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June 29, 2022, 12:08:24 pm

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Author Topic: Adventures in and out of bed (mostly mxf)  (Read 925 times)

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Adventures in and out of bed (mostly mxf)
« on: April 10, 2017, 07:23:16 am »
Hi all,

As I've been on the site for a while now, I thought it was time I posted a calling card; let you guys no what I'm into and what you can expect when you do a role with me. I suspect this first post will not be pretty but I'll try and tidy it as I go along.

About me

My name is Chris. I'm a poet and a romantic at heart, I also really love music so if one/all of my plot titles sound familiar it's probably because they are song titles. I get a lot of my inspiration from songs so there's a chance that some of them will be familiar to you.

I have been playing in various roles since the age of 13 (about 16 years) and have developed a taste for longer roles, although I will play the odd one night stand type role when the mood suits. I'm happy to play with or without pictures and my preference is usually around two to three paragraphs per post although I value quality over quantity so no worries if you can do a paragraph at best.

I also prefer to write in third person unless I'm doing a role about myself. That's a rare occurrence however. I'd prefer you to do the same if possible. Also I'm fairly relaxed about the odd grammar and spelling mistake here and there. We all make mistakes so I will not pull you up about them.

My likes/dislikes

I will probably be attaching my ons/offs list to this post once I have more time, however on the whole I'm very open to new things. If you have something specific you want to try just ask. I don't bite unless you ask nicely.

Unfortunately I do have a few firm no's which I will set out here for clarity: these include gore, vore, heavy violence unless we are in combat and then flesh wounds only, no decapitation or death of main characters and if we are doing s&m plots I like mild only. Also nothing poo or vomit related, and no armpit stuff because that just grosses me out.

Otherwise I tend to be fair game. If there is something you're jonesing for in a role let me know and I'll mist probably be willing to provide it in spades.

preferred genders

I added the term "mostly male" in my tagline because I have also been playing with female characters lately and have been getting pretty good at it. I have also been using futa characters on request, although I am less confident with those.

I am only looking for female partners at the moment although your gender behind the keyboard is not important, you just have to be willing to play a female character.

That said, I will write each of my plots below as mxf for the time being but if you would prefer to have the plot as fxf or futaxf feel free to let me know.


If you're interested in playing and have made it through the 'about me' stuff, feel free to peruse my plots below. I will be adding to and subtracting from these as the mood suits but for now these are the ideas that interest me. These are by no means exhaustive so if you want to try a role which is not on the list, shoot me a private message and ask. The chances are I will say yes unless I'm too busy or your role contains any of my firm no's.

Ground control to major Tom

It is far in the future and the human race is quickly heading down the pan. My character has been in deep space on a science mission for a long time, headed for a far away planet to see whether he can work the land and make it fit for human habitation.

He is a few years into his solitary travel and doing a routine check on the spacecraft when all of a sudden he finds your character; a rather attractive alien/human/furry  wandering around the deck. When confronted your character admits she has no idea of who she is or how she got there. She was simply ejecred from a stasis pod deep in the bowels of the ship.

Unbeknown to my character or yours, our unexpected meeting is part of the mission. The company is monitoring our interactions either to see if our species can co-exist and perhaps even interbreed in order to create a new society.

Worlds apart

I have to admit although this is pretty much tried and true its a favourite scenario of mine. I love the tentions between different social classes etc.

This would be a standard other side of the tracks scenario. Whether it be jock and nerd, emo kid and club rat or even wealthy and poor, I want two 16 to 30 year olds from different backgrounds to be thrown together as a project for college/ university or for work. Will the countless hours together convince them that the other group is not so bad after all or will it drive them further apart? Will they be able to keep their hands off each orher and resist the sexual tension of their new partnership and will others be supportive of the odd pairing or will they have to constantly fight the odds in order to achieve what is required of them?

Let's find out.

Someone like you

This scene would take place at the funeral of your character's long term lover/husband/wife. It is well known that their family has a secret. A family member of which they never speak, and so it comes as a surprise to everyone when he/she turns up at the funeral. Most are angry and upset at tge sudden return. Others are saddened that the good one of the two siblings is dead and gone and a small few believe it is time to let sleeping dogs lie.

Your character is mesmerised however. Nobody ever told her that the black sheep of the family just so happened to be the identical twin of the person she has just lost. But what did my character do to be titled the black sheep of the family? Could this unexpected twist of events present your character with a second chance or will the subtle differences between the two tarnish your character's memory of her former love?

Nothing else matters

Can we truly help who we fall in love with? Because a person is fundamentally bad, are they incapable of love? Can you trully love a person who has done you such a great wrong?

These are questions that have been running through your character's mind ever since the victim support meeting.

You knew when the family support officer suggested it that meeting the man who supplied drugs to and caused the death of your brother was a bad idea. Still you agreed and entered the building ready to hate his guts.

What you found instead was my character; handsome and strong but cowed, sheepish and truly apologetic having turned over a new leaf. He tells you that the death of your brother and unbeknown to you, one of the dealer's best friends haunts him every minute; that he wakes up in a cold sweat every night with your brother's name on his lips. Despite your initial misgivings you find yourself signing up to session after session with him while he is in jail.

Can a man like this truly change? Can you pretend the feelings he stirs up within you will just go away? Will you be judged if you do forgive him and let him spend his life making it up to you?

Your bedtime story is scaring everyone

*warning - please DO NOT request this story if you want the usual romantic role with proper consent/ etiquette etc. This was a role I was asked to try with a friend exploring the darker side of things.

If you want non-con/dub con, assault, rougher roles, degradation, elements of bestiality or simply some genuine down and dirty debauchery then feel free to read on.*

This story is essentially a story within a story.

In the late 80's a famous writer got locked away in a mental assylum for publishing a book so disturbing that half of (name your country) was baying for his blood. Over 30 years later, few have read it as most copies were destroyed. But a few copies survived including the original leatherbound copy in the writer's own hand.

The book revolves around a tortured soul who was thrown into storyland and began corrupting and torturing the innocent characters and the villains alike until the place became hell on earth. The writer describes the twisted characters and monsters that the tortured soul left in his wake, nothing more than depraved souls looking for fresh victims.

But unbeknown to the authorities, the original manuscript was cursed. Anyone who reads the stories ends up trapped in storyland for the night and at the whims of the creature they read about, be it perverted little imps, hellhounds or even heartless uncaring giants. Each and every owner of the manuscript has come to harm in one form or another. Many have tried to destroy the book, but the book has other ideas.

Enter your character; a young bookish teen (16+ as per site rules) with a thirst for knowledge and a love of reading. She is handed the book by an unknowing relative for a birthday treat and ends up being drawn into the wicked world of storyland. How the story develops depends on how many characters you wish to play (I will play the monsters)

One character - after a few encounters your character comes to enjoy the abuse. Even though it gets a little rough sometimes, it's the most and best sex she's ever had. She even starts wearing provocative clothes to bed or sometimes nothing at all. The monster she meets will be dictated by the story she reads prior to falling asleep.

Multiple Characters - your character cannot take the abuse and degradation she feels. Desperate to be rid of the book she tries to destroy it (unsuccessfully each time.) In her desperation she gifts the book to the high school prom queen, a bully etc. What follows is a line of different girls coming into contact with the book and facing an array of different monsters each night. Who the book passes to next is up to you.

Please note I do intend this plot to be a little smut heavier than the others. If that's your thing then this plot will work well.
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Re: Adventures in and out of bed (mostly mxf)
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2017, 11:52:48 am »
Bump. New plot added