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Author Topic: The Hunger Games {System Based. LGBT Friendly}  (Read 7545 times)

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Offline Zelric Miras

Re: The Hunger Games {System Based. LGBT Friendly}
« Reply #125 on: July 12, 2015, 09:50:53 am »
Get well soon ^^

Offline Enthelya

Re: The Hunger Games {System Based. LGBT Friendly}
« Reply #126 on: July 12, 2015, 08:23:21 pm »
Okay so, here is my character. :-) I know it’s another heavy DEX/INT character, but I have a thing for little girls (even though it sounds pretty bad) and my aim is to have her like a ninja or something, plus she fits the story so well imho. I am open to any discussion nonetheless.

Name: Alyssa “Ale” Renue
Gender: Female
Age: 17
District: 9
Sexual Orientation: Not explored, but probably homosexual
On & Offs: Link. IC Ons: Slacking off, observe nature and hunting. IC Offs: Work, duties.
Appearance: Even for a girl of her age, Alyssa is pretty tiny being 5’4 (162 cm) tall and weighting 101 lbs (46 kg) without any visible sign of muscles under her skin and actually giving the impression of being in front of a malnourished kid – as most are, in her district – but actually her legs and feet are used to walk and climb. From the top of her head, a cascade of brown and curvy hair with reddish shades fall and ends just under her underarm, hiding when needed her bright blue eyes from the reach of others.
Personality: People describe her as a shy and lonely person, though Alyssa would rather use the word “selfish”. She hates working in the fields, she hates taking responsibilities and also hates any other kind of thing that could limit or even touch her complete freedom. She likes to think about herself as a “free spirit” and tries to live her life day by day without really accounting for the future.
History: Last of seven, Ale was pretty much left to herself while her parents slowly died in front of her young eyes and her siblings tried to grow her up without a lot of effort. Becoming orphan at the age of three, the girl soon began to work in the fields with the others only five years later and soon she understood that wasn’t the life she wanted. During her shifts, Alyssa started to roam around in the little forests and granaries around the crops instead of doing what she was supposed to, often earning whips and punishment for her behaviors but always going back to her secret places. Helped by her tiny body, she didn’t need a lot of time to get a grasp of the basic survival skills she needed to survive in the open and at the age of twelve she already knew how to avoid the controllers’ eyes and come back without any sort of repercussion, also gaining in the meantime some delicious meal that wasn’t based on that stupid grain. Coming into the Games, her objective is to stay alive until the end by any means in order to come back home and collect the life annuity Panem has promised to the last man standing inside the arena.

Health: 28/28
Hunger: 10/10
Thirst: 10/10
Items: None
Injuries: None

Strength: 3     Dexterity: 8     Intuition: 10     Condition: 5

Hand to Hand: 3 {+3/8 = 11}
Sword: 1 {+3 = 4}
Knife: 4 {+8 = 12}
Bow & Arrow: 1 {+8 = 9}
Crossbow: 1 {+3&8 = 6.5}
Axe: 1 {+3 = 4}
Throwing Axe: 1 {+8 = 9}
Trident: 1 {+3 = 4}
Spear: 1 {+8 = 9}
Health: 2 {+5*4 = 28}
Dodge: 5 {+8&10 = 14}
Swim: 1 {+3/8&5 = 7.5}
Climb: 3 {+3/8&5 = 9.5}
Sprint: 5 {+3/8&5 = 11.5}
Weight-Lifting: 1 {+3&5 = 5}
Endurance: 2 {+10&5 = 9.5}
Stealth: 5 {+8&10 = 14}
Perception: 5 {+10 = 15}
Set/Disarm Trap: 4 {+8&10 = 13}
Start Fire: 2 {+10 = 12}
Identify Plants & Insects: 5 {+10 = 15}
Natural Medicine: 4 {+5+10 = 19}
Track: 5 {+10+2 = 17}
Fish: 1 {+8&10 = 10}
Knot Tying: 3 {+8&10 = 12}
Complex Item Making: 3 {+3+8&10 = 15}

Specialist Ability: Track

That's great, I'll reserve them for you.

& We're actually almost ready to go with the IC rp, we've just been waiting for a heat wave and nasty cold I've had to pass so that my brain can get in gear to post the IC threads. ::)
I really know that feel, mate. Don't worry about it and take your time. :-)
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Offline Killer Robot

Re: The Hunger Games {System Based. LGBT Friendly}
« Reply #127 on: July 18, 2015, 04:15:45 am »
Is this thing still open?   Thinking of making some sort of basic sadistic bully; the sort of person that was born bad, grew up bad, and would probably continue to stay bad if they were allowed to live past the games.  Everyone agreed that him being in the games as a good idea.

Offline LurkingTopic starter

Re: The Hunger Games {System Based. LGBT Friendly}
« Reply #128 on: July 24, 2015, 06:52:05 pm »
Enthelya-Ale looks great! The only thing you need to change is her health. It's actually 28. Sorry-I keep forgetting to add brackets into the health point system. So it's (2+5) x4 rather then 2 + (5x4). My bad, I've put in the brackets now.

Once you've changed her health you can add her to the tribute log and then join us in the ooc. :-)