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Author Topic: Flight of the Broken-Winged Crane [Exalted 2.5 GSPs & More - Recruitment Thread]  (Read 17223 times)

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Offline Re Z L

*whistles* thats a cool picture ReL! I've never seen it before, which is rare considering how much a trawl for images of that sort o.o

It's the precious


It's probably one of my favorite pictures I've found

Offline ShadowFox89

 I need a better picture for Cailana >.<

 I might drop the Gem of Madness... but the effects are really nice. I mean, really really nice. Like, fuck up any mortal who attacks you, nice.

Offline CessaliTopic starter

Void Face Lover added to the character list, Tres's information updated on same.

Tuesday I'll put on my Mechanics Cap and start seriously going over the sheets that have been submitted thus far.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Nice pic indeed, gorgeous :). Looks like she could be wearing demonic ink tattoo some kind (or use one demons which turns your body hard as if wearing armor).

Offline Anon315

Question: Do we still get the free backing/influence that it says we get with our Yozi patron?

Offline Rajah

Question: Do we still get the free backing/influence that it says we get with our Yozi patron?

It's noted under the Malfeas section that some Yozis still offer patronage - Kimbery and SWLIHN, I think? - but most don't.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Kimberly and SWILIH offer sponsorship if you directly work for them while TED actively gives support and guides Reclamation to occur anyway (and offers Infamy background for TED Reclamation loyalists). So far as I understand it anyways.

But if you want go independent, you get zero support and I build Chorgath as that sort infernal despite SWILIH was originally his patron.

Offline Anon315

KK. My Fiend's motivation, and yes he is now officially a fiend, is to bed and wed (in any order) the Maidens. Preferably all of them, at once or one after the other. I'm TED's loyal servant otherwise, sowing discord and disruption as I am able.

Offline ChaoticSky

Actually, we dont get any of the free stuff Infernals normally get. I asked Jarick about this earlier. I presume, that since the Reclaimation is over, the onus fell to the infernals to build that relationship or not. so you have to pay for your own back/influ/cult

Offline Anon315

Again, was only asking about the backing and such, the rest is pretty clearly laid out (though it says we do get free excellencies, woot woot... this campaign seems really powerful, maybe my math is just somehow wrong.)

Online Zaer Darkwail

No backing any sort unless you spend the XP for it. But I was surprised that 700 XP was enough to build my char and feel he was actually bit experienced (if bit poor background dot wise). He is strong char although I feel sting for not having Mind-Hands :(.

Anyways, does anyone want connect their chars to Chorgath so I can write short pulp fiction story about them? In my charsheet post there is even nice poster image for the story :P.
« Last Edit: September 09, 2013, 04:49:14 pm by Zaer Darkwail »

Offline Rajah


Artist in Ichor and Antinomy
Defiler of the Sea That Marched Against the Flame

Scripture of the Unbound Maiden
Once, there was a maiden...

...whose heart yearned to dance, though she was made all of stone.
She stood atop a great cliff, shining eyes to the horizon,
Until one day the cliff collapsed and she fell into the sea,
Sinking almost to forever,
Where she shattered apart from the pressure,
The shards of her scattering like hunting sharks.
Inside she was nothing but blood and dreams,
And together with the current, she could dance all she wanted -
"Oh, if only my heart could be here," she whispered.

Once, there was a maiden...

...who danced with the sea, and grew sick to death of dancing.
She tried to remember what she had done before;
She had had a heart of glass,
And teeth of iron,
But she couldn't remember which she had broken,
Or how.
One day, she remembered:
She had broken everything
By trying to be whole.
"The truth is a hard thing," said her heart.
"The truth is fragile," said her teeth.
"The truth is what you make of it," she said.


Once upon a time, there was a man named Iselsi Qin, a successful young Realm captain and master of the small manners of trade, business, and bureaucracy, with blood so pure it might as well have been brine from the heart of the West Pole and a shining future ahead in the Scarlet Dynasty. Qin died at sea, however, and the favor of the Dragons died with him. There was nothing that remained but the eunuch slave of the Lintha known as Siaka With Jaws Wired Shut. And then one day something terrible happened, and now there is not even that.

Red-Drenched Maw is what an Infernal looks like in the process of recovering a humanity too long and too totally forsaken during the Reclamation.He has walked in madness, and now madness walks in him, its bite festering in his mind like that of a rabid dog. He can barely recognize the path; nonetheless, he seeks it, unmaking and reconstructing the world as he passes to reassure himself he still knows right from wrong. He doesn’t, not really. He thinks he’s following a trail blazed by the Sun, but the mad light haunting the monastery inside him is nothing so recognizable. A paradise nightmare built of shattered spheres and poison-drowned idealism, burning in colors Creation’s sky has never seen. Still, he’s trying. In the process, he just might save the world.

Unless, of course, it’s too late for that...

Character Goals

Explore the race for new genesis in a world falling to apocalypse; explore the emotional resonance of characters coming to terms with their growing monstrousness and inhuman sympathies; be awesome.

Motivation:  Become Creation’s new and brightest Sun.
Urge: Evangelically spread compassion, zen, and death. (Adorjani)

Campaign Preference 

Mixed. Plane-trotting with anchoring regions and things to care about.

Exalted Love 

I love the freedom to go haring off and define your own impossible shinma-scarring weirdness.
I love the incredible recombinant cultures of Creation and the trillion unique vistas it holds.
I love the raksha, the idea of an infinite Wyld full of Disney’s Genie-esque storytellers ranging from the benign to the hilarious to the deadly to the unspeakable.

Exalted Hate

Scaling costs for mundane traits is ridiculous. It is not worth even one Charm to boost Strength by one dot. I could probably go on for pages about this, but suffice to say, I loathe that character development is savagely penalized against a backdrop of unlimited magical power.
« Last Edit: September 09, 2013, 09:49:24 pm by Rajah »

Offline ChaoticSky

Hum, now i have a idea for a solar stuck in my head >_<

Offline ShadowFox89


 Well, I still need to find a better picture for my character.... And make a background and personality >.>

Offline Re Z L

Hum, now i have a idea for a solar stuck in my head >_<

Oh you  ;D

Offline ShadowFox89

 I would do a daughter of Five Days Darkness, but I already have one of those :P

Offline Re Z L

Void Face Lover
Courtesan who Sings Silent Psalms

Player:Re Z L
Motivation:Discover and crystallize True Love into a physical form
Urge:Remove the ability to sing of anyone who can sing better than herself
Intimacies: (Pos: 5/12  Neg: 3/Unlimited)
  • Freedom (+Aspiration)
  • True Love (+Seeking)
  • Singing (+Enjoyment)
  • Death (+Amusement)
  • Mortals (+Pleasant Distractions)
  • Familiar - Pebble Chaser (+Motherly Love)
  • Coadjutor - Swims as Quicksilver in Moonlight (+Grudging Respect)
  • Past Life (-Annoyance)
  • Betrayal (-Contempt)
  • Love (-Hate)
Anima:Under Construction
Birthday:21st of Ascendant Water
Weight:100 lbs
Skin:Soft, pale white
Hair:Short black hair
Eyes:Sky blue

Character Stats
[] Strength•••••[] Charisma•••••[] Perception••••
[] Dexterity••••[] Manipulation•••••[] Intelligence•••••
[] Stamina••••[] Appearance•••••[] Wits•••••

[] Archery•••••[] Integrity•••••[] Craft•••••
[•] Martial Arts•••••[•] Performance••••[] Investigation•••••
[] Melee•••••[•] Presence••••[] Lore•••••
[] Thrown•••••[•] Resistance••••[] Medicine•••••
[] War•••••[] Survival•••••[] Occult•••••
[•] Athletics•••••[] Bureaucracy•••••Presence - Nonverbal••
[•] Awareness••••[] Linguistics•••••Martial Arts - Unrestrained Violence••
[•] Dodge••••[] Ride•••••Performance - Singing•••
[•] Larceny•••••[] Sail•••••Performance - Dance••
[•] Stealth••••[•] Socialize•••••Larceny - Disguise••
                                                                                                                        Stealth - Hiding in Place••
                                                                                                                        Resistance - Poison••
                                                                                                                        Athletics - Swimming••
                                                                                                                        Dodge - Underwater••

Languages: Rivertongue (Native), Old Realm, Seatongue, Low Realm

Artifact (Skin Mount Amulet)•••••
Artifact (Demon-Ink Tattoo)•••••
Manse (Gem of Desire)•••••
Demonic Familiar (Chalcothete)•••••
Past Life••••
Unwoven Coadjutor•••••

Virtues and Willpower
VIRTUES (33xp)
Limit[••••• •••••]
Virtue Flaw:The Torment of Adorjan
Break Effect:For one full day, the character completely loses all communicative abilities. She cannot speak, her writing appears to be gibberish and even her hand gestures are completely unintelligible to others. All communication attempts on the part of an affected individual automatically fail.

Worse, the effects of this muteness are extremely unnerving for those with whom the Prince even attempts to interact…preternaturally so. For the duration of the Torment, the Infernal also becomes a vector for
a magical version of the hysteria disease (see Exalted, p. 352).  This magical disease follows all the normal rules for hysteria except that players of characters exposed to it (whether through direct contact with the Prince or through subsequent contact with an infected person) do not roll (Stamina + Resistance) against hysteria’s normal Virulence.  Instead, compare exposed characters’ Dodge MDVs to the (Essence + primary Virtue) of the Prince being punished. The precise nature of this contagious hysteria is for the Storyteller to decide—hysterical deafness and/or dumbness are both common, but other hysterical beliefs might also be appropriate.

Non-extras may resist the symptoms of this hysteria for one scene by spending one Willpower point or break the effect completely by spending Willpower equal to the Infernal’s Essence.
Partial Control:N/A

Willpower: ••••• ••••• (36xp)

Essence and Charms
Essence: ••••• ••••• (24xp)
Personal Pool: 20
Peripheral Pool: 45
Overdrive Pool: 0/10

CHARMS (320xp)
  • First Adorjan Excellency
  • Wind-Born Stride
  • Joy in Violence Approach
  • Self as Cyclone Stance
  • Threat-Monitoring Excitement
  • Splintered Gale Shintai (x2)
  • Sacred Kamilla's Inhalation
  • Freedom Lets Go
  • Tragic Love Amusement
  • Wind Carried Passion
  • Embracing Empty Passion
  • Broken Silence Laughter Defense
  • Who Strikes the Wind?
  • Kalmanka's Grace
  • Murder is Meat
  • Running to Forever
  • Hateful Wretched Noise
  • Eloquence in Unspoken Words
  • Voice-Drinking Kiss
  • Death-Dealing Journey
  • First Kimbery Excellency
  • Mother Sea Mastery
  • Tidal Renewal Discipline
  • Sea Dissolves Herself
  • Spiteful Sea Tincture (x2)
  • Intolerable Burning Truths (Hate Springs Eternal)
  • Bitter Heart Unbleeding
  • Sea Within Veins Prana
  • Retribution Will Follow
  • Raging Behemoth Charge
  • Infernal Monster Form
  • God-Smashing Blow
  • Leaping Smash Technique
  • Bounding Beast Advance
  • Fists of the Old Ones
  • Hardened Devil Body
  • By Pain Reforged
  • Scar-Writ Saga Shield (x2)

Merits, Flaws, Mutations

FLAWS (+0)


Expanded Backgrounds and Equipment

Demonic Familiar 3 (Genesis 6)
Pebble Chaser
Chalcothete of Swims as Quicksilver in Moonlight
[] Strength•••••[] Charisma•••••[] Perception•••••
[] Dexterity••••[] Manipulation••••[] Intelligence•••••
[] Stamina•••••[] Appearance••••[] Wits•••••
[] Athletics•••••Compassion•••••
[] Awareness•••••Conviction•••••
[] Craft (Earth)•••••Temperance•••••
[] Dodge•••••Valor••••
[] Martial Arts•••••
[] Performance••••Willpower••••• •••••
[] Presence•••••
[] Resistance••••Essence•••• •••••
[] Stealth•••••

  • (-4mp) Creature of Darkness
  • (0mp) Native to Malfeas
  • (6mp) Enlightened Essence (17 motes)
  • (2mp) Natural Swimmer
  • (2mp) Superior Soak
  • (4mp) Natural Hardness
  • (-2mp) Small (small dog)
  • (-6mp) No Opposable Thumbs
  • (2mp) Water Breather
  • (1mp) Natural Tool (rock dissolving spit)
  • (1mp) Earth Metabolism
  • (1mp) Expanded Diet (Rock)
  • (-2mp) Large Appetite
  • (2mp) Burrower
  • (2mp) Rock Digger
  • (2mp) Tunneller

Unwoven Coadjutor 3
Swims as Quicksilver in Moonlight
Demjen, the Quickeners of Ores

[] Strength•••••[] Charisma••••[] Perception••••
[] Dexterity••••[] Manipulation••••[] Intelligence•••••
[] Stamina•••••[] Appearance••••[] Wits••••
[] Athletics••••Craft (Earth) - Mining•••Compassion•••••
[] Awareness••••Performance - Singing••Conviction••••
[] Bureaucracy•••••War - Chalcothetes••Temperance•••••
[] Craft (Earth)•••••Dodge - Underwater••Valor•••••
[] Dodge••••Resistance - Poison••
[] Integrity•••••Willpower••••• •••••
[] Linguistics•••••
[] Lore••••••Essence••••• •••••
[] Martial Arts•••••
[] Occult••••
[] Performance•••••
[] Presence•••••
[] Resistance••••
[] Sail••••••
[] Socialize•••••
[] War•••••

Bread of Weak Spirit - Chalcothetes
Call - Chalcothetes
Endowment - Chalcothetes
Eye of Inspiration - Chalcothetes
Host of Spirits - Creates Chalcothetes from ore
Landscape Travel - Swim at double speed
Materialize - 55m
Mind-Knife Sacrament - Chalcothetes
Shatter - Its song fractures stone
Words of Power - The lithic timbre of its voice inflicts damage on its enemies
First Excellency - Craft, Performance, War, Occult
Second Excellency - Craft, Performance, Sail
Third Excellency - Craft, Performance

Grants (Essence) bonus specialty dots appropriate to its type.  Bonus specialty dots are reflected as blue dots in character stats.

Unwoven Coadjutor 3: You are intermingled enough with your coadjutor that its presence in your soul lulls the creatures of the Demon City, their suspicions dulled by your kindred nature. Your social attacks against natives of Malfeas always count as playing off an Intimacy of theirs, lowering their MDV as normal. However, your coadjutor also provides you with a single intimacy, which counts toward your normal (Willpower + Compassion) limit. This intimacy is always appropriate to the demon realm and the coadjutor; a marotte coadjutor might provide a positive intimacy toward demonic craft, greasy hair, bezoars, Malfean architecture, human babies, Gumela, Jacint or Adorjan, or a negative intimacy toward idleness. This intimacy can be eroded as normal, but you effectively spend a scene renewing it whenever you regain Willpower from sleeping or increase a trait with the help of your coadjutor. Should the coadjutor's nature undergo a significant shift, so can this intimacy, though it must remain appropriate.

Manse 3
Hegra aspected manse within Malfeas which grows the Gem of Desire.

Past Life 4
Motivation:  Maintain law and order in the threshold by maintaining faith in the Solar Empire

Key points (to expand upon later):
  • Responsible for maintaining "order" in areas removed from the Blessed Isle
  • Lunar Mate disappeared shortly after returning from the journey of the Black Nadir Concordant

Demon-Ink Tattoo Artifact 2
A black Gethin, the Harvester of Rarities, flecked with a scintillating green coiled around her torso and reaching outwards towards her Skin-Mount Amulet at the top of her sternum.

(Bonuses are reflected in the sheet as green dots)

Performance - Dance
Larceny - Disguise
Stealth - Hiding in Place


Skin-Mount Amulet Artifact 2
Placed at the top of her sternum, a short distance from her collarbones, and set with the red, heart-shaped Gem of Desire.

Character History
Some of the details lost to the annals of time and obscurity, known only to the mute singer and her coadjutor.  Silent as the edge of the knife against a sheet of silk, and as brutal as a hailstorm, her reputation wasn't entirely unknown amongst the ranks of demons before the official dissolution of the Reclamation Project.  For those that knew of her the story of her origin went thus:

It begins with an insignificant mortal girl--as these things usually do--from the East.  Whether from one of the Hundred Kingdoms, or some smaller town along the Gray River, or from among the Marukan Alliance, it matters little.  Wherever she was from it wasn't enough to quench a heart full of dreams of greater things and so she went like so many others to the city of Nexus to find her fortune or her folly.  She worked for a handful of years in the city, small jobs to get herself by hoping that the next day might be the day that she finally found happiness--whatever that was.

When she'd met a young Guild member she was immediately swept up in the currents of love, or so she felt.  He charmed her, and she would do anything for him.  She'd severed all ties to her former life, gave herself to him completely, and that reliance was met by swift betrayal.

The gifts came and the praises and the rich life--or at least richer than her previous life.  It caught her up in a whirlwind of emotion and threw her decidedly off-balance.  It began by repaying debts that he owed for gifts he'd bought her, but then it was for simple debts that he owed other business partners, and then it was no longer concealed as anything other than what it was.  She was his whore, and ultimately just another source of income to him.  Her reliance upon him was already absolute, however, and she had no real way to escape.  By having sex with other people she knew she was helping him, making him proud of her, even if he beat her and called her names.

At least once this way of life was threatened when a client said he was going to report it, and try and help her.  Set over by a panic at the realization of the ending of her life, her whole world, she killed the man.  Pushed to the edge of what she could normally handle emotionally she felt a certain thrill with the act of the kill, though pushed it out of her mind as the reality of the emotional murder set in on her.  She didn't know what to do with the body, but she made due as best as she could, cutting it into very small pieces and carrying them out bit by bit to wash them away in different parts of the city.

Unbeknownst to her she wasn't the only victim of the merchant.

The murder was investigated, but she managed to hide herself well, and the victim hadn't made it well known that he was seeing a prostitute in the first place, so she avoided the minimal ire of Nexus' policing mercenaries.  The act still gnawed at her already damaged psyche, a tiny niggling thought that wouldn't go away.  She decided to tell her lover about it to help assuage her lingering doubts and fears several months after the fact.  When she came into his room unannounced she found him with another girl that send her mind on a spiral of recollection, reliving the moments of their first meeting, seeing her face in place of the other girl's.  She swelled within with some kind of rage, or power, or righteous indignation, she could have saved the girl but instead the already fractured mind finally broke.

After knocking him out with a nearby vase, she turned her attentions to the girl, and with a sharp shard of porcelain from the vase and a quiet string of giggles she dealt with the usurper in the most direct way she could.

The man woke up restrained on the bed with Void Face Lover singing a quiet lullaby.  She whispered reassuring words to him after he awoke and screamed, telling him that she'd always love him, and that they'd always be together.  The man's guards came in just in time to save him from whatever fate she had in mind for them both, beat her into unconsciousness and cleaned the room to hide the crimes committed within.

For fear of going forward to the courts--if you could call them such a thing--of Nexus, he instead had his guards deal with her, hurling her body out into the river, and letting the waters engulf her madness.

Consciousness was like a hazy dream as she slowly drifted down in her half-conscious state, but it was enough to catch sight of a Demjen swimming up to her followed by an excrutiating pain.  The chrysalis, like a bubble, carried her down the river until she finished her transformation and was finally dredged up by the Marukan.  Hidden agents among the Marukani, somehow alerted about her arrival, secreted her away to Malfeas where she eventually received more formal "training".

She would not return to Nexus for several years, until it came time to drown the city in the loving embrace of the rivers that surrounded it.  There was no way for her to know if her former lover was within the city at the time, or where he might have ended up.

When pushed to greatness some bend like the recurve of a bow, others snap and are never quite the same.


« Last Edit: September 17, 2013, 01:35:07 am by Re Z L »

Offline CessaliTopic starter

The second post now has a link to every sheet (incomplete or not) that's been posted thus far.  This is chiefly for my convenience, but it's also for anyone who doesn't want to have to dig through six pages of thread.

For our lurkers, Signups end Tuesday 11:59 PM, and only one slot remains.  If you've been eyeing things with interest but haven't yet made an official declaration, make your voice heard!  I'll have pairings for Pulp Stories in the wee hours after that deadline.

Online Wheresmycow

Pulp stories for Sanger

Sanger, the Dawn Charger, and the Heart of Ice
Sickness spreads throughout Whitewall, and it's up to Sanger to recover petals from the Heart of Ice, an exotic flower that only grows far into the North.  Aided by a mysterious ally, he must brave savage barbarians, devious Fairfolk, and possibly the most dangerous opponent of them all: the frigid cold of the North itself!

Sanger, the Dawn Charger, in: The Fate that was Undone
A gesture of kindness has created disaster!  The destiny of a doomed city was averted, and the snarl of Fate created threatens to spread outwards.  It's up to Sanger and a few unlikely allies to smooth the tangled web, but will Sanger be able to destroy innocent lives for the greater good?

Also moving my latest character sheet into the old spot.

Offline Re Z L

Here's a question...

What kind of Familiar rating would a Chalcothete (Compass: Malfeas, pg. 144) be?

Offline Dracorion

Holy crap this took a while to write. Hope I'm not too late. I thought DBs could use some representation here.

Name: Mnemon Jubal
Caste: Dragonblooded Fire Aspect
Epithet: Sanguine Ruby of the Desert
Brief Summary: Jubal is the youngest son of Mnemon, more militant than many of his family, he was nonetheless gifted with passion and fervor that served him well and impressed his mother. Definitely not a dull child, he proved to have a tongue as sharp as his blade, handling himself easily in the battlefield as well as the social arena. While not as studious as other scions of Mnemon, his mother saw the advantage in having a militant son, and Jubal was treated like a prince. He graduated with honors from the House of Bells, at which point he demonstrated that he had inherited his mother's ambition by securing a position as a dragonlord in the 3rd Mnemon Legion, led by General Carada, through a combination of his own merits and blackmail leverage. Carada was not thrilled about an upstart finding out about his drug trade, but he had little say in the matter, and Mnemon did not mind seeing someone she considered a substandard member of her house being exploited for her son's benefit.

As a dragonlord, Jubal made his fame as part of the third legion's campaign in the West and South. His dragon is responsible for routing the Fair Folk at the Battle of Seahaven. He brokered the peace treaty with the rebel leaders of An-Teng, and cowed the Despot of Gem into paying the full tribute he owed the Realm on time. By all appearances, Jubal would soon replace Carada, but not one day after General Carada left for the Isle after being called back, news arrived of the Isle going dark and the general's whereabouts were unknown. Command of the 3rd legion fell to the satraps of The Lap, where they were stationed at the time, and the dragonlords, among whom Jubal's voice held great weight. The center's disappearance was almost fortunate, as one of the satraps of the Lap had been there at the time, while the other perished when his caraven was attacked in one of the many rebellions against the Realm that sprouted in the South. And so Jubal earned his title when he led the 3rd legion to decimate the delzahn rebels responsible. Mnemon Semara was left as the only remaining satrap of the Lap, Jubal's older sister who favored him greatly. By all accounts, despite the situation of Creation, it seemed the Lap could remain a symbol of stability in the South, under the rule of Mnemon Semara, with the military led by Jubal. Yet, though his sister was all but ready to name him general, Jubal refused.

Creation, he figured, was going through dark times indeed. Last time things had been bad, an ambitious, intelligent Dragonblood had become the Empress. Why couldn't he do the same? But to do that, he'd need a power, moreso than a base of operations and an army. There were many options available to him, and he intended to go out into Creation and explore them all.

Things I would like to do: World domination optimization. But he can probably settle for a large kingdom or empire. :P
Preference: Nomadic is best, I would say, as long as we take time to get to know the regions we stay in.
Things I like: Different types of Exalts, the outrageous stuff one can pull, as well as the potential depth of stories available.
Things I dislike: One-more surcharge on Dragonblooded charms, tiny mote pools, bad endings.

Offline ShadowFox89

 Hmmm.... Jarick, are we using the rule that artifact tattoos "stick" with all your forms? If so, can anyone make a good and balanced TAW charm that hides them?

Offline CessaliTopic starter

Reconstructing a chalcothete using the Mutations and Genesis system lets me give it Awakened, Aspected Essence (though only Essence 1), the stats out of the book, at a rating of Familiar 2.  Adding another dot would add more abilities plus up to nine more Mutation points to be spent on stats, Virtues, Willpower, Essence, or mutations.

Tattoo Artifacts are visible in all your forms.  You could probably crib heavily from the Manipulation Charm out of Glories to create an Appearance or Dexterity Charm that lets you disguise items with an Illusion that costs 1wp per "item" (in this case, artifact) to identify.

Dracorian is our eighth and final slot.  I'll have pairings for Pulp Tales momentarily.

Offline ShadowFox89

 Hmm... problem is, I'm horrible at making charms >.>

 Maybe a high appearance charm that makes the tattoos look either like regular tattoos (in the case of human forms) or natural markings (in the case of an animal)?

Offline CessaliTopic starter

~Tales From Creation~ - Pulp Story Pairing Assignments
As mentioned previously, I'm offering up to 10xp for two different sub-stories that go beyond the base material of background.  I've randomly paired characters together; I'll be satisfied with a good solid blurb that might go on the back of a cheap paperback book, though you're free to expand on those stories as long as you wish.

In order of character submission to the thread...

Starring!guest starring
Sanger Elias
Elias Chorgath
Chorgath  Void Face Lover
Cail/ana Red-Drenched Maw
(Darkling's Solar) Cail/ana
Red-Drenched Maw (Darkling's Solar)
Void Face Lover Mnemon Jubal
Mnemon Jubal Sanger

Starring! guest starring
Sanger Jubal
Elias Void Face Love
Chorgath Cail/ana
Cail/ana Sanger
(Darkling's Solar) Chorgath
Red-Drenched Maw Elias
Void Face Love (Darkling's Solar)
Mnemon Jubal Red-Drenched Maw

Darkling's let me know over PM earlier today that she'd like to use her Solar PC idea, so we'll be updating the thread information accordingly.  I've looked over the sheets that have been submitted as of 10PM; my thoughts/questions follow.

Sanger: Everything looks good to me.  Take 10xp for the backstory.  Which Flaw does Heavenly Guardian Defense bear?

Chorgath: Take 10xp for the backstory.  In doing the math, I found you were overspent by 2xp; I'm betting it has something to do with the fact that you had the spells listed at the XP cost for Favored/Caste Charms when all spells are 9xp for GSPs.

Cail/ana: Barring changes you made to the sheet between 6PMish and now, I'm showing you as having spent 691/700-- some Attributes and Abilities, underspent, and overspent on Essence.

Treasure: Unless your player decides they're going to be playing you after all, you don't exist!  Nothing for you.

Void Face Love: Sheet and calculations both look good.  Give me a holler when you've got the background up so the extra stuff can be had.
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