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Author Topic: Ain't Love Grand (MxM)  (Read 3797 times)

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Ain't Love Grand (MxM)
« on: January 31, 2014, 10:05:08 PM »
Hello! Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my little ideas.

I'd like you to check out my O/Os page for any information. Please and thank you.

If interested in fandoms, I have a few on this thread. Here is where you can find my FxM request thread.

Also please check my A/As when you can, I don't always get to post daily or weekly.

So lets get started, shall we? A few key points first.

~I do have a job, two actually, and juggling classes as well. But not all that will keep me from roleplaying. I'll keep up as much as I can.
~Paragraphs are preferred when writing. One sentence may be fine depending on the situation and you can't think of much to say or do, but I won't allow it all the time. A paragraph or so please, I'm begging you.
~Let's communicate with each other to be sure we are on the same page. We don't have to get to know each other but talking while roleplaying helps knowing if the other is still there and not leaving the other hanging or waiting by the noose.
~When it comes to MxM, I only play the bottom role. Sometimes, rarely, I do switch depending on story, I'll mention in notes if anything other than bottom role. Though, I really do like romance between two males as much as male and female.
~Although an MxM thread, I am a fan of yaoi manga (and no I don't always use anime for my pics, just prefer it) and lean towards love stories as such...but that doesn't mean I like to branch out in different ideas. I don't often play girlish men as I do manly and at times straight turned into gay relationships. So I hope the way these sound don't drive you away as I'm very open for ideas and interests. My O/Os are not a barrier to everything but a few certain details I don't particularly like. So don't get me wrong, I love to do Non-con and bondage stuff. I just like to eventually move into consensual for romance and plot.

Another, if anything here doesn't quite fancy you but still would like to try something out, please PM me. Don't reply to this thread. Thank you.

Now on for the stories you've been waiting for:
Warning: There is a lot there to see, so please don't get bored and not continue to the bottom, just might find something of interest.

Dark Hunters: Secrets CRAVING!!!!
Genre: Fandom (Original characters), Supernatural, Paranormal, Romance , Adventure, Greek Mythology
MC: Lirian - Greek noble turned Dark Hunter
YC: Human, Taller than just 6', special ability to see the truth, like a sixth sense
Forum Play: Light with a little Non-con to Con, or however partner thinks of
Note: Seeing Fandom, this does not require you to know it to play YC; there can be some changes to this for anyone interested or myself wanting to; also this is very plot based, not just sex. If any questions to what Daimons and Dark Hunters are, feel free to ask. Really I only require a character that doesn't know anything of it to give more fun in finding out more. The plot is also open for my partner to play around with. I just have a basis to it, any concerns you have I will hear out.

Once the son of a great lord of Greece, dying at the age of 19, Lirian roams the streets of London nightly this very day as a Dark Hunter living in luxury. Only that he felt his betrayal from the past constantly every day, especially the day of his birth and death day. He threw all his emotions away and filled it with anger. With this rage he killed the Daimons that fed off human souls to live longer. In a way he was just like them. He just didn't need the souls to survive. That is his curse, though a gift from the goddess of the hunt Artemis. It was the same every night too. And he didn't feel like the hero of this great city.

Only when he saved and met this human that everything changed. For one thing, Acheron shows up at his door with troubling news, and he was sent to erase the man's memory of ever getting bitten by a Daimon and knowing Lirian. The man was tall, maybe the same as Acheron that only Artemis had eyes on. The Antlantean god though sees something in the human that interested him. Something that the Daimons want. He could be of use, but best not said aloud. Instead of erasing his memory, he makes a deal with the human. Would he accept?

He didn't know what happened or what the handsome creature that saved him was. It was like he stepped into a fairy tell only this one had powerful monsters and gods, and very dark. So dark that he can barely see the chains beginning to bind around these two very different men. His eyes see more than just what it seems to be, seeing past that exterior of a Dark Hunter into a hurt man with a deep secret past a thick barrier that could change everything he knew. Just that this chain winding around them is pulling them too close.

These two men can't stop meeting with the rise of Daimons and a new and powerful enemy coming to greet them. An enemy that Lirian knew very well that could put the Dark Hunter down on his knees for good. And a down Dark Hunter is a dead Dark Hunter.

But there is a way to defeat him. There is just one catch...

Would he survive? Will they come to falling for one another? Love is a hard aspect in a Dark Hunter's life, more so when their hearts were torn in death and their souls sold to the Goddess herself. Though love does conquer all in the end...right?

Character Only (Open for any story interested)
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Demons
MC: Mage, half human/demon
YC: Open
Forum Play: Non-con to Con
Note: My character is actually someone made into a group game that I couldn't continue. So this idea is open for plot involving this character.

Character profile from Group Game 'Indigo Kingdom'

Name: Korius Beltrine ( Kori )
Alias: Blood Mage
Race: Human / Demon
Age: 23
Rank: Mage

Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Weapon: Uses varius magical books of spells. Mainly the lower spells come out easier without a mishap compared to higher spells. A special dagger given to him by Niira as part of their bond.

Powers: Spell power only of lower levels (refer to DnD Pathfinder series spells, Consider Kori a fifth level Wizard). Summoning isn't his greatest while elemental spells are easier. Good spells such as healling or light are of no specialty or use due to demon blood.

Abilities: Can see in the dark better than an average human, slightly faster when it comes down to running, and can sustain from food and sleep longer than humans.

Appearance: Standing about 5'10'' and quite thinly boned. Skin is a soft pale color with no markings, and eyes bright red to match his hair. Kori grew his blood red hair from birth making it nearly as long as his own body, always keeps it in a braid starting at the right temple leaving only his left to hang loosely. He wears robes of dark colors with gold designs-with pants underneath of course, steel toed boots and gloves that he is pretty much covered head to toe, except not his head.

He does often have the look of sadness in his eyes, long years of being unnaccepted engraved in his heart. Though Kori is a lively spirit and a will to move his feet forward no matter the encounters that may lie ahead.

Full Look

History: Though his father was the Demon Lord, Kori never inherited his father's traits as he did his mother's except the power to cast magics of all sorts aside from light spells. Just that he was unaccepted by his father, his step-father. The man was the true one his mother loved, even while she had met Kori's father and had been taken by him. The Demon Lord fell for the red-headed beauty yet she never felt the same, therefore was taken by force. She knew he never meant to hurt her, to forsaken her, that she pitied his lonly nature. With a passionate night, he was happy and gave her the freedom she wanted to go back to her true love. But the news of becoming pregnant of a child belonging to a Demon was the beginning of his life.

The human father shunned the red haired boy resembling much of his mother, only making it much harder for him. He was hated because of who his father was, his hair and eyes, and even the sickly death put upon a human mother. It was bearing a child much stronger and growing so fast that she fell ill of the poison. It killed her when he was born, he killed her, according to his step-father and the people of his hometown. Yet he was never thrown away. His mother made the man promise to raise him, protect him, but he was never loved. From when he was born to the age of twelve he was despised and looked down upon by all he knew to be his family and home.

At twelve, he decided he was ready to leave this place and find his purpose. He wanted to search for his real father, only to find no way to the dark lands. Though when he struggled to survive on his own for the next three years, from living in the forests to cities where he was able to steal food and become friends with orphaned and unwanted children. He was considered weak and shy, never telling of his demonic blood running through his viens. A tough life at first, but very much thrilling with these people that the tragic attack.

He come to like the city, people weren't as cruel. But a war broke out and it was destroyed right before his eyes. No one was prepared for the traveling army and the blood shed. No where to go and seeing death meeting him at sword point, Kori could only prey for slavation for his tainted soul. But death never came. Instead a man clad in thick robes and a mask stood above him with the soldier facing the dirt behind the stranger. Meeting this man changed his life from then forth as a hand reached out to save him.

The next few years, up to the age of eighteen, he was trained by the man he learned to call his master. The master somehow knew what he was, seen a deeper power within Kori's soul that could bring his magical talent forward. It took months to muster it, and come to cast spells of numerous kinds, just not light spells because of his demonic blood. They were hard to control though as many were powerful and one such made him feared after summoning a monster after a failed attempt to call upon the spirits. The monster had come to kill flocks and herds owned by poeple of a city he stayed while training during the master's travels, but thankfully not one human was killed.

Because of his long red locks, he was often thought to be a blood mage and feared for it. Blood magic was a rarity as it wasn't easy to perform or control, but those that did were mostly evil and with maliscious intents. And since he was partly demon, he master forbid him to even try to use blood magic. Kori eventually summoned a spirit, and turned out to be a powerful one that became his companion.

Not long after turning eighteen was he sepparated from the master and traveled on his own, finding odd jobs among courtly nobles and anyone willing to use his service in magical arts. Even when it came to having to save towns and farms, he used his power only to protect humanity and bring peace. If only he wasn't mistaken as a blood mage so much.

Name: Niira
Species: Wolf Spirit
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female

Powers/Abilities: Can shape shift from wolf to hybrid humanoid wolf to a much larger wolf with wings becoming a mount. In wolf form, Niira is swift and has hightened senses of smell and hearing, but plainly as her summoner's familiar. In hybrid form she still has her wolf abilities but is much stronger in protecting her summoner using her dexterious skills and strength with her natural claws and occasionally a dagger when given by her summoner. In mount form, she is unmatched at her flight speed, naturally strong in her legs for possible attacks with her claws.

She is able to speak with both animals and spirits as well as common speech.

Appearance: Wolf form: a misty white wolf with tail ending like long strands of hair tipped black, allmost like smoke. Size the same as a normal wolf. Dark purple eyes.

Hybrid form: 6' tall, fur acting the same misty way and tail same. Stands on hind feet and claws jet black. Wears only a black tabard with white sash around the waist. A full head of silky black hair past the shoulders.

Mount form: Same misty look. Large white wings with swirly black designs. Large sized wolf with longer, fuller, tail tipped black, paws to elbows black and long sharp claws. Silky black mane.

History: Of a higher rank among spiritual beasts, Niira was one of the familiars waiting for a master to summon her and claim her. She remained within the spirit realm for centuries until she finally got the call and met with a human that smelled particularly of a demon too. It was hard to understand, come to terms with as he was the only one to have summoned her. He was to be her master.

Upon meeting, she gave him her dagger, a wavy blade that can be seen through like glass yet strong like steel and a metal hilt wrapped in a red ribbon. It was a token of their contract, that she were to serve and protect him with her life, and for that she did for many years together.

The Beast and Reward
Genre: Modern
MC: Cop
YC: Mobster or Yakuza, could be the crime lord
Forum Play: Non-Con or Bondage to eventually Con
Note: I'm seeing it forced in the beginning before the romance.

They were good friends back in junior high, then lost track of each other after high school. One became a cop, working on a case of the growth of meth in the city. He was, unfortunately, the only one on this case, but only due to his stubbornness in refusing to have a partner. Working alone though can lead to many misfortunes, but luck has always been on his side. He didn't expect to get so close to the case and find out his friend from school had all the answers he needed to crack it.

It's harder than it looks though. The man he once knew had changed. It was as if he were a beast, catching his prey and toying with him.

Lies and Love
Genre: Modern, Slice of Life, Drama, Violence, Mature, (Eventually) Romance
MC: Mob son(or mafia, yakuza, or the like for however you like to call it)
YC: Assassin Spy
Forum Play: Non-con to eventually, gradually Con
Note: This was a story I played with another until it died out due to musings. I'd really like to play it up again. At some point though, there would have been a time where YC didn't want to kill MC and would take him away, make him a prisoner in his own way and make him his. But that was that idea for the start. If you take interest, let me know what you think and would like to see happen. You can get a look at it here.

As the son of a Mobster, life was rough around the edges so to speak. His father was rich, taking money from poor families through debt against the company, and very over protective of his one and only son and heir. The problems were that recently the boss had been receiving hate letters, thinking nothing of it until they began to threaten his life to that of his own son. Now he felt compelled to take it seriously and hire a man of potential skills as a body guard to keep full watch on the young boss's son. His own men already keep a good eye on the boy, but times did he come up missing and returning a mess. He had to get someone to be by his side and know every move he would make, keeping the boy alive at all costs until the threat has been passed.

He hadn't realized though that he hired an assassin, spying on the company and getting close to the boss's son in order to fulfill his mission to kill the heir. He was hired already by the very same people who threaten the mob, hearing that the boss was looing for the perfect body guard. With his skills and rather charming looks, he was hired on the spot and meets the young son. The boy was in his early twenties, quite a catch too. Only one problem the spy faced: he couldn't get the boy alone to do the job.

But with each passing day, he would have urges, pains in his chest and anywhere else that it prevented to kill him in his sleep. Why? He couldn't be falling for the pretty boy...

Though the son of a mob boss, he still faced other problems than getting alone time and disregarding the foolish threats for his life. Who'd want to kill him anyway? He never done anything but give a few broken bones to some punks in his life. Maybe it was his far out bad attitude. He'd taken anger management classes, those were no good. But the drugs they gave him, oh boy did they pack a punch. He was able to stay calm and not strangle some people, even keep his knife hidden. Eventually though, his father comes up with the brilliant idea of giving him a body guard. Now his private life is over...or did it just begin?

The Desert Play
Genre: Modern, Historical, or Fantasy, Romance, Angst
MC: Dancing Gypsy
YC: The Prince
Forum Play: Con or Non-con to Con, maybe a little bondage
Note: There will be a lot of emotional play in this, so anything is welcome.

Upon seeing him dance, the long haired slender figure would move about the stage, capturing his audience in awe. His movements were neither fast nor slow, ever flowing with the wind scathing the desert sands. He lived most of his life in the desert, under the scorching sun and little water to survive with. But it was his home and very being. His village used him to attract tourists around the world to gain money for food and water for their families. He danced for himself though. Something in him compelled his body to tell the story of the desert, that is wasn't just hell but a wondrous place. He hadn't thought to grab the attention of a prince.

Bored of his own home and life, he often visited his kingdoms borders, finding the villages under his rule. He gained more knowledge of the outside world, and trust as he poised to be one of them. He even found that his rule did not bring joy to his people. This he sought to fix. Until he fell upon a night of pleasure for the tourists coming to explore their world. From the other side of the desert, he had a distaste for the common white folk that he later banned them from crossing his borders. He didn't realize it was the life force for a small village at the time where the most immaculate beauty resided. At first he didn't see a man, but an angel rising above the clouds and flowing across the desert showering him with peace and calmness. He had to have this beauty for himself.

The two would struggle in their differences, fighting with their own hearts to find where they truly belong.

Unlikely True Lovers
Genre: Fantasy, Forbidden Romance
MC: Light
YC: Darkness
Forum Play: Mainly Consensual but can go Non-con to Con
Note: Will also be having this posted in the FxMs. There are many possibilities to this idea, so PM me if you have any ideas with these two.

Two worlds born into one as what we see as Life and Death itself, separated by the Gods unbeknownst to them that a collision of the two may cause a world wide Armageddon. They are of Light and Darkness, known by many names but their true name only they themselves keep deep within their hearts. They are the very balance that creates this world, yet somehow know nothing of the existence of the other. Although fate has something waiting for them...

There has been a legend that humans seek from either/or of the two powerful beings. It's said that if one seeks out the being of Light, they will be given everlasting youth and beauty. Whilst if one seeks out the being of Darkness, death and pain will never touch their soul. There are a few in the human world that believed such a legend and sought after it, centuries of no success.

A Pirate's Life for Me,...Not
Genre: Low Fantasy, Historical, Romance
MC: Hired deck hand, secretly a spy for the Navy
YC: Pirate Captain
Forum Play: Non-con to Con, or just Con
Note: The Pirate Captain will be at least ten to fifteen years older than the Naval spy. Only similar to Captain vs. Captain because they are reunited friends that spark up feelings for each other. Just a different plot scene.

As a young boy, he lost his older childhood friend at the capture of a pirate for the cooperation of the Navy. His friend's father was a naval captain and in order to save the young man he gave his life up to the pirates, but the boy was not returned and instead taken. No one knew if he lived or died along with his father. Years would pass and now the young boy with a heart filled with revenge for his friend, became a naval spy and was hired by the very pirates that took his friend. Never knowing what the captain looked like, he did remember the symbol on the ship's flag. Therefore finding himself searching every waking moment to take the captain and his ship under the sea.

Just one thing seems different.

The captain was a young fellow, an apprentice to the previous captain that took him when he was but a young man. He was free now and nothing stopped him, not even the Navy his father commanded once long ago. One day he found a boy that looked far too much like his young noble friend, finding it of no coincidence, and hiring the boy as is deck cleaning boy. Well he did need one as his crew wasn't very tidy in the least, but he wanted to watch the boy and make sense if it truly is him. If he is, his long since forgotten feelings would burst and embrace the young man.

A Cat and a Dog
Genre: Modern or Fantasy
MC: 'Dog'
YC: 'Cat'
Forum Play: Con
Note: Not really a furry or neko story. Just nicknames for the two characters.

A group called Zodiac forms around the nation as a secret organization used to protect the country from terrorists and anything of the like that seek to destroy their homeland. In some terms, they're spies. Why they are called the Zodiac is for their powers representing that of animals. They are given code names as their animal power, such as Dog. He is a wild one with energy that seems to make him run towards anything, especially after his partner Cat. He gets into much trouble, jumping into fights without hesitation or thought of the consequences. It's a miracle he still lives. Though as he chases the Cat, it is only he that he will follow and listen even though it may not seem that way to Cat.

Cat is a mellow man with brains to boot. He's smart not to act without thinking on it first, coming up with strategies and plans, always on the top of the game. Yet he still hasn't figured why the Dog sticks to him like a lost puppy, always smiling, and easy to get along with. Cat and Dog are unlikely pairs, but so much do they have in common towards their goal that they are inseparable. Eventually they would grow feelings for each other and who will be the first to act?

The Band 'Out'
Genre: Modern, Music, Metal/Rock, Romance, drama
MC: Singer
YC: Drummer
Forum Play: Con
Note: The band consists of two boys and two girls, the girls being guitar and bass, and they are open for play also as either side characters for FxF or NPC's. Plot is very open as long as it contains a lot of character build up. It doesn't per se revolve around the music as it does around these two characters.

They both were great friends since high school, creating their own band and eventually succeeding as the top band played in the country. Only that their relationship is about to change as they grow in the entertainment industry. Aparently one of them had feelings for the other long ago and has been holding them back, but now he can no longer restrain himself. Jealousy and angst builds up and eventually he has to get it out that he wants the other.

There's drama, tragedy, romance, however it may go is completely up to these two as they grow closer.

His Little Kitten
Genre: Modern, Slice of Life, Romance/Forced
MC: Student
YC: Businesman
Forum Play: Non-con to Con
Note: This will start out Non-con and continue until we both feel like it will gradually be mutual feelings and consensual. How they end up meeting is beyond what I depicted, so it is fully open for discussion in plot and design.

He was just your everyday college student, from waking up in the morning and running from his apartment complex to the university he studies at. The goal was to become a simple photographer. He loved to take pictures and create amazing artwork from them. Though when he was a teenager, he often got into trouble with bad people and cops throwing the blame on him. He has a record and not a great one. In order to get into the big businesses he had to clean it up, but how? Doing little jobs here and there he was able to gain some income to keep up with rent yet somehow it wasn't doing any good in the eyes of the agencies. A good lawyer would help but they demand too much. This kid has a lot to get where he wants to be and it may not be something he would approve as he finds one man to help him.

Business was nothing of a stretch in this man. Money filled his pockets and he had ties all through the city and outside. Just that it isn't everything he wanted. Something was missing, something in his life. He catches himself a college boy and can't seem to let him go or stop toying with him.

Blood and Destiny
Genre: Vampire, Werewolf, Supernatural, Paranormal, Romance
MC: Vyncent Mallinov, Vampire
YC: Werewolf
Forum Play: Non-Con to Con
Note: This was a character written up and turned down, so making an idea for him.

His parents were just ordinary vampires, he is too, but they were of different status. His father was a pure-blood class A vampire whilst his mother a class B. It was unheard of for two different classed vampires to mate and even have a child. This one was born with the very features of the first vampire, silver hair and red eyes. Though he looked much like this first, they did not praise or worship or any of that sort. He was considered an omen to all vampires. As a small child he was thrown out to die. They never thought he would survive for two centuries.

Vyncent Mallinov survived off the blood of anything that came across his path. Humans blood tasted the best compared to animals, but he always wanted to try others. Like a werewolf. But with them being vampire enemies, he hadn't dared to go near one with strength matching his own or far better.

He was just like any other beastly shape changer, just a wolf wandering the forest where his pack lived. The smell of blood led him to an enemy far greater than the humans, a vampire. Except one thing is different about the vampire. Sure he can clearly see it was taking the life of another human that ventured into the forest in exploration, but upon seeing him the vampire runs. Runs! None ever ran from facing a werewolf, so this one just took his interest as a chase began.

It was then their fates had been tied. Could it be the start of an all out war between the two races? Is Vyncent really the incarnation of the very first vampire? If so, the world is bound to ruin. And to top it off, he's got himself a pet....or is it the other way around...?

Rabbit in a Cage
Genre: Modern, Prison, Violence
MC: New prisoner, once a cop
YC: Cell-Inmate, three year prisoner
Forum Play: Non-Con to Con
Note: May or may not go into Con, but mainly Non-Con.

Prison was never something that ever crossed his mind nor something he thought would ever be a part of his life. Not until he watched his friend die at the other end of his gun. It was only a warning shot at those they were chasing, as cops normally did when the suspects tend to run from the scene of the crime. It was as simple as one, two, three and take care of the bad guys. Instead it all went wrong and now he ends up in California's prison. The guards didn't care much for anyone except those that get into trouble and take blame even if they were a victim. There was no such thing as a victim in prison. Only gangs, pay rolls, curfews, and rape. He had to protect himself, but how can he against so many cop hating criminals? Only one man offered to protect him, but at such a high cost.

A mysterious man that had been in the prison for three years and well known for his strength is now bunked with a new inmate. This one doesn't belong here, he knew the guy wouldn't last three days even. The senior inmate doesn't like the new guy, too noticeable and a bother. But quickly takes an interest. Maybe in exchange for his strength, he can protect the new guy if he becomes his woman. He's been in for three years. A lot of tension and anger had been built up and fighting wasn't allowed. Get thrown in solitary if caught. So what if he can't hold back any longer around this fresh blond cutie?

A prison run by gangs and two men standing alone in the dark. Only one can get out of it but the other is caught by a pack of hungry wolves. A strong lion can take them on but how long will it take for it to resist the temptation of eating the rabbit alive?

The Punk Gets Punked
Genre: Modern
MC: The punk
YC: The cop
Forum Play: Non-Con
Note: Mainly non-con, but if wishing for a con, it can be changed up for a con.

He's your normal everyday street rat, picking fights on locals and other gangs, always ready to throw a punch. They call him a punk that doesn't get into any trouble with the cops because they never catch him in time or at all. He's fast and strong, even smart to outmaneuver the cops. Who would have thought that one of them actually outsmart him, catching him, and making him a cop's slave just to stay outside the bars. One thing led to another and he eventually gets into the kind of trouble he hadn't expected.

Genre: Supernatural
MC: The stray cat
YC: The stranger
Forum Play: Con
Note: Yes, it's a Neko story.

Cast out by his mother and siblings, a runt without purpose, a nameless cat. This young grey tom rummages through trash and sleeps in boxes. He'd been in many fights, many loses, even his left eye had gone blind from a fatal blow of a much larger tom. The humans ignore him, and even when they even look at him grimace at his poor state. Only a few actually felt sorry for him and gave him a little bit of scraps fresh from the plate. He wished for a change where he can be warm and loved. There comes another human with food in his hand.

He's your average worker trying to keep a warm place and food, but none of it bothers him. What really bothered him was seeing that cat everyday in the alley across the street begging for food. Sure he worked at a café, but if he offered food to a cat, he get in a heap of trouble. Plus his landlord doesn't like cats. No one seemed to around these areas. He felt pity for the animal. So he took the courage to go after work with some food and took the cat home.

Well what he hadn't expected from the stray was it to turn into a man. Though beautiful and still with ears and tail, it was a man in his apartment. Not to mention that he is having troubles keeping himself from taking advantage of that cute skinny body.

Genre: Supernatural, Religious
MC: Priest or Demon
YC: Priest or Demon
Forum Play: Con
Note: Either character is open but I will still be playing bottom role.

Many churches govern those that are sick and prey to their gods. One church out in the middle of a dead end town had one priest and was visited very rarely due to low population and belief. It was a dry place that people believed it to be forgotten by their god. At least it was peaceful. Every morning the priest would prey and keep the church clean and well kempt for any that may seek guidance. Every evening he preyed. His home being only a few steps from the church, he would always know the church's condition in case those that don't believe find themselves deciding to desecrate it. There were many attempts.

One morning though, he found something peculiar. It was a man stripped from his clothing and lain at the steps of the church like a bad omen, or offering that wasn't necessary. At first he thought the man to be dead as he seemed so lifeless on the ground, but as he touched the being he awoke. mesmerizing eyes stared blankly at him. What could this person in black robes want with him? Why is he here? More importantly, who was he? A past erased, the creature sought refuge and the priest was more than willing to help.

Little did they both no that the stranger is a fallen angel that was cast out for his wrongful deeds. Now he is a demon with no memory and with each day with the priest his heart and soul would remember. Not to mention that just spending time with each other in and out of the church that their feelings for each other are growing. What would they do? A priest shouldn't be intimate with another man. But the demon has no law to abide by.

Deadly Lust
Genre: High Fantasy, Light and Darkness, Adventure
MC: Elf
YC: Demon
Forum Play: Non-con to Con
Note: This is an Elf x Demon pairing that was inspired by the fanpic. Not much for a plot, completely open for details.

Just an ordinary elf like any other, the young man was a simply farmer boy. Most thought he was far to beautiful to till the lands, tend the horses, and work day and night to make a living as any other would. Woman and even men often proposed to him, whether it be human, elf, or the like. He refused them all. He was truly pure as the light.

Except he caught the attention of a darker being, a demon that sought to make the elf his.

Captain vs Captain
Genre: Historical, Low Fantasy, Ships and the sea
MC: Pirate Captain
YC: Navy Captain
Forum Play: Non-con to Con
Note: Switch

They were the best of friends, two boys surviving together in the wrath of the world. Everyone shunned the youngest boy for having no mother or father to take care of him, orphans due to heinous crimes dealt by cruel men of the sea. The elder boy, only by a mere two year gap, was lucky to have his parents though he was quite babied. They didn't get along at first because of their differences, then when facing a wolf threatened their young lives, it was the elder boy to save the day using great swordsmanship with just a branch he scarred off the beast with a few good bruises. From then forth they were close, always getting into trouble together and even spending time at the shore making promises to sail the great seas.

A couple years later, they separated, the elder boy having to move with his family to great wealth. From then they grew up into strong men, fulfilling their dreams of sailing. Only that they both had very different views in how. The elder boy found that justice must be made to keep the sea safe, capturing pirates and hanging them for their crimes. The younger boy wanted freedom from the hardships and scorn of the people, becoming a great pirate of the sea. They both were great in sword fighting, leadership skills, and accomplishments. They both became captains sailing the sea with a crew to fight with them and free man from torment.

As a pirate, he sought gold and adventure. Unlike any other he performed rules of his own that meant no harm to those he raided. When it came to a fight, death only came to those that wanted it. He killed many, only to protect those that he cared about, his friend he hadn't seen for years. As a naval captain, he brought down many criminals of the sea, pirates that were wanted most for their crimes. He would cut his way through, blast ships under the waters. All to get his justice. Justice for a friend he believed lost to the world.

When one fateful day they meet and everything they thought and felt changed.

Teacher Taboo
Genre: Modern, School life, Romance
MC: Doctor
YC: Literature Professor (or any sort of teaching)
Forum Play: Light
Note: Could be in high school or college, both characters are adults

Just as seen in the above picture as my intro, I like to have two teachers that fall in love basically. Although one is unwilling while the other wants him, there are feelings between the men.

So here goes another day of classes, students claiming to be sick to skip class. A professor in the arts of literature often sees the school's nurse, which isn't a female nurse to be exact, and converses with him and even a bit of teasing. He would be what you call a big player and very hard to get along with when he's jumping between dates and many, many young girls. It isn't hard either for them to fall upon sight of him with his charming good looks. Just that the nurse doesn't like it and prefers him to go away every time he visits.

The school nurse is seen as another nurse, but he is handsome with his long hair and spectacles, and very much a care taker when it came to cuts and aches. He has a gentle hand mixed with a rough attitude. Many found him scary even though he treats them hands them sick notes to skip out on gym. It's when the literature teacher comes in that everything is turned upside down.

They both go through many obstacles to finding love and having sex in the nurse's office. It is forbidden even for a teacher to date a coworker as well as a student, eventually their escapade will be exposed.

I'd very much like to play the school nurse, detail and story up for discussion.

Genre: Low Fantasy, Witchcraft, Adventure
MC: King or Peasant
YC: King or Peasant
Forum Play: Con
Note: Inspired by Emperor's New Groove, but not exactly the same; both characters open; not bestiality

A king, a man with dignity though no remorse. Many find him cruel but nothing can be done to a king such as him. One man steps up and takes a stand, aside from being a mere commoner, and is thrown out into the streets. The peasant only wanted to get the king to understand even though he brought nothing to prove the king's wrongs. No one but him complained in front of the king.

The king later the same day nonchalantly offends a woman for her lack of beauty and begging for some food that he would easily throw away if unwanted. He didn't realize she was a witch. She cursed him into a creature so uncommon, so foul, that it matched his personality. The witch sealed him in a cage, which he finally escapes to find help. What he finds instead is hunters, his people searching for food, and he was prey on sight. Running for his life he notices that his disappearance caused no dismay. It was like he never left the throne. And no matter how many times he would see the double, how many times he spoke to someone, he was a monster and alone.

He needed a cure, a way out of this, and the only person he found to help him was the common peasant that hates him. Although the feeling was there, the man couldn't just leave the king as he was and be ruled by a copy that had no right being there. His heart wouldn't allow such cruelty towards a cruel king. He decides to help him but on one condition: the king would have to learn about the ways of his people. Nobody is that heartless after all.

These two character undergo an adventure to find a witch to turn the king back to his human self. They would later find that the king is cursed just like the frog prince, but only one thing can turn him back to human, though only for a short time. Their feelings towards each other grow, seeing that not just anything can satisfy the heart. Will the king be able to be human again?

This I don't mind going either character. I recently watched Emperor's New Groove and thought of an adventure of a ruler and a peasant as such. Just that it's more or less like Frog Prince but one catch: the king can turn human only once over maybe the full moon or a kiss or something and last for a short time. Kind of a bummer for the king, but enough to spend quality time with someone... Anything is up for discussion.

The Luring Angel
Genre: Spiritual, Romance, Modern
MC: Demon
YC: Angel
Forum Play: Con

Angels and demons are so alike in many ways, but different in power. They are beautiful and strong. Though they may appear human in the eyes of human, but do they appear as many would see as an angel or demon. Large flowing white wings the length of their own bodies representing as the angels of heaven. Horns atop their heads and hell fire roaring at their sides shown them as demons. With their powers of good or evil, their is only one thing that makes them stand out from the human society. There are only males. No female has become an angel or a demon. They are too valuable to remain alongside their lord, therefore reborn into a human o populate the earth and lead man t success.

One demon in particular had lost interest in walking in the fiery pits of Hell, damning the souls for their sins. He thought it would be nice to get some fresh air that he once knew of during his human days many long centuries ago. Stepping back on the planes of earth, he felt whole and decided to stay a bit longer than scheduled. He hadn't expected to see an angel roaming the streets like a lost puppy. Wouldn't it be easier to fly and go home? What was he doing?

The angel grown tired of the heavens, welcoming the souls to the gates and sending the women to be reborn. He hadn't touched a woman in so many years, yet he had to watch as they were sent away as soon as hey arrived. It wasn't until he decided to visit earth and set his feet on the ground and fold his large wings to see where his long lost days had been. To think they had advanced to quickly since he died. Where was his home? What did these people see as he stumbled his way through the streets?

Then the two would meet face to face, finding the other fascinating, yet there the other is so different. They were enemies yet comrades in the sending of souls. The demon would feel compelled by the angel, humans only seeing two men getting closer and closer.

Opposite Cliques
Genre: High School, Romance
MC: Class President
YC: Jock
Forum Play: Con

Two different guys in different activities cross each other in a way that burned into their memories, unable to get the other out of their thoughts. One is a jock playing any sport you could think of. He's just that good in them that everyone wants him on the team, not to mention that he's incredibly hot that the girls line up just to ask him out. Every other day, he's with a different girl. It would be hard to think that he would even spark any interest to the school's class president. And he's just your every day bookworm always found in the library. No one pays much attention to him except the those that socialize in having the perfect grades and following the rules. He wouldn't have thought to see the school's most popular athlete interesting, but the two suddenly spark.

Genre: Modern, fantasy
MC: Merman
YC: Owner
Forum Play: Non-con or Con
Note: This can be changed with discussion of plot.

Founded and captured by the humans, he was distraught in finding that his new home was bound in a small pool made out to be like the sea only as entertainment for a man in a suit. He was being treated like a fish pet, given small portions of strange food sustenance and a short time out of the tank for cleaning purposes. Though during that cleaning time, he is unable to escape as he is watched by the owner. He tried to bring the humans in the water to drown them, to escape. They must have know that he was dangerous. Just that the owner always stayed close. Even when he was able to walk on the dry land and appear in his humanoid form.

Though they have him, no one else outside the building knew of the merman. If anything got out, the media wouldn't only try to invade the privacy of his home, but they would take his new pet. He would protect him, but then he would also gain the knowledge of finding more about these beautiful creatures. It would give him profit in bringing in these merpeople as slaves.

Here I would be playing the merman looking for someone to play the owner in taking 'care' of his new found pet.

Sweet Revenge
Genre: Modern/Fantasy
MC: Demon of Vengeance
YC: Human
Forum Play: Non-con or bondage
Note: I do want Con after a while...

Today, witchcraft doesn't seem to be believed in anymore or used. The books of ages past filled with spells and rituals written in every page was lost or shoved on shelves of antique stores. One man, just wandering around a mall with his friends while dealing with a recent breakup that was caused by the other cheating, which done the breaking up, and came upon a shop that looked hundreds of years old in a brand new mall. It caught his attention so he decided to take a look, only to be found out about his breakup by the owner and persuaded to take a book bound in blood red leather.

Buying it for a cheap price considering its worn condition, he takes it home and gets to reading. Seemingly a book about a demon for vengeance and hatred of its judges, he stumbles upon a page in rhyme. He read it, became confused to its meaning, and read it again aloud. It became pointless then and he set it aside. Only did he wake the next morning with his room shaking and a demon appears.

The demon felt the call, believing it may be his master calling for his power to reign vengeance upon the world. Instead, when he went to the call, he found himself facing a human man. Not only is he not Lucifer, but he is completely ignorant of who and what he is. Obvious the man read the book, but that is nothing to the real deal. Just that the demon had came to a call not of his master and became the slave of another. He has no choice but to obey the very demands of this human.

In this, the demon is bound to the human, doing whatever he asks him to whether or not the demon wants to. The human knows this, and he takes full advantage of his power over the demon. He even plans a vengeful act on the very person who hurt him. But can he contain his feelings and be vengeful at the same time?

Bullied, Harassed, Loved
Genre: Modern, Slice of life, School, 16+
MC: The bullied
YC: The bully
Forum Play: Non-con to con
Note: The bully secretly likes the other boy but has a hard time showing it or accepting it. Was played before but partner stopped responding and haven't heard from since or hasn't been on E since.

A poor family was blessed with a boy, giving them the chance to bring the family success. They did everything they could to get him the best. School was always a problem to pay for, therefore they worked fervently and every dime used to pay for his tuition. High school was the pentacle of his success. He would study at the highest academy and earn scholarships for a better future towards college. There was one problem. Sure he was smart and was accepted in such a school, but this one in particular taught rich family's sons. Having a student that was poor to the point he couldn't cut his own hair and looking like a frail little girl in an all-boys private academy, even sharing dorms with all boys, can be a problem.

He looked so much like a girl, especially having long hair, that he was constantly bullied. Being poor just made it worse. All he had was his grades. Everything else didn't help him have a happy life in the dorms. The first year was hell. The second year and becoming sixteen, still not gaining a growth spurt, he might not be able to live much longer... The bullying will just get worse, so he might just have to suck it up. If he can.

That is, until he gained a roommate. He was lucky to have the room to himself, but now the popular artist comes back to school to study and get away from the fans for a little while. He didn't know what he was getting into when he attended the highest academy in the country. It being surrounded by fans and reporters so often or sharing a room with a guy that looks too cute, no, too much of a girl. Is he a girl? He always hides when he has to change for gym and constantly denies it, but doesn't show proof. Maybe bullying him too will open up who he is...

These two are in for a ride of emotions and turmoil. One always being bullied for who he is and the other admired. The star bullying the nerd. They don't even realize their own feelings growing on each other.

Pictures Open for Plots

PM with Ideas

These are what I've got so far, but I will be updating with some new stuff eventually.
Thank you for checking out my thread, whether or not I've caught your interest.
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This was copied and pasted into a new thread since I will eventually have a long thread lol

Update: Added a few new things and will still be working on those that are blank :)

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Update: Added more ideas. Really craving Dark Hunters.

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Done some changes to Dark Hunters: Secrets

Still working on plots and changing designs and such. Have a look around and anything that may interest you at all, whether it be description or a few points in it that you like, PM me.

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Love to play the Dark Hunters fan original story, but no interested onlookers. Though I have new stuff. Some are still in waiting as I develop a plot so bear with me ^^

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A new plot idea and a fandom ^^

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Update: Captain vs Captain is finished

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A new fandom, sort of. Feel like a MxM version of the Disney princess tales.

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Updated and fixed. Still think I should modify it more but eh, see what you think.

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bump with some added stuff

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Update: Added A Pirate's Life for Me,...Not

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If you see something to your liking, but a few minor details stand out that you don't like, let me know. Maybe we can change it up to how we both would prefer it.

And please don't hesitate by the anime pictures if it's something you don't like. I don't always use anime. I am a very open person when it comes to mxms.

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Update added Unlikely True Lovers

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Added some more pictures. I know, I have mostly anime but I also use RL pictures for those who prefer character pictures as such.

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The Desert Play added!

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Bumping. I'll have new stuff eventually but I've got a lot open to show off. These are general ideas. Not fully solid. If you find something you like and want to build something with it, PM me. Don't but think we could be a match, PM me still ^^

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Bumping. Might be changing a couple things.

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Added The Beast and Reward

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modified and bump

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