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Author Topic: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)  (Read 665 times)

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A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« on: July 30, 2014, 09:31:47 AM »
The streets were full of people, some had green eyes, some had blue and some had purple eyes, and some even had red eyes though this was not normal humans like you and me. They were immortal.

The humans had long ago ruled the world, but now it was the era of the vampires. The vampires had their own type of hierarchy, the lower class worked as farmers though the females would sell their body at taverns, and they had all green eyes. The middle class worked as salesmen and estate officers and they had blue eyes, then there was the upper class who worked as police officers or guards and they all had purple eyes. And then you had the royals, they were the ones who ruled the nation of vampires and made the laws, they had all red eyes.

The vampires would age until they reached their 20's then the aging would stop, though even though they were ageing then they had vampire teeth, it was actually funny to see the small children's who lost their baby teeth, because then they only had one little fang, at least for the time being.

The humans who had not died in the war between the immortals had been placed in houses, but in farms. This was where the farmers came in, they would 'milk' the humans for blood and send to stores, though there was one catch. The only ones who was allowed to have human blood from the store was the middle and upperclass, the lower class needed to hunt for themselves, or take blood after they had sent to the stores. The Royals however would have personal blood banks.

It was a rather normal day for the humans. They had to stand in a line and wait for being emptied for blood, or at least enough so that they would have problems standing for about a week.The farmers did their job as usual, but the guard who was supposed to be checking on everyone had gone to sleep. So one of the humans started to run.

The human was a 17 year old girl named Emma . In contrary to the other humans, she was raised to be a personal blood bank so she was a bit better treated than the rest, for example her clothes were not just a pillow case, she had a blood red shirt and a deep purple knee length skirt.

The shirt had a golden emblem with a picture of a note. For Emma the emblem was just a curse, it showed that she could sing, and hypnotise with the help of singing a tune. Normally it was not something that a human could do, because she was a little part of vampire. The ones that was going to be used as blood banks got a bit of vampire venom in them, not enough to turn them into vampires but enough to make it so that they aged slowly, and their teeth were slightly sharpened, but sometimes an ability was given a gift, for example Emma's hypnotising voice.

" where did she go ?" One of the police officers asked.

" I don't know.. Keep on looking " another policeman said

Emma had hidden inside one of the taverns, she felt that was safest here. She went to one of the corners, hiding as best as she could.

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Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2014, 10:07:29 AM »
Artemis Ambrogio was drowning in boredom as he gazed the general livelihood of simple people moving around inside and outside the Tavern. Thor had insisted an Ambrogio should have the knowledge and confidence in every aspect of life whether mundane or royal..or carnal. But the latter most in more importance. His brother had a taste for the more baser aspects and habits that the human races were said to possess. He loved to drink, to brawl, to boast and to mate with tavern wenches whenever opportunity lended him a chance. Needless to say, he never had the usual and common averseness to humanity that majority of Vampires possessed. Their father was a hard man and someone you would most certainly regret ever crossing. No one could dare to stand in front of Eric Ambrogio without a healthy fear of consequence foremost in their mind. Except for Thor. He exuded that raw power through him which had been Artemis' reason for envy ever since childhood. It helped that he was over 6'8 feet tall..a giant in any crowd, a man looking down upon one and all. In contrast Artemis was a boy. This was supposed to be his initiation into manhood, but he was too reluctant for such blatant intimacy with an absolute stranger. Not to mention how much he shared the common averseness against humanity inside him too.

As he sat there with his chin lazily resting on his palm, his crimson eyes roaming around the scenery trying to ignore the roucous laughter from his brother at a far off table as he sat with some of his barbarian friends sharing a joke with a Tavern wench sitting on his lap looking almost a child in comparision to him wearing a wild blush, he witnessed the runaway girl trying to find sanctuary amidst the Tavern crowd with lazy eyes. It was the first instance of excitement that had caught his attention ever since he had been forced into this ordeal of social engagement. He found himself curious to see what end this litte stupid scared girl would face in her quest for escape from the guards he could hear outside searching for her frantically.

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Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2014, 11:02:46 AM »
The bartender who owned the tavern looked over at the girl who was in the shadows. She looked like a scared little bunny.

" hey, nothing to be afraid of.. I don't bite, or I would have but it's against the rules " the bartender said as he came up behind her. " I'm sorry?" Emma said as she turned to look at the bartender.

The bartender chuckled, his eyes glinted slightly" you may look like a middle class vampire but you smell human"

" who's blood bank are you missy" a vampire asked

Emma looked at him, as if she was not sure that he was actually talking to her. Of course she knew that he was talking to her, there were not any other personal blood banks here anyway. She twinned a strand of hair around her finger.

" not yours that's for sure " she said. Right now the vampire was in a distance that she liked because then he could not see her very clearly because of the dim light, or he could if he had good vision.
She knew that she would get punished because she was away from her 'owner' and even more because she had escaped from the farm.

She was about to say something more when the door got slammed in. And the police entered
" everybody stay where you are" a tall man said and pointed a wooden pointy stick at them. The choice of weapon was always something that had amused Emma to no end, as it would not work on her because she did not have enough vampire venom in her body to be classified as a vampire that would die with that kind of weapon. Though the vampires would have troubles with it. If they got hit that was.

When the policeman smelled the scent of human, he took out a gun from his pocket.
" what are a blood bank like you doing here " the man sneered

Emma took hold of the necklace and held it up slightly " because my owner told me to come here and wait " she said
" and you have waited how long ?" The policeman asked a small grin was at his lips
" a few hours sir, he said that he had some errands to do first, so I could end up with waiting for a long time" she answered

Technically non of this was true as the pendant she had showed was just a small necklace she had gotten from her mother and father just before she had been taken away to become a blood bank.
Luckily for her the policeman did not look closely at it. If he had she would have been in trouble, she had no marks that was showing that she was owned by anyone, no necklace with a royal family crest, and not a bracelet either.

The policeman gave a signal to the rest of his men to watch over the few persons that was in the tavern. While he started to walk towards the girl " well I'm sure going to have fun, I don't believe your owner thought of what could happen if he don't have their blood banks around at all times, after all I'm not allowed to touch you or do anything to you, but that's only when your owner is there. And I don't think that anyone noticed if i take a pint or two of your blood" the policeman said and licked his lips, his fangs kind of dropped down, ready to bite into flesh.

" um captain " one of the policemen said
The policeman who was just a feet or two away from Emma turned " what" he asked
The other policeman pointed at the royal vampire. Not only where the police captain starting to almost attack a blood bank but he had also pointed a weapon at a royal. And for all they knew it could be a blood bank from the boys family, and that he had simply come to get it.

Offline Artemis

Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2014, 06:24:15 PM »
Artemis looked on at the proceedings with interest. Humans had never been anything more than animals to him. A source of food, a means of entertainment.

"Humanity conquers the heart my child. Even when we conquer the world." voice of his mother had once sought to make him understand.
"It is a good thing then that we don't have the heart." Artemis had replied. Always rebellious. Always stubborn.

When the policemen had their attention on him, he had to smile. "It is funny you should notice little me and ignore the brute who should have had been more your concern." he commented as his eyes pointed at Thor sitting there with the warmth in his eyes frozen over. There was nothing more Thor disliked than having his party disrupted. There was nothing more Thor hated than seeing a blood bank stolen. The root of that hatred had been a pitiful affair to say the least. Artemis hardly understood then what his brother had went through as he hardly understood now what his brother was going through.

Thor's eyes smoldered in barely shackled rage as he sat there silently watching the frightened girl huddled against a corner clutching her locket, no doubt remniscing past memories. The policemen crumbled onto their knees at the first thought of realization that him them as to who was present in the Tavern.

"M'lord Artemis! M'lord Thor! Forgive the insolence of this insignificant pest!" The first policeman begged throwing away all of his weapons as far away from him as possible as though they burnt him. The other imitated him. It was a rightful matter to be afraid of, showing weapons in the presence of a Royal was something of grave offence. If it had been any other arrogant noble it would have had been a torture of the damnedest kind. But this was in the presence of his brother, caught red handed amidst an act of the vilest kind as seen from the eyes of Thor. And that was far, far more worse.

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Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2014, 12:46:58 AM »
Emma had to surpress a smile, this was good. Or not exactly good since she had been about to get caught. Thanks to the two royals then the policemen did not seem to notice her anymore, and they had thrown away their weapons.
She walked as fast and soundless as she could and bent down to take one or two of the weapons. She took a gun and a stake. But when she looked up she noticed she was closer to the table the royals sat, than she first thought.

She took a quick look, and gave a small nod as a thanks before she started to leave. She opened the door and went through it, only to crash into the head of the policedepartment. Emma gulped this was not good, not only was she caught with the weapons in her hands, if there was not many who hated blood banks more than him.

Emma let the weapons go, they hit the ground with a dull thud. But it was to late. He grabbed her by her neck. " and what do we have here" he muttered and took a look on the emblem on her chest. " hm, a singing one this time.. How many hypnotic songs of yours did it take to make my men give you the weapons " he asked and sent her flying.

Emma had hit something hard, she felt a pain coming from her head, she carefully brought her hand up, and when she took her hand back she saw her fingers covered in blood. It did not matter much for her when it came to the blood loss as it would heal quickly enough, but the vampires no matter which class they belonged to, knew that a blood bank who had been bitten and taken blood from, would have the smell from the vampire who had done it too, but she had lied so her blood smelled like, well her own blood.

The head for the policedepartment looked at Thor and Artemis " m'lords your father asked me to get you home, he talked about something about a bloodbank for lord Artemis" he said and bowed his head slightly. He gaced at the girl before continuing " bring this one with you, she should be punished for escaping the farm" he added.
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Offline Artemis

Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2014, 05:49:08 AM »
"Thor wait!" Artemis cried out too late. It was one thing to kill underling police officers, but the murder of Police Head had no way of going unnoticed by their father.

The vampire blinked and Thor stood before him. The crowd breathed and before anyone could comprehend what was happening, Thor held the guy's puny head in his humoungous palm and smashed it hard against the tough tavern floor, forming a two feet deep crater inside. Artemis could see the horror dawning over the two police officers kneeling before him as they witnessed the brutal end of their leader. Trained as they were since childhood under the harshest of circumstances against overwhelming odds to face any and every kind of danger, if the vampire policemen were given a choice to fight or take flight then they would always chose to fight when possible. Survival was engraved in their subconsciousness ruthlessly and they have never known backing down.

Artemis sensed all too well the familiar desperation of cornered animals and even before they started for his brother whose back was towards them, their head was cleaved apart from their shoulders, painlessly, effortlessly. Artemis stood behind his brother, his hand and a half sword unsheathed with hardly a stain on it. Such speed was dealt with its edge that even the stains of death found no time to stick on the blade.

"You messed it up bad this time Thor. Father won't be happy and you know his ire full well." Artemis said to his brother who couldn't have cared any less what their father thought of him.

Thor was moving towards the thrown off human girl who was leaking blood from her wounds, and from the smell of it, untainted blood. The crowd around them were already drooling at the sight of her but were waiting for the brothers to move out. They were royals of the highest order, no one even dreamt of ever going against them. The moment he and his brother were gone there would be a rampage over the girl.

Artemis knew that, and he couldn't have cared less of it. Artemis also knew that Thor knew that and that was always something to worry about.

"Father won't notice in his excitement over the news that you have finally taken your own blood bank." Thor's voice had that barritone quality which suited his bulging physique. Artemis had known what Thor was thinking before he had even uttered the words. Despite his father's numerous not so subtle insistances, and his mother's emotional requests, commands and what not, Artemis refused to take on his own personal blood bank or even feed directly from any human. His father asked for it was a symbol of power, his mother asked for it was what she thought would lend her son salvation. Even the thought of it made him sick. Artemis had always been addicted to loneliness. There were only a handful who had any inkling of his trust but Artemis Ambrogio kept his distance from one and all to the dire distress of his brother and mother. The idea of drawing blood from a human, sharing something so personal with a vile being like that was unthinkable.

"Father would notice if he were to stumble on the knowledge that this massacre was the doing of this bloodling." Artemis threatened with an annoyed growl. Their father could forgive most things, but not the care Thor held for humans. He would do things to her that Artemis didn't need to think about, or care if it meant squiggling away from getting a blood bank.

"You won't." Thor's eyes met his own. An order, a request, a plead. Artemis was silenced.

He looked on helplessly as Thor knelt down to aid the wretched girl, ripping his own shirt to make bandages for her.

"May I?" Thor asked for permission, not to a middle class vampire, not even to any lower class but to a mere, filthy human.

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Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2014, 06:54:13 AM »
Emma frowned. This royal who was going to help her had just killed the head policeofficer almost without blinking.

She tilted her head slightly to the side " i think i must have lost more blood than i thought.. Because i think i just heard you ask for my permission to help me? Is it not supposed to be the other way around?"

This was Thor if the little she knew of the royal families was correct.

She glanced around and knew that exactly the time the two of them left she would most likely end up in a worse situation than simple punishment.

Taking a deep breath she looked up at Thor and nodded. She gave her permission.

Emma looked at the other Royal, Artemis. " stupid mammas boy, having to have a blood bank, think of someone else for a change. I would be glad to kick some common sense in your head. God i bet your brother has more sense of the real word than you do, you.."  She stopped the trail of thoughts which in the end would have lead to a lot of cursing, it was not that she was afraid of the words themselves it was more that she remembered that the royals had that bad habit or rather power to know what the humans were thinking and she practically attacked him in her mind she was probably getting in trouble.

" sorry" she whispered, and looked at Artemis.

Offline Artemis

Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #7 on: July 31, 2014, 09:57:41 AM »
Artemis had never felt so much anger in his life at someone before. None before had ever dared such insolence before the scion of Ambrogio. To be shown such disrespect by human! His crimson eyes smouldered in rage as he glared at the vermin before him.

"The one unknown to the real world is you, you stupid bitch!" he spat the words with shaking vehemence. "You would yearn for these harsh streets when I am done with you! You would know so much pain that you would beg me for death!" his voice rose in every syllable as his wrath too rose into levels he had never known existed. "I WOULD STRIP YOU NAKED AND MAKE YOU CRAWL THROUGH THE STREETS IN A LEASH! YOU WOULD RUE THE MOMENT YOU HAD THE ILL FATE OF MEETING ME. I WILL DO SO MUCH WORSE TO YOU THAN MY FATHER EVER DID TO...." his loud rant ended so abruptly in the middle that the absence of his voice left a deafening vacuum of silence in the overcrowded street filled with people watching the show.

His widened eyes met the steel in the eyes of Thor for only a fleeting part of the second before Artemis turned around and walked away with raging steps holding his sheathed sword in the right hand like a staff. His every step drooling anger as it made cracks on the stony pathway.

Thor watched his brother's retreating figure for the better part of a moment before turning back to the wounded girl beside him. "Well that went better than you'd expect!" he told her with a wide goofy grin. He was tender in his application of bandages. And after that he picked her up in his arms to carry her over to the castle, as the whole crowd took in the absurdity of events that took place before them this day, the horror of three murdered officers almost entirely forgotten as their rotting dead bodies layed unnoticed on the ground.

Death was a mundane matter in this world, even the death of police officers, as compared to a confrontation between a human and a member of the great, supreme Ambrogio family.

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Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #8 on: July 31, 2014, 09:58:39 AM »
(Sorry if it was bit over done, tell me if you get uncomfortable at any point.)

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Re: A new way of living ( closed to Artemis)
« Reply #9 on: July 31, 2014, 12:03:12 PM »
( no dont worry, though it is an PG-13 thread, so i dont know if we have to move it to a adult section ? Just in case, oh and Aregularguy posted in the knight thread did you see it ?) ( i will reply once we clarify if we are moving this thread or not )