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Author Topic: Deviations: The Outbreak (Superhero Semi-freeform) (Recruiting OPEN - 1/24/13)  (Read 28426 times)

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Offline AdonisTopic starter

LGBT Friendly!

Currently We have 24 male characters, and 21 female, so things are slightly male heavy.

The concept

A crate of flu vaccines has been left in one of the lab rooms that was thought to be safe and appropriate for storage. However, radiation from a nearby experiment leaks through the walls and contaminates the vaccine. Your character, practical as always, goes in to get his or her yearly flu vaccine. Unbeknownst to yourself, the vaccine is contaminated, mutated, and extremely potent. Mere hours after injection, the human body normally forms antibodies to kill off the dead cells of the vaccine, and immunizes you. Not so with Flu Vaccine (insert numbers and letters here). Instead, the body systems integrate with the vaccine, linking cell and DNA structure to trigger fundamental changes within the human body.

The result? You guessed it. Superpowers. Or "symptoms" as the government will later name them.

The Drive:

Characters will be immersed into a story drive plot with triggered GM events, government threats, possibly otherworldly threats (if I choose to develop that area), as well as player vs. player scenarios.

Items of note:

-Superpowers early on will not be almighty. To begin with. The list of symptoms below are based on a time progression system, and will gain momentum as they "level up".
-Characters are to be "human". If otherworldy things are involved (aliens, etc), this *might* change.
-The game world will be relatively small to start with. The outbreak will be located within a smaller, fictional city that I will work up maps for
-Character death and the stripping of powers via police force "curing/immunization" rounds are *completely* within the realm of possibility.
-Stupidity (I.e., deciding to go all wrecking ball on a local bakery) will alert authorities, resulting in pursuit and possibly capture (Think Saints Row notoriety system)
-Players will be encouraged to have a "back up" superhero/villain should their main character be killed or stripped of powers
-Blatent ripoffs of known superheroes will not be tolerated. If you turn in a sheet that contains a rather hairy man with an ademantium skeleton. claws, and super healing, I may or may not roll up said sheet and spank you with it. Be original !
- The ONLY times that a dice roll will be required by a player will be instances of PVP outcomes, police outcomes, and symptom dealings (increases, mutations, etc.) This game is NOT system heavy at all.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Where does this game take place?
A: This is a fictional city in the north-central US. The city is named "Glenside", and contains roughly 350,000 people in the downtown area.

Q2: Where is my character allowed to live within the city?
A: Anywhere! There are apartments and homes in just about every district, so whichever strikes your fancy really. If you end up eventually settling in the safe haven, you're free to do that as well.

Q3: Where do I start?
A: The answer to this question is almost identical to question 2, you may start anywhere you like for the most part, but please be courteous of scenes in progress!

Q4: How much does the general public know about what is going on?
A: The general public knows almost nothing at this point (roughly 2-3 weeks from the first immunization). Anyone who is caught by the police simply vanishes.

Q5: Can I be forced into PVP?
A: For the most part, no. As long as your "Grace" item hasn't been used for the day, you're free to make a single teleport to anywhere in the city under direct threat of challenge.

Q6: What is the posting rate required in Deviations?
A: For the most part, most of the players will post anywhere from once a day, to twice a week. There is no pressure to move any faster than that, but any slower than once a weekish, and you may have issues keeping up.

Current Cast/Character Listing!

 (please note, location is not indicative of relationships)

Player: Renegade Vile
Name: Daniel Mertens
Heightened Intelligence SL1
Player: RampantDesires
Name: Janelle Emory
Mammalian Manipulation - SL3
Portal Generation - SL1
Shapeshifting: Insect - SL 1
Player: Batman4560
Name: Aaron Shaw
Earth Manipulation - SL 4
Player: Dancing flower
Name: Gemma Ward
Shapeshifting: Insect - SL 3
Induced Healing - SL 1
Water Manipulation - SL 1
Player: Emmykins
Name: Kyle Adams
Telekinesis - SL 2
Player: RampantDesires
Name: Alana Peterson
Shapeshifting: Fish - SL 5
Tactile Transmutation - SL 1
Player: Senti
Name: Gilbert Abberline
Endurance - SL 1
Reflexes - SL 1
Player: Loves
Name: Francie De Luca
Phase Shift - SL 5
Player: RockSalt
Name: Vance Maywood
Dowsing SL1

Player: Rainy High
Name: Caren Cooper
Endurance SL 1
Strength SL 1
Player: Swordsman18
Name: Killian Trion
Portal Generation SL1
Player: Vampricprincessty
Name: Xu, Yo Xi 
Water Manipulation SL 2
Player: Timeless
Name: Cho Kwang-Ryeol
Flight, Wingless - SL 2
Teleportation - SL 1
Player: Senti
Name: Jessica Denby
Mammalian Manipulation - SL 2

Player: Emmykins
Name: Arthur Devlin
Invisibility - SL 3
Player: Loves
Name: Sidney Coleman
Fire Manipulation - SL 4
Player: Batman4560
Name: Eoin Baradoo
Speed - SL 3
Telepathy - SL 1
Player: Amelita
Name: Juliana Thomas
Winged Flight - SL 1
Frost Manipulation - SL 1
Electricity Manipulation - SL 1
Player: Moon Hound Hati
Name: Leasick Ledger
Illusion Casting - SL 2
Player: Emmykins
Name: Poppy Evans
Endurance - SL 1
Shapeshifting: Insect SL1
Shapeshifting: Avian SL1
Player: Aiden
Name: "John Doe" Cassius
Strength SL3
Regeneration SL3
Player: Dancing flower
Name: London Mallory
Flora Manipulation - SL 2
Portal Generation - SL 1
Insect Manipulation - SL 1
Illusion Casting - SL 1
Player: Swashbuckler
Name: Frederic Lazarus
Omnilinguistics SL1
Player: Keldia
Name: Jane Marsden
Dowsing SL1
Player: Amelita
Name: Zeke Lindgren
Speed SL 3
Shapeshifting: Avian SL 1
Player: CurvyKitten
Name: Alexandrian Maxwell
Omnilinguistics - SL 4
Player: Amelita
Name: Ethan Thomas
Telepathy SL 2
Player: RampantDesires
Name: Elise Frederiksen
Vocals - SL 1
Induced Healing - SL 2
Force Field Generation - SL1
Player: RedMoon
Name: Jacob Callahan
Shapeshifting: Reptilian SL 3
Player: Timeless
Name: Chance Gilson
Flora Manipulation - SL 2
Player: Innocence
Name: Sage Florence
Shapeshifting: Reptilian SL 2
Player: AribethAmkiir
Name: Rebecca Ransom
Shapeshifting: Mammalian - SL 3
Reflexes - SL 1
Portal Generation - SL1
Player: Moon Hound Hati
Name: Liam Avery
Reflexes SL 1
Player: persephone325
Name: Yuriko Ojima
Telepathy - SL 3
Shapeshifting: Avian - SL 2
Player: Aiden
Name: Dr. Richard Jagger
Shapeshifting: Avian SL2
Player: AribethAmkiir
Name: Alannah Devlin
Heightened Intelligence - SL 1
Light Manipulation - SL 1
Player: Derwaysh
Name: Igor Zima
Strength SL1
Name: Emily Eccelstone
Shapeshifting: Avian SL2
Psychometry  SL1
Shapeshifting: Reptilian SL 1
Player: ebpohmr
Name: Benjamin Brook
Gravity Manipulation SL1
Name: "Mona" Christakos
Telekinesis SL 2
Player: Adonis
Name: Corbin Astret
Tactile Transmutation SL1
Wind Manipulation SL1
Player: Mtpersson
Name: Daisy Daniels
Shapeshifting: Mammalian SL 1
Player: Adonis
Name: Cael Merikesh
Shapeshifting: Mammalian SL2
Name: Female

Player: Renegade Vile
Name: Roland Adler
Tactile Transmutation SL1
Name: Female

Player: Adonis
Name: Theo Donovan
Portal Generation SL1
Gravity Manipulation SL1
Name: Female

Symptom Listing


SL - 1 - Ability to understand a spoken language immediately (earthly origins)
SL - 2 - Ability to speak a language that has been heard flawlessly (in correct accent)
SL - 3 - Ability to read cyphers, codes, and puzzles immediately with no key or clue.
SL - 4 - VARIATION (Choice between Xenolinguism, Zoolinguism, and Cyberlinguism)
SL - 5 - VARIATION (Choice between Xenolinguism, Zoolinguism, and Cyberlinguism)


SL - 1 - Ability to lift/move objects up to 10 lbs within 30 feet (line of sight req)
SL - 2 - Ability to lift/move objects up to 50 lbs within 50 feet (line of sight req)
SL - 3 - Ability to lift/move objects up to 100 lbs within 100 feet (line of sight req)
SL - 4 - Ability to lift/move objects up to 250 lbs within 100 feet (line of sight req)
SL - 5 - Ability to lift/move objects up to 500 lbs within 100 feet


SL - 1 - Ability to hear snippets of thoughts randomly
SL - 2 - Able to hear "surface" thoughts of those within 50 feet (targeted)
SL - 3 - Able to speak with others telepathically within 50 feet (targeted)
SL - 4 - Sensory Inducement (Pain/Pleasure/Fear)
SL - 5 - Pushing (Ability to implant images/memories)

Heightened Intelligence

SL - 1 - Character now has photographic memory (no comprehension)
SL - 2 - Character now has ability to understand complex figures/models
SL - 3 - Character can now instantly comprehend information (must be able to understand language)
SL - 4 - Character is now prone to random tech advancement ideas (within reason)
SL - 5 - Character may now craft/modify complex equipment (within reason)

Forcefield Generation (physical shielding) - anything moving faster than the maximum shatters the barrier
SL - 1 - The Devi is able to form a small, directional field to repel blunt objects moving under 50mph (field of view).
SL - 2 - The directional field now extends a full 180 degrees in the direction desired, and deflects blunt objects moving @ up to 50mph
SL - 3 - The shielding now deflects objects moving up to 100 mph
SL - 4 - the field is now spherical in nature, but requires active concentration to maintain
SL - 5 - The sphere may now be projected onto anyone within 15 feet.

Induced Healing (Via touch - other humanoids ONLY)

SL - 1 - Ability to close minor wounds on other humanoids (superficial)
SL - 2 - Ability to heal scar tissue, as well as deep tissue damage
SL - 3 - Ability to mend broken bones
SL - 4 - Ability to reverse internal organ damage
SL - 5 - Ability to regrow severed body parts of other humanoids

Illusion Casting - Sound is not present in the illusions until SL=4

SL - 1 - The Devi is able to create small scale visual illusions of light and color with no real form (Aurora borealis, orb lights, etc)
SL - 2 - The ability advances, allowing the devi the ability to create small scale static images
SL - 3 - The images are now able to be cast as roughly human-sized (Singular)
SL - 4 - The devi is able to now add movement and sound to the illusions
SL - 5 - The symptom mutates, allowing the Devi to add sound to complex illusions created (Multiple illusionary figures possible)


SL - 1 - Psychodiagnostics - By touch, the deviation is now able to determine injury of any form, as well as a general idea of well-being.
SL - 2 - Tactile Empathy - The ability to read the emotions of a person as long as physical contact is held.
SL - 3 - Tactile Memory Resurgence - The devi gains the ability to "show" another person a memory or image they have seen.
SL - 4 -  Psychic Navigation - The Devi gains the ability to sort through the last five minutes of a person's death, and the events that lead up to it.
SL - 5 - Tactile History Absorption - When an object is touched that contains strong memories (Murder weapon, being an example), the item shows the Devi it's history and previous use.


Note- Most "body" based powers require a massive amount of caloric intake to compensate for usage. Scales with SL level.

Regeneration Rate (Self-healing) - NOTE. This is NOT immortality. Dead is dead.

SL - 1 - Ability to close minor wounds (superficial) (10-15 seconds)
SL - 2 - Ability to heal scar tissue, as well as deep tissue damage (2-5 minutes)
SL - 3 - Ability to mend broken bones (45-60 seconds for initial bone setting, 5-10 minutes for full bone mend)
SL - 4 - Ability to reverse internal organ damage (Clean cuts/punctures heal in 3-5 minutes assuming full structure is intact. Missing pieces will regrow to an extent.)
SL - 5 - Ability to regrow severed body parts [Stage 1 - Skin covers stump (SL-1 timing) Stage 2 - Bone Re-formation & Muscle Tissue Regen (Sl-3 +10 mins)]


SL - 1 - Character reaches land-based speeds of around 50mph (Normal humans top out around 15-20)
SL - 2 - Character is now moves at top speeds of 100 mph
SL - 3 - Character now moves just under sub-sonic speeds of 300 mph
SL - 4 - Subsonic - Character may "walk" on water
SL - 5 - Supersonic - Speeds rival that of jet aircraft


SL - 1 - Ability to lift up to 250 lbs
SL - 2 - Ability to lift up to 500 lbs
SL - 3 - Ability to lift 1000 lbs (half a ton)
SL - 4 - Ability to lift up to 1 ton
SL - 5 - Ability to lift up to 5 tons (small semi)


SL - 1 - Enhanced Dermal Structure - Skin now has the toughness of leather
SL - 2 - Enhanced Temperature Resistance - Temperatures between freezing (32F/0C) and up to 150F/65C are now tolerable with minimal clothing
SL - 3 - Pain Suppression - Characters may now ignore pain that would render a non-infected unconscious (within reason)
SL - 4 - Sensory Increase - Vision and hearing are now greatly improved
SL - 5 - Increased Lung Capacity - Character is now able to go without breathing for up to 20 minutes


SL - 1 - Reflex time is decreased for base stimulus
SL - 2 - Balance increase
SL - 3 - Acrobatics (Freerunning) come naturally
SL - 4 - Flexibility Increase (Contortionism)
SL - 5 - Reflexes heightened to borderline precognition


SL - 1 - Character is able to throw his or her voice flawlessly
SL - 2 - Character may now imitate others voices after hearing them without distinction
SL - 3 - Characters may now deafen enemies with a scream (temporary)
SL - 4 - Vocals now have the power to vibrate substances via resonation
SL - 5 - Vocals are now able to be used for echolocation


SL - 1 - Passive Camoflage (Chameleon affect, includes clothing, stillness required)
SL - 2 - Active Camoflage (Chameleon affect, includes clothing, movement allowed)
SL - 3 - Minor Transparency - Body takes on a glass-like distortion, transparent
SL - 4 - Major Transparency - Complete invisibility
SL - 5 - Group Transparency - Able to extend invisibility to anyone within touch range (Up to four bodies)


Earth Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Devi has the ability to move minor amounts of earth (10 lbs, give or take), and may affect it up to 20 feet away. This includes "throwing" it.
SL - 2 - The Devi is now able to hold and manipulate larger amounts, up to 50 lbs, and may affect it up to 30 feet
SL - 3 - The Devi now has enough control to identify and separate individual materials within the earth he is in control of
SL - 4 - The ability to pressurize loose earth into sandstone, and use it to build what he needs.
SL - 5 - The Devi may now reach deep into the earth (Up to 100 ft down), and drag materials upward to suit his purposes (Mining, defensive structures, etc)

Fire Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Devi is able to heat the molecules in a small radius around his or her palms (roughly the size of a softball), combusting the air into providing a fuel source for flame.
SL - 2 - The Devi may now project his or her ability up to thirty feet away (includes thrown projectiles), as well as start fires up to said max distance.
SL - 3 - The Devi may now consume itself in flames as a protective barrier (Flames can still be smothered/put out by normal means). Clothing and anything else worn is affected as normal.
SL - 4 - The Devi may now project a blaze in a gout of fire (think flamethrower) up to fifteen feet away.
SL - 5 - In addition to actual flame, the Devi may now melt objects up to the density of construction-grade steel by touch. Hardened steel is not affected, and object density is a factor in the time it takes to melt said object.

Wind Manipulation

SL - 1 - The ability to create gusts of wind up to 20 mph in localized areas is now present.
SL - 2 - The gusts of wind may now be focused into small-scale twisters (40 mph rotation speed)
SL - 3 - The wind speed of the air may now be formed and manipulated into gusts up to 60 mp/h (localized)
SL - 4 - The Devi may now bounce objects hurled at him or her that are moving at 100 mp/h or less in a less destructive direction
SL - 5 - The Devi now has the ability to cushion his or her fall, allowing for extended gliding (No upward movement).

Water Manipulation

SL - 1 - The ability to gather moisture from the air, and other sources is now present. Up to a gallon may be manipulated.
SL - 2 - The water may now be projected at up to 40 mph (Hard enough to feel fairly solid). Loses speed/form at 25 feet away.
SL - 3 - The Devi has the ability to condense the water he or she is working with, making it semi-solid and just hard enough to walk on.
SL - 4 - The Devi is now able to absorb oxygen through his or her pores, thus eliminating the need to breath while underwater. Temperature differences also no longer have any effect while underwater (Glacial or boiling water feels perfectly normal, and the body is not affected by these temperatures).
SL - 5 - While Underwater, the Devi may now move at high speeds by "pushing" the water behind themselves, propelling the body at upwards of 100 mph.

Electricity Manipulation

SL - 1 - The symptom carrier may now absorb static electricity, and discharge it into mechanical devices, thus becoming a walking battery.
SL - 2 - The ability advances, allowing the absorbed electrical energy to be projected outwards in short bursts (Stunning strength). Conductors may be electrified in this manner as long as contact is held.
SL - 3 - The Devi may now magnetize pieces of metal as long as he sustains touch with the item, creating electromagnets.
SL - 4 - The Devi may now absorb electrical energy from the air, and discharge it all at once in a powerful burst, generating an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that disrupts any electronics within 100ft in any direction.
SL - 5 - The Devi's ability upgrades to its final stage, allowing him or her to focus electrical energies on one area to generate a heated ball of lightning. Impact results in the same EMP burst from SL-4 if thrown.

Gravity Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Devi is able to lessen the effects of gravity on his person, lightening themselves considerably (think low-gravity moonwalking)
SL - 2 - The symptom mutates, allowing the devi to change their "local" gravity, allowing wall/ceiling walking
SL - 3 - The Devi is now able to reverse the gravitational pull of small objects (under 10 lbs)
SL - 4 - The symptom strengthens, allowing the Devi to levitate (Vertical motion only)
SL - 5 - The Devi is now able to create small gravity wells (object centered). This pulls things towards the targeted object as if it were the new "down". 10 foot radius, only objects under 50 lbs are affected.

Light Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Deviation now has the ability to summon balls of light that generate no heat in any area around themselves. The balls may be summoned up to 10 feet away, and up to 4 may be present at one time.
SL - 2 - The ability to set off blinding flashes of light is now present. Those within five feet of the deviation are temporarily blinded, and those beyond are slightly disoriented.
SL - 3 - The balls of light may now be of any color, and may be manipulated into short-term illusionary copies of the Devi.
SL - 4 - The light that the Devi controls may be focused and refined into small-scale lasers roughly the diameter of a pencil for varius non-combat uses.
SL - 5 - The Devi now has the ability to temporarily coalesce light into hard constructs that radiate high temperatures (user immune)

Darkness Manipulation

SL - 1 - Ability to move/create shadowed areas, without a source
SL - 2 - Ability to materialize small tools/items made of shadow (temporary)
SL - 3 - Shadow Hopping - Able to travel short distances unseen from shadow to shadow
SL - 4 - Able to summon tendrils of darkness to attack a target
SL - 5 - Able to create temporary shadow constructs that radiate subzero temeratures

Frost Manipulation

1 - The Devi gains the ability to lower the temperature around his hands to subzero temperatures, generating frozen particles at will
2 - The symptom now allows the Devi to manipulate, shape, and compress the frost particles into small objects (no larger than a softball in weight)
3 - The Devi is now able to actively project and manipulate the ice in a fifteen foot diameter in a direction chosen.
4 - The symptom now allows for the Devi to pull up defensive walls and small structures created from the ice naturally generated from their bodies
5 - The devi's final symptom mutation allows him or her to reduce objects to near absolute zero, creating hoarfrost. This hoarfrost may travel up to 10 feet, and makes the frozen items utterly fragile

Transmutation (Touch) *Note - the end result MUST be an element that the user has previously handled

SL - 1 -  The ability to change the substance in which a small, solid object is composed (Inorganic) (5 lbs or less)
SL - 2 -  Character now has the ability to change the substance in which a medium sized object is composed (20 lbs or less)
SL - 3 - The ability can now affect complex objects of a large size (100 lbs or less) made up of several different parts
SL - 4 - The ability gains strength, allowing the carrier of the symptom to mold medium sized solid objects into other more useful things
SL - 5 - The character may now graft transmuted items to his or her body for a short time.


Flight (Wingless)

SL - 1 - Deviation is able to levitate and "airwalk" at will (walking on air as if it is a solid object)
SL - 2 - Ability to glide laterally has manifested
SL - 3 - Airwalking is no longer required, character gains self-propulsion, max 45 mph
SL - 4 - Deviations need for air diminishes, and he or she is able to comfortably fly in the upper atmosphere. Speed increase to 100mph while in flight.
SL - 5 - Innate psychic barrier forms while in flight, top speed increases to 250 mph due to no wind resistance.

Flight (Winged)

SL - 1 - Wings form (Type of wings are up to creator), and the Deviation now has the ability to glide. Sustained hovering is not possible.
SL - 2 - Deviations shoulders and bone structure have lightened, and now allows the Devi to hover and slowly ascend.
SL - 3 - Body makeup lightens further, allowing for normal flight of up to 45 mph
SL - 4 - Upper body is noticeably more muscular, allowing for increased lung capacity and greater strength in wings. Speed cap increased to 100mph while in flight.
SL - 5 - Wings are now extremely resistant to damage, and can be used defensively. Top speed increases to 175 mph.

Phase Shift

SL - 1 - The Devi develops the ability to pass limbs through structures that he or she is able to see through (Glass, Plexiglass, plastics, etc)
SL - 2 - The ability further develops, allowing the Devi to push limbs through surfaces that are the thickness of a normal wall (6-12 inches)
SL - 3 - Complete phase shifting is now possible, allowing for full bodied movement through walls and other barriers
SL - 4 - Up to 12 feet of vertical movement is now possible with the ability, allowing through short pushes through ceilings and floors.
SL - 5 - The Devi may now shift completely into the astral plane, leaving his or her body behind for a short time to explore areas up to 50 feet away as a "ghost"

Teleportation *Note - the Devi's clothing teleports with them, as well as whatever they are able to physically (realistically) carry comfortably. (I.e., hugging a tractor wont jump the tractor with you.) In the case of teleporting with other people, the same rules apply.

SL - 1 - Deviation is able to teleport short distances, maximum distance of 8 feet (vertical or horizontal). Must be in line of sight. Solo.
SL - 2 - Deviation is now able to teleport medium distances of up to 20 feet (V or H). Line of sight required. Solo.
SL - 3 - The ability mutates, giving the deviation the ability to take up to two people with him or her for a single jump. 50 feet solo, 25 feet grouped.
SL - 4 - The Devi no longer required line of sight to make jumps. Distance remains the same.
SL - 5 - The Devi may now make a single jump of up to a mile, no line of sight needed, but the location has to have been seen before.

Portal Generation - Only Symptom that MUST keep track of items inside SL 1-3, by average weight.

SL - 1 - The deviation is able to summon a "portable" black hole roughly the size of a softball in diameter. The weight stored within may not exceed 25 lbs. Items are "called" with thought, and appear in hand to be removed.
SL - 2 - The portable black hole is now larger, able to open to roughly the size of a bowling ball. Weight limit is increased to 50 lbs.
SL - 3 - Ability mutates, finally allowing two way travel between places that have been physically seen. Portal takes roughly half a minute to open wide enough for use. Complete focus is needed.
SL - 4 - The portal is now able to be opened further, allowing for multiple persons to travel at once until the symptom carrier enters. Once the symptom carrier enters, the portal is one-way, and closes behind him or her.
SL - 5 - The Devi may now open a portal to a blank "safe" space that exists on an empty plane. The space lasts up to three hours at a time, and is inaccessible by anyone other than the one who opened the portal. The space within is infinite, but will not sustain life without the portal creator within. Once he or she leaves, all life within is extinguished. Inorganic items are unaffected.

*ONLY* real species may be used. Nothing mythical. All transformations are one-way, and may not be interrupted or stopped mid-shapeshift. All human thought is retained when shapeshifted.


SL - 1 - The character gains the ability to transform into smaller mammals (under 40 lbs)
SL - 2 - The ability mutates, allowing the character to move into the shapes of medium sized mammals (under 100 lbs)
SL - 3 - The character may now shapeshift into large animals (Up to 500 lbs)
SL - 4 - Sense Focus - The character may now focus a single sense and tune out all others while in humanoid form
SL - 5 - Final Form - The shapeshifter no longer has any size restriction on his or her chosen form, as long as it remains true to the average size.


SL - 1 - The character has the ability to shapeshift into normal sized insects
SL - 2 - The character has the ability to shapeshift into larger versions of the insect world (roughly the size of a kitten)
SL - 3 - The ability mutates further still, allowing the insect forms to increase in size up to a maximum of roughly the size of a full-grown, domestic dog.
SL - 4 - VARIATION - The character may choose between the following - wallcrawling (humanoid form), or poison generation (humanoid form, nails and teeth secretion)
SL - 5 - The character may now shapeshift into a humanoid sized version of the desired insect


SL - 1 - The Devi gains the ability to shapeshift into small reptiles (no larger than a chameleon).
SL - 2 - The Devi may now shapeshift into larger reptiles (or increase the size of the smaller ones) to the size of an iguana,
SL - 3 - The ability mutates further, allowing for the usage of the largest reptiles known (Crocs/gators/turtles, etc)
SL - 4 - The symptom begins to mildly affect the humanoid form, increasing the durability of the Devi's skin as skin cells change to microscopic scales (Can willingly change to solid colors)
SL - 5 - VARIATION - The Character may choose between the following - Hallucinogenic skin secretion, ability to shapeshift into a small Raptor, or thermal vision.


SL - 1 - The Devi may shapeshift into common species of birds (robins, pigeons, doves, etc)
SL - 2 - The ability mutates, allowing for more exotic species to be used (storks, cranes, pelicans, tropical species)
SL - 3 - The symptom now allows for the shapeshifting of the carrier into birds of prey.
SL - 4 - VARIATION - The Devi's ability moves in one of three directions. They gain the enhanced/telescopic eyesight of a bird of prey, the nightvision of an owl, or the balance of the crane genus.
SL - 5 - The symptom now allows for a size increase of any bird species to the point where the wingspan may reach up to eight feet from wingtip to wingtip, regardless of species.


SL - 1 - The symptom allows the Devi the ability to shapeshift into common freshwater fish species (type of water doesnt matter, in shapeshifters case)
SL - 2 - The Devi is now able to shapeshift into eels, rays, and various other exotic sea-life.
SL - 3 - The ability mutates, allowing the Devi to now take on the form of sharks.
SL - 4 - VARIATION - The Devi gains the choice of the following - Permanent underwater breathing, inherent sonar, or increased fatty tissue that allows the Devi to withstand colder waters while in human form.
SL - 5 - The Devi is now allowed to shapeshift into the largest of fish (mammalian aquatic life included, i.e., whales, dolphins, etc)

-Nature Affinity-
Mammalian Manipulation - NOTE- These symptoms DO NOT WORK on shapeshifted characters!

SL - 1 - Character has the ability to convince mammal to perform simple commands that do not conflict with self-preservation
SL - 2 - The ability allows a character to see through the eyes of any mammal that a bond has been established with within 100 yards
SL - 3 - The ability now forces the mammal to perform a command, regardless of self-preservation instincts.
SL - 4 - Mammals that normally would react aggressively may now be tamed for use without threat
SL - 5 - May now verbally communicate with any mammal fluently

Insect Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Devi may now communicate with single-minded insects telepathically, and coerce them into minor tasks (i.e., no hive-minded insects like bees/ants)
SL - 2 - The ability mutates, allowing the user to merge consciousness with the insect targeted and mentally control the actions of said insect.
SL - 3 - The Devi may now communicate and direct insects against their will (up to ten at a time)
SL - 4 - VARIATION - The symptom mutates into two distinct branches - Hive-mind control (control entire hives of insects), and Taming (Keep a certain insect until it expires),
SL - 5 - The abilities final mutation allows the Devi to summon all nearby non-poisonous insect to swarm a single area.

Reptile Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Devi is able to call out to any nearby reptiles, and bring them to his aid in combat.
SL - 2 - The ability progresses, allowing the Devi the ability to summon a small ethereal lizard if no reptiles are nearby.
SL - 3 - Using the ability now allows the Devi to merge his consciousness with a single reptilian entity (including the summoned one)
SL - 4 - VARIATION - The ability mutates, allowing the Devi the ability to see body heat, or extreme spinal flexibility (choice between the two)
SL - 5 - The Devi is now able to summon an ethereal cobra that is completely controllable.

Avian Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Devi is allowed to call to and communicate with local aviary wildlife of the common variety (pigeons, robins, etc)
SL - 2 - The ability mutates, allowing the Devi the ability to see through the eyes of any bird within three miles (including upwards).
SL - 3 - The Devi is able to locate and bond with any local bird (including birds of prey). This bird is now an extension of the symptom bearer and will do anything to please.
SL - 4 - The bird that the Devi has bonded with gains increased intelligence, and is now capable of near-human level thought process.
SL - 5 - The Devi gains a powerful whistling call that is heard by birds miles around, and controls the flock for a limited time to carry out his or her bidding.

Flora & Fauna Manipulation

SL - 1 - The Devi is able to commune with plants and flowers, and change the speed in which they grow and die.
SL - 2 - The symptom mutates further, and allows for the usage of the interconnected root systems to carry information from up to two miles away.
SL - 3 - The Devi is now able to summon vines from overhanging vegetation, or force trees to pull roots from the ground for offensive purposes.
SL - VARIATION - The Devi no longer requires food, and instead takes in nutrients the same way plants do. The second choice allows the Devi to secrete a rash-inducing toxin similar to poison ivy/oak.
SL - 5 - The Devi is now able to animate a single tree, forcing it to uproot itself and "walk" on the thick roots, carrying and protecting the Devi until instructed to re-root itself.

Code: [Select]

If you choose to include a picture, PLEASE do not use anime. Photos/real life pictures *only*, to keep things simple.


[b]Sex: [/b]
[b]Relationship Status:[/b]
[b]Previous (Or current) Profession:[/b]


[b]Hair: [/b]
[b]Other:[/b] (physical defects/mutations, overall appearance



[b]Background:[/b] [Three good paragraphs]


[b]Hobbies and Interests: [/b]

OOC Ons and Offs:
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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2013, 02:31:22 pm »
I will post a sheet once I have my laptop in front of me and have exchanged a few pm's :)

Am thinking elemental power to start with, wind/air.



Name: Camilla Casey
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: female
Age: 18
Relationship Status: single
Previous (Or current) Profession: High school senior, Vet's receptionist after school (4-6pm)


Hair: Long, wavy blond. Sometimes straightened
Eyes: big and blue
Skin: light and smooth
Weight: 105lbs/48kg
Height: 5'2/157cm



Background: [Three good paragraphs]

Symptoms: SL1 - Induced Healing via touch

Hobbies and Interests:

OOC Ons and Offs:

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2013, 02:36:35 pm »
Saturday evening, means I have a couple of obligations but I'll put a char sheet up asap. Skill of choice would be telekinesis. Working on a character who is currently works as a waitress to pay for her education. She also does volunteer work for the homeless.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2013, 02:39:21 pm »
I'll post my sheet in an hour or so.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2013, 02:39:52 pm »
I'm gonna do the touch transmutation thing, I think. Im workin on the sheet now..

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2013, 02:49:17 pm »
On second thought, I will be dropping out.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #6 on: November 02, 2013, 03:02:03 pm »
cant decide between teleportation, super intelligence or mammalian shapeshifting.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #7 on: November 02, 2013, 03:15:57 pm »
Quick Question. Would PreCogs (Precognition)  be available or do you think they're too overpowered?

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #8 on: November 02, 2013, 03:40:15 pm »
Minor precognition may be available later as an offshoot of telepathy but as a basic starting power, it won't make an appearance, no.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #9 on: November 02, 2013, 04:03:12 pm »

Name: Gerard "Gerry" Spoonbender
Ethnicity: White English ( immigrant assuming we're starting in US etc, if not I need to change slightly)
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Relationship Status: Widowed
Previous (Or current) Profession: Previously a mental health counselor, now living on a good but not extreme lifetime pension inherited from his late wife.


Hair: Medium, blonde-brown with a few grey strands. Has beard and moustache mostly same colour except also with some red. Front of beard turned grey/white.
Eyes: Blue, 2, bespectacled
Skin: Yes.
Weight: 290lbs, but recently reducing.
Height: 5'5
Other: (physical defects/mutations, overall appearance) Horrible appendix scar, missing two front teeth and three molars, tattoos on arms - white roses, unicorn, heart with axe in it, and a wolf howling at the moon bearing his wife's name and the years she was alive. Tends to dress very casual. Has started buying a few fetishwear items and gothic costume as he's started to explore his kinky side.


Personality: friendly, humorous, would do almost anything for someone he loves. Has a kinky side he was unable to explore when married due to his wife not sharing it. Grieving. Prone to some bouts of depression. Low self esteem. Creative. Intelligent but not always smart.

Background: [Three good paragraphs]
Gerry is a survivor of abuse, as was his wife. He emigrated to marry her and between his and her healing and his own tendency to bouts of depression he got into mental health peer counseling. He's a good writer but unpublished and lacks discipline. That's actually been a problem in a lot of his life, because unless something really stirs him, like abuse or mental health or ties he loves, he tends to lack ambition. That's impacted his health as he put on lots of weight after moving to the US and driving everywhere. Recently he's started getting back into shape though.

He's discovered a kinky side that includes some sadism as well as masochism. He hasn't even able to explore that while with his wife, which led to frustration, but since she passed two years ago he's begun to enter the local fetish community and is looking to embrace the lifestyle.

He cares little for money, and would just as soon fritter it away on eating out, buying some gadget or sex toy, or more importantly just sending it to a friend in need. It's a giving nature that has been taken advantage of before.

(Randomly selected... Roll for category = 1, Mind. Roll for symptom = 1): Omnilinguistics
Kind of fitting for a physically poor mental health counselor I guess... Does that mean I get to talk them into jumping now? ;)

Hobbies and Interests:
Currently very invested in the fetish scene. Also paganism, writing, mental health, theater improv, etc.

OOC Ons and Offs: many and varied

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #10 on: November 02, 2013, 05:17:23 pm »

Name: Mei Tsui
Ethnicity: Chinese
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Phlebotomist


Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White (Lightly tanned sometimes)
Weight: 110 pounds
Height: 5'6"
Other: Nothing out of the ordinary, really. She has a small scar on her right ring finger.


Mei generally tries to be cheerful, she tries to put things in a positive perpspective. But she's also a realist. But all of this is on the surface, how she wishes to be percieved. In her heart, she is far more troubled than she lets on. She is an emotionally troubled girl, only in recent years has she faced those troubles and tried to come to terms with the events of her life. Not an easy task, especially since she sees herself as someone who is always on the lowest rung.

Mei was bon in Chaozhou, a city in eastern Guangdong Province, China. Mei's father name was Cai and her mother Zan. Her parents both worked at an opera house... her father was a stage set designer and her mother a prominant singer. In fact it was at the opera they met. They fell quickly in love, and during their first year of marriage Mei was born.
Almost 5 years ago, it was something of a normal night at the opera house. Both her parents were working that night. But something happened while the stage was being set up. Cai was setting up some seating on the stage when he fell from the top of the setup. He was severly injured and hospitalized. He was in a coma for almost 2 weeks before he passed away. This was devastating to the surviving family.
Mei felt like her soul was ripped out. She didn't want to face what had happened, she tried to avoid the realization of it all together. But she knew she had to keep strong for her mother's sake. Zan wanted to leave the life she had known, and so she and Mei moved to the United States.
Now Mei didn't have many skills to work with when she and her mother moved to America. But needing to work, Mei went job hunting. She put applications into random places, not caring where. She of course got many callbacks, but mostly for some.. unscrupulous people. They saw an oppurtunity to use her for something sexual, or to use her to make money for themselves. But while she does have looks, she also has brains. She was able to get a job at a plasma donation center as a phlebotomist. Luckily she didn't need any training, and had a very steady hand.

She now lives in her own apartment, only a few miles from her mother's house.

Tactile transmutation. When she comes into contact with matter, she has the power to change it's atomic make-up. This (thus far) works only on inoganic materials. So nothing living. She can change the state of matter from one simple pattern to another. Depending on how complicated the matter is, that determines how precise and stable the end result is. The more she understands something, the easier it is for her to transmute. She can transmute anything inorganic, but it is sometimes an imperfect transmutation at this stage of her development.

Hobbies and Interests:
She can sometimes be a tomboy, like things that a girl isn't suppose to like. In some people's opinion. She's an avid lover of anime and video games. She doesn't really have that much of a life, to be frank. She goes to work, comes home, and then goes to work. She can very solitary at times.

OOC Ons and Offs: Open to alot of things. We can just discuss, right?
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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #11 on: November 02, 2013, 05:26:47 pm »

Name:Jacob “Jake” “Wyld” Wyleman
Sex: Male
Relationship Status:single
Previous (Or current) Profession:college student


Hair: Short, Red
Eyes: deep Blue
Skin:fair, light tan
Weight:169 lbs
Other: Fre Freckles and beautymarks, a tail that may seem different from time to time.


Personality:tries to be laid back and easy going, evne when things may be rough. While he remains a college kid at heart, he still will help anyone he can, sometimes even cutting into his own time. He can be shy at times, but isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Background: Growing up Jake was quite the nerd. Comic books and cartoons dominated his childhood until videogames came to every day life. He always wondered what kind of world would come about if it were filled with superpowered beings. That was all fantasy of course. It inspired him though to want to write and draw. This passion would have him look to the local university.

While he was chasing his passions, the university life was all kinds of crazy as he wasn't doing too well in his weaker subjects like math. This was complicated and not made any better by a hard money situation that forced him to take out a job on the side of classes. He tries to relax and hang out, but sometimes he simply doesn't have the time

Things started to get weird after he got this years flu vaccine. When he got home, He wasn't feeling too well so he just went to bed to try and sleep it off. When he woke up he felt something new just above his backside. Whatever it was felt really pressed and contained. Taking a feel, his eyes went wide as his hands slid down the length of it. In a panic he jumped up and looked in the mirror, he had a tail! In a panic he found himself transforming into a tabby cat and scurrying all over what was his dorm room. After almost half an hour the now-cat had managed to get himself to calm down and focusing on human, human body. Alas, he was himself again, but that damn tail was still there. No, this wasn't a dream. Now what the hell was he going to do?

Symptoms:Mammalian transformation – Jake can turn himself into mammalian creatures.

Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, Gaming, Writing, philosophy, sociology and psychology, Women [what college kid isn’t?]

OOC Ons and Offs:above all else, smarts. Glasses, a ladies legs and redheads will get his attention quickly
Offs: anything that belongs in a toilet and blood play, NC.

*note* This character may possibly toy with the aspect of bestiality, but only if the partner wants to go there, he wont force anything.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #12 on: November 02, 2013, 06:52:17 pm »

Name: Bennett ‘Ben’ J. Atwell
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Police Detective


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tan
Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 6’2”
Other: (physical defects/mutations, overall appearance) has several tattoos.


Bennett or ‘Ben’ as most of his colleagues and friends refer to him as is known for his humor in the workplace. He loves to play pranks and tries to keep things light and funny around the office. It is a dangerous, dark, and often serious profession that he works in, so he does his best to crack jokes to try and keep everyone’s spirits up. Ben enjoys not being the center of attention though, he is one of the most modest and humble people you will ever meet. He has built a solid reputation as a good man and a great friend, and doesn’t want to do anything to tarnish that image.

Ben can be an emotional guy from time to time, but he has difficulty displaying and controlling those emotions. A lot of what he sees out in the field gets to him, even if he doesn’t outwardly show it. He cares about people in general. He likes to think he is a romantic type of guy but he fails horribly in that department all the time. The guy has held down a relationship for two years, that is the longest in his entire life. He has had his fair share of girlfriends, but nothing has ever worked out. Ben remains hopeful and optimistic, despite the lack of success in the dating department.

He keeps his fears bottled up within. The guy is afraid of drowning even though he can swim really well. Being a police detective, you don’t make a lot of friends outside of the precinct you work at. Ben has made a lot of enemies in his day. He is stubborn to a point, but knows that when he is not right about something, to let it go and move on. He doesn’t hold grudges, but don’t mistake that for easy forgiveness. If you haven’t earned it, you won’t get it. The guy can usually be seen throughout the day with a genuine smile on his face. He loves his job.


Ben grew up in a large family with five other brothers and sisters. He was one of the middle children, but he got just as much love and attention as everyone else in the house. He grew up with a love of being outside. You would always find him climbing trees in the backyard or tossing around a football out in the front yard. He would often take the heat/punishment for bad things that his younger siblings had done. He looked out for all of his brothers and sisters. Ben was outspoken as a child, but not rebellious, he knew when it was time to have fun and when it was time to be a respectable young man.

When school came around, he excelled in a few academic studies and was less interested in others. He did prove however to be a great football player and graduated high school with a full scholarship to a university within the state. He took the opportunity to continue playing football, though he also made sure to take school a lot more seriously this time around. He wanted to become a detective like his grandfather had been. So he worked his butt off and graduated in four years with a degree in criminology and forensics. He took a few months off to enjoy life and then aggressively pursued the police academy. It wasn’t an easy road at all, but Ben managed to find himself on the police force.

It had been only a year into his time as an officer and he was already making a name for himself. He had a passion for the force that wasn’t seen in a lot of his other peers. Ben was often criticized and ridiculed for loving his job too much. He was seen as ‘the golden boy’ of the precinct, but it didn’t bother him. Despite the negative view of him in the beginning, he slowly began to win over his fellow peers with his uplifting attitude and popular humor. It had been another year and a half before Ben would get the opportunity to become a detective, and it was another half a year when he finally became one.

With the recent flu vaccine that he has received, Ben has no idea that his life is about to change forever.

Symptoms: Speed

Hobbies and Interests: Sports, Hiking/Climbing, Crossfit, Traveling, Reading, Listening to music, Women.

OOC Ons and Offs: See my O/O’s.
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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #13 on: November 02, 2013, 08:07:59 pm »
I love semi-freeform games and especially this genre. I will certainly be creating a CS and a backup one as well just in case the main one is destroyed.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #14 on: November 02, 2013, 08:29:19 pm »
I might try to tweak her hobbies and interests a bit to make her a bit more three dimensional , but I thought I'd go ahead and express my interest and put a quick character sheet up! Happy to take suggestions and change that which does not fit.


Name: Janelle “Elle” Emory
Sex: Female
Relationship Status:Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Lab rat, well researcher actually.


Hair: Dark brown
Eyes:Hazel (occasionally described as amber, green, or brown depending on mood and lighting)
Skin: Pale, no scars or tattoos
Weight: 139
Height: 5’8”


Personality: Scientist is more than just her job, its her life.  Elle is focused and meticulous in everything that she does. She has more colleagues than real friends.   When asked to describe her many people use the word "nice" though they have to think for a few seconds before settling on that vague descriptor. She's quiet and polite but a bit uneasy around people especially when pushed for information on herself.  It isn't that she has anything to hide (at least not prior to her vaccine debacle) but instead is just a simple lack of social skills.

Background: Janelle grew up in midwestern suburbia.  Seward Nebraska to be exact.  Her parents are still professors at Concordia University (chemistry and theoretical mathematics).  As their only child she had a comfortable if somewhat over disciplined upbringing. When she was ten she asked her parents for a pet, expecting a dog or a cat like most of her peers.  She got an ant farm.  Fascinating and educational, but not exactly something that she could bond with. That pretty much became the story of her life.  For her excitement meant church groups and study sessions and she has followed the rather safe and comfortable path that has always been laid out there for her. With a few scholarships and her parents help she maintained a high course load and managed to get her masters degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (M.S.) by age 23.

Instead of going straight on to get her PhD she took a position in a Pfizer lab to get some 'real life experience'.   Turns out that said experience was doing  immunotherapy clinical trials for their oncology division.  Not on humans of course, mice and rats mostly.  She is happy to work whatever shift needs to be covered and some people exploit her willingness to cover for them.  Most weeks she averages 60+ hours in the lab.  Her one bedroom condo is perfectly suited to her needs and Janelle is rather content with her life.

At least until her yearly review came.  Janelle tried to get out of the mandatory flu shot.  For all the work she does with them she has never been overly fond of needles, especially when they are stuck into her.  However she was unable to get the whole religious exclusion that they'd accepted when she was hired and so she sucked it up managing not to faint when she got the routine vaccination.   

Symptoms: Mammalian Manipulation.  Depending on where the story starts and where their 'power level' is supposed to be I kind of see it going like this. First signs were simple moments of empathy, it was increasingly hard for her to be in the lab around the animals.  Pain, fear, exhaustion, it all got a bit overwhelming.  All she wanted was for it to go away... and then it did. She could calm them, control them somewhat.  So far its only worked on small mammals, rats, ferrets ect though she hasn't tried to branch out to other animals.  Hell Janelle is still not entirely sure that she's not going crazy and all of this is in her head.

Hobbies and Interests: Working, reading, people watching, has a morbid fascination with really bad horror movies, swimming.

OOC Ons and Offs:
Though not a virgin she has been rather sheltered she doesn't know enough to know what she might like or dislike.  Over the course of this story I see her as getting a bit more... aggressive and experimental as she gets in touch with her 'wild side' and starts experiencing life instead of just studying it.  My O/O page covers hard limits.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2013, 09:03:16 pm »


Name: Calvin Holmes
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Industrial painter


Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Light
Weight: 200 pounds
Height: 6 feet
Other: Calvin is a very down to earth man. He dresses in jeans, plaid and leather jackets on and off the job.


Personality: Outdoorsy, he loves to camp and to gaze at stars. Joker, he loves to pull pranks and make jokes-he may actually not be that funny, but he still loves to laugh. Tactile learner, Calvin learns best by doing, he has excellent memory as well--he won't forget how to fix something if he's done it before.
Background: Calving was raised by a single mother who was a waitress. As a child he spent more time on the playground than studying. He loved the outdoors more than anything. He dropped out of high school when he was 17 to raise his baby girl Lucile who (he found out later) was not actually his child. He still visits her from time to time. Calvin loved his high school sweet heart enough to marry her, but he was betrayed by the thought of her cheating on him that they broke off their marriage. His sweetheart married Lucile's biological father and Calvin moved states to build a life on his own. He has been working in construction for two years now after quitting his job as a waiter.
Calvin was not the best student in school, he rarely turned in homework or did well on test, but his memory is good so he did well in history class as he only had to remember events that happened in history. Math was a lost cause on him. Outside of school Calvin enjoyed to build things with his hands out of wood. He made a cutting board for his mother, as well as a mirror stand. Calvin also built sets for the theater department for the high school.
Calvin enjoys his job in construction despite the minimal pay. He loves building things and seeing things once they are completed. Calvin most recently started bridge painting as it pays well even though it is a risky business.
Symptoms: Invisibility.
Hobbies and Interests: Woodworking, painting, fishing.
OOC Ons and Offs: link

Name: Caren Cooper
Ethnicity: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Waitress


Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Medium
Weight: 140 pounds
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Other: Caren has an eclectic style. She dresses with and without the latest trends. She can be seen wearing a range of colors with mostly loose fabric. She wears her hair in side ponytails a majority of the time. When on the job, she wears a uniform with her hair down as she works at a classy upscale restaurant.

Personality: Polite, it's a habit from working in the service industry for five years. Smart-ass, she loves to be sarcastic and poke jokes at people rather than with people--she will make fun of herself more so than not. Artsy, she loves to create things, paintings, purses, clothes and jewelry in her free time. Athletic, Caren loves to jog for exercise as well as ride her bike, she enjoys the outside wind as she glides through the air like a bird.
Background: As a child Caren was a straight A student. Her mother and father expected her to become a doctor when she grew up because she was such a great student. She won many school prizes and scholarships in high school that her parents were shocked to find out she was going to be a waitress instead of attend university for free. Her parents have disowned her because of this, not wanting her to visit unless she decide to grow up and get a real job.
Caren was also great at basketball while in high school that she made the starting team, she injured her knee though senior year and had to quit the team due to her knee not healing back to its original state. She has not been able to run at full speed since the accident.
Caren has not been in a serious relationship since high school. After graduating she has become more focused on herself and reaching her own dreams despite her parents wishes.
Symptoms: Endurance
Hobbies and Interests: Fashion. Art.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #16 on: November 02, 2013, 09:23:42 pm »
Going to make my character for this later tonight.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
« Reply #17 on: November 02, 2013, 09:36:47 pm »

Name: Valerie "V" Anderson
Ethnicity: Japanese-American
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Full-time college student and part-time waitress at a local bar.


Hair: Black with brown streak
Eyes: Brown honey eyes.
Skin: Fair
Weight: Slim; 120lbs
Height: 5'4"
Other: Valerie has poor eyesight. Most of the time she wears contacts but has been known to sport her glasses around.


Personality: Valerie is constantly questioning the world around her. She seeks truth in all its many forms. She continuously searches for what is real and what is just fantasy. She is a pessimist internally but an optimist outwardly. As long as you don't try too hard to get to know her she is a pretty easy going person. She has an anxiety of letting people get close to her. Get too close and you'll find one day she simply disappears from your life. Stay at arms length and everything is fine.

Morally she is gray. She believes in doing what is right by her own definition. If what she believes is right opposes the general consensus then the general consensus is wrong. According to her at least. She's not afraid of doing what's 'wrong' as long as the ends justifies the means.

Background: Valerie's childhood is uneventful. She was a child of poor circumstance who seemingly won the lottery. She was adopted by a middle aged caucasian couple when she was just a newborn. She knows nothing about her parents other than they were native to Japan, immigrated to America, and wasn't ready for a child. She's never had much interest in tracking them down. What benefit would it give her? Peace of mind? Peace seemed so short lived.

Valerie had always been smart. Her father would tell her she was too smart for her own good. She could never just accept something at face value. It lead to her getting into a fair bit of trouble when she was young. Her father was the center of her life. He doted over her like she was the most perfect child on earth. Her mother was the stern figure who constantly reprimanded Valerie.

At times Valerie could see a look in her mothers eyes that she could never explain and never understood. It wasn't until after her father died that the look finally came to blows. Her mother resented her. Her father had been sterile. That was why she had been adopted; an attempt to fill that gap they couldn't naturally fill. While the father saw Valeries as his prized daughter her mother saw Valerie as a reminder of their failures.

When she was fifteen her adopted father passed away of heart disease leaving Valerie and her mother alone to face the world. The two rarely spoke. Valeries threw herself completely into school while her mother found release from her pain in other avenues. They spent three long years like this.  When  Valerie turned 18 and graduated she moved out. Her father had set aside a trust fund for her that gave her enough to get herself on her feet. It included enough for college and some extra cushion for her to make it through her college years.

That is where we find her now. She attends college trying to find her place in the world. She doesn't know what she wants but she has always had this feeling she was meant for something more. She had one close friend who keeps her feet on the ground. The only person able to penetrate her social bubble. When she isn't busy with college she waits tables at a local bar. The pay is borderline terrible but the tips make up for it. When she find herself free she like to venture into the forest at twilight and admire nature's beauty.

Symptoms: Elemental - Darkness

Depending on the exact definition of what you intended I could see this power starting out as only minor manipulation of existing shadows/darkness. Things such as solidification of shadows into various things such as mild armor, weapons, or bindings. The stronger the ability gets the better the things she can create becomes and the more resistant to light they become. At later levels she could potentially manifest shadows in the light (albeit weaker).

Also having the ability to see in the dark or have slightly heightened senses while in the dark would make sense but I'm not sure how that would play out. 

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing, and questioning.

OOC Ons and Offs: Extremely open. Just ask before you plunge.

Now for a question. What is your definition as to what the abilities of an Elemental - Darkness character would be? I've toyed with it a fair bit in my past and seen it done in a variety of ways. I don't want to cross the line into other abilities so I'm looking to see what falls under that ability by this games definition and what doesn't.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
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You guys are so quick. I will try to get up a sheet before tonight. >.>

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
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Yeesh. Yall don't mess around.

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
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Name: Amber Van Dale
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Full-time college student and part-time Sales Associate at a local electronics store


Hair: Long red hair with blonde highlights
Eyes: Sea green
Skin: Fair
Weight: 110
Height: 5' 10"


Personality: Despite Amber being a kind and easygoing person, she doesn't have a lot of friends, mainly due to her passiveness. She hates when people argue with one another and doesn't understand why people fight. Because of her passive nature, she tends to agree with other people and their view points no matter what. On top of this, Amber rarely speaks her mind and is completely content with having others make decisions for her. She is, by no means, a fighter but she will if she absolutely has to.

While at school or at work, she appears to lack any emotion, save for the slight smiles she sometimes musters up when something funny is said. It almost appears as though she is tired all of the time and spends most of her class time sleeping or spacing out. Despite this, she is an incredibly smart individual and is doing exceptionally well in all of her classes. The two things she is passionate about the most is her education and her taste in music and Amber thoroughly enjoys discussing anything related to them.

Background: Amber's childhood was, to her, a blur. A blur that she wished she remembered. Well, it wasn't that she forgot her younger days, it seemed that everyone else remembered a lot more about their childhood than she did. Amber was a single child, raised in a small suburb not far from the city. Her mother and father took care of her up until high school. she remembered one of her teachers, Mr. Rakozy. He was the biology teacher and, after class, he asked Amber to stay after. He wanted to tell her about possibly taking biology into consideration as a major, seeing as she did well in his class. "I will think about it." Amber said, or something along those lines. Anyways, it didn't matter now since she wasn't going into biology.

That was the only memory from high school she had? Well, there were other bits and pieces but, for some reason, that stuck out to her the most. Which, in some ways, was kind of pathetic. Even though Amber had made some friends her senior year, she never really did anything memorable. On the day of her graduation, her parents celebrated by taking her out to dinner. Then, they went home and Amber slept the rest of the night. There was no partying, no going over to another friends house. As far as Amber was concerned, it was just another day.

The following two to three weeks, Amber signed up for college even though she was unsure of what she wanted to do. Luckily, the college she applied to had a 'General Education' degree available, so Amber just put herself under that category until she could think of what she wanted to do. Saying her final goodbyes to her parents, she set off to the campus to begin her first day as a college student. Upon arriving, the RA's showed her to her room and advised her that her dorm mate had dropped out last minute. Not upset with the news, Amber was glad that she now had a two person room to herself. Currently, Amber lives on campus and works at a nearby electronics stores (think Best Buy) as a sales associate, letting life slowly pass her by.

Symptoms: Telekinesis

Hobbies and Interests: Listening to music, writing music, studying, school, reading, debating.

OOC Ons: Everything except scat

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
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yay more possible classmates!

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
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yay more possible classmates!

Was thinking the same thing.  :-)

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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
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Name: Jordan Grey A.K.A Mr.Grey
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: Twenty Three
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Full-Time College Student ( Forensic psychology)


Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Steely Blue
Skin: Pale
Weight: One Hundred And Seventy Pounds
Height: Six Foot Three
Other: (physical defects/mutations, overall appearance


Personality: Mr.Grey is a mixture of well-spoken articulation and cerebral cunning. He's purposely abrasive and incredibly reluctant to release any information about himself. While some would classify this as pathological lying , Mr.Grey views as a defense tactic in a hostile world. Knowledge is power and he wouldn't want anyone to have any power over him now would he? If one were to spend enough time to crack through his fortified psychological defenses , they would fine that he is an interesting man in a world of tedious medians. While admittedly almost everyone sees themselves as the forlorn rebel who has disassociated themselves with the monotonous of mainstream society , Mr.Grey seems to have actually done it.

While some of his own colleagues in psychology would refer to this condition as Sociopathy , Mr.Grey prefers to think of it as freedom. Freedom from the average man's lofty notions of justice and equality. The Fundamental Core of Mr.Grey's belief is that as a single member of a large society , his actions however heinous have no real effect on society at large and thus he is free to behave as rudely or as obscenely as he wants. In layman's terms , Regardless if Mr.Grey chooses to be a Arsonist or a Philanthropist , the human race will continue to thrive er go the choice between good and evil is arbitrary at best.

Background: Born to Rebecca and Jonathon Grey  on May , 22 , 1993 in Chicago  , Illinois , Jordan Grey's early childhood was that of your average American male. His mother was a Law Professor at Loyola University and his father  was an environmental lawyer. Jordan's  first decade on the planet passed without much fanfare. He was an above average student with below average social skills. Not that atypical of your average nerd. He had a  somewhat difficult time making friends but an easy time getting A's. Jordan's second decade of existence would prove to be much more exciting then the first.

First , At the ripe of thirteen Jordan's parents decided that he needed to take up an after school activity and while the Grey's expected then studious son  to take up  one of the fine arts. Jordan himself choose take up Ice Hockey. His father in particular as disappointed in this choice  while he was not entirely against his son picking up a physical sport , he had wished his son would've taken up the game of his namesake instead of ice hockey. Jonathon himself was an astute basketball fan and obviously as Jordan's name would imply , a huge fan of the Chicago bulls. Despite his fathers interest in basketball however , Jordan much more enjoyed the physicality  of ice hockey then the athleticism of basketball.

In fact , His parents were somewhat shocked when their son choose the role of brutish defencemen   then that of a technically skilled forward. It was in that activity , that Jordan's spectacularly  aggressive nature reared it's enthralling head. At such a young age , Most of Jordan's teammates and opponents enjoyed the showmanship of Hockey. They enjoyed  victory and success while Jordan dismissed these as unnecessary distractions. Jordan was much more interested in body checking  his opponents  then scoring goals and making his parents proud. In Fact , His  High School Hockey Coach called him the dirtiest player he had seen in thirty years of coaching Junior Hockey.

Jordan's Psychical Play and violent decimation of his  High School's opponents quickly earned the fancy of   his female classmates. However their fancying seemed to die out  almost instantly after realizing that he was not  a muscle bound jock reveling  in the thrill  of victory but  was a cunning  deviant who enjoyed slamming his body into others with  unrelenting brutality. Outside of High School Sports , Jordan was an  excellent student though  he did frequently in the principal's office due to the fact that he found   most of his classes boring. In his sophomore , He was nominated for Class President but resigned from the race because in his own words " Class President comes with a significant amount of responsibility. I don't feel responsible for any of my classmates. Their Success is not my concern."

Upon High School Gradation , Jordan announced to his parents that he would be enrolling in college as they expected. He decided to take up Criminal Psychology as the study of maniacal deviants  was a truly encapsulating experience for him. In his short time at university  , Jordan  has made a name for himself as the top student in his field though some of the administrators are rather putt off by his seemingly unending obsession with the  antisocial  outlaws that make up his curriculum. Outside of study however , Jordan found a new hobby and obsession   , telepathically  eavesdropping on the mind's of his attractive female classmates. Of course it's a rather tame bout of deviance in all actuality but something about the violation of personal privacy just rouses his psyche.

Symptoms: Mind - Telepathy

Mr.Grey has recently gained the ability to hear the occasional though of another person within his own mind as the result of a flu shot given on campus. At the moment , it's a  slightly rare occurrence without much value as  he has no real control over the information revealed to him. Sometimes it's as emotionally deep as learning someone just broke up with their longtime girlfriend to something as mundane as finding out what someone had breakfast that morning.

Hobbies and Interests: Studying , Watching Hockey , Horror Movies ,  Internet Pornography  and Rap Music specifically Hometown Hero Kanye West.
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Re: Deviations: The Outbreak (A Superhero based Semi-freeform)
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Name: Kyle Edwards
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Relationship Status: Single
Previous (Or current) Profession: Paramedic, Ex-USMC Recon (Medic)


Hair: Brown, medium length or short depending on time of year
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Tanned
Weight: 170lbs
Height: 6'0"
Other: Various tattoos (see pics)


Personality: Kyle has changed quite a bit since he was a young man. He's generally somewhat quiet, courteous and respectful despite his somewhat rough exterior. His eyes have the look of someone who has 'seen some shit' as the expression goes, though he never talks about it. He tends to be firm in his convictions and his mind can be hard to change once it is made up as he's learned to trust his own skills and instincts over others, but he's generally willing to listen to input and adjust as necessary.

He's good at thinking on the fly and can adapt to most any situation thanks to his history of jobs. Kyle also tends to avoid crowded, loud places like bars or shopping malls during busy times and he has developed a strong dislike of violence.

Background: Kyle is the single child of a pair of fairly loving parents. Early in childhood he realized they didn't quite have all the things other families tended to have, but it wasn't until junior high that he figured out they were flat out poor. His father worked two jobs and his mother worked one job and kept the house in order, but even with all of that things were always tight. In Junior High he was singled out a bit because of his clothes and because he was a scrawny kid who never ate much (or well), and he quickly became a bit of an introvert.

In high school he remained fairly quiet and he never really filled out much. The only activities at school he really took part in was when he joined the track team and he did pretty well there though he was far from a star and without any real one on one training he never became a star. His grades had always been middle of the road even though he worked hard and did all his homework, and it became apparent during his senior year that his choices for college would be limited - and expensive in terms of loans and everything else if he went that route. The other option was following in his parents footsteps and finding a job in construction or retail type work.

But Kyle wanted something more, he wanted to get away from things and he wanted to go to college - one opportunity presented itself: Joining the military. He signed up as soon as he was 18 and was shipped off immediately after finishing high school. In Basic Training,  he really found himself. The constant structure and training regimes made him more confident, and finally getting real food with a strong caloric content, combined with all of the workouts, really filled his body out nicely. More than that, he quickly became part of the team and finally 'one of the guys', and his quiet, friendly nature served him well in making friends. He broke out of his shell, lost his virginity, and got some tattoos - he loved it!

He excelled at his training and ended up with the Marines 1st Recon battallion as a combat medic. Over the next three years he was deployed multiple times overseas, seeing work in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. The things he saw there changed him greatly and towards the end of his 4 year enlistment he ended up somewhat depressed and shaken. He left the military at the first opportunity and wasn't sure what to do for himself. The idea of sitting in classrooms all day seemed absolutely alien to him after everything he'd been through, so he looked elsewhere and got certified as a paramedic instead which was fairly quick thanks to his previous training and experience.

For the last two years, he's spent most of his days in an ambulance, tending to the city's sick and wounded. But everything for him was about to change...

Body - Reflexes -
SL1 - Instinctive reactions - These days, Kyle seems to react before he's even thought about it. His body just knows what to do and moves him and his reaction times are far faster than a normal person.

Hobbies and Interests:
Fitness/Weightlifting, nutrition, running, hiking, camping, video games, men

OOC Ons and Offs: Mostly similar to my own as far as Offs go, anything else is negotiable.