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Author Topic: Male needed {Naughty Histories}  (Read 716 times)

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Male needed {Naughty Histories}
« on: August 10, 2014, 01:58:33 PM »
- - - Idea 1

Set in either a fantasy/fictional realm or in 10 Century Europe, this story will be about a brother and a sister. The King of our land has been murdered, leaving your character as heir.
-   Either the King was murdered by his brother (our characters uncle) and takes the throne. Your character, who has been sent out on a ten year campaign returns to kill the usurper and take his rightful place as king.
-   Your character murders the father, reasons can be discussed.
Either way, your male will become King. He will also take my character, his sister, for his bride. They were close as kids; maybe your character has always had a thing for her, slightly obsessed with her. Again, details can be discussed between us. This does not need to involve siblings.

Now there will be sex, but I want to do the story side of this more. The sex has to fit into the story, not the story slotted in around the sex. I am after lots of inner turmoil and drama, confusions of feelings and dominance from the brother. He is the head of the Kings army; he is a warrior and a fierce man. So no wimpy characters please.

- - - Idea 2

The forest of the northern borders, holds with it a great legend. Stretching across the lands of ancient Britannia, its vast and extensive life of green and beauty has always been a great attraction to the travellers that pass through it and along side it. However, into the very depths of the forest is what is known as the Valley. A part of the forest that is always in shadow and mist. Always in a grey light due to the fog, the Valley is rumoured to be haunted by the rider. He is said to be the shadow of a fallen warrior, slain in the valley and his spirit never left. Riding through the forest of the Valley,ensuring that all stay clear from his territory. For all those that come in his path, are seen as the enemy and he takes your life. Those that enter the Valley, never return.
Well, surely this was just a legend? An old myth and story to give reason to the mist and shadow. A fairytale told to children for entertainment.

That was what a Legend was.

The year is 1103, and the young maiden Ellenis is one of an inquisitive and sprite-full nature. Always a lively and friendly female, she was popular amongst her clan for her tales and happy ways. Ellenis had always been fascinated by the tale of the Dark Rider, and she wanted to hear it again and again as a child. Always fascinated by anything that wasn't the norm, stories of magic and grand adventures. And as she grew, Ellenis never forgot the story of the Dark Rider. Only now, her curiosity grew.

Upon the turn of her sixteenth birthday, Ellenis and her friends walked through the northern forest, laughing and talking as they did so. When they walked through to the depths of the forest, to the outskirts of the Valley. Ellenis looked across the lagoon in the Valley, to the other side where the mist weaved through the trees and vines. Curiosity, and a need to know took over her, and the inquisitive blonde walked across the fallen log that crossed this part of the forest to that. She ignored the calls of her friends, and the further she walked, the more distant they became. Until Ellenis was walking through the mist, and in the territory of the Dark Rider.

He had plans to kill her as he did the rest, but something about the innocent beauty had him. So he spared her, on the deal that she would become his.

- - - Idea 3

Born the daughter of an Earl, she is a lady to the public and true to her role.
Born the nephew of a Lord, he is a lady killer and master of the mind.
A simple attraction soon turns to a dangerous game.
Infatuation becomes obsession.
It will kill them.

It is a story of two people born of nobel rights, one a refined lady and one a male that has access to nobility through his uncle. The lady becomes the males latest infatuation, however it turns even more and soon he begins to play mind games with her. Their relationship turns more into a twisted game, coming and going. Now for this, I don't mind if you have the male as someone who is dealing with mental issues, or demons of his own. You really can go all out on him, to just make him a dark and twisted person. We will discuss more on the plot when someone is interested, but I do need someone who can play him as described. The sex will be extreme, lots of taboo issues etc.

- - - Idea 4

Ever see the film Paint Your Wagon?Set in a mining town, an all male community work within the mining community. When they're not hunting gold, they're gambling or drinking. It is filthy, dirty but void of female company. That is until a Mormon passes through with two wives. Declaring mining law, or rather the law of their town, a man cannot have two wives. So the Mormon offers to sell his second bride to the highest bidder. Anything of value is offered, the bids climb higher and higher as the desperately lonely and horny men of the town place their bids for the girl. However, one miner declares a bid doubling the previous, and no one can out do him. And so she is sold, purchased as a wife to the miner. When he steps forwards, it is revealed the winner is one of the most solitary, yet volatile men within the town. A powerhouse of strength and sullenness, he takes his new bride. They are married that night, and he takes her back to his cabin, and consummates the marriage. However, problems soon arise when he comes to realise he has the only female for miles around, and shares a town with over 200 men.

This will ultimatley lead to something a little softer, feelings will happen, but at first he can be rough and assertive. Could even be N/C at first. However he will face troubles with other men trying to get at her. So lots of drama, fighting, sex etc.

If anything takes your fancy, please PM me.
Remember, story comes first with smut added in.
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Re: Male role wanted {Naughty Histories}
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2014, 05:12:59 PM »
Really looking for someone to do idea 1 with.

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Re: Male role wanted {Naughty Histories}
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2014, 05:34:07 PM »
Really looking for someone to do idea 1 with.

PM'd you some questions about idea 1 - plot-driven stories are kind of my thing :)

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Re: Male role wanted {Naughty Histories}
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2014, 04:05:08 PM »