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September 23, 2017, 06:48:47 PM
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Author Topic: Monster island (NC, exotic Accepting characters Recruiting always, come on down)  (Read 756 times)

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Offline Metro MechTopic starter

This isn't my idea but the credit goes to Slavanet

Send your Character threads through PMs

Well, there you have it. I've always wanted to run a game like this. This game is here to make room for a variety of kinks and fetishes. Obviously, monster girls are going to be a big part. The Monster Girls give you room for almost every kind of fantastic creature under the sun, though I'd ask that you keep it reasonable. The monster girls are looking to feed off the brave men (and women) that have to their island. Nonconsenual is the name of the game, but if that's not your thing, seduction, using your body or maybe some more exotic pheromones is also well within reason.

The domination doesn't have to go one way either. The human facility this time has managed to capture a few monster girls for themselves. The scientists are going to want to run experiments, the soldiers are going to 'interrogate' the girls. Some monsters might submit, some might even try to turn the tables on their captors. If monsters aren't your thing, the men and women stationed overseas are liable to get pent up, antsy or just plain bored, and they could certainly have fun with each other to pass the time.

This game won't be entirely about sex, though I imagine it's going to play a big part. Your job is still to explore the island, and find out all of the secret things there. I'll be handling that, along with the groups of various NPCs. I'll add in more information here, if interest develops.

So far, I'm thinking of keeping the system freeform, but if anyone has a System they think would work really well, I'd be open to that as well.

So, is anyone interested?

This would be my first Group role-play I have done but I would like some feed back

Character Sheet:
Name: (Straightforward)

Age: (If applicable)

Gender: (Male, Female, etc. Monster girls should be well, girls)

Race: (Human or Type of Monster Girl)

Position: (If you're playing a monster girl, you can skip this part. Human characters should note their position on the expedition force, Scientist, Explorer, Janitor, 'Camp Follower', etc.)

Appearance: (Can be a picture, or just a rough description of what the character is like.)

Personality: (Straightforward)

Other Info: (Help out your fellow players! Tell us what you're looking to do with the character. Dom/Sub? Something a bit more complicated. Fill it in here.)

My Character

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Alexander Riden ("Nine Tailed Fox")

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Position: Chief of Exploration groups and the commander of the guard

Armor on

armor off

Personality: Alexander has always held a strong sense of justice, which is why he joined the military shortly after he graduated high school; to serve his country and to help people. He fully understands doing bad things for the greater good or out of necessity, but only if there's no alternative. Seeing how people have started acting disgusts him, even if he understands why they do the things they do. He understands that people are scared, and with people in any group he's in, if there's no clear command, he'll step up. And if he leads, he knows he he needs to be firm and sometimes harsh. Not a fun part of the job, but necessary to keep people focused on survival. But at the same time he likes for his people to not only respect him, but like him. So sometimes he'll joke and mess around, but at the end of the day they know he doesn't give orders lightly, and if he does, they're for a damn good reason. When he was offered a job at a facility in the middle of the pacific ocean that would be his break and get away time but he was sorely mistaken.

Other Info: Dominate, his very dominate and will not participate in any sort of Homosexuality (Sorry)

Character Thread


IC thread

List of Characters:

Miyoko Asakura-Yugishogun (female, Janitor/Cook)

Zia Carerra-Biles (Futanari, assistant to a mycologist)

Travis-Daemon0110 (Male Femboy-Research assistant)

Tatsuya Hosokawa-Izaya Orihara (Male, Technician/Explorer)

Layla-inflatetress (Female, purpose is somewhat unclear)

Alexander Riden (Male, Chief of exploration)

Monster Girls:
Catherine-catherinehellfire (Female, Tiger girl)

Kiha-Scarification (Female, Minotaurus)

Serenity-Thrasius (Female, mermaid)

Arawyn-Thrasius (Full-Futa, Dragon-girl)

Rhea-Wolfie (Female, Wolf)

Az'zyra-Kimera (Female. Laima)

Chryssa-scribus1000 (Female/Hermaphrodite, Hybrid Sea creature)
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Offline Luna

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I'm still interested in playing a monster girl in this game. I hadn't submitted one yet. Is it possible to play a submissive monster girl?

Offline Metro MechTopic starter

I'm still interested in playing a monster girl in this game. I hadn't submitted one yet. Is it possible to play a submissive monster girl?

I will allow it

Offline catherinehellfire

Name: Catherine is the name she has given herself

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Tiger girl

Don't be fooled, she is quite strong for how she looks.

Personality: Catherine likes to play innocent to humans and other monsters, though really she's lustful, playful and mischievous.  She is usually smiling and happy, but her bad moods can get pretty bad.  When she's sad she'll mostly just mope about and cry, maybe even climb up a tree to not be bothered and when she'd mad she'll hiss and scratch at anyone who comes near her.  The only time she's truly serious is when she or someone she cares about (which is currently no one really) is in danger or hurt.  Her innocent act is to trick others into giving her an opening to strike.  Though her smaller breasts look good on her more slender body she hates when someone mentions them or makes fun of them and has always been jealous of women with bigger breasts. 

Other Info: She prefers to dominate and for a while if someone tries to dominate her she will fight back, though if she gets horny enough and can't break free then she will become submissive.  She tries not to inflict pain when she forces someone into sex and will only unsheathe her claws if they almost break free of her.

Offline Metro MechTopic starter

As soon as we get more people in I will provide an OOC and Character thread

Online scribus1000

I'm interested in this, gonna bookmark it for now and see where it goes.

Offline LeSane

   Unknown (Looks early thirties)
   Monster Girl/ Female
   She is a kind of beastman monster that possesses the characteristics of a cow. She is also a monster warrior that possesses immense strength, able to swing its weapon around effortlessly.  Her personality is extremely rough, and she doesn't think things through, instead being driven solely by emotion. Thus, being marked as a extremely dangerous monster. xxx is violent and very aggressive, often scolding and beating those who annoy her. has been known to change the location and thus been called nomadic by other monster girls. However whatever location she takes as her own is respected until she moves onward, that goes for most since her size and strength are unmatched by most.
Other Info
   She is a Dominate with a capital D, and though she can he switched to a Submissive is the other exerts strength superior to her own.... sadly it does not happen often. Kiha preys on those who come into her path/territory using them as she sees fit before moving along. The Minotarus is not known to grow attached to those she takes as her 'object of affection' for more than a day or two.

Offline Wolfie


Name: Rhea

Age: 21

Gender: monster girl

Race: Wolf


Personality: Rhea is unlike most others of her kind. She is gentle and shy, watching others from afar. When she is in heat however, she is the most persistent girl you will find. Not to the point where she will rape someone, but she will not leave their side for anything. Be careful if you make her angry, as she is more than likely to put you in your place for it.

Other Info: Rhea is an agile one, worthy of being called an escape artist as well. But if you can catch her and tie her up good enough, she would be an excellent sub.
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Offline Metro MechTopic starter

OOC and Character sheet threads are up, you can go post there

Offline Wolfie

When will we be starting?

Offline Metro MechTopic starter

Very soon I just need to finish some things and watch the OOC chat because I need to explain some things

Offline Metro MechTopic starter

Thread is up and ready

Offline Metro MechTopic starter

The monster girls can post but you start in different locations

Online scribus1000

Been looking at this repeatedly and I think I'm gonna bite. I'll come up with a monster girl soon if not today.

Offline Birchleaf

If you are still accepting applications at this time, I would like to throw my hat into the ring as an intelligent, chivalrous, naive young officer who has no clue what he got himself into.

Offline Metro MechTopic starter

I am always accepting

Online scribus1000

Sent you an app, Godric--looking around, I realize it's kinda different from the already-accepted ones, but I hope it's interesting.

Offline Metro MechTopic starter

Its fine really