhanced Speed - She isn't able to go mach speed (yet!), but she can move pretty fast. In an open run, she can run about 50MPH.

Not Invulnerable -Though she often likes to think she is, Zoe isn't invulnerable. She has enhanced durability, but she can bleed, she can be hurt. It takes quite bit to make that happen, but it's very possible.
Telepathy - Her durability is mostly physical. While she can be strong against telepathy and telepathic attacks, she isn't immune to them by any means. While this is good as protection, it also means those wishing to communicate with her telepathically would have trouble 'getting through'.
Herself -Sometimes she can be her own worst enemy. She throws herself into situations that perhaps she needs to think out more.
Mystic Items -If something is enhanced through magics, it will be likely to do more damage to her. For example, if a dagger is enchanted to do more damage, it will be easier to use against Zoe effectively.

Personality: She is pretty easy going most of the time. But there are times when she feels the need to take charge of situations. She’s actually very intelligent, though she would never say so. Given that, she often thinks she sees a better way of doing things. She hates to sound bossy, but she does at times.
Zoe really wants to be friends with everyone, and she does try. But there are also times when she needs to express herself, her opinions of those around her.
Bio / History: Zoe was born to Liam and Norei Thewes, both of whom were costumed heroes known as Dynamo and Laser Lass respectively. Though her parents were retired when she was born, she was raised with the morals and expectations of a hero. She had a great life, anything she wanted she would get. But she was still shown the importance of work and responsibility.
Only a year or so ago, the first of her powers emerged. It was innocent enough.. she tripped in her bedroom and fell through a brick wall without harm. To her, but the wall was smashed. Almost immediately she began training with her father to use her powers, since it seemed it was his that she had. And not long after that.. she was enrolled in a school for enhanced beings.

Basic Ons: Anime, comic books, sci-fi, music, video games.. she’s basically an otaku. And she enjoys that immensely! One of the things she really loves in her life is Sailor Moon. She loves sweets of all kinds, especially cakes.
Basic Offs: Mean people.. big one for her. She hates being alone, though she is a lot. She has severe abandonment issues.
Sexual Ons: Romance! Men or women. She likes experimentation, but she can sometimes be hesitant. But she is open to many things.
Sexual Offs: Toilet stuff, gore, the usual yuck stuff. She’s not THAT ambitious!

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