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Author Topic: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)  (Read 1552 times)

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Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« on: July 15, 2010, 04:35:50 PM »
Update (Nov 10, 2013): Just marking the date of my return by re-opening this favorite fantasy of mine.

A young rookie cop, her first day on the job or maybe just close to it, assigned to work in one of the roughest neighborhoods from out of one of the most corrupt precincts, has herself a really bad day. It starts off innocently, routine call with her TO perhaps, or something more interesting and specific if you have a notion in mind. It spirals out of control from there, and pretty soon the young police officer finds herself moving from one terrible situation to another, raped and abused by all sorts before being handed off, traded, 'rescued' or simply managing to escape only to find herself caught again by someone else.

The length of this roleplay is variable, it all depends on how much fun we're having and how long it takes us to find a natural end.

A few points about what I'm looking for in RP partner(s):
  •    Game-Master style: I can't stress this enough. I'm looking for someone to play a large cast of characters, to flesh out the world my character exists in. It's important to note that this is supposed to be about more than just one person doing things to my PC, and I expect my 'main' partner here to essentially run the rest of the world. I want to indulge in that 'out of control' feel, and that works best if I'm only worried about one character, my PC. If you want to do this with me, you need to understand this and be comfortable with playing mutliple characters and setting the story, as well being the main force behind driving the plot forward. I say this because I expect that in this roleplay my character will not be in much of a position to push the plot a fair bit of the time!
       For instance, this can still run freeform, but for the most part I'd like to write my actions as what my PC is trying to do, and leave it up to my partner to decide if my character succeeds or not. I'll act and react, play my character, try to get her to places where she can get back to a normal life, I just don't expect (or really want) for her to succeed for at least a 'day'!
  •    Setting: Looking at the above, you might think I'm expecting a lot of background work, but not really. This is just meant to be modern and contemporary, and can take place in any large urban area, though preferably North America. I'm Canadian, so I kinda have a general idea of cop things here, as well as what I've seen of American TV cops. We don't need to be anymore realistic than that! Other parts of the world could work, if that's what you're familiar with and comfortable with, though I might need a little hand holding where you explain police and legal crap to me now and again, so I can understand those things my character would know that I don't.
       Fundamentally, it's up to you, as my partner, where you'd like to set this. Given I expect you to run the world around my character, if you want to pick a city you're familiar with (easy to work with that kind setting!) that's totally fine, or make up a large generic city to play in, that's cool too!
  •    Tone: Things should be a little less than realistic in some ways. Think perhaps surreal, a sexually perverse Twilight Zone my character trips into. For whatever reason, it seems like damn near everyone and everything that's even the least bit corrupt or 'fringe' wants to sexually abuse my character on sight. They all have a common goal when it comes to her, and that's to use her till they are bored and then pass her on...
  •    Content: Please check out my Ons and Offs, but here's some ideas and notes specific to this RP:
    • Uniform and clothing fetish in full swing here. No matter what, I really want to get her cleaned up and back into uniform every few scenes, so we can mess her all up again as her bad day(s) continue!
    • The officers at her precinct could get in on her abuse, perhaps forcing her to wear a slutty version of the uniform (think more standard cop uniform but too tight with too short a skirt, stockings and stilettos, rather than a stripper outfit kind of thing) as well. This shouldn't happen right at the start, unless you can come up with justification. Likewise, her Training Officer may or may not be in on things. I'd prefer to leave this up to my partner/GM to decide, as I enjoy the uncertainty of not knowing.
    • Public nudity and sex are big too, as well as all kinds of public humiliation. Biker bar, perhaps? Maybe something in a mall...and there's always the idea of being left chained/handcuffed someplace seedy and public for people to come along and use...
    • Bestiality: I really want this to be a part of it. Repeatedly, if the RP goes on for a while. Endless possibilities, from things going bad when she has to work with the K9 unit (told to go feed the dogs and...doggie rape!) to trying to sneak up on a perps house only to find out the backyard is where he keeps his dog(s)...
    • Bondage is big. Only thing better than a fantasy of being held down and gang-raped is a fantasy of being tied up, held down and gang-raped. It warrants a special mention because it's extra special when my character has a legitimate reason to carry her own handcuffs wherever she goes. ;)
    • Slavery: this is a great option, but one that really only should come into play if we feel we're going to go long enough. It could come in all kinds of ways, like maybe she gets turned into the precinct fuck toy by her fellow officers, or she winds up the property of some Russian mobster, or maybe she somehow gets herself put into a men's prison (and in the Twilight Zone the guards don't say anything because they kind of enjoy watching the prisoners abuse her).

       All sorts of other things are optional. Things that might not be high on my list but aren't turn offs also can work, especially if they're things you like. I'm certainly open to discussing things.
  •    Mutliple/Secondary Partners: I'm also open to the idea of additional players, preferably people playing more characters who want to molest my PC. This can go as far as co-GMs, just so long as you guys communicate enough to make it work without slowdowns, or little guest roles to round out scenes or to play a 'boss' (think video game terminology for what I mean), maybe. Even other female victim characters would be okay for a little bit here and there, a scene or two, just so long as it's clear my character is the star. She's got top billing, everyone else is in a supporting role.
       All that said, I still expect at least one proper GM in order for this to work. As far as I'm concerned, after that position is taken, that GM can feel free to arrange guest roles and cameos as they see fit for the story they want to weave. I like the surprise factor!
  •    Posting: One a day, though the odd miss here and there is totally okay. Life happens. Any guests need to abide by this as well, and I would expect my GM to make that clear to them before allowing them to join us.
       I'm also open to playing via IM here and there, but whether or not that's done, I'd like to play on the forums. We can either stick to just forum posts, or forum posts between IM sessions, but in order to keep the momentum forum posts are a must.

Finally, just for fun, here's a character write up for this roleplay that never got more than a post (GM had to call time). Maybe a stereotypically Irish redhead cop will help to inspire:

Name: Veronica Connelly
Occupation: Rookie Police Officer

   Veronica is stereotypically Irish, perhaps too much so if you ask her, with her pale skin, long red hair and the faintest dusting of freckles. Her hair, more the rich colour of an orange brandy than carrot or auburn, naturally falls to just below her shoulder blades, but while on duty she ties into a tight bun, braid, or at the very least a ponytail. She has a face that would have to be described as elegantly beautiful, with classic lines and features that could maybe have made her a movie star. She has fierce blue eyes, deep like the ocean, and her mouth is small and pretty, with full, sensuous lips.
   She keeps her slender body fit and well toned with regular exercise. Her breasts are a surprisinly perky b-cup, a good fit on her 5'5" frame, with soft pink areolae and nipples. Her waist is narrow, tapering nicely to slim hips and her cute, firm bottom. A little vain, not just in keeping herself in shape for work, Veronica also keeps herself pretty much completely waxed below the eyebrows; she wouldn't exactly be hairy if she let her body hair grow in, but the bright orange is too visible against her pale skin.
   Veronica's legs are long and lovely, perfectly shaped, and seem like they might make up the vast majority of her height.

   Age: 20
   Height: 5'5"
   Weight: 125 lbs
   Measurements: 34B-24-32

   Veronica (only her older brother calls her anything else, 'Ronnie', and she hates it) is pretty much straight out of the academy. She joined the police in honour of her grandfather, a lifelong, stereotype Irish cop, but pissing off her dad in doing so was pretty nice too. It's not like she wasn't prepared, her slightly tomboyish way had her interested in the martial arts from an early age, earning her a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and she's always had that famous Irish temper and fighting spirit. One on one, she's more than a match for most men, even men much larger than herself. Two men she can still usually take, mostly because she can usually take on down hard and fast before they realise how strong she is, and then it's one and one, isn't it?
   Her tough and cocky attitude has had a mixed reception from her peers, some of them getting a kick out of it, but some of her fellow officers don't seem to take it too well. None of them can deny that Veronica is a good cop, she's got it all, smart, tough, a good shot, fearless...probably too fearless. Most of them think that will probably be her downfall...
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Offline AnathanasiaTopic starter

Re: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2010, 12:38:09 AM »
just a bump, see the edit in the first post for details as to why I'm pushing this up again!

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Re: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2010, 02:39:35 AM »
I like the sound of this idea and would be most interested in playing it with you if you're interested. I have very diverse writing styles and about a dozen rough, cruel characters that could be adapted to fit this kind of thing. If you have any interest in doing this one with me, just pm me and we can get started whenever you like.

Offline AnathanasiaTopic starter

Re: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2011, 04:05:52 PM »
It's been ages since I've bumped this, but I really want to make a go of finding a GM to run this for me again. Please PM if you'd like to discuss the possibilities! :-)

Offline AnathanasiaTopic starter

Re: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2013, 11:31:16 PM »
Bump. Hope it's okay, given the time...seemed, I dunno, a little dishonest to do a cut'n'paste repost.

Offline RoleplayingMale

Re: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2013, 12:11:38 AM »
PM sent. Let's talk this one over YIM for plotting if you don't mind. I'd be willing to play a GM for this.

Offline MasterTristan

Re: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« Reply #6 on: November 12, 2013, 05:36:53 PM »
Surprised this idea isn't more popular...

Offline AnathanasiaTopic starter

Re: Female Rookie Cop has a Bad Day(s) (NC + Ex)
« Reply #7 on: March 05, 2014, 02:41:02 AM »
Shameless bump, since it's been a while.

I still want to get this going for a longer term RP, if I can find the right partner. I've had some great starts, but almost invariably schedules make it hard to continue for a period of time (holidays, exams, travel...seen it all) and then we just don't start back up.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss the possibility further.