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Author Topic: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)  (Read 27117 times)

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Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« on: July 01, 2015, 01:21:14 AM »

I have a collection of loose ideas that I would love to develop into full blown plots. You may notice that some of them seem vague or drop off in description. This is done on purpose as I want to hear your ideas on where you want to take the plot, otherwise, I would just write the story myself.

Most of them involve some sort of non-con or power play, a few of them have legal age play (meaning she's 16-18 and he/she is 25-45) and some of them are supernaturally based.

I don't care whether you are male or female or which gender you would like to play. I am willing to play either for most stories and have no issue changing the gender of the character you chose.

I have also been craving Alpha/Omega or soul identifying marks stories for some time, so feel free to add that element to any story below.

 I only play in thread and as long as the story remains enjoyable  I have no preference for paragraph length.

I'm big on plot over porn. Don't get me wrong, I'm here for the porn but college student seducing her professor for a good grade, doesn't do it for me. I want a story, character development, an arc, and good dialogue. I'm ok with our RP being like a novel. Complete with side characters, inner monologues and detailed descriptions. Good plot=Good porn. This being said, every post doesn't have to be the length of a novel, just don't be shy about throwing in characters and giving your character motivations outside of wanting to bang my character.

Should you lose interest in our rp: first off please let me know. I will not be angry, I will, however, see if there's a way to spice things up and if not a way for us to part on good terms. Second, if you have not posted in a month, I will contact you and see what is going on. Once again, I will not be angry. I've been there myself, you have a loss of inspiration for the story, want to take a break or life has become a madhouse. Just let me know. If you have not responded and another month passes, I will suspect that our story has ended and remove the taken title from any stories on this thread and try again.

If you are interested in participating in any of the following tales, please pm me.

On to the sordid little stories!

1) A Tale of Werewolves -

The car sped down the country road on a moonless night. The only sound the clink when he chucked another road beer out the window and the screams coming from the trunk. He cracked open another one and hoped her Daddy wasn't on his trail.

Staring at the uncaring metal of the clunker Zoe knew it was pointless and that she was losing her voice. She frantically tried to remember every tip from all those after school specials her mom had made her watch when she was going though her stranger danger paranoia. Nothing was coming to mind and she screamed again in frustration. Her mom had made her go over them like homework;how to bust out the taillight in a car and wave, how to break out of duct tape and cuffs, or how to tell how far they had been driving. All she remembered was to keep making noise, the higher pitched the better.

'Your pack will find you,' her mother had said, like she was praying. Like it took her five years to realize that her human child was more vulnerable then her lupine babies. Even with the ever present danger, like the situation she found herself in now, Zoe had not been allowed the bite. You would never find her sisters in this mess.

'Packs need their human members," Her father, another werewolf, had told her. For years it was described in flowery language: the human element held packs together, they were the ones to safeguard the balance between the beast and and angel, and her favorite, that they were the packs heart. When she was fifteenth her cousin had told her with a leer that it was for breeding. That without the occasional human bitch to whelp pups the bloodline would produce creatures that could no longer turn into men.

He wiped the beer from his mouth and gave out a rebel yell. He was almost over the border line and then they couldn't touch him. Fuck em. High and mighty pack. Thinking it had the right to wipe out his kin, just cause they set up a few meth labs and ripped up a few locals. Humans were livestock, made to be used, abused and profited from.

Course they did have their redeeming features. Like the bitch in the trunk. Her daddy killed off his pack, well he would just have to use the man's daughter to create a new one.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2015, 01:25:23 AM »
2)Precious Child - 

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

There is virus that is wiping out the remaining vampire population. Many speculate that it's the hunters lazily turning to bio-warfare or that rival clans had unleashed a weapon neither could control.

Most of the surviving vampires are starving and the few that aren't risk exposure with every bite. All seemed lost. The virus spread like the flu and lingered hidden in it's human host.

Then hope, there was a way to detect whether a human was a carrier but a series of not so simple tests.

Those vampires with means now had their blood screened from hospitals or purchase their own clean feeders.

Even still there is no cure and those who can't afford alternatives pay by the pint for bleeders, hookers that specialize in suck and fuck but in theory are screened by private clinics every month. 

Lali's family has been doing it for generations, even before the virus. Her great-grandmother had been attacked and survived, when the surprised vampire had paid triple the next time she knew that she had hit pay dirt. Turned out the vampire had friends. Some had even sworn off killing and required weekly sessions. Lali's grandmother retired well and steered her daughter into the same venture. 

With the increase in demand her mother is overloaded and amount of orange juice could make up the difference. Even her grandmother has gotten back into the game.

One night when she was tapped Lali's mother grabbed her daughter and offered up her vein. The client who was with her grandmother seeing that there was younger meat on offer argued that he should have her. They proceeded to fight with the original winning. The second, being a sore loser, killed her mother and her grandmother. It took Lali years to realize that he would have killed her too if it hadn't been for her captor.

Without thinking he had grabbed her. His original thought was to drop her off at a police station. He needed a crying kid like he needed a garlic flavored stake to the heart. But he wasn't the kind of immortal with an investment portfolio. He hadn't been able to afford a feeder, until one was dropped in his lap that is. So, he stole her and raised her as his own.

To his own credit he never touched her. Drawing blood from her like she a patient, with a rubber hose and a needle. Even still it's been a decade. He can't help but notice how she was filling out, the beauty of her smile no longer childish, or how she looks at him...

This idea has kinda become a Juggernaut. Any vampire (or werewolf story for the most part) in this thread you can assume is part of the same universe. Meaning, if you like they can all interplay with each other or reference each other.

Alternative takes on 'Precious Child' 

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Instead of a virus, it could be post-Apocalypse. Most humans either live in sheltered compounds or are treated like cattle in Vampire dens. He finds a family crashed on the side of the road, likely in search of a safe place, and he rescues her as the sole survivor. (Could tie in with Werewolves of the Wastes or Air's Fine When You Grow Gills)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Or could be that the vampire is a talented inventor but ran afoul of the authorities. He's banished to a mountain stronghold and told to continue his projects. Given that there are no peasants for him to snack on they send him three generations of a maternal line, whom the guards eat two of on the way there, leaving only the daughter. CRAVING


I don't know how many people have seen Okane ga nai. I am not that into anime but I like the basic story idea and would love to do something similar. CRAVING
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2015, 01:44:26 AM »
4) A Sort of Survival -

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Unabashedly an AU of 28 Days Later, similar circumstance, different characters. This can either be one and one with both of us playing different characters or a small group.

 Charlotte works at the local Humane Society when the Infected take over. Having no family, she decides to bunker down at the shelter once things get really hairy. She stays there, keeping the door bared and the fence secured as she waits for the humanitarian crisis to pass.

It doesn't.

She's running out of food and so are the animals.

Before desperation can kick in a miracle happens. The radio blares a message about a safe haven for the survivors. She releases the animals that can fend for themselves, as it's been proven that the Infected only go after other humans and loads up those that can't in their van.

She heads towards what she thinks is salvation. What she finds is seven soldiers on the brink of madness who salivate at the sight of her at an abandoned country manor.

There are two choices presented to her, accept her new life or have it thrust upon her. She's told she's wise when she sets up her own schedule and chooses the master suite. She gets every other day off, and the men get some comfort once every two weeks.

Things go as well as can be expected. She sets up the agriculture on the manor, including a chicken coup. The men are less crazed and everything is settling into an easy rhythm. Until they showed up.

Two more women. On the surface it would look like a good thing. Take some off of Charlotte's plate, but these two are not as willing as she nor the men that willing to wait.

Feb 29, 2016 - Update! This one is now a group game. Should it tickle your fancy please check out these two links: &

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2015, 02:00:52 AM »
5) Good Girl

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This was just too much. There had never been any doubts even from the beginning that they were after a teen aged gang of criminals, but that  the most talented lock picker under thirty in the business worked at a pet store? He's been doing this job a long time and he had never seen a crook with a day job.

But here was his little pixie, cleaning up ferret shit and scooping out dead fish. He would be the first to admit he had somewhat of a crush on his prey. He had been tracking her for months, since their little gang of mensa maniacs had started pulling big gigs. Really big gigs. So far they had made off with 70,000 grand in cash, jewels and experimental technology and their heists were only getting more daring.

At first he chocked it up to her being the only constant woman in his life. Pathetic as that might appear. He hadn't dated in years, not since he caught his last girlfriend in bed with his partner. After that he didn't see much point.

Later he had to admit that it was just her, that she was something special. It always brought a smile to his face when he saw the crime photo's. His little Pixie wore a Pantalone mask. She was obviously smart, talented, with a stinging sense of humor. The mask was normally worn by men, and along with her sheared head she had many in the department convinced that she was actually a he. But he knew better, she Wendy among the lost boys and today he was Captain Hook determined to take her away.

The plot had been cooked up by his captain. She was the glue, their informant had told the, remove her and watch the gang crumble. His plan was simple, they had enough to charge her and send her away to prison for along time. Or she could go into witness protection. Didn't even need to flip on her comrades, just start a new life as someone else. Course she wouldn't know until too late, nor would the department, that that new life meant his cabin upstate.

He would have to get the electric fence fortified and a new collar. He didn't think the one he had for the old hound would fit her.

"May I help you find anything?" She asked him, her tone bordering on harsh. Couldn't blame her, he had been stalking her around the store for 20 minutes or so.

"I'm sorry ma'm?"

"Are you looking for a pet?"

A slow lazy smile spread over his face.

"Why yes, yes I am."

I was inspired to do a slight twist on this story. Blame this image! 

Rather than the male antagonist being a cop, he's a rival thief/crime boss. After almost two years of her and her gang making life difficult for him, whether she's trying to come up in the underworld or is a Robin Hood figure, he finally has her and intends to use her in every profitable way.

I'm open to playing either or both.

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2015, 10:58:11 PM »
 This is another werewolf story and it uses the same lore as A Tale of Werewolves. As far as I'm concerned they exist in the same universe, and this story may be referenced in ATOW. Same as A Sort of Survival, this one can be 1x1 playing multiple parts or a small group.

Wolves of Fortune-

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The early 1500's were a chaotic time. Some say that Devil rules in Rome, a New World full of possibilities has been found and mercenaries threaten to topple what little stability is left in plague and famine ridden Europe.

There are many of these bands of roving warriors, never lacking employment as warring nations and city states battle their neighbors. Most are soldiers left without a war or other skills, some are rouges greedy for gold and some simply enjoy killing.

Then there are the Lupi di Fortuna. One of the fiercest, most cunning mercenary bands money can hire. Lupi di Fortuna has yet to call surrender, for surrender means death at the hands of their Alpha. A majority of the members of Werewolves, collected by Aurel from all over Europe and the Orient. He not only promises them gold and a way to relish the beasts of their nature, but paradise. There is a Kingdom beyond the Carpathians that was once ruled by wolves. He claims he is the last royal from this lupine line and once their have enough money and an army they will retake his throne. Many of the scattered wolves he finds leap at the chance for a safe homeland but those that have served under Aurel ask what sort of paradise this new Eden will be if it's ruled by a tyrant?

Chola knows that surrender means death for her, like any other soldier. Her battlefield maybe Aurel's bed but it is no less harrowing. Ten years ago she was courtesan in Venice, well known for her skill with the lute and flute until she given as a retainer to the feared warlord. She did need to know of his reputation to know of her fate. All it took was seeing the dead, hollow eyes of the few women in camp.

Luckily for her, music soothes the savage beast. A decade later she saved countless young girls and created a proper harem, filled with musicians and dancers to entertain their lord and master. She had introduced him to all the vices of civilization, born him two human sons and had fallen in love with his most trusted general.

Now, fat with victory and an acquired taste for the finer things, he degrees that it is time to march to his home. Though Chola smiles for him and sings songs of his victory, she finds herself fearing for her fate once more. What use will a werewolf king have for a human whore and human heirs?

His general comforts her with a simple truth: much can change on a long campaign.

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2015, 07:52:19 PM »
7) Take the Apple -

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Over Beluga Joe's lustrous mob career there have been many questions. Like how did a talent-less nobody with no connections who pissed his pants at his first robbery turn into the biggest mobster this town has ever seen? How did a man who earned the nickname Beluga more for his waistline that his whale status earn the the utter devotion of a famous French actress? How does a man with little tact command an army of highly talented gangsters?

The answer is he took the apple.

They weren't quite demons, but they certainly weren't guardian angels. They had a little magic and more than enough psychopathy to spare. The only problem was they needed a patsy. Someone to prop up as their leader, as their owner, as their master.

Still smelling of urine Joe had been sobbing in an alley when the well dressed man approached him. Take the apple, he said, and I will give you anything you want. Joe wanted to be more than just the boss of bosses, he wanted to be the god of bosses. Done! Said the man, but our deal is this I will give you what you want now but you will meet a violent end and when you do I will take what I want from you. Joe agreed, thinking it would be his soul.

He was right. As he lay dying in that same alley, smog filled rain falling on his face, he was at peace knowing the bargain was about to be completed. His soul, he would become one of them and they would move on to the next sucker.

Oh no, said the same well dressed man who had not aged a day, I want your soul which does not reside in your body. The horror spread across Joe's face, and blood gurgled from his lips as he tried to plead with them no.

Your soul is your daughter, the man said.

So this story can be played 1X1 with us playing multiple characters or as a small group. The story line concerns said daughter as she finds herself taken prisoner by this magical group. Unlike her father she isn't a bad apple, instead she's a rather sweet girl. This is a very rough idea, could be she's passed around as a toy, the well dressed man has been in love with her since childhood, their next target could try to save her/she tries to save him. Could go one way of her trying to maintain her purity despite everything, or her slow corruption. Send me a message and we'll hammer it out.

If you are interested in making this a multi-player game please check out this link:
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #6 on: August 04, 2015, 09:10:09 PM »
8) The Wrong Witch - TAKEN

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was an open secret that Bonatine royal family owed it's fortune to a witch. One that they betrayed and with her dying breath she cursed them. If they wanted their princes to take the throne peacefully just as their father had done they must have a court witch and she must pass several daunting trials. But no witch in their right mind will line up for the job, for they have done everything in their power to alienate those they need most.

The old king is dying and the Prince must find a witch quickly. His father insists on the most powerful in the land. A woman known for her cruel deeds and superb gifts. So the goes on an epic quest to find her, only to find she is a myth. He can't return empty-handed, so instead, he grabs the first village witch he can.

She is known in the area as a cunning woman, a practical witch, one that can deliver healthy babies and cure what ails the cow. Now she is being taken across the land in a cage, praised and reviled at every tavern until they reach the kingdom.

But greater danger awaits. For her magic is not powerful enough to survive the trails, nor her soul the prospect of a life in chains, nor her body the advances of the stern potentate.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #7 on: August 04, 2015, 11:51:29 PM »
9) Heir to Darkness -

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

She had been Queen of the dead as long as she could remember. Mighty and feared throughout many lands, rich beyond her wildest means and secure in her power. What she lacks is an heir. Since she herself cannot bear a child she searches for the perfect broodmare. She finds her in the temple of the Virgin goddess. Even though it is blasphemy she will not allow anything to stand in her way and steals away the purest of priestesses. Using her dark magic she animates beastly creatures fill the belly of her newest consort.

In this one I am willing to take on either role. Just let me know what gets your motor running.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #8 on: August 14, 2015, 12:12:49 AM »
10) An Odd Way of Grieving  -  TAKEN

 This has similar elements to Good Girl, Take the Apple and Precious Child. What can I say, I get stuck on themes.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He had known her since she was child, watched as she grew up neglected and like a weed grew wild.

It should have come as no surprise that he found her doing coke in the men's bathroom at her father's funeral. She was not exactly...grieving. He was, in his way. He had been the mans right hand man for decades. He had given his mind, his muscle, his youth and his honor in that man's dirty deeds. Now that man was gone and there was a void.

Not for long.

Power vacuums are blood in the water and even at the funeral the sharks were circling. His wile and wit were well known he already had several offers, but it was foregone conclusion. Their was another family, equal power who would take over and they had already made their move. It was being kept under wraps for a few more days, for decency's sake.

Luckily for him, he was not of the dead man's blood and would not be put to the sword. Rather like a bard of old, was considered too important and too useful to be put to death.

She would though. If she was lucky it would quick. He watched as she sneezed and the white powder flew like dust across every surface. She was never lucky.

"Why don't we go find you some more?" He asked, holding out his arm. He knew she wouldn't reject him, after all she had known him most of her life.

So it could be that he's made a deal and she's included in it. Or he lies to his new employers and says that he kills her but instead keeps her locked away. Could be he's double crossing the new family in power by keeping her secluded in order for her to produce an heir.

This being said I'm not seeing him as doing anything out of the goodness of his heart, even if he does have a soft spot for her, that only take their relationship so far. Definitely looking at Mr. Gold (not so much Rumpelstiltskin) as inspiration: clever but world weary, not goodness left to share with the world. She is out of control, self destructive, young and angry. Whether they save each other or be the final nail in their coffins is up for discussion.

Lots of ways this one could go, let me know if it inspires.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #9 on: August 19, 2015, 09:07:58 AM »
11) Only Politics

It was a new era. The dawn of a new pax vampira. A historic treaty was going to be made between shapeshifters and vampires.

As Ronan took another deep draw from her thigh, Nicole reflected that it didn't feel like a new era. Felt like the same old routine: she made herself pretty and ready for ravaging. She should count herself lucky to belong to this bloodsucker, over some others that kept their stock like cattle. He liked his made up, lounging by the pool and mixing him martini's.

"You know what you have to do?" He asked, after sucking hard enough to leave a bruise.

Nicole nodded, sitting up enough to brush his hair out of his eyes and her blood. She knew what she needed to do, in order to put her permanently in his good graces. Maybe even earn her immortality.

Historic events require historic people and Darian is no exception. He's the youngest Alpha in a 1000 years and one of the major forces for peace. Nicole was counting on his youth, his naivete to succeed in her mission. Turn him to their way of thinking or destroy his cause. Peace might be alright for Werewolves and the like, who have human life spans and true power comes from large stable packs, but for vampires peace means stagnation. Ronan knows that this is his last chance for a power grab. He doesn't mind peace as long as he's King.

This can be done with either two people playing multiple parts or a small group. I'm thinking it's going to end up being a supernatural political romance. Face models can be changed, I chose those two because of the characters they portray and want certain elements of said characters to influence Ronan and Darian. If you would like to take on either role, shoot me a PM.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #10 on: August 29, 2015, 12:52:03 AM »
12) Sugar Sugar

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Bear with me, this one has a slightly odd premise. It came from a dream. Also inspired by this NSFW image. 
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

50 year ago a blight wiped out sugar crops, both cane and beet. The world, with it's collective sweet tooth shuddered, but what nature takes away with one hand it gives back with the other. Certain women have mutated, they produce a sweet no calorie substance when sexually excited. Girls that test positive for the mutation are suddenly offered dream jobs far from home and never return. Those that turn down the job are abducted and are simply never heard from again. Everyone knows but no one says anything.

Layla was abducted and has been a pain the ass ever since she arrived. It took a strong hand to get her in line but this said strong hand also warped her sexuality beyond repair. The only way to get her juices flowing is through sado-masochist means. The man who made her thus has moved on to a better job and one of the companies greatest cash cows has dried up. They've searched high and low for his replacement and finally find it in Malcolm.

He's a nice guy, he really is, practically a teddy bear. Not his fault he has certain desires and a dearth of partners. It's why when he meets Layla, already trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, he knows that they're going to get along so well.

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #11 on: September 10, 2015, 09:32:15 PM »
13) A Cat May Look at a King -

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

All Cat could think, as she hid shaking under a turned over table, was that if she ever got through this, she would never do anything naughty again.

She shouldn't have come out with Patsy. Patsy got her in trouble. How a girl like Patsy ended up working for Lord and Lady Somerset was beyond her, but she was a good girl, a decent girl who was worthy to fold their sheets and wash their dishes at their prestigious London home. Her only vice was her addiction to Rock-n-Roll. She didn't even smoke.

It was the Rock-n-Roll that got her out. A new club, very hush hush, Patsy had said with the best new records from America spinning.

It had been wonderful, for about the first 30 minutes. They had gotten gussied up, danced, and she had even had sip of champagne while Patsy lounged at the bar with a guy on each arm.

That was when the men with guns, billy clubs and knives had showed up. Turned out the very hush hush club was in fact owned by a local tough guy and another local guy didn't like him moving in on his turf.

Still is seemed that they were only interested in making a point and robbing the patrons. They would get through this. Patsy and her would get home, go to their bed and she would never let the other girl talk her into anything like this again.

That was until the gangster nearest to her mask slipped from his face and she looked him dead in the eye.

Two ways this could go. It could get dark really quick, where he abducts her so she can't reveal his identity and must decide what to do with her. Or it could be slapstick romantic comedy. People hiding out in closets, gangsters pretending to be lords, that kind of thing.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
« Reply #12 on: September 19, 2015, 07:40:20 PM »
14) Warmth of Strange Fires - CRAVING

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The war was over!

Benedict and his chums were rejoicing. They hadn't served of course, they were just bloody pleased that rationing was over. The feasts could start again! The Balls! The gambling and excess that their city was known for!

Everyone was drunk in their heady rejoicing. They had drunk, fucked and partook of every enlightening substance and entertaining venue they could that day and night. About midnight one of this friends was approached by a fine looking lass from the nearby brothel, advertising a wild hunt.

Their enemy had been old hat, and hated since their founding, but their newest allies were something of a mystery. They were said to be savages, fierce in battle and unafraid of death. They had been defeated all the same but still, these mountain folk, that came from the mists of time were all the rage. It as said that they hunted their women like animals and bit them at the shoulder to proclaim this bitch as their property.

Now this pleasure house claimed they had one and as an amusing diversion would allow fine upstanding young man like himself play the barbarian.

They are all given wine when they enter (and paid) and are surrounded by whores painted up to look like wild women. It is nothing by beautiful women, raucous laughter and free flowing alcohol until she's brought out, struggling and afraid. Then all the men do turn into silent predators. A bell rings and they're off!

The laughter returns as they chase the young girl, nimble as a deer about the richly decorated rooms. They knock over vases and overturn couches, tear down drapes and spill Midera in any desperate bid to get to her. He is the one who corners her though. He is the one who throws her over his shoulder and takes her to a private suite while the others drown their sorrows in the other women.

He expects her to be the same. Just another painted whore drawn up to look like a savage. A bit younger perhaps, a bit fresher but no different then the rest. He expects, as he undresses, for her to grin and say 'You like your tallwacker sucked gov'nor?'. She doesn't, she keeps going on in a strange lilting gibberish and trying to get out. Even when he gets her on the bed she continues her charade, so he decides to play along.

"I forgot my promise didn't I? All the girls want a sign of commitment," he drunkenly laughed, before sinking his teeth into the junction of her neck and shoulder. She stilled then and let him do as he pleased. He took it as a sign of his prowess's that she clung to him afterwards and cried in confusion when he left her in the morning.

Know thy enemy.

He begins to dream of craggy mountains, of nights spent beside fires in boon companionship, of the smell of great evergreens and cold air. He wakes and reaches out for someone else. He cries at the oddest moments. His once joyful demeanor becomes one of constant sorrow. His friends decide he needs something to cheer him. They take him out on the town, again and again until they end back at the same brothel.

He didn't remember it when he walked in. It was another gilded whorehouse. He feels lackluster and plunks into a chair, watching the girls as they go about their work uninterested in their charms.

A tray crashes and a man begins shouting. A girl responds in a strange lilting gibberish and he turns to look at her. No more painted body in straps of leather, the mountain people and noble savages are very out of vogue these days, instead she's dressed in white lack with her hair done in curls. She looks like any other strumpet except for the vibrant red make on her shoulder, peaking out beneath the white.

He stops the man from stiking her and gathers her up in his arms. He smiles for the first time in weeks and feels a contentment he's never known before.

The bite, the mating bite, isn't a mark of property; it's the entwining of two souls.

Whatever will his wife and mother say?
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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Formless has created an extremely inspiring thread. Use in moderation, you'll go to look at the pretty pictures and end up spending the day dreaming up plots. It's happened to me more than once and now I would like to share them, in hopes that they will inspire someone else enough to want to rp them with me.

                                                                                    The Odd Companion


She's had so many brushes with death, she no longer keeps count. Whether it's a hot shot, a john with really bad intentions or just a  cold night, she's wandered across into the unknown country so often she no longer knows how she keeps coming back home. It's a lonely road, that line between the living and the damned and it's shrouded in a deep fog. So deep, she didn't realize that she wasn't walking alone anymore.

Have no idea where I want to take this one. You're ideas are as good as mine.

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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Lingua Franka



They don't understand each other. Their motives, their pasts, their souls and even their languages are a mystery. They have never laid eyes on each other until they are brought together by a person whose face they never see.

But you know what they say: give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth.

They all have their reasons. They are jilted lovers, wronged family, disposed royalty, or abused serfs. They all have their reasons to hate the lord of the manor. On this night, because of the masked man, on this summer solstice that is traditionally celebrated by a masquerade, they will have their revenge.

This can either be us playing multiple characters or in a small group. I'm thinking it's all going to take place in one night with lots of flashbacks to exactly why they are there.

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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Arcane Politics


They had been fairy tales too long. She for one was tired of being a urban legend and was ready to scream from the rooftops that she is witch, powerful and wise. She's not alone either, many others of supernatural persuasion are tired of hiding in the shadows and wish to be recognized, but for every one of them there is another who believe that they should stay exactly where they are.

The debate has been going on for a century or so. Now it has come to a head. Honestly how are you supposed to hide in a world with camera phones and Youtube? She fully supports any who wish to step into the light.

Then one of them that does is brutally in an alley and every belief she holds dear is held in question.

As an outspoken advocate of exposure it should come as no surprise that she is one of those tasked with finding out the truth of the murder. Her partner is one of her most outspoken critics.

"Now if we went public," she told him, standing over the mutilated corpse of her brethren, "When this shit happens we could call the cops."

"What's next?" The Fey scoffed, "Paying taxes?" 

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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No Heralds For Bastards


These images inspired two different stories, let me know if either one of them, in turn, inspires you.

She had spent a summer out of a dream. Her prince was everything her fairy tales had told her he would be; brave, gallant, kind and handsome. Their wedding would be at Christmas when she came of age, and she would start the new year as the crowned heir to the Duchy. Until then it was endless warm months of morning rides, afternoon entertainments, and midnight balls. She was infatuated with her to be husband, as he was with her.

Their chaste passion was the talk of the kingdom and adoring crowds gather to see the young couple. It is golden summer about to give birth to a new golden age.

Their happiness lasts only as long as the winds stay warm. The first breath of autumn holds death in its lungs and her young love is its first victim. With him dies their promised paradise and the once chivalrous court becomes a pack of snarling dogs. With a heavy heart, the Lord knows what he must do and invites his bastard boy back to his family home.

He had been thrown out years ago, when he had tried to usurp his younger but legitimate brother. Now they are welcoming him back with open arms, so he by his tainted blood could restore order.

As he rode to the castle he tried not to take too much offense that there were no crowds to greet him and no fanfare to mark his approach. Didn't matter really, they may not adore him but they will give him everything that belonged to his brother because a bastard is better than chaos.

The only person he saw on his way to his new domain is a young girl, wading into a cold lake. He didn't think twice about taking off his heavy coat and diving into the black water. -CRAVING. I have so many ideas for this one and most of them are fully formed. If you are interested I would like to keep the story in the spirit, if not the flesh of the original.

She had been ruling, and ruling well, for three years before her deceased father's ministers managed to stage a coup. It was all very civil. They merely informed her that they had found a long lost cousin who could rule in her stead. Better someone with only a mere drop of noble blood than a bastard daughter.

The fact that he was male didn't hurt either.

They told her that this would be good for her. That the weight of such an unnatural task for a woman must have been crippling for her. That now she return to her proper place in society.

She didn't want to find out what exactly they meant by that. Instead she walked as regally as she could into the cold waters of the lake.

"The prospect of marriage to me surely can't be that unappealing?"

She turned back to stare at a man that looked like he made his profession as a highwayman. Was this their idea of returning her to her proper place?
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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Borrowed Morals


The hunt was on.

It had been a long deep winter where even the moon slumbered. Beasts had crept down from the mountains, driven by their hungers. She had been one of of them, and since she had taken to stealing from the great houses had taken refuge in her human form.

Most of her kind do the same, except for a few. Those slaughter sheep and the children that guard them, even though it is expressly forbidden.

As Mirabelle watched the men ready their horses and their guns, she remembered why. Most of the wolves that will die today are innocent, including her kin unless she can sniff out those among them that are true killers.

He knows what she is as soon as he lays eyes on her. He's been doing this for a long time and making a pretty penny at it. If he was ever once what his songs say about him, it was a long time ago. Now he just wants to make his money quick and feast on whatever their provinces have to offer. Normally he just has to kill a few wolves and be on his way.

Not this time. The killings are increasing in number and their boldness. It's not just a wolf, it's a loup garou and the best way to track it is by using one of their own. 
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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15) Unusual Parentage

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I have to thank Becky Ann for the inspiration for this story. The basic premise is a young girl is impregnated by a woman hiding the fact that she has a working set of male genitalia. Unfortunately she had already found a partner before I could throw my hat in the ring, but was kind enough to let me try to find my own partner for this story. I would be taking on the role of the hermaphrodite.

Livia is above all was a private person. Never mind that she had a certain hidden gift, she was also cursed by her late parents. They had been well off and amassed a small fortune and a grand house in their small New England town despite or maybe because of their severe religious views. They had thought that Livia was a sign of their sins and had never let her forget it.

Livia for her part not only lived up to their expectations but outdid them. She was a grand freak and as soon as she could she escaped to the city on the arm of a rich man with certain proclivities. She had spent her childhood hiding her deformity and in retaliation had spent her youth in a debauched show of it. It was wild ride. Then it ended. He died, leaving her nothing and she once again had to rely on her parents. In return for caring for them in their infirmary they would leave her their fortune. They had been true to their word, with a certain caveat.

She had to stay in that small rural town or lose every cent. So began the next stage of her life; forced respectability. She disdained the entire town of mundane, hum drum provincials and her prison. The only relief she found was when she played her piano.

It hadn't even come to attention that she had new neighbors until they knocked on her door. They had heard her playing, they said and wondered whether she gave lessons. She was about to give them a taste of why locals called her an evil witch until she saw Tess, hanging off the elbow of her father in her school uniform with a sad sort of detached rebellion. Before she knew it she agreed to teach the girl three times a week after school and as she closed the door she smiled for the first time since moving back home.

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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Chameleons Cannot Dream


They're called Chameleons because they can be anything one needed: soldiers, laborers, guards or servants, if the price is right. The alchemist who created them made them out of bits of this and bits of that, and while they may look human they do not have the messy bits that makes the normal workforce at time difficult to control.

He's made quite the name for himself with hodgepodge men. Then the Duke for which he currently serves is betrayed by his mistress and asks the alchemist to make him a woman that would be ever loyal.

He's makes a creature beautiful beyond compare. So beautiful that the sight of her stirs one of his other creations to see pictures when he sleeps. Images of them walking together, talking together, making love as he had seen those beings that look like him but are not him do. From that day there's an ache in his chest.

It only grows when he's assigned to watch over her.

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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16) The Airs Fine Once You Grow Gills

This might be some tricky territory, as it's only semi my idea but since none of this is for money I say lets have fun. Before I rped here I was over in SL, where one of the lands I played in was Toxian City. I've been itching to slip back into the character I created over there. Full disclaimer the origin of Toxic City is not my idea, nor are many of the characters I have outlined here. However I have changed their names and several key aspects of their character in order to streamline a story. In fact with a few exceptions I toned down the key players so that if someone is interested they can put own spin on them. The end result is a skewed reflection, with the only bits left whole being what I created in the game. Finally this would probably work best as an rp with several players, however I am somewhat swamped at the moment and cannot  take on another multiplayer game. That being said if one of the characters calls out to you, we can do a oneshot and if that goes well feel free to reserve that character.

Believe it or not this town was once a nice place to live. Business was good for a while. So good the town had a fancy opera house, swell library and everything that a cultured gent could ask for. It had the air of a mythical island. In fact Vanity Fair called it the new Atlantis. Turns out that was like calling the Titanic unsinkable.

No one is sure exactly what happened. One morning started out like any other, people going about their lives and then suddenly a green cloud descended and all hell broke loose. Some people say literally. The new Atlantis was no more, though some people say they still see it from their safe shoreline, still wrapped in that thick green fog with wicked looking lightening whipping it like a fury.

It wasn't much better for those poor souls left. Many of them died in the intial...whatever it was. More soon afterwards from an unknown plague. Those that survived found themselves hunted by new residents: vampires, werewolves, and others no one can quite pin down.

Sassy didn't live here before 'the event'. Her pimp thought he killed her one night and she washed up on shore. With only the clothes on her back she picked up where she left off, only she found her clients had very specific needs besides the obvious. Like werewolves offering to pay her in chocolate for her kneecaps. Needless to say, its kinda hard to run when a wolf man is ripping apart your joints. While the hospitals there didn't take chocolate insurance, the nice cybernetic nurses would fix her up for the experience of dealing with human anatomy.

They didn't do half bad either, after three days Sassy walked out with new knees and an addiction to little purple pills. They weren't kidding about needing the experience though. When they patched her up they wired her wrong. Now she could cum just by someone sucking on her earlobe and it took her brain about ten minutes to realize that she was in pain. A handy trait as it turned out when her other clients included Nekos, whose Toms had barbs at the end of their cocks, or Vampires who liked to penetrate her twice over.

She would later learn that when one was sick or injured here, they didn't go to the hospital. They went to the magic shop and let the magic doers fix them up. They even did cosmetic surgery, like turning normal human blood into something sweeter with a higher nutritional content. While Sassy didn't really like the idea of turning herself into a juice box it did surge her sales. As a bonus, for watching her first girl on girl, the woman doing spell tossed rapid healing. It was the only perk to this place Sassy figured, she might have been in hell but at least her two packs a day wouldn't kill her.

There were still plenty of other things lining up for a go though. Which is why when Alucard, the King of the Pit Nightclub, offered to take care of her she accepted despite her spotty history with pimps. There was no denying that things got better though, she had a warm place to sleep, a safe place to work from and a job where she kept her legs shut to supplement her income. She found working a bar wasn't unlike working a John, you kept your ears open and gave them exactly what they wanted. She even had friends, the other girls who worked at the bar: Little Bits and Trouble.

Things may not have been right as rain, but they ran like clockwork until he showed up. They didn't know if he was a grand wizzard or a mad scientist, hell he could have been the one who sank the new Atlantis. Whatever he was he wanted to rule the world and told the creatures of the night that they better get down or they better lay down. To prove he was serious he unleashed a hint of his power, a plague that wrecked everyone form the most powerful vampire to the smallest human. Everyone except Sassy.

- Nekos. In Sassy's experience they either look like Japanese Lolita's or Rastafarians. They tend to be a bit shy of outsiders, seeing as they are not violent by nature, but they're definitely willing to trade drugs for sex and there's no party like a laid back Neko party.

- Mara. Mara is one of the younger, and more unpredictable members of the pack. For reasons unknown she found herself rather attached to Sassy, often insisted that she sleep the night in the den after the Alpha was done with her and making sure she ate three meals a day, since humans were so delicate.

- The Wolfpack. Rude, crude and ridiculously good looking in leather. They own and operate the local chop shop and smuggling depot.

- Alucard. No one is quite sure what Alucard is. Whatever his species he's tough enough that he keeps The Pit neutral territory and keeps the girls asses out of the fire, not matter how much trouble they get into.

- The Vampire Clan. They also have excellent parties, but they only invite themselves. If something nasty violent goes down, it's usually them. They're steady money though, as the human population ever dwindles but Sassy makes them pay extra if they want draft rather than bottle.

- Magic Doers. This lot was just a bit...odd. Some were dark and dangerous witches, some were affable alchemists, others had their minds swallowed up with the powers, which the island seemed to intensify. They weren't dangerous really, unless you crossed them.

- The Library. These guys were the closest thing that the island had left to white hats. They were mostly comprised of humans and few other truth seekers, those who found the incident fascinating and wished to either study the phenomenon or cure it.

- Little Bits and Trouble. The two other girls that work at The Pit. Sometimes they tend bar, sometimes they waitress and sometimes they dance, but they always find danger. Most of the time it either takes Sassy or Alucard to get them out of it.

- Cyborgs. The last creatures to ask for help from. With so few humans left, Cyborgs run the necessary mechanics to keep the city going. However there's a nasty rumor that they were created by the man who now holds the city ransom.

- Sassy.

That's all folks, let me know if any of this inspires.

Floating the idea of making this a group game...

First post is up -

Recruitment Thread -

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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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17) Redefining Sacrifice -

This is another one of those that can either be played 1x1 with each of us taking on multiple parts or as a small group. I started a similar game on here awhile ago but it has since dried up and I wanted to expand on the idea. Think of this as along the lines of one of those supernatural soap operas. Buffy, Vampire Dairies, Hemlock Grove, Dark Shadows just to name a few. A small town with lots of secrets and a big bad around every corner. I would in fact prefer that this story have an episode like feel to it, where each new adventure led to figuring out the mystery of the town and perhaps saving the girls...if after all of this they want to be saved.

There is a house in Arnot that one young woman a generation enters and doesn't leave except in a coffin. She may be seen about town, running errands, going to church but she is not spoken to or acknowledged by the locals. Not even her own family. She might as well be dead. Her true fate however is worse; she belongs to the demon. A blood sucking fiend lives on the hill for as long as any of them can remember, even the town historian can find no trace of a time before it's presence. It's almost as if Arnot was created around the creatures lair.

The girl, sometimes boy if times are tough, is their sacrifice. It is she who will take on the duty of feeding and entertaining the beast instead of it terrorizing honest folk.

Leonard Snarkadder is devastated when it's his daughters name that is drawn. His Virginia is the one light he has left in his life. He can't give her up to this living death, so when a perky tourist asks for directions in the middle of the night he directs her to the fate that should have been his child's.

Ashby is just blowing off steam between semesters and decided that a road trip through New England would be the perfect holiday. She never thought when she started out that it would result in her being a blood slave to a vampire.

Arnot is a town with many secrets. More than just the monster on the hill. It's also a town that gossips.

- The monster on the hill. He can't remember his name, or how old he is. Each new girl that comes names him, catapults him into the modern world and keeps him confined, like the Minotaur in his labyrinth.

- Virginia Snarkadder. The should have been sacrifice. She's devastated when he finds out the truth from her father and is torn between saving Ashby from the creature and saving her own skin. She should have known however that it didn't matter which she chose. There was no shortage of danger in Arnot.

- Leonard Snarkadder. The man who would damn a stranger rather than his own daughter.

- Ashby. The unsuspecting collage student who found herself in a nightmare.

- Tanner is part of a long line of caretakers. With every girl that is chosen a boy from his family is as well, or a if a boy is chosen that a girl from his line is. A few years ago he was unlucky enough to have his great uncle die and his name be drawn from the lottery. They are the dogs that guard the house on the hill. Not only do they keep him in, but strangely protect him as well.

If any of this inspires let me know or if you have a random supernatural idea that has no home feel free to contact me.

I have a modest example here.

"So like what are you?" Jill, the class president and preachers daughter asked.

"What am I?" Padma queried in turn, her brows crinkling. Virginia snickered next to her.

"Yeah I mean, I know you were born here," Jill told her, laughing awkwardly, "But what are your parents? Maori? Sami? Aboriginal? Padma's just such an unusual name."

"Hippies," Padma told her slowly, "My parents are hippies."

Where in Padma turns out to be a siren and the hottest bad boy in school needs her to win the Battle of the Bands.

- Also I have decided that Vincent Price is the towns resident weird uncle/narrator for the individual stories.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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18) Most Welcome - TAKEN

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
t max this is a three person game. The couple in it can either be brother & sister, engaged or complete strangers. Players choice. This story includes non-con, bondage, some torture but nothing too gory and no snuff.

The ship had gone down and will all hands. Except for two forsaken souls clutching onto the mast. This sea drenched Adam and Eve believed that all was lost and clung as much to each other as to the salt crusted wood beneath their nails.

Then the light of salvation shone down upon them. A lighthouse. They wash up on it's craggy shore almost too weak to take another breath. The last thing they both remember seeing is a strange woman looking down over them with a lamp in hand.

It had been many years since Thomasina had come here as a young bride. Many years since her husband died. Many years since they'd had 'guests'. Over the years her and her twisted mate had given sanctuary to many a shipwreck victim. The price for their hospitality may have sent them away worse for wear but their guests knew better than to tell of their exploits.

Still, word of their particular tastes spread to the authorities but rather than arrest them they utilized them. There was a war on and the techniques that this couple had perfected were more than apt at hooking out secrets.

The war ended, her husband died and she had been left alone to care for the lighthouse, to provide safe passage for those on stormy seas. Apparently, she had done well, as the sea rewarded her with two new guests.

When they awoke they found themselves in warm beds, surrounded by quilts with a pot of tea waiting for them on the bedside table and fire raging. It was only when they went to pour themselves a cup that they found that each of them had one of their hands bound.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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19) Many Strengths

Not going to lie I don't really have a plot for this one. I do however have two characters that have been trying to crop up in my writing and have yet to find a place. I'm hoping whatever story we can come up with, will be said place.

Him -  A warrior who has always known power and victory in battle. That is until he suffers the ultimate disgrace and not only survives the battle where his men met their defeat but he is prized enough to be considered a spoil of war. He thought that he would find himself in a gladiatorial arena, like most of the other warriors, but no the King has seen him. The King thinks he's pretty. Instead of a less noble but entertaining death before the masses he finds himself bathed, powdered and perfumed and placed in the royal harem.

Her - Nothing more than the daughter of a harem girl, one of a hundred siblings, proof of their rulers virility. Being lost in crowd was of use to her, she was not singled out to become the treasured pet of a noble nor an exotic gift for a visiting diplomat. Their's is an ancient kingdom, and considered one of the most learned places on the planet. Being that she is considered nothing more than an extra child, no one stopped her from following her academic pursuits in favor of courtly ones. She spent most of her time at the great library, and leaned from anyone who would teach her. Her talents proved useful to her family, as she became a talented doctor and treated most of their ills, with better luck than the court physicians. It would be this skill that seal her fate, she had transformed herself from just another harem brat into something of value. A gift fit for a king. The new harem she is moved to is not terribly different from her home and with this knowledge she does the best she can to find some peace.
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Re: Werewolves, Vampires and Crooks (F looking for takers)
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20) Catch as Catch Can

It's a peril of the job, shooting the wrong man in the head. 'That's why there's an option to bring 'em in alive boy,' the Sheriff tells him, the side of his mouth that is not spitting tobacco grinning. It's a pain in the ass, but not one in the neck. It's not like he's going to hang for it. He's a bounty hunter, practically got a license to kill, and hell it's not like he robbed a bank and shot a by stander, he was was acting in the name of the law and on a tip from a usually reliable source...

His source hadn't been wrong yet. Till this time. He'd been so sure, that's the thing. He knew down to the minute when his man was going to be leaving that saloon and had sworn on his Mama's bible.

Something about this stunk.

He didn't let his mind wander on it too long though. He doesn't give the man he shot two more minutes and goes to get himself a whiskey. It's only when he's sitting at the bar, watching the newest act from Paris (maybe Paris, TX) that he is enlightened as to whom he done shuffled off their mortal coil.

"Couldn't have killed him after he found the gold?" The man asked, he's well dressed but there's something off about him. Like he's a snake that's trying to shed it's skin.

"What?" He asked, but the man had changed subject pointing to a fair skinned whore watching them from the stairs.

"You want her," the man told him, "She can talk nasty in five languages."

At that, he plunked down two bits in front of the bounty hunter and whirled away in a cloud of maroon velvet.

I'm seeing this as a 1X1 game. Murder mystery, western gunslinger...even add supernatural elements if you life. Let me know if this gets your motor going.