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Author Topic: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas  (Read 10004 times)

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Magical and other Roleplay Ideas
« on: May 21, 2013, 02:12:18 PM »
Some of my Ideas for Roleplay

I can play all types and am willing to play multiple characters.  New ideas and settings always interest me, love creating and building a plot or new world. 
Plot and setting are very important to me and I always want to see or hear more about the location we are setting the scene in.

Some of the Characters I Really Enjoy Playing....

Sporty Girl:
My Inspiration
    She is the girl who is always working out or playing sports.  Could either be a gym rat or work out some alternative method such as long distance running.  Always been more comfortable hanging out with the boys than the girls and has been called a tomboy her entire life.  Usually has her hair done up in braids or pulled back in a pony tail, makeup is not really her thing.  Often does not notice when a guy is hitting on her do to the fact that she sees most the guys around her as friends and not potential mates.  Could be played in a bi or lesbian scene. 

Cute and Playful Chick:
My Inspiration

    Wears way to many bracelets and has her fingernails and toenails always painted. Regularly puts on sparkly lip gloss and probably has bright highlights in her hair.  Wears rings and has considered getting her tongue pierced.  The vanity she owns is one of her prized possessions and is covered in hundreds of dollars worth of makeup.  Always going out with her girlfriends looking for new shoes and clothes to wear.  She cant help but flirt at the parties she goes to as her playful nature just manifests itself that way.  (could be college girl or just out of college working her first real job)

Black Girl Next Door:
My Inspiration

    Dark black skin and incredible tight young body she definitely stands out in the mostly white neighborhood.  Her father has a high paying job at a law firm and moved them to this upscale neighborhood so that his kids could go to a good school.  She notices the looks she gets especially from Jakes dad who lives next door.  Her father gives Jake a ride to school everyday and his dad always comes out as they leave and his eyes rarely leave her body as she puts her stuff in the car. (Could definitely be changed up from this, just the first idea I had for a black female character) 

The Bad Ass:
My Inspiration
    A character set in a brutal uncivilized area such as a post apocalyptic earth.  She is either on her own or leading a group for money, feeling that anyone else would just slow her down.  Could go alot of ways with this character especially to build up a back story of who she is and where she is at.  Maybe she did love someone but they died and that is what has made her so cold and bitter. One of the pictures makes me think of a female bartender in a rough world who doesn't take shit from anyone. 

The Mom:
My Inspiration
    Usually I prefer to play a thick mom with large breasts. Can be conservative to more outgoing type personality depending on how the scene is set up.  The soccer mom trying to compete with her daughter or horny mom who cant seem to stop thinking about sons friend or young man next door are my favorites. 
   Wearing tight jeans and a tank top with a push up bra she knows everyone is looking.  Trying to look younger than she really is, always smiling at her daughters boyfriend and trying to be friends with all her girlfriends.  She always wanted to be cool and now is her chance, even though this is so wrong she cant seem to help herself.
    Walking to the sliding glass window she watches as the shirtless eighteen year old who is glistening in sweat pulls the last weed from the flower bed. The lip gloss glittering on her lips as she takes a deep breath and tries to stop herself from going outside to flirt with him.  Knowing that putting on makeup and the dress was the wrong start and that at his age he can barely help himself, but the way he looks at her just sends shivers up her spine every time. 

The Bad Girl:
My Inspiration
    She is nothing but trouble and every guy knows it.  Her looks are killer but her desire to be on the edge is going to get her killed.  From that set up it can go alot of ways, their are many types of bad girls.  She could be the bar girl who is always out smoking and drinking every night and loves to get in the pickup truck or on a quad flying down the back country roads.  The college girl that is experimenting with drugs and going to parties every night as her grades slip.  Open for other ideas of this character but main points that stick out for her are smoker/tattoos/drugs/alcohol/loves excitement and danger.

Other Ideas:
My Inspiration

    Just a couple other ideas that stick out at me currently based on a couple of pictures...
  • The First picture is from game of thrones and I want to play her in a very similar way to the series.  Rescued from slavery.  Open to alot of interpretation based on the pic.
  • The Second picture made me think of the nerdy girl who is always wearing baggy clothes and does not realize how incredibly hot she is.
  • The Third is two characters who are deep in love with each other. Not just lust but a deep need to be with each other forever. This does alot more for me than any picture of pure sex.
  • The Fourth and Fifth are the type of man that really turns me on.
  • The last three are what I mean when I say that settings for the scene are important to me.  I love these ideas for setting..just awesome pictures

Those are my ideas for characters that have alot of potential to build a plot and world around, this next part is some of my fantasizes that have been floating around in my head.  Feel free to message me if one sparks your interest.  As a heads up I usually only post once a week, sometimes more but on average its once a to work.  The other thing is that you probably will not get much of a response if your message is "I like the magic ring idea." Those type of messages probably wont catch my eye, let me know what you are thinking of for the scene, what you want out of it.  Also I am a picture whore, so if you have an idea for your character, my character, or a location..anything really..feel free to send a pic.   
Thanks for reading...

Roleplay Ideas
Magic Ring
You are walking along the beach and find a ring in the sand.  As you look at it you cant help but pick it up, you don't know why but you are drawn to it. Staring at it the whole walk back to the house you feel like it has always belonged to you.  As you head back to the house you slip the ring onto your finger and find that it fits perfectly, you felt like you could not resist putting it on.  As you step into the house you begin to feel different...stronger, healthier, thoughts clearer (we could add any powers to the ring, you grow taller, bigger muscles, cock size, change others appearance).  As you sit in the chair thinking about how you feel you look at the ring, it cant be real I am just losing my mind you think as your eyes cant help but go back to the plain gold ring on your finger.  You look up from your deep thought seeing me as the fridge door closes (we could figure that out, would like to be daughter or mom but am willing to do others) and you cant help but admire my body.  You sit there watching me and your thoughts drift to what I look like under all the clothes I'm always wearing, trying to focus your thoughts but cant seem to help yourself, you feel hornier than you have in probably ten years.  As you try and clear your mind trying to calm yourself you look up and cant believe what you see as I pull my shirt off leaving only my sports bra and yoga pants on, I have never worked out in only my sports bra, always being conservative about how I dress you cant believe it. "God its so hot out today isn't it" i say thinking nothing of it as i use my towel to dry the sweat from my neck.  Looking at the ring again you think its not possible. (I don't want the ring to control my thoughts but instead just influence them. It gives you the ability to push images and thoughts into my head. To get me to take my shirt off after a work out with my sports bra underneath wouldn't take much, or if you were to push the idea I was thirsty into my head I would get a drink of water)

Love Potion
You are walking down the street looking in shops just trying to clear your thoughts.  What the hell is her problem you think, she pulls away at the littlest touch.  The problems you have been having with (can figure out who we want it to be, wife, girlfriend, or any other. I like this scene to be daughter/father and you are having problems with mom, but it can be other.) is driving you crazy.  You cant figure out why she is being like this and the last thing you want to do is cheat on her but you feel like you are about to lose it.  You are incredibly horny and its been two months since she let you have sex with her and it was not even good.  Suddenly you stop in front of a shop, the windows are dusty and it looks like it hasn't been open for years.  You try the door and to your surprise it is open.  You step in looking around at all the weird stuff for sale, how have you never heard of this place you think as you walk around the shop.  There are weird items in jars, potent smelling herbs, and all kinds of other weird things, most of which you are not even sure what its for.  As you are about to leave the old woman behind the counter turns to you "i know what you need" she rasps at you.  "me.." you say looking around.  She pulls from behind the counter an ancient vile and hands it to you. "200 dollars and this will solve whats on your mind, but don't give her to much" she warns.  How in the hell did this woman know what i was thinking.  You know you shouldn't but you cant help yourself, you shell out the 200 dollars and head home. 

She always drinks her San Pellegrino when she gets home so you quickly open one and pour some of the water out and add some of the potion closing the lid tight.  Hopefully she doesn't notice its already been opened.  Looking at your watch you head to the bedroom to change, what am I doing you think there is no way this works. Shaking your head as you walk back out of the bedroom, deciding you have to throw it away as there is no telling what it will do to her you stop dead in your track.  "Hi" i say smiling as I take another drink finishing off the bottle.

So the idea is its either mom, daughter, or maybe neighbor girl who should be at work or school who walks in drinking the pellegrino instead of who it was intended for.  We can come up with the effects together. Wether its on my body or my mind.

And if I was playing older pic for inspiration

Sister in Law
I am your wife's younger sister and I spend a lot of time at your house.  Hanging out there a lot to get away from my mom who I cant stand.  My sister works early quite often and we end up staying up late.  Your much older than me and the only man I have spent time talking to.  What I really want for this scene is to be lusted after, I like the idea of having a crush on you at the same time you are lusting after me.  Your character cant get mine out of his head.  To the point were he wants to run away with her, be only with her. He resists..even after their first time he knows they shouldn't be having sex and trys to put a stop to it but once I start teasing his need is to much. 

This can always be tweaked but I am really interested in someone wanting my character.  A deep lust by the male character for the female.  Needing her bad cant seem to stop thinking of her and looking at her they way he knows he shouldnt.
Three kind of girls I think of in this role

Cute busty cheerleader type who goes to parties but is still kinda innocent. Drinks when its available.  Been with a couple of guys and is the flirty type.

Kaley Cuoco as Penny on The Big Bang theory is perfect.  Her personality on the show and looks would work well for the character I am envisioning.

The Punk
Kinda punk girl who drinks and smokes whenever she can and sneaks out of the house but mom tries to keep her in check.  Maybe has a tattoo or two mom doesn't know about. Loves coming over to get away from mom, plus her brother in law lets her share his cigs and have a couple of beers.  She pretends to be crazy and wild but is really just rebelling and hasnt really done as much as she claims. Always wearing her bracelets and chuck taylor shoes. 

Free Spirit
Or the hippie who is a free spirit.  Rarely wearing a bra or much of anything around the house.  The type who dosnt eat meat and is always out taking a walk or riding her bike. 
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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2013, 11:51:06 AM »
Updated the sister in law scene. Looking mostly to play that scene.

Offline Mayakterra

Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2013, 10:30:24 PM »
I'd be more than willing to co write the sister in law scene with you. Drop me a PM if your interested!

Offline MasterTristan

Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2013, 04:54:52 AM »
Interested in your Magical Ring story. I've created a story similar to it.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2013, 10:37:36 AM »
Loooking for someone to play this scene with me.

Name: Love Thy Neighbor

Content: Interracial. Large Cock. Soft Romantic Love. Impregnation. M/F

Scenario: You are the older black man who lives next door. I'm friends with your daughter and have a deep crush on you, and have for years. Our family's are out of town for the weekend.

Requirements: Want to play through pm. Interrested in romance mixed with a fealing of we shouldn't be doing this. Don't want my character just used. Enjoy using pics and gifs to add to the scene. I'm more looking for someone to fill my need for some pure smut with this scene. A little basic setup.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2013, 05:16:47 AM »
Looking for sister in law scene. The scene I had going seems to have gone dead. Want to play the semi flirtatious bad girl. Somewhat innocent but opens up around the brother in law. Willing to drink and smoke around him but still somewhat innocent, feels comfortable around him. Love the idea of the guy feeling regretful the next day and trying to resist his urges for the young innocent hottie. Want impregnation and romantic desire between the two characters. Want innocent flirting, maybe she is buzzed and does things around him she normally wouldn't do as her sisters sleeps.

Love to here ideas and see pics for inspiration of characters.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #6 on: November 13, 2013, 03:41:28 AM »
Really desiring: romance, impregnation, playing younger with older, and a someone falling deeply in love with my character.. I want to be stolen away, to take girlfriend or wife's place. Love pics, outfits, and jewelry.

Big lust right now is the idea that man is reluctant and fearful of being with me. Feels guilty for betraying wife. We have sex with condom a few times or just have oral, finally we are having sex and half way through I pull off and reach between my legs sliding the condom off you, I bite my lower lip as I let you slide back inside me unprotected.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #7 on: November 19, 2013, 06:54:14 PM »
Interrested in MMF lately. Want it to be a loving relationship between the three characters. Looking for romance and falling in love.

-Best friends who are young and hang out getting high.
-Guys have been life long friends and fall for one of thems wife.
-Younger girl buys weed from the two college guys, they grow close and fall in love.

Open for other ideas.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #8 on: July 21, 2014, 04:20:30 PM »
Started Writing a Little and This is the Beginning of a Scene Floating Around my Brain


Allison sat in the darkness watching the movie her sister Jessica and Jamal, her sisters boyfriend, had put on.  It was a cheesy horror movie that she was quickly losing interest in.  Catching movement out of the corner of her eye Ally looked over at the other sofa and rolled her eyes as Jessica and Jamal were kissing lightly.  Couldn't they keep their hands off each other for two seconds or at least go to her room she thought as she quickly looked away.  Allison shouldn't really blame them through as her sister had been out of town for a week at a conference.  Allison was staying with them for a weekend, which was fun and a chance to get away from her parents.  She was starting college in a couple of months and was ready to move out.  As Jessica and Jamal started really getting hot and heavy Allison could not help it as her eyes returned to there bodies lit by the light of the TV.  She found it incredibly difficult to look away as Jamal's large hands began to roam her sisters body, he was a large and powerful black man and his huge frame dwarfed her sisters.  His black hands began groping her big full tits and she could hear small groans escaping between the kisses.  She watched as his powerful hand griped her wrist and pulled it to his crotch, barely hearing as her sister whispered "stop sister." Jamal made no attempt to stop as his other hand reached into his shorts and pulled out the largest cock Allison had ever seen, incredibly thick and dark she found her eyes glued to it in the flickering light of the TV. Her mind spinning as it rested on his stomach its not even fully hard she thought as it became a struggle to resist running her hands over her body.  His hands slid up gripping Jessica's hair he brought her mouth to the tip and groaned as she opened up letting him slide in.  Jamal leaned back on the sofa as her lips and tongue moved against his shaft, as he did his eyes caught Allison's as she sat there mouth wide open...watching. 

(Have two ideas for where it goes from there. maybe write them out soon)

(First Thought)

Jamal watched as Allison blushed deeply as his eyes caught hers.  She quickly looked away and headed to her room.  He sat their smiling big as her sister continued to suck his cock in and out of her soft white lips.  Since meeting Allison he had thought of her often.  He was twelve years older than her but didnt care, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on and often could not focus his mind away from picturing her naked.  Her long blonde hair which came almost to her ass, pale white skin, smooth young thighs, incredible face, and a bubble butt to die for. Not that her sister wasnt attractive but compared to Allison she was nothing to Jamal.  Jamal leaned back on the sofa and thought of Allison as he grew close to orgasmic bliss. 

Jamal lay in bed pretending to be asleep until he heard Jessica's car pulll out of the drive way.  He quickly jumped to his feet and slipped off his clothes and walked to the bedroom door cracking it open.  Climbing ontop of the bed spread he laid down on his stomach and waited, knowing Allison would still be thinking of last night.  Jamal knew she had never been with a black man and was inexperianced in general, her young hormones would be racing.  As he lay their waiting he thought about how he wanted so much more from Allison, with Jessica it was just sex.  His thoughts stoped as he heard the door creak slightly. 

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Offline Furyion

Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #9 on: July 21, 2014, 10:28:52 PM »
I really would love to chat with you about doing an RP either with one of the following -

- Cute girl next door
- Black girl next door
- The Mom
- Nerdy Girl
- Love

Anything with these, even mixing them. Let me know :).

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #10 on: August 12, 2014, 04:07:15 AM »
Another idea I had while day dreaming.  This idea is something I have had for a while.  Could be changed to be the two young boys next door who sell the older woman her weed, or young nerds.  Just like the idea of getting stoned and doing something you shouldn't. But this really got me going.

Ashley sat down on the sofa with a sigh as the kids were finally in bed.  John smiled at her as he walked in sitting down next to her.  "It was a bit of a long day" he said with a smile as he leaned back on the sofa, his long powerful arms stretching out on the back of sofa behind her.  John was one of her husbands, Brett, best friends.  He lived next door and his kids were close in age to their two children.  She looked at him admiring his incredibly good looks, even though she knew having these lustful thoughts never led down a good path.  With John she couldn't help it, he was big and powerful, yet kind and gentle, and had strong striking features.  They had always been close, for years they had shared secrets and talked when things got difficult at home, no one thought anything of them hanging out alone with her husband out of town. Some of her thoughts were probably based on the fact that she had only been with white men and something about the idea of having sex with a powerful dark skinned man seemed exotic and exciting in her normal married life, but this was John.  Ashley knew that a crush had developed between the two of them but neither acting upon it because of how weird it would be, people even joked that they where long lost brother and sister.  "Did you want a beer" she asked standing up as she already knew the answer.

John watched as she headed to the kitchen to grab a beer "yes sis" he said playfully.  Watching her ass sway in the tight jeans she was wearing, knowing he shouldn't be looking but could never help himself.  The unavailability of her made him crazy with lust, plus he had never been with a white woman.  John and his wife had married young and spent most of their time raising the two young ones, he had known quickly that if it wasn't for the fact that they where both married and had kids that they would have been quickly getting engaged to each other..but some things are not meant to be.  Reaching into his pants pocket John pulled out a baggie of weed and held it up as she walked back into the room "we could always do something else" he said smiling at her as she held the two beers.

"Where the fuck did you get that" she said sitting down and putting the beers on the coffee table.  "A friend of mine gave it to me..I almost through it out..but.." he smiled at her.  She leaned back sighing "that is one thing me and Brett miss from college..alot.." she told him as she thought about accepting.  "Really" John said as he pulled out some rolling paper, hoping he could remember how to roll a joint, figuring if she didn't say no then he would continue "you never said anything about two smoked alot..I don't miss it that much..although I enjoyed it.." She looked at him blushing a little "well mostly it was the uh..well..the sex..stoned sex is the best.." Ashley said with a big smile on her face.  John stopped looking at her "really...huh...I never did get hi with a girlfriend.." Licking the paper he finished rolling the joint and holding it up "well..what do you think..the kids are asleep..we can go onto the deck, we will here them if they open the door.." smiling at her and knowing she had already decided. 
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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2014, 09:14:36 PM »
So I saw these videos after searching transformation.  They are both porn so beware clicking. They are transformation stories that will not leave my mind. I have found this idea very fascinating.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #12 on: November 29, 2014, 02:44:21 PM »

Allison (Ally) has always been a free spirit.  She is smart and headed to one of the best colleges in the country. Sure she tends to self medicate and is always looking for love in the wrong places.

Was looking for someone to just dicuss/fool around with who has similar interest in younger/older, romance/love, and pregnancy.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #13 on: April 21, 2015, 10:03:59 PM »
Been thinking of a story where two best friends, both male, hang out constantly. One secretly has a crush on the other. He doesn't feel that he is gay its more the personality and mind of his best friend he has fallen for. He gets his hands on a magic ring that is suppose to change someones gender. He knows his best friend wont go for it so he slips it on his finger while he sleeps.

I know its crude but just an idea i felt like sharing.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #14 on: April 26, 2015, 06:33:49 AM »
To add to the last post...

Jamal rolled his fingers over the ring in his pocket as he sat watching TV with his best friend Jason. He had bought the ring earlier in the day from a creepy woman in an antique store he was sure wasn't there the day before.  She had told him it had the power to change someones was almost as if she could read his thoughts.  He knew it couldn't work..could Jason would never go for it.  Looking over at his sleeping form as his thoughts drifted to him he saw Jason was completely out.  Jamal would never admit it to anyone but he was deeply in love with his best friend.  Problem was he wasn't gay, he loved Jason for the time they spent together, his intellect, his humor, and his truly good heart.  Jamal sighed and turned back to the TV, puling the ring out he looked it over.  It was a deep crimson, but other than that it just looked like a ring.  Looking over at Jason again he couldn't help it any longer Well if it does not work I will just say I was messing with him Reaching over he grabbed his hand lightly and slipped the ring upon Jason's middle finger.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #15 on: May 21, 2015, 02:36:33 PM »
Allison and her brother sat on the sofa watching a movie with only the light of the TV flickering in the room. There parents asleep upstairs as they relaxed. She sat in the corner wearing lose shorts and a white tank top and a cover pulled up to her chin do to the cool night air. As she was lost in the movie Jason moved over against her pulling the cover over himself. "Im cold" he said as he scooted up next to her. As he got comfortable his hand slid onto her naked thigh. Her eyes widdened as she felt his touch but he acted like nothing was unusual about this. As she considered pulling her thigh away his hand began to move. Caressing higher with each stroke, she felt her breathing increase as neither one of them spoke in the darkness. Moving tighter against her she felt the soft squeeze of his strong hand on her soft young thigh. Allison could hear his breathing deepen as he grew bolder with each minute. Next thing she new each caress was moving against her increasingly wet lips through the thin shorts. She new she should stop him..but the shivers running up her spine made her second guess herself. within minutes he was no longer touching her thigh but softly rubbing and caressing her now aching pussy through her shorts. Soft moans began to escape her lips. No longer was she thinking of stopping him but only of him not pulling away. Taking her hand he brought it to his thigh were she could feel the buldge running down his thigh and straining against his sweats. It was only the second cock she had felt but it was much bigger than her boyfriends. With each stroke against her lips she couldn't help but begin to move her hand. Feeling his hand move up to her tight stomach and into her shorts as he quickly slipped a finger inside her. Knowing she had to do the same. Finding the top of his sweats she slipped a hand inside and wrapped her small fingers around his hard cock. Suddenly footsteps on the stairs they both froze. There father walking into the kitchen as they both sat there with hands were they shouldnt be under the covers. "Dont stay up to late" he said as he headed back upstairs. Allison was about to pull free as he walked from the room just as Jason found her nub..she almost cried out. His fingers moved against her clit slowly and brought her closer and closer as he used his other hand to free his shaft. She was now stroking him up and down..slowly..under the covers. Both had yet to speak a word. Suddenly she was there. Stiffling her screams of pleasure as she writhed on the couch. The covers slid down revealing the top of his cock and her uper body as the orgasm subsided. She knew he was close as he finally looked her in the eyes and leaned over kisding her. Taking her other hand he brought it to his tip as he exploded. Her hand catching jet after jet. It ran down his shaft and coated her hands. As his breathing slowed he stood up pulling up his sweats. Kissing her again "love you sis" he headed for his room leaving her sitting there with her hands coated in her brothers seed.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #16 on: September 08, 2015, 02:56:15 PM »
Kinda want to do a one off with a similar plot as this movie..

I think it has two titles..three and survival island..basic plot yaht crashes..we are stranded with the young sexy yaht captain.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #17 on: September 22, 2015, 05:36:12 AM »
Ok...I dont have room for it but Im really feeling a sister in law scene. Much older sister and husband..Im the 18 year old sister. If you have an idea for this I would really like to play it.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #18 on: December 07, 2015, 08:07:07 AM »
Trying to start writing again..interested in doing a scene from "Boy next door" or a gender transformation scene.

Offline wingnut2292

Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #19 on: December 09, 2015, 01:58:01 PM »
I'm interisted in gender transformation, esp where the theme of the transformation has connotations beyound gender. Princess has a lot of connotations, for example as does mother or pop idol.

Care to talk ideas? I like clothing based transformations, narative-driven enchantments, and life-role exchanges.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #20 on: December 15, 2015, 03:23:40 AM »
My sister is much older than me..about ten years. When I was younger her long time boyfriend was even older. I had a huge crush on him..older..tall..big guy..overweight but just a really big Man. One of my biggest fantasies has always been being with him..I know..I know..horrible..but I had such a huge crush on him.

Looking to play out that scene..want a agresive male character. Buys beer to bring to the house or weed. I will play teasing and innocent. To scared to actually make a move but apparent that I have a crush on him. If your interested let me know your ideas.

Offline summoner2183

Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #21 on: January 30, 2016, 06:35:08 PM »
I wonder.. what kind of plot that you were looking for when you posted up the Black Girl Next Door idea? Can we talk about it?

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #22 on: February 21, 2016, 05:11:07 AM »
My muse is thinking of MMF scene. Moms weed dealers next kids come over and smoke with me as the high school senior.

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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
« Reply #23 on: June 23, 2016, 02:13:15 PM »
Not sure what the scene would be..or even if I really want to add another play..but I have craved to play as her lately. Especially from Forgetting Sarah Marshall..shes just so cute and awesome in that movie. Anyway just thought I would share that.

Transform into her...fall in love

Wanting some smut as a character that looks like her. Looking to be dominated...
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Re: Magical and other Roleplay Ideas (F for M)
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Kinky collar with magic transformation properties. Convince me to be handcuffed in bed..then collar me..even though I tell you to stop.

Once you strap the collar around my neck my eyes buldge my tiny body arches as my lips become full. My hips expand...tits swell..stomach becomes taunt...brain clears of all previous thought
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