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Author Topic: Angel's Peice of Heaven (F Seeking M for all sorts of Kinky Fun)  (Read 490 times)

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Offline wiccaangel311Topic starter

Welcome to my Idea Thread! I am Angel and I have a few things you should know about before you read my plots.
Number One! I am currently employed as a housekeeper at a local hotel. This means that during the summer my hours Sky Rocket so I may not be able to answer our plot as frequently as I would like to. However I usually try to get on and post about 1-3 times a week so the Story doesn't die.
Number Two! My O/O's Are Located in my Signature for you to read if you would like to do so. If you are wondering what I will and will not do in a story than you should probably take a look at it since that is what I made it for.
Number Three! If you are interested in one of my Plots than please PM ME!!!! I Rarely Check my threads unless I am adding new plots so I will get back to you a lot faster if you PM me

Ok Now On to the Plots!

The Prince and the Prostitute
This Setting is kind of adaptable as long as the class system is in effect essentially. My Preference for it would be more of a medieval/fantasy type but its open to discussion.
Your Character is the oldest son or only son of a family of great importance. Whether he is an actual prince or a noble lord is up to you. The Important part is that he is heir to a big fortune and betrothed to married to a young woman of equal standing. However it is social custom that Men be educated in sex before marriage where as high class woman are to be kept pure. The problem lies in the fact that YC is still a virgin. So His parents hire a High class Prostitute to educate him in the study of pleasing a woman.

She is told to come to him for a month every night or until she feels he is well educated in the subject. During this time it at some point goes from just educational sex to them developing feelings for one another. When he admits that he has feelings for her she tries to tell him that it's just professional but he is determined that it's more than that. After a while he gets her to admit her feelings as well. Will he continue with the marriage or Will he marry his Educator.

The Mark of The Wolf

You’re mine and I want everyone to know it. I’m gonna knock up that sweet, tight hole and mark you.

Wh-what do you mean mark me?

The mark of the wolf my Huntress. You're a fighter like myself, I've watched you in these woods for months now. I've seen you hunt. The pack agrees, you’ll make an excellent queen.

Oh my god, what’s happening?

That’s just my knot my Huntress. Filling to breed you.

Ok So in My head this is kind of a Little Red Riding Hood has Sex with the Big Bad Wolf thing. All though I was more thinking werewolf verses actual Wolf or Furry but either works for me really. I'd Be Playing the Part of Little Red Other wise known as The Huntress by the wolf. My Little Red is a bit different. For instance she isn't a little girl but a young woman of 18. After Her Mother died of Illness her Father became madly depressed and hung himself. Since she was 14 she was on her own. Her Father taught her how to hunt and how to scavenge. Living on the outskirts of the forest she's been hunting in them for years. Little does she know she's been watched by the Alpha Werewolf who owns those woods. He's the reason no one else dares to venture in there.   
Looking for someone to play the wolf

Your Girlfriends Younger Sister (Some Images NSFW)

Your girlfriend’s younger sister came to visit you for the holiday season even though her sister had to work another two weeks. She said she’d keep you company during the day. One rather hot afternoon, she called you over to her room with nothing but a g-string on.

Your cock was hard in seconds after you walking into the room. She was teasing and it was working like a charm

You had no other choice but to play along. You casually slipped the g-string off and started licking her sweet pussy.

When your cock couldn’t take anymore straining, you straddled her and pushed your hard cock into her warm depths. You couldn’t wait to see her plump breast as you pumped into her moist and tight little pussy.

You turn her over, teasing all the way from her pussy to her firm breasts.

You lifted one of her legs and hooked it on your shoulder to make sure you had maximum penetration.

For a change of pace, you got on your side and started pumping into her tight little body, racing towards your impending orgasm. You didn’t think about pregnancy. You had to get relief and so you did. You pumped her full of your potent sperm

So I was hoping to start with the scene described above her Keeping you Company and the sex and of course just so you know the younger sister is going to get pregnant and I would like them to try to hide who the father is.

Sorry it is So few but more will come as I think of them. Also if you have any Ideas I am also Open to hearing them as well.
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Re: Angel's Peice of Heaven (Seeking Fellow Writers!)
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Updated added plot

Offline wiccaangel311Topic starter

Re: Angel's Peice of Heaven (F Seeking M for all sorts of Kinky Fun)
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Added Mark Of The Wolf and Your Girlfriends Younger Sister