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Started by Neysha, December 21, 2017, 06:30:33 PM

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I'm horrible with ideas. It's taken me like a century to compile these ideas. I prefer jumping on someone elses idea for RP's to be honest, and still do. In fact chances are a lot of these story ideas were shamelessly stolen from someone else more creative. So if you see something you recognize, me is very sorry. Most ideas tend to be very action, adventure, crossover and fandom invested. Just the way I am.

With that said, these story ideas are also meant to help you get an insight into my mindset and ummm diversity of my likes, since just listing my ons and offs might be insufficient. Oh and if you can't find a fit with any of these ideas, that's super okay. I don't expect anyone too. I'm open to a whole lot of things... and am willing to try lots of new things to... well for the most part. Feel free to drop me a PM. At the very least we can exchange dirty PM's. :p

And just FYI... I almost always do forum role plays.

Forum Role Plays.

Forum Role Plays.

Just to let that be clear. Never doing e-mail. I'm barely on Yahoo enough to be consistent so IM's would be infrequent and PM's seems.... blah. If you're going to write posts, just do it on a forum amirite?

I'm hoping I make a partial return though I obviously won't be as prolific as I was before.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal Stories:

Adventures of the Womb Raider: Some heroes as their main profession excavate lost tombs, others explore other worlds and the far off reaches of space, some are teachers, others are technologists. Every hero has a hobby or occupation or passion they pursue. This RP will chronicle the adventures of this errant womb raider whose main interest besides heroics is bedding and breeding as many worthy wombs that are opened up to him in the course of his far reaching adventures. The main goal of this Womb Raider is to plant his seed in as many of the greatest heroines and villainesses and so much more as he fights the good fight.

Neysha's Girls Academy for Gifted Youngsters: Okay not the actual name of the intended RP or institution... but I feel it conveys the intent of the storyline very well. The best kind of harem scenario are those in a school setting filled with gifted, talented, skilled, fertile teenaged students eager for learning, honing skill development and transiting from being naive young girls into womanhood. Or something like that.

Dark Crusade: I see this as happening in a fantasy setting... though it could go in other ones. The main idea is that the protagonist is more or less gray or a various shade of evil or villainous (though perhaps not some out and out pure evil monster etc) and thus engages in good old fashioned plundering, pillaging, raping, enslaving and pirating etc... but still has his own personal and likely mutable limits of conduct during his adventures or misadventures whether they are based on personal relationships or various warped warrior codes of honor, informal friendships etc. I can see this as being a sort of pirate, barbarian, warlord, forgotten God or other sort of character whether in service of say the Warriors of Chaos (ala Warhammer) or some other fandom based evil faction (Mordor/Isengard/various Dark Elves/Beastmen/Goblinoids etc etc).

Carnival of Chaos/Circus of Sin: More of a fantasy basis but this would follow the travels of a carnival or circus as it makes its circuit visiting towns, villages, hamlets and other encounters. While I was never big on circuses and carnivals it could be a fun setting for all manners of sexual debauchery as well as intrigue and even exposition and action. The carnival would have a vibrant cast of performers and entertainers that you would expect, such as thespians, fencers, wrestlers, gymnasts, acrobatics, animal tamers, singers, dancers, prostitutes and models but also the more esoteric. In a fantasy setting it could include mystics and fae folk, magicians and monsters, charmers and much much more. Their mission could be just to travel the world and make coin, or something even more sinister or nefarious or simply ideologically driven, or a combination thereof. One thing is for sure, the perversity can easily ramp up with this sort of setting.

Folklore Heroes In the world of myth and folklore, protaganists from the modern day have been drawn into it. A mysterious force has drawn in these people from a time and place far and away and to get back home, they'll have to save this world they only knew through myth and legend and folklore. Basically the setting would be a modern or contemporary protaganist finds himself in a world of myth and folklore with characters like King Arthur, Robin Hood, the Three Musketeers, the Wizard of Oz etc and has to find a way back home... but that journey is interwoven with a quest to save the world they are currently in as well.

It'd of taken a character from modern times and thrust them into a fantasy world and for whatever contrived reason they'd want to create a folklore style version of a heroic squad to battle various... uhhh evils and the like. I was thinking that maybe the way he's pulled into the fantasy realm is due to the plot point in the Peter Pan stories... where people are pulled into a fantasy land via dreams but this might be more of a long term and uncontrollable phenomena.

Origin of the Half Elves: The Kingdoms of the West have been practicing slavery of the darker skinned Southern races for generations now, fueling their own vibrant economies. With unsympathetic neighbors, tall mountain ranges, cold tundra or broad rivers and oceans preventing escape, these slaves tended to have no easy path to freedom. One slave however eventually braves the most dangerous of the Western borders, a dense, ancient forest that straddles the mountains and Kingdoms of the West where feared, near feral tribes of Wood Elves lurk. Other slaves however have heard that the Wood Elves are the only ones who are truly free... The forest is dangerous and those who enter unwelcome tend to never be seen again. But in the choice between freedom and slavery, what choice can be made?

The Whore Herd: How do the predominantly male or masculine monsters and predators of the world reproduce in such great numbers in the wilderness? Perhaps it's due to the Whore Herd. What might've started out as the unfortunate captives or oppressed gender of various fell beasts and tribes has grown into its own powerful polity. The Whore Herd is an amalgamation of females of the predominantly so-called civilized species, majority Humans, who have become far more visceral, feral and even bestial in their basic desires to rut and fuck. Their numbers are constantly replenished and growing through captives, human female offspring and the occassional adventurous and perverse soul that wishes to join the infamous and legendary Whore Herds in their seasonal migrations as they mingle with tribes of barbarians, Orcs and Goblinoids, Gnolls, Lizardfolk, Beastmen and other assorted monsters and predators, seeking worthy mates to father the next generation of spawn, monstrous and otherwise.

X-Com: UFO Defense/Stargate : I'd be interested in doing a version of X-Com or Stargate, where a modern world takes on an alien invasion or other form of alien and technologically advanced adversary. We can keep it close to script, or use "sexier" settings, fandoms (maybe it's XCom versus Mass Effect aliens, or xenomorphs etc) and aliens, I'm flexible either way. Bonus points if it's possible to modify the story for an earlier time period, such as the 1930's or 40's etc.

Call of Doomy: Demons are invading. Or demon equivalent aliens. It doesn't matter. What does matter is it's time to lock and load, gear up with some equipment montages and get to going on a liberating rampage all over these invading assholes. Whether Doomslayer or Duke Nukem style... or even a far more reserved Gordon Freeman style, there are monsters that need their heads blasted open by shotguns and limbs cleaved off by chainsaws. Lots of copious action whose action climaxes can be readily followed by sexual climaxes.

Darkest Dungeon/Onkogenesis: A protagonist or group of them are employed, hired or otherwise absconded to do a long term mission of exploring or clearing out some ancient fortress or dungeon or ruins or other dangerous and hostile location. The further the RP goes, the deeper into the depths of the dungeons and the farther afield the protagonists go in exploring and purging the corrupted lands. The origin and motivations of their ultimate foes can gradually take shape as well as the mysterious and detached voice that may have brought them there or is otherwise directing them in their efforts. Can be portrayed as either a science fiction or fantasy or contemporary action/survival horror setting etc.

What Measure a Mook: Inspired by the trope of the same name. These lowly stormtroopers, minions and assorted lowly types never get much publicity or exposure and even less success, but it might be an interesting dynamic to explore the world of the classic punch clock villain or other variations of this theme, sexually and otherwise.  Could be modified for a wide variety of settings, canon, crossover and otherwise.

Inseminating the Marvel Universe: A Marvel Superhero based story where a sexy studly alien arrives on Marvel Earth with the purpose of starting a campaign of breeding with Earth's women as part of a plan to, well we can discuss that. Naturally he discovers there are superhumans on the planet and makes them the focus of his breeding campaign. Needless to say this doesn't have to be limited to the Marvel Universe. Other franchises can play or be crossed over with as well.

Most Dangerous Game/The Running Man/(Sexual) Predators: Loosely based off that hunting people for sport concept, as exemplified by the short story of the same name of this RP idea. But perhaps hunting females instead, and no actual need to kill them all off, or kill them right away... when they can be enjoyed after a successful hunt. This concept can also be used in a variety of settings or characters (celebs or fictional characters etc). It can also be done as a reality show type of aspect, such as 'The Running Man' or other media where real violence is considered reality entertainment. In here we'll play the contestants of a crazy action filled competition for the entertainment of the masses. I'd expect colorful characters, settings, romance and of course lots of action for this role play if we carry it through. Or with male hunters and female prey and the reward of a sexual climax for the participants and even a reality/game show feel from an audience watching it.

Batman/Spider-Man Year One: I'd enjoy exploring a revamped, redone origin of either of these, or possibly other iconic superheroes of the DC/Marvel Universes. I'm not big into diving into stories rife with years of continuity RP wise, so Year One style stories are an easy way to explore canon characters and continuities from the beginning without getting hung up on the details of years of continuity. Plus it involves a fair bit of world building and we can leave our personal mark on the heroes and stories and universes which could be an enjoyable exercise.

Superhero Team Origins/Year One: Whether your the Avengers or the Justice League, you got a start somewhere. Maybe some noble hero not only decided that the world needs saving that only a heroic team can provide... but a hero sometimes requires a superharem that can satisfy him (and hopefully vice versa). Why not kill several birds with one stone and be very selective in recruiting for your own personal super team with you in command?

X-Men Origins: Loosely based off of this idea. It takes place close to the beginning of the Mutant Phenomenon in Human history though it doesn't necessarily need to involve the events that occur in that post. It's more to set the stage. Since it's an AU or reboot, the team can be comprised of different canons in the student body and faculty.

Project Safehouse: Based off my RP with RedMoon of the same name. Originally satirical but it could conceivably be played straight. Involves harem building and post-apocalyptic themes, as well as giving the freedom of lots of sexual kinks to be explored.

Contest of Champions: An interdimensional being has decided to use his powers for the purpose of entertainment in creating the ultimate reality shows.  He gathers contestants across the multiverse to compete in various events and competitions.  The crossover aspects alone would be fun.  But it could be played in an original setting as well.

Multiverse Cops: Another mega crossover idea, but deals with a certain law enforcement agency, much like the Men in Black or Green Lanterns but instead of monitoring aliens on Earth or keeping the peace in space, this special law enforcement body is busy making sure the multiverse is kept safe, stable and secure more then anything. Reality can break and its up to these guys, gals and others to make sure to hold it all together as best as they can.

Monster Hunters: Either as a science fiction or fantasy setting. Monster Hunters are the celebrities of the world. Whether it's dragonslaying and trollhunting in a medieval fantasy world or pursuing dangerous alien bounties in spaaaaaace. This idea encapsulates the notion of the adventurer who is more then just a hero or an icon, but a true celebrity who isn't just in it for the fortune and memorialization and power, but the allure of fame as well. Not just limited to old fashioned monster slaying either. Tomb raiding. Bounty hunting. Sport hunting. Treasure seeking and Dungeon Crawling are all legitimate pursuits that can be explored as well as other more perverse exploits.

Modern Stories:

Far Cry: A single protagonist and maybe his friends end up in some island paradise that ultimately turns out to be a hellhole thanks to its current occupants. Inspired from the Far Cry video game franchise, it can involve the trials and tribulations of the protagonists in their attempts to escape, liberate or even join the strange social panoply that they have ended up stranded on. Click here for an example.

You Are The Resistance: Don't punch a Nazi IRL. Do it here. It's time to fight back against the bullshit. Mainstream or alternative. Nazis. Commies. Fascists. Antifascists. Racists and Anti-Racists. It's time for some raging superpatriotic ideologues to show that they won't take it anymore (from those people that vehemently and annoyingly disagree with them). We can finally engage in our domestic (or international) terrorism freedom fighting fantasies as we bring down the system, or bring back the system. Obviously we won't try and reflect this onto reality too much, but the issues that are explored with glorious applications of action and violence and utter lack of serious can easily be real issues and problems. No more protesting, it's time for vigilantism. Disproportionate responses to political chicanery and everyday microaggressions. And an ever increasingly ideological judgement day roller coaster adventure of thrills, spills, kills and perverse sexcapades. We won't be cast throw the first stones... but we will be throw the last ones. And by stones I mean hand grenades.

21st Century Feminism: RP's in this vein will primarily be focused on interracial themes of Black masculinity and the submission of non-black females. Expect all sorts of debauchery suggested, such as miscegenation, impregnation, racial taboos, sex-based reparations, 'blacking' friends and family and other themes along that line. The basic gist will be stories focused on a certain segment of the male population gaining influence in society politically, culturally and socially which results in a very sexy shift of America's attitudes ethnically and more interestingly, sexually. Is an idea for an ideal society in the not so distant future. Already part way there with a black President, it's an idea that has been developed recently. It's a movement that allows women to revert back to their most base natural instincts. Under this movement, more dominant alpha males would be allowed to move freely from woman to woman, not tied down by marriage and encouraged to spread their seed in a Darwinian mindset of having the strong be the best breeders. Regular life in the United States would go on mostly unchanged, however, certain aspects would exist such as more women living together, mutually raising children and perhaps getting more of their emotional needs fulfilled by each other. Wealth is currently defined by money, in 21st century feminism it would be defined by physical and sexual prowess predominantly by the black male. There are a lot of different ideas and angles for playing out scenes from this idea and hopefully this paragraph has perhaps inspired some ideas of your own! Please PM to ask, it would be far too many for me to list my ideas for this here. Doesn't have to be Black males either, I'm flexible on a lot of the concepts of this idea.

The Labyrinth: Can be played out a multiple of ways. A Lara Croft style adventurer(s) explores the ruins of some not so dead God of Virility (or similar portfolio) and encounters something far more sensuous and lively then she expected. We can ramp up the sinisterness of it or not as desired. The other idea would be undeniably more perverse and for all of the extreme sex lovers I occasionally get messages from, with either a male or female (or both) protagonists falling victim to a perverse criminal mastermind and sexual sadist. He captures victims including our protagonists for the sole purpose as being tools of his perverse pleasure, running them through a series of trials and obstacles that are meant to break and challenge them sexually and could include submission and torture and forced rape and other delightful topics that are big turnoffs for me in other RP's.

Mental Hospital: A simple setup where some sort of prison, laboratory or mental health facility or something similar has control lost of it and the inmates/detainees/patients/test subjects break loose and engage in debauchery with the staff, other patients, visitors, law enforcement, nearby locals etc. Can be played straight with strong NC and dubcon themes or more fantastically with mutants or lab experiments etc.

Non-Consensual Bucket List: The antagonist, or a group of them, have come up with the idea of laying out a series of goals for their sex based crime spree and turning it into a bit of a game or competition. They come up with a list of possible victims or situations they want to experience and go and act on them. Such as having the goal of having sex with a mother and daughter, or twin sisters, or abducting a cheerleading squad, or raping a famous celebrity, overpowering a female police officer etc. The possibilities are endless. It could just be random crime, or done as part of some lewd recruiting drive for a sex slave or prostitution ring or other purposes. Open to exploration of other kinks as well.

Generic Settings:

Crossovers: I'm not particularly creative on a personal level, so I do enjoy and relish in adopted established canon and fiction and characters for my own use.

Dark Fantasy: A world in decline or that requires saving. While dramatic apocalypses could work, a softer one of a dying world or slowly collapsing civilizations can work as well. Something in the vein of Dark Souls or Shadows of the Colossus in atmosphere. Dark, minimalist but also a setting where hope can match depression. A more mature and nuanced version of the iconic Diablo or Warcraft III style plotlines perhaps.

NonHuman Breeding/Infestation: I might be open to an RP involving various creatures/critters/monsters/aliens who have an interest in breeding females who exist in various states of breeding stock. The RP could detail the ongoing processes of finding, capturing, taming and breeding said females in an ongoing saga and explore the aspects of it.

Action Story Extravaganza/ Army of Two: Sometimes a boy and a girl meet and it's like fireworks. That's because she's an action girl and he's an action hero and thus the two of them when combined together are basically a battle couple. In the vein of Mr. and Mrs. Smith or the video game Army of Two. It should be a rollercoaster of thrills, spills and kills where the only thing higher then the sperm count of the hero is the body count that occurs in the thread. Feel free to suggest action adventure, historical epic, military science fiction or other themes. And if we need more girls, well I'll try and accommodate. :)

Post-Apocalypse: I'm interested in doing a general post-apocalyptic or apocalyptic themed story. My tastes are quite broad here with the disaster whether plague, economic collapse, solar flare or something more fantastical such as aliens or zombies (which are super cool btw). Also my tastes are broad for how realistic or thematic the setting would be, as with a small group of survivors or some enterprising fellow decided to find the most fun way possible to repopulate the Earth etc. I am a fan of Post-Apocalyptic media like Fallout and Mad Max and so forth etc. It can be heavily survivalist and take place during or after or well after, it all depends on the idea presented.

Adventure Story: I'm a fairly big fan of the classic adventure stories that while they live on in Video Games, aren't really something I see on film too often without being too overdone. Totally in the vein of Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Congo or what have you.

Science Fiction: I don't mind science fiction, but I prefer well fleshed out settings as opposed to random OC ones. Or even crossover type settings.

Low Fantasy: Always interested in Low Fantasy themes, just never seems to work out with me for various reasons but I am a fan of Conan comics and the original films. (I'll admit never having read much literature of course but I'm sure it's awesome.)

Gang Wars: I'd be looking for something more lighthearted in the style of Saints Row as opposed to gritty and realistic.

Fandoms I'm familiar with:

Fandoms/Canon Settings
Italicized means less familiar but open to them

Marvel Universe
DC Universe
GI Joe

Star Wars
Star Trek
Babylon 5
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Aliens vs. Predator
Mad Max
Kill Bill
Black Lagoon
Chronicles of Riddick
James Bond
Black Lagoon
Hunger Games
Harry Potter


Dungeons and Dragons
- Planescape
- Forgotten Realms
Half Life
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Saints Row
Warhammer 40K
Warhammer Fantasy
Final Fantasy Seven and Tactics
Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter
Resident Evil
Disney Infinity
Dragon Age
Dark Souls

Saints Row
Quake IV

FemDex - Index of Female Canon Characters (WIP) - Check it out, already have 500+ entries. Maybe I'll take a break when I hit a thousand. Open to suggestions.

ONS AND OFFS/Previous Roleplays -Needs updatin...
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Freshly updated with even more substandard ideas and stuff!
My Request Thread
Ons & Offs/Role-Plays Current and Past
FemDex: Index of Fictional Women
F-List Profiles: Constance Carrington, Damashi, SCP6969
Prepare For The Next Eight Years
Find me on Discord at: mnblend6567
Credit for Avatar goes to "LoveandSqualor" on Deviant Art. (and Hayley Williams)