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Author Topic: Perversions of Artemis  (Read 442 times)

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Perversions of Artemis
« on: August 02, 2014, 03:48:19 AM »
First of all, thank you for taking an interest in my post.

PM me or post here for all types of plots you think I might want to do or I might be interested in. You can take a look at my kinks in my preferences. These are just raw ideas, I am willing to carve out the intricacies over PM or even here, I don't mind making a mess here. Read it all while you are at it, I have a variety of plots, only thing common is the male is always dominant.

My ideas:
The Leacherous Prince

The Lecherous Prince

 If you like a sadist, arrogant, dominant partner who likes humiliating others then this is for you.

He was the sole heir to the throne and is very arrogant. He had his eyes on one of his father's advisers(must be a female, could be the queen, princess etc but of high stature.) for a long time but was unable to do much about it because of his father.
The King gets assassinated, and the kingdom falls under command of the Prince finally. He is now free to do whatever he wants to whomever he wants without fear of reprisal from the king and he intends to use every ounce of his new found power to bend the woman of his fantasies to his every whim and humiliate her in every way in front of the court and kingdom.

Royal Vengeance
If you like the feral, powerful, angry characters having a love hate relationship withYC then this one is for you.

A prince banished in childhood for being a werewolf by his parents and countryhood plots vengeance on the kingdom. He becomes the Alpha of the greatest werewolf pack in existence and invades the kingdom where his elder sister now rules as queen supreme. PM me if you are interested, advanced warning though that it might contain humiliation too as the queen falls from grace.

The tale of twins
This is a bondage oriented plot with eventual sibling romance.

The twins had always been close but after entering high school, they drifted apart. The brother became a rebel. Failing all subjects, doing drugs, alcohol, always fucking sluts and never listening to anyone. The sister became the student president, a prodigy in her studies and sports with a long line of admirers behind her. But what she really wanted was her brother back. She wanted to make him happy, and please him in any way possible. And there was only one possible way she can approach her without fail and that was through his cock.

His girl
My character in this plot is of an obsessive, selfish and dangerous guy that forces YC to turn from her prudish ways.

He was the most popular guy in the school as well as the most dangerous. He has ties with all kinds of people. Ace of the football team and a prodigy in studies as well as the number one troublemaker. He was arrogant, self centered and an ass. Many girls wanted him, none held his interest..until now. She is shy, demure, cultured,  and a teacher's pet. She was the ideal student, never breaking rules, always submitting her assignments on time. What happens when he finds what he wants in her? He wants her to dress for him, he wants her devotion for him, he wants everything of her for him and none would stand in his way. Not the teachers worrying over his influence on her, her scared to death friends or her overprotective parents. She was his girl.

Pampered.Warning, this one contains mother son incest of the worst kind.

He had been pampered and spoilt by his mother all his life. She never refused him anything he wanted and he always did whatever he wanted without her permission. She doted on her son. She gave him everything he wanted and more. Her whole life was devoted to his happiness. What happens when he hits puberty? His addiction to sex and perversions grow as every year passes and by the time he turns sixteen he even sees his mother in a sexual way. Then it hit him. He could have sex with his mother! The posibility of her refusing him never even crossed his mind. He would get a pussy to fuck all the time he wanted without any limits. His beloved mother would take care of his every need and without complaint, he was sure.

Daddy's whore (Daddyxdaughter, multiple partners, exhibitionism.)
Father is a pervert. Daughter is a slut. Father wants to show her off, dress her up, boast to the world how hot a daughter he has and how lucky he is. He wants to make everyone jealous over having such a hot daughter to fuck and do anything else as he pleases and as much as he pleases. She would do everythin she can to make her daddy happy, comfortable and sated. He cares for him and respects his perversions. Every man should be a pervert is what she would think. And her daddy's little girl, she had a duty to fulfill the perverted and depraved fantasies her daddy could think of.
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Re: Perversions of Artemis
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 11:49:41 PM »
Included "Pampered" plot.