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September 20, 2017, 12:34:00 AM
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Author Topic: Lost On The Trails of Heaven and Earth (M seeking Anybody)  (Read 553 times)

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Lost On The Trails of Heaven and Earth (M seeking Anybody)
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:53:35 AM »

The Machinations of a RP Starved Man.


I know you must see this a little too much but we need to get this little bit of housekeeping out of the way since I don't want one of us to disappoint the other and ruin any chance of RPing together.


1. When sending me a PM: I would like the Basics fleshed out so we aren't talking back and forth for over twenty hours about what the RP is going to be.

2. When sending me a PM: have an idea about what your character is going to look like or be like, pictures can be included but aren't required for the idea.

3. When sending me a PM: Try to put forth effort into your ideas, often I have been assaulted by very vague and thinly plotted so the whole RP fell apart in a big explosion. So please, try to think your ideas through before coming to me.

4. When sending me a PM: Allure me with your idea, that is all I need to say with that.

5. When sending me a PM: Ask me questions, I might be a bit crazy and a bit of a Weirdo but that doesn't mean I won't listen to you for the RP. I would like to hear your ideas and what you have tell me.

Current RP Status: Accepting!

Ideals to be Upheld.

My Ideal Roleplay

What I am mainly looking for is a Longterm Roleplay over Private Messages or Threads. I will repeat for safety measures, I will only RP over Private Messages and Threads over Eilliquiy. I like playing the DM or GM some of the time but I would like to have some characters to focus on. Your character's opinions and decisions will influence the story and perhaps even the world that is crafted by both of us. I am very open to many settings, I will be stating some that I am prepared to do, but you definitely gain bonus points if you have setting ideas that I do not have listed. The RP will of course be a healthy mixture of both story and sex. Also take note that though I can play in canon-sounding settings, all the characters I tend to play are original, so it is mostly alternate universes with the same basics, but a different cast of characters OR entire worlds we create together.

My Ideal Partner

If you do not feel up to being my ideal partner, I would rather you do not waste both of our times, so please to read this section attentively before contacting me. Alright, so here is the rundown, I am looking for a male or female who wants to RP Longterm and over Private Messages or Threads. Who is willing to play males or females. My favorite body types are the muscular and masculine ones or a little fat under the skin.The type of man or woman who is comfortable with his/her masculinity/femininity and just knows he/she is the epitome of what it is to be a man/woman! I am always open to helping pick out images to go with my partners' characters. I will only do M/M scenes if the other male is more feminine looking and more subversive. 

Interested? Read on!

Push my Buttons Then Some!

My Kinks(Ons and Offs)

For a better idea of what I like sexually, check out Ons and Offs thread, you can find it in my signature or even my Roleplaying Preference just under my Avatar's Hansom mug!

Or right here -> O/O

Current Kink/Idea Cravings
As of right now I am looking for some certain things but I will categorize them for your pleasure, if you have any sort of questions about one of these don't hesitate to ask.

Plus I have my neat little system that tells you what is my most favorite  ;D

Kink Desire System

Oh my Gosh! Give me! = *****
Mhm~ You push my buttons Love! = ****
Ooo, you do me Good! = ***
A moan or two in There = **
Eh kinda already done but it is still Good = *

Fantasy Cravings
  • Skyrim based =***
  • Monster Girls =*****
  • Magic fighting=***
  • Character development into big damn heroes = *****
  • Various Sexy Species =***

Steam Punk
  • The Order 1866 =***
  • Anthros created from human experiments =****
  • Steam War! =***
  • Victorian Age Fun =***
  • Fancy and Cool Clothes =****

  • Mass Effect Universe =*****
  • Time travel to the future =****
  • Space Ships =*****
  • Traveling the Universe =*****
  • Aliens<3 =*****

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Re: Lost On The Trails of Heaven and Earth (M seeking Anybody)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2016, 12:17:27 PM »

RP Ideas!
Right Now I am currently writing their story and haven't finished their details... don't hate me :(

Science Fiction

Rise of the Androids

Setting: Approximently 100 years into the feature where much the cyperpunk world has come to life. Androids, Early Colonization, Cyberware, Powerful Computers, Augmentation and Cyborgs. Basically everything that would make a Cyberpunk fan go crazy happy. Some of the most innovative technologies include the Flying car, beam weaponry, and Robotic Limbs that are almost an improvement over their biological equivalent.  Most of the RP will take place in the now Improved Downtown Seattle, Lower Half (Poor people and Criminals live under much of the towering buildings) inside mob controlled territory especially a stripper joint.

Parings: Currently looking for M/F

Character Ideas: Perhaps my character is an inspector and is investigating the usage of illegal Android production when he comes across a female android that was made in one of these illegal factories. His job is to shut down these factories from producing illegally modified androids and having her help him find this place would make the whole operation a whole lot easier. For her though she starts to feel something for this man having been the only nice person to her and actually cared for her well being but androids don't have souls right? then how can she feel love?

Here's another: My character was an android designer, in charge of model development and design to the largest company of Android producers. being at the fore front of the company itself he had it all, money, a large home standing on a tall hill, and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. Life was good till one night as he was traveling home his car was struck by a drunk driver. When he finally come out his medically induced coma he learned that his legs no longer worked and that the nerves in his spine had been damaged beyond recognition. Rather then try to graft in robotic parts they eased his spinal damage by snipping the broken nerves off. Being bound to a wheel chair for the rest of his life and having no one around made the man depressed almost to the point of suicidal. In order to prevent him from damaging himself further, they have taken one of his in the rough designs and brought it to life for him to keep him company inside his home and do anything he needs. Maybe this fill soften his heart a bit and come back to the real world.

If you have something else in mind don't be afraid to pitch it

Story: As humans developed more and more technology they began to explore what would happen if they explored into the realm of computers. Desiring more luxuries they began to experiment with creating human like androids for whatever they desired. 

Egyptians in Space

Setting: Set on a distant desert planet (Not Tatooine you sillies ;) ) where colonists lost the utterance of the void, crashed landed with no way to escape their inferno of a home. Loosing much of their technology in the original crash. Forced to survive on their wits alone, the society at large  began to slowly devolve and turn towards a more primal state. For nearly  two and half thousand years they grew what people they had into the might empire ruling over the eternal sand paralleling the Egyptian empire of old.

Parings: Currently looking for M/F

Character Ideas: Just like the one on the bottom we could run something similar to that or if you have something else in mind I would be willing to work with you on your Idea.

Story (This is an Example Story just to get the creative juices flowing)
The idea at its core is about a star ship that crashes into a desert world. The people already living on the world find this crashed ship that reveals to them a world they should build based around Egyptian culture and society. Erecting great pyramids reaching into the heavens themselves till one day something odd happened... A strange red sun filled the sky.

When this almost unholy sun rose midday above the tan dunes surrounding the city suddenly divulged their hidden dead in the shapes of shadow covered creatures, half man and half beasts. Golden heads with seamless features, striking neon light blue eyes that do not yield, and black bodies created of pure immaterial making even the stoutest of warriors fear the darkness. Your character... The general of these mighty armies was tasked to defend the city at all costs.

Their inevitable doom upon them when the creatures were coming in for the final blow, they prayed to their gods for redemption and for any help they could spare... That's where my character comes in, he plummets from the heavens in a ball of fire. His emergency pod breaking apart when it hit the ground. The Pharaoh convinced, when they brought the strange crocodile man to him, that this had been a champion of the gods they make him the General of the Army... Much to your character's dismay and task him to defeat these creatures but he can't remember much and he has a hard time leading. Not to mention his strained relationship with the female general who wants to show who's better.

Catch Me If You Can <3

The Legion ɤ

What is Virtual Reality?

The USS Disaster Ahoy

Ghosts do Exist!
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Re: Lost On The Trails of Heaven and Earth (M seeking Anybody)
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2016, 01:42:37 PM »

Current/Past Rps!

Living RPs

Discussing RPs

On Hold RPs

Graveyard RPs

Crossroads of Fate and Betrayal with Miss Fire ( I was really enjoying this one as well... if someone would like to do something similar with me, I wouldn't mind)

Valhalla RPs

Group RPs

[Renegades] Anti-Heroes In Space by Wispyr

Tarduril, the Theocracy of Veils by LeSane
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