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Author Topic: F for M char. Love,crime,action,plot,rich posts | TAKEN  (Read 631 times)

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Offline ChantalTopic starter

F for M char. Love,crime,action,plot,rich posts | TAKEN
« on: October 26, 2013, 02:01:31 pm »
Before answering PLEASE read my O&Os. Don't answer me with one sentence, I won't accept your offer. Tell me about your character and some ideas how to fill the story. You can be any gender, just need you to play male.

The story is taken.

Connie and Blade

Yes, the story is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde and also by this clip below (not the song). For long I had something similar this in my mind, but this clip was like an enlightenment, it put all the pieces in the perfect order.  The story has the beginning and the ending. I need a partner to help me fill the middle with rich posts :)

Connie is 22 years old, a fiance of a local politician. She was always a good girl but this relationship is not going well. He cheats on her, pushing, treating her worse and worse, like a property. She tries to deal with it in silence, for her father, but one day, at the party after another quarrel she loses her patience and tells him some nasty things. He takes her outside to yell at her and eventually punches her. Blade, a temporary worker of the place where the party took place (there can be any other reason for him to be there and witness the scene), sees this and beats the man back, defending the woman. For the first time someone defends her and additionally Connie is instantly charmed by this guy, who is a personification of a criminal - tattoos, bike, leather etc. She decides to take his offer and go with him.

He is a criminal indeed, but not a bad person. They fall in love with each other crazily and she follows him, becoming a criminal as well, having no regrets. Maybe even sometimes Blade will have to stop her from doing some unnecessary bad things? Or other way round? I want them to commit more and more serious crimes, eventually killing people while escaping etc. Police finds them at the end, but they refuse to surrender, cause it would cause them to be apart, so they die together.

I know it covers a whole story, but I believe it can still be filled with many interesting scenes, characters and relationship development. Also I see a lot of action, bullets, knives, maybe him teaching her how to use a knife and a gun? A lot of fun :)  I don't want them to be unnecessary cruel and killing just for killing, it just happens sometimes, not too often, just when things are out of control. I wish it to be the story of passion and love - showing how far they can go to, because they don't know how to get money for living in a different way.

I link this cause I want two scenes from it - when he beats the boyfriend back and whens he finds the weapon in his place. And tattoos :) I want action and intensive emotions in this story more than sex. (But there will be sex too obviously, rather wild)

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Offline pharaohash

Re: F for M char. Love,crime,action,plot,death,rich posts,char development
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2013, 09:16:58 pm »
I was reading your O&Os... you have extremely similar likes to me. I love it. This might turn into a really amazing role play if we work together! Assuming you'll take me.  ::)

I don't know about "Bonnie and Clyde", so hopefully that doesn't stop me from replying here.

All right, I guess I play the character Blade.
He is 28 years old and enjoys doing a little torturing of victims from time to time. Nothing too heavy, mind you, but this is in the early phase of their doing crime. I was thinking we could play this fault by starting off the relationship with a very physical connection. Eventually, he learns (Connie teaches?) that there are more affectionate ways to "torture".

Blade has killed before, but this has turned in to playing with his victims. I personally enjoy knives more than guns, so I would like to start off doing a bit more "up-close-and-personal type threats" if you know what I mean. In the beginning, this is how Blade expresses his feelings and makes himself feel alive. Connie will be the key to converting that energy into a more romantic, sexual feeling of being alive.

As for the crimes, we could probably start with somewhat smaller heists at smaller stores building up to raiding rich people's houses. Maybe we'll bump into the local politician friend?  ;)  I am all right with doing killings later on as well.

That linked video is indeed enlightening. If there are details you want to tweak, or if I make a mistake, let me know. I want this to last and be good for both of us.  :P  Is this okay? Anything more you want to know?