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Author Topic: GM (M or F) Wanted for (longterm?) Solo System RPs  (Read 565 times)

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Offline AnathanasiaTopic starter

GM (M or F) Wanted for (longterm?) Solo System RPs
« on: November 11, 2013, 12:58:00 AM »
A few ideas that are really intended for one on one RP. Small groups could be possible, if a prospective GM really wanted run one of these ideas for 2-3 players instead of just me, but these are selfish desires, where I want my PC to be the star even if it's a smal group RP, so I figured they should be presented as such. Like all my ideas, I'd be open to doing them via IM, but I'm perfectly content to use the boards here as well. :)

Please see my preferences (link to the left) and my general ideas thread (link in my signature below), and reply via PM if your interested in discussing a game.

Night City Smut:
   Lately I've really been craving a return to classic Cyberpunk. Well, mostly...updating the tech at least a little would be nice, but essentially a run at the old Cyberpunk 2020 RPG while we wait for Cyberpunk 2077 (and the MMO!) to get here. Specific system does not need to be CP2020 (Pathfinder Modern could do), but this is a system game for sure and the ideal setting would be Night City, as I still have all my old books for reference. It'd be great to get a GM with both the resources and the inclination!
   I'm a bit easy on many of the details, such as power level and social status, so my PC could be barely above street trash, starting as a wannabe, or some kind of experienced and well equipped corporate cop/enforcer. It's negotiable!
   The core aspect I want to use is the idea of 'selling out'. Whether it's taking a gig working for a small time escort/bodyguard company or a subsidiary of one of the big corps, my PC will have opted to get some extra enhancements. Of course, we want the smut here, so she gets even more than she wanted, and gets fitted with a Playbeing package as a free bonus. This could even be nastier, without big contracts, just some ripperdoc figuring he or she can sell my newly enhanced character for a profit as a sex-toy before she even recovers from the surgery. You can feel free to surprise me with the details of such a deal... ;)
   In other respects, I have so many character ideas for Cyberpunk that I'm open to discussion about what sort of a game a prospective GM would like to run. Solos of various stripes, especially street samurai, are always an easy fallback, but I could do an investigator (fixer...sniffers are great PC fixers), a rocker of some sort, perhaps a professional thief (prowler), or maybe my character is a journalist who was trying for an expose and things went really, really wrong. Lots of ideas, the main drive of the story being she's in it up to her neck, and now she's got to get out of it.

   This is a truly ambitious idea and not for a GM who's faint of heart, but not for graphic reasons, but for the scale and power level. The Authority (hence my title), JLA or the heavy hitters on the Avengers level superhero stuff, which is not easy to GM at the best of times, and quite possibly just crazy to contemplate while catering to all my assorted kinks without just ignoring the whole awesome power of the PC. That simply wouldn't do.
   An original hero would be done here, but I'm happy to put her into an established universe if that's what the GM would prefer. It could be one of the big two comic 'verses or homegrown, I'm not that picky. This is a big case of so many ideas again, but a further complication is what crazy shit I might come up with that a GM would then need to deal with. I feel it's best to work with the GM in designing a character of this power level, and i am familiar with a variety of systems, from the old MSH, d20 M&M, Aberrant or whatever else I'm not remembering right now.
   That said, here's a sample character in old MSH format (with some notes for those not familiar with the system), of the appropriate power level (I could play her):
Real Name: Alice Evelyn Ross

   Alice was just a normal university student, albeit one with a sports scholarship in gymnastics. She was just starting to get into the swing of things in her first year when she suddenly disappeared. She simply vanished one night, on the drive home for the Christmas holidays, gone without a trace.
   Alien abduction, Alice was horrified to discover, was a very real thing. In this case, a random 'sampling' of the native fauna by a species even more arrogant than humanity, intent on further studying the strange predilection of Earth species, especially humans, to extreme mutation and evolutionary leaps (what makes “supers” so common on this world). They subjected Alice to all sorts of insane experiments and tortures, and finally they were successful! More successful than they would have liked, it turned out, as they bombarded her with cosmic rays and radiation channelled from a black hole. Alice's own latent mutation kicked it, a minor, and until this moment unknown, ability to absorb energy of any kind. The surge flooded her system, pushing her system into overdrive and rapidly mutating her further, until finally she couldn't take any more and overloaded, all the energy spilling back out in a devastating explosion.
   The damage was done, however, and from that moment on Alice was wide open to all the energies of our universe. This is what fuels her powers, everything from the light of a candle or the body heat of people nearby, to the dark energy of the cosmos and the lingering microwaves from the Big Bang. With this power coursing through her she's become immensely powerful, and has taken it upon herself to help protect the Earth from whatever threats to it's security and stability should arise.

(leaving it a little vague here, this cropped version of an old character, since I'm not sure what setting she might be required to fit into)

Origin: Technical experiment - kidnapped and experimented on
Form: Random mutant

Fighting: 40 (Incredible - Wolverine; though in this case it's more because she's just that amped, not so highly skilled)
Ability: 20 (Excellent - trained gymnast, but not Olympic level)
Strength: 100 (Unearthly - Thor; can lift 100+ tons with some effort...she could throw an M1A1 tank)
Endurance: 40 (Incredible - enhanced stamina and recuperative abilities. Spider Man is ranked here.)
Reason: 10 (Good - above average, but no genius)
Intuition: 30 (Remarkable - her senses are more acute, but not quite super)
Psyche: 30 (Remarkable - she has a very strong will, which how she's managed so well given her power origin)

True Invulnerability: 40 (Incredible) - extremely tough versus any physical or energy damage source, but this power doesn't protect her from magical energies or mental attacks. Still, between this power and her Endurance she can survive naked in the vacuum of space, or the interior of an active nuclear reactor, with no ill effects.

Regeneration: 20 (Excellent) - she heals 20 times faster than normal, so a broken arm would be fully healed in a day or so.

True Flight: Shift X - 1200 kph (750 mph) in Earth's atmosphere. Honestly, that's a little slow for how powerful she is supposed to be.

Self-sustenance: 30 (Remarkable) - full life support, essentially. Doesn't need to eat, sleep, breathe, drink...ever. The ranks on this sort of power mostly exist in case something would try to suppress it.

Energy Sponge: 75 (Monstrous) - soak up energy of intensity up to the rank, in this case the radiation from a nuclear warhead detonation. It then needs to be released once it hits this cap, or she can get badly hurt by the strain. This power would protect her from magical energy, but not physical magical attacks. Between this and True Invulnerability she could hang out extremely close to a star like Sol for short periods of time.

Abnormal Sensitivity: 50 (Amazing) – she can see into the infrared and ultraviolet, radio waves and radiation.

Telescopic Vision: 30 (Remarkable) – 250,000 miles (402,336 km), or from the Earth to the moon. Subject to delay from the speed of light.

Darkforce Manipulation: 50 (Amazing) - she can create solid shadows, gate through space (books say 25 million miles (40 million km), which sounds far, but it's only the average distance to Venus which is our closest neighbour), time, and even dimensions...think of it a bit like manipulating dark matter and energy, though her limitations with it keep it from having any real gravitational effects.

Weakness: Molecular Allergy – power negation (basically, something out there is her kryptonite)

Talents: Acrobatics, Languages (English, German, French), Tumbling, Student

Underdark in Concrete: Contemporary Fantasy-Noire
   This is the modern world, our world of 201x, only with the inclusion of Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder style high fantasy and magic included. If you've read Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan books, think of a world like that, only D&D style, and you've got it. The game could be done perfectly with the Pathfinder Modern rules.
   Storywise my idea is to run an underworld, gun-for-hire/assassin character. She gets hired to do something, everything is certainly not all on the up and up, and pretty soon she's on the run trying to sort out how to survive. Not original by any stretch, but I really love the idea of hitting a lot of the classic genre tropes with a grindhouse tilt, HKAT gun-fu and modern fantasy flair!
   As with any pen and paper style game, you as the GM would be in charge of plotting. Suffice to say, our protagonist should spend a lot of time getting stripped (mostly so she can get a wardrobe change a scene or two later) down to her stockings and heels, and running around in gunfights mostly naked. Which she usually wins, because she's awesome, but sometimes the badguys get the drop on her and then we get the all important rape scenes! Somehow she manages to get the upperhand again (usually when they are spent and drop their guard) so she's able to continue on.
   Of course, with the "modern fantasy flair" there's all kinds of extra options for the GM, like bugbear enforcers or a guard manticore instead of a dog...nevermind what you can do with magic at your disposal.
   I would be using a pre-existing character (just straight d20 Modern, so I'd need to modify her):
Drow (Dark Elf) Female Fast Hero 4 / Charismatic Hero 3 / Gunslinger 3

Strength    10   (+0)
Dexterity    19   (+4)
Constitution    11   (+0)
Intelligence    16   (+3)
Wisdom    16   (+3)
Charisma    18   (+4)
Size:    Medium
Height:    5' 4"
Weight:    110 lb
Eyes:    Red
Hair:    White
Skin:    Black

      Increased Speed
      Charm (males)
      Fast Talk

Total Hit Points: 44

Speed: 35 feet

Armor Class: 22 = 10 + 8 [class] +4 [dexterity]

      Touch AC: 22
      Flat-footed: 18

Initiative modifier:   +4   = +4 [dexterity]
Fortitude save:      +4   = 4 [base]
Reflex save:      +10   = 6 [base] +4 [dexterity]
Will save:      +7   = 4 [base] +3 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld):   +6/+1   = 6 [base]
Attack (missile):   +10/+5   = 6 [base] +4 [dexterity]
Grapple check:      +6/+1   = 6 [base]
Reputation:      +4   = 4 [base]

Action points: 80 (lifetime)

Light load:    33 lb. or less
Medium load:   34-66 lb.
Heavy load:   67-100 lb.
Lift over head:   100 lb.
Lift off ground:   200 lb.
Push or drag:   500 lb.
Criminal (starting occupation)
      Knowledge (streetwise)

      Archaic Weapons Proficiency   
      Point Blank Shot   
      Double Tap   
      Shot on the Run   
      Combat Martial Arts   
      Simple Weapon Proficiency   [free]
      Two-Weapon Fighting   
      Personal Firearms Proficiency   
      Advanced Firearms Proficiency   

      Key   Skill   Ability      Misc.   
Skill Name   Ability   Mod.   Mod.    Ranks   Modifier

Balance    Dex*    14 =    +4   +8    +2 [tumble]
Bluff       Cha    10 =    +4   +6    
Climb       Str*    0 =    +0
Computer Use    Int    5 =    +3   +2    
Concentration    Con    0 =    +0      
Craft (Structl)    Int    3 =    +3      
Craft (Vis Art)    Int    3 =    +3
Craft (Writing)    Int    3 =    +3      
Demolitions   Int    7 =    +3   +4    
Diplomacy    Cha    11 =    +4   +5    +2 [bluff]
Disable Device    Int    5 =    +3   +2    
Disguise    Cha    6 =    +4   +2    
Drive       Dex*    8 =    +4   +4    
Escape Artist    Dex*    6 =    +4   +2    
Forgery    Int    3 =    +3      
Gamble    Wis    6 =    +3   +2    +1 [Criminal]
Gather Info.    Cha    6 =    +4   +2    
Hide       Dex*    10 =    +4   +6    
Intimidate    Cha    8 =    +4   +2    +2 [bluff]
Jump       Str*    6 =    +0   +2    +2 [tumble] +2 [speed 35]
Knowledge (popular culture)
       Int    5 =    +3   +2    
Knowledge (streetwise)
       Int    8 =    +3   +4    +1 [Criminal]
Listen       Wis    5 =    +3      +2 [dark elf]
Move Silently    Dex*    10 =    +4   +6    
Navigate    Int    3 =    +3      
Perform (Act)    Cha    4 =    +4      
Perf. (Dance)    Cha    9 =     +4   +5    
Research    Int    3 =    +3      
Ride       Dex    4 =    +4      
Search       Int    5 =    +3      +2 [dark elf]
Sense Motive    Wis    3 =    +3      
Sleight of Hand Dex*    12 =    +4   +6    +2 [bluff]
Spot       Wis    10 =    +3   +5    +2 [dark elf]
Survival    Wis    3 =    +3      
Swim       Str**    1 =    +0   +1    
Treat Injury    Wis    3 =    +3      
Tumble    Dex*    12 =    +4   +8    

* = check penalty for wearing armor

This character also has 4 ranks in Speak Languages.
Bluff >=5 ranks gives +2 on disguise checks to act in character.

Drow (Dark Elf)

    * Darkvision to 120 feet
    * Light blindness
    * Immune to sleep
    * +2 on saves vs. charms
    * Spell resistance 21 (11+character level)
    * +2 on listen, search, spot
    * Notice secret doors
    * Level +2


    * Close Combat Shot (level 1)
    * Weapon focus (level 2, not listed as a feat)
            Weapon: Glock 17
    * Defensive Position (level 4)
    * Lightning Shot (level 5)
    * Sharp-Shooting (level 7)
    * Greater Weapon Focus (level 8)
    * Bullseye (level 10)

   Class    HP rolled    
Level 1:    Fast Hero    8    
Level 2:    Fast Hero    5    
Level 3:    Fast Hero    3    
Level 4:    Fast Hero    1    +1 to wisdom
Level 5:    Charismatic Hero    6    
Level 6:    Charismatic Hero    2    
Level 7:    Charismatic Hero    1    
Level 8:    Gunslinger    8    +1 to dexterity
Level 9:    Gunslinger    2    
Level 10:    Gunslinger    8    

Glock 17 9mm pistols (pair) w/ Laser Sights and fitted to accept silencers
 > Att. +11 or +9/+9 (+12 or +10/+10 w/ LS on), Dmg. 2d6, Ammo 15+1 Box, Rng. 30', Sz. S, Wt. 2 lbs.

Pathfinder .22 Revolver
 > Att. +10, Dmg 2d4, Ammo 6 Cyl., Rng 20', Sz. T, Wt. 1 lb.

M1911 Colt .45 fitted to accept a silencer
 > Att. +10, Dmg 2d6, Ammo 7+1 Box, Rng 30', Sz. S, Wt. 3 lbs.

Remmington 700 7.62mm Bolt Action w/ Scope
 > Att. +10 (SS only), Dmg 2d10, Ammo 5 Int., Range 80', Sz. L, Wt. 8 lbs.

=> Notes on Karissyn's Weapons:
    First, let me say that Kari does not carry all of the above. She is too smart to keep using  the same weapon over and over, but she has come to prefer certain makes and models. All the firearms are pretty much the ones she  favours, so these are the ones she likes to have on hand.
   The Glock 17s are simply excellent weapons, her favorites for general use, preferably not for jobs; these she keeps until she  has to ditch them or destroy them because they've become too hot.
   The .22 revolver is a backup piece, chosen for concealability and reliability. It'll fit into even a small handbag nicely, an  ankle holster, boot or maybe the inside of the thigh in a formal dress. This is the one she really does have with her almost all  the time.
   The Colt .45 is her favorite 'work' gun. Powerful and plentiful, and the .45 is subsonic naturally which makes it ideal for  stealth work.
   The Remington 700 is just a solid rifle, suitable for sniping (I think the Marines use it for the basis of their M40?), but  not so incredibly expensive as a hardcore sniper rifle. And when you're going to have to throw it away after...

Cellphone with all the options (personal line, not used for business)
Disposable cellphone - 'work' line. She changes it out frequently, certain people are informed so she can still be found for work  purposes
PDA - Kari keeps personal notes in here, usually scribbled in the drow dialect of elven with the stylus on the 'sticky note'  feature. Also just handy for moving data/info around.
Lock Release Gun
Flash Goggles
Digitial Camera
Notebook PC w/ broadband, printer, scanner - Kari doesn't use this for work really, she's not computer savvy enough for it to be  secure. Fun toy, though.
Clothing: Kari owns lots of clothing and shoes, all at least good quality and all of it sexy. Maybe not skimpy, but even a  pantsuit can be sexy with the right cut.

Accomodation: Large Condo - One of those big loft spaces in a converted industrial building, but her is in a corner  without so many window. She likes the old stone walls, though.

Vehicle: BMW M3 Sports Coupe (Titanium Grey), Crew 1, Pass 4, Cargo 200 lbs, Init -2, Maneuver +1, Top Speed 275 (27),  Defense 8, Hardness 5, HP 32, Size H

   Kari is a shade on the tall side for a drowess, 5'4", but otherwise she has the perfectly proportioned slender and sexy drow  body. Kari has long platinum hair, slightly wavy in a very appealing way, that trails down her smooth back almost to her behind,  but not quite. Her almond-shaped eyes are a brilliant shade of crimson near the pupil, but they darken outwards till there's  almost a dark, vibrant purple teasing at the edges. Her cheek bones are nicely high on her heart-shaped face, and Kari's nose is  small and slightly upturned, which makes her look perhaps a little more cute than most drow. Her mouth is small and just a bit  pouty, and lips are just a bit full, but they look wonderful in their natural shade of indigo against her flawless, midnight  obsidian skin.
   Kari's breasts are perfect, firm and perky. They are slightly large for a drow, but just a health b-cup as humans measure. Her  nipples are almost the same colour as her lips, just a little darker. Her waist is very thin, but it looks right on a drow,  lending her an hourglass shape one wouldn't expect from a female so small. Kari's bottom is taut and gently rounded, small, but  still looking as though it's made of two perfect hemispheres. Her legs are as gorgeous as the rest of her, coltish and shapely,  somehow seeming longer than they actually could be. Even Kari's hands and dainty feet are beautiful, delicate, yet strong and  sure.

   Karissyn dresses sexy, no matter what, no matter where, she always takes pains to look some variation of sexy. Sometimes it's  classy-sexy in a formal dress or a sharp pantsuit, sometimes it's vampy-sexy in a tiny little cocktail dress, or formfitting  leather 'work' clothes, and sometimes Kari dress just plain slutty-sexy, like a hooker in much more expensive materials.
   Regardless, she's always got at least one handgun on her somewhere, though in the smallest and skimpiest outfits that's got to  be in her handbag.

*** I'm going to have to think more about background. I don't know enough of what we're going to do with the world to make  this work to my own satisfaction;

A Maiden's Misadventures ~ A Mass Effect roleplay
   We hear a lot about how the Asari are often hit with wanderlust during their maiden phase. I would love to do a roleplay centered around one Asari and her adventures in exploring the galaxy.
   My idea would be to have this as a longterm game. I'd like to start out low, so she's just a wee little Asari of only a little over a century, some small biotic talents and a sidearm for her own protection. Who knows what she'd find herself doing to get by, "shaking her ass in some stripclub" might only be the tip, not to mention what sort of trouble she could get into. Her ambition is to get herself in with some mercenary company, get martial and biotic combat training, and see the galaxy. Of course, there's a whole lot more potential trouble in that idea! We could even skip years, decades at a time, if we wanted to advance things. I'm open to suggestions as to when to set the roleplay, just so long as we can agree that the ending of ME3 was horrible and work around it.
   There is a very nicely put together fan rulebook for Mass Effect RPG (the forum page with the download link). We don't have to use it, but it's an option. I'm open to other suggestions as well.
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Re: GM (M or F) Wanted for (longterm?) Solo System RPs
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2013, 01:23:55 PM »
I would like to do the underground with you

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Re: GM (M or F) Wanted for (longterm?) Solo System RPs
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2013, 12:07:30 AM »
My Mass Effect lore is rusty but I'm sure I still remember how it works well enough to help out with that one.

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Re: GM (M or F) Wanted for (longterm?) Solo System RPs
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2014, 12:43:45 PM »
Bump, because I added two more fresh ideas, and I'm looking to get some RP going again. Please PM if you're interested in and idea from here, or any other others linked in my signature. :)