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Author Topic: Flight of the Broken-Winged Crane [Exalted 2.5 GSPs & More - Recruitment Thread]  (Read 17218 times)

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Offline ShadowFox89

 Around what level of ability should we expect to have?

Offline CessaliTopic starter

The way the math worked out for me the few times I've tried it, a character built with this system and these freebies should broadly be about the level of a starting Exalt + 75ish experience.  Perhaps not world-shaking of their own might yet, but the kind of person who could fairly easily carve out a comfy little fiefdom or be renowned as a regional Person Of Note if they wanted to.

Offline Rajah

To answer the more mechanical question, Darkling, a third Excellency won't hurt you; it'll occupy (Essence) worth of non-Favored Charms in experience, which might be experience you want to spend elsewhere, but it'll also open you up to a third realm of things you can by-default be awesome in.  Most people find that two Yozi cover the largest range of behaviors that their characters are likely to pursue; a third will almost certainly cover the vast majority of the rest of cases.

To expand, you really SHOULDN'T need more than two Excellencies to cover everything in terms of dice-adding; if you do, you're probably stretching your character too thin conceptually and that tends to lead to mediocrity down the line: either you represent that full range of traits mechanically and so you end up not terribly good at anything, or you don't, and then those facets grow increasingly irrelevant.


Excellencies also open up Mythos Exultants, Sorcerous Initiations, and (theoretically, this actually isn't well-represented mechanically) "proprietary" Charmspace. Notables: all of Malfeas' dance Charms are presumably locked behind the one in Broken-Winged Crane. Cecelyne's delightful wish-granting panoply, Shadow Spite Curse (which is itself underwhelming but paves the way for BLACK MIRROR SHINTAI) from the Ebon Dragon...that's about it, but if you want one of those, it's a reasonable choice.

Offline ShadowFox89

 75xp isn't much :P

 Granted, I could spend several hundred XP just on charms >.>

 Probably just going to be rebuilding Cailana for this game, since I really liked her charm setup.

Offline Rajah

75xp isn't much :P

 Granted, I could spend several hundred XP just on charms >.>

You can manage most things. Virtues are the main sticking point for me right now, it's a massive opportunity cost you don't normally have to deal with in 2.5e to be heroic. Given that Limit Break for Solars is based on Virtues and everyone's supposed to have one at 3 or above especially. I'm trying to figure out what I can sacrifice to get two high.

Offline ShadowFox89

 My main problem with a pure XP system is that Willpower was never errata'd to where raising it after BP-chargen is such a foolish move.... As you're paying 52xp to go from 5 to 10.

Offline ShadowFox89

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Just imagine a bit smaller sword.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name(s): Cailana/Cail (depends on gender of form at the moment), the Evershifting Enchanter
Caste: Lunar Changing Moon
Age: ?



Essentials: 118xp
Essence: 4 (24xp)
Overdrive: 0/0

Willpower: 10 (70xp)
Compassion: 2 (3xp)
Conviction: 4 (Curse of the Heartless Weasel) (18xp)
Temperance: 1
Valor: 2 (3xp)

Health Levels;
 ~0 x 1
 ~1 x 2
 ~2 x 5
 ~4 x 2
 ~Inc x 1
 ~Dying x 3

Attributes: 144xp

Strength: ••• (12xp) | [f] Dexterity: ••••• (30xp) | Stamina: ••• (12xp)

[c] Charisma: ••• (9xp) | [c] Manipulation: ••• (9xp) | [c] Appearance: ••••• (30xp)

[f] Perception: •••• (18xp) | Intelligence: ••• (12xp) | Wits: ••• (12xp)

Abilities: 111xp
[f] Melee: ••••• (19xp); [f] Dodge: ••••• (19xp); Awareness: ••• (9xp); Athletics: ••• (9xp); Lore: •• (5xp); Linguistics: • (3xp); Occult: • (3xp); [f] Presence: •••• (12xp); Stealth ••• (9xp); Larceny: ••• (9xp); Socialize •• (5xp); Integrity ••• (9xp)

Charms; 240xp

(30xp) Strength: Applied Force Technique (3m), Gravity Intimidating Brutality (3m), First Strength Excellency

(64xp) Dexterity: Boxing With Shadows (3m), Sudden Snap Shadow (2m), Lightning Hands Prestidigitation (2m), First Dexterity Excellency (1-5m), Ebony Moth Maneuver (2m), Deadly Night's Shade (2m1wp), Night-Knife Trick (4m), Backstab-Wary Backstabber Attitude (3m), Cloud-Obscures-Moon Method (8m+)

(30xp) Stamina: All Enduring Witch Body, Hybrid Body Rearrangement, Change Internalizing Acceptance (4m)

(8xp) Charisma: Persuasive World-Whisper (4m)

(8xp) Manipulation: Mask-Piercing Insight (2m)

(56xp) Appearance: Hostile Streets Outsider (3m), Beauty in the Blinded Eye (8m 1HL), Totemic Self Announcement, Prejudice Dissolution Morphology (Twin-Face Hero, Many Hued Champion, +3m), Your Eternal Reward (+2m, +2wp), 2nd Appearance Excellency (2-4m), Flicker-Flash Phase
(10xp) Wits: Critical Flaw Deduction (2m)

(10xp) Intelligence: Self-Deluding Utility Beliefs (3m+, 1wp)

(32xp) Perception: Mythic Outsider Extrusion (4m/2m), Distance Violating Step (7m), Walls no Obstacle Prana (2m1wp), Parallel Intrusion Strike (8xp)

Backgrounds; 78xp
Tattoo Hearthstone Amulet • (3xp), Skinmount Amulet •• (6xp), Tattoo Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracer •• (6xp), Tattoo Moonsilver Chainshirt • (3xp), Gem of Spoken Languages (in hs bracer) ••• (9xp), Freedom Stone (in hs amulet) ••• (9xp), Infinite Resplendent Amulet (all mats) ••••• (15xp), Gem of Madness (in skinmount amulet) ••••• (15xp), Moonsilver Reaper Daiklave ••• (9xp), Cult • (3xp)


Bashing soak - ; Lethal soak - ; Hardness -; Dodge DV -
Join Combat - ; Move/Dash -; Dodge MDV -

Clinch | Speed 6 | Accuracy 10 | 3B Damage | Rate 1 | C, N, P
Kick | Speed 5 | Accuracy 10 | 6B Damage | PDV 5 | Rate 2 | N
Punch | Speed 5 | Accuracy 11 | 3B Damage | PDV 6 | Rate 3 | N

Current XP Spent: Essentials: 118xp + Attributes: 144xp + Abilities: 111xp + Charms; 248xp + Backgrounds; 78xp =
Total XP: 699 spent
« Last Edit: September 12, 2013, 03:42:32 am by ShadowFox89 »

Offline Rajah

Willpower 10 is, sadly, 70xp bought raw from 5. Favored abilities cost 3xp for the first dot (another annoying thing) and total out to 19xp each.

EDIT: Oh dear god, they never errata'd Specialties, did they?! 3xp each.

It's workable, I mean, it's just frustrating in places - mundane traits aren't as powerful as the magical ones, and arguably more character-defining, yet are so heavily penalized. Stamina 4->5 or two Resistance/Stamina/Malfeas Charms, you know? That is my Exalted dislike. Normal + 75xp is about right, but I feel like you can gain too much by gimping your mortal roots.
« Last Edit: September 06, 2013, 02:38:26 am by Rajah »

Offline Rajah

FINALLY figured out a name and title.

Defiler of the Sea That Marched Against The Flame, Artist in Ichor and Antinomy

Medicine, Occult, Lore, Presence, Socialize, Stealth, Linguistics; maybe Bureaucracy and/or Martial Arts. Compassion 5, Conviction 5. Closer to Sanger's character in terms of attitude than anyone else's - that's human Compassion 5, not Adorjan or SWLIHN's take on it. More later, obviously, just wanted to throw at least this out before I'm lost to life and consciousness.

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Nice, anyways I am defiler also but Malfean favored. So more 'tech emperor' sort deal.

Offline ChaoticSky

Nice, anyways I am defiler also but Malfean favored. So more 'tech emperor' sort deal.
should be fine, im going to favour Kimbery and just grab Malfease Excellency out of my own pocket for the dancing charm and kingly applications. shift my kingdom to a island.

Offline CessaliTopic starter

Dreams of Dust and Red-Drenched Maw now on the character list.

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Here comes my char, I took twice my initiation so I am sapphire circle sorcerer. However, I think initiation charms to sorcery should grant a single free spell upon gaining the initiation charm (and learning countermagic to respective circle costs half XP to learn). So I assumed I got a freebie spells with my initiations. If Jaric disagrees on the notion of freebie sorcery spells upon initiation (despite it making sense for Salina's weaving), I will pay XP for my sorcery spells then and know two less spells.

Anyways, I think I did the math right but Jarick or anyone else can feel free double check my XP spendings.

Three loves and one hate about Exalted
Loves: I like that the every char has potential to do epic anime styled ass-whooping crazy stuff, I love the variety of cultures in second age Creation and the history behind the world, I like that there are lots of factions with differing and some even related goals and ideas and how they are connected to each other, Also as fourth love I like all the 'secret' information layered in background what chars IC are not aware but are just waiting to be discovered

Hates: I hate that often than not mortals are dismissed as cannon fodder, as they can be kick ass awesome also and there are demon/god bloods around who can do amazing stuff with charm sets granted by their parentage. So, I would wish those mortals and semi-mortals or wyld mutants and beastmen get more spotlight besides exalted. Perhaps more accurate term for hate is for ST's who ignore some parts of Creation out of laziness to source materials (can understand if something is changed or removed to make game go smoother).

Type:Green Sun Prince, Infernal
Motivation:Create a perfect society/empire where he reigns as supreme emperor ruling over perfect subjects who seek perfection of self in service of him
Urge:Repair delzhan gender twisted logic in their culture into a proper split gender roles (instead forcing women act like men and deny them being women) or make them effectively genderless or dual gendered race.
Intimacies:Carnal Acts (positive), Peleps (Negative), Delzhans (Negative), Perfection (Positive), Denandsor (Positive), Neomahs (Positive), Evolution (Positive), Clockworks (Positive), Magitech (Positive), Sorcery (Positive), Guild (Positive), Yozis (Negative), Valiant Reign of Hope (Positive)
Anima:He forms a third eye with his caste mark blazing in infernal green and white flames erupting from it and bathing him in painful brilliance, upon iconic manifestation he forms giant gears which will cover horizon view
Anima Power:Add essence to Intelligence+Occult or Perception+Awareness regarding ID and detecting magic&charms and add +4 Dodge MDV against illusions.
Age:25 (apparent 20)
Birthday:8th of Resplendet Fire
Weight:180 lbs
Skin:Medium tan
Style:Chorgath prefers wear stark colors of black and red, clothing style usually flashy and flamboyant in tasteful manner and very loose and light.
Strength2  Charisma3  Perception3

Martial Arts3Performance3Investigation3


Craft modifiers

(Craft) Magitech3(Medicine) Genesis2(Presence) Seduction3
(War) Gateway3(Martial Arts) Natural Attacks1

Languages: Firetongue (native), High Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak


She Who Lives By Her Name (patron)
First Excellency, 1m/+1 dice
Factual Determination Analysis, 2m
Cosmic Transcendence of Compassion, permanent
Essence-Dissecting Stare, 5m
Counter-Conceptual Interposition, 8m
Mind-Hand Manipulation, 10m
Unseen Force Application, permanent
Chirality Prohibition Index, 10m+1wp

Malfeas (favored)
First Excellency, 1m/+1 dice
Effortless Malfeas Dominance, Permament
Hardened Devil Body (x1)
By Pain Reforged, 1hl

Heretical (broken-winged crane)
Emerald Angel Unfurling, 6m+1wp

Thaumaturge Arts&Procedures
+3 Degree in Art of Enchantment (Master)
+3 Degree in Art of Alchemy (Master)

Slave-Spawn Summons (pg165, MoP:Infernal), +20m
Fiend-Vassal Conscription (pg166, MoP:Infernal), +30m
Death of Obsidian Butterflies (pg252, Core), 15m
Sapphire Countermagic (pg252, Core), 15m/20m

Savant5 (Perfect recall of first age education and history)
Unwoven Coadjutor5 (Neomah)
Past Lives4 (Eam Usam, Powerful first age crafter)
Resource3 (Varied dealings with the Guild and other sources)
Manse3 (Neomah's former Guild lover's Creation based residence)
Artifact1 (Vitriol tainted orihalcum hearthstone amulet)
Cult1 (Neomah's own neomah cultists in Malfeas who revered her as icon before becoming Coadjutor)





Torment:She Who Lives By Her Name (Heart of Flint)

Limit Track:[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Defense Values:Physical:3, Mental:9

Soak:B2/L1/AX (unarmored B2/L1)

Health Levels:-0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, -4, incapacitated, x3 death

Telekinetic Blow: Speed 5, Accuracy +15, Damage 4B, Defense: 8, Rate 4, Range 14
Telekinetic Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy +15, Damage 4B, Rate 1, Range 14
Telekinetic Blade: As Telekinetic Blow, but Damage (Essence)L piercing (aggravated to creatures of the Wyld).

Essence: 4
Personal Pool: 22/22
Peripheral Pool: 51/40
Other Pools: ??
Committed: 11

Experience (Total/spend): 730/729
(-140) Attributes: +1 strength, +1 dexterity, +1 stamina, +2 charisma, +2 manipulation, +4 appearance, +2 perception, +4 intelligence, +2 wits
(-164) Abilities: +3 Martial Arts, +3 War, +4 Integrity, +3 Performance, +1 Resistance, +1 Survival, +4 Presence, +5 Craft, +3 Investigation, +5 Lore, +3 Medicine, +5 Occult, +3 Athletics, +3 Awareness, +1 Larceny, +1 Stealth, +3 Bureaucracy, +3 Linguistic, +1 Socialize
(-24) Specialties: Magitech+3 (craft), Genesis+2 (Medicine), Gateway+3 (War)
(-88) 11 Charms + (free) 2 excelencies (patron&favored)
(-48) Thaumaturge Degrees and Procedures: +3 Degree in Art of Enchantment, +3 Degree in Alchemy
(-34) Sorcery Initiations&Spells: Sorcerous Enligthentment of Malfeas (x2), Slave-Spawn Summons, Fiend-Vassal Conscription, Death of Obsidian Butterflies, Sapphire Countermagic
(-63) Backgrounds: Savant +5, Cult +1, Artifact +1, Resources +3, Manse +3, Past Lives (Eam Usam) +4, Unwoven Coadjutor +5
(-70) Willpower: From 5 to 10th
(-51) Virtues: Compassion +4, Conviction +2, Temperance +1, Valor +2
(-24) Essence: from 3th dot to 4th dot
Unwoven Coadjutor 5 charsheet
Walks on shadows of moonlight and whispers to broken hearts
Shizara, Mistress of Shattered Desires
Motivation: Fulfill desires of people and in return revered by them
Intimacies: Carnal Acts (positive), Flesh-weaving (positive), Wish granting (positive), Deny desire (negative), South (positive), Malfeas (negative), Seduction games (positive), Fellow neomah (Positive), Children (positive), Couples (positive), Other's suffering (negative), Her cultists (positive)

[] Strength•••••[] Charisma•••••[] Perception•••••
[] Dexterity•••••[] Manipulation•••••[] Intelligence•••••
[] Stamina•••••[] Appearance•••••[] Wits•••••
[] Athletics••••••Athletics - Contortion••Compassion••••
[] Awareness•••••Martial Arts - Natural Attacks••Conviction•••••
[] Occult••••Presence - Seduction•••Temperance••••
[] Craft (Flesh)•••••Stealth - In Shadows••Valor••••
[] Dodge•••••Performance - Erotic••
[] Integrity••••Willpower••••• •••• (+•••)
[] Linguistics•••••
[] Lore••••Essence••••••••••
[] Martial Arts•••••
[] Performance•••••
[] Presence••••
[] Resistance•••••
[] Stealth•••••
[] Socialize••••

Harrow the Mind - Create illussion worlds, 10m+1wp (Man + Pre + temperance x sux)
Principle of Motion - 6m+1wp/indefinately
Reserve of Will - +3 additional willpower
Shapechange - Change appearance and gender, 5m+1wp/scene
Weaving of Flesh - Craft flesh from a donated source to create children, 10m+1wp
Endownent - Gives/Awakens essence, increase abilities or attributes in return making a wish (in return getting eclipse sort bound oath favor from wish maker towards filler), none which abilities or attributes going past her essence score
Memory Mirror - Strongest desires in individual, 5m
First, Second and Third Excelency; Athletics, Dodge, Presence, Performance, Socialize

Unwoven Coadjutor 2: Your coadjutor provides a number of "free" speciality dots equal to your Essence, which must be appropriate to the coadjutor's species or personal capabilities. These dots do not count toward the maximum number of specialities a character can have in a single ability – nevertheless, you still cannot benefit from more than three dice from specialities on any given roll. If you learn actual specialities that would invalidate one of these "free" specialities, you may replace the useless specialities with new ones the next time you sleep.

Unwoven Coadjutor 3: You are intermingled enough with your coadjutor that its presence in your soul lulls the creatures of the Demon City, their suspicions dulled by your kindred nature. Your social attacks against natives of Malfeas always count as playing off an Intimacy of theirs, lowering their MDV as normal. However, your coadjutor also provides you with a single intimacy, which counts toward your normal (Willpower + Compassion) limit. This intimacy is always appropriate to the demon realm and the coadjutor; a marotte coadjutor might provide a positive intimacy toward demonic craft, greasy hair, bezoars, Malfean architecture, human babies, Gumela, Jacint or Adorjan, or a negative intimacy toward idleness. This intimacy can be eroded as normal, but you effectively spend a scene renewing it whenever you regain Willpower from sleeping or increase a trait with the help of your coadjutor. Should the coadjutor's nature undergo a significant shift, so can this intimacy, though it must remain appropriate.

Unwoven Coadjutor 4: Your coadjutor is aware enough that it can apply its own alien attentions to your surroundings, providing you with a sixth sense. You benefit from two bonus dice to all Perception or Awareness rolls, including Join Battle, which do not count as dice added by Charms. This does not add four dice when making a (Perception + Awareness) roll.

Unwoven Coadjutor 5: So woven are you and your coadjutor’s minds that playing to the mad impulses of the demon can soothe the madness of the Exalted mind. You acquire a unique Act of Villainy/Precipitous Fiat identical to the default Motivation of your coadjutor's species; spending a scene working toward that Motivation allows you lose a single point of Limit. If this Motivation would be impossible for a human, it is adapted to a more usable version that is similar in spirit; a decanthrope coadjutor, for example, would allow you to lose a single point of Limit at the end of any scene in which you acquired a useful underling, while a firmin coadjutor would reduce Limit at the end of any scene in which you built or improved your current dwelling.

Unique Act of Villainy: Fulfiller of Dark Desires
Chorgath who is so interwoven with his coadjutor has learned to appease growing wrath of primordials on him by simply helping fulfill others selfish desires like a devil's bargain. He must aid someone freely to achieve or get something what resonates with selfish desires of the individual. Example if individual want some woman wooed to him, Chorgath can use varied means to achieve this; create love potion for individual to use, create trinket which attracts the woman, use spell or charm to influence the woman or any other means to achieve the selfish end. Of course whatever service Chorgath grants he can himself decide will he try purposefully exploit any loops in request to create situation where receiver of the favor is unhappy with the end results or perfectly happy with them.

Shizara's Biography
Shizara was born like regular neomah, but unlike other neomah's she was different; she had a will, a curious will and one which explored her weird state among her neomah sisters. Shizara desired to be different, but she did not want use usual means to do she pondered can she use flesh-shaping upon herself? Use her own body as sacrificed component to flesh weave it to give her new body? Whatever happened, Shizara changed physically radically and it's strictly forbidden taboo from second circle and up to ever discuss how she achieved her transformation and knowledge of her transformation had been erased from her mind. But everyday when she looks on mirror and sees the results and is happy with herself when she was not before.

Because of this she gained fame among neomahs and she was highly revered on Malfeas, however she was unhappy in Malfeas and she sought to get into Creation. So she learned through meditating in Cecelyne silver sands the power of desire and she gained unexpected new charms able fulfill some simple desires and learn them easily from others! She was recruited to priesthood but she started advertise her new talent and she grew a solid cult in Malfeas. Then she was summoned to Creation because of her wish granting powers by a water aspect dragon-blood called Al'Dazim of Azure Veil. He was a delzhan who had been chosen by dragons and had studied sorcery to summon demons and other magics and he had already build his fortunes but he sought out perfect companion for bedroom and also plot along side him how build his empire.

Shizara willingly agreed, but over a century Al'Dazim gained vasts fortunes and he started grow content what he had....that was his death blow as then Shizara who had no reason betray Al'Dazim betrayed him before he could betray her by dismissing her back to Malfeas once he no longer needed her! So going around her sorcerous bindings she arranged a rival discover some his dealings and Shizara did not tell his rival what to do....but rival did for her to kill her master! Naturally she mourned the loss but also it was what she wanted...also final will of her master was to avenge his death and also run his empire to continue on, and so giving his priced concubine unique way freedom in Creation to continue do duty to her dead master. She avenged him but she started disguise herself as Al'Dazim to continue his empire but thanks lack of bureaucratic skills the much awed fortunes of Al'Dazim faded until all was left mere scraps and his personal residence in Chiasocuro.

Thanks her deed she was revered much in Malfeas where she did not want return....but was then infused to become Coadjutor against her will and then she was forced find suitable new master for herself whom she would infuse with together and she found Chorgath and read his desires and had learned what had happened to him.
Past Lives
Name: Eam Usam, governor, Maker and incarnation of founder of Denandsor (Stone Sculptor Tle, primordial war veteran), Mentor of Kal Bax
Died in: During Usurpation, abandoned by his solar students who fled to north and build Invisible Fortress, killed by Intrepid Jade
Motivation: Protect and make Denandsor prosper, by any means necessary
Intimacies: Denandsor (positive), Intrepid Jade (positive), Unconquered Sun (negative), His solar students (negative)

When speaking about Eam Usam you have to talk also about Stone Sculptor Tle, a twilight veteran from primordial war who was critical in finding way how defeat primordials no less. He was revered genius who had got hands on unknown source of knowledge (Broken-Winged Crane) which gave him deep insight to primordial nature to figure out their weakness and find way how defeat them. He found and build Denandsor as haven for twilights and all crafters alike and he found the legacy and legend of Denandsor.

However he died in 2182 by the behemoth Razor Maiden Storm. Eam Usam was then incarnation of Tle and thanks indricated security passages in place in Denandsor he became de facto governor of the city. However unlike Tle he had little to no interest in politics, economy or warfare, leaving most of it to his lunar mate who was naturally talented in those fields anyway. He later date then married Intrepid Jade, a dragon-blood governor in Denandsor and their vows were blessed by sidereal priest in grand ceremony and they had five children together (which three were chosen by the dragons). Eam Usam focused entirely on his artistic drive and on craftsmanship compared to Tle who thinked on bigger pictures.

Later on his life Eam Usam grew increasingly distant and paranoid to his solar students, going placing safety commands and hidden sub-commands to all constructs in Denandsor because he feared because his lack of interest in politics and economy the city would be taken by students who some had been taught by Tle! His paranoia grew more and more extreme to point the time near Usurpation was constantly filled by fear which was only calmed down by Intrepid Jade, even have grown cold relations to his own lunar mate. When usurpation happened, his students fled and he cursed them when they departed while he stayed behind to protect the city but he was betrayed by dragon-bloods, but thanks his paranoia he gave them a hell of a fight inside Denandsor until he was put his own wife.
Chorgath was born to south as bastard child of a delzhan noble and shamed dragon-blood dynast who was high breeding (breeding 5) but had done something earn ire of his house to get send to non-important outpost away from Blessed Isle. Chorgath was alienated from both cultures as he was illegitimate child of the delzhan mother (who was a woman but she had taken role of a 'man' in delzhan society so she could not have birthed child by her culture's customs) who's name he never learned. Dragon-blood side his father was Peleps Vandros, as some women could call dangerously handsome and charming. As his sweet surface hides a uglier personality. Only reason why he took the bastard for himself was for that if Chorgath exalts, he may be forgiven for whatever crime he did and invited back to Blessed Isle.

As he had no sympathy for his own bastard so he did not pay for his tutelage much, as Chorgath is largely self-educated through books and by his own activities (and so Chorgath lacks traditional intense dynast training). Chorgath had in youth a inquisitive personality, he was given in birthday a clockwork clock as a gift (a something what Vandros saw as random junk which he bought from the market). Chorgath then started dismantle the clock as he was curious to see how it worked and that is the central passion to him; study and see how things tick. Since then he had studied extensively lore and occult and even natural lore and medicine so he can understand how human and animal bodies work. Vandros himself did not care, he just waited him to exalt as he felt in strong confidence that even if mother was human his own superior breeding would carry through and Chorgath would exalt.

However, Vandros was disappointed as Chorgath did not exalt when he turned 20. Vandros had been patient and quiet but instead birthday party what Chorgath expected Vandros kicked him out from his house! Calling Chorgath a useless trash, a carbage which is no fit to be even his shit! Vandros, who had been deceived by the deceptive nice exterior of his father and had been fed a lie he took him out of good will realized that day he had been used by his own father and as he had 'failed to deliver' his expectations he was now worthless in his eyes. Once thrown out Chorgath was well educated highly intelligent man who had knack for varied crafts but he had no purpose nor money to survive.

During this bitter hour he was contacted by neomah called Shizara who then offered infernal exaltation as means to have revenge and serve a grand purpose where his talents and gifts would be recognized and even worshiped in revere by Chorgath embraced this destiny and merged with Shizara and went to Malfeas study and perfect his learned skills further into shocking heights of power and was very willing to work for yozis to make Reclamation to happen.

However, part way through whole Reclamation plan collapsed and infernals were cast out?! Second time Chorgath was abandoned so he with furious rage broke out from Malfeas and turning his former respect into hatred towards his former patrons! He only held more respect towards She Who Lives By Her Name who's gifts he embodies and he recognizes her as perfect being albeit a cold genius who's more alien than human. None the less he does not work for her and her goals despite respecting her a little.

Once he returned Chiasocuro, he took over Shizara's former manse as his new home resident and there he started apply his craftmanship. He knows he needs contacts, allies and resources for his goals. A one goal is in his mind to go East to go reclaim Denandsor, as his former exaltation was none other than Eam Usam himself; the governor and Maker of Denandsor. Interestingly enough Eam Usam had studied most forbidden tome in exalted history (which was stored in Denandsor by his former incarnation; Stone Sculptor Tle); Broken-Winged Crane. He had resisted the corruptive influence of the tome which drives solars become akuma. But he died in Usurpation and abandoned by his solar students and murdered by his own dragon-blood wife ended his story quite tragic way. With clarity of the memories of First Age and wonders of Denandsor tempt Chorgath but he is patient as he can with his approach as he had heard no one had breached into Denandsor since fortunate Shogunate era event where daimyo of Denandsor (a dragon-blood) had in panic of against Contagion activated something what he should not have.

Chorgath seeks to reclaim Denandsor and form his own ideal perfect society there where everyone has a place and purpose and that no one is worthless or garbage, especially so mortals. He plans use his infernal powers for good of uplifting humanity and become a god-king of humanity which he will push into a undying glorious legacy which shall continue on even if he would face unexpected demise.

Sorcerous Initiation sacrifices/Choices
Terrestrial: Nothing what he builds or crafts must be exclusively only usable to him. It means example he cannot build manse which will only recognize him as owner (he can attune to it alone but he cannot make insane safety measures which prevent anyone else attune to it).
Celestial: Give up vendetta to Peleps house, his father and mother. Simply accept he has transcended beyond the pity reasons of revenge but he still retains negative intimacy for those things and he may not hesitate to use violence if any of them get against him by their own actions.
Manse (Mansion of Dune Merchant)
This mansion was once property of a wealthy delzhan dragon-blood merchant known as Al'Dazim of Azure Veil, he century ago summoned a neomah as his ultimate concubine and lover and over time his lover cleverly got him killed but kept herself on Creation to fullfill her duties for a dead merchant and take over his business empire disguised as him. The manse resides in Chiasocuro and is made from brilliant crystal glass (originally broken like most other glass palaces but Al'Dazim repaired it with his fortunes). Below are details of manse's functions and provided hearthstone;

Hearthstone: Jewel of Clever Merchant (+3 Social and Mental rolls regarding business, negotiation, trade and running business, -2 smaller hearthstone compared manse rating)
Maintenance: X
Fragility: X
Habitabillity: X
Creation Points: 8pts
Features: Comfort Zone (1pt), Magical Convencies (1pt), Workshop Manse (Water Crafts, 3pt), Archive (5 terrestrial spells, +1 Guild speciality for Bureucracy and +1 Foreign Customs Socialize speciality, 2pt), Minor Tricks and Traps (1pt)

Details: As manse was property of a terrestrial sorcery skilled water aspected delzhan dragon-blood who was skilled merchant and alchemist to boot. So the manse provides variety luxury and useful features. One is that thanks cooling vents inside the glass the manse always keep a ideal cool temperature in the manse despite blazing heat outside hot desert sun in Chiasocuro.

Also despite made from magical reinforced glass the one convenience of the manse is that the hearthstone user can control transparency of the walls, rooms and so on and able change color of the glass in the manse structure. No need for mundane glass windows as you can on command dismiss or conjure them up. Normally the manse glass colors are related to colors associated with blue, green or purple. Another convenience is that the running water in the manse is whatever temperature the user of said water wants. It can come boiling hot ready for cooking in kitchen or calm soothing warm in baths. Third convenience is that everything remains spotless in the manse; no sand nor dust can enter or remain in the manse for long before they are washed away by conjured moisture of the manse. Even dirty boots become mysteriously cleaned.

The manse has flawless workshop for crafts related to water; it includes flawless alchemy laboratorio and kitchen besides anything else needed. Also manse sports a small library archive where there are instruction manuals for five terrestrial spells (Conjuring Azure Chariot, Diguise of the New Face, Droning Suggestion, Ritual of Elemental Empowerment and Infallible Messenger) and also archives regarding Guild infrastructure and also books detailing varied foreign customs and etiquette. Last but not least manse has some clever traps against unwated intrusion. At first in lobby there is maze of mirrors to mislead people out from the manse than entering deeper, only careful scrutinity allows person walk deeper (if not shattering the mirrors themselves but it's hard task as it's after all enchanced Chiasocuro glass).

Secondly none the rooms have doors at all; every room can be entered by touching a glyphed glass wall which melts around the touching hand and allows person walk through. However if hearthstone user so wishes, they can trap people into glass rooms with no chance to exit them (expect by breaking the glass) or deny entry to some rooms according hearthstone wearer's will. Lastly manse can trick that hallways are infinately long when in truth it's the glass which slides underneath the runner and the manse's color and glass shifting creates further illusion about momentum when person is running still. Only way reverse these trap is by will of hearthstone user dismiss them or person walk by pressing hands and feet against the walls and move along than user the floor or the roof.

Pulp fiction cover&stories

No party like in Malfeas (Starring Chorgath&Void Face Lover)
When they speak of Cynis orgies or parties ran by Guild they have not visited Malfeas where everyday and every night is a party! Not just for fun mind you; it is means to keep Adorjan's deadly silent winds at bay from city itself. It was one such usual parties where Chorgath attended and was listening a demon-blood singer in the background. However, then tattooed nude woman walked on the stage and gave sudden ending to the singing as she lustfully kissed and gripped the demon-blood singer who's singing had been rather excellent. However, when kiss broke the singer tried to protest....but no sound came from her lips? What had happened and why then with smirk the nude tattooed woman...which Chorgath now realized was Void Face Lover, now sings with vibrant melody?!

Encounters on Moonlight Cast Dunes (Starring Chorgath&Cailana/Cail)
There was hundreds of them...the dune people surrounded them from all sides. They stood in ancient ruins of a city which had been once been market outpost in First Age. A far deep in south and unlikely hold any wonders but still Chorgath and a warrior with a large blade had been gone there in search for treasures. But unexpected they had not counted for colony of Dune people who woke at night but hid during the day all around in the ruins. Chorgath smirks and says; "Hold them back while I solve our hostile native problem...." The man then suddenly shifted from man into a woman who pulled sword which now Chorgath recognized was made from moonsilver and she said; "Just do not let me do all the work!" Despite dazzled by the change Chorgath did not hesitate to start sorcerous incantation while dune people howled and charged upon them.

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Offline ChaoticSky

To answer the more mechanical question, Darkling, a third Excellency won't hurt you; it'll occupy (Essence) worth of non-Favored Charms in experience, which might be experience you want to spend elsewhere, but it'll also open you up to a third realm of things you can by-default be awesome in.  Most people find that two Yozi cover the largest range of behaviors that their characters are likely to pursue; a third will almost certainly cover the vast majority of the rest of cases.

A query on the concept: how do you see Dreams of Dust interacting with the other PCs when she's not acting in her capacity as seraphic defender of the volcano cult?  Unless everyone else decides that they want to play in that region on the long term, there are very likely going to arise situations where the question of "how does this affect me or my people" isn't one that's immediately relevant.

Mhm, i think ill go for it, its too tempting to do otherwise, and ive always been more about roleplay than rollplay.

Probably going to shift her kingdom to the west. just fyi, ill rewrite her blurb to account for the changes i have in mind. The fundaments remain though.

That said, mhmm, well, the overall quest should offer some benefit, i mean, i dont think any PC in any RPG ever has just faffed about for shits and giggles, theres always a goal in mind, whether that be justice, survival, righting wrongs, or getting sillyrich. Improving her kingdom (or herself) are her goals. That said, shes very... broad, when it comes to how she would interpret that goal.

Saving another kingdom might provide a ally and trading partner, raiding Sol's panoply might afford her with magitech and weapons for her kingdom, aiding in the reclamation could cement her dominion with the backing of free and greatful yozi, helping another exalt with a entirely unrelated matter could net her a favour owed. You name it and she could probably find a use for it.

Offline Zaer Darkwail

As Darkling is aligned to west, Chorgath is aligned to south but also aims towards Denandsor (so eventually head to East but he likely lingers in South for a time).

Anyways I know my background section is lack luster but I lost writing energy while hungry and I could not go eat before I post (and now waiting is my XP spending correct and I can flesh out my background some more and think more in detail intimacies and such). Overall idea is that he may go correct (as more immediate concern) the gender roles the delzhans have (prevent forming caste of gender where women take gray sash and then they are considered 'men' despite they have serious case of boobs).

Offline ChaoticSky

*whistles* glad i didnt decide to use my dereth character for this game XD

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I'd forgotten my usual policy on that.  Purchasing a new initiation of Sorcery or Necromancy provides you one free spell of the according rank at no cost.

What were Chorgath's sorcery initiations, and can you give me a general outline of the greater good that his Cosmic Transcendence of Compassion works towards?

Offline Zaer Darkwail

He had both Malfean sorcerous initiations (so he does 1 1/2 more dmg with any attack spells, although not sure would Incomparable Body Arsenal benefit from it but it would be so Malfeas to enhance spells which allows turn your body into lethal weapon).

Anyways, he studied the sorcery in the Malfeas and he went through all rites in there. His sacrifices are;

Terrestrial: Chorgath sacrificed a concept that whatever he creates must be also be usable for someone else. He cannot create something what is useful only for himself and for his personal joy. So he needs to be able always to share his creations to others.
Celestial: Chorgath sacrificed his revenge on house Peleps and on his father or his mother. He still hates Peleps and his father and also has cold feelings towards delzhan mother, but he no longer seeks out revenge on either but he will not hesitate kill them if they get on his way or try harm him.

The Greater Good: My char views world at large like a singular clockwork; meaning everything connects in there to each other or fulfills a function and purpose. So greater good is that he can do things which help strengthen or maintain the overall frame work while he removes individual gears to be replaced new and better ones. Or removed if existence of the gear hinders the whole clockwork.

Example; if he is unable change delzhans he wipes them out entirely and replaces them with new delzhans which 'function' better with rest of the Creation. As defiler with pyrian tendencies he approves things which have logical function and purpose but also understands emotions have meaning so long they are productive emotions instead senseless destructive/corrosive ones.
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Dreams of Dust and Red-Drenched Maw now on the character list.

Ha. Coincidentally, it looks like antimony would work just fine as a poisonous white metal - I am now torn between that and my original spelling of antinomy, which refers to mutually invalidating rules of logic. It's annoying that the spellcheck only recognizes the former, it kept throwing me off too.

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*looks at the picture Zaer used*


Copy-cat :P

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Copycat how? I used this pic in one Devil-Tiger game in Rpol but the game died :P.

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 Look at the portrait picture for Silk :P

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Oh yeah, did not intent copycat :P. Just liked this pic because it had infernal look on it.

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 Hmm... I have 140XP to spend....

 Maybe another essence dot and spend the rest on charms >.>

Offline Zaer Darkwail

4th essence dot is very good spot for most exalts. Then charms are of course always good investment so long you get something solid done with them.

Sadly though in mine it's bit shambles as I am not too deep neither Malfean or SWILIH trees, but hoping if math was done right I could write Pulp fiction story with someone involved and get extra 10 XP and so could get one more charm (or more if making more than one story).