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Author Topic: From tender love to savage gore, pick your poison (M/F)  (Read 4841 times)

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Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

From tender love to savage gore, pick your poison (M/F)
« on: June 21, 2010, 12:44:27 AM »
STATUS: Apply within

And now I give you!.....*drum roll* My idea thread. Hope you enjoy it.

Post here or pm me if you are interested. If you want to make it a small group roleplay, say so and maybe we can set it up. I would really prefer if it is literate, at least one paragraph, but it is not a rule set in stone.

In all of the below settings I would be willing to explore roleplaying M/M as well as other combinations. Still I'm more comfortable with female roleplay partners because I'm more used to it.

I don't have an O/O thread because I don't really have something that I reject completely. Sure there are things I have a harder time coping with than others but I have a very open mind. Still If I set one up, the link will be here, you can check my roleplay preferences for reference. You'll be surprised at what I can come up with, just drop me a post or a pm if you are interested.

This are just my basic ideas. Send me a pm or drop me a post if you are willing to try something with me. I rarely drop out of a roleplay, even if I'm not completely satisfied, I'd rather talk it over before abandoning. I usually try to keep them alive. My ideas are on the posts below

Table of contents:

A)Looking for someone to cuddle.(Light/Romantic roleplays/Mostly equal characters)
A.1) Romantic Roleplay
B)Looking for someone to spank (Dominating Characters)
B.1)On stage and ready (Light, Bondage, Con or NC)
B.2)Bloodlust (NC or Con/Extreme/Human or Exotic)
B.3)B.3) The Hunt (NC/Extreme/Human or Exotic)
C)Submit me? (Submissive Characters)
C.1)Sci-fantasy or medieval setting(NC)(Anthro and/or Beast)
C.2)Curiosity can lead to good things(Bondage, consensual)
C.3)Sit, rollover, good!.(Pet play, consensual)
C.4) A newbie with a collar.(Collaring and breaking in)
D)Fandoms and miscellaneous
Harry Potter, Pokemon, Hunger Games, X-Men, just to mention a few, if you have an interesting plot I might get information and read/see the books/manga/movie/series. I have a large and eclectic list of mangas I read regularly and webcomics, as well as some completed ones, just ask. ^^
D.1)Randomly scripted Hunger Games
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Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

A)Looking for someone to cuddle.(Light/Romantic roleplays)
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2010, 10:53:25 AM »
This section is for light roleplays. Largely equal or gently dominating/submissive plots are to be expected.

A.1) Romantic Roleplay
I'm a sucker for romance. I would like to start a less sex more interaction kind of roleplay, not neglecting the sexiness of course. I would like to seduce and be seduced in a regular setting, starting from zero with the first meeting and making it grow from there. My intention is to continue it until the plot dies on it's own, although I'd also like that we add new things to spice it up. Just an everyday life kind of roleplay. Just post or sent me a pm and we can discuss it. It's not necessarily first come, first serve. It depends on what you expect and what you are willing to do.

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Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

B)Looking for someone to spank (Dominating Characters)
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2010, 10:53:47 AM »
This section is for roleplays where I play dominating characters. It is divided from Light to Extreme. I can be a gentle master or a ruthless bastard, and everything in between. I'm well versed in torture, going from the beautiful simplicity of the whip, to the complex games that break mind and soul.

B.1) On stage and ready: His eyes roamed the small group of people that had gathered in front of the stage. Some were just curious others were well aware of what they were getting into and were waiting for it. Most were from the usual group, only a few were allowed to join every year and this was the welcoming party. One of them would be chosen to come onstage and submit to him. It was his chance, he had looked forward to this since he had joined and finally he had got his opportunity. It was far from humiliation, no they didn't do that sort of things, but what was hidden under the red satin would arouse more than one of them, and give them some pain as well. But that was why he was there, why all of them were there to revel in the forbidden pleasures pain hid, if well applied.

B.2) Bloodlust: I had a roleplay with the same name, it can be found in the first paragraph, and I want something along the same lines.
My character is interested in gore and blood, he's a ruthless sadist with little interest in the well being of others. In one way or another, he manages to capture a new victim who awakes bound in a rather painful or uncomfortable position. We can talk the details over pm. As the 'date' continues, he tortures and abuses the victim's body and/or mind in many different ways until the victim dies or he gets bored and discards him/her in a random place.  NC or Con/Extreme/Human or Exotic

B.3) The Hunt: To some, human lives are just an asset. Slaves are things to be sold as preys and the weaks get killed. There is of course, a chance to come out alive and wealthy. What would be the fun of a chase if there was no real motivation? Your character would be abducted, recruited or bought to become the prey in a human hunt game.
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Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

C)Submit me? (Submisive Characters)
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2010, 10:54:02 AM »
I'm used to dominating roles. I'm looking for someone to submit me and break me, but I must warn you, I will not fall easily... Or perhaps I will under the right circumstances. The settings are just an example, we can change it to suit our needs.  Drop me a pm or line or two so we can talk about plots and settings.

C.1)Sci-fantasy/medieval setting(NC)(Anthro/Beast): I haven't had the opportunity to roleplay my furry side. The specifics of my character such as it is a shapeshifter, an anthro creature or just a sentient feral can be discussed. I would like someone to own me as an exotic pet. Either by buying me off, ordering me from a catalog, capturing me in the wild or abduction. Again, that is something we can discuss. My character would put up a considerable resistance.

Plot 1:
The creatures seemed to be increasing in numbers as the years went by. They must have escaped from that castle in the forest, strange animal sounds were usually heard from it. And, if you got close enough, you would be able to see the distinct flash of magic. But that is all done by now. The rumors say that one of the creatures broke free and released the rest, together the raised the castle to the ground. Now that place is just filled with the scent of blood and corpses, no one wants to get near it.

The creatures are hunted both as game and for slavery. They are strong, cunning and some could say they some are even fetching. My character, Leorobin, was one of the many creatures created in that place. He lacks magic powers but he one of the strongest and most intelligent of the creatures. He has evaded capture for years and has proved to be a fitting opponent for most hunters. The folks have begun calling them chimeras, since some resemble an unnatural mix of species.

Plot 2:
He sat on the cage, waiting, his fate would be decided by the whims of this men. Someone had asked for him to be created, he knew as much. He also knew that as well as the other creatures that where in cages around him, all were to be sold as pets or slaves. That would be his chance, he had to escape he wouldn't become a thing for someone's entertainment.  He knew he was stronger and faster than the average human. If he had his chance, he would take it.

C.2) Curiosity can lead to good things(Bondage, consensual): My character would go to a dungeon or club to try out his submissive side. He could be experienced as a dom and even known, so he would be quite a treat for other doms. It could also work as an inversion in papers, where one of my former 'bottoms' changes places with me to top me. I would really like to try this with someone with a good knowledge of BDSM.

Plot 1: He walked warily inside the place, holding the card that he had been given. It was the first time he did anything like this, but he couldn't avoid being interested. He had heard of it, of people that enjoyed being submitted and being hurt. He wasn't quite sure about what he was doing, but he was sure that he was one of those, he wanted to learn what it felt.

Plot 2: The place was crowded, he had rarely seen it like that. There where curious whispers in the crowd, many had come out of curiosity, while others didn't knew what to expect. Most were regulars they spend their free time here, enjoying themselves. The man on the stage removed his shirt, allowing everyone to see the signet that dangled from his neck. He was the boss there, it was his dungeon and many of the people that now looked at him with curiosity had felt his whip.

"Thank you for answering my summons on so short notice. As you may have heard, I am wishing for a change in my routine." He took the signet off and placed it on a small chest. "The bidding is open, one of you will be lucky enough to top me tonight and for the next few days. I will submit on my terms of course, but I won't refuse anything I haven't tried before on any of you."

C.3) Sit, rollover, good boy.(Pet play, consensual): I want my character to be seduced into becoming a pet, collars, leashes and things along that lines are expected. Your character has to keep mine interested so he won't disobey or just decide to leave. It could be open for nonconsensual but if my character feels too threatened he will react badly.  No plot ideas here.

C.4) A newbie with a collar: He wasn't too sure about doing this, and his doubts were rising as the evening proceeded. He felt the hair at the back of his head rustle against the collar, a lock getting entwined in one of the four steel loops that were at each side, waiting for a leash. He sat alone on the bar, he could feel the eyes going over his exposed back towards his pants and then to the blue collar. It was his first time in a place like this, his first time in trying something that and it gave him chills. An exciting thrill at the idea of someone snapping a leash to his collar and taking him away, showing him things he had only read and imagined about. The problem seemed to be the blue around his neck, few were willing to take an untrained newbie with them.

I'm open to suggestion here as well.
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Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

Fandoms and miscellaneous
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2010, 10:54:19 AM »
This section will be for things that are either too specific or too complex to fit in one of the above. Also anything fandom related that isn't necessarily part of those before, even if it could develop into any of them.

D.1) Randomly scripted Hunger Games Currently working on one
This could be a group roleplay, but I'd prefer to try it as a one on one first. Each one of us creates a group of players to be part of the districts. Either all male, all female or mix and match depending on your preferences. They can be just a portrait/description and a name, for simplicity, personalities can be shown during the roleplay. The scripting would be taken from here: I don't own the site or claim any rights over it. We would introduce our characters and see what comes out. The size can be incresed, so it can be 24,36 or 48 characters. And whatever outcome is not useful for the roleplay we can adjust it.

This could be reduced down to just focusing on two characters that survive till the end and having the rest as npc that we can distribute amongst both.
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Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

So anyone interested?

Updated status of my rp's.

Offline Aludiana of the Dusk

I'd be interested in the Bloodlust, or the romantic idea.

Offline Zelric MirasTopic starter

Open once again