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Author Topic: Steampunk Renaissance: Eldritch Horror and Swashbuckling (looking for F)  (Read 275 times)

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The redhaired beauty stood arms crossed overlooking the ritual. Clad in a captain's uniform, the swashbuckling beauty smirked malevolently as her men stood guard.
The pirates held sabers, rapiers, crossbows, muskets and a variety of other weapons.
The Captain put her longheeled black boot on the chest before her.
She had been well reimbursed for her services but she craved more. When all was at an end, the circle of Witches had promised her a 'divination'.
Wetting her red lips, she eagerly awaited that moment.

The robed women sat kneeling in a circle. Their chants eerie and bizarre. She could not understand the language referred to as 'Eldritch' or 'Black Tongue'.
The figures raised their hands in the sky. A strange supernatural glow surrounded their slender hands.
All of them were unusually beautiful and young which was strange as she was certain that their leader, the woman that stood in the center clad in more regal robes was in her late fourties.
Yet the woman had a physique that made even the captain fluster.
The leader of the little pagan Kabal held a bizarre staff and rose it up into the sky. Jolts of energy shot upwards, the staff crackling with strange energy.
The redhaired captain was unphased. She had seen this before.

Hunted and persecuted, witchcraft and sorcery were forbidden but it happened nonetheless. In secret gatherings or isolated dark place Witches and Warlocks gathered or Necromancers summoned spirits of the long departed. Summoning rituals promised great bounty but also the risk of creating unstable rifts.
The Vatican did not stand idly by though. If Piracy without charter invoked the wrath of powerful people, then this sort of risky endeavors might invoke the Ire of the Vatican's lethal hunters and inquisitors or worse... forces from beyond the 'veil'.

A thick fog took shape as a woman of magical prowess was stripped. Caught by the redhaired captain, the vile gypsy would be sacrificed. Good riddance... she should not have rebuked them.
She would make a good sacrifice given the power of her soul.

The emerald eyed captain devoured the beautiful gypsy's physique. She smirked as the brave girl growled at the head of the Coven.
Above them all a circle of light took form. They would need to be quick lest they attract unwelcome attention.
Luckily she had put out a perimeter guard to ensure she got ample warning.

Beyond the fog though figures clad in black cuirasses with a golden cross on it marched forward, their bloodred cloaks and golden mask underlining the official nature of their Order.
Some held halberds in black gloved hands. Others crossbows or rapiers. And a rare few experimental rifles of wondrous design.
Veterans of Holy War and battle against mercenaries, pirates and magic-wielding heretics, these were the Battle Brothers, the Iron Fist of the Vatican.
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Their attack was sudden as they doomed up out of the fog, striking with their crossbows to take out the perimeter guards. The Pirates had been distracted by the light show and the sudden attack gave them no time to react.
A singular figure in black stepped forth from the fog as his men enclosed the heretics. His black cloak flowed on the supernatural wind.
The green light caused of the magical rift held nothing new to this heartless man.
His icy blue gaze the only visible thing behind a full golden mask. He fixed the beautiful and ageless leader of the Coven.
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"SURRENDER ALL OF YOU!!! BY PAPAL DECREE ALL OF YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!!!!" his voice froze all but none looked willing to surrender. They knew what fate awaited them.

The redhaired captain turned to see the newcomer and her heart skipped a beat by dread and other sensations... more profane.
"The Black Captain..." she whispered.
As she drew her sword, the leading Witch roared "Stop her Captain! And I and my Circle will bewitch the Battle Brothers!"
"Capitaine Rochnan..." she saluted him mockingly "En garde...".

Rochnan raised his voice "Kill the Witches. And focus your mind to weaken any spells!" a booming dry voice that oozed experience and command.
The Pirates attacked, both sides opening fire or engaging in fierce duels.
Several Witches were felled but their leader remained, her hand holding the gypsy's wrist.
She aimed her staff at the Battle Brother second in command and began to chant a spell.
The gypsy grapped the staff and jolts of energy fired in all directions hitting foes and friends alike. The men and women hit slammed down, many never to rise again.

The redhaired fury engaged 'The Black Captain' in combat. He dodged her with ease and lashed out himself. A cold gaze fixing her. The blackclad specter promising death to all sinful creatures of her kind. Crossing blades, the two engaged in a fierce duel and to her surprise, for the first time she had met her match... and in a man of Law and Order at that!
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A sudden flash of his blade cut her wrist, going through her glove. She lost her weapon and a kick into her stomach sent her toppling over the chest.
As he calmly strode towards her, he stopped realizing the danger the leading Witch posed, he pulled a pistol from his belt and aimed... the shot finding its mark.
The ageless Witch fell wounded and lost her hold of the staff.
The innocent gypsy holding the staff and maintaining control of it. She looked the part of witch. And that did not look good.
The Battle Brothers were winning and the first few had descended on the circle which attempted to unleash a powerful spell.

The rift overhead grew unstable and unholy magical lightning began to jolt down, burning trees and scorching ground.
Rochnan turned to face the french pirate captain but the fierce tigress had drawn her throwing and used his moment of distraction.
As she threw it, she rolled back into a crouch and grabbed her blade.
To her surprise her blackclad opponent held her dagger in hand.
One of the pirates attacked him from behind.
Rochnan turned swiftly, blocked and gutted the man, throwing the dagger into the back of a Witch that fired off a spell at one of his men. The Battle Brother, sunken onto his knees in pain was safed as the spell ended prematurely, the young Witch finding a dagger in her back.
"Deus Le Vult..." Rochnan said calmly "Kill all who resist Brother!" he stated. The wounded man in a red cloak nodded, grabbed his halberd and impaled another witch trying to weave a hex.

The Black Captain turned around to face the pirate captain.
She smiled mischievously at the impressive speciment before her.
She had not had such a challenge in a long time. A very long time. Not since...
Could it be? Was the Black Captain... 'him'?
"You fight well Capitaine Noir" she said. "But given how you lurk in shadows and hide behind steel and cloth... perhaps not all performs as well as your rapier"
His eyes turned to slits but he did not take the bait.
"Something you will never have the pleasure of testing... sinful creature" he said calmly, she noticed a german accent. His gaze fixed her like a predator stares down prey.
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It was a situation the cunning pirate had never been in before.
Nobody ever intimidated her. "How did you find us?"
"Fraulein. I am the Black Captain..." he said "Nothing escapes me..."
"C'est pas une réponse!" she snarled annoyed.
"I weisse es fraulein" he replied then to throw her off spoke fluent french "En Garde Capitaine du Diable. Continuons..." he lashed out and their blades met once more.
And she found herself in the duel of her life...
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Re: Steampunk Renaissance: Eldritch Horror and Swashbuckling (looking for F)
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Claimed >:]

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Re: Steampunk Renaissance: Eldritch Horror and Swashbuckling (looking for F)
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*is unsurprised!*

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Re: Steampunk Renaissance: Eldritch Horror and Swashbuckling (looking for F)
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You can at least act surprised. Women care for these things ya know.

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Re: Steampunk Renaissance: Eldritch Horror and Swashbuckling (looking for F)
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Tssss it's for my brain and snarky comments ye keep me around not my charm... beautiful. ;)