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September 24, 2017, 09:19:35 AM
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Author Topic: Godric's list of loves and lusts (Seeking parterns actual gender doesn't matter)  (Read 504 times)

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Hello and welcome to the grand world of Godric's mind whom wants to RP with you. I am quite the nice guy along with lenient, will try to make the Rp work, so I am ready to help you with your ideas. I might be a little crazy but I am crazy about Rps and Rping with you. This paragon knight is ready for your ideas and to use my ideas

Guidelines and Rules

I don't have many rules but please abide by them so that we don't get off to the wrong foot.
  • don't do M x M parings it just doesn't turn me on, neither does F x F but I will do Futa F x F parring.
  • Listen to me and I will listen to you, remember we both have to compensate. 
  • Do be nice, I don't like it when people aren't nice."
  • PM me please don't post on this thread

See not to many rules now to the guidelines
Try to make your posts literate and at least a good sized paragraph.
Try to post once a day or tell me when you can post, I don't really like it if you drop off the face of the earth
I like good posts that are spell checked and have have some good grammar.
If you don't want to play anymore just tell me


I'll do most anything from humans to monster I do furries or dragons as well so pitch me your idea or just send me a pm I won't bite. And don't worry about the genders I will play either one

Favourite themes

The themes or backgrounds I really like are sci-fi or fantasy related but I will do about everything else you Pm me about."

Examples and possiblities Rps

The Apprentice

In a world where magic is so common not being able to use magic is considered more spectacular how do you get recognized? It's a question that many mages ponder but very few ever answer. What if all it took was catching the attention of the right person at the right time? What if it took having something special churning inside you? Enter Kaedia Antumbra; a mage from a long line mages. Nothing seems special about her; she's your average sixteen year old girl. She works to help support her family and studies magic in her free time.

However things aren't as ordinary as they seem. There is a secret hidden in her blood. Kaedia was born into an ancient bloodline of powerful magi who once ruled the land with a cruel, iron fist. It was believed all of her bloodline died out when they were finally overthrown and a new order was put into place. Not even Kaedia is aware of her ancestry nor is her family. It is a secret that only the blood can tell and wraiths can speak. That is until now...

A very prestigious and rather eccentric magical professor descends from his mansion in the hills to make a trip into town; something that is unheard of. He never comes in person until this fateful day. Everyone stands a great distance back and watches him with bated breath. The man (or woman) is practically a legend. He is considered an authority on magical matters and deemed one of the most powerful magi of the era. Potentially he could turn the town to cinders with a flick of his wrist (or so it is believed). What would such a man want with them?

His path crosses with Kaedia's and the unthinkable happens; he states his intent to take her as his apprentice to come back to his home and learn in secret the magical art he wishes to pass down. Why was Kaedia chosen? And what does her life have in tow for her now that she has been put in such a honored role to a man little is known about outside his potential. Does she have what it takes to uphold the magical legacy her new master has set or will his hopes be found to be misplaced?

Demons among us

demons are a thing of fiction... right? Would you be willing to put that to the test? A young man (or woman) takes up the challenge on a dare. He is given a dark leather-bound book with strange symbols by his friend who works at an occult shop downtown. A lot of strange things pass through the stores doors and his friend is always happy to share on each and every oddity. One of the perks of the job he calls it. However when main protagonist of our story decides to boldly state nothing of the supernatural nature really existed his friend presented the dare and a months worth of wages if he did it. Not willing to back down he accepted the dare...

He lights the candles and draws the pentagram on the floor. It all seemed really comical. He spoke the words on the sheet of paper and the candles blink out. A chill goes down his spine. Just coincidence... right? Wrong. The candles reignite but with a green flame. A smoke lifts from the circles and a portal opens up from the floor. From outside the portal a succubus arises (or any other demon type). She has an impish smile on spread on her lips as she casts her eyes upon our poor protagonist.

His misfortune was summoning the one demon who wanted a break from her duties and by summoning her she has just that chance! She is not eager to return home and she knows as long as she leaves her summoners desire unfulfilled she can't return. Nothing in the rules said she had obey right away. She could have a little fun first. The darn pesky thing is she couldn't have much of a vacation with her demonic appearance. With a little magic that problem is fixed...

Our protagonist finds himself in her body! Her vacation is sealed for awhile. Of course she'll revert the change when she's done but for now it's about having a bit of fun. Our protagonist will have to live the life of the demon-in-chains (figuratively). He has her body and her power but no idea how to use it and she knows just how to get everything she wants without reopening the portal. He's going to be in for the ride of his life before this story ends!

The New Guard   It started with an attack. The Prince had been holding a charity benefit when the bombs went off, an attempted coup to capture the Prince and ransom him to the King and Queen. Caught within the crossfire, the Prince went down, a bullet lodged in his lower stomach and if it wasn't for the actions of his bodyguard that day, the Prince would have died. In the end, however, his life was traded for that of his bodyguard's and while the bullet wound hadn't been fatal, the Prince was to be confined to a wheelchair for the next few months, finding himself falling into a deep depression over the loss of his friend and his perceived failure as a Prince, even with all the power at his disposal.

Worried about the state of their son, the King and Queen urgently look for a replacement. They request the best, not caring about who might actually pop up on the list. Their son had been hurt and if that meant selecting someone unconventional, then so be it.

As for who ends up getting selected, I was thinking a female commando of some sort, the type they send in when the shit really hits the fan. She might not be the best, perhaps the commander in charge gets the order and decides he doesn't want to lose his best man, so he sends someone he thinks is 'expendable' to 'babysit' the Prince. I was also considering having the setting be something of a modern fantasy, with magic being a skill that can be trained and learned. Or it could be just your basic modern kingdom. Gender roles could also be switched around, so its a Princess and a Male Soldier.

The Smith and the Goddess - Inspired by the anime Spice and Wolf, this plot would follow the travels of a weaponsmith and the goddess he happens across as they traverse the kingdom, for whatever reason. No real idea on what sort of Goddess she would be or why she decides to travel with this man, so come to me with your creative ideas! Again, I anticipate a lot of back-and-forth bantering between the two of them. No real overarching plot in mind ether, other than the personal growth between the two characters and their relationship with each other.

by Zefie

Brother love
Abby hasn't seen her brother since he left at the age of 17 to join the marines or something. She was young but old enough to know that he had ran away from their abusive father as soon as possible leaving her to take all the pain. Abby grew resentful and hated the world she felt like everyone and everything decided to work against her. But a month before she turned 18 her father finally died, overdose, she ends up being shipped to her brother's home. This is an rp about incest, It can be like maybe they aren't related or are half siblings and the brother left because he wanted to be with her?


Right now I am Craving
a Mass effect rp
A german soldier gets thrown into a world of magic
A wizard using magic to get sex from a girl
A goddess to bring happiness into a man's life
Brother sister love
 Some Cock vore
Gryphon falls in love with a human female

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Updated cravings

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