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Author Topic: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Seeking 2IC + Sniper Replacement)  (Read 4581 times)

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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Before posting in this thread or PMing me, you MUST read all information in this thread.

Plot of the Game: Sepik colony, a research center located on a Jungle Planet in an unihabited planetary system, has gone silent. It is classified as a Class-0(zero) Planet - no known hostile creatures or sentient creatures, earth-like climates (albeit with high humidity), breathable air, earth-like gravity. A Class-Zero planet is rare and ideal and often where great scientific discoveries are made due to the abundance of minerals and/or plant life. Roht Industries, owner of the colony, has dispatched a typical Repair-Team, to replace the Communications Array, collect data samples, drop some supplies off, and rotate some personnel.

Sepik Colony Facts:
-Class-0 [zero] Planet
--No Hostile Lifeforms
--No Indigenous Sentient Creatures
--Breathable, Earth-like Air
--Earth-like Gravity
--High Humidity
--High Water Content
--Low Natural Minerals and Ores
--Unknown Number of New Plant and Animal Species
-Colony is really a Research Facility, not designated as a Habitat Planet (IE. No plans to relocate peoples to live on the planet)
-Sepik Colony, in the Sepik System, is the only Human Presence
-Nearest aid is multiple months away
-Sepik Colony Owned and Funded by Roht Industries, a leader in Pharmaceuticals and Military Technology

Roht Industries Facts:
-One of Several Corporations/Industries that run the Earth Federation
-Mostly into Pharmaceuticals and is a leader in most Medicines and Sciences
-Also dabbles in Military Technology, but usually as a cheaper clone of existing technologies
-Only recruits Former Military Personnel into its Military Ranks. Unlike the EFAF (Earth Federation Armed Forces), the Roht Marines accept personnel with Cyber-Prosthetic's.
-Roht Industries typically pays its Marines a pay-grade above that which they would have in the EFAF at the same Rank
-Medical Personnel and Scientists are recruited directly from the Top Academies, positions at Roht Industries are highly sought after.

Cyber-Prosthetic Limbs:
Prosthetic Limbs have been around for centuries. Loss of Limb due to combat or work related injury enables a person to get a Prosthetic limb at no charge. However, controversial Cybernetic Prosthetic Limbs are available at a cost - and as long as the recipient meets certain requirements for such limb acquisition. Cybernetic Limbs come at a cost however - they are not 100% reliable, are known to malfunction, and are certainly not combat-tested or approved. Participants sign waivers to obtain Cybernetic Limbs that clear the manufacturer of any liability due to malfunctions. Roht Industires (RI on the EF-Exchange) have looked into these Prosthetics and will accept them for certain Military Personnel in their ranks.

Roht Marine Corps:
-All Roht Marines are former EF, or other factions, soldiers.
-All Roht Marines must have Honorable Discharges and no mental issues.
-All Roht Marines must past a physical and mental exam.
-All Roht Marines are expected to protect the interests of the RI and its personnel.
-All Roht Marines are expected to follow a strict regime of discipline.

Roht Marine Roles:
Rifleman- The most common marine, the backbone of any army. Standard issue RI-Armalite Rifles.
Scout Sniper- Scout Armor allows these Scout Snipers to blend with their surroundings when not moving. Usually paired in teams of two, carry an array of lightweight scouting equipment and usually a Shooters Choice of weapon.
Heavy Weapons- Armed to the teeth with Ammo and some version of a SAW (user preference) these guys know how to lay down suppression fire on an area and turn enemy combatants into minced meat.
Demolitions- A few screws loose in the head, Demolition Experts are the engineers of the Squad. They can not only blow stuff up but they can also construct and repair things too.
Medic- Some one has got to plug the holes, don't they?

Roht Marine Weapons and Armor:
Armalite Armor - Several variants, based on specs and needs and conditions. Easy to acquire from the armory.
Armalite Rifle - Standard Assault Rifle found throughout the Federation, Hi-Cap Magazines and Accurate High Rate of Fire make this the rifle of choice for most engagements.
Armalite Pistol - Standard Semi-Auto Pistol. Lightweight like all Armalite products, heavily reliable despite its age.

Visual References
-All Armed/Armored Character Pictures need to be in a Mass Effect style (for Roht Marines)
Some Examples: Armor Armor 2 Combat Armor Medical Uniform Uniforms Uniforms 2
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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 07:32:12 pm »

Code: [Select]
[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[b]Background Information and History:[/b]

Name: Andrew Conner

Rank/Occupation: Captain, Commander of the Roht Marine Detachment

Age: 34

Physical Description: See Attached Image

Personality: Andrew is the tough-as-nails type. He doesn't take shit from anyone and expects everyone to perform at their highest levels. He likes when his orders are followed to the T and he enforces strict discipline on all those that serve under him. He's a risk-assessor and occasional risk-taker but he is fiercely loyal to his crew and wants to ensure everyone makes it home alive from every undertaking and mission they go on.

Background Information and History: Andrew was born and raised in the Federation of the United Countries in an area formerly known as the United States. The Federation is the most powerful Human Power in the universe and controls just about everything. Mars, of course, has its independence and that whole deal is often compared to the American Revolutionary War. But that was long before his time. Andrew's Father served in the Federations Armed Forces as a Grunt, with deployments all over the place and very little action. The action he did see changed the man and he always told Andrew not to follow in his footsteps. But Andrew, even from a young age, wanted to see the Universe and the best way to do that was to enlist.

But Andrew wouldn't be happy just being an Infantry Grunt. It wasn't exotic or thrilling. So he enlisted in the Elite, joining the Space Marines. They were the ones sent into the worst situations, the ones sent in first and the last ones to be pulled out. They saw more combat then anyone else. He made it through boot-camp and was promoted to Squad Leader as his natural leadership qualities began to shine through and men (and women) gravitated towards his command aura.

It wasn't long before he saw his first combat and lost his first soldier, but it only seemed to propel him forward. Always leading from the front and giving sound tactical commands, his unit was soon decorated for bravery and winning campaign medals. A promotion to Platoon Leader soon followed and Andrew was loving life. He had traveled to places far and wide, been to a variety of planets and fought a variety of enemies. But his contract was soon up and the Corporations came knocking.

Andrew was unable to turn down the contract that Roht Industries offered him. The base pay alone was more then he ever could have imagined and they sold him on the idea that they were very interested in acquiring the leadership qualities of a man like him. He would have more freedom to move and act as he saw fit too, Federation laws not quite the same as the rules of engagement Roht Industries took. Before long, Andrew found himself working for the Roht Mercenary Marines - all former Federation Marines seeking higher pay and less risk of life (for the most part) - with the Rank of Captain, his own personal squad and a platoon to command as well.

Andrew has the ability to pick and choose the missions he wants to undertake. Traveling to Sepik Colony will give him a chance to stretch his legs and visit a System he has never been to. He wants to get away from Company politics for a while too, so while many see him as overqualified for the mission, he is more then happy to be partaking in it.

Lt. Commander Cole Wilson

Second in Command


Physical Description:
Not a very tall man, standing just over five feet eight inches tall. Stocky, powerfully muscled, strong as a boa and quick as a viper, he has been called the Cobra by his comrades in arms. He has dusky skin, dark brown eyes and short cropped hair, completed with a well kept short beard. Having gotten involved in the armed forces from when he was 16 to the present, his body carries its fair share of scars borne from knife wounds, bullets, shrapnel, burns and several others.

Hard and unforgiving, some conceived that he might become a Drill Sergeant once he was too old to go into combat. However, underneath this tough and hard exterior, something strong, solid and honorable can be seen, caring for comrades in arms, loyalty for the same, following orders and keeping his men alive are his priorities when in combat. Sharp, quick and with a keen mind for combat, he has NCO written all over him, turning down various promotions for higher commands.

Background Information and History:
Born in Polynesia and raised in Australia, Wilson found himself intrigued by the EFAF. His family wasn't well off, living in the Slums just outside Sydney, where there were no legs up, jobs were menial and hard to find, education of any quality being reserved for those that were far better off. Nevertheless, Wilson's parents made sure, by working themselves to the bone, that he got a good education, finishing High School by 16. He joined the EFAF, Marines, where he flew through boot camp, top of his class. He served all over the world, quelling small rebellions against the Earth Federation, maintaining peace in 'hot' areas, eventually being promoted to Sergeant and being sent offworld to defend EF interests in a handful of worlds, gathering himself a solid career in the military and a chestful of medals for valor, services rendered and for going above and beyond the call of duty.

After almost ten years in the military, an injury to his spine forced him to have a few prosthetics inserted to support his spinal chord, which removed him from active duty for several years. During these years, he was forcibly retired from the military and hired by Roht as a military consultant, officially. For three years he was merely a missions supervisor, but once he was fully recovered, he was allowed to re-enter active service, where he was promoted to Lt. Commander, turning down higher promotions because he felt it made officers lose touch with their men. He was assigned to the Sepik mission after 2 months of vacation.

Character Name: Ainsley
Character Age: 27
Character Sex: Female
Physical Description: 5'7, Athletic/Slender figure, natural red hair
Character Role/Occupation: Medic

Personality: Ainsley is a person who has often been described as empathetic, warm, and thoughtful. A source of happiness, she  tends to project her sentiments on people around her. She tries her best to be understanding to her colleagues and friends at all times, is always happy to lend a hand. She can be slow to analyze situations and doesn't always see the bigger picture. An exception to this is her medical work, at which she usually excels. Ainsley is an open individual who is willing to share her thoughts with others, and is always prepared to listen to a friend who has troubles.

Character Background: Ainsley had grown up into a military family and has somewhat of a reputation to uphold. Her father, her mother and her older brother are serving different corporations in various military related roles. Without any hesitation, Ainsley was lead into a life in the military. After finishing school, she attended a renowned medical school where she was trained in emergency medical care. After that, she attended a private military academy in order to train as a fully qualified combat medic. She served a brief tour in the EFAF as a combat medic, showing enough promise to be let go in order to serve one of the corporations. Her honorable discharge was amended with a note that praised her good natured spirit, that had boosted the morale of her unit. She received basic training at Roht Industries and participated in multiple standard exploration mission.

Due to her experience and training as a combat medic, she was ordered to assist the expedition to the Sepik Colony. She hasn't really come to know her fellow team members as that well, except by face, name, rank and role.

Other Notes:

Name: Rylie Q. Harlow
Rank Occupation: Lieutenant, Heavy Weapons
Age: 29
Physical Description: 5’9” and somewhat long and lean but strong and sturdy at the same time. Wild short black hair and brown eyes. She has a few scars on her back, stomach, and one larger one on her leg from her FAF days.
Personality: Rylie is smart and passionate about her job. She can list every piece of information you may ever want about a firearm, and if she doesn’t know it, she is going to learn it. Sometimes she has trouble going from work to social mode and is always a professional. She is very protective of the people she works with and would gladly jump on a grenade for any of them. Her somewhat reckless behavior causes her problems but overall she is a model marine.
Background Information and History:
A single father raised Rylie, after her mother passed away when she was 3 from pneumonia. Her Dad did the best he could with her living just north of Novosibirsk, Russia. His job at a weapons development and manufacturing center always kept him busy and was one of the reasons Rylie got into what she does now. She was always around weapons and her father taught her everything, even from an early age how each gun worked, how heavy it was, what made it tick, it’s muzzle velocity, what rounds it used and so on. He always taught her that if you don’t know everything you can about your weapon, you don’t get to use it. So from then, she spent her days in school and her nights reading about weapons. She found the science behind them beyond fascinating and the more she learned, the more she was allowed to learn how to use them, with her father’s assistance and supervision of course.

After high school graduation at 17 she did not know what she wanted. Her father’s company would hire her at entry level for testing but she wanted to get out of the area, do something different. That was when she enlisted with the FAF. Her civilian “training” with her Dad over the years helped her improve and her superiors were always impressed with her vast knowledge of weaponry. At age 19 they put her in specific heavy weaponry training and it was hell, it kicked her ass but she passed as one of the top in her class. She would have been the best but she had a tendency to be a bit reckless. She had no issue putting her life in danger but her superiors did not quite approve even though she never would endanger her fellow men in arms and would take a bullet for any of them. That attitude got worse when her Dad passed away and she knew if she died it wasn’t like there was anyone waiting for her. She continued to be one of the best and caught her fair share of bullets and speeches of “stop trying to get yourself killed”. 

Her contract with the FAF came to an end and at 27 she left and was quickly given offers but the only one that promised some fun new tech and the ability to still travel was Roht industries. The large paycheck did not hurt either. Much like her former military days that did not always like her recklessness but she never disobeyed direct orders but sometimes just found loopholes. So far, two years later she was still doing well, and the heavily armored woman had moved up and felt like she found a good niche for herself.

Name: Emry “Emerald” Blair
Rank/Occupation: Sapper/Demolition Expert
Age: 29
Physical Description: See Image
Personality: Emry can be a bit sarcastic and standoffish at times. She knows when to be quiet and do her job however, and shut up. She has been known to go on about her chosen field more then necessary, and is a big believer in the motto “P for Plenty”.
Background Information and History: Emry was born to Rogan and Tallula Blair, a pair of “Striders” as they had come to be known. Striders (a corruption of the earlier word Stroiders) who worked for Acheron Incorporated, bringing asteroids into the large cylindrical stations, and essentially “skinning them” to peel away the valuable minerals and ores buried beneath. The workers were signed on for 10-15 year tours at a time, leading to many liaisons and births during the time, something the corporation encouraged, finding that it led to many future workers who grew up in and around the industry. After all, a happy worker is a hard worker too. Emry grew up with a knack for finding trouble where she could, scouting out the crawlspaces, vent shafts, and generally managing to get anywhere a young girl shouldn’t be. She also made friends with Tau, the South African demolitions expert, who let her watch over his shoulder while he made, composed and designed bombs. She found the entire process fascinating. She had a penitent for getting into fights, however, and soon even her normally good natured parents were exasperated.
   At the age of 17, she was packed up and shipped back Earthside, being optioned into the early recruitment that FAF offered. She had a natural knack and love for explosives, and was transferred to the base in  MoD Kineton at Temple Herdewyke near Kineton, Warwickshire, England to earn high marks in her chosen field, as well as continuing to earn various proficiencies with heavy explosive weapons, such as grenade launchers and mortars.  Upon graduation, she was assigned to a small unit. For a while, she continued to earn high marks on her evaluations, learning everything she could from the more experienced Sapper vets. She also continued to travel to foreign lands and planets and blowing things up, every young girl’s dream. She also did a stint as a Ordinance disposal tech, earning a Crab Badge along the way.
   After 4 years she was transferred to a unit named Unicorn, since, as everyone knows, Unicorns don’t exist. Their jobs were to get in and out of places no one else could, and making sure the right people ended up dead, or the right buildings ended up crumbling down. Unfortunately, her entire unit was thrown under the shuttle during the Whitmore hearings, where several units ended up being tossed out, given discharges, and used as excuses for various snafus that may or may not have even had anything to do with them.
   Thanks to an old contact, she fortunately landed a gig with Roht Industries, who were kind enough to overlook her discharge and black mark on her civilian papers, and hire her for enough money to make her head spin, along with an armory that sang to the demolitionist  in her.

Name:Roman "Rome" Beneke
Rank/Occupation:”Sergeant” / Rifleman
Physical Description: There are those in the corps who have taken to calling Rome "Bull." At At 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m), 245 lb (111 kg) it's not at all hard to see why. Rome casts quite the imposing shadow, with eyes like coal and powerful muscles straining beneath a taut, ebon complexion. He keeps his head shaved smooth, though he does keep very closely cropped facial hair.
Personality:He is a loud mouthed, sarcastic, opinionated, full-throttle, wide-eyed, in-your-face, maniacal, badass marine in combat. He follows orders without question or hesitation. His methods and behavior are quite unorthodox more often than not, but he adapts and overcomes and he always gets the job done. Off duty, Rome is a prankster, always up to some sort of mischief. He takes every opportunity, even during a lull on hot missions, to stir things up a bit. His sarcastic sense of humor often create tension among those unfamiliar with him, though among his squad mates his sarcasm is generally ignored, or they've learned to just return his fire. While he is fiercely loyal to his friends, there are few whom he actually deems as a "friend." The word "quit" is not in his vocabulary, unless it's  a direct order for it to be. His mottoe: "No marine left behind."
Skillsets:Rome is a fearless and ferocious brawler trained in the deadly art of knife fighting as well as various martial art styles. If it has wheels or tracks and an engine, he can drive it. If it has a barrel, a trigger, and ammo, he can shoot it, though he is most comfortable behind the barrel of an assault rifle.

When the chips are down, Rome is all business; and Rome is in the business of death and destruction.

Background Information and History: Rome doesn't talk about his past with anyone unless it's one of his infamous 'sexual conquests of Rome' stories. As far as anyone who doesn't have access to his personnel file knows, he has no family, no friends, and no life before the Corps.

Rome grew up on the streets of the Bronx, New York, where he was born. He enlisted in the Earth Federation Armed Forces at the age of 17 as a means of escaping the squalor and the gang life in which he had become inexorably involved. For a time, the gang life was good for Rome, providing him with a sense of family and belonging as well as a means of descent income. But when things went sideways, Rome quickly found himself targeted by his former gang members and running for his life. That's when he happened upon the EFAF recruiting office, where he ducked in to hide from his pursuing gang members. It wasn't long after that Rome found himself on a transport out of the Bronx, on the way to basic.

He had signed with the Space Marines FAF and he loved every second of basic training, scoring top marks in unarmed combat, marksmanship, and mechanized operations. The Corps nurtured his violent,  primal instincts, molding him into a ruthless, fearless, efficient killing machine.

Nearly a year after enlisting in the Corps, Rome graduated from his MOS school as a smartgunner. His initial Permanent Duty Station (PDS) was to the 2nd Federated Earth Marine Brigade based at Titleman Station, L-1 Lucien-Avril system on Lacaille 8760 IV. Rome remained at this post for 3 ½ years, earning promotions along the way.

Rome was expecting to finally get away from the bullshit guard duty and uneventful patrols when he was promoted to Corporal and attached to the 4th Federated Earth Marine Brigade stationed at Tithonis Mountain on Bernice 378 located in the Mu Herculis A III system. He wanted to see some action. However, when he realized it was just more of the same except with more responsibilities, he became increasingly restless and agitated. During training maneuvers, Rome compromised his leadership role by taking the fire-team of marines under his command off mission to an off-limits civilian zone, scaring some of the local colonists and raising a little Space Marine hell in a local bar. He was charged with dereliction of duty, sentenced to 90 days in the brig and demoted to E-3 (Lance Corporal.)

After he was released from the brig, he was reassigned to the 3rd Federated Earth Marine Division based at Kuat ASFB, Surier 430 in the Delta Pavonis IV system. He remained at this station for nearly a year. Once again, the lack of action, both militarily and personally, drove him to make some poor decisions. He was later accused of having sex with a 17 year navy cadet who also happened to be the daughter of a Sgt. Maj. in his Regiment. Rome was charged with sodomy, conduct unbecoming, and unauthorized absence. He was busted to E-2 (Private First Class) and sentenced 120 days in the brig. Upon his release he was reassigned to a front-line rifle platoon within the 1st Federated Earth Marine Brigade headquartered at Chinook 91 Geo-Synchronous Orbital (GSO) Station, Georgia 525 in the 70 Ophiuchi A V system, where he served with distinction for the next 8 years participating in a multitude of combat actions, and earned many battle scars and medals to prove it.

After his second tour with the EFAF expired, Rome was approached by a recruiter from Roht Industries. Rome had always saw himself as a Career EFAF Marine, but he couldn't pass up the offer that Roht Industries laid on the table for him.

Name: Stanton "Stan" Dering

Rank/Occupation: Rifleman

Age: 34

Physical Description: 5' 11". Slightly muscled. short brown hair and with a slight beard.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Personality: Stanton is very conscious of the bond of brotherhood with the members of his squad and treats them as siblings (except his superiors). He has a likable personality, and can be counted on to provide a warm smile or bad pun when things look dire. Whilst he may look intimidating, a fact he uses to his advantage. He's more of a violence only when necessary kind of soldier and less of the shoot first, shoot again. Then ask the question type. 

Background Information and History: Born on Earth on a country once referred to as The United States in a region called Texas. Stanton grew up on a farm raising cattle alongside several farmhands cultivated a large work ethic in him that would stay with him in all through his life. Alongside the idea that everyone must pull their weight. That there are no observers when work needs to be done and everyone has a job to do. Part of his job on the farm was to protect the cattle from predators and criminal types. And as such he managed to get quite apt at handling weapons.
 Though he had what some would consider a good life, he always had a nagging need of adventure that wouldn't go away. When he was 23 he signed up with the  EFAF in search of adventure and exploration. After passing boot and going on many successful tours of duty his career in the military ended.
 Returning home, he attempted to start a simple life farming as he had when growing up. Unfortunately he still had the thirst for adventure. And when the opportunity to sign up for the Roht Marine Corps he jumped at the chance. Being a rifleman for the last 5 years he has what he would consider a charmed life..... And the pays not bad either.

Name: Gia Vertrand
Rank/Occupation: Rifleman   
Age: 26
Physical Description: 5’10, brown eyes, black hair which she dyes in a purplish blue (see photograph)
Personality: A committed soldier, with a mouth that is prone to banter. She is dependable in the field, can think on her feet and is courageous without ever being reckless. If she has a flaw it is a total lack of ambition that has made her being passed over for even the most basic of command positions.
Background Information and History:
Gia was an army brat, so it was no surprised that both herself and her two older brothers enlisted. Like her father before her, she served in the Federations Armed Forces, as an infantry grunt. Her older brothers had slightly more glamorous postings in the Federation Navy, but unfortunately for Gia, her grades were not high enough for that honor. She was always good with a firearm though, which got her out of more than one tough situation whilst out in the field.

Through the years, she had several close calls, and was heavily injured on three occasions. The first time was when a blaster bot ripped through her shoulder and she required four separate surgeries to repair all of the damage. The second time was the after effects of an explosion that had left her back filled with small pieces of metal. After the third close call – which gruesomely featured her being impaled on a harpoon bolt - Gia decided that it was foolish to keep on risking her life for a pittance when so much more money was to be made in the private sector. She got her honorable discharge and started working for Roht Industries. She earned her dues as a grunt working her way up from the most menial guard duty to far more complex and dangerous – and thus well-paying jobs.

She has been serving under Captain Conner for the past year and his unit agrees well to her own style and habit of doing things. She likes the discipline and the clear command structure he has in place.

Civilians and Non-Military Personnel

Name: Taryn Landry

Rank/Occupation:  Civilian Scientist

Age: 26

Physical Description: 5’3, athletic build. Dark hair in stylised dreadlocks and dark blue eyes

Personality: Eccentric, geek girl with a scientific mind verging on genius. She's dependable, incredibly caring, brave, driven to find answers and, adaptable to extreme circumstances. She also tends to diverge on scientific topics and can talk relatively fast when she gets excited.Quirky and funny in a sarcastic sense. Prone to talking aloud to herself to work through problems and situations

Background Information and History: A geek girl from an early age, Taryn excelled in school, advancing quickly through even accelerated public school and university. A student at the time Sepik Colony was established, Taryn was excited to get an opportunity to join Roht Industries current mission to the planet.

Taryn has a degree in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology. She was recruited right out of University by Roht Industries, her thesis on the evolution of feathers, challenging Alan H. Brush and Richard O. Prum’s article published in 2003: Which Came First, the Feather or the Bird? drew the attention of members on the scientific board of RI awarding Taryn a top position in the Evo-Devo research department, as well as substantial funding for the more experimental side of Evolutionary Development to which she has a passion.

Free time is spent running, it helps Taryn think, clearing her head of some of the useless information that can build up. From an early age her parents, both athletes, had encouraged a lot of physical activity. At times they would put it’s importance above studies, something Taryn rebelled against. She reluctantly agreed to include running in her daily routine to satisfy her parents needs. Now it is a habit that if missed, will vex Taryn to no end as it is a large part of her process. The running has kept her in great health and physical shape and tends to keep her sane. 

Name: Alexander Briggs

Rank / Occupation: Civilian Engineer

Age: 28

Physical Description: Standing at 78kg and 186cm (6’1” / 171 lbs), Alexander’s toned frame is more fast than powerful. His shaggy hair and scruffy attempt at a beard make for a sharp contrast to his expensive, immaculately maintained equipment. His blue eyes shine with a dark sense of humour and careful calculation, giving some forewarning about his rakish character.

Personality: Confident to the point of arrogance, Alexander is occasionally a little lax with the rules but nevertheless delivers results that accord with Roht’s high standards. He has a laidback and friendly demeanour, though he makes no secrets about his finely honed sense of self-preservation: when things go wrong, Alex can be relied upon to look after himself and nobody else.

Background Information and History: Born to a large but wealthy family, Alexander was afforded access to many opportunities… and even more vices. Despite attaining accreditation at a prestigious university, the early stages of his professional development were hobbled by a brief struggle with stimulant addiction and other lifestyle drugs. Luckily there was plenty of work following the devastation of the Federation Wars, and Alexander’s faltering start proved to be no barrier to corporate employment.

What started as a knack for modular construction then became his saving grace, and he eventually found himself specialising in rapid assembly and emergency repairs. His big break came when Roht Industries contracted him and a few others to salvage a derelict freighter that was at risk of drifting into a nearby planet’s atmosphere. However, rather than conducting a quick ‘smash and grab’ to reclaim the ship’s most valuable components, Alexander invested his personal funds (well, technically his family’s) to bring a few extra supplies and managed to jury-rig the ship for one last journey back home, bringing the whole thing back largely intact. Pleased with the unexpected returns on the operation, Roht Industries then offered him a permanent position as reward.

Now working as part of Roht Industry’s ‘risk management’ team, Alexander has already accrued a short but impressive list of engineering triumphs ranging from the successful containment of chemical spills to the rapid assembly of power generators.

His quick hands and even faster wits have served him well, saving the day (and more importantly his own skin) on more than one occasion. Whether it’s a reactor meltdown or haywire electronic systems, if anyone can avert an engineering crisis, it’s Alexander Briggs. If nobody can avert it though, he’ll probably be the first to the escape hatch. 

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2014, 08:13:39 pm »
Open Roles:

Roht Marines:
Commander -  MagicalPen
Scout Sniper: OPEN
HWY Specialist: Lemon Lime
Demolitions Expert: BarbaraGordan
Rifleman x4: RedEve, ballaborn87
Medic: mj2002

Communications Specialist
Engineer(s) - Ontan
Scientist(s)/Doctor(s) - Nymphadora

Additional Roles (Available only once the above roles are filled):
Ship Crew
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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2014, 02:14:50 pm »
Currently looking for previously accepted characters to resubmit before I open things up to everyone else.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2014, 10:30:54 am »
I'd like to take a stab at 2nd In Command or Scout Sniper if either of those spots becomes available.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
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Still waiting on the old fellas before opening this up.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2014, 08:55:11 pm »
I would be very interested if there are still spots open after going through previously accepted characters. I am flexible but I like the medic position, but by no means do I want to step on anyones toes.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #7 on: March 12, 2014, 12:06:13 pm »
I'm not yet recruiting. I am waiting for the original players to resubmit so that I know which roles are open.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #8 on: March 12, 2014, 02:00:08 pm »
If there are still spots open after the original players have come back, I would be interested...

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #9 on: March 12, 2014, 03:06:50 pm »
Players had dropped but I've since redone the game, reworked the info etc, and am waiting to see which of the originals are still around for the new version before opening to the rest. I did state in one of my earlier posts that its not yet open to new players.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #10 on: March 12, 2014, 03:36:47 pm »
Updated with unconfirmed-but-most-likely returning players.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #11 on: March 12, 2014, 07:46:47 pm »
I guess when I saw that it was "open" I decided to post but any who, I've read and if medic is for all purposes taken could I steal demolitions expert? Since it has not been taken by anyone. Thanks!

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (Open)
« Reply #12 on: March 14, 2014, 04:55:55 pm »
All roles are now Open unless otherwise marked. Names in brackets (like this) are tentative place holders for now.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #13 on: March 14, 2014, 06:53:27 pm »
I would like to commandeer the Second in Command spot, Sir! And maybe double as the Scout sniper's spotter?

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #14 on: March 14, 2014, 07:35:25 pm »
I would like to commandeer the Second in Command spot, Sir! And maybe double as the Scout sniper's spotter?

If you haven't already, send along character sheet(s) to MP for review.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #15 on: March 14, 2014, 08:21:22 pm »
I'm putting in my request for Scout Sniper. I'll have a CS up tomorrow.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #16 on: March 14, 2014, 08:39:50 pm »
Re-sending my application from the old thread - it's for the civilian engineer.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #17 on: March 14, 2014, 10:44:38 pm »
Sniper is already taken.

Also, please pay attention to the information posted above. There is no combo-roles or anything.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #18 on: March 14, 2014, 11:15:51 pm »
Alright, tweaking my ideas I will grab Heavy Weapons Specialist.  Since no one else has grabbed it up. I can have a CS up to you soon for review.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #19 on: March 14, 2014, 11:26:46 pm »
Also, please pay attention to the information posted above. There is no combo-roles or anything.
I just figured that since spotter isn't really a position to be opened, a second in command would be useful in advanced positions to be the commander's eyes and ears on the front lines...

Anyways, will alter my CS accordingly...

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #20 on: March 15, 2014, 03:54:43 am »
OK, sensing an undercurrent of inflexibility which is not to my personal liking. I'm withdrawing my interest.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #21 on: March 15, 2014, 08:53:27 am »
Things are described/written as they appear in this game world. I am flexible with peoples creativity in coming up with backgrounds, but the roles are solid and set-in-stone (so-to-speak) which is why each is described.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #22 on: March 15, 2014, 09:20:40 am »
LemonLime has staked a claim to the HWY Specialist Role.

DemonBane has staked a claim to the 2IC Role.

Ontan has claimed a Civilian Engineer role.

Role of Scout-Sniper MAY become available in 24 hours, but 50/50 at this point.
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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #23 on: March 15, 2014, 09:37:38 am »
Updated first post with visual aides.

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Re: Sepik Colony: Journey into the Unknown (All Open Roles Available)
« Reply #24 on: March 15, 2014, 01:54:24 pm »
Would a tech savvy marine be possible? If not I'd be interested in the heavy role.