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Author Topic: [Kaedia's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie  (Read 1858 times)

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[Kaedia's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
« on: January 30, 2013, 09:10:02 AM »

     Kaedia's Haven     
     Updated: 03-02-2014     

~ Introduction!   

To start us off here is a link to my 1/0 thread. [Link]. You can find out a lot about me by checking out that thread. I put a lot of time gathering everything together so hopefully it'll be useful! (^_^).  I won't bother copying what I've already said in that thread over here. Please check it out if you are interested in any of the ideas I talk about! You'll probably find even more ideas you like over there!

I'm fond of using vague ideas for starting off a story. I have always found it more friendly going into a universe where you are a creator as well as a player instead of jumping into a universe that is already constructed with the rules set in stone. I do have a few more structured ideas I've developed over time but even those I'm very open to changing to better fit my partners ideas. Oh! And if you have a structured story you'd think I'd fit in with feel free to toss it my way! I love jumping into other people's 'universes'!

Also here is something important to note about me; I'm a reactionary thinker. At least that is what I call it. I like to invent terms. That means if you come up to me with a vague idea I'm going to help you build off of it. If you come to me saying, "What would you like to do?" I'm going to stammer and not have a good answer. Reason being I don't really develop ideas unless I have a reason to so my head is pretty empty until you get a fire lit. Once you get a fire lit though I'm pretty sure any of my partners will agree I can be pretty darn inventive, (^_^).

Another important note! I love smut! I'm not afraid to admit that. I love dirty literature with a high level of naughty. Is that the only thing I do? Oh my no. I do all sorts of things. It's just I'm not ashamed to say I like writing smut and will not turn down a smut story because it's smut. I may turn it down because I don't like the theme mind you but it won't be because of its nature.

~ Transformation Junkie    

The title of the thread says a lot about what I like; I enjoy transformation! I like transformations of all kinds! You name it and I'm pretty sure I'd love it. However there are a few things I don't like. One is I really don't enjoy playing male characters. I feel more natural and more at home playing a female character and it's just more fun for me. The exception to this being I'll happily play a male a character if the goal of the story is to transform him into a female. Otherwise I want all transformations to deal with a female staying female or some hybrid between male or female while keeping her female appearance. If it is a body-swap story between a male and a female and I'm the female character starting out I'm going to need some incentive or method to make my character female again.

Another thing to note... I don't really like transforming others. I'm sorry! When it comes to these kind of stories I like to be the one being transformed with someone else in control of what is happening to my character. Sometimes I enjoy doing a split where I transform your character  and you transform my character but not too often. You can ask me in private if I'm in the mood to start one of those stories. If all that checks out with you keep on going further down![/i]

~ Important News!   

11/21/13      I've spent a bit of time organizing and rearranging my thread since I've been told the disorganization is overwhelming and hard to read through and I completely understand. I still am looking through way to make this easier and better for my potential partners but I've taken a step in that direction.

~ My Usual Character   

Before I jump into ideas let me share a bit about my characters. You can find some of this in the 1/0 thread but it's worth reiterating on here. My characters tend to be 60% submissive and 40% dominated. I can play a 'switch' or just avoid the S/M stereotypes all together. I don't get joy from stories where I have to be overly dominate for most of the story nor do I get joy from stories where I'm forced to be overly submissive for most of the story. My characters tend to be strong willed, intelligent, and fiery. There are exceptions depending on the story but generally that's how I play.

~ Pairings   

Short answer; yes.

Long answer; I accept all pairings. The sexuality of the story doesn't bother me; heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, etc. I should note I mostly play female characters so the pairing will be skewed into anything including a female in it. Depending on the story I'm willing to play other things though such as Male/? or ?/?.

~ What am I looking for?   

I enjoy stories with an over-arching plot of some sort. Down and dirty scenes are fine and I even encourage them but not with porn-plot logic. "Hey! I just met you! And this is crazy! But my dishwasher is broke so fuck me maybe?" No. I don't do that kind of plot. It needs to make sense in context of the story. That's all I ask; it makes sense. It shouldn't be the only focus of the story either. I enjoy fleshing out characters and bringing them to life. You don't do that going from one romp to another. The romps are 'events' not the 'story'. I think of this like writing a story. It's a collection of various events that the characters develop from. However...

I do accept short little romps. Just be clear and up front about it. If you want a short lived fantasy roll-in-the-hay let me know that's what you're after. If you have my interest I'll probably go along with it since romps don't tend to last that long and don't require the finesse of more elaborate stories. Honesty takes you places! If you are dishonest and pose a story to cover the fact you only want a romp then I'm not going to write with you again. I need to be able to trust my partners.

~ The Blueprints   
This section is dedicated to ideas that are more-or-less bare boned. There isn't much here other than a vague concept of what I enjoy. How you use it is up to debate. As I mentioned I prefer using vague ideas as it allows for both parties to construct a universe instead of having to jump head-first into one.

-- If you have seen my 1/0 thread (little binary humor there) you are aware I enjoy transformation scenarios. It can honestly be just about anything. I enjoy all types. I'll go with almost anything that falls under this category. A big thing here is I love surprises. If you were to toss out an idea saying 'I want to transform your character but I don't want to say what transformations' you are going to pique my interest A LOT. It's not a requirement but if that does interest you it's there. I accept all forms of transformations from age progression, age regression, body enhancement, gender alteration, 'hybrid', 'cloning', copying, etc. If you think your idea is a little out there just send me a message and we can talk about it. It's probably not, (^_^).

-- This goes under the same premise at the above. I like just about everything. I have a few structured ideas when it comes to body-swaps but I won't list them since they generally follow the same plot-line; two people accidently get swapped, don't like it, come to accept it, slowly begin to enjoy their new life, and ends with not wanting to swap back. That is not the only plot-line I'll play out! It's just the one that is in my head. I'm okay with dark (I would love dark actually) where the swap is a forced form of punishment or an act of a supernatural source.

-- I like magical worlds. I don't get a partner willing to play in them often though. A world where magic is common place and accepted is great. Also I would LOVE to play a fae. I adore the fair folk and would absolutely love the chance to play one in a scenario. It could tie in with the transformation listed above, bodyswap, or be my actual character. Doesn't matter. The fae are just awesome.

-- Love it! Angels/Demons/Ghost/'Monsters'/etc. Anything with that supernatural element. I really like the ghost element. It could be possession, haunting, etc. I think it's a type of story that isn't touched on much and should be further explored. That includes anything to do with any supernatural element. Not so much vampires and werewolves. They are a bit over used. However I'm not against them! I'm just not as inclined toward them without a good story behind it. I'm a little more inclined to werewolves than vampires but not by much.

-- This was touched on in the 1/0 thread. I won't delve into too much detail here on it. Check out that thread for more. I like stories that pit good against evil. If you have a story that features good and evil in a neck-to-neck war I'm likely going to be super interested!

-- I'm a sucker for a romantic story. I like stories where good things happen to good people and everyone is happy in the end. Maybe it's two people who have lived there life going from one home to another or maybe it's just average Jane and Joe meeting up and a love that lasts a life time. Maybe it a divorcee finds a second lease on life. Who knows? The typical love story fantasy!

~Normal stuff
-- I know, I know. Pretty dull, right? Well I still like it. It could be the roleplay of a married couple living day to day life, two teenagers growing up together, two best friends setting out on their own, etc. Just normal stuff. Nothing fancy. Maybe spiced up with a little romance but not a requirment. I like the art of portraying the small things people take for granted and giving it a new light.

-- Hear me out King Kai... wait... *Ahem* Take two. Hear me out! I really, really, really like stories where I play a pregnant mother-to-be. It could be any stage of the pregnancy. The idea of a life growing inside someone warms my heart and really inspires me. I love playing out stories where I get to be that character.

-- This comes in many different forms. Usually when a character is presented or forced into something he/she doesn't want but can't do anything about it. They fight against it and struggle to change it. Maybe they can. Maybe they can't. That's for the story to decide. There is beauty in the struggle and it's fun to play out. It doesn't have to even be that obvious. The struggle could be a smaller, more silent thing that happens not in words but in actions. 

~Messed up worlds
-- You know those worlds where zombies are taking over, a virus has stormed the Earth, thought-police roam the streets, people are used like currency, aliens have invaded the planet, etc. Those are what I label as messed up worlds. Anything that takes the present world and turns it upside down and gives it a good shake. I like those kind of worlds. It's fun and out there. I'm really open on this and if you present something with a 'Messed up world' theme that'll sure get me to talking, (^_^).

~Gender reversal
-- I touch on this in my 1/0 thread in greater detail. Check it out! In short I like stories that put males and females in roles they don't usually have or give them characteristics of their opposite gender. That means I enjoy stories that feature she-males and futunari among other things. It could also be a man and wife who swap places to learn what it's like to walk a mile in the others shoes.

~Forced submission
-- By my nature I'm not very submissive. About 60/40 sub/dom. That means my character isn't likely to roll over and beg for you to take control. You are going to need to corner them into that position or force them someway or even make them realize that's what they want. Just don't expect my character to give up the ghost without a fight. Kay? Kay.

~Mind Control/Alteration
-- Another way of getting my character to do stuff! A story that features subliminal things or reconstructing my character's personality to be something she's not is just pretty awesome. It could be something like trigger words that make her shift or more permanent. Maybe she's aware of it. Maybe she isn't. All in all anything that alters my character's mind is okay with me. All I ask is you don't 'erase' my character. Leave a fragment in there so she can see what she is becoming.

~ The Canon Debate   

Alright so over my stay here at the Elliquiy I've been asked about my stance on Canon-based stories stories. I feel I need to cover this and add on to my previous statement regarding canon universes and stories. Lets start with the basic; I don't do 100% canon. I will not play any of the main characters. I don't want to play with someone playing one of the main characters. The story can be set in the canon universe but it needs to be original characters. Also if I feel something else would be more fun I won't stick to the rules of the universe unless otherwise agreed. So I will play in canon universes but I need wiggle room to make myself comfortable. Make sense?

Now here is where it gets a little strange. I will play canon characters under one (and only one) circumstance. I refer to this as the body-swap paradox. I avidly hate playing canon characters but under this one condition I'm actually sort of fond of it. What is the condition? The characters do not start off as the canon characters. Instead they are somehow pulled into the universe and into the body of the main character. Does that make sense? Such as for example my character is Kayla Kaylens and she somehow pulled into the One Piece universe. When she is pulled in she is put into the body of Nami (a canon character) however she is still Kayla Kaylens but just in the body of the canon character. Make more sense now? I hope so. If not ask question! I love answering things.

Here is a list of canon universe I have a knowledge of and would be willing to play in:

One Piece
League of Legends
Sword of Truth
Lost Girl
Mahou Shoujo Madoka
World of Darkness

Here is a list of canon universe I absolutely refuse to play in:

Harry Potter
Star Trek
Star Wars

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Re: [Zefie's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2013, 11:59:15 PM »

~Current Favorites  ~Most Thought Out    ~Short and Simple    ~Taken   
~ Treasure Hunting    ~ The Haunted Past  ~ Wish Granted
~ The Magi's Apprentice ~ Chemical-X ~ Coping
~ The Familiar ~ Requiem for the Lost ~ The Baby Shower
~ The Demon Within ~ Into the Game

     The Haunted Past     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - Bodyswap - Supernatural

~ Scenario: 

My vision for this story stems from a dream I had years ago. I was going back through one of my old notebooks and came across it again. This idea is one of the main characters is a male with a supernatural gift; he has the ability to assume control of other people. He comes from a long line of supernaturally sensitive people. Originally he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his late parents and help the world with his abilities. That all changed after the incident...

Since then his younger brother took over the 'business' their parents left behind. He has a small group of people working with him who are either supernaturally sensitive or bring along abilities of their own. MC (My character) has left the supernatural world behind. He wants to forget about his ability and everything about that day. However he can only hide for so long. One evening he finds his brother waiting outside his place of employment with his back pressed against MC's old beat-up car. It had been seven years since they had even spoken. Seven long years since the day his psyche went to hell...

Will MC be able to turn away from his past? Will he be able to make right the wrong that changed him? Is there something else his brother is hiding from him?

That's the general gist of the idea. The event in question was an incident in which a young woman had been 'possessed' by an unknown entity that threatened to destroy both her body and mind. MC had been cocky in his ability and vowed to do whatever it took to save her life. He deemed himself strong enough to do it. He tried to use his ability to take over her body and expel the presence from within. However what he hadn't suspected was how ingrained the presence was. His attempt to intrude was fought and in the end his attempt caused the entity to destroy the body and the woman along with it. He blames himself for her death; for not being strong enough to push through and not smart enough to realize he should have waited. All signs of the entity disappeared and it was thought it was destroyed along with the young woman...

They were wrong. Seven years later the entity has appeared again and stronger than before. Another host has been found and this time there isn't just one...

~ Setting: 

Modern day with a supernatural twist. I'm open to the exact details of the setting. It could be angels/demons style supernatural or it could be more natural or even alien. We can discuss details about the root cause. The only thing I'm a stickler for is the story is played in a modern-day setting where the masses know nothing about the supernatural. It's an occult thing like it is deemed in 'real life'.

~ My Character: 

I listed it above; my character is a young man (aged in mid 20s) who has the ability to take control of other people. He isn't a master of his ability; in fact he's only done it a couple of times and one of those times resulted in the death of someone and affected him deeply. He has a hero complex. While he doesn't want to be pulled back into the supernatural world when he is presented with the risk of someone else dying he is willing to put his life on the line to try and save them. He's pretty easy to manipulate due to that.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play my character's 'brother'. I use the term brother loosely. It could be a sister. In the original story it was his brother but it's not a requirement. However for this story you'll have to be okay with me playing a male character starting out.

~ Other info: 

Early on in the story my character will be shifted into the body of a woman. Beyond that things are up in the air. We can throw in (I would love to have more!) changes as the story goes. We can discuss details.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     Wish Granted     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - Possession - Magical

~ Scenario: 

This was a story inspired by a story I read awhile  back but heavily modified. Two friends in their mid teens (16-17) bantered while they sit across from one another in the noisy lunch hall. Chatter is coming from every angle as it students talk about this and that. The two friends begin to chat about the glass coming up. Neither one was much of a fan. In truth it was what most students considered hell. Miss Lorell (name pending) was a sight to behold; she was in her mid thirties but looked like she was in her mid twenties. Her body seemed perfect. The boys lusted for her and the girls envied her. However there was a problem and that was her personality; she was a bonafide hardass. It was said no one had ever passed her class with anything higher than a C...

Lunch nearly ends and the two friends continue talking; "I'd do anything to pass her class." Where do you draw the line? Something happens and that possibility becomes a real reality. (I imagine it is some sort of magical artifact; for the purpose of this example I'm going to say rings but it could be anything) One friend brandishes a set of rings he picked up at an occult store downtown. The owner said they had a deep magical history and is said to boast the hearts desire. He shared the one ring with his friend as a joke gift. Little does he know the gift truly is magical...

That's where I see the story beginning. The concept of the ring setup is a master/slave set in which one character has control of the other character. The idea of the story is the power of the ring is used to transfer my character into the body of the teacher. Other side effects begin to occur when the friend with the master ring realizes how much control he has over the slave ring as the power begins to corrupt him and he uses it for more and more dark things. Will the slave ring wielder be able to find a way to reverse the changes before it's too late? Will the corruption of the master ring be too much for the friend to handle?

~ Setting: 

Modern day with a twist of hidden magic. Nothing really special.

~ My Character: 

The friend with the slave ring. As I mentioned the artifact of magical properties is up to debate. My character can either be male or female. It's the same to me. It doesn't take away from the story in either direction. What I want is the magical balance to be the main theme; my character is unable to resist your character's desire despite what he or she may want and as the story goes he/she will either fight to find a way to save his/her friend from the corruption of the ring or be corrupted by the connection and finally give in both body and mind to the desire of his/her friend.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the second friend who is in control of the master ring. The ring will have an element of corrupt to it. The more he/she uses it the more corrupt he/she becomes and the more he/she wants to use it. You character can be male or female but I feel the story works better with a male character. What the corrupt does and how badly it affects you is up to debate.

~ Other info: 

This story will in all likelihood be really smutty. Starting out it would be innocent enough as they try and reverse the change but the longer the ring is on the hand the more the desire to use it grows and perhaps influenced by teenage hormones the desires become lust and that lust becomes desire and with the power of the ring he does what what he wants without his friend able to resist his will.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...


~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - Bodyswap

~ Scenario: 

(Note: For anyone who has read a story in the Great Shift universe this story is heavily based off that universe.)

Something happened. No one can what caused it but the results have been horrendous. It's a global epidemic. Over the span of one night the world has entered a new age; an age of coping. Many people who went to sleep woke up in a different body in a different location. The lucky ones at least knew the body they were in. The unlucky ones were lost in a world gone mad. Not everyone was swapped. Some people remained in their own bodies.

Two friends and roommates were one of the many affected. They had went out drinking to help forget the world around them and in the alcohol induced stupor the world changed. One of the friends wakes up across town in the body of a woman he/she had never seen. In the weeks to come things begin to normalize... but how normal can a world so wrong be?

The idea is the story revolves around the two friends coping. They will get back together and live with one another as roommates once everything settles down. Everything is different now. Everything is so chaotic. Will things ever be normal again? It is a story of coping with change and learning to live again.

~ Setting: 

Modern and slightly futuristic. I think it would be fun if science has evolved to the point where mild temporary transformations are possible. Nothing  magical about this setting.

~ My Character: 

One of the friends (duh!). It could be a he or a she but for this story I'm feeling more like a he is appropriate. When the shift happens he ends up in the body of someone he has never seen before. I could imagine a million and one possibilities and it really depends on how erotic the story is taken. In one example I could see him being put into the body of a stripper. In another example he could be put into the body of his friend's crush or an older woman or a young lady (16-17) with a baby on the way. Possibilities are limitless and more based off what you'd like to see in the story.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the second friend. I'm thinking it is a male who is unchanged by the shift. It doesn't have to be though. I would prefer it if after the shift the character is male. Other than that I'll leave the options open.

~ Other info: 

Nothing much to say in this little section. I like the idea of a story revolved around coping, living lives and a spark of love between two friends where love had never been an option.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...


~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - Science - Futuristic - Pregnancy

~ Scenario: 

The world has changed. The end of humanity is a real possibility. Do the soon-to-be extinct human race have what it takes to turn their fate aside or will this be their final moments? About forty years ago a terrorist known as Mother Earth unreleased what they dubbed Chemical X on the human race. It spread like wildfire... but no one knew it. They had made it clear they had unleashed a poison but when no effects were noticed it was deemed a hoax. Mother Earth vanished and the whole incident was forgotten...

Until recently. A drastic change has been noticed; females are no longer being born. Less than 0.001% of all children born are female. The in-depth research has revealed a mutation to the chromosomes of those born. Something has altered the genome enough that it is mathematically impossible for those infect to bear female and the gene is passed down to their children. With no females being born humanity will die out in just a couple of generations.

That is why everyone is focusing on finding a cure. Any natural born female is taken for her own protection and shielded away from humanity. No one knows what is done with them. Those who 'donate' generous sums to the research of finding a cure manage to get their hands on a female.

Just fixing the mutation is not enough however. They need to find a way to produce females capable of reproduction now before the current generation dies out. The only way to do that is to find a way to transform men into complete women; a feat thought impossible but now has to be proven wrong. A way has been invented but it isn't simple to use... men who qualify are taken in for testing with no insight into what is being done to them. It's for the fate of humanity after all.

That's the idea. The story could be about one of the few naturally born females and just what they are going through and being trained for. It could be from the viewpoint of Mother Earth who may be ready to come out of hiding and offer humanity a cure for their crisis... at a price. It could also take the viewpoint of a male who has been chosen for the testing project to even out the population balance. Plenty of potential here.

~ Setting: 

Slightly futuristic. Science adequate enough to make transformation possible but a far stretch from "The Jetsons". 

~ My Character: 

I want to be the character being transformed. I could see the story being a dual-point story that involves interaction between two characters in the same boat. We can talk it over.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play opposite my character. Must be alright with transformation and pregnancy as a theme and willing to take a lead in the story in helping press it forward.

~ Other info: 

This is a story I've toyed with in my mind for a long time. I have plenty of potential starts I can share if you are interested. I'd be more than happy however to create a unique start.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     Treasure Hunting     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - High Fantasy - Magic

~ Scenario: 

Have you ever wanted to toss everything behind and live your dream? I'm sure we all have. It may be difficult but the rewards are limitless. This is the tale of one such person. She threw everything behind and gave into the call of adventure. In a world where everyone dreamed of wielding a blade and fighting their way into monstrous dungeons to retrieve long lost treasures he can be hard to make a name for yourself but you have to start somewhere. The first task of any adventure is to find a crew who covers your weaknesses.

Fast forward a few years and she is now a novice adventure with a hefty reputation for pulling off the improbable. It's all about luck really. You uncover one long lost sought after artifact and your name goes up in lights. It doesn't matter if you found it on the side of the street or guarded by a dragon. Now she has received her most promising mission yet; an abandoned treasure trove long forgotten said to housing powerful artifacts from a time past. It is said to never have been touched due to careful hiding and protective magic and someone has stumbled upon its whereabouts and has brokered an agreement with our young adventurer. The deal is simple; she (and her group) goes in, recovers the nameless artifact that requires such elaborate protection and return topside. Anything else found is the groups to keep. Love at first sight.

Everything was going according to plan... at least until they opened the door. Once past the magical barrier guarding the cave-side entrance something happened. Was it a trap? Or was it just coincidence? Not much time is there to think about it as the cave begins to collapse around them. Does the group splinter up? Or do they stay together? In the heat of the moment when pieces of the rock cavern come tumbling down all that matters is saving your own arse.

What do they find when they reach safety? Or is there no safety to be had? 

This is an idea that has been bubbling with force in my head recently and I'm falling more and more in love with it. Lets talk premise; the story could start at any number of spots. It could start at the beginning of the adventuring career. Perhaps my character and your character (this could even be taken to a group game with multiple people!) meet up and decide to band together to achieve a shared dream of adventure hunting. The story could start a couple years down the line after the young adventures have begun having their names whispered in taverns as up and coming stars who seems to be where the treasure is. The mysterious man with deep pockets makes his appearance (or rather sends someone in his place) to broker the deal for the entry into the treasure trove. Or it could start after they are already inside the treasure trove and now tasked with completing their objective and getting back home for the reward of a lifetime. Other options are available but those are the ones that come to my mind!

Speaking of treasure trove; what is it? Okay option one I'm seeing is a stereotypical dungeon. The oddest thing is the lack of life. No goblin infestation, undead soldiers, or even mice. It's just empty except for the random chests scattered about and the traps set to protect them. However I'm thinking of a more elaborate idea you might like! What they find when they escape the downpour of rock is an underground sanctuary. Think of it like a drow haven. The rock ceiling seems to stretch as far as the eye can see. Light shimmers off the hanging stalagmites; a rare underground natural material clings to them simulating what feels like a full moon. That alone would be worth a fortune topside. However what draws the attention of the adventurers is the house sitting in the middle of the cavern. It looks like a manor or even a mansion. The area behind you is blocked with rocks; all that is left is forward and so the adventures plunge deeper and go into the seemingly abandoned house full of traps, magic, and perhaps even the owner of the residence waiting to greet his visitors.

One thing I should note is the aim of this story is to open for a lot of transformations. The traps won't be fatal or even harmful. Instead they'll transform the players in various ways. Some completely and some in parts. Everything under the sun. An odd way to guard treasure... but perhaps there is a method of the madness.

~ Setting: 

High fantasy. Very high fantasy. Like a magical land where dungeons exist, magical artifacts are common, and a plethora of races walk the land. Technology can be there but think of it as medieval with a touch of steampunk.

~ My Character: 

A half-breed. I'm saying female (or I could go male if a transformation early on would correct that problem, (~_^). ) I'm seeing her as a wood elf/fae hybrid with a mixture of abilities from both. I also see her as the rogue archetype. Sneaky, good at lock picking, and skilled with small blades. She can hold her own in a duel but opts to avoid conflict if she can just sneak by. Manipulative when dealing with others and always has a dollar sign hanging in front of her eyes. Everything is mostly negotiable.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the opposite of me of course! A fellow adventurer who is willing to take a hand in throwing out some traps. I prefer someone who doesn't mimic my characters style (not saying you are a mimic or anything! I'm just saying I'd like someone who wasn't a sneaky pick-pocket rogue, (^_^). ) You will have to be alright with a plethora of transformation (both giving and receiving) as they'll be a LOT of them in this story.

Now on the reverse end if someone wants to GM a solo (or small group) adventure for me I'd love that as well! It would actually be marvelous. I wouldn't mind using a basic D6 based system. Just nothing complex. The simpler the better.

If you happen to be a player who'd like to join with me and try and find a GM I'd be alright with that as well! This could be a pretty awesome story I think if put under the right circumstances.

~ Other info: 

Uhm... nothing really. I think I've spilt everything I can already. Any questions just feel free to ask!

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     The Magi's Apprentice     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - High Fantasy - Magic

~ Scenario: 

In a world where magic is so common not being able to use magic is considered more spectacular how do you get recognized? It's a question that many mages ponder but very few ever answer. What if all it took was catching the attention of the right person at the right time? What if it took having something special churning inside you? Enter Kaedia Antumbra; a mage from a long line mages. Nothing seems special about her; she's your average sixteen year old girl. She works to help support her family and studies magic in her free time.

However things aren't as ordinary as they seem. There is a secret hidden in her blood. Kaedia was born into an ancient bloodline of powerful magi who once ruled the land with a cruel, iron fist. It was believed all of her bloodline died out when they were finally overthrown and a new order was put into place. Not even Kaedia is aware of her ancestry nor is her family. It is a secret that only the blood can tell and wraiths can speak. That is until now...

A very prestigious and rather eccentric magical professor descends from his mansion in the hills to make a trip into town; something that is unheard of. He never comes in person until this fateful day. Everyone stands a great distance back and watches him with bated breath. The man (or woman) is practically a legend. He is considered an authority on magical matters and deemed one of the most powerful magi of the era. Potentially he could turn the town to cinders with a flick of his wrist (or so it is believed). What would such a man want with them?

His path crosses with Kaedia's and the unthinkable happens; he states his intent to take her as his apprentice to come back to his home and learn in secret the magical art he wishes to pass down. Why was Kaedia chosen? And what does her life have in tow for her now that she has been put in such a honored role to a man little is known about outside his potential. Does she have what it takes to uphold the magical legacy her new master has set or will his hopes be found to be misplaced?

Another story I absolutely love. For this story I imagine the professor will put her through a rigorous set of trials to hone her skills and unlock the secret hidden in her blood. More on that in My Character. However the professor has a bit more in mind than just training; Kaedia will also serve as a maid and errand girl for everything and anything he desires. That goes for things of the erotic nature. It'd start off slow but he'd use his magic and perhaps have her use her own magic on herself (or even magical artifacts that alter her and unlock her strength at the same time) to turn her into his ideal partner.

~ Setting: 

High fantasy. The opening scene is a medieval era village with taverns, horses, and the works. I'm thinking in this setting humans are the major race walking the land but other mythical races are a possibility.

~ My Character: 

The young apprentice Kaedia. She is a diligent young mage wanting to live up to her master's expectations. The secret of her linage is that of the long forgotten dark rulers. She is the only person in known existence capable of shadow magic. The gene for some unknown reason awoke in her and those highly attuned to magic are able to sense it. That was what got her picked out. If she can live up to the potential of her ancestors she could be a mage of untold power and with the right training perhaps she could even resist the corruption such power brings. Or maybe her master has a darker intent in mind... maybe he wants to sharpen her and wield her like a warrior wielding a fabled blade in battle to wash over the world like her ancestors once did long ago.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the eccentric professor and master to Kaedia. For the record I use master as in the concept of master and apprentice. It could be a male or female. The idea was originally molded around a male but either will do. Make the character your own. All I ask is you keep the general theme of the story in mind. You also need to be okay with transformations as it's pretty centric to play with me.

~ Other info: 

Beep boop. Nothing to say. Other than Kaedia is one of my staple characters who I'd like to find a story to put in. So extra points if you actually like this story idea!

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     The Familiar     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - High Fantasy - Magic

~ Scenario: 

The sign of any true-blue magician is the familiar at your side. Familiars come in all shapes and sizes as history can attest to. They usually reflect your personality or how much power you can muster. Sometimes however nothing can explain just quite how a familiar is brought into existence...

Today is the day every young magi eagerly awaits; the day of summoning. Each magi will be taught the ritual to summon a familiar and will be given the material needed to complete the ritual. It is a day full of excitement. Students eagerly talk with one another as they wait for their turn. Creatures of all sorts are seen as the day goes on. Then comes your turn. You go through the intricate procedure and await your familiar to come through the portal...

What you see makes you think you messed up. It seems almost like a joke. A human falls from the portal; a human! She's a dainty female who looks better fit in a ball gown than she would as a magi's familiar! She looks confused and disoriented. You soon realize it is no joke; the mark of the familiar could be seen on her bosom. There is no doubt you summoned her but what is the meaning of this? How can a human serve as a familiar?! You feel like the laughing stock of the academy... but perhaps there is a silver lining to this cloud.

So this is where my character enters. Unlike my usual theme I'm not wanting to play the mage this time! The story could revolve around the daily life of the duo or even have a more elaborate plot where they are the hope of the world. I could see it as part slice-of-life and part adventure. This story is pretty fresh so I don't have a lot of thought into it but if it rings your bell then we can talk about more details on where to take the story!

~ Setting: 

High fantasy. The opening scene would be a magical academy where young mages train and hone their skills.

~ My Character: 

A young maiden from another universe who has been summoned by your magi to become a familiar. While she isn't exceptionally skilled at combat it is soon discovered she is a fast learner. Perhaps it is an effect of the magic or perhaps it is one of the traits that the magic chose her for. Her weapon of choice will be twin blades with a side dabble in bows. Think of her like you would a warrior princess. Her exact history before being summoned is debatable. She'll aim to return home but she also accepts her responsibility as a familiar. She'd be considered much like a slave as far as society is concerned since familiars are treated as pets and she is labelled a familiar.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the magi! It could be male or female. I would like an element of transformation so having the magical link between the two alter my character as the story progresses or having magical studies backfire would be amazing. Other than that other than being the magi who summons my character make the character your own.

~ Other info: 

For anyone who has seen Zero no Tsukaima you got the jist of this story. It is, afterall, what inspired the idea! If you want to use that universe as the mold for this stories universe we can do that! Otherwise we can rip out the best parts and craft our own universe. In case you want to use the Zero no Tsukaima universe please refer to my canon debate at the top of my request thread. 

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     The Demon Within     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - Modern day - Magic - Supernatural - Bodyswap

~ Scenario: 

Demons are a thing of fiction... right? Would you be willing to put that to the test? A young man (or woman) takes up the challenge on a dare. He is given a dark leather-bound book with strange symbols by his friend who works at an occult shop downtown. A lot of strange things pass through the stores doors and his friend is always happy to share on each and every oddity. One of the perks of the job he calls it. However when main protagonist of our story decides to boldly state nothing of the supernatural nature really existed his friend presented the dare and a months worth of wages if he did it. Not willing to back down he accepted the dare...

He lights the candles and draws the pentagram on the floor. It all seemed really comical. He spoke the words on the sheet of paper and the candles blink out. A chill goes down his spine. Just coincidence... right? Wrong. The candles reignite but with a green flame. A smoke lifts from the circles and a portal opens up from the floor. From outside the portal a succubus arises (or any other demon type). She has an impish smile on spread on her lips as she casts her eyes upon our poor protagonist.

His misfortune was summoning the one demon who wanted a break from her duties and by summoning her she has just that chance! She is not eager to return home and she knows as long as she leaves her summoners desire unfulfilled she can't return. Nothing in the rules said she had obey right away. She could have a little fun first. The darn pesky thing is she couldn't have much of a vacation with her demonic appearance. With a little magic that problem is fixed...

Our protagonist finds himself in her body! Her vacation is sealed for awhile. Of course she'll revert the change when she's done but for now it's about having a bit of fun. Our protagonist will have to live the life of the demon-in-chains (figuratively). He has her body and her power but no idea how to use it and she knows just how to get everything she wants without reopening the portal. He's going to be in for the ride of his life before this story ends!

This is sort of a whacky, comical, potentially smut-filled story. I don't think of this in the same way I would a serious story. It's going to be filled with awkward conversations and adjustments as the demon-in-human-flesh gets to learn about the world she hasn't seen in over a hundred years while the human-in-demon-flesh gets to see the world through the eyes of a demon but from the other side of the fence! It has plenty of room for wacky plays and fun times as well as room for smutty, steamy encounters.

~ Setting: 

Modern day. Pretty much everything is dreadfully normal. Nothing really to note.

~ My Character: 

The summoner. I want to play the character who is body-swapped and forced to figure out how to fix the problem. It could be female-to-female but I'm getting the strong male-to-female vibe from this story. The demon will use the pact formed between the two to trigger the magical powers in the body she left behind and my character will in return be altered and transformed at her will and for her amusement. I could see scenes where she makes my character into the perfect lover for his best friend and forces him into the situation just to see how he reacts.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the trickster demon who decides to use my character as her vacation ticket from her dull life in the Netherworld.

~ Other info: 

Beep boop. This idea is new so not a lot to say. It seems like a lot of fun. The details can be discussed since nothing is set in stone in my mind. You have a clear expectation as to what I'm looking for so it shouldn't be a problem figuring out something for us.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     The Baby Shower     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - Modern day - Magic - Pregnancy

~ Scenario: 

This is a tale of two friends who went through thick and thin together. They were practically conjoined at the hip and always stood together. It all changed one summer when one friend found the love of their life and to the pain of the other one it wasn't them. A year passes and the two are still friends but rarely ever get to hang out. Another year passes and one friend is happily married with a child on the way. The friend left behind wishes to return to the days when they were close but knows those days are long past. What he doesn't know is his friend wishes they could be close once again; she misses all the times they chatted all night under the stars. She loved him but like a brother; not like a lover.

A fateful wish upon a shoot-star changes everything. They both make the same wish, "I want to be close like we use to be..." and the star twinkled as it faded away. It was a hopeful wish... and one that would do just as they wished. The mother-to-be goes to bed preparing for her baby shower the following day and the friend slinks off to bed for another long day at work. The next morning everything has changed! At least for the one-time male; when he wakes up he finds himself woefully gravid, a ring on her finger, and her now-husband snuggling against her. Nothing is the same!

The wish did just as it was asked. Now the two have a lot in common; they are twin sisters who both got married and got pregnant at the same time. They even have the same due date! And the same baby shower coming up. Will the wish pan out like they hoped? Will it bring them together? It will it cause another rift that splits them apart? Will they be able to undo what has been done? Maybe there is more to the stars magic... but how do you find out? Where do you begin?

The idea of this story is one I've liked; bringing two friends together who drifted apart in the most drastic way possible. I think it has potential. Perhaps not a super-long story but one small and fun I think. Reality has changed completely and they are the only ones who remember how it use to be. How it goes from there is up in the air.

~ Setting: 

Modern day. Nothing special to note.

~ My Character: 

The male (or female) who has drifted away and ends up being pregnant (and married to boot!) via the magic. I'm getting the male-to-female feel for this story but female-to-female would work out without any problems.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the mother-to-be who my character becomes the sister of. Other than that it's up in the air. In all honesty she doesn't even have to be pregnant (or still a she). None of that is set in stone. I wrote it out as I thought it up but as long as the theme is kept intact (bringing friends close together again) I'd be happy to change around all the other elements to make it better fit the both of us.

~ Other info: 

This is a loose idea. Feel free to suggest other versions of the story as long as you keep in mind I enjoy being on the receiving end of the transformation stick.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     Requiem for the Lost     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - Fantasy/Slight Futuristic - Magic - Magical Girls

~ Scenario: 

A fog has enveloped the city and all its inhabitants. It rolled in overnight and made itself at home. How long has it been now since the heavy mist settled in? It seems like forever since anyone has seen the sky.The building in the center of town, a skyscraper headquarters for the deep-pocketed company known as Nantec, can only be seen up about 1/4th the way before the fog blocks it out of sight. How strange the town must look from up there looking down on a town shrouded in mist...

Enter our cast; a group of girls (or boys) attending after-school duties around campus. They range in age from 16 to 18. They take care of the duties bestowed upon them by their teachers like any normal day. Some procrastinate as they look out the window wishing for the fog to disappear and another sunny day to come. As they work talk of the latest rumor begin getting passed around; have you heard about the people mysteriously disappearing? Oh yeah everyone is talking about it. It's so strange isn't it? The real strange thing is how everyone seems to forget about them... like they never existed. I know, right? It's so creepy!

It's treated like a urban myth; being demoned away into the mist. No one really believes it. After all no one can really attest to someone disappearing. It's all hushed whispers and rumors from a friend of a friend of a friend. But what if there is a grain of truth? What if people really are disappearing and no one remembers them? What if rumors are the only thing that still utters their name? It's scary to think about...

A scream is heard down the hall. The two girls working on duty in one of the many homerooms stop right away and run out toward where they heard the scream. Only a few other people should be on campus. Most have already went home. They hurry down the hall talking about what it could be. As they turn the corner they spot a hallway that neither could remember having been there but neither mention it in the heat of the moment. Another scream and they take off into a run...

What they find will change their life; a black cloud looks to be leaking out from a cracked door. It looked almost like smoke from a fire but it was swirling along the floor. Cautiously one girl opens the door for the shock of their life; what could only be called a demon is bellowing from the ground. His eyes lock on them. The screams had were now forgotten and replaced with screams of the two girls. The demon-like monster lunges toward them...

And stops mid air. It was unnatural. His attention looked to have been pulled elsewhere and for the first time the girls notice another young girl dressed in a blue and black frilly outfit that looked almost comical. She held a book in one hand and flipped through the pages with another. The monster changes direction and lunges at her. The battle is short and swift. She effortlessly handles the monster and once the black smoke fades all that is left is a small seed on the ground. The fog around the school begins to fade away and the sun can once again be seen...

That is the set up. I could keep going but that would be too much I think. After that scene plays out the characters are presented with a option; they can have their heart's desire granted if they agree to become magical girls and help fight the forces of 'evil'. All it takes is twelve oblivious seeds... can you do it?

~ Setting: 

Futuristic. The town is set in a place where robots are common place (Steampunk style robots). A wall surrounds the city and a large tower responsible for the robots sits at the center.

~ My Character: 

I would play the role of the magical girl in the scenario. I won't go into too much detail about her as mystery is a large part of the story. I'd also love to take a GM role in this scenario and guide a small group of players through their life as magical girls.

~ Requirement: 

The urge to play a magical girl! You know you want to, (^_^). Males are welcomes as well. The thing is once they make a contract they'll be transformed into females with magical powers. A Co-GM would be lovely as well.

~ Other info: 

This is based off of Magical Burst and would be using that rule system to play the game. It's a free table top game you can find by googling Magical Burst. It's based off the Madoka universe so you already know things won't end well... or will it? If I find a couple of players interested I'll seriously considered hosting this as a group game. However if I happen to only find one person we can work out a one-one scenario easy enough I think.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

     Into the Game     

~ Content: 

M/F or F/F - Transformation - High Fantasy/Modern Day/Slightly Futuristic - Magic - Virtual Reality or Alternate Reality

~ Scenario: 

A new game shop has opened downtown; it is state of the art and said to offer a one of a kind experience like no other. The only problem is due to the high demand to experience this one of a kind experience players are only allowed in on an invite basis. The good news? You got an invite! Pretty awesome, huh? A one trip pass for you and your friends to experience the evolution in gaming technology; V-ality. Sort of a cheesy name but you'll have to forgive that. Once you present your invite you and your friends are escorted to a set of pods and told to get inside.

Once in you are jacked into The Universe. It's a full-immersion game. You become your character and live their life. It's the ULTIMATE gaming experience. No longer are you pressing buttons on a controller; you ARE the character. You get to craft their history, their personality, their stats, everything. You literally create every aspect of the character even down to each freckle on their cheek. You are like a god. Everything you add even as obscure as it is will be added to the game. Heaven.

As you get ready to submit your character something happens... an error flashes up on screen and your character gets scrambled. Random stats are applied and you don't even get time to read the biography before the screen disappears and you are slammed into your characters life. You take over where the biography leaves off. Their body is yours. As much as you try to exit the game to report the bug you find the error has disabled your options menu. You and your friends are completely stuck. Until your timer wears out you'll have to live the life... or complete the game. What did the game operator say before you got in? Something about time passed differently in the game? How long would it take for the game to end?

Another story I'm in love with. Female to female and male to female as well as male to male are all options for this game. Are the game operators aware of the problem? Did they cause the problem? Can they not fix the problem? Those are all questions to consider. Just how corrupted is the game? Did the error change the aspect of the advertised game? Perhaps an erotic mode was activated or perhaps something in the character's biography has done something horrible. How will you find your friends when you don't know what they look like or where they are?

~ Setting: 

High fantasy; while it is inside a virtual reality it is treated like a normal fantasy world for intent of play.

~ My Character: 

One of the players brought in. I could honestly play anything in this role. So much potential for characters! I'll craft a character that helps to fit with your character.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play opposite me! Nothing much more to add to that. If you like the setting we can give it a go.

~ Other info: 

This could also be played as a group of friends playing a table top game and one of the friends saying a few worlds from a novelty magical book they picked up at a thrift shop to find it really was magical and they are transported into the world they were playing in. Everything else is pretty much the same.

~ Excerpt: 

To come...

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     The Dividing Line     

~ Scenario: 

Okay so this is strange for me but I've had a hankering for something with a superhero base. Not the typical superheroes save the world but something a little darker. Something where the 'heroes' are just beginning to manifest. Not many. Just a few to start. Most only want to live a normal life. Some however are much more sinister in their intent. The government has managed to keep the incidents quiet so as not to start a panic but things have been set in motion. Containment.

I could see this story as a group of people with powers who are being pursued. They have done nothing wrong but they are being treated like murderers. Best case they will be locked away for the rest of their lives. Worst case they will be killed on sight. There is no pity. The further they are pushed the more they get pushed into being the monsters they are portrayed as. Slowly they are pushed over the fence and truly become killers. They are fighting for their survival and they must become monsters to fight monsters.

That was option one. Option two is a little more open. I would play a character that has a power. The government is still the same; they seek containment. However in this setting they aren't so good at tracking down the people with power. At least the ones who are waging it around. Someone finds my character. Someone with a power. Some who begins to test her and her morals. Begins to see if my character will rise and be a hero or fall and become a villain.

     RWBY - Children of Grim     

~ Scenario: 

For anyone who has seen the web mini-series RWBY then you have a head start on what this story idea is about. However you don't have to know much about RWBY to be able to play in this story since I only use it for the universe and not the canon elements.

In Children of Grim you play as trainees in the last known surviving free human refuge in Vytal. The three kingdoms have fallen one by one and all that remains is the rotting corpse of the once great capitals. The Huntsman and the Huntress have been hunted down and slaughtered. The battle against the Grim has been lost...

What caused such a massive shift in power? What caused the war to slip out of the lights hands and into the Grim's claws? The answer is simple; adaptation. The Grim was saw as an enemy and a monster. Yet some saw it as a weapon. Forces seeking to gain control realized the error long before anyone else. In secret they trained and found ways to harness the Grim as weapons. The power shifted and in the span of ten years all three kingdoms fell.

Humans still populate the ruins but as not much more than slaves. They live in quarantines imprisoned by those who control the Grim as not much more than simple slaves. The world is a dark place with fading hope. Dust combined with the power of Grim is a war machine the light could not face.

Our characters are the latest attempt to retake what the usurpers stole. The huntress and huntsman had been too proud to admit their need of adaptation to their ways. If only they had learned to combat Grim with Grim perhaps it would have been different but no. They were blinded by pride and paid the price. The last known group of hunters, The Last Light, have taken base in the heart of the Grim territory. Their name is symbolic of their purpose. They will be the last true hunters. Their prodigies will be tainted. They will grow alongside the Grim and become the ultimate weapons; the Children of Grim.

Will they be able to reclaim what is left of humanity? Or will they succumb to Grim they fight along side? Only time will tell.

~ Other info: 

Okay so for more technical talk. Think of the weapons already in RWBY except those weapons are now living Grim that has been taken and molded into a weapon. Think of the way the Grim looks and think of, say, a scythe that has the visual aesthetics of a Grim (black body, white blade, red markings). The weapons are bound to the characters and the weapons are alive. The characters command a Grim weapon and the use of dust.


They see you as small and helpless. They see you as just a child. Surprise when find out a warrior will soon run wild.

Okay so for anyone who has seen the web mini-series running around you know what this is. If you haven't the series is called RWBY and it's aired on Rooster Teeth as well as Youtube.

According to Episode 1, darkness used to cover all the land. Mankind was born from Dust and had to battle against creatures of the darkness, known as the Grimm. According to the legend, darkness at first was intent on wiping out mankind's brief existence, but man discovered a power that would help them combat the forces of darkness, and appropriately named their new weapon Dust, after that which they were formed from.

Armed with Dust, described as "Nature's Wrath," mankind managed to force the darkness away. In the absence of darkness, man was able to create civilization and spread throughout the world. Currently, the world is in a state of peace, but the Grimm may return any day. To fend off the Grimm, and any other threat to peace, academies such as Signal and Beacon were created to train people to become Huntsmen and Huntresses.

Huntsmen and Huntresses, as the names imply, "hunt" these threats down and eliminate them using a combination of powerful weapons, Aura and ample supplies of Dust.

That excerpt is taken from the Wikia. It's a brief description but captures a good idea of what I'm looking for. I don't enjoy canon characters but this universe is too beautiful to pass up on. In this setting characters forge their own weapons (you can see the weapons in the RWBY trailers or from watching the episodes) and learn to hone their skills to combat the Grimm. What I'm searching for is something less canon but along those tracks. The forging of the weapons and the combating against the forces of darkness is a must. Everything else is up to talks. I've had ideas of it taking place in a medieval setting, a modern setting, an AU setting, and even a futuristic setting. I could see it going places in any setting to be honest.

The setting I see the most is one set in a futuristic landscape. A world where technology has skyrocketed... to a degree. Then it lead to a collapse. Most of the technology was lost and information was scattered. Even the cause of the crash was lost. Bringing us to present day where the tech would be similar to ours but with more emphasis on a post-apocalyptic landscape. Massive ruins of failed cities litter the land with danger lurking around every corner. Towns and kingdoms act as safe havens.

But some people want more. They don't want to be restricted from seeing the world. They want to go out and experience it. They want to fight back against the beasts and reclaim their lost history. The weapons could be forged from the forgotten technology uncovered in ruins or even just stumbled upon perhaps broken and the characters manage to reforge them in a shade of their old glory.

Feel free to toss ideas you'd like to share about this topic my way.

     The Game of Life     

This is a story idea I got form a video I saw the other week...

It got me thinking about a long-term universe that could be played out with several different partners. The game would be about a group of Gods who are toying with life. They treat life like a game. A human is chosen as their game piece and they go along the board. Events unfold. Things happen. The God wins when their human reaches the end. Dead ends happen. Humans die. When one piece dies the God picks up a new piece and carries on. The events could be just about anything. If for whatever reason the human becomes incapable of continuing on with the game a new piece is selected. Sort of like a game of reincarnation.

The players would take the place of the humans for the most part and the gods when needed. Being as I'm a lover of anything to do with transformation I could see this being heavily transformative in nature. I also imagine the humans will never know the gods are using them. They will be completely oblivious to how these events are unfolding around them. How they deal with them is part of the game. 

I could also see this as a small group game where a GM takes the place of the Gods playing with the humans.

This idea isn't that well thought out sadly but I really love the premise. I'd love to do this.

The Premise: An unfortunate thing is said in front of the wrong person. That person isn't so happy and does a bit of poetic justice. That person is a magician and uses magic to teach the person a lesson they won't soon forget.
My Character: She is a smart mouthed young lady in the sixteen to twenty range who is having a bad day. She comes across a mother-to-be who is having a hard time. Instead of offering help she chooses to say a few choice words to the mother-to-be about her life decisions. A by passer over hears the confrontation and decides the young lady needs to learn a lesson in respect. She is given a new perspective. When she wakes up the next morning she finds herself inhabiting a body very similar to the woman she berated; she is heavily pregnant and she finds reality has changed to reflect her having always been like this. Now she has to learn what it's like first hand if she has any hope of turning back.
Your Character: Other than being the person who decides to teach my character a lesson the choice is yours. Maybe he makes my character his/her wife/girlfriend. That would be interesting if the character who did it was a female and made my character into her pregnant girlfriend; a pregnant lesbian girlfriend. Anyways! Your character could be anyone in the story and we can shape it up how we please.
My Thoughts: For a long time I've been very interested in playing a pregnant character and given my twist for magic in my stories this was the idea that cropped into my head. I think it sounds fun but of course I would I put it up here. The question is do you?

-The Deception
The Premise: The world is the same as the one we live in. Nothing really stands out. What this story revolves around is a little game played between two (or more) people. What is the game? How well can you keep a secret. Throw in a touch of magic or perhaps even highly advanced science and you have a secret that may be hard to keep. Perhaps you are thrown into a situation where your secret is constantly in question but you have to keep it hidden or maybe it's a small change but one that could get out if you aren't careful. What happens if the secret gets out? You lose of course and are subjected to another change on top of that one and challenged now to not only keep it but now both. Should you win? The challenges get harder but the rewards are more rich. Are you up for the challenge?
My Character: A young female (or male) around college age (or upward to middle age). She is one being challenged to the game and is the one who needs to keep the secret. Who challenges her? That's more personal preference to anyone who wants to take up this idea. It could be a friend with their hand in the occult or it could be a chemical company looking to test their new products.
Your Character: The one in charge of the little game. How you enforce it is up to you. This story will have you playing multiple characters to flush out the world so you'll need to be okay with that. I'll play multiple characters as well at your request. The details of your character are open to discussion. The only key point is you control the game.   
My thoughts: Recently I've been mesmerized by the idea of playing a multi-sexed character or a character who is 'in-between'. That is where this story is born from. Originally it was thought of as a way to play a futanari character. That is still one of the main purposes; my character growing a certain male appendage as part of the game and having to keep it from being found at as the game master makes it harder and harder for her to keep it a secret. The other option I've recently thought of is where I play a male character who is made into a 'she-male' and has to either try convince people he is a she or live the life of a she-male without giving anything away. Something like that. Nothing is set in stone but that's the idea is in my head.

This relates in a way to The Game. This one is more like a bet. The way I see it is my character is a test subject for a new chemical or makes a bet with a magician; something silly like that. It results in her becoming a futanari. She has to live her life normally and keep her 'secret' hidden from the public. Perhaps more transformations and mind alteration happens as the story progresses. If she can't keep it a secret the changes become permanent. If she manages to keep it a secret a reward awaits.

-The Game
~~ This is a very dark setting. If you have seen a Saw movie you have a rough idea how this is played. However unlike Saw there is no blood or risk of death. There is nothing like that. However how it is similar is the character wakes up in an unfamiliar place and is greeted by a voice over the intercom, a letter on the table, a call on the phone, etc that gives the characters orders on what to do. I've thought out a multitude of variations of this from waking up in an abandoned building set full of traps and puzzles that when triggered change the person, a setting where the character is swapped into the body of another character and given a task to fulfill before they'll be swapped back (presumably), all the way to just being put in an unfamiliar location and forced to do things they wouldn't normally do so they can return to their life.

-Fading Magic
~~ This is a somewhat middle ground story. The setting is present day Earth but with a slight change; magic exists. It is just hidden from the public. Very few people know it exists and even fewer know the secret that the world will end when the last person capable of magic dies. Of course that's just a prophecy. However someone has taken that prophecy very seriously and has begun to attempt to create artificial magic users. How they are created? Humans incapable of magic are taken and put through a series of experiments to give them the ability of magic. The story revolves around one or two people who were the only ones to survive the test. They have no memories of who they were or what they are. They have magical powers beyond that currently thought capable. Their origin is also a mystery. Only a handful of people know they are artificial magical users. The person who created them is also a secret. From there? Good question!

-Death Becomes You
~~ This is another dark story. The story begins with the death of my character; the cause of death is up to debate. In the 'dream' it was suicide but I'm not married to that idea. Anyways after she crosses over she discovered death is nothing like what she imagined. She is taken in by a group of supernatural (could be demons, ghosts, vampires, etc). She is now one of them and... from there we decide where to go!

-Time Travelers
~~ This is just an interesting idea that popped up one day. It revolves around the idea of time travel. The duo had discovered a way to travel through the strands of time. In an attempt to verify it works they use themselves as test subjects. It works... just not as they thought. When they return to the past (or go to the future) they inhabit the bodies of random people. In essence they body-jump. The folly of their invention is they aren't sure how to return. The story could be them adjusting to the their new lives or the time machine forcing them to jump every so often from one life to another until it finally returns them off.

-Between Worlds
~~ A supernatural has escaped into the human world. Supernaturals, by definition of this setting, are beings who exist beyond Earth. There are three worlds; a light world, a dark world, and Earth. The space between those worlds are filled with the Abyss. Earth is a breeding ground more-or-less for the two other worlds. When you die you fall into the Abyss and eventually end up on one of the two worlds. A pact was agreed to between the two worlds that neither world would descend to Earth and let it remain neutral. However sometimes creatures escape from the Abyss. The story takes place when one such creature does just that. The story is a open book from there. What does it do? How does it relate to the story?

-To a World Beyond
~~ Space! This is about a crew who has taken a space voyage to colonize a new world. Something happens (what?) and the character begin to undergo changes. I can think of a few different scenarios for this if the basis strikes your fancy. What changes occur, what happens to cause the change, and will they be able to correct it before they reach their destination is up to debate. 

-The Therapist
~~ This is a forced control story that has to do a lot with mind control. The therapist using my character as a test subject for his ground breaking research. He implants triggers in her mind that cause her to personality to shift when they are spoken along with various other mental changes she has no control of and perhaps not even aware of. This story would more-or-less be a short roll in the hay to play around with the idea. Details are really up in the air.

-Hidden Past
~~ A mother-to-be is running from her past. She has lived a life she isn't proud of and done a lot of things she wish she could take back. When she realized she was pregnant she ran from her life and set out to start a new life she could be proud of. The problem is her past is not far behind and getting out isn't always a simple thing. This story could take place say literally after she ran or it could even take place say ten years down the road after she has settled down and began living a respectful life when the shadows of her past catch up with her and threaten to tear down the walls of the life she had built.
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Re: [Zefie's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
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     The Eroge Connection     

What is the Eroge Connection? Good question! I'm not even sure I know but I like the title and it's something I've been toying with for about as long as I've been on Elliquiy and think it is a good branch point for story creation! Time to start with the basics! Some of you, most of you, a portion of you, something along those lines will already know what eroge is. For those who don't it's the fancy way to say H-game which is the nice way of saying adult dating simulators from Japan. Not completely true but close enough for my purpose.

Collecting eroge is one of my guilty pleasures. I started collecting right at my 18th birthday. I wanted to use my age for something and that seemed better than the alternatives! I actually enjoy the plotlines in most of the games. Some are just... well... smut... and I'm okay with that! A lot of times I get to playing one and think how interesting it would be to have an scenario set in a similar universe... do you see where this is going yet?

So what I'm looking to do is take the universe of an eroge and adapt it to a story! Canon characters are iffy but I'd be willing to negotiate if that is something you are really interested in. Otherwise I'd rather use the universe as a baseline and build off it. Sound good? Good. Let the list writing commence!

All of these games I own and have at least a general knowledge of. I will expand on this list as time allows. Interest level will be marked with one to five stars. Even a 1 star holds interest or it wouldn't be on the list! If you see something you like PM me and we can discuss the details and how to flush it out.

     Amorous Professor Cherry     
~~~~~~~~Summary: Teacher falls in love with a student and the student with the teacher. It starts off on a no-love premise with the teacher trying to help the student and the student being a little too willing. The student gets more demanding and the teacher more accepting.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: The age difference (16 to say 25-35 range), younger partner being dominant, the element of 'I'm only doing this to help' and blossomed from there.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 3 star
     Cat Girl Alliance     
~~~~~~~~Summary: A young man gets caught up in an after school M/S-bondage club. He is brought together with the girl he has an eye for and given the task to train her.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Costume play, various regimens of training, voyeurism, coercion
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 2 star

     Cosplay Fetish Academy     
~~~~~~~~Summary: This one is a doozy. A young man lives with his two twin cousins who all attend the same academy. One twin works as a model and the other as a shrine maiden. One day something strange happens and the three are teleported to an alternate universe where women wear extremely skimpy outfits. The higher the fashion the less they wear.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Voyeurism and humiliation! This setting is heavy on it and I love it. Teleportation to an alternate universe. Incest. Corruption of innocence. 
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 5 star

~~~~~~~~Summary: Very loosely based off the Lovecraft universe. A young man goes into ownership of one of the most powerful magical grimoires in existence who happens to have the form of a young girl. Together they pilot a giant mech known as Demonbane to save the universe from the resurrection of the Old Ones.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Transformation. Progression of power. Being under the control of another. Dark universe. Combat. Twisted love.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 5 star

     Do You Like Horny Bunnies? (1-2)     
~~~~~~~~Summary: This is a basic smut-filled scenario. A young man goes to work as an exclusive restaurant where all the other waitresses dress up as bunnies and have extremely high libidos. Oh and they all fall in love with him.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Costume play. Voyeurism.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 2 star

     Doushin: Same Heart     
~~~~~~~~Summary: Another strange one. Three sisters one day discover they have a link. Each of them have connected feelings. They can all experience what the others are experiencing. Every juicy detail.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Forced arousal. Unnatural connection with another.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 3 star

~~~~~~~~Summary: I only briefly played this one. From what I recall a young man is accepted into a school centered around alchemy that is located on a island away from the outside world. There he and his friends attend a school that is primarily female and learn the alchemic ways. Oh and falls in love.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Potential for transformation. Alchemy (potions). School life.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 3 star

     Family Project     
~~~~~~~~Summary: This one I played very, very briefly. It can be hard to get into. A young man is having a hard time. He works a lot and gets paid a little. One day he rescues a young girl that can only speak chinese and she continues to live with him. The story spirals until he ends up homeless and he begins to build a family with a bunch of people society has forgotten about.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: The connection between players. Homeless (mildly). Lots of different character types. The environment of bonding and self discovery.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 4 star.

     Gibo - Stepmother's Sin     
~~~~~~~~Summary: Another smut-filled plot. A young man's father marries a new wife. I should also mention the young man hates women due to the fact his mother cheated on his father and broke up the family. He sets his goal to prove his new wife is just like everyone else by tormenting his new step-mother and forcing her into more and more depraved sexual acts. Oh and his step-sister.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Humiliation. Forced. Older/Younger dynamic. Adultery. Incest.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 4 star

     Hitomi: My Stepsister     
~~~~~~~~Summary: Very similar to the previous plot except more focused on the sister. Young man gets a new step-mother and step-sister. The young man proceeds to corrupt the sister and use her for his sexual gains while making her feel like it is what she wants. He plays off her need for affection to make her do whatever he wants.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Forced. Brotherly dynamic. Manipulation. Secrets. Voyeurism.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 5 star

     Lightning Warrior Raidy (1-2)     
~~~~~~~~Summary: This plot is harder to say. Both games carry the same general plot. A female warrior enters into a dungeon in an attempt to save people. She ends up in many, many sexual situations both heterosexual and homosexual. She does whatever it takes to get to the end and deal out a little bit of divine retribution to those involved.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: The bisexual dynamic. Fantasy world. Dungeons. Multiple different partners. Sense of progression. Magic. Domination. Submission.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 4 star.

     Moero Downhill Night (1-2)     
~~~~~~~~Summary: Not a lot sticks out in my mind for this. A young man has these blackout episodes and discovers when he does he becomes this amazing navigator for street races. For plot reasons all the drivers were of course female and he had the option to do what he wanted when he won or choose to do nothing.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Alternate personalities.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 2 star

     My Girlfriend is the President     
~~~~~~~~Summary: This is a completely wacky scenario. An alien ship crashes into the planet and screws everything up. While the alien is trying to fix everything she implements a temporary fix... making the world believe nothing has happened by brainwashing everyone and doing what she thinks is normal. The young man in this story is the only one (of two people) who remember what the world was like before everything changed.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: The power dynamic. Alternate reality. Aliens. High science.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 4 star

~~~~~~~~Summary: This is something I just came across recently and I love it. The story revolves around a young, rich man who finds a device that allows him to manipulate the world around him. Allows him to possess people, swap bodies, transform people, alter memories, and force people to do things they wouldn't otherwise do and make them believe they want it. A dream come true until it gets used on him.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Transformation. Body swap. Extreme transformation. Force. Age alteration. Mind alteration. Forced identity. Lost identity. Everything this is about I'm in love with.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 5 star

     Princess Waltz     
~~~~~~~~Summary: A magical game from another realm is taking place on Earth and a young man finds himself in the middle of it. The game is the Princess Waltz where several princesses from the other realm combat one another to see who will be the next in line for the throne. The young man can combine with the princesses to help them fight.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Fusion of two people. Transformation. Male-to-female. Loss of control. Pretty dresses and princesses.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 3 star

     School Days HQ     
~~~~~~~~Summary: The name pretty much covers it. It's a love story that takes place in a school. A young man with the help of his female friend who secretly has a crush on him gets set up with his crush and the chaos ensues.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: School life. Love triangle.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 1 star

     The Sagara Family     
~~~~~~~~Summary: A young man is sent to live with family friends while he attends college. The family consists of several females and no men and none of them (aside from the mother) have experience with men. Needless to say they all fall in love with him and the house is turned upside down.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Family dynamic. Multiple characters. Lots of variety.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 3 star

     Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!     
~~~~~~~~Summary: I don't even know where to begin here. A mad scientist cooks up a bunch of zany, strange, and comical inventions to take over the school under the guise of bringing everyone happiness. Everyone wins in one way or another.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Mad scientist. Lots of zany transformations. Light-hearted.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 5 star

     Tsuki Possession     
~~~~~~~~Summary: A young man gets possessed by some dark entity and proceeds to dominate, humiliate, and degrade his step-mother and step-sister. He does anything and everything to hurt them physically and mentally.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Loss of control. Dark story. 
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 4 star

     X-Change (1-3)     
~~~~~~~~Summary: All games follow the basic setup of a young man gets turned into a young woman and gets into one erotic situation after another until finally choosing to either turn back or stay. Along the way he has to earn the money to fund the project to revert the transformation any way he can.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Male to female. Transformation. Light-hearted and zany.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 5 star

     X Change Alternative (1-2)     
~~~~~~~~Summary: The first game is basically the above plot. The second game is a body swap story where two young people are swapped and live each others lives until the machine is fixed and they are reverted.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Body swap. Assuming an identity.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 5 star

     Yukkuri Panic Escalation     
~~~~~~~~Summary: Basic lesbian story. A young woman goes to an all female school. Their she gets caught up in a whirlwind affair where she discovers her sexuality and tries to fight it. She ends up in a relationship with her sister and her mother who she didn't know what still alive.
~~~~~~~~Elements I enjoy: Incest. Older/Younger. Budding sexuality. Resistance.
~~~~~~~~Interest level: 4 star
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Re: [Zefie's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
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This section will be dedicated to potential characters and pictures of said characters.
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Re: [Zefie's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
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This section will be altered into an update log.
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Re: [Zefie's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
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*Innocent bump*

It's been a couple months since I bumped this... so why not!

I do have some new ideas to add as well. Won't be added tonight though. I need to put them to words. I'll list off the names of the ideas and the theme. Feel free to inquire about them if the title interests you.

Hall of Aspects

Human/Animal transformations

The Born

High fantasy, super powers


Transformation and mental changes

The Game

Body swaps

Revenge 4 Higher

Light hearted transformations

Between Worlds

High fantasy mixed with modern day with transformation

Locked in Lace

Clothing based transformations.

Game of Life

I think I already mentioned this one further up.


Think Sliders mixed with Quantum Leap.

The Experiment

Science experimentation gone horribly wrong.


Haunted house, body swaps, and clothing transformations.

Call of War

I'm not sure but I'm thinking something to do with war and battlegirls.

The March

High fantasy. Mainly an adventure to unite several kingdoms to fight a war. Transformations and body swaps included.

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Re: [Zefie's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
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Okay... I have three ideas in my head that if I don't share somewhere I'm going to go insane! ... more insane. Anyways!

     War of the Gods     

~ Content: 

Fantasy, Supernatural, Transformation... the rest is up to discussion.

~ Scenario: 

The Gods have awoken. For millennias they have slumbered leaving their creations to their own devices. In that long stretch of time their names have been forgotten and slandered as nothing more than the beliefs of a once-savage people. When they awaken they are not pleased with the progression. A war is brewing and the battle ground will be our land...

... the soldiers will be the descendents of the Gods. People who live not knowing the importance of their existence. That will soon change. Soon the Avatars will be chosen and on that day everything will be different. The battle will begin. Some of the Gods seek to enslave humanity as punishment for there ignorance. Some seek to protect humanity and let them nourish trusting one day they will turn back to the true path. Others simply seek to thwart the other Gods or have a spot of fun while this battle rages.

When the smoke clears what will remain?

So! My idea here is the characters are the chosen Avatars of a God or Goddess. To become an Avatar you must have a direct blood-link to the God or Goddess and you don't have the option to decline. The characters are descendents of the Gods. They aren't special in any regard other than their lineage. Nothing that makes them stand out before the Awakening. After the Awakening the chosen descendents take on the form chosen by their God/Goddess to represent them in the war and granted a portion of their power. The deity will share their objective for the war but it is up to the player if they'll complete it. If they choose not to the deity will not be happy and the character will be punished and pushed further toward their purpose.

Some notes. I'd say there can be multiple Avatars per deity. Maybe a handful. Each of the Avatars for a given deity would have the same objective. The objective could be anything. Just something that represents the god. And transformation is guaranteed to happen. Like a male who is chosen by the female goddess of beauty would take on the form she desired and granted powers equal to what she would deem needed.

~ Setting: 

Up to debate. It could be modern or fantasy.

~ My Character: 

I haven't thought a lot about my exact character yet. I'd probably craft something based off my partner but I'm thinking a man who is chosen by a female deity. A deity who is corrupt or chaotic and seeking to either punish the humans or just have a bit of fun. The character would resist the calling and be slowly corrupted into pursuing their purpose.

~ Requirement: 

Maybe someone willing to play the deity or just another avatar.

~ Other info: 

This is a fresh idea so please ask anything you want and suggest anything you want to suggest!

     Superhero to Superwhore     

~ Content: 

Modern-ish, Superpowers, Body Swap, ... and more upon discussion

~ Scenario: 

The world is your typical superhero sort of world. The battle between good and evil is constantly raging. Good, in the end, always triumphs!

What if the battle got turned on its head? One villain decides she has had enough of her losing streak and knows just how to turn the battle in her favor and get what she wanted in the process. It all comes down to who the people turn to in times of crisis. With a plan in mind she sets out...

... and our superhero falls face first into the trap. The plan? Take his body. Once she has his body and his power she will have the advantage. Imagine the people when their most trusted hero turns to a life of crime? It would be chaos!

Once the trap is sprung our hero wakes up in the body of the supervillain he has been fight for years. Her supple body is now his and so is her power... a power he would soon learn came at a price...

Pretty kinda basic set up, right? Good turned evil and evil turned good. The hero would have to find a way to balance his/her new power while trying to fix the injustice and fight the urges of his/her new body.

~ Setting: 

Modern superhero

~ My Character: 

The hero who is put into the body of the villain. I'm thinking her power has something to do with sexual energy. We can talk about it.

~ Requirement: 

You can either be the villain or another hero who fell for the same trap.

~ Other info: 

This is a fresh idea so please ask anything you want and suggest anything you want to suggest!

~ Excerpt: 

     A Wedding to Remember     

~ Content: 

Magical transformation, Pregnancy, Male-to-female, SUPER SMUT

~ Other info: 

This is actually an idea from a friend of mine who isn't on this site. I helped her play out a very similar setting and I discovered something along the way... I'd love to play the part of the bride! So thank you friend for giving me a new idea I want to play out!

~ Scenario: 

When magic gets involved anything is possible~ A touch of magic can go a long way and for our poor protagonist that touch of magic has changed everything. Maybe he deserved it. Maybe it was uncalled for. In the end the reason doesn't matter. He has to live out a nightmare for some and a fantasy for others.

When our protagonist wakes up he is alone in a room. He knows something is different and one glance down answers all the questions! Big breasts and a giant belly! And... a white gown?

So the idea is simple in thought. The character wakes up in the body of a heavily pregnant woman on her wedding day. Except that's not all. The magic has made it so everyone there knows the person inside the body is really him. The magic has also made her into a bit of a whore. She is addicted to giving blow jobs and thrives on being humiliated and degraded. This was going to be a wedding to remember as she soon discovers it is her job to service her guests as a thanks for coming as she waddles up the isle. While she is giving her vows someone else is behind her giving her a bit of distraction. She tries to resist it but the only way out of this twisted fantasy is completing it.

~ Setting: 


~ My Character: 

The man-turned-pregnant woman.

~ Requirement: 

Someone who is willing to play 'the world'. It's a lot to ask but maybe I'll find someone, (^_^).

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Re: [Zefie's Haven] -- A Transformation Junkie
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     The Dollhouse     

~ Content: 

Mind-control // Body-swap // Non-con // Con // Other

~ Scenario: 

I've really been enjoying the show I found in Netflix by the title of Dollhouse. It has like everything I love in a good story and think it would be something killer to try out in an actual story. I'm not wanting to do a direct rip of the story. I think it could use some refinement. However I really want to use the base idea and move from there.

The idea is there is an agency that can offer you the perfect person for any situation. They do this via implanting a body with memories and mannerisms of another (or multiple) person(s). I would want less memory wipe and more force actions. In the series the person no longer knows who they are. In my version I'd rather have the character remember who he or she is but unable to act upon it during their assignments. At least to some degree.

~ Setting: 

Modern with a twist of high science.

~ My Character: 

I want to play a 'Doll'. The character being controlled.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the person in control.

~ Other info: 


     Simple Job     

~ Content: 

Non-Con // Body-swap or Possession // Generally shady stuff

~ Scenario: 

In this story we find our pair of no-gooders have found themselves with the potential for mayhem. Through one method or another they have found themselves with device that allows them to remote swap bodies with that of someone else. I have several ideas on how they got their hands on it which I can go into with a perspective partner. In theory there should be less than a handful of them in existence if there is even another one. Anyways... *ahem* where was I? Oh yes... our pair of no-gooders with this grand device...

Do they decide to help the world? Try and find world peace? Too much? Well, anyways, since I've called them no-gooders twice we know that they do is, in fact, no good. They use the device to increase their operations. It's simply really. They take over the body of a mark and let them rob themselves from the inside! It's no crime when the person just decides to give away the goods, right? When the job is over the body is given back and they continue on just a little more wealthy than before.

Today is the day of the big hit. The plan is simple. The 'mask' goes in and takes control of the mark. Or in this case the mark's wife. A first time for the pair. Once in the body of the wife they make the heist of their life. A simple job really.

Until something goes wrong. What was it? Well it seems you can never trust a no-gooder. The plan is dependent on one operating the device and another taking the body. What happens when the one behind the device decides, or is convinced, to leave his station. What happens to the operative mid mission? Let's find out!

~ Setting: 

Modern with a high science twist.

~ My Character: 

The operative in the field left stranded.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the partner and ideally the other odd-and-end interactive characters in the story.

~ Other info: 

This was inspired by a manga I read a few months back where a man splits off part of his personality into another body so he can perform the perfect crime. Only he discovers his other half doesn't want to go back when the job is done.


~ Content: 

Shapeshifter // Non-con // Other

~ Scenario: 

The life of a shapeshifter is never easy. Once your powers emerge life is never the same again. Immortality at your fingertips. The star of this story has been around for some time. She or he has traveled the world leaving her past behind. She's a wanderer. Until one day her past catches up. She is tracked down and used. Maybe it is someone from her past they are using to convince her to obey or something more magical she is sealed to. Regardless she is now at the beck-and-call of a new master and must do whatever he says to work off a debt so that one day she may once again be free. She must use every ounce of her ability.

~ Setting: 

Modern with a fantasy twist.

~ My Character: 

The shapeshifter.

~ Requirement: 

Someone to play the big, mean bossy person who has taken control.

~ Other info: 

Idea has been floating around for awhile. I imagine the first scene in a smokey bar in the middle of a big town.

     High Fantasy // Devil with the Devil     

~ Other info: 

Nothing really fancy here! I'm interested in doing something with a high fantasy or supernatural setting. Maybe a deal with a demon gone wrong or a young magic user agreeing to an apprenticeship that has a dark intent. Dunno. Just something like that would be nice.