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Author Topic: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)  (Read 1737 times)

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Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« on: April 20, 2014, 10:03:18 PM »
I'm horrible with ideas. It's taken me like a century to compile these ideas. I prefer jumping on someone elses idea for RP's to be honest, and still do. In fact chances are a lot of these story ideas were shamelessly stolen from someone else more creative. So if you see something you recognize, me is very sorry. :p

With that said, these story ideas are also meant to help you get an insight into my mindset and ummm diversity of my likes, since just listing my ons and offs might be insufficient. Oh and if you can't find a fit with any of these ideas, that's super okay. I don't expect anyone too. I'm open to a whole lot of things... and am willing to try lots of new things to... well for the most part. Feel free to drop me a PM. At the very least we can exchange dirty PM's. :p

And just FYI... I almost always do forum role plays.

Forum Role Plays.

Forum Role Plays.

Just to let that be clear. Never doing e-mail. I'm barely on Yahoo enough to be consistent so IM's would be infrequent and PM's seems.... blah. If you're going to write posts, just do it on a forum amirite?

Modern Stories:

The Running Game: Sort of based on the 'killer reality show' concept such as 'The Running Man' or other media where real violence is considered reality entertainment. In here we'll play the contestants of a crazy action filled competition for the entertainment of the masses. I'd expect colorful characters, settings, romance and of course lots of action for this role play if we carry it through.

Action Story Extravaganza/ Army of Two: Sometimes a boy and a girl meet and it's like fireworks. That's because she's an action girl and he's an action hero and thus the two of them when combined together are basically a battle couple. In the vein of Mr. and Mrs. Smith or the video game Army of Two. It should be a rollercoaster of thrills, spills and kills where the only thing higher then the sperm count of the hero is the body count that occurs in the thread. Feel free to suggest action adventure, historical epic, military science fiction or other themes. And if we need more girls, well I'll try and accommodate. :)

Adventure Story: I'm a fairly big fan of the classic adventure stories that while they live on in Video Games, aren't really something I see on film too often without being too overdone. Totally in the vein of Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Congo or what have you.

Far Cry: A single protagonist and maybe his friends end up in some island paradise that ultimately turns out to be a hellhole thanks to its current occupants. Inspired from the Far Cry video game franchise, it can involve the trials and tribulations of the protagonists in their attempts to escape, liberate or even join the strange social panoply that they have ended up stranded on.

21st Century Feminism: RP's in this vein will primarily be focused on interracial themes of Black masculinity and the submission of non-black females. Expect all sorts of debauchery suggested, such as miscegenation, impregnation, racial taboos, sex-based reparations, 'blacking' friends and family and other themes along that line. The basic gist will be stories focused on a certain segment of the male population gaining influence in society politically, culturally and socially which results in a very sexy shift of America's attitudes ethnically and more interestingly, sexually. Is an idea for an ideal society in the not so distant future. Already part way there with a black President, it's an idea that has been developed recently. It's a movement that allows women to revert back to their most base natural instincts. Under this movement, more dominant alpha males would be allowed to move freely from woman to woman, not tied down by marriage and encouraged to spread their seed in a Darwinian mindset of having the strong be the best breeders. Regular life in the United States would go on mostly unchanged, however, certain aspects would exist such as more women living together, mutually raising children and perhaps getting more of their emotional needs fulfilled by each other. Wealth is currently defined by money, in 21st century feminism it would be defined by physical and sexual prowess predominantly by the black male. There are a lot of different ideas and angles for playing out scenes from this idea and hopefully this paragraph has perhaps inspired some ideas of your own! Please PM to ask, it would be far too many for me to list my ideas for this here. Doesn't have to be Black males either, I'm flexible on a lot of the concepts of this idea.

The Labyrinth: Can be played out a multiple of ways. A Lara Croft style adventurer explores the ruins of some not so dead God of Virility (or similar portfolio) and encounters something far more sensuous and lively then she expected. We can ramp up the sinisterness of it or not as desired. The other idea would be undeniably more perverse and for all of the extreme sex lovers I occasionally get messages from, with either a male or female (or both) protagonists falling victim to a perverse criminal mastermind and sexual sadist. He captures victims including our protagonists for the sole purpose as being tools of his perverse pleasure, running them through a series of trials and obstacles that are meant to break and challenge them sexually and could include submission and torture and forced rape and other delightful topics that are big turnoffs for me in other RP's.

Non-Consensual Bucket List: The antagonist, or a group of them, have come up with the idea of laying out a series of goals for their sex based crime spree and turning it into a bit of a game or competition. They come up with a list of possible victims or situations they want to experience and go and act on them. Such as having the goal of having sex with a mother and daughter, or twin sisters, or abducting a cheerleading squad, or raping a famous celebrity, overpowering a female police officer etc. The possibilities are endless. It could just be random crime, or done as part of some lewd recruiting drive for a sex slave or prostitution ring or other purposes. Open to exploration of other kinks as well.

Old/Young Homeowners Association: A residential Homeowners Association with two older men or senior citizens as the Directors has the good fortune of having their newest homeowner moving in being a young attractive woman. Perhaps the older gentlemen help her move in, or waive her homeowner fees and in exchange, she pays them back with something far more amorous that pleases both parties involved.

Secret Agency: Similar to the Monster Hunter concept, but no monsters. The male protagonist will work for some secret intelligence or espionage agency and in the vein of the Bond films, go on a variety of adventures and whatnot that are hopefully filled with action, humor, adventure and lots of sex with various partners.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal Stories:

Post-Apocalypse: I'm interested in doing a general post-apocalyptic or apocalyptic themed story. My tastes are quite broad here with the disaster whether plague, economic collapse, solar flare or something more fantastical such as aliens or zombies (which are super cool btw). Also my tastes are broad for how realistic or thematic the setting would be, as with a small group of survivors or some enterprising fellow decided to find the most fun way possible to repopulate the Earth etc. I am a fan of Post-Apocalyptic media like Fallout and Mad Max and so forth etc. It can be heavily survivalist and take place during or after or well after, it all depends on the idea presented.

X-Com: UFO Defense/Stargate : I'd be interested in doing a version of X-Com or Stargate, where a modern world takes on an alien invasion or other form of alien and technologically advanced adversary. We can keep it close to script, or use "sexier" settings, fandoms (maybe it's XCom versus Mass Effect aliens, or xenomorphs etc) and aliens, I'm flexible either way. Bonus points if it's possible to modify the story for an earlier time period, such as the 1930's or 40's etc.

Terminator: Open to the general concept of a Terminator themed storyline, preferably or largely taking place in the modern world, though doing so in both or the post-apocalypse could be interesting as well. It'd have to be an AU setting most likely, perhaps treating only the first or first two movies as truly in continuity.

What Measure a Mook: Inspired by the trope of the same name. These lowly stormtroopers, minions and assorted lowly types never get much publicity or exposure and even less success, but it might be an interesting dynamic to explore the world of the classic punch clock villain or other variations of this theme, sexually and otherwise.  Could be modified for a wide variety of settings, canon, crossover and otherwise.

Monster Hunters: A special semi-secret branch of the US Marshals Service (yeah... I'm bored with secret NSA, FBI, CIA task forces) has been tasked to fight the threats, paranormal, supernatural and extra-terrestrial in origin. Unlike other black operations, the Special Circumstances Branch of the USMS operates with minimum staff and budgeting and often has to use its widespread federal authority to prosecute its cases while contradictory leave little footprint for the public to catch on. This RP will be a blend of action, adventure, and drama in various locales with lots of NPC's and of course... lots of sex going on for some random reason as they hunt down vampires or track aliens.

Giant Monster Hunters: Like the above idea, but involving even larger monsters or kaiju. It won't be quite like Pacific Rim but probably be a more modern or near future type of story involving having to take down giant monsters using contemporary resources. Thus it might be seen as more like a modern day version of Shadows of the Colossus. Needless to say, worldbuilding and plot discussion will need to be discussed, which should be just as fun.

Batman/Spider-Man Year One: I'd enjoy exploring a revamped, redone origin of either of these, or possibly other iconic superheroes of the DC/Marvel Universes. I'm not big into diving into stories rife with years of continuity RP wise, so Year One style stories are an easy way to explore canon characters and continuities from the beginning without getting hung up on the details of years of continuity. Plus it involves a fair bit of world building and we can leave our personal mark on the heroes and stories and universes which could be an enjoyable exercise.

Super Vigilantes: Two characters, both normal people trying to be vigilante heroes despite having no authority... or powers. One is obviously an amateur perhaps bent more on a nerd rage like revenge fantasy, the other one far more pragmatic and professional and not wanting to have the others death on their conscience, takes them under their wing so to speak, even though they are both more or less new to the type of vigilante justice. Sexcapades occur, and we can even have a parallel storyline going on with the villains that they are facing as well.

X-Men Origins: Loosely based off of this idea. It takes place close to the beginning of the Mutant Phenomenon in Human history though it doesn't necessarily need to involve the events that occur in that post. It's more to set the stage. Since it's an AU or reboot, the team can be comprised of different canons in the student body and faculty.

Inseminating the Marvel Universe: A Marvel Superhero based story where a sexy studly alien arrives on Marvel Earth with the purpose of starting a campaign of breeding with Earth's women as part of a plan to, well we can discuss that. Naturally he discovers there are superhumans on the planet and makes them the focus of his breeding campaign.

Demonlord's Harem: A Demonlord is is breeding an army, and selects for his impregnation only the finest examples of the female gender: those with strong, athletic bodies and large, productive breasts.  The young members of his brood will have hungry mouths! These breeders will, as becoming of their position, be well taken care of and enjoy lodging in the high tower of his citadel, a intimidating complex which stands impressively over the countryside.   

Project Safehouse: Based off my RP with RedMoon of the same name. Originally satirical but it could conceivably be played straight. Involves harem building and post-apocalyptic themes, as well as giving the freedom of lots of sexual kinks to be explored.

Science Fiction: I don't mind science fiction, but I prefer well fleshed out settings as opposed to random OC ones. Or even crossover type settings.

Contest of Champions: An interdimensional being has decided to use his powers for the purpose of entertainment in creating the ultimate reality shows.  He gathers contestants across the multiverse to compete in various events and competitions.  The crossover aspects alone would be fun.  But it could be played in an original setting as well.

Franchise Wars Crossover: This might be an excuse to having encounters, sexual and otherwise, in epic crossovers but I've noticed a trend of most of the popular entertainment and media. For example Time Warner owns HBO, DC Universe, New Line Cinema, and the Cartoon Network among other properties or the Disney Corporation owns Marvel Comics, Touchstone Pictures, Pixar, Disney, ABC etc. NBC Universal actually owns Blizzard-Activision along with NBC, Universal and Canal+ Group. In a perfectly insane world, that would allow the creation of truly epic crossovers. I wouldn't mind doing an idea, which maybe tongue in cheek, exploring such epic crossovers.

Multiverse Cops: Another mega crossover idea, but deals with a certain law enforcement agency, much like the Men in Black or Green Lanterns but instead of monitoring aliens on Earth or keeping the peace in space, this special law enforcement body is busy making sure the multiverse is kept safe, stable and secure more then anything. Reality can break and its up to these guys, gals and others to make sure to hold it all together as best as they can.

Lost In Fiction: Almost similar to above ideas but more of a mega crossover idea with an original setup. The setting here would be some sort of Amalgamated Universe or Nexus Universe which is largely populated by seemingly random elements of other canon settings. Since as far back as history goes, and without explanation, individuals, things, starships, vehicles, and sometimes entire communities or planets have simply disappeared from their original universes and ended up here in this amalgamated universe. The RP potentially could cover the arrival of several new unexpected arrivals into this amalgamated universe and the societies and problems and situations that have arisen in this hodgepodge of realities.

Low Fantasy: Always interested in Low Fantasy themes, just never seems to work out with me for various reasons but I am a fan of Conan comics and the original films. (I'll admit never having read much literature of course but I'm sure it's awesome.)

ONS AND OFFS/Previous Roleplays
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Offline NeyshaTopic starter

Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2014, 06:30:31 PM »
Bump, on the prowl for one or two more new RP's if sufficiently juicy.

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Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2014, 10:11:59 PM »
The terminator option interests me.  Perhaps if my character is a reprogrammed T-1000?

Also, any super-mutant power storyline I would be good at.  Had a dream one time that I was a sortof friend of Batman, and I had freezing mutant powers, but I was borderline badguy.  That would be a fun character to play.

Offline RainyHigh

Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2014, 01:23:44 PM »
I like the Old/Young HOA story... playing two older men that take advantage of a young fertile woman sounds plenty interesting. Is it fine if I play the male characters though? If not, that's cool.
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Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2014, 07:03:32 PM »
Hello Neysha

I like the idea of the government agency (US Marshall service) out to protect from supernatural beings.  Perhaps the beings you are chasing have influence at high level, using the females to seduce politicians, police chiefs.  They have many body forms, and different types of powers, some can pass for a normal human, but others have to live in dark places and communities under the city.  They are all attracted to human women and a part of your missions is to rescue women captured for their use.....

Would that be to your taste at all?  Grin!

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Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2014, 07:00:09 PM »
Still looking for one or two more RP's... I know I have a lot listed, but I'm really sliding towards looking for something more action and/or adventure based as opposed to sex/eroticism focused. :)

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Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #6 on: May 15, 2014, 09:02:12 AM »
I'm actually rather interested in the Inseminating the Marvel Universe idea... especially if certain characters were to make an appearance in a little bit of series action. Still in PMs with you, so we can discuss that if you want. :-)
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Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2014, 09:54:34 AM »
The Labyrinth has a lot of room for creativity. I'm relatively new to Elliquiy but not to role play. If you'd like to chat and work out that or another role play idea, get in touch.

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Re: Assorted Role Playing Ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #8 on: February 17, 2015, 09:38:07 AM »
Decided to give my threads little bump. Looking for maybe one or two RP's.