A small devil whispering to your ear... F for M / char development / plot

Started by Chantal, October 03, 2013, 09:51:07 AM

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Plot taken.  Thank you for the interest :)

There is a lot of smut, but also character development and a lot of plot.

A young priest (your character) is sent to a distant village to take palace of an old pastor, who died. Residents of the village welcome him happily, as for the long time there was no one who could take care of their souls. They are so happy that they invite him for a small welcoming celebration even. Few girls, clearly having no respect to his position, manage to bait him away from the crowd, to a secluded barn, trying to seduce him, testing his ability to be a real shepherd. The young man resists their advances, despite his high arousal, but he does this in a way which irritates or maybe even offends one of the girls. She decides to take a revenge and summons a demon to test priest's banishing skills. However she is no good in this and nothing happens. At least it is what they all think. In truth the demon was summoned but without physical projection and had to find a host immediately. The aroused, young and healthy priest seemed to be the best one.

The summoned demon was a succubus, a creature which needs sexual energy to live. Immediately she takes the control over the priest and rapes he first girl in range brutally, while the others run away screaming. After feeding the demon fades and leaves the priest alone, who is terrified of what he had done. He is aware of the demon inside his mind, but maybe he thinks it is gone after this first time? He is wrong.

The demon is silent only after getting fed. After this first time she realizes that forcing her host to do things like that is not good, maybe he considers killing himself? She cannot allow this obviously. So she does something different - she whispers to him, slowly waking up his arousal, deceives his senses, so he smells female smell more strongly than before. He doesn't see a tired woman, who carries the water, but a sensual hips movement, a strand of hair falling on a perfectly shaped shoulder, creamy, soft skin of her neck etc.

He would leave the village in his search for help.

I will be the demon, I would also lead the women he meets, but those are NPCs and can be led by my partner too. The first rape scene can be made by me (god mode) or by my partner, I don't mind either. Apart form this I don't plan any more god-mode situations. If he decides to rape a girl, it will be his own will ;)

I want to see the suffering of the priest, development of his sexual side and the inner struggle. She will be testing his taste, maybe even having some conversations with him.

I also have an idea for the ending, but it is for you to decide if you want to know it or not.

I want my partner to be a good , creative writer with many ideas and idea about character development.