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Star Wars: Sith War 
In an undefined period in time, the Sith Empire that has existed beyond the Outer Rim is crumbling. The last decades have led to decadence and the Clans that lead the Empire are all entangled in internal conflict. The Dark Lord and Emperor's Court is a hotbed of pleasure and vileness in equal measure. With the leading Elite rotten to the core, decisive action has left long ago.
Darth Necron, the Lord Strategist meanwhile is locked in a battle against the Republic, gaining far too little support to press on. As he is summoned back to court, the outsider is approached by a cunning and attractive Sith Lady with her own agenda and ambitions, planning to turn the Lord Strategist to her side and topple the Dark Lord, claiming the throne for herself. However it might not be as easy as it seems because the Emperor is not without support, rival clans are breathing down her neck and the icy Necron is proving somewhat overly dutyful... .

Star Wars: Inquisitor

When a Jedi falls to the Darkside and joins the Empire, the one who loves him tries to turn him back.This heroic undertaking turns into absolute failure however as the new Inquisitor turn the table on the love he betrayed and abandoned, attempting to turn her to the Darkside as a valuable new member of the Inquisitorum.

Star Wars: Crimson Knight
A forcesensitive Royal Guard during the Classic Era blindly loyal to the New Order performs his duties admirably.
Eventually he teams up with an Emperor's Hand or a female Imperial Officer to deal with plans of a coupe, rebellion or betrayal.
Another possibility is situating it in the aftermath of the death of Palpatine. Where the char would in fact survive Carnor Jax's betrayal and form his own warband. Pitting him in a relationship/rivalry with a female Dark Jedi, a female Imperial Warlord or a Rebel/Republican operative is fine too.
What if scenarios are great too and i don't mind rping with canon characters such as Ysanne Isard, Daala, Mara Jade etc for this one if they suit a certain and useful stereotype.

Star Wars: Hunter or prey?

Korbain Thor, a Miralian bounty hunter with Darkside powers nearly perished in an unfortunate encounter with two rogue Dark Jedi. Surviving the predicament, he has returned to his trade. Continuing his hunts for the Empire and Lord Vader, the brutal tracker continues it's reign of terror eliminating good and evil people alike for the highest bidder. As the Empire falls however, he more and more is forced to operate out of the reach of the law and for less than reputable employers. His latest target is an old nemesis and the aging hunter may not be able to stand against her as the two foes face of a final time for better or worse. A third party however is scheming from the shadows and is ready to lash out when least expected...

Star Wars: Claiming what is hers
Years have passed and the Dathomirian Warrior has fought many times at the sides of the headstrong Imperial. Both Jedi but with distinct different views and skills, they have survived even the Vong War. Yun Antares, is a young man with great tactical insight, a frigid demeanour, strong will and selfdiscipline. He thinks and then acts. Always in control, he is true to his word. Regretfully, he is also a jerk.
She is a great warrior, fit and fast with the experience of many battles and instincts to match.
Yun has displayed moments of amorous affection for her, he has also at times been prejudiced and unbearable uncaring for those in his wau. Rivals, comrades and allies, the two have duelled together, against each other and flown in the same Fightersquadron. But as the Empire beckons to her love interest, it looks like their ways may part permanently. The only way to get what they both want is by forcing the matter. On Dathomir, the Warrior women hunt and fight the man they love and prove their word by making them bow before them. Pulling of this ritual hunt will be a challenge on itself, doing it in time, while at the same time having her love accept her as she is... even harder. And of course there will be other problems that they'll both face... .


A story focussing on Mandalorians would appeal to me. A male Jedi or Imperial Knight being seduced to the Darkside also.
A story focussing on 2 Imperial Knights or a duo of bounty hunters and their (mis)adventures equally so.

Metroid: Duality

Samus Aran, a bounty hunter and slayer of aliens, has been hired for a dangerous mission. Alien Pirates have been experimenting on captives and developing a deadly virus to use against mankind.
Her mission? To end the threat. To her surprise though, this will lead to her encountering another power-armored bounty hunter. The mysterious man has a different approach to war and battle but he seems just as effective as she is. As time passes their rivalry will become hostile and by necessity take a turn for the best. And of course there is that one question that constantly lingers in Samus’s mind… ‘who is the man behind the helmet’?

Power Rangers: Star Command
Power Rangers meets gritty futuristic scifi, space battles, spacetravel and epic villains. I have several ideas and am open to brainstorming.

Battletech: Fall and rebirth of a Dragon

The Draconis Combine has always been one of the most autocratic regimes in the Inner Sphere. The eternal nemesis of feudal House Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth, the autocratic and relentless House Kurita has led the Combine through the ages.
The Combine warrior elite are infamous as the most dutyful, loyal, honorless but also ruthless of mechwarriors. Following the path of 'Bushido' and living and dying for their masters and the combine, the dream of reuniting the Inner Sphere under the grasp of House Kurita perseveres.
Yet after centuries of war, the many Houses and factions of the Inner Sphere never managed to use martial means to shift the balance. On the other hand, peaceful coexistence and unification remained a distant dream, war against each other an inevitability.

All this changed with the invasion of the Clans.
The followers of Kerensky had returned after centuries to reforge the Star League in their image. The honorable and enhanced Mechwarriors of the Clans have outclass whatever the Inner Sphere has. Their mechs are better than House tech, their pilots were created and manipulated into becoming the perfect warriors.
Two Clans stand out... Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon.
The arrogant but deadly Jade Falcons swoop down on the Lyrans, Kuritans and the small bufferstate known as the Free Rasalhague Republic.

The war has raged for several years now and part of the Inner Sphere has allied against the common thread. House Steiner and House Kurita are united against the common foe. Still Clan Wolf, Clan Jade Falcon and the other Clans dig deep into the Inner Sphere.

This is the story of two Mechwarriors.

One is a dutyfull Samurai Tai-I (commander) who leads three Lances of Draconis Combine Mechs, part of the 5th Sword of Light army. A cunning and headstrong commander, he values the ways of old but has merged the ways of sacrifice with the fresh ideas regarding long term gain. His loyalty to Coordinator Theodore Kurita is without question. On the world of Hajima his courage will be tested as he faces the woman who will be his greatest rival and his most passionate lover...

A Jade Falcon, bred for war, raised to conquer leads her Star into battle. Part of the Omega Galaxy army of Clan Jade Falcon, she has never met a match in battle until now...
On Hajima a single Draconis Combine Commander has been bloodying her side again and again. Their first encounter is inconclusive.
Interest turns into obsession as her warrior spirit and her unequalled pride calls to her to settle the score and to overcome the challenge. For she is a trueblood, a follower of Kerensky and no flawed snake has the right to oppose her rise to glory.

The stage is set...
The battlefields ready...

The age of the Battlemech wil reach a new stage...


Feel free to suggest other setups. Other Houses or situations.


Warhammer 40K:
A story involving around Dark Eldar and Eldar (or humans) with the Dark Eldar succesfully performing a slaveraid or piracy.
Or a Chaos Space Marine's (or Chaos Lord's) military campaigns and powerstruggles in and beyond the Warp.
Female antagonists/ally could be a Farseer, a Daemonette, a Sister of Battle, a female officer in the Imperial (or Traitor?) Guard,... .

Space Epic:
The year is 2540, space is no longer a frontier. The Terran Empire and the Colonial Alliance are enduring a brittle peace after a century of war. As stability has finally come, an unknown faction suddenly strikes and pushes back the forces of both. Unlike the minor alien civilizations encountered, this invader proves the equal of the autocratic Terran Empire and the (pseudo)Democractic Colonial Alliance.
A race of feline warriors born into a matriarchal theocracy, the use of new and strange weapons surface. Upholding codes of honor, they challenge women for their men in space and upon land. Perform slaveraids and seem intent on taking over the human race to supplement their Star Theocracy.
With rivalry between the Terran Empire and The Colonial Alliance but also tensions within each faction regarding the past trauma's of the Third Hundred Years War, collaboration will be difficult. Especially since the enhanced humans (Elite's) and the common pilots and soldiers clash internally.

Oriental Future: Cybersamurai - Tekno-Ninja

An idea i'd love to expand on. A futuristic setting with a realistic touch and a lowscale mecha edge.
I'd love to do something involving futuristic ninja/samurai etc. Possible around futuristic conglomerates and companies.
Cybernetics, energyblades, explosives etc.
And of course a hint of kinky romance added to the mix.
Basically a sleek, polished scifi story with a good mix of action, romance, intrigue and flashy elements.
Japanese/Chinese characters preferred but contrast with more Occidental or other chars is fine if the idea is good.

Aliens versus Predator: Warriorcode
A human Space Colony comes under danger of an alien infestation, they find an unlikely ally in one or more Predators.
The Predator(s) would be the survivor of an attempt to deal with the problem that went awry or came to investigate the dissapearance of a large Hunting Party of experienced Yautja.
The humans would try to survive and also deal with the spreading Xeno-problem.
However the Alien hive hides a dire threat besides a very active queen, a trio of Predaliens is on the move... .

Anachronism: Retro-Future:
A basic idea i want to work with to place a game in.
A feudal, Roman, Oriental or other setting that is in the future. So there is a mix of historical elements/technology/weapons and futuristic.
Like a Feudal Society (on one or more worlds) that is at war. The Lords of the Realms however have hightech armors besides the more Medieval Weapons and on top of that hints of Steamtech.
Another possibility is for a Star Empire, very similar to the Roman Empire in terminology, views and others but set in a scifi decor with other races and nations.
So electrified swords, lasers, spacetravel + political intrigue and a cultural background that is taken out of history.
I'm open for ideas when it comes to chars.
Setting-wise my preference goes to Medieval or Oriental (Japan+China) in atmosphere with a hint of military future tech. Like steamengines or hightech robotic suits,... etc. Intrigue would be important too.

Resident Evil:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v457/Darthvegeta800/JillValentineXXX.jpg <NSFW - A h>


Warhammer: Saga of the Norse Queen of Blades

Let me tell you little whelp of one of the greatest saga's in the Old World and beyond...

A long time ago, as far as one can use these terms when speaking of the Chaos Wastes... there was a shieldmaiden of the Norse.
She was destined for greatness. Her stern father had perished in glorious gory combat, bringing great joy to Khorne, the brutal Blood God. Ever since her hatred for the decadent and weakminded citizens of the South has been great. No day went by that she did not dream of bringing chaos to the Empire.
Her beloved brother had seemingy perished on a quest to please the Gods of Chaos.
At a young age this woman known as Svana managed to kill an Ice Drake through a mixture of skill, courage and undoubtably... luck.
From this hide she made a cloak and she became a famous hunter amongst her people. Besting the men of her village in combat, she seemed truly blessed by the Gods of Chaos. The Mark of Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, God of lust, pleasure, beauty and perfection, proof that the eyes of a God were upon her.
Brave but brutal, she had no love for anyone. Her heart had fully died when her father and brother  perished. Since that day she was motivated by nothing but ambition and an obsessive desire to stand at the height of perfection. Her personal gratification and goals being dominant in her every action.

Leaving her tribe she undertook the quest that had claimed her brother's life and followed a warrior's path... the same path that had brought doom to her father. That decision would lead to a chain of events that would set Svana on a multitude of quests to prove her mettle and gain the ultimate boons. To become a chosen of Chaos, a Champion of the North... to bring doom to the Empire and eventually... ascend to daemonhood.

But this is but one part of the story as wherever she went, an enigmatic Warrior of Chaos followed her. A brilliant tactician, a ruthless dealer in death, clad in daemonforged armor he was a Chosen of Chaos. His past, present and future linked to this savage and relentless woman.
Whenever her path was blocked he was there to aid her, whenever the odds seemed insurmountable, he gave her strength. His identity an irony that surely made their patron gods chuckle. For the Four Gods of Chaos had plans for them.

And at the end as both had reached their destination only one of them could be left standing... . For when the ambitions of the Gods clash, so must their Champions...
But then again I still hear rumours that deep in the Chaos Wastes where there is only mutation and horror... there is a realm where monsters gather, Chaos Warriors raise their banners. There in a large reality-bending throneroom sits an elegant inhuman beauty, clad in surreal purple armor, at her side a behemoth of a warrior, ever ready to slay for the grand design.
So perhaps the story we have heard is like all stories, flawed and tainted by time.

But I digress, this story should begin here in the North. In the depth of eternal winter when a fierce blizzard assailled our heroine. Because Lady Svana had been on a hunt. Only this time things went awry...

Lodoss War: Ashram and Pirotess

Just an rp focusing on the Black Knight Ashram and his romantic interest, the icy but fiercely loyal Dark Elf Pirotess. Plot is up for discussion. But expect it to have lots of action, romance and a twisted kinky edge! ;)

Lodoss War: Deedlit and ???
A story focussed on Deedlit and another char, preferably human.

Sword and Sorcery:

Basically a story/quest where a man and a woman need to cooperate and slowly grow towards each other.
One is a highly intelligent magicuser. Necromancer, Druid(ess), Enchantress, Wizard,... and the other is a strong warrior, Knight or barbarian.
The two contrast largely and bump heads frequently but affection grows between them as they share common foes.
The warrior might also be the bodyguard of the Magicuser.
It might be interesting if they are siblings, engaged or enemies.

Unlikely Allies:
A crude and barbaric Blackguard of Tempus who offered his services to a tyrant is defeated in combat by a character quite the opposite of him. Captured, he is to be executed. However the woman who stopped him, gives the brute a last chance to live. If he agrees to aid her in an important quest, he will be spared and well-rewarded. However he must gives his word of honor.
The focus of the plot would lie on the interaction between opposing views and personalities. Good, kind, intelligent, sophisticated and honorable in a more classic sense versus a ruthless, cunning, crude and barbaric individual led by pragmatic ideals and a desire for violence to satisfy his god Tempus. Which in time slowly leads to mutual understanding and even affection... which in turn causes even more problems for each in turn.

An age of war: Mercenary Company

I'm basically looking for a (preferably) female player up to playing a character based on this picture:

A tough as nails mercenary commander. A female knight who wishes to rise in society, standing and influence. Not evil but not good either. A greyish woman who wishes to better herself through cunning and force of arms. She'd be capable of adapting to high society yet at the same time has a rough strong side, allowing her to handle the (dubious) bullheaded mercenaries she has to deal with. A strong female archetype but not persay inherently dominant or dominant in all situations. (open to debate)

The male love interest will probably be a lieutenant, pupil, rival or the likes with an equally martially inclined nature. Though probably far less ambitious and driven. His nature, personality and purpose are up for debate as I'm a fervent brainstormer when it comes to rping.

As for the setting. This gives a nice feeling of atmosphere:

I was thinking of going for low fantasy. The magical and fantastic aspect is present but the more 'historical' medieval side is dominant.

Feel free to pm me to brainstorm if anyone is interested.

Light and Shadows:

A female Paladin (or other archetype) finds out her bethrothed has not died but instead has surfaced on the side of her enemies. The former noble man seems to have grown utterly focussed on vengeance and is using his talents with destructive consequences against her people/nation/... . There seems to be only one possibility left... find him, confront him and if she cannot redeem him... set him free through the use of cold steel... .

Champions of Evil:

Basically a fantasy setting with a fictional world (possibly a D and D setting) where the Questing duo (or small group) are of evil alignment. Their goal(s) are far from pure as events accelerate around them. Basically a typical fantasy plot but with a twist. The 'heroes' (2, max 5) are all tied to each other by be it honor, greed, necessity or a common purpose and follow in the wake of the main 'villain' of the group. Be it to claim a throne, obtain certain artefacts or more. It would be another longterm plot where interaction within the group is more important than the action and they influence each other directly or indirectly.
The kind of characters that would be interesting are the evil counterparts of the usual D and D heroes, for example: Powerhungry Elvish Sorceress (versus Mage), coldblooded assassin (versus Rogue), brutal human Blackguard (versus Paladin), manipulative shapeshifter (versus Druid), coldhearted Drow Mistress (versus noble Elvish Princess),... .
Potentially the main antagonists could be an opposing team or duo questing to gain the same goals or to stop the villainous team.

A plot focused on a Paladin and a Deathknight forced to cooperate if they wish to undo the binding of their souls and escape to freedom and safety.

Celestial War:
I am still somewhat unsure about this but it might be fun to try out an rp themed around a war between Heaven and Hell and/or within Hell.
It should allow much freedom in possibilities wether the chars are both Angelic, Infernal or of opposing sides.
I'd imagine, Heaven would be very lawful, orderly and noble. The men and women fair and perfect. (with or without wings) Their armies would be Knightly and their Realm a beautiful and pleasant place to be. Hell would of course be the opposite, chaotic and filled with diverse Devils and Demons who are the opposite of the honorable (but sometimes hypocrite?) angels.
Angels could struggle with certain desires, their darker sides or become embittered. While chars on the other side could face their own brand of challenges. And of course there is also the possibilities of forbidden loves, lost loves or great rivalries.
Another possiblility is seduction, domination and/or corruption of the Angelic by an Infernal.

Serving the Queen:

An evil Sorceress Queen's Empire or realm crumbles and she is forced to flee the safeties of her Fortress. With only her barbaric Blackguard to protect her, she must seek a means to regain what she lost and lash out at her enemies. The highly intelligent but spoiled Sorceress however has to overcome great discomfort and favor, seeking refuge. To make matters worse, her crude but loyal protector is becoming somewhat problematic and even defiant.
-> I'm open to just rping an evil charismatic Black Knight and altering the plot to focus on other matters, such as expansion or simply the rise to power of the Sorceress.

Dark and Light in service of a common cause:

A powerful redhaired Paladin/Knight of the Realm, serves her Empress unwaveringly during an era of chaos and strife. Enemies gather within and without the realm and her halberd frequently is all that stands between her Empress and certain death. Rebellion looms and barbarian tribes, Greenskin hordes and a federation of City-states threaten an Order that has endured for over a thousand years. In this strange age she finds both love, attraction and repulsion for a dark warrior equally devoted to her Empress. Their methods vary but their loyalty and ideals are quite similar. Still the enigmatic warrior is more than he seems and he hides a secret that may cause her to turn on him just as he may find that his duty forces him to face her. Will the two mighty warriors find happiness and reconcile duty with love? Or will their epic battle in the throneroom itself lead to tragedy for both of them?

A Baron's protector:
After a campaign goes wrong, the Black Baron is left wounded at a battlefield. His liege has fallen and his allies slain. With the Dark Empire crumbling, it is his loyal righthandwoman who finds him and nurtures him to health. Saving his life, she does have conditions for him though.
As time goes by, their enemies become aware of him and a hunt begins as the Baron attempts to reach the far North where he has allies and his domain awaits.
But even there, other foes await him. It seems he can only trust on his retainer, but she has her own plans for him and her... .

Rise of the Death Knight

A powerful Death Knight has risen through the ranks of the Evil Horde. Ambitious and growing in power he is approached by a powerful female of eerie powers. She sees great potential in him and wishes to tie his destiny to hers. A demoness, Sorceress or female Necromancer, she desires to make a bid for absolute power. But both the forces of the Light and their rivals among the forces of the Dark will attempt to stop her and her newfound ally.

Troubles in the Underdark:
As a Drow Valsharess (Houseleader) or High Priestess, your rivals are many and the slightest weakness can be turned against you.
As the other Houses have noticed that the slaveraids against the surface of your House have encountered several failures and that you yourself have lost much political capital through their machinations, your House seems close to falling.
In the harsh, sadistic and brutal matriarchal society of the Underdark, the Drow stand ever ready to backstab each other to rise through the ranks. Already potential successors and rivals have readied their blades and if assassination will fail, their troops may march against you to avenge the past glories you reaped to their great contempt. Through political machination, assassinations and violence you may yet be able to turn the tide... but how?

Overlord: A semi-humorous evil fantasy rp!

In a fantasy-world where ancient heroes go corrupt, good is corny, Elves are pretty silly and kingdoms clash, once more a mighty Overlord has risen.
The tower has been gaining power for some time and the gremlin-like minions(or 'Browns) have been working frantically to restore it to it's former glory. The new 'Evil Overlord' now has to set out from the tower to gain power for it, to find the elemental variants of his whacky minions: the 'Blues', the 'Reds' and the 'Greens'. But also find artefacts to empower his magic and powers.
On his way he'll encounter 2 women who might become his mistress, his 'Dark Queen'. But one will try to guide his evil to let him impose order on the anarchy that plagues the world. She is kinder than one might expect, elegant and refined, a true lady. She would see him walk the path of domination.
The other is seductive and manipulative and wishes to set him on a path of Destruction. Only power matters and all is a means to an end.
Both have abilities, powers and advantages...
Which woman will sway his heart (or loins?) and how will it effect the lives of those silly odd fantasy creatures who'll soon face his overly dramatic wrath?

Protecting prey and predator
A Succubus ends up seducing a Red Dragon Knight, Sorceror, Necromancer or Mage. But instead of stealing his soul, she decided to add insult to injury and visits him frequently. Keeping him as lover/pet. During one of her visits though things escalate. Having somehow grown fond of her 'prey', she is unable to kill him as his master ordered. Defying him, she becomes a target for death herself. Surprisingly the mortal when ordered to kill her in return for his own life... sides with her... .

Based on a picture of 2 evil chars:


Vampire / Mercenary / Bounty Hunter inspirational pictures:

Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac

An intrigueing pairing in the setting of the Knights of the Zodiac is always welcome.
I’m a fan of the Phoenix, Black Phoenix, Herakles, Taurus, Unicorn and Leo cloth. And also of the Wyvern Specter. So past, canon or future heroes with those armors I’d play.
I’m open to pairing ideas and general brainstorming for this one.

Fantastic Four: Doomsday

In the aftermath of Apocalypse's reign (or some disaster), a weakened Earth becomes easy pickings for Alien Invasion. As the last of the Fantastic Four, Suzan Richards leads a small resistance group, trying to save as many people as possible. However if Earth does not return to safety soon, the human race is doomed to perish.
Reaching Latveria, Suzan Richards stumbles on the remnants of Castle Doom. However it seems the ruler of Latveria is not dead yet. A wounded and near-dead Victor Von Doom is then found by Richards, defenceless and near dead. Suzan Richards, the Invisible Woman has many roads open to her now and choices to make... .

Fate of Doom... (looking for strong F)

Doctor Victor von Doom

Morgan le Fay

A collage of their past:


Basically I'm looking for someone to pick up the role of Morgana le Fay from Marvel comics. The two make a most interesting duo. Doom is arguably the most important Marvel archvillain (and occassionally hero) of Marvel. A scientist without equal and one of the most powerful sorcerors. Morgana on the other hand is also quite intelligent, half faey and the most powerful Sorceress in the Marvel setting.

Doom met her already in distant comic past and gave her his aid to get back to his time. As the 'strongest of magicusers', Doom hoped to learn from her the bits of magical lore he needed to finally reach the magical prowess required to free his mother from eternal torment in Hell. He led her undead forces against King Arthur and Iron Man. However due to Iron Man's interference, she fled and left a disgruntled Doom hanging in the Arthurian times. Doom and Iron Man joined their brilliant minds and managed to get back, replicating the effect of Doom's timemachine.
Later on he 'summoned' Morgana and tricked her in aiding him, after which he punished her for betraying him previously.
Much later she pops up in the Doom plotlines as his love interest. He visits her frequently it seems and the two powerhouses clearly respect each other. Doom makes a deal with his dark lover and receives knowledge he desires to create a magical army. However unlike he promises he never returns to her side. This left Morgana heartbroken and furious.
Doctor Doom however did not return as he had been defeated and imprisoned.
Much later she would somehow be able to reach him and faced him in combat. Taken of guard Doom was defeated. Morgana as interrupted by the Dark Avengers and eventually outwitted by Doom who used a magical spell even she did not know.
Sent back to the prehistoric age, she was last seen chased by a T Rex...

Plotwise I'd like to take up this (by now messed up?) plotline and see what kind of spin we can give it, integrating both chars in a longterm plot.

I'm more than willing to allow a 'good heroine' that is suitable to be woven into the plot to act as a counter to Morgana and her schemes.

If this basic outline has sparkled an idea or 2, please drop me a pm and we'll brainstorm on it!

Doomsday: An Unlikely Alliance

"Doom shall not be denied!" - Doctor Doom, Monarch of Latveria

A few set-ups, all involving around Marvel chars and the infamous Dr. Doom.
A site with a lot of information on the character is:

- Disaster strikes Earth and all seems lost. Only Doctor Doom seems to have the intellect and know-how to save the world. However it remains uncertain wether he wasn't the direct or indirect cause of it all. And to make matters even worse, Doom is reluctant to intervene, preferring to safeguard Latveria.

- The Fantastic Four have finally succeeded in capturing Doom. Locked away in a cell, the Latverian Monarch seems powerless. But as things escalate, Susan Richards drifts away from her teammates and surprisingly finds common ground with Doctor Doom. When the going gets tough, who will succeed? Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom? And who will Susan side with? Who is right? Who is wrong? And will Victor betray the Invisible Woman and his other enemies for the sake of personal glory?

- In the aftermath of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Doctor Doom has been snatched away by Odin to be tortured for all eternity. His destiny taken away from him, Doom seems without a means of escape.
However it is then an unexpected female figure steps forth to offer a way out... .
(possibly Enchantress or another char)

- The future is here. In an unlikely turn of events Susan Richards (Invisible Woman) and Doctor Doom had a child who skippers between a destiny as Queen of Latveria and a just superhero.
Besides this conflict, Victor and Susan also stand dramatically opposite of each other as Earth is threatened but Doctor Doom refuses to act beyond his own ambitions.
Their daughter though not as brilliant as her father, still is an accomplished scientist and on top of that inherited part of her mother's powers. She however had a crisis of her own. Will she become Doom, Invisible Woman or be her own person. And what about these... improper thoughts she has about her parents? And what if she wasn't really their daughter at all? What if this timeframe is completely wrong?
- Emma Frost, the White Queen has reforged a new Hellfire Circle however she requires a King. Her experiences during the Dark Reign era have brought her more directly into contact with Doctor Doom and she has decided that he is the perfect candidate. But how can she corrupt him to her side?
And who is truly in charge? Emma, Doom or someone else?

- Morgan le Fay, Doom's scorned lover is back once again to claim what she believes is hers.
This time the two fight till a standstill and Morgan makes Victor von Doom an offer he cannot possibly refuse. Or can he?

- I'm open to any and all plots, small and epic revolving around Doom and one or more heroes/villains or both.

X-Men: Soul of the Samurai [MUL???]

It is a bitter fruit to taste...
But all the more bitter if it makes you loose all appetite for battle.
And what is a warrior who has lost his will to fight?
Exactly... he is nothing.

After facing his ancient nemesis in battle, Wolverine finds a worth foe in Silver Samurai.
In the end though, despite all the wounds inflicted on him, Wolverine prevails.
Permanently disarming the Master Swordsman by cutting of a large portion of his lower arm.

Kenuichio Harada, also known as the Silver Samurai can no longer serve the state of Japan. Feeling ashamed and useless he has retired from public life and now lives secluded in deep meditation.

It is then that two women step forth. One is a superhero, the other a supervillainess.
Each needs his aide, each will try to convince him to pick up the sword once more.

At one side there is Viper, also known as Madame Hydra. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madame_Hydra
She is the leader of the terrorist organisation Hydra and the former mistress and lover of the mutant Samurai. Once more she will try to recruit Harada and gain his affections and loyalty.
Besides her delightful self she brings a new teleportation ring and a cybernetic replacement for what he has lost.

The other person that will find him is either Psylocke or another heroine who requires his aid and will attempt to rekindle his warrior's spirit. Where Viper focusses on giving back what he lost and arousing his ambitions and desire for martial perfection, the heroine will focus on something else entirely... honor, virtue and duty.

Harada has been a villain, a neutral and a hero in the past. It's up to him to choose his path unless someone else will attempt to make the choice for him?

Either way the future of Japan and more  is possibly at stake.

City of Villains: Reign of Arachnos

As Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx succeed in their raid upon the Rogue Isles, the Lord of Arachnos, Recluse is seemingly defeated.
The Rogue Isles completely turn to chaos as Recluse has no follower capable of uniting the hordes of supervillains and criminals on the Island.
The infamous City stands near implosion as a usurper takes control of all that Lord Recluse build. It is then that someone finds Recluse and decides to execute her own plan...
Superpowered Rivalry:
Two superpowered characters face of frequently as rivals or enemies. At the same time their encounters have a strong romantic/lustful/erotic undertone, leading them to at times end up doing more than just fight. Necessity might also make them learn to finally cooperate and set asside their pride.
An additional element that might be interesting would be if they already knew each other very well outside their Superhero and/or supervillain hours.




The Transformers
A plot that involves either: Bludgeon, Soundwave, a Megatron/Galvatron of my preference or my fanchar Nightraid:

This is one of my plots that’s up for massive brainstorming.

Another suggestion is Armada Skywarp:


Anachronistic History: World War Neo

In a world where all nations have their own over the top projects and superheroes/supervillains, the First World War turned out quite differently.
A mysterious man, known as 'Der Kaiser' or 'Der Megakaiser' used his brilliant intellect and superpowers to lead the German Armed forces to victory over Europe. The USA was never involved in the war as it already ended in 1915 due to the sheer technological superiority and Elite superpowered units of the German Reichsmacht.
The newly established Reich united the entirety of continental Europe, partially into Eastern Europe. Minor conflict in the East led to a strong foothold in the region and a perfect, efficient and smoothly functioning policestate was established.
The system worked well but was also opressive, neglecting individualism and opting for total statecontrol and an obsession with both science and the occult.
The mysterious Kaiser rumored to have been a man that had even lived in the Middle Ages as a Teutonic Knight initiated a multitude of secret projects. The veneration of his person went widespread and his Elite 'Black Guard' were composed out of diverse powerful and fanatically loyal supervillains, distinct by their german style but personalized black uniforms.

However his control was less absolute than one may think. The Resistance was strong and a band of female superheroines aided the remnants of Freedom Fighters in their quest to reinstate a democratic regime.

The USA though opting for a policy of consolidation and isolationism is growing greatly worried by the massive leaps forward that the Reich's warmachine has taken. The risk of an attack rises with each passing day. However they dare not to awaken the German Behemoth and thus opt for subtler means, aiding the Resistance in limited ways.

However a new danger has arisen. The Communist Collective rose forth out of the ashes of a Revolution and where previously it lost ground to the Reich, it has now withstood it. And prepares to unleash a complete genocide on Europe if one does not bow to the Collective. Russia, China and their Satellite states have united into one grand superpower and prepare to attack the Reich and it's allies and the USA's Pacific presence. The new Japanese Shogunate, ally of the Reich feels threatened and has appealed to the enigmatic Kaiser for aid.

When the Communist Bear comes knocking the Resistance and the Reich may have no other choice but to unite against the oddly enormous masses of forces assaulting them, fanatically upholding an ideology that greatly deviates from true history.
But alliances always tend to come to an end. And the Kaiser may have a great surprise in story for his unlikely allies...

This is an rpg that i don't mind playing with more than one person if need be. But preferably not too many.
It's as one can guess an anachronistic historysetting where things went different. A hint of superheroes, scifi and the occult is thrown in to add to the mix. The atmosphere should go for 'coolness' and a certain 'grim atmosphere'.
Over the top things such as cyborgs, zombies, sorcery, superpowers and traditional military technologies can pop up.
The starting point can also vary, be it pre alliance or during. Or another potentially appropriate date.

Most likely the player(s) are part of the Resistance 'superpowered' ones, the Black Guard or less likely on the side of the Communist Collective or the USA.
If there is interest in this one, i'll put up a profile for the Kaiser, my main char but i'll also npc quite a few people when the need arises of course.
Player(s?) can pick more than one char to rp if you want. It matters not to me as long as the story is good and fun.
The level of adultness and content can be discussed. Depending of the faction you take, the 'adult atmosphere/preference' of your char will probably change.

Feel free to sprout suggestions, ideas etc in this thread.

Thank you!

Age of Deities: God of War

In a setting of Mythology and epic fantasy during the era of Antiquity, the Gods of the Pantheons wage war and entire civilizations are their pawns.
The Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian and several other Pantheons conflict with each other starkly. But it is evident that the Greek Pantheon dominates all in this era.
The most stubborn and physically powerful of the Greek gods is mighty Ares, the God of War.
Always scheming and lusting for more carnage, he is the driving force behind a multitude of wars and conflicts. He is also an inspiration for all those that believe in a martial ethos.
Within the Greek Pantheos his most immediate foe is wise Athena, a calmer and more knowledgeable figure. The married Aphrodite is a frequent lover of him.
But there are other martial gods beyond the Greek pantheon that are his enemies. And he might end up entangled in a divine war. Or what if one of his plans backfire? What if a Goddess wants him as hers no matter what the cost? What if furious and fierce Ares is tricked? There a hundreds of possible approaches… which will you take?

Samurai - Ninja Deception:

Set in historical Japan or a more fantasy setting. (Legend of the 5 Rings?). So it's up for heavy modification.
Basically the story would involve around a Samurai and his bethrothed/lover/wife. Unknown to him, she is a kunoichi (female ninja), which contrasts heavily with her daytime personna. Ironically her alter ego and the missions/tasks she undertakes occassionaly let the lovers face of without him even realizing it.
On the other hand, both could have such an alter ego and be hiding it from the other. Causing them to at times work for opposing sides/lords by night and by day live happily together. Of course eventually... the secret(s) are revealed with all moral problems that come with that.

Swashbuckling: Of rapiers and Church

An idea partially based on a European 'comic' i'm a fan of. But possibly given a twist.
18th Century Italy, a radical Cardinal forms a militant order of 'Warrior Monks' to enforce his will and that of the Vatican.
The most prominent among these Warrior Monks is the infamous Capitan Rochnan, a brutal and relentless leader who enforces the Cardinal's will with an iron fist.

The setup could be one of the following:

- Tracking a Vampiress for what seems an eternity, the hunter becomes the hunted as the tables are turned suddenly.
An alternative path could be that they need to team up or the likes.

- A Pirate Queen is in possession of an object the Cardinal requires and he sents out the Warrior Monks to recover it. This puts Rochnan in direct conflict with this Queen and her allies/rivals/enemies to obtain the object.
This artefact could be of great spiritual, magical, theological or other value.

- A group of rogues/scoundrels led by a female leader have become a thorn in the side of the Cardinal and Rochnan is assigned to track down and eliminate the group/organisation. However things might not be what they seem as Rochnan in turn is betrayed.

- Captain Rochnan of the Warrior Monks teams up with a female mercenary captain, officer of the Swiss Guard or other female military officer to deal with a conspiracy or common foe. Of course morally and loyalty-wise there will be friction.

- A Mistress of Poison and a Witch has fallen in love with Rochnan. However a follower of the Church should not consort with a gypsy Sorceress. Circumstances however force Rochnan to barter with the cunning and vicious woman leading to the two playing mental and erotic games, bartering deals and setting traps while pooling together their talents to achieve a common goal and killing a common foe.

Dragonball Z: Saiyan Romance/Domination/action

A plot focussing on the real Saiyan Warriors. Either involving Vegeta and chars like Nappa, Raditz, King Vegeta etc or focussing on a non-canon band of Saiyans. Another route i'm willing to conside should the idea be good is an alternative timeline. The char i'd play is either Vegeta in some form or other, or my own Saiyan Warrior. I'm always open to brainstorming for this one, as for all my other ideas. Given the Saiyan martial ethos and their raw brutal lifestyle expect romance and sexual intercourse to be a bit rough and slightly feral.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Shredder

Example thread:


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Quote from: Darthvegeta800 on June 03, 2008, 03:25:31 AM
Oriental Future: Cybersamurai - Tekno-Ninja
[VAN] - [BON-E] - [NC-H] (discuss up front)
An idea i'd love to expand on. A futuristic setting with a realistic touch and a lowscale mecha edge.
I'd love to do something involving futuristic ninja/samurai etc. Possible around futuristic conglomerates and companies.
Cybernetics, energyblades, explosives etc.
And of course a hint of kinky romance added to the mix.
Basically a sleek, polished scifi story with a good mix of action, romance, intrigue and flashy elements.
Japanese/Chinese characters preferred but contrast with more Occidental or other chars is fine if the idea is good.
Go watch the anime "Ghost in the Shell". I think you'll find that almost exactly is what you thinking of and those three movies and two TV series might inspire you even more ;)