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Author Topic: Uncharted Tales  (Read 591 times)

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Uncharted Tales
« on: March 30, 2014, 04:48:39 AM »
Sea God

Really craving for a story that involves this bad guy. Either as a clash between two ancient gods or him as a male monster and her as a human female, some difference in size between them, but not overly so. Since tentacles are not quite my thing, but they're so useful for grabbing and holding - deliciously so - I'd prefer my char not getting "impaled" by'em, but if tentsy are your thing and you play him well that won't be a problem. I like plot and development, but for this one I'd go with a oneshot as well, depending on what you want out of the story.   

Possible mythos that can serve as plot-base:

Ahti Finnish mythic hero, described as a fierce sea-going warrior. He makes a double vow with his wife Kyllikki, binding him to stay at home and not to engage in raiding, and her to stay faithful. However, Kyllikki breaks their oath, sending Ahti on a voyage with his old war companions where he subsequently falls in combat.

Iku-Turso (Turisas) is a malevolent sea monster in Finnish mythology. Some runes tell that he impregnated the Maiden of Air, Ilmatar. She later gave birth to Väinämöinen, which would make him a truly primeval creature and in some versions, forced by his own son to return to the sea. On the other hand, he is also mentioned as the son of Äijö (a name usually assigned to the God of sky). As Turisas he is the God of War as well.

Possible pairings:
* the above-mentioned mythological ones
* an OC and mortal female
* an OC and female deity
* casual, anyway you want to play him with more than one female character
* any other

As I don't always have access to the forums and less time on my hands than usual I'd prefer the RP to take place via email or PM, post-by-post but everything can be discussed. If you're interested don't hesitate to leave me a PM.
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Offline Jane StormTopic starter

  • I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
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  • Seducer
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  • Join Date: Mar 2012
  • Location: Something wicked this way comes.
  • Gender: Female
  • Delving deep into dark fantasies.
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Re: Uncharted Tales
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2015, 09:36:08 AM »

If you would like to play in any of these stories, please say so in a PM and do not post in this thread. I like roleplays that focus on character development, I'm not (necessarily) looking for literate partners, but anything below ten lines is a turnoff. More details on these stories will come by request via PM and I'm more than happy to brainstorm with you on the plot if you find it lacking. Be sure to read my Ons and Offs page before deciding to start a roleplay with me. If we're not compatible, I might abandon the story, but I will always let you know if that happens and I appreciate it if my partners do the same, even more so if they tell me why so I can improve as a roleplayer. Feedback is welcome, but not mandatory. I also like to reply as fast as possible, but I do not demand the same from others. For posting frequency and word limits please ask me through PM, I will answer any question regarding other matters as well.   

Bedtime stories

When the bells of judgment ring, we all have to answer to one particular entity before departing to another designated place. For [insert witty name here] the rigorous process of dying never goes by the book, yet things could be so much more simple. If only she would understand.

Death has been stalking her over the years, waiting for her to grow up into the beautiful young woman he knew she would eventually become. She had to reach the perfect age, not a bud anymore, yet not in full bloom as well, when he would come to reap what he had sown. He offers her three days of life for every task she achieves in pleasuring him, whether it’s about an entertaining game of chess or acts of a more sensual nature. He begins to enjoy his games with her, almost reaching addiction.

Sometimes he takes her with him on his missions, where she learns that not only does he get to choose the nature of one’s death, but also makes it happen. Important historical figures or plain workers, from the past, present in future: she gets to know each of his victims, their motivations and desires, their way of life until he comes to end everything. At least he has some sense of morality, whether it is self induced or forced by higher forces. Hardened criminals die in outrageous fashions, while children simply fall asleep and wake up on the other side. She is forced to watch every event unfold in front of her, without having the power to prevent anything from happening. Until one day, when he asks her to choose their next bedtime story.

Tags: fantasy, historical periods, dark romance, time and space travelling

Cry for the moon

In her village it's a well known fact that wolves roam the forest and that no one should travel alone at night. Hearing their howl every night makes her dream of what would it feel like to live as free as they are, until one night when she ventures to seek their lair. What she encounters in the dark forest is beyond the mere concept of a werewolf.

He shares his solitude within the castle walls with a few loyal servants and his pet wolf. The villagers know him as an eccentric aristocrat who never comes down from his mountain to interact with them. For all they care, he might be old and crippled or already dead. None had seen his face for over a decade, nor heard much about him except for what his servants have to say each time they visit the village and they don't do much talking. In exchange for her life, he offers her the only other alternative: becoming one of his servants, although he has no need for a maid. She had seen his face, therefore she must choose. What other secrets does a halfbreed like him fight to keep?

Tags: romance, shapeshifters, medieval setting

Group Games

Fae Power Couples

A story of corruption and seduction mostly, following the wars carried out between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of the Fae. There’s going to be two main power couples, the Light Couple ruling over Spring and the Dark Couple ruling over Autumn. The members of the latter will place a bet between eachother in order to settle which will rule over the Unseelie Court for the next decade. The object of the ‘game’ is to seduce the opposite member of the Light Couple and break the union between them at the same time..a win-win situation from the Dark Couple’s perspective.

The game is initially made for 4 players, but depending on requests more characters can turn main from NPCs: members of both Courts, advisors, servants, guardians, human and nonhuman slaves which will have a bigger or lesser influence on the outcome of the game.

Possible magical powers (Seelie): healing, plant control, light, wind, love charms
Possible magical powers (Unseelie): shadows, mist, thunder, water, temptation charms

Theatre of Tragedy inspired stories

Venus by Theatre of Tragedy, Aegis album ~ Click to listen

Based on the Metamorphoses novel by Apuleius, the roleplay will focus mostly on the shared love between Psyche and Eros with a few interesting twists.  As the goddess Venus finds offense in Psyche’s beauty compared to her own,  she sends her most beloved son Eros to bring punishment upon the mortal girl. The young god falls for Psyche instead and decides to trick his mother and fake Psyche’s punishment into a very well made stage play. Eros turns himself into the ancient dragon-like creature to which Psyche is sent by her family as sacrifice to appease Venus’ wrath after consulting Apollo’s oracle. Psyche faints at the sight of this creature and is then carried by Zephyr into Eros’ celestial dwelling. Psyche is forbidden from seeing her lover’s features and becomes his wife for a blessed period of time until Venus hears news of their union. Filled with jealousy and hatred, the goddess of love comes up with a most wicked plan of separating the lovers in order to regain both her shattered ego and her son’s complete devotion.

Tags: ancient Greek myths, possible group roleplay, there be dragons, ghost love, competition
Looking for someone to play both Eros and Zephyr as main characters. I will be playing Psyche and Venus along with several NPCs.

Siren by Theatre of Tragedy, Aegis album ~ Click to listen

I’ve been craving for a mermaid story since joining E and this will probably start off as a one-shot before actually turning it into a full-pledged roleplay. I am mostly looking for the classical mermaid-pirate pairing with a twist: she will probably be the most dangerous between the two of them. I’ll be playing Lorelei (in honor of the homonymous song on the same album) There will be magic involved of course, one which allows your character to breathe underwater (eventually) and mine to walk on land (at times).

Tags: one shot, mermaid, arrr, “Me'n'th' crew seen a great grand sea beastie, th' mother of all whales, aye, an' then th' kraken came!"

On Whom the Moon Doth Shine by Theatre of Tragedy, Velvet Darkness They Fear album ~Click to listen

A new depiction of the classical Devil’s Bride theme, this will focus on a human-demon pairing with a bit of the Persephone and Hades myth plugged into it. He’s ruling over the Underworld, bound by this cursed duty to the cold and the darkness. Seeking for a link to life and warmth, he decides to wed a mortal. Whether she’ll adapt to her new home or the land of the non-living drives her mad, it remains to be seen. His worst fear comes in the shape of his brothers and sisters – the other six Angels of Death.

Tags: demon’s bride, underworld, dark theme

From the Beasties Collection

Picture not related, but depicts the kind of mood I'm looking for

Herald of the Sacred Fenrir
Elvenking - Through Wolf's Eyes

Somewhat of a lighthearted comedy-based roleplay, it tells the story of a wicked shrine priestess in the service of Fenrir (an actual Norse God in this context) and his messenger, the sacred white wolf  which acts as the main link between Fenrir and his followers. The priestess was able to see him since childhood and serves as an oracle for all those in need of advice or help from the white wolf. They developed a deep friendship and as the years passed by, their relationship changes.  Not only does she keep demanding constant help from him as usual, but the nature of her requests slowly changes to a more personal one as well. Not that he’s complaining.

Tags: furry, comic relief, oneshot, size and age difference

Dreams of dominance (picture based)

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