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April 25, 2018, 02:05:51 AM

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Author Topic: Solo Writer Looking for GMs, worlds, or a "harem game" (M for Any Writer)  (Read 820 times)

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I've been debating whether to put this up for ages as it feels kind of selfish asking people to roleplay multiple characters to my single one, but I've found I really enjoy writing games where my character is exploring the world around them. I've written a couple before, here and here, as a couple of examples of characters, one confident, one shy. I'm looking for writers that are willing to play a world to my character, all the better if it's a setting in which characters of any gender are free to have as many partners as they like without it taboo or shameful. A lot of people call these harem games, but just to be clear, I'm not really looking for a story in which my character plays the dominant to several women in a harem (in truth, I'd prefer my character to be more of a switch in these stories, his specific role dependent on each partner or situation), just a story or world in which there's lots of new options. As far as content goes, I won't put specific interests in the story ideas, as I'm willing to tailor each story to a partner's likes and dislikes. You can visit my O/O page for a general idea of what I like and dislike, but I'm hoping for stories to contain a variety of themes, and am willing to work with partners on what those are. Hopefully that sums up about what I'm looking for. Either way, on to the plots....

(Small note, since I've been asked before on my other request pages: I'm always happy to use a different name for a character if it happens to recall bad memories, is too close to someone you know, or even if you don't like it!)

YOUR Ideas and Settings!!

I should have put this up to begin with. If you have an idea or a story you've wanted to GM for a while, I'd love to hear about it!

Essential Credits  Craving

Setting: Modern, slice of life with a twist
Story: It started as an accident. Jameson knew of plenty of 'Women's Colleges' that were just that in title, and open to students of any gender for decades. It's what he thought he'd applied to when he put in an application for the School or Nursing and Medicine in Lancaster Woman's College. It was quite a surprise to receive a response congratulating him on being the first ever male student at the university. Between the honor and the program's excelent credentials, he couldn't turn down the opportunity. Upon his arrival, however, he learned of the other reason behind his approval; many women in the school complained the lack of male students didn't allow them to adequately prepare for life after college, many of them felt socially inept or sexually underdeveloped. The school decided to creature a modern sexual education program, with their new male student on call for classes, assignments, and independant study...

Really craving this setting, or a high school version of it, or one with a mixed gender school. I was in a similar game until recently, which was a ton of fun, but as far as I can tell, my partner for it is taking a hiatus from E.

Upscale Resale (Note: I've done this plot one time before and loved writing it. Sadly, that partner has left Elliquiy, and I'd love to reboot it with someone interested)

Setting: Medival, low to high fantasy, depending on partner interest

Story: Aaron, a successful merchant from a distant culture, arrives in a sprawling capital city with the intention of starting his business and striking it big. Over the course of his visit, he comes across a tavern and brothel that's practically lifeless. Seeing an opportunity, he purchases the entire establishment from it's previous owner who'd let it decline, breathing new life into it's establishment and workers. With a fresh outlook and the ideals of a culture unique to the city, he begins to turn the establishment back in the right direction, with the help of the employees that decide to stick around, as well as some new hires.

Bad Habbits

Setting: A secluded Abbey, the exact location and time period are open for discussion with future partners

Story: My character is an adventurer, weekend warrior, hiker, or whatever might fit best into the situation that's managed to get themself stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Just as things are stating to look hopeless, they come across a secluded Abbey, and are even more surprised to find it's still populated. Several nuns live out there in the middle of nowhere, unknown to him, excommunicated from their previous lives for varying reasons to do with how they conduct themselves or choose to worship. Even as he first takes shelter, it's easy to tell something is different about these nuns. Just how different, he's soon to discover.

Rites of Restoration (Note: I'd be willing to play a couple characters in this one, maybe two of a traditional RPG party of 4 or 5?)

Setting: A High Fantasy World full of RPG Tropes

Story: The world is dying, slowly but surely. Crops have started to yeild less food, the winds don't blow as often, even the sea seems to be dying, with fewer and smaller fish in each catch. Legend speaks of a time when it's happened before, and the heroes they went on the journey of restoration, visiting the shines of water, fire, wind, and nature, in order to restore the flow of magic and the life of the world. Our characters (specific roles to be discussed) are on the journey of restoration, visiting towns and having a grand adventure along with way, getting sidetracked on occasion, but always keeping the fate of the world in the back of their minds as they make their way to each shrine, perform the bizarre and oddly perverse rituals of restoration, and breath life back into a dying land.

Harvest Moon

Setting: A small farming community, similar to the game Harvest Moon, Ryne Factory, or Stardew Valley, though a bit more open minded...

Story: This one is a bit more open, and about as close to a fandom/canon RP as I get. I'm looking to play the "new farmer" in a community similar to the games mentioned above. Those of you who are familiar with the games probably already have a really good idea of what I'm looking for. How much of a fantasy element the story has depends on which game you want to play off, but I'm open for anything from a world saving adventure to a simple excuse for smut, depending on what a potential writing partner is looking for.
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Re: Solo Writer Looking for GMs, worlds, or Harems (M for Any Writer)
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2017, 02:58:59 PM »
General interests:

I don't really have any specific ideas for these like I do above, but if anyone wanted to discuss a unique new idea with me or come up with a world together, here's a few themes I'd be more than happy to jump into;

Any kind of military or vocational training academy

Boarding school (please keep E rules in mind for this one!)

Magical Academy (As much as I love the Potterverse, I prefer original settings over canon ones)

Incest/Family stories

Post Apocalyptic Communities

Playing a small crew of a spaceship. Think Firefly.

A new world colony

Honestly, pretty much anything that can be summed up as sci fi or dystopian. May as well just throw that out there.

The kind of world and characters one might find in Overwatch.

I think that just about suns up the list, but if you have an idea I didn't mention, I'd love to hear it!

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8/29 Edit: Added in "Your ideas" to the story list, minor edits for spelling and grammar

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Re: Solo Writer Looking for GMs, worlds, or a "harem game" (M for Any Writer)
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2017, 12:08:42 PM »
9/5 Edit: Re-opened all ideas, and I'm actively seeking RPs again!

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Re: Solo Writer Looking for GMs, worlds, or a "harem game" (M for Any Writer)
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2017, 03:09:46 PM »
9/28: Marking Upscale Resale as taken, but the other ideas are still open.

Offline ThatRPGuyTopic starter

3/19; Doing some major spring cleaning in my threads, trimming them down to ideas I'm still interested in, starting with this one.