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Author Topic: The Artemis Experiments(M for F)  (Read 615 times)

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The Artemis Experiments(M for F)
« on: August 22, 2014, 01:19:49 AM »
This thread devoted to roleplay experiments that include genres and techniques I haven't seen around here yet and don't know how to find people who do this kind of roleplay. It could be very hard, very easy or very exciting depending upon the perception. Will post more in here as I get the ideas.

Two souls drowned in the sadness and loneliness of their lives depend upon each other for support. This is not love, this is need. A need for something of each other much more essential than oxygen and nutrition. For them, nothing else exists. Only each other in absolution. In each others arms would they live and in each others arms shall they die. They say there is nothing more addictive than another human being. If so, then they are the worse kind of addicts. Every moment is a thought devoted to each other, to worship, cherish and treasure what they have. The world outside of themselves is broken, any hope of completion is only found in each other. They are each others passion, their re legion and their possession. Sex is only a tip of the height of their relationship that transcends mind, body and soul. Every breath is spent in each other, every heartbeat along each other and every thought for each other.

 They would act like normal to each other but to the outside world they would like someone who could only think of themselves. Their entire mind would be concentrated on every aspect of each other. There would be alto of sex, no doubt. But I want it to be intentionally emotional and I want it more than sex. As for the story. This plot would be entirely about each other. Might contain exhibitionism, but not to get a kick out of it, but because they simply wouldn't care about others or a world outside their world.

The Pain Of Silence (No discussions can be had, we dive right into this roleplay.
Two cowards of the world meet in a train as strangers. Do they want each other? What is their life about? What do they like? What do they dislike? They cannot tell each other. They are too afraid for that. Only through actions alone can they move forward towards each other. And they would have to bear the repercussions of their actions even if it meant loosing each other forever. They cannot know until they dive in, but to dive in is a gamble. How would they know what other wants?

Okay this one needs alot of concentration.You cannot tell me what you are thinking in your replies nor what your reactions might or might not mean. We will not discuss what each of us prefer out of each other. The story should move forward based solely upon the actions and reactions displayed physically by each character and nothing else. What we would need to tell each other are the clothes we wear, in which general directions we would be looking (but not where we are looking) and what our hands and body would be doing. We also cannot say ourselves, what kind of relationship each of our characters want or if they even want each other. The only way is to let our characters say it outright. PM me if you have any doubts about the rules.

This is about two very depressed people who went through some very traumatic incidents in life. They would lean on each each other for support. It wouldn't be smut at first, might be in the future. It would be about talking about the incidents like a confession. Collect your worst sexual, emotion or physical fears and let them all happen to your unfortunate character in one tragic history. I want to revel in the misery here, so we would let the very worst that could happen to ourselves in real life or some made up incidents that you were always afraid of happening to your character happen. This would be talking about it. In world where they could only trust each other and let it all out from their chests and relieve the burden upon someone.You can talk about anything, but don't tell the history of your character beforehand. Tell it in the dialogues.  I think it might be hard to do that, considering most of us generally write the fantasies and what they want to write here. But a guy can hope he could find a partner for it. I just want to be sad.

The Fairy Tale Of Vampires
This is about vampires, but not in the usual sense that I see out there. Here, the boy is human. 17 years old, Peter Pride never fit anywhere. The most popular guy in his previous school, he was ace striker of the soccer team and one of the smartest guys out there with an easy grasp on whatever he studied. He had friends, but no best friends. He had a way of getting close to people yet not letting them get close to himself. Humanity was a clear picture to his eyes, yet what happens when he encounters the inhumane? Her beauty would defy rationality. Her extraordinary grace would be too perfect for a being of nature. A solitary existence which would intrigue him to no end. She would be, the key towards a meticulously hidden world of creatures more powerful than humanity could ever comprehend or compete.

This is a plea to all those vampire lovers out there. You know their world. You know their powers. You know their nature. Introduce a world to the smartass boy that he could never have expected in this mundane reality. Make him fall in love with it. You will be responsible for the creation of a vampiristic world, their nature and their powers. As well as the personality of your own character. I will be responsible for the personality of my character as well as the personality of others around. Could an arrogant, narcissistic, self-chauvenistic boy ever fall in love to a the shrewd, cunning and a century old powerful beauty who had seen war and bloodshed far more than anyone else. The boy could fall in love, but would the woman? Need an imaginative and good female writer.

Rules for The Pain of Silence:

1) The plot would not be important, only the relationship between our characters would be.
2) Writer's input is forbidden. This plot is designed to imitate reality, so one writer cannot know what the character of the other writer is thinking.
3) The sex, the romance, the enmity, the friendship, everything would be decided by the actions of our characters and how we interpret them.
4) If the writer wants to convey some feelings then it should be by way of dialogues from their characters alone.
5) It is mandatory to describe what our characters are wearing, in which general direction they are looking and what they are doing.
6) We would not tell each other what we are looking at, why we are doing something, the meaning behind what we are wearing and all of that.
7) It should be imagined that we are looking at our characters from outside, telling the other what can only be seen physically. Though their actions and everything else should be a derivative of their thoughts, imaginations, ideas and views.
8) This need not be a priority to any of the writers.
9)  I tell you once again, it should be a roleplay closer to reality.
10) Even the age of our characters cannot be discussed, though if there is too large a difference then tell me beforehand.
11) Physical traits on the other hand should be discussed.
12) This one is important. If our character, (not us, but our characters) feel threatened by the other character then they would never meet again and the roleplay would end there and then.

Rules for Agony:

1) This would be basically a type of mutual confession therapy for our characters, telling each other stuff they rather not tell anyone and still aiming to like each other despite whatever happened in the past.
2) The rules for Pain Of Silence does not apply here. In case anyone gets confused.
3) The history should be told in the dialogues, not in the narratives. Feelings, reactions and what the characters think about the whole situation is okay. But when we need to know what happened to the character in the past, then we need to make our characters talk about it to the other character.
4) I realize that this cannot realistically happen without a great amount of trust between the characters, so we would not be aiming to gather each others trust. We would assume that each of us has absolute trust in another.
5) The relationship could be of a newly wed couple from a love marriage, or long lost siblings, or long lost childhood friends, just someone they know they could trust.
6) The eventual smut(if even there is any) would be less of a turn on and more for comfort.
7) This would be more for mutual support where the male character could be vulnerable at times and the female character could be vulnerable at times. So if you are looking for a dominant male in this plot, then you might not find one here. It would not be in any form about power play.
8) The physical side of the relationship is up for debate, how much of it is needed? We can even have absolutely no touching or being absolutely naked and comfortable with each other, just no sex right out though.
9) I imagine it in a closed room setting, but it could be anything. Like letters, or phone calls or diary entries over parallel dimensions where each gets a diary in the form of an only communication with each other or some thing like that. Again, up for debate.
10) Our characters can be flawed, their life a result of their own mistakes, or just a victim of circumstances. It would be up to us. There just wouldn't be any emotionally perfect people.
11) The history could be related to our personal experiences, compiled of our innermost fears or even something entirely made up that we think would be tragic. I wouldn't ask if any of it actually happened.
12) It would be fine if the posting is slow here, because I admit, I imagine it being pretty hard for some people. But if I am posting fast, then so would you! I will not cut off on the roleplay or get angry, just would be pretty childishly annoyed. I hope some could keep up with that, if not then I can always control myself. I can be mature..hopefully. Though I can post slowly..I simply am a hypocrite ain't I?

That's it for now. Very ambitious projects, and I am not sure I can pull these Rp's through up to my satisfaction. Need great writers, who need to realize I am not a great writer myself. So I might re post some things multiple times to make it right, and would beg your patience. Do check out my O/O's though.
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Re: The Artemis Experiments
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Re: The Artemis Experiments
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Re: The Artemis Experiments
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