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Author Topic: Dark Hunters: Secrets (MxM)  (Read 480 times)

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Offline Talra Di DelirenTopic starter

Dark Hunters: Secrets (MxM)
« on: May 09, 2014, 06:36:13 PM »
Yes, this is a fandom that I am really, really, really craving! Original characters!! played by me and partner only, will add characters from the series for story purpose. Please understand that I do not require a partner to know the series. I just need someone to play the counterpart that gets involved with the Dark Hunters. If interested to know more, this idea is also listed in my MxM thread with a brief description of the series as well as a link to further explain.

Anyone can play this story with me, I only require literacy and story over sex. I kind of want to write this out and send a copy to the author to show my appreciation in her writings, though it being MxM I am unsure. I've never seen her input of MxM, but I truly love yaoi and boy-love.

So for the story idea:

Once a prince of Greece, dying at the age of 19, Lirian roams the streets of London nightly this very day as a Dark Hunter living in luxury. Only that he felt his betrayal from the past constantly every day, especially the day of his birth-and death-day. He threw all his emotions away and filled it with anger. With this rage he killed the Daimons that fed off human souls to live longer. In a way he was just like them. He just didn't need the souls to survive. That is his curse, though a gift from the Greek goddess of the hunt Artemis. It was the same every night too. And he didn't feel like the hero of this great city.

Only when he saved and met this human that everything changed. For one thing, Acheron shows up at his door with troubling news, and he was sent to erase the man's memory of ever getting bitten by a Daimon and knowing Lirian. The man was tall, maybe the same as Acheron that only Artemis had eyes on. The Antlantean god though sees something in the human that interested him. Something that the Daimons want. He could be of use, but best not said aloud. Instead of erasing his memory, he makes a deal with the human. Would he accept?

He didn't know what happened or what the handsome creature that saved him was. It was like he stepped into a fairy tell only this one had powerful monsters and gods, and very dark. So dark that he can barely see the chains beginning to bind around these two very different men. His eyes see more than just what it seems to be, seeing past that exterior of a Dark Hunter into a hurt man with a deep secret past a thick barrier that could change everything he knew. Just that this chain winding around them is pulling them too close.

These two men can't stop meeting with the rise of Daimons and a new and powerful enemy coming to greet them. An enemy that Lirian knew very well that could put the Dark Hunter down on his knees for good. And a down Dark Hunter is a dead Dark Hunter.

But there is a way to defeat him. There is just one catch...

Would he survive? Will they come to falling for one another? Love is a hard aspect in a Dark Hunter's life, more so when their hearts were torn in death and their souls sold to the Goddess herself. Though love does conquer all in the end...right?

Possible Intro, Changeable
Tonight is not the night he wanted to be out right now, yet Artemis insisted he patrol anyway. The bright full moon shown brightly with all her beauty and annoying youth given to her by the power of a goddess. It was her moon, the Greek goddess of the hunt, and master as well as soul keeper of all Dark Hunters. The moon kept them safe from the eyes of the other gods, as well as her brother Apollo. Artemis will be watching him as usual, she always did when this night came since it is his birthday. And the day Lirian died.

It had taken him a lot to get where he is today. Well more like tonight as he never got to see the light of day since. Artemis bore him the mark of the double bow and arrow at the nape of his neck where she touched him. It was forbidden to have the mark visible, yet she placed it there to always remind him of who he is and that very day. In order to hide it from Daimon radar, he wore sleeveless turtle-necks and long collared coats, occasionally a scarf if not a busy night.

A young and handsome looking male with shoulder length dark hair and fair skin, it was the stern jaw and toned body that marked him the warrior he was and still is today under the light of the moon. The golden eyes though drawn him suspect of being a vampire as he stalked the night with black leather clothes and a sheathed katana in his left hand. He had a gun too in case, but always worked best with blades, especially those long and slender ones that knew just right how to slice a Daimon in half. Plus a good source for his electro-kinetic powers to travel through and zap his enemies to dust.

Just as mentioned, he hated this night the most. It was hard to concentrate on his job when all he can think about was that memory of his death and betrayal. He'd probably would've missed the soul sucking bastard in an alley he nearly passed and let a human die on his watch if the realization of it didn't hit him on time. Artemis had some way to knock him into his senses, and the sound of the Daimon slurping at the human blood was enough.

"Hey," he called out at the end of the dark alley he can clearly see through with his dark vision. The Daimon looked up from his meal surprised, to utter fear when he realized who was interrupting him. From dropping the unconscious human on the ground, the Daimon tried to make a break for it. Lirian sighed as he unsheathed his sword and touched the end of it to the wet street of London, leftover rain from the morning. A trail of blue electricity flashed right past the human and caught the Daimon in mid run. There was a loud scream and a pop as he turned to ash.

"Well that counts one for the night..." he murmured under his breath as he put away the sword and approached the man lying on the ground bleeding out from the throat. He wasn't even sure if the man was conscious or not. "Seems to be some slight breathing and the heart is still beating. Can't leave him here though..." He looked up at the moon, seeking an answer from the goddess or at least a sign. She really rarely spoke to her Dark Hunters and this case, especially this night, was the silent treatment.

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Offline Talra Di DelirenTopic starter

Re: Dark Hunters: Secrets (MxM)
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2014, 08:55:04 PM »
Please PM me or even reply here for any questions, comments, concerns, etc. Again this is not something the player needs to know in order to play the character.

Offline wiccaangel311

Re: Dark Hunters: Secrets (MxM)
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2014, 12:27:15 AM »
Love this series and given the heavy Homosexual tendencies of Ancient Greece it really does make sense to have a pair like that. On a side not if you ever read her League series there is a MxM couple in that series

Offline Talra Di DelirenTopic starter

Re: Dark Hunters: Secrets (MxM)
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2014, 08:45:27 AM »
The League does?! Ugh! I'm so behind on them that I'm ashamed to call myself her fan >_< I've read the first three and with no funds I've had trouble getting newer books of her series. But I didn't know that the League has some MxM pairing. Maybe because it's been awhile, not sure. Memory is like a gold fish :(

Someone has already replied and requested to play this fandom that it is in discussion at the moment. I'll consider other versions of Dark Hunter fandoms if others become interested ^^ thinking of doing a FxM one as well but at the moment I'm MxM-ing lately lol.

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Offline Talra Di DelirenTopic starter

Re: Dark Hunters: Secrets (MxM)
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2014, 04:30:46 PM »
Looks like I'm gonna open this idea once again as my partner hasn't replied for some time without telling me why.

I keep this in and separate from my idea thread because I'm truly craving this idea as I am a fan of this series. No! This is not canon. All original main characters with a sighting of a couple that usually is found in many of the series as a guide or some sort. But I would keep that a minimum as I want this to be our (as in my partner and I) story. You do not, repeat: you do not need to know the series in order to play. Just think of it as an original idea. I only have a character with his background, a bit of a plot, but no thoughts as to how it may end or go. The character is up to my partner to decide on, not me. I only require that he has a sort of sixth sense, tall, and on the top side of the bed.


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Re: Dark Hunters: Secrets (MxM)
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2014, 10:38:37 PM »
This story is changeable according to the interested looker... I just really wanna do something with the dark hunters ><