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Author Topic: 'Breaking The Seal', A series of canonized settings. (All writers welcome!)  (Read 1703 times)

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This is one of several pages of story and setting ideas. Click Here for my main page.

Breaking The Seal

Introduction/About Me:
I have to admit, I'm not particularly great at making a request thread. Truth be told, I don't like to list off ideas for stories for someone to confine themselves to. I much prefer to brainstorm a story with my partner, coming up with our roles in the tale together. To me, that's one of the best parts of roleplaying, and I can't help but feel it is lost a little when I put too much of a pre-planned story in a thread.

All that said, one of the things I absolutely love is coming up with lore, settings, and back stories to the worlds I want to write in. Lately, I've been going over a series of ideas for settings in my head that i think would be an absolute joy to write in. All of them take place in the same universe, just at different points in the timeline. I'd be eager and willing to write a story in any of these settings, with any character, plot or twist you feel like throwing at me. Of course, I'm perfectly fine with you adding as much as you like to my own setting ideas, that is what collaborative writing is all about after all!

For a look at my previous setting request page, take a look at Virtually Irresistible, or my General Requests Page.

I currently have one group game slot open, and would be willing to discuss any of these settings as a potential group game.
Unfortunately, I am not offering group game discussions at this time, as I'm already trying to set up a post-apocalyptic fantasy game with another member of E.

Breaking The Seal
For years, mankind speculated over Stonehenge. Why was it built, and for that matter, how? Many theories surrounded the monument; giant sundial, meeting ground, altar for cultist ritual... No one could have any idea what the true purpose of the monument was, at least until it was gone. One by one, reports started popping up all over the world, people displaying feats of power that seemed almost... magic. Before long, hearing about someone robbing a bank with a fireball or stopping a car accident with a levitation spell became an everyday occurrence, something to discuss over the dinner table as casually as any other piece of news. The media latched onto every mage they could, idolizing some while demonizing others. Before long, for better or worse, magic users were practically celebrities, while rumors about the group that broke the Stonehenge seal  were running rampant.

What I'm looking for;
This one is really very negotiable, right down to the backstory. I hardly have my heart set on the media attention, amount of government involvement, etc. What i'm looking to play here is a set of characters whose lives changed completely when their abilities awakened, and ultimately became swept up into the conspiracy behind the destruction of Stonehenge.
Current Stories in this setting:
Breaking the Seal, With co-writer Codexa (Discontinued)

25 PSB: The Magi-Industrial Revolution
Nearly a quarter of a century has gone by since the Seal Breaking, and things are slowly getting back to normal, or at least as normal as they can be with magic becoming more and more an everyday thing. From street performers to live stages at Vegas, the broken seal redefined what it was to see a magic show. Energy-efficient lighting solutions began hitting homes and street lamps, and most governments, on both National and local levels, recruited teams to deal with the occasional magical crime. It was a brief Golden Age of both modern and magical convenience, before a single spell changed everything. With a series of spells that imitated the effects of a magnetic pulse, a group of mages managed to take an entire city off the grid in an effort to claim it as their own, a move that cost billions in lost data, lost money, and ultimately, lost lives. They made their intent clear, to establish the supremacy of magic users over those who lack the talent.

It would be debated for decades following whether the group was actually successful or not. While the members of the group themselves were eventually brought to justice, the impact they had couldn't be denied; modern technology was being rapidly abandoned in favor of far more reliable, and magitech and artiifery. Even the old fashioned combustion engine was safer against a mage's magnetic pulse than the hybrid engines of the day. By Year 34, old governments and corporations that couldn't adapt had completely collapsed, as the world was looking at a second Industrial Revolution, this time driven by spells and and newly discovered magic crystals, rather than coal and petroleum.

What I'm looking for;
I'd really love to play this one as a two parter, as a modern day mage before and during the attack, with a time skip to the Revolution that came later. I think it would be a lot of fun to play a team of agents (or at least one of the two characters, perhaps the other could be someone caught in the city) that responds to the magnetic pulse incident, then later again has to deal with the remaining remnants of the group during the Revolution.

I realize I'm being rather vague in this request, right down to not even naming the city where everything occurs. Truth be told, I like to leave some room to negotiate with my partner, rather than dictate the entire story and give them no say in it. I'm very open to discuss exactly where the story takes place, how involved in the incident our characters are (perhaps even at fault!), if they are at all and not innocents caught in the mess, and so on. I'd even be willing to jump past the whole modern day part and start the story with two characters completely uninvolved in the past incidents, and focus on life in the Revolution. I'm absolutely in love with the idea of a Magi-industrial revolution, and am willing to be very flexible to work out a story in such a setting.

Currently Craving; a few more specifics:
I've been thinking about this one a lot lately. Specifically, about a character in a post-breaking world that still fears this new awakened power and those that choose to use it. Neil is a relatively good guy who just happens to be down on his luck lately. For one reason or another, he hasn't been able to hold a steady job for the last several years. Each time, he's caught using magic, sometimes to make his job easier, sometimes to help out a friend, but it always ends the same way; a call down to the office, an unnecessarily long reminder about how the company policy bars these 'dangerous forces' he's been dabbling in, before the pink slip. He means well enough, and like any practitioner of magic, knows it's not just easy to control and harmless, but downright helpful. Still, that hasn't stopped the fear, the paranoia, or the accusations of 'cheating at life.'

When approached by 'The Brotherhood' a group promising the pursuit of equal treatment for mages, Neil is all too eager to join, at least until his first meeting. "They are right to fear us." The speaker's opening line was all he needed to hear to take a step back.

As far as the Brotherhood is concerned, anyone not with them is against them, and Neil soon finds himself caught in the middle, like so many other mages, when the Brotherhood makes themselves known...

It's a bit rough, but I always like to flesh ideas out with a partner, if it can be helped. Plotting is one of the most fun parts of RP, at least to me!

200 PSB: The Republic of Solden's Military Academy *Looking!*

With over a century gone by since the magi-industrial revolution, the dust has finally began to settle. Many magical artifacts were unearthed since the breaking of the seal, many more found gathering dust on museum shelves, their true purpose unknown while the seal had remained intact. Study of the complex series of spells that caused the artifacts to work they way they did, as well as the discovery of crystal geodes that provided raw or elemental magic caused massive leaps forward in magitech. Unreliable electronic devices from the "old world" were all but completely abandoned in favor of magitech, and the many progressive nations no longer had power plants in commission, instead relying completely on cleaner, safer magical energy, technology, and communications. The "data spell" as it was called, a series of complicated runes used to write, store, and transmit information, while still in it's stages, south to recreate the modern marvels of the long last computer age, though at the time, it was still one mage's pet project.

In many continents, the collapse of the computer age lead to new forms of government, especially in those that abandoned electricity entirely. One such country was the Republic of Solden, formerly Switzerland, along with pieces of Germany, Belgium, and France as new borders were drawn. Despite being a small, independent nation trapped between two superpowers, New Wehrmacht and the Cambridge Alliance, Solden was practically a superpower in itself, thanks to the large crystal mine within it's borders, something both sides eyed with envy, and it's universal conscription. Militia training was an everyday part of any high school student's day, with the most gifted student often becoming Militia leaders or even joining the official army Pom graduation.

The best of the best, students that had shown remarkable cunning, perception, or talent, along with a good dose of luck, would find themselves invited to Solace Military Academy, a four year academy that only accepts the best graduates from each school, and only by invitation. The academy boasts all the accommodations and classes one would expect from a traditional college, and many luxuries one would not, training students not just for military life, but life long after their term of service as well. Accepting only the best, both classes and training courses are extremely accelerated, with special programs within the school for students looking to focus on a variety of fields from healing arts, articifery and the creature of crystal powered weapons and tanks, to shadow any and espionage. The only foreseeable downside, though many students don't see it as such, is the headmaster's ideals that those attending are not doing so for a cushy officer's job far behind the front lines. We're the Republic of Solden ever to find itself at war once more, student oldies from Solace academy would be some of the first conscripted.

what I'm looking for:
Truth be told, I'm not looking to take on the role of GM for this one. I wouldn't want to be the only person in this RP writing teachers and faculty of the school, armies opposing Solden or any other event that may pop up. What I'm looking for is another player (or group!) that would be interested in playing both a student in the school, along with some NPC characters, other students, faculty, antagonists, etc. I do have plenty of fun and exciting events planned for this RP, but like to be surprised myself on occasion, and as such, wouldn't want to designate any single player as a GM. As for what I'm looking to play, that will largely depend on my partner(s), I'm open to a variety of roles, as well as playing either gender.

1000 PSB/0 SD: Voyage of the Entrada

Nearly one thousand years after the seal broke, society has far exceeded the point it was when the seal first broke. Global communication has returned, better than ever, in the form of the Arcanet, a triumph of magic and human ingenuity that uses the natural flow and presence of magic as giant network, allowing a freedom of information that even the internet was never capable of. With nearly every machine still in use being at least partially magical, often fueled by it's user's own magical energy, mankind's carbon footprint has never been smaller. The world is a near perfect blend of nature, magic and machine. With the world settled, mankind inevitably turned it's eyes skyward. It was time to find what else was out out there, possibly even new worlds to colonize.

A collaboration of the world's nations set to work on a joint project. The brightest minds and most dedicated articifers, engineers, and enchanters were called in. The end product; the Entrada, a massive colony ship, bound for the unknown, it's sole purpose to discover what was out there. While the crew, ship security, boarding team, and police force were all carefully selected military, the main bulk of the ship, made up of dozens of residential decks and countless lounges and congregation areas, was entirely civilian, optimistic and adventurous individuals of all walks of life looking for excitement, adventure, possibly even a new home.

2000 SD: 'Unified' Space

Current Stories in this setting:
Patch Job
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