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Author Topic: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]  (Read 2094 times)

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Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
« Reply #25 on: November 29, 2014, 12:24:50 PM »
OK! So sorry for my delay. Here is my character. Would love to hear people's feedback and idea's relating to her. Also, just for reference, my face claim is Barbara Palvin. Looking forward to the game and writing with everyone ^_^

- Rainbow ♥

Katherine Rose Holden

Standing at 5'5", her body slender and toned, Katherine is a girl of otherworldly beauty. She was always a pretty girl but people only started noticing her after the horrific incident that made her into what she now was. No longer just an average girl, now a...Vampire. Her chestnut hair is long, reaching the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her blue eyes seemed to have almost been enhanced in colour since being turned. Kat's style differs depending on her emotions; she loves wearing flats and heels equally. That being said, she's not a jewellery person unless it's a special piece or a special occasion.

Vampire age: 22 Years Old. Has only been a Vampire for 2 month.

Special skill(s):

Up To Date - Being a freshly turned Vampire, although with all of it's cons, means she up to date with all technology. When she was human, she was always on her phone and laptop, though it could be said that she has more important things to worry about at this point in her life.

Gymnast - All through her life Katherine has taken gymnastics and dance classes, leaving her limber and acrobatic. This could help her out in all kinds of situations, but mostly it's just cool to be able to do.

Background: During her human years, she was raised in an average family, in an average town. She attended school, she did her home work, she helped out with chores and things were good, if a little boring for her tastes. Katherine moved out of her family household when she was nineteen years old to attend a university in the big city. She stayed alone in an apartment off campus, though not far enough to have to worry about transportation, which her parents helped her rent monthly. Of course, she helped out as well; she wasn't a sponge like some of her high school 'friends'. Katherine worked a part time job at a local coffee shop and although it wasn't exactly glamorous, she enjoyed it. She enjoyed face to face interactions with the customers and though at times making drinks could be stressful under the pressure of time, the brunette was pretty good at it. Kat made many friends at her college, where she studied journalism, and was often out with those friends either drinking and partying it up and night or having lunch during the day.

Everything and nothing changed when she was attacked. Katherine was out one night with friends and after leaving the club with one of her guy friends the two were jumped in a back alley leading to her apartment. They took that short cut every night they were out, during the day to. Yes, they were intoxicated, yes, they weren't fully aware of what was going on but they were capable of defending their selves if they had to. If it was a normal guy who jumped them, maybe the could have. It was so quick, Katherine was shocked into sobriety the moment her friend was throw across the alley and she was knocked to the ground. The next thing she saw was blood seeping from a wound in his neck, his body limp as this steel wall of a man held him up against the brick, his mouth lapping greedily at the thick red liquid streaming from his neck. She couldn't even scream when the man was upon her and all she could remember was intense pain in her neck, firm hands gripping at her bare biceps holding her up, then darkness. Katherine then awoke in a hospital bed, a nurse beside her changing the cover that was placed on her neck. When the woman noticed her eyes were open, she told the girl that she'd been out for three days after loosing so much blood and that it was a miracle she'd woken at all. Her wounds were healing intensely fast and although the hospital staff could not explain it, they released her a couple of days later, though after realizing her sensitivity to the sunlight through her hospital stay, she made sure she was able to leave in the evening when dark had already descended. It wasn't until after that she had been told her friend had been killed in the attack, but somehow she had survived?

The few days after she had been released from hospital Katherine stayed inside the confines of her apartment. She didn't attend school, or work, playing on the fact of her horrible experience even though she was already fully healed. She sat in the dark with nothing to concentrate on other than the hunger that was becoming more and more apparent. Despise eating as much as she possibly could, the hunger that she felt would not leave her and only became stronger as she wasted her days indoors, away from the normality of her old life. Katherine's friends managed to persuade her to go out the following weekends; if you fall off a bike, you should get back on it to save yourself being traumatized the rest of your life, right? So she did. She got back on that bike, dressed herself up nice and went out to a club with her friends. It made her nervous, scared even, and this made her drink more than she would have. She ended up pulling a stranger out of the club, a guy she'd never even met before; her hunger was insane by this point. After some kissing, she pulled him down the street and into an alley without even thinking. Katherine kissed at his neck, only to end up biting down on his skin and feeding on his blood. It tasted amazing; she was just so hungry. Upon realizing her mistake -- it was only when he stopped moving that she noticed -- Katherine pulled away and the man dropped to the ground, lifeless. She freaked out, blood staining her white and pink floral patterned dress. The hot liquid dripped down her neck, her hand moving to her lips to wipe away the mess, only to smear the blood further across her face. Before she could stop herself, she left, hiding out in her apartment where she would cry, and cry, and cry some more. It took her all night to be able to get cleaned up. It was then that Katherine realized that the man who'd attacked her must have done something to her, but she didn't know what. She was a monster. Since this incident, she has drained more humans and is becoming more and more out of control.

Sexuality: Heterosexual - Thought could be involved in F/F scenes. (Please check my O/O's)
Personal interests: Fashion, Alcohol (despite being a lightweight, this helps her hunger by a minuet fraction) Music (all sorts), Dance (mostly ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary.)

Extra details: Being as new as she is to the whole Vampire thing, Katherine is struggling considerably with her hunger, as well as being in denial about what she is. She can be reckless due to her hunger and this could land her in a lot of trouble with mortals and even other vampires. She has no idea who her maker is or what coven he belongs to and this has left her completely alone during her transition from mortal to vampire. At the start of the game, Katherine will not be a part of the Coven of Thirteen Roses. I thought that maybe the group could recruit her after hearing of the string of bodies she has left in her wake and that maybe her Maker could come into the game later as a part of some sort of antagonist coven.
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Offline TheBlackThrone

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
« Reply #26 on: November 29, 2014, 01:06:48 PM »
Beautiful. The plot bunnies are multiplying at an alarming rate.  :-)

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
« Reply #27 on: November 29, 2014, 01:13:34 PM »
Edited her back story a little to accommodate the sunlight issue :P Thanks to TheBlackThrone for reminding me in a PM!

- Rainbow ♥

Offline TothTopic starter

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
« Reply #28 on: November 29, 2014, 03:58:18 PM »
Some of you have expressed that your characters have their own places.  This is fine.  Would you prefer to GM your respective characters' private residence topics, or do you prefer that I start those topics for you?  Either way is fine.  Additionally, if you prefer to not have a topic for your character's private residence, this is fine.  Your input is welcome.  :-)

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
« Reply #29 on: December 01, 2014, 10:06:11 AM »
Omg, I've only just seen this. I think that if people need a space they can make their own thread and just give it to you to include in the list of game threads.

- Rainbow ♥

Offline ArtemisHighmore

Re: Coven of the Thirteen Roses [LGBTQ-friendly; still open/recruiting]
« Reply #30 on: December 01, 2014, 02:34:11 PM »
I figured, for the sake of keeping the number of initial threads down, that most personal places would be ambiguous. At least I was planning on doing that with mine. If a scene needed to transpire there then I would see to making a thread, or merely handle it in PM. Just my plan anyways.