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July 24, 2017, 02:06:08 AM
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Author Topic: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]  (Read 1611 times)

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Coven of the Thirteen Roses

Welcome to the Thirteen Roses.  You have shrugged off your old, useless, mortal life and are entering into a world of blood and pleasure.  But mind that you heed the will of the Roses, the leaders of our vampiric coven.  They are among the oldest vampires still alive, and are powerful beyond your comprehension.  You will be expected to obey the rules, like all of our brethren.

The Coven is your life.  The Coven is your soul.  You exist because the Coven wills it.  You will never betray the Coven, or you will know the torment that only the condemned can know.  You will protect your brothers and sisters from harm, even to the death.  You will push back the hunters that stalk us, you will skin the wolf-kin that disgust us, you will crush those who follow other covens.  There is one Coven, all others are false prophets.  Only the Roses can elevate you to your destiny.

The Oath: I, [your name], pledge my existence to the Roses.  I am an instrument of their design, and I will carry out their will without question.  I live for the Coven, and nothing else shall take precedence over my Oath.

So, this is a vampire RP.  Every person who participates will be a vampire who is loyal to the Thirteen Roses (though I may allow one character who is leaning toward disloyalty).  The story will revolve around a series of events and some mission-like situations.  There will be werewolf clans to exterminate, vampire hunters to kill, other covens to compete with, and even rogue vampires that are a danger to the vampiric community itself.  Blood and violence are core elements of this RP, so keep that in mind.  Sex will be contained in threads outside of the main RP thread(s), and will always be consensual.  Beyond that, you're free to have fun.

Initially, no characters may be one of the Thirteen Roses (not even the character I'll play).  Effectively, the Roses will be god-like NPCs that appear as necessary.  We'll see how the game plays out, and I may make special exceptions later.  I hope this to be a fairly lengthy group game, so I'd like you to be in it for the long haul.  I would like two or three posts per week, more if you can, but try not to leave people in the dust too much.  If we have to, we may write a character out if they're inactive for too long.

Vampires in this game will be incredibly strong (able to lift 100 times their body weight), supremely fast (around a mile-per-minute), severely burned by sunlight or UV light and radiation, able to control the minds of mortals (except vampire hunters and werewolves), able to heal quickly (but still injured by normal attacks and slowed by being injured), able to defy gravity, unable to enter a house without permission (no exceptions - including windows), and unable to enter churches or other holy ground (ever).

If you have any questions, ask them.  I'll be accepting requests either by PM or by replying to this topic.  :-)

Additional Notes
Era: Present day (modern)
Style: Play-by-post (forums), sandbox (mostly), optional missions

IC Topics
Coven Proper (light, con)  |  Chamber of the Roses (light, con)  |  Interrogation Cells (bon, non-con, explicit)  |  City Main (light, con)  |  Blood House (bon, con, explicit)  |  Private Rooms (one per character; tags as requested)
•Special Topics may be started if necessary (i.e. for "missions"), and additional topics may be added.  If you have ideas or requests for topics, let me know.
•At present, explicit sex is only allowed in specified topics and private rooms.  Flirt, talk dirty, etc. all you want (though so doing in the Chamber of the Roses might not be a good idea for your character) in any topic.  Descriptions and details regarding the individual topics will be provided on each topic.
The Thirteen Roses

1. Davcina, the Eldest.  Head of the Roses, and the oldest living vampire in history.  Little is known of her, only that she speaks rarely but with authority.  She controls the other coven leaders.  And she is the one who must decide if a coven member is to be executed.  She knows no mercy, and gives no quarter.  Rumor claims that she is more than 9,000 years old.
2. Herleifr, the Warrior.  Once a Viking chieftan, Herleifr was brought into the vampiric hold by Davcina herself.  He joined her then small army of vampires and helped her claim victory in the bloody War of the Tribes, the war between Covens that nearly destroyed the vampire population.  He is known for his strength and battle prowess, especially with bladed weapons.
3.  Tofa, the Charming.  At the start of the War of the Tribes, Tofa was a simple mortal woman.  Like many humans in Eastern Europe during the time, she was claimed by a vampire.  Initially, she was not meant to be one of Davcina's tribesmen.  But, when Tofa's maker was slain, she was left without a tribe.  She fought to survive against every tribe she encountered.  Her survival instinct made her strong, and drew the notice of Davcina, who offered Tofa a place to call home.  Tofa is deceptive and cunning, and known to speak on the behalf of coven members.
4.  Hopkin, the Bright.  Hopkin keeps his personal history well-contained.  His actions in the vampire's world have been felt for generations, but never attributed to him.  He is the first to adopt new ideas, and to expand upon them to find new ways of strengthening the vampires and the coven.  When the Roses convene, Hopkin is usually quiet, only presenting his ideas when no one else seems to acknowledge similar ones.
5.  Daryl, the Shadow.  Daryl is relatively young, at least when compared to the other coven leaders.  He is best known for the covert missions he brings to the coven members.  An assassin in his mortal life, Daryl skill in extinguishing life was only heightened by his transformation.  As a Rose, he oversees the sorts of killings that have to leave no evidence of coven intervention.  Only the most talented killers are permitted an audience with him.  In committee, he cares for efficiency over making a point.
6.  Maria, the Cold.  Maria is as ruthless as the night is dark.  She has no compassion for others, not even coven members.  She is, however, bound to a sense of honor and that makes her loyal.  She proved herself to Davcina when the ancient Wolf King made an attempt on the Eldest's life.  The stories of the brutality Maria brought to the wolf-kin send shivers through even the stoutest of vampires.  She eagerly performs interrogations and torture on the coven captives.  She also heads up the wolf-slaying business for the Roses.  She does not accept bullshit, only results.  The bloodier, the better.  She also serves as executioner for those who betray the coven - an occupation that she makes into a passion.
7.  Dom, the Beholder.  Dom is in command of the coven's defense systems and the man behind the strategic defense teams.  On the rare occasions that the coven comes under attack, it is Dom and his agents that ensure the safety of the coven members.  Additionally, Dom is responsible for ensuring that any known attempts against the coven are dealt with preemptively, a task he often assigns to regular members.
8.  Marvin, the Forger.  Marvin is a strange man, and an even stranger vampire.  He is constantly occupied, so much so that he requires a human escort at all times - for when he forgets to eat.  The human is, of course, under his direct control.  While Marvin may occupy himself with many things, the power of his mind is not to be underestimated.  He has been known to destroy a person's entire sense of self with a single word.  He is one of the more often seen Roses, as he is responsible for the creation and repair of coven weapons.
9.  Daria, the Snake.  Sly, intelligent, flirtatious Daria is the coven's chief diplomat.  She corresponds with other powerful covens, ones that are too strong to lead a direct assault one, and with unaligned vampires.  She is equally skilled in diplomacy, and knives.  When committees fail, Daria gets her way by poisoned blades.  It is said that Daria's speed is rivaled only by Davcina's.
10.  Tomlin, the Builder.  Tomlin has seen the world twice over.  He is intimately familiar with culture and architecture, and is in charge of expanding the coven's walls.  As the numbers of coven members increase, there comes a need for additional rooms and blood houses.  Additionally, Tomlin is charged with planning escape routes and other swift egresses.  He rarely interacts with coven members directly, often passing by them without so much as looking at them.  However, one should never presume that Tomlin is unaware of his surroundings.  He has survived more than one assassination attempt, and makes a point of dismembering his assailants.
11.  Roth, the Herald.  Roth is charged with conveying the leaders' laws, and with administering the Oath and training to new recruits.  He is well-spoken, but distant.  He dislikes the arrogance of young vampires, and has been known to literally whip loyalty into the trainees.  Davcina does not care how he does his job, so long as the coven members are loyal to the letter.  As such, Roth is given much leeway during training.  Given his penchant for pain, most coven members have less than fond memories of him.
12.  Liam, the Knight.  Liam was once a Templar.  His fall from grace is something of a fable within the vampire community, and especially so within the Roses.  His sense of duty, honor, and integrity were not easy to alter.  Even Roth's usual treatment of new recruits had little effect on Liam.  Davcina took it upon herself to break him, even when the other Roses believed Liam should simply be killed.  But, Davcina's word was - is - law, and even the once proud Templar could not deny her.  Now, he serves as her personal bodyguard, as well as the physical face of the coven itself.  It is surmised that his place within the leadership of the Roses is purely a figurehead.  But, he speaks directly with Davcina.  So no one dares speak ill of him to his face.
13.  Aria, the Lioness.  Aria is the most well-known Rose.  She interacts with the coven members daily.  She is the voice of the people, understanding their thoughts and their wishes.  She brings the coven's words to the Roses, and speaks for them.  She is, however, loyal to the Roses above the regular members.  She is quick to bring even the possibility of treachery to light, and delights in watching Maria exact the truth in the interrogation cells.

Character Template
General appearance:
Vampire age: [length of time as a vampire]
Special skill(s): [aside from standard vampiric abilities]
Key biographical info:
Personal interests: [sexuality may be included here]
Extra details: [as necessary]
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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2014, 06:58:30 AM »
Interested. I'll get back to this after work. :)

Online Angie

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2014, 01:51:14 AM »
Hmm, I'm interested, a little at least. Would it be allowed to play a member who was brought in from a different clan? And of course, she might have been a Rose for 50 years or so, but vampires are slow to forget, so she's not trusted?

Offline MissFire

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2014, 07:42:16 AM »
I'm interested!

Offline TothTopic starter

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2014, 10:58:32 AM »
Alright, thank you all for your interest!  :-)  I've put up a character template to work with.

Offline TheBlackThrone

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2014, 12:37:25 PM »
All right. I'll try to get a CS up tonight.

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #6 on: November 20, 2014, 04:58:41 PM »
Might also be interested.

- Rainbow ♥

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2014, 09:11:24 PM »
Jack The Ripper
"Monster? No, I'm no monster. I am a surgeon. You are a cancer. It is time to operate."

Name: Jacqueline Ravensdale
Age: 143 (Born, 1871)
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gold
Height: Tall
Build: Slender

Bio: One Vlad Dracul III, Prince of Wallachia became known far and wide for his cruel and usual methods of tormenting those that dared cross him. He became known quickly as Vlad Tepes - Vlad The Impaler. His soul was perhaps the darkest in Europe. It is unknown how or when he became tainted with vampirism, or weather the transformation was voluntary or forced upon him. What is known is that his newfound power and immortality made him even more of a terror to Romania than ever before. Terrifying, but not unstoppable. Not when an entire country was ready to rally against him. Eventually the populace started fighting back and Vlad (now going simply by Dracula) decided to move to London, a city teeming with life and growing ever more prosperous. He conducted business with a solicitor by the name of Jonathan Harker and made arrangements to move his affairs overseas.

Arriving in London much later, the vampire and his brides soon took to the city. While the count spent his time planning his methodical takeover of the city, his brides sowed chaos. In the guise of harlots, the brides of Dracula turned other women into vampires and drained men of their life, leaving them as little more than emaciated corpses. In that age the death of the poor was mostly ignored, simply chalked up to over-work, starvation, or the burgeoning taste for opium that the city was developing. One of the brides, however, made the tragic mistake of falling in love with one of her 'johns' - one Regenald Rimsby. Visiting him night after night, the couple soon gave birth to a daughter, which they named Jacqueline.

It is impossible to keep secrets from one of the most powerful vampires in existence for long, however, and Dracula soon found out. He had Jacqueline's mother torn to pieces by the other brides. The sight of it left Regenald a broken man and even though he tried to continue to take care of his daughter, he soon fell into alcoholism and when she was sixteen, he died of liver failure.

With a mind set on vengeance, a young Jacqueline found herself alone on the streets as a six year old girl. Left to her own devices, the girl struggled to juggle making ends meet, discovering her supernatural ability, and developing the skill she'd need to destroy Dracula's brides. As time marched on she grew ever stronger - and crazier. At the age of seventeen she finally felt strong enough to have her revenge and took to the streets, preying on prostitutes, human and vampire alike. The papers called her 'Jack The Ripper' and 'Springheel Jack'. The public were both horrified and intrigued. Yet after a year, the murders stopped. All vampire activity in London seemed to cease.

Despite thorough investigation by both the Roses and outside sources, no one can understand what happened in 1889 to bring and end to the Whitechapel murders and Jack herself refuses to comment. It is also unknown what happened to Count Dracula, or if any of his brides survived Jack's killing spree. Regardless, these days the Ripper works for the coven both as a hunter of supernatural threats and a medic, though as far as the latter goes, people are hesitant to be under her knife.

--Learned: With over a hundred and forty years of existence behind her, Jack is much smarter than her rather odd personality would let on. She is extremely knowledgeable in world history, language, the occult, medicine, biology, and mechanics. Her quarters hold a vast library of books both common and rare. Jack has almost a fanatical dedication to reading and learning.

--Surgeon: Jack is a 'talented' surgeon. She knows where all the parts go, certainly. Trusting her to put them back where they belong, however, is a gamble. She is far more skilled in taking people apart than putting them together, but in a pinch she can make for a fine doctor.

--Combatant: With training in Baritsu, Fencing, and Boxing, Jack is a fine fighter. She's spent much of her time after the Whitechapel incident reading and learning instead of fighting, so she is a bit rusty and has doubtless been surpassed by all the younger up-and-coming fighters in the coven, but she can certainly hold her own against many a supernatural entity.

Notes: Addt'l Image #1, Addt'l Image #2, Addt'l Image#3, Theme

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #8 on: November 21, 2014, 01:15:48 AM »
Diego Salazar
Hannibal Barca

Face Claim: Pedro Soltz

The Detective

Tall, dark, and handsome, but aren’t most vampires? He maintains his coffee-bean hair short and out of his ashen eyes. Beneath dark brows, they stand out in pleasant contrast. The six-foot-three vampire keeps a laid-back and casual appearance often wearing the shadow of stubble on his face and a simple, solid shirt and jeans when playing detective. When he plays undercover cop, he’ll adapt to the situation, blending in with society—the enemy rarely ever seeing him coming.

Vampire Age: 2, 261 (appears to be in his thirties)

Special Skills:

Problem-Solver – he is specifically employed by the Roses to investigate those situations that can’t exactly be handled directly. There’s word of a coup in hiding, a rogue vampire is suspected of turning members of a dangerous street gang, a gang of werewolf bikers are said to be holed up at a bar in a remote location, an agent has gone missing…those are a few examples of the sort of cases he receives. Diego is rather thorough with his investigations and perceptive. He believes that there isn’t a case he can’t solve, which may be true. After all, he has all the time in the world.

Life Experience – he doesn’t tell other vampires his age, and is the sort to have them believe that he is at least 100 to 200 years old. The vampire has lived a very long life and there are some dates that he can’t even recall. His past lives are often forgotten and recalled again either in dream or a nostalgic trigger. He has hid behind many names, but he will always remember his first. He is proficient in most Western European languages, and is fluent in Spanish, Italian, Latin, and a dead Phoenician tongue that is gradually escaping him. He has worked for the Roses since his turning, having acquired the skills: cryptology, linguistics, and criminology.

Strategist – It is perhaps his one quality that shines above the rest and which may have saved his life a millennia ago. He was once called, The Father of Strategy. He is creative when it comes to devising methods of offense, defense and sustainability, and is prompt with clever on-the-fly decisions. His mind is his deadliest weapon.

Martial Arts – Diego never adopted an art of combat. Having faced countless foes over the period of his lifetime, he has created his own art—nameless—for it was born from his experience and continues to undergo innovation with every new and unique foe he encounters. His art is difficult to read for it is natural for a skilled martial artist to try and associate forms to a named martial art. This gives him an advantage and forces his opponent to keep guessing and to continuously devise a strategy against a constantly evolving form. Diego’s art goes along with the way he thinks. The decisions and actions he makes are often improvised at that precise moment.

Background: I was once a man who refused to accept defeat. I devised strategies that kept an entire empire pinned for over sixteen years. I could not however win the war alone no matter how many stratagems I wove. Overcome; I fled. Betrayed; I tried to take my own life rather than submit to defeat. In my dying minutes, a man; a monster approached me and against my will changed me forever…

Diego has lived the vampire’s curse and still continues to. He has lived by several names and served under several occupations. In the end, each life he had to end, relocate, and start anew. He’s had lovers who some he’s painfully forgotten. The older he gets, the more memories he tends to lose, and he’ll have dreams of being someone somewhere or with someone somewhere, and he could only wonder if those dreams had once represented actual memories.

The curse had once tried to drive him insane until he learned to let the memories come and go. As long as he didn’t try to remember his past, then he wouldn’t miss it or fear that he was forgetting something or someone important. There are a few influential figures that forever haunt him, the main one being his father.

But since Diego was born again, he’s served under the Roses, handling their dirty work and making a name for himself as “The Detective."

Personal Interests: I have made Diego to be bisexual for this role play, leaning toward males more than females. However, I am all about chemistry, and if there is chemistry with one sex versus the other, then I may change his sexuality to favor the love interest of that particular gender. For males, he secretly takes pleasure in a battle for dominance. For females, he tends to be the dominant one though isn’t against switch. He likes mild bondage and his sex either rough or smooth. Like any vampire, he’s a biter, and is slightly masochistic when it comes to being scratched or slapped. He loves a good foreplay. How could he not appreciate a witty and sexual partner?

Extra: Being a strategist, Diego enjoys playing strategy games and is quite the master when it comes to chess. As nerdy as it may be (though he wouldn’t agree that the game is nerdy at all), he does participate in chess tournaments every now and then.

The vampire smokes for the nicotine helps hold off his crimson cravings until he can satiate his hunger. When he wakes from his coffin in his basement, on a stand next to him is a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Almost every waking evening, he’ll reach for the cigarettes and lay in his coffin smoking until he finishes his first one.

He is a lover of Latino music and guitar. In his spare time, he'll have a jam session that takes him back to Spain. There is the stereotype that exists that all Hispanics know how to dance. Diego is Carthagian, but to modern society, he is hispanic. Nonetheless, he knows how to dance--Latin dance preferably.
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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #9 on: November 21, 2014, 02:23:11 AM »
Leaves an interest flag for consideration.

Offline Artema

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #10 on: November 21, 2014, 04:07:48 AM »

Name/Alias: Ilsa Flynn
General appearance: She is of a small and slender build, petite face and a body of a girl. Lanceolate eyes, high cheeckbones, snub nose and cheek flats betray an oriental origin.
Vampire age: 103
Special skill(s):

Shapeshifting - like her sister yōkai, she learned to change her appearance to that of another person, mimicking even his gestures and voice if she had a chance to observe them.

Key biographical info:

A wealthy chinese merchant, her father, took to wife a japanese woman and made her a child, who was wild and cheerful and slept with vixen.

Raiju once slumbered in her navel, raising her interest in the occult.

Traveling with her father and seeking weird she met her first vampire.

Embrace was neither voluntary nor civilized, leaving her a lonely serial killer until she learned to control her new skills. By that time the trail of her family was lost.

Looking to find them and not loosing her interest in the unknown she approached a judge and became a government agent of his, visiting provinces all over China with missions ranging from investigation to bandit hunts.

The judge died with time and so the search of her father seemed futile. With only curiosity to drive her she decided to visit the farther lands.

Personal interests: Demons, gods, spirits, it is her second family, she longs to find them in their hidden burrows and secret chapels and discover their immortal character. Mortals no longer surprise her much, but she wants to learn their many forms and perfect her wiles.

Extra details: pic1 pic2

She was embraced young. Apt in social engineering, her almond eyes can be full or joy or thoroughly cynical. Despite the latter she is a curious creature, liking to merge with the crowd, learn their life and their secrets, before strangling them or stabbing them in the back, if necessary.

Ilsa is fascinated with shapeshifters, their pack mentality and super-human liveliness. Among her masters she has caused some displeasure by advocating to bring them into the fold instead of leading a war of extinction.

Conscious of her size she prefers the grappling martial arts. Bo shurikens are her weapon of choice.
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  • I've read every page but the last. Time to see how the story ends.
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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2014, 01:16:04 AM »

Name/Alias: Marcus Valco
General appearance: Image 2 Image 3
Vampire age: Born August 4th, 1255
Special skill(s): Practicing painter, experienced pianist.
Key biographical info:
Born a vampire in the 13th century, his childhood is of little importance to him, few memories having lasted the passage of so many years. His family was minorly involved in the various power struggles and decentralization of the Holy Roman Empire, using their influence to amass a large fortune. Eventually they would go into hiding, changing their family name and adapting in the south of France. There they would have minor dealings with the French court before disappearing near the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague.

The family would reemerge in history with the founding of the United East India Company, with both Marcus and his father, Ocativus, holding positions of influence. After the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, the VOC was a financial wreck, and so the family detached themselves, resulting it being nationalized before finally expiring in the late 1790s. They would have minor involvement in the eventual wars that would be wages across Europe, primarily focusing on the Napoleonic Wars and parts of World War I. It was in the wake of the first World War that a family tragedy would wean the family tree down to Marcus and his elder brother Samuel. Following this tragedy, Marcus went into hiding, secreting himself away from his sibling in hopes of preservation.

In the mid 1950’s Marcus would reemerge in the sands of Nevada, functioning as ‘muscle’ for organized crime. Using his natural and supernatural abilities, he would climb the ranks, slowly carving out his own little niche. Eventually, several decades later, he would use the reputation he had acquired, along with a good portion of his family’s hidden fortune to create a biotech, Varco Pharmaceuticals, through which he would create blood substitute so that he could follow his desire to remove humans from his diet. Currently he resides in Vegas, running his company, doing his best to blend in.

Personal interests: Classical music, Opera, Art, old books
Extra details:
A smartly dressed reporter smiled at the camera, her white teeth in perfect contrast to her flawless complexion. “Good evening, I am Kate Evergreen. Tonight we are going to get the chance to speak with self made billionaire Marcus Valco. Head of Valco Pharmaceuticals, Marcus is one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas and perhaps the United States, in terms of money and influence.”
Dressed in a casual suite that hugged his frame just the way he liked it to, Marcus offered a soft chuckle to the comment. It always amused him to hear the humans speak in such terms, especially when they were only considering his business prowess and not some of his more personal abilities. “Well thank you for that kind introduction Kate, I may call you Kate correct?” His voice was velvet smooth and his grey eyes flickered with every word.
“So any special women in your life? Word is you are quite the eligible bachelor in that private mansion of yours.”
“Oh there might be a couple special ones but I don’t think they would like to be exposed just yet. I tend to be a bit old fashioned when it comes to such things and enjoy taking them slow. Maybe in the future I will show them to the world.” A flicker of light danced across his eyes, an outward sign of the inner delight he was having at his personal joke.
“Well we certainly can’t wait. Now we know you are an avid traveler, any interesting destinations in the near future?” Kate leaned forward a little in her seat, perhaps a bit too eager to know the answer.
Marcus only smiled as he regarded her. “Truth-be-told I just recently got in from Paris and it was a bit more hectic than I was anticipating. I was planning on slipping away to Cairo soon as I am hoping to set up a research facility there but I might push that off a little bit. Spend some time at home if you know what I mean.”
“Oh we certainly do. Unfortunately that is all the time we have. Thank you kindly for coming in to speak with us Mr. Valco. It is always a pleasure to meet one of the most influential people in modern science.” Kate rose from her seat, offering her hand.
“Well thank you Kate. That is very kind of you to say.” Rising as well, Marcus leaned down and brushed his lips across the back of her hand briefly as the cameras cut out…

Marcus offered a charming smile, settling back in his chair as he slowly undid the buttons of his suit, letting the coat part slightly. “Well yes it was quiet difficult. Biological engineering has only recently become main stream. In the early years it was hard to make people believe that our products were as beneficial as we claimed them to be. But now we have established ourselves and I have to say things are only looking up.”
Kate was clearly hanging upon his every word as she spoke, nodding along. “And where do you see the company going?”
“Well to be honest we like to keep a tight lid on our plans as it allows us to keep ahead of our competition. But I will mention that we are looking to venture into blood supplements in order to assist the world’s blood banks with their shortages.” Marcus turned his gaze to the cameras, offering a playful wink. “I also might have a lab working on the elixir of life.”
Kate offered a soft chuckle, tilting her head curiously. “Worried about aging Mr. Valco? Might we be so bold as to ask your age? You tend to keep personal information out of your business profile.”
Marcus regarded her for a moment. “Oh seven hundred and sixty? I am kidding of course. I will actually be reaching forty come next fall.”
Kate nodded slowly, clearly caught off guard by his causal attitude before the cameras. “Yes, absolutely Mr. Valco.” Her cheeks grew slightly crimson as she seemed to suddenly become aware again of where she was. Distracting herself with her note cards a moment, she offered a slight chuckle. “Now, the first question, how did you get to where you are today? Was it difficult?”

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #12 on: November 22, 2014, 12:10:10 PM »
Is this taking place in the present/current day? Just needed to check to see if I can get any inspiration for a character (:

- Rainbow ♥

Offline TothTopic starter

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #13 on: November 22, 2014, 04:55:13 PM »
Yes, it's taking place during present day.  :-)  Or thereabouts, at least.  I'll read over the profiles here later today.  Just checking in briefly.  I shall return!

Online Angie

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
« Reply #14 on: November 22, 2014, 06:24:31 PM »
Name/Alias: Elisia Hoffman
General appearance:
Vampire age: Turned on January 5, 1907 (Must stop myself from using WoD terms like "Embraced")
Special skill(s):
Animal Ken: Has developed her mind control ability to work on animals as well as mortal humans. This ability is far easier to use on predatory animals.

Business Acumen: She's ruined the financial livelihoods of hundreds, including her former coven. Which is why the Roses don't trust her with [CENSORED].

Conman: Lies, damn lies, bullshit and statistics are her stock and trade. One is never sure  if she's telling the truth or not.

Singing: A talent that causes more then a few looks, Elisia can sing with the best mortal artists-maybe even better. This has earned her the nickname 'Siren'.

Technology!: Vampires may be stagnant, but she forced herself to learn how to use a smartphone, computer, drive a car, all the little things and machines mortals use, as NOT using them would look rather suspicious...

Key biographical info: Her family hails from Germany, but moved to America (specifically, Boston) when Elisia was young. She fell in love with a dashing young man when she was 20, and he turned out to be a vampire. He turned her into a monster like him, but she killed him, enraged at the prospect of living her life as a monster. No one is exactly sure how she managed to kill a far more experienced vampire, though.

His coven, the Twilight Dancers, demanded that she join them as payment for killing him. Reluctantly, she agreed. She had financial savvy and skill at negotiating at the business table, and the Dancers made full use of those talents. And eventually, so did the Roses. She was approached by one of the members of the Roses, who asked if she wouldn't mind betraying the Dancers. Having been a vampire for 30 years at the time, her hatred of being a vampire had cooled, but she still disliked the Dancers. Betrayal was, of course, punished by death, but as she had learned, the Dancers didn't check their finances. At all.

A plan was made. Slowly, but surely, Elisia drained away most of the Dancer's "public" assets, transferring them slowly but surely to the Roses instead. As one final irony, she made all of these financial movements under the name of her dead 'boyfriend'. Once most, if not all, of the Dancer's assets had been swindled away, Elisia made her way to the Roses. The Dancers sent an assassin against her. He didn't last long.

50 years later, the Dancers are now a hollow shell of what they once were. With few safe havens, picking them off has been easy, and the werewolves have been happy to do most of the legwork-the Roses simply step out of the way. Elisia, however, is not trusted by anyone who knows anything about the Roses. She was persuaded to betray once...

Elisia doesn't care too much. She simply does what the Roses tell her to do. The world is a frightening place for a vampire who doesn't have the aid and support of a willing coven, though. Perhaps some will be persuaded to trust her...but that's doubtful.

(Note: She isn't leaning towards betrayal. If a chance to prove herself does come up, she'll likely take it)

Personal interests: Enjoys singing, quite a bit in fact. Bisexual with a female preference. Lately, she's been studying the death rites of cultures modern and ancient-she finds the way the dead are honored simply fascinating right now.

Extra details: Have a bit of a theme song.

Also, I'm a rookie at doing vampires, so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong/stupid.

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
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Name/Alias: Risa (-să)

General appearance: Risa has alabaster white skin as smooth as silk; dark-red hair, thick, curly, and shoulder blade length; dark green, pericing eyes.  She has adopted the common attire of the modern women (unlike many vampires her age).  She enjoys light, loose clothing that leaves little to the imagination.  And she is rather fond of bright colors - especially purple and blue.

Vampire age: Risa has been a member of the Roses coven for 344 years.

Special skill(s): Alter Appearance - Risa can make minute changes to her appearance.  Typically, she does this when she wants to appear more "human," such as when she is luring in a new victim.  She can change her skin tone, her eye color, and her hair color.  Allure - Risa is a beautiful woman, with a taste for carnal interest as much as blood.  She has mastered the art of luring men and women away from their own security and into her arms, where they usually perish.  Deceitfulness - Risa is a very talented liar.  She can speak a lie with the kind of smooth ease that sets others of her coven on edge.  As lying is a natural part of being a vampire in a human world, all publicly active members of the coven are familiar with doing it.  But many surmise that Risa's deceit goes deeper - that she cannot turn it off.  Her loyalty to the coven is undeniable, and has been proven many times, but her willingness to incite trouble is... legendary.

Key biographical info: Risa is actually a descendant of one of the Thirteen Roses.  While she is not directly related to the Eldest, she is still a made woman.  Her adoption into the coven was decided even before her birth.  When she turned 21, she was brought in my her uncle.  She has demonstrated a ruthlessness in combat, and a certain knack for resolving conflicts without ever raising a finger.  Her silver tongue has won more than one battle for the Roses.  She has, however, required reprimanding on multiple occasions due to her lust for violence.  She stirs up trouble easily and often, especially among the younger members of the coven, for her own personal delight.  If she were not related to one of the Roses, it is certain that she would have been removed from the coven - if not killed.

Personal interests: Violence, especially when blood is involved.  Men and woman (bisexual).  Human and vampire history, and lore.

Extra details: As previously noted, Risa is loyal to the coven.  But she is not to be easily trusted.

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
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Also, I like the profiles I've seen.  :-)  I will be working on putting up the IC topics shortly, and I believe we may have one more person who wants to participate.  So, hopefully, we'll get the last profile in soon.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
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Happy holidays, everyone!

To you!
We have some interesting characters there.   :-)

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
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I will hopefully be making my character over the weekend if I have time. I was thinking of a somewhat freshly turned vampire, maybe a few months? Would that be acceptable?

- Rainbow ♡

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses
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I will hopefully be making my character over the weekend if I have time. I was thinking of a somewhat freshly turned vampire, maybe a few months? Would that be acceptable?

- Rainbow ♡
Yep.  :-)  A young vampire would be a great idea.  :D

Okay, so I have the initial topics ready to go.  I'll post them once the game starts (don't wanna leave anyone out.)  I just want to lay out some important information.  The game will take place in multiple topics, to cut down on confusion if everyone isn't in the same scene at once.  I'm going to list the IC topics in the first post, so you may want to bookmark this topic.  I'll try to keep it simple enough to follow.  :-)

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
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Almost forgot to post this up!

Vlad Tepes III

General Appearance: Dracula's appearance is needless to say, not what many people expect when they hear his name. He is handsome to be sure; his dark nature enhancing his features and making his "beauty" seem otherworldly. He has strong, sharp features due to a powerful bloodline, and shoulder length hair. He is well muscled from several dozen lifetimes of combat, and stands at 6'5, an astonishing height for the time period. His eyes are a naturally piercing hazel, but tend to glow red in the darkness or when he is angered.

Vampire Age: More than 2,000 years old. He doesn't really count anymore.

Special Skills:

Strategic Mind - Even before he embraced the darkness, Vlad's militaristic genius was widely known. He was compared to legendary strategists like Genghis Khan, Sun Tzu, and Alexander the Great. His seeming brutality knew no bounds, but everything he did had a greater purpose. He became known as "The Impaler" due to his practice of impaling startling numbers of people on stakes dozens of feet high. Cruel, but for every village or city he put to the stake, 10 more surrendered without a fight. His strategies were cruel, but incredibly effective.

Fighter - Given over to the Turk's as tribute to Sultan Murad II when he was still a child, Vlad was raised fighting, and became a terror on the battlefield. Fighting seemed to come as naturally to him as breathing, and were anyone from those days gone by still alive, they'd tell you stories about how he single handedly cut down entire groups of armed men. He has kept his skills sharp over the years as well and is just as comfortable with a blade in his hand as his fists. He's even kept up with the times and is pretty good with firearms as well.

Well Read - Vlad was always an intellectual and was brilliant for his time. And with more than 2,000 years under his belt, needless to say he has expanded his mind quite a bit. He has read and learned everything from art to literature, foreign languages and more. It is said knowledge is power, and too many times in his life and unlife both has that saying proven true, which is why as long as he walks this Earth he will continue to gain knowledge where and when he can.

Prince of Darkness - With his transformation into a creature of the night, Vlad's natural ability to conquer life seemed to manifest as a range of abilities that helped him fight entire armies and come out on top. Or maybe it was due to the power of his sire, Caligula. To name a few, he holds sway over the creatures of the darkness, especially bats. He can transform into a flock of them. He can even control the weather over a certain area.

Background: Vlad was born a prince in Transylvania, however the Sultan Murad II demanded slaves for his lands periodically to keep the piece between the Turk's and Transylvania. As a result, Vlad was personally given to Murad by his father, and was raised alongside Mehmed II. They became like brothers despite Vlad's slave status, and due to his noble birth, he was trained as a Janissary.

Combat and war seemed to be in Vlad's blood, and he became the most feared warrior in the Turkish Empire as well as becoming a legend among the other Janisarries as their champion. He soon became known as Vlad "The Impaler" due to his practice of impaling thousands of people upon stakes as a statement of his reach and power. At one point, nothing was out of reach for him save becoming Sultan himself. Eventually his service was completed, and he returned home to Transylvania to rule as the rightful Prince. After Murad's death, Mehmed was crowned Sultan.

Vlad thought it a good thing, but the man he once called brother betrayed him. And beyond the standard tribute of silver, he demanded an additional 1,001 boy slaves. The one being Vlad's own son. Enraged, but unable to fight a force of the sheer size Mehmed had assembled to ensure his tribute was given, Vlad went into the mountains. Deep within them was a mountain that everyone stayed away from as it had many legends surrounding it. Legends of death and despair; legends that described a creature that wore the face of a man.

Vlad sought this creature out and discovered a vampire. A vampire who had once been the Roman Emperor Caligula. The two brokered a bargain, and Vlad was turned into a vampire; Caligula was his sire and taught him about his heritage and legacy of the vampire, including the Thirteen Roses. With his unholy powers, he saved his people from the Turks and drank Mehmed II dry. The legend of Dracula began soon after, and as his territory grew, so did his disdain for the people he ruled. They were always so unappreciative.

Eventually internal strife caused him to seek greener pastures so to speak. He did not fear the armies who rose up against him, but if he killed them all, who would he rule over? After many talks with John Harker, he made sure his wealth and lands were protected before moving to London with a group of women he'd sired who had come to be known as the "Brides of Dracula". He retreated into obscurity as the cogs in his brain turned. He gave his brides free reign to do as they wished, and one of them fell in love with a mortal man.

She had his child, and because of her betrayal, he had her killed. He was merciful though and it was quick at least. During this time he was approached by an agent of the Coven and asked for his assistance in a lengthy matter. He left London, but his spies informed him of Jack the Ripper; a vicious killer who picked targets indiscriminately and killed at least one of his brides. It was only a footnote however, as his work with the Coven was much more important and took up most of his focus. He has been a loyal servant to the Coven for quite some time now and has proven himself time and again.

Personal Interests: Despite his ferocity in battle, subterfuge, and politics, Dracula is a rather tender lover. He has only ever held interest in the female form, and he lavishes every delight and pleasure upon it whenever he has pillow talk. However, he can get rough in the heat of the moment; he's never heard a complaint though.
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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
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I added a little info about each of the Thirteen Roses.  Might be worth a look.  ;)

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
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Where are you expecting the characters to live? Because I intended for my character to have his own place.

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
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Where are you expecting the characters to live? Because I intended for my character to have his own place.

Figured we all did.

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Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
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Where are you expecting the characters to live? Because I intended for my character to have his own place.

That's up to you.  There's places at the Coven, of course, but if your character has their own place, that's good, too.  :-)